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.I . 1I0 West Park Avenue--Telephone No. 69-Advertising Rates Furnished .on Application.
,0i" of Elks' Lodge Se
cures a Beautiful
Silk Flag.
A .' ,i l, J:i \It iI1 i;-t. \l ,. \I. l.iltl iO lll
e (. thi II'. i)r In . to t i l the ' rantiful
. hlilt. lirt a fli . '.Itl ritntr '.- ' I. pro i
lhri. thn . I' lk iti h i t pe'.r -te d lirt \ iat
'l IIt I llit o l "t 'iie I li II hl torsi ' ihla
I L hn REE t'l.lgl L.,L-I "T'ED," Mll.',,
tlhr.tH IIs. ll',llnll-h lv 1111)r I,4- .\Itr. \14:;l
S\\. It \\ 1 t ll \.,hclld ruler ofi 11T !. ,'tl
i lo,, I s,,d e. 1;,t ;. a. milll the lrtt, -ik
lag r 61 % .Ill h . I many i liter l(o bal aI
' han.i, I rll. I\\l .ll .I 1 i , t1 lin l , neat :1141
e o,111' lit11 4 '','I h. t 1.t e th II Ii itto t ihte hile
of it hti he I I '. tiip'' rioi r l..llc r.
I .f -in I le R '\1111 had ch. I rge o. the
0ll.11, ",11 4 1.0 it lt t.t "oI tihe. 111/11"," hilt
itthllr i . l I h e h it t'tpend to hitav
lt'ti .l t lir t tli ' ,"t1 t an,11r1 I l.te. n t, 1 .
Ite. I lf ttI ly I, i Jl itt 1 I ' l iti 'ri ,ay( 1h r4r il..trl
ts r nut:Ib, r. , 1,". . not appealr in
tthe halt iti,,, ttelt)' ii w.1' drawn.
I lltur-,. 1 t, \lr. 0.hh I- about
the' thll ,I it al ;,I ..,.,. o ,, 1i,1 . 1 1-.I Hhn1
'they l l 'r t a14ay 1i ll, l e Ili- rI".,lh d rultr they
Im,,lic hl ly.ll}', hor ,h,,y u,, tr Ii on thei
l ,b I , have M r. \\.I I.. 1,1 it. o , t o that the
Iprltt h nlln4r 1of t.lil I,;Is ,llll p . hl I.ght
b4- one of the deeIl' .o . 1,I t' , loIg
€. , 'll' , I r' .
.\r r. \\