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Baker Fakedi
As Expected
Herrera and Frederickn.
That's the next contest of importance
booked for Montana and the eyes of the
Western sporting world will from now on
hie turned towards Havre, wI ere the bat
tie takes place April a?.
The winner?
Non you're taking on hard dope to un
Thie majority of Butte sports will proba
Ily pick lHerrer, asI he has been seen here
nn several occasions and always made
glond, but up in Havre there are a few
thousands ready to be placed at even
moncy that Fredericks wins out.
The IHavre sporting fraternity will back
Fredericks for just the same reason that
Itutte sports will back Herrera--they have
seen him go time and again and have
iever seen L.im lose. Better than this
t1hey have seen him score not less than a
half dozen clean knockouts.
Fredericks has been persistenly "knock
ed" by every local paper but the Inter
Mountain. When he met Ople we pre
dicted the Buffalo boy would win and he
did; when he met l.ee we said "keep your
Seye on Fredericks" and Lee went out;
and when she met Dick Lewis in Spokane
the otl.er night we declared Fredericks
looked good. He won in a walk.
Ban Johnson' suggestion that spring
training trips be abandoned is causing
more discussion pro and con than any
other single topic in baseball outside of
the opening of the season and the pen
nant races. The question is a three-sided
one. First, there is the spectator; al
though from the discussion so far it
might be judged that the latter was
the least important factor. Then there
comes the magnate and the player. Stat
ed briefly, the magnate would like to
see spring practice abolished, at least
most of them would; the player does not
want it abolished, and spectator varies in
his opinion.
Johnson's idea of abandoning spring
practice is, of course, to reduce the cost
of the teams, and the move would as a
rule save many dollars for the owneers.
But few of the clubs make traseling ex
penses off their spring exhibition games,
although more money is being miade in
this way every year. What has forced
the magnates to spring training has been
the desire to get off well and draw big
crowds during the spring. If one team is
se it South the others must he to keep in
line. and this has led to the general pIreva
lence of the custom. So far as the own
ers are concerned, they are willing to
abolish the spring training trip, provided
a general .greement canl he reached to
this effect. The latter is not only a
matter of considerable expense to them,
but cause of a lot of worry besides, and
it is a disputed question as to whether it
helps a team along in the pennant race
after all.
From the players' point of view the
spring training trip is a desirable fea
ture. It means a trip to some Southern
point for a couple of wseeks, with his ex
pIenses paid and the opportunity to get
himself in condition at the cost of the
club. If it were not for the trip he
would have to do this trainining at his
own expense, as lie would have to report
in shape to get into the game \ilhi but a
week or so pf work on the home grounds.
This would he quite a difference. With
a first-class training table, rubbers and
attendants and a good diamond under
sunny skies it is no wonder that the player
is not in favor of Johnmson's new fangled
Hlow the spectator would take to the
idea is another thing. As a rule, he is
with the player, and anything that is to
the advantage of the latter is to his
I.femphis. 'Penn.. April 14.-An offer of
$iS,ooo was made here today for Charlie IElli.
son's American I)erhy candidate, Skillful, and
war turned down cold by the blonde plunger.
The offer wan made by Matt Ilogun, the
widely known Chicago sporting man, and was
a hona tide one.
Hloan dclined to tell even Illison for
whom he was acting in the matter, any further
thanl that it in a wealthy Californi.an. Some
who knew of the offer inclined to the opinion
ttat back of it was John W. Gates, encouraged
by the success o his associate, John A.
Drake, in the racing business, has entertained
a serious notion of gettiltg togetlher a strong
stable of racers and that he has an amnbition to
win the American Derby.
It was thlis report that caused sonice to think
that the offer for Skillful was made in behallf
of Gates, but, as stated, Ifogan denies this.
lie says he was acting for a Californian in the
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Orders promptly pled by
0. CHEVRIER, Wholesale Dealer, Butte.
Now he is going against the toughest
little fighting machine in the business and
the outcome is extremely doubtful.
We will not venture a guess as to the
Kid Fredericks.
result, but will remark that Kid Fredericks
will give Aurelio Herrera the hardest bat
tie the latter has had since coming to the
-' g m : -"ga; m .g -=
liking. The spectator is entitled to a
good article of hall, and if he can get
it without the spring training trip his
prejudice in favor of the player will
not cut much figure. If it is an even
break all around for the team there will
be no objection on the part of the spec.
tators on account of one club getting
the advantage of another in starting the
From an unhiased standlpoint there are
reasons on both siles. The move might
not be such a had one for the players
after all. The present salaries are high
and something mutst be done by the club.
to keep expenses within reasonable
bounds. There is talk of cutting t;ic
salaries and this will undoubtedly be
done. If the clubs are making monlley
the cut may not be as decep as it other
w:ise might he. and dispensing with the
spring trip will help a good deal toward
full treasuries for the club. Thr exp ense
of training to thel individual player, i+
much less than it is whenl a tran is
working at some Southern point. If the
salaries are allowed to stand nIlr thei
pre ut figure the player, can well afford,
to let the training trip go.
The point that will he alfected the
most if spring training trips are dropped
will lie team work during the early part
of the reasonil. The players will have to
report in conditiona o that but little should
be lost in individual work. There will be
a slump in team work lduring the early
part of the season. htnv. tw r. This A ill
not be as serious in the future a: it
would have beetl in tlih past. owing to
the permanent character of the nines. With
new line-tips every spring durin w ar
tilme spring lrac:tici as necessary in
order to develop any kind of team work
at all. Under the new orderi of things
the team slhould he abhle to get to mov
ing together as a whole with:out muchI
That the spriing tripl, will lie abolished
there is every indlicatljion l'hI undercur
rent amolllng the Ilagtnates is favorable
to the chalnge. and it is strong enollo K
to carry the few o(pponelts it Iris away
with it. The indications are that the
change will bIe madbforeefore the. opening
of the next season. The only thing that
will block it is doubt as to the authority
of the two leagues to pass a rule of the
kind, and the possibility of one of tihe
clus Iobjecting to taI agreement on the
Kansas City. April 4. --After Mc('ica
ncy's defeat in the Montgnomery handicap,
C. E. Smathers, his owner; C. C. Christie,
president of the new Kansas City Jockey
club, and Sherif Tl'oml Barrett, of Chicago,
were discussing the colt's defeat over a
bottle of wine in M'lmuphis and Christie
startled his, compalaiouns by otffetring a
$1o,ooo purse for a four-cornered Intch
race of $5,ooo00 each bctween |lermir . .Mc
Chesncy. Advance Guard and Orduung.
Christie wanted the race pulled off at
the new Kansas City track, which he andl
d (.'orrigan are buillding. Christie is
enthutsiastic over the prospects of the new
Spokane, April 14.--President (;arrett
of the Spokane team thinks he has dis.
covered a wonder in Pitcher Steventon,
who has recently been signed. lie says
the Pennsylvania Iboy has thle mlot speed
of any man he ever saw. lie. describes
him in action as surpassing anythin:! the
giant Wiggs ever did. Garrett says
Steventon, as far as speed is concerned.
is the greatest pitcher in the \\'est and
will make the willow wielders lookout for
their averages.
Steventon certainly did great work for
the Spokane team in the practice game at
Ellensburg. For four innings he sho.'
them across the plate that not ai man even
attelmpted to connect with the ball. 'The
Ellensburg boys said after the game that
all they could see was a little imarble and
visions of being carried off the field by a
hit ball.
President Garrett is unusually hopeful
over the result of the season's work. 1.c
states that Spokane has four pitchers that
cannot hie passer by any other four menl in
the league. Hlie places Steventon. DaminaII
and Nichols in this class, but will inot tell
whether or not the other nanll i Carne) or
Already the work of tlliinlimti out the
team has coilencedl. Smith, wht was to
do the hack-stop wutk for the I:alls lily
teanm, has been givenl his release, as Zalus
key and Mills are otht here ail doing
oodl work. It looks now as thoughl
Zaluskey would le inll mi'h bellltter shape
this year than last, while Mlills will be its
his. old time form.
Zallen. the younlll college pitcher fromlt
the liddle West, wIho w.ia sigunedl early in
the ,' ,yan. will itIt lie expected to report
and theit material at hand is atboutt what
will compose the leanC at thil' begtitlining of1
tihe season.
l'resihlent Siarrett thinks he hal s made a
find ini a new mant lie ha, si,. it'd for third
base. Kaine is the imlan's name and lie
hails from I'ennisylvania. lIh is a coint
edianl of the Schafer type anl say)s suie
thi.;.s in which there is real wit amnd
humomr. Ile is a great coacther and also
handles tile all as ta hot li he liked it.
There his eten a great deal of eriticisot
by the fanis user the release to Brim nof
h)oimthite. a hoi played third base for
Spokane la"t year. Diinah'e was a goodI
man and silre hi; release tmere has b.en
a gre:at deal of spec'ulatli, as to the player
t.i t.tke liis Il'e. "I hat 1tettion has beent
settledi. ,d it luks as tlhii.'l Kanie would
fill lthe 'ill.
Tl'le die is c.as.t aid the fight is on.
ik..'re the shadeh of eight are on is
v.c will know which city It:la the strongtIt
lult'lih Of t ,a rs to ht llt un- Illtlte or
Sail 'ramilsco.
I he' (Irphan, are. g,.j 4 "itIi'ntNl Met1h..
liey' ,ilt' nn the ;Pacific Lationa;l grnti dI
in 'Ftis: , allnd Kane, Vard. )owling and
the rc't will attellmpt to shlo\ .lIac that
tittle cal s navigate without him.
llack here inll utte we l.hve grave
doubts as1 to the result. but if cnur.e weill
diolf the c:iap antl give the glad handl to our
hlye if tiley cln turn the trick.
It vias recited in these columtons yester
da:y why iitt.'s. chanices are les. than
even to will the opening gain. W\e have
had lt..s thtan half the prlactice San Fran-ill
cisco saw. aniid we didnll't shlw upl partic
ular!) well agaiinst ordiitary altat cur
laowcC.r. Kaile mlight have a surprise
in store Ifor that crowd of McCloskeyitcs,
aln ae trl-t h. liaR.
\'inmingi the openintig g:une of the
seasmt tains tuchi somelilitimes, aind thaul
again it dosnl't.
It deplends. largely onl what sort of mia
terial it is that wiiil or luose as the case
maty lie.
(et together a htuclh of earaest, deter
millned fellows of the nirver give-up variety
atld it donr them lots of good to start out
. ilnnilag.
Oil the other haadl, if your teali is miade
up ,of good players but wlih are easily
swelled ill the ilpper story, it mighllt be dii
a..trous for them to jump i jlto the lead.
They get careless.
Now we don't believe Blutte has that
sort of an aggregation. Certain it is that
Billy Kane is a liaish fighter, and as for
Piggy Ward lie is too old a warrior to let
up easy on anything.
There's one thing that looks favorable
for tuday's gaie ill San Francisco-'ete
Dl)owling is going to pitch.
While Pete's work Ilas not been tup to
that of Jensen in the early practice, a
little remark he made the day he left
shows what lie intends doing.
'lhere was a crowd of us stanlding in
the loalliy of the Finlen just before the
push started for the trainl to take them
to Sata Jose, and tile talk trended ill the
direction of the first game with 'Frisco.
"Wnoider if you'll pitch that game,
Pete ? remarked Gay.
"\\'ell, I don't know." said the usually
indifferenit DUwling; "but I'll swear by
miy xgoodl left arm that if I do pitrh I'll
beat McCloskey's crowd or be taken front
the ieldl on a stretcher."
T'acollna opens the season in Seattle to
day while Spokane starts the ball moving
in Portland and Helelna plays the Angels
ill far oif l.os Angeles. :arch team will
play six games witL its rival.
T'o a man up a tree the Seattle-Tacoma
game looks awfully close. Dugdale and
llulen have a likely lot of youngsters, but
McKibben has some stars on that Tacoma
team that are apt to do funny things.
Spokane and Portland are unknown
quantities-or rather we haven't had a
chance to get a good line on the players
that compose those teams. Fromn all ac
counts Spokane has a bunch of heavy
Los Angeles looks good in her game
with Helena. To save my life I haven't
been able to see where Flannery has such
a strong team. &le has some good twirl
era and some fair fielders, but none of the
Helena team are partioularly strong at the
While the Eastern Jockles are not start
ling the world by their work this season,
there are a few who are very consistent.
redfern has done better than any of the
\tw thatt the new scºhe.dule iv out fur
tI," I', 'itlh Nti, Il league\ . the f..aI s are
I ,.Iptlointed, tha:t 1San Frantcisco antid Los
A.\,liIcc itiit iSpoknilr but once during the
I.ut. l It woa t pee tled that at least two
,'rir aoltt be pl.tyed with the California
c'l., A\ccoirdinit to lth e tsldule as made
o i Ih.'c will be clntiltuotlu playing for
Ite11 wct 'i . i llS ok:ane anfti r the llca.O l
%%n. fllh the exceptot of at shlort trip
It, \hnltunt, dim ing whic timt i therrr will
i "tw fjces every week. lihe addition of
i new tra:tlts will add mutch to havchall.
I .tl t ir t I.ir. iu thie tant 11 w.ill the remliovl d
%" .,,hingtn anlt lotlan., towns will Net
, 11. t.lifut11i. clubs wit II il test to
the' It rlt t.
It I, gr.irially eniusideredt here that tha
di iectirs of the lPacific National league
have udone well to arrange a schedule that
cilies so lnar to plea.ing all the clubs
CIm 'ctne. The eastern a11 s,111 while they
hIate ewer gu1nes at homuie thian Ithose on
lih, r,t;tt. hate heen given the .etter of
the holidlay gamesu and will therefore
fare etqually at well.
I he other nighit at the Athletic clute,
in wthat was to have hern it to round hiu.
inti mitch, but whiclh, acordilg to the, an
nlunc. en.nt of I. fl. I'lumn1r, master of
c,'r'lI,,nii,, w:i. in1 reality a l'nit h light,
lit I tretlricti wai given it dicitin uttr
iDi!. I eniv ,in :, fo( ul.
IIt. rtt lt twas disappointing,u as all such
ldeii,1ns are, hit it wa. geneirally Colt
ce..led that Refere, GuIf Klopf did thtlit
unt. thing he colthl it,, when after warn
ills, IL,,w. sler,') titme1 agi, int, fouling,
h' linally gaie tihe tight tio retderickt in
II,~ ch', 'Ith round.
I'p to the t01m4 l.'wii aunt hi, right to
lttidrick'i grtin, it w s, at. .uyhod l ' light.
Ol),,,h l te l appearl r ,l t flr- ,h ;ta w hen they
. t rhl. \\'hilr Frrlrirk, tta i have htad a
lh, , i. the hitler t1i it, it \w. s , titit thi
t' thl,, who1 had their n.ti 1 htl t ion
lhi ,hiite hy rloed it. 'l'Taing it r null
f,, ro l . r.I dericl., dill thi hM tter wotl.,
\. h',n the dh'i,iou i :n , gail ,n to, Frrdrird .
IIh, ht.hling, with the excepl't i.o, l I,,1l1
in i1 l .i. w, ,'i an. antit ill Itwo fi
r., l.tu when lh,. c. l.rca l,,, lai ch l helot'
the hult.l tl, d,.tick% refuw,,l to adhow thle
1.)t to be c:lhd. ralkri, k. i the chliall
e t, L .tn . liightur that Spal.u.r h11.0 ",, n
: Ii .l h, i, always using uIl, he.u.l. Ih ,
'I 1.n , Il. l 1,, fo l l ., N t hI I.t.
St. h. ;h , lh, m111'II hat A ll ti tht In 611i
I, 1 I. ll. Bhoth wt r' ,s.1utii. amll ful *ll,
t . , n l, l ý . I ;. I I . l l l l' i l l l ( t ( k .
I'. the mo' al(.i l,, r;h'ler ,t il itii pllii .
At that it i, dothllil if alily of th l
SI11 Will mor1 r:acesi wh, ll well muII untIdl
11,n J lk y S "''. %l io mea, ,i .f the
.Iai t 1, ~, n tlI ' 1:,tl ' tl l: I:;1 ! i.,ur.
' lllll4a11 ' ' great sl uhll s le iln llt,
abihlty to git away flmil the post. lIe i'
alt.,., alert and ready, and when the'
:barrier goes up he is invariably in frout.
II. i. muchl the best rider at Memplhis,
aol in a close finish is much superior
to any of the other boys riding hell-'
Schlrr plays lnullman $So,.no as a rI"
t..iner for first call on his service, aill
think, hii che'ap at that figure."
lThat's a little tlure than See made inl
Iimt(i is going to have another catcher.
lli. natme is Elmer Smith and he is now
(,n his way from Missouri to join our
teanm in San
F" ra ncisco.
Smith play
edwith Hllttl
Sh e latter
part of la-t
season andl
did sonme
- . goood work
I] 'I ., iWI '(
.Lane speaks
well of him,
an! s.ays he
lly prove
a worthy
llt'r'.e o"r Io
li.mer ,S"milh. T' ha t will
kit' us two catchers. Swindil.ds and
SIth. Smilth h:aI Signed to play with
th.' Sin'!ii,tilld. Mo., tam, but when he
r itd ;aIn oller to play with ,.e ()rlpllh.ns
c. i .e..led his releashe and started West.
I' hk .,,:e changes are male at the
la;I :inutt the Blhtte tossers will line
till auaillst t San Francisco today in the
foills in ordehr :
I "atchr, Swilell. ; lpitcher, D)owling;
first h:e, lI.aroqlue; second base, Ward;
third hasi:. Brorkoff: shortstop,, Kine;
left lilI, Muller: right field, McKe'vitt;
center field, M1cllale.
.\iter two weeks of pleasure and good
Ioaling at the I'fister, the G(illin owling
tontrllIatent camlle to nit c'nl last light.
i):, Ilarley won first prize; Phil Gillis,
e' r...nd, Rhule, third; l(eno, fourth; C.
HI. Smith, fifth; Nirkey, sixth; ('urt ,
seventth; ('heely, eighth ; Ilesse, ninth,
an I)Daly, tenth.
.\A consolation prize has been put up,
and will lie bowled off Wedneslday night.
I:ach one is to take his actual score dur.
in; the tournamenlt, and have a hanidi
cap lit as to put himt up withi the high
ma11n tthetn each onle plays three ganmes,
andl thle total number of pins will decide.
The prize is valued at $S5.
The liine-up of the high school hbaseball
team, as given in these columns the other
day., was a little to the bad. Captain
Ilhanl was in to see me today and gave
mite the corrected list. It is as follows:
W. A. Rohan, pitcher: Mell I.owry,
catcher; Alf Atwood, first base; Joe Kane,
second base ; Martin, short stop: Hlurd
Mell, third base; Ed Holland, left field;
\'ciser Dell, center field and Tomt halen,
right field.
Arrangements have about been coinm
plet'l for a game Ibetween this team and
Great Falls. Other games will be with
(Countinued ,n t'Page 'tweclve.)
Even On Fredericks
Against Herrera
1raker and Caesar Attel met last night
in Salt Lake and the expected happened.
Trhey faked I
Georg._raker._, the oFak Fightr.
'I he faaluia jttg rathe~r r~ait paraady tal
cratat s. and croaakinp ntaattr liaaut lth
Iliatruat Iralatntta
Ieti l'taat. Siaatt of %Ilctgana anal ather
cairata of the b1lrtutal sport tat whitah
) tatig tmtri otaasinattallt revert -lit f~ar 141
their .itrt.;taa iall~ltitaat .4 In 4l:afa aataa. all
aatlaaaaa is ath t'ti.t. 11tt itt tlaal glad rat
1tatalt1. tat vtilt 4t1a I l the iialrttlttal4u gaitt
he 'itt u a tra at tita taaiaar-ilv have art
th eamutaple thtat tta~lll Iiaad to itghear
1, ,ataaItn.aaitttg taoke thtat Itita o ala u fiaa ta
%h 'tatu. I aaaau thit. Aitt .Atiaaa tall.,
1ti 'a .iat, laaatt ta a ta I ttur.~ ata altalaat
ira pli.) taa .n, t atalitatal htata. ata r~ttilaai
I the laaaoa. 11a:aa alt-At rlatatnntr talta,.t u ak
l si ft. tti laua tal itil ata tal l. ent
ta.attlta t at a1, aItaeaal tat t at l a tita
t~ae It aaaihya'a ta ttt1. litw Isurilittlr .t it
It,, 1 1-2 n t 'ill
li lll l. ; j\1 111 t I I 21 1ti ' I tII .m '
111 4 111111 1 is I 1i 111.1 . I . l, l 'II' I I .II.ll
\\ li;lla .1 . tIl n.I I. h, 1 r' If 1 r , ill
plaltl llr inb t11 .1 I4 i li l .lImII ul nl s I lt ll tl
,t, lhr 4't-.l4lltinl I lrh. lhe .n .,,11.
(ih ' ri , "Iul O i i nii. t :1111I4C '1 II tl t II 1
III ,.1 1-I I,* i nI s hlll ,l 11"" Ilrlh i, %i,,I)' lt.1
)IlIIuu lll,'td ,,,l1111 , III ' tI ' 1 I.ll lilll ,ll . I1,
still I , 101 mrdly l rd;,..m Il to.I ,aiI ,I ,11 1bh
Jh ll'r'tn I'.a 1k I't,",,,)1t i,, ,hlu th a1,,,,
1)r. \\'ilbhI I'hl:al .m, w ;.1 pIlre, h *h,, ,t 1
n on ai llIr. Alrh I':tllrt".,,n \l 1l d1 h,,,,r
Ill . 1111. It1I thlIe :tn .l'dt~ ' . "I ht' ll1 ', "I
1.1 111,all plae. r 1\.1 1 lied 1ith uInll ',H l
fLr :ill hourlll by tlh. ,r.r , r, of thii ..I y
i.,l ltl t 1,k h i i, a rnll.u.lil ll Ir ( l I.i 11. 1 1 ,;tI
()re hi alpliati oe aar iv , 111;1 ."i 11
I(-rI- ionl l lly l%. e rnfile prof o
I hatos too deep for G.
lie created a pr' 1 filluN imprIrlliI by
hli frank h nll st ll Iimanne. r ;1111, Ih e (.hII
wil,, s tih t i t h eih h Itlplir.l tI , ,1,11 .l,'
lit .A,,th t"lAllf 1111 Pil ,'b."
Ihi ll d 'lphia4 Apr il r(I . Ifailry l lorbt
"of I'hica' , ninlalwdglw ht t;l lpilu, lust
nighlt kcked ut Jimmiu Devine o. this
city in nte fullnlh rolund in their bout .t
the Washigtoll club. I),.vin,, flNlored
Fhrbel in the first rund, but that wal.
tile local NIn,'s br't efart. lie was nI
able t.o standIlt the trrific blows adm inirt
te(rrl by Furli .s.
Horse Business Good.
IPl'IT A.l, I0 1'Ix INI TIt, MU ('NIAI1.
Ifyvre, April r4.--A brisk demand front
the ('aadianll market Irha caused at oo
ill the horbe t:rket here. II the lne.:
future a large number of MIlttna animual,:'
will be taken acroq. the lordhr, and mno'r
will follow la;ler on;. G.ood prices are h:
ingll paid by the buyers.
Alleged Opium Smuggler.
NVI'( IJAM. ''o I '11 I IN'Illf: MOl NTl'"l'AIN.
M tlta, April 14.--Joh. ''egan, e:mplnyed
here as a h.attendecr, has been arrested by
Inspector Iall onl a charge o l having
,lmuggled a lot of ,opium to a confederuate
in (Greaut Fall.. Several arrlests are ex
)pected in connlllectioll with the care.
EbtabIsh1 18238.
That's Alli
U.tihiliirrc, Mill.
The Inter Mountain cani well say: '[
told you so."
Baker, that pugilistic otltiat -- that
faking, quitting, disgraced vagrant, h lii
sneaks in the shade of the r;elm of
I:itiana, was allowed to go on in the
City of Saints, and, as predictI tby the
Inter Mountain sporting rditor repeatedly,
put up a farcical cxhibition.
The question now laturally arise':
What will he done with the crooked ,,xer
from California? Will they gather their
snrses together sufficiently ldown there
to ruu him out of town, or will they llhow
him to pollute the atmosphere with hsli
presence and squt.eak fortlh hiis uicerahle
excusesr for the fake fight last night ?
There's one thing certain. Mr. Itaker
will not conme to Ilutte uicless hle lhas a
fond longing for jail fare.
And now as regards hins showing last
night in IMormonldom. The .xltilitnol put
up in not worth coinnllrlting on, except to,
say that as5 spectators gatheredl to hisx
and loot throulh nine amIIIe, hlarmless
rounds of air-sawinll. In the ilinth runal
Iaker hooked a light left to Allel's glove,
and the portly IHebrew fromu 'Frisco went
to the canvas for the count, as per pre.
viOtis agreemlent.
LEnough of (;eorle laker's latest fake.
1I1ovcil1111. look for.rwa, 14) tile tinir worn
thle reall cllltlvl rualuale hero a lllll not h t.(
Ihlr iron iclgcwrII I ulUiuck, bu., til.
academic luir i4(lorr and11 tilt, 4)Irllil) of Ili's
fr loix brhoii rilght ilyia o IIIn 10 wIot. 311i
the uh.ers of the frctid llrltat mm1
pror~e% in 14a"1 t0.11.1 li lihlis I tii4pr II
.14i.tiI If lilt Ii ui.hlMI.11i , 11 p
I~Iliiiuiigg 4.i~uiui sr~ti~ . \
hiIIM".. ti. Ii.ithgl144i'i.. .1.14;
'in"ir 4(i thet ti'i i k .1hi.
I i'ii% 11.4t.11 i t' e ))i"4 tid 11i f
A tiatip ii ,II I(,r l id t fulti' t111 g sll irpf
ItO ' nii l iii , 1.h4 ,.1
Iiti'.lig,,u , ' I. it ii ltil I iii1ii: atl
I(IIII Si·l. UI'D CVD' liitI: kl~iii N i. 1 i',k iceis
Iiiy 1.11t 11hi " 1w l l :111 t-r tlllni :'a 1i ~11 Iii -
iiiI clll o l II ~iiiiiiy.A I hr . L iii ( I ti i t,"I
1 II· I r,,,ii ill- 14 1,' ml t 11i 1 i 1 i 1'1 1Mi, ii , I , fll
'4 - t r. i t~ tiiih airI 110110I . 1 l I ir , he . Ajint111
Anl Appe Tade
II t- lis I iI1 1 ha 4la 114s#11:111 an roa
I'iti,i,.i, $ il ,0 14. A tIulict Of I i ii apuU
Pl taluItI lt K I .4 0 iii lihi irll, I o, i 0i1 liy the
liii it.111~ 'iii InC aut ttwlly lii %iil thii'.cll
1,11 I~.1 $ ,: ., l.t''l tii· III(- N .," ; 1 '(' I k Ir ;1111
I I, 4 l iii lilt be .iitf:g tlih Ill r i ih.n l itte
f\;.lhillll II i I) hi b~l- - ili, I· *IliU i Agrairq.l l
i fi i i Ii. . Aginicl , i :1 .
till: I iiniiii . y ulrlt jn ,ct II,101, I hcmah
1't 1ur will w l the petulant it Ills sx
Sr 1111,1,u ti . uIrf 'L ay im . ii .,uwul y bii l1w
1)4, Il. 4ll- Ii, tfrealae Ci Ike andln (lt4ca
ul l l f lc k fi.- iri. slt 'ic ulla, ay tuu aal
ht, ili I. 11,,11 o l .il f l ltr J. Ill bind t tailt
Jhly 11ilti1 I ii i t41ht ill ! lfa highly 0 Ihlt- I.Autli
Iiig lilh,finru t l, hi e is niiianhl hlue
fl c.l ii 14111 (4 th1" ,I ots I1. l in vitu-8 fli11C, 11.
nrian I~or(inilan (Iriatt tlag "~latleri.'y mn4l~,
lioiing mxclhinr "sale inujlu Nel,. Aplt
Si. l'tal, MiAI. thi. Aijim Sbulleinii ai.
,airlwl~ii at N.. h'1 6 Suiu11. (44lieh aIre of
(hpikuagi No. "i wil hlaruwl oiltniei Atatuha. Nlia.,
na lt ad;noii iiptasi wiill Ir gire ew those
for 1 ait)hu ar e hiil aiiw iritioa y, ra jin thi
1u'iIi44i'SA, Sillii Ii t vl Ii tRil, l 'e li ri Aamccy
1111t1' ANSI Arli ll':SS li . ll,)1NI.. tºrwri
ida loti. A. I. 'rlsw ts lt,
far_______________ Acti ng (annlnhirlionera

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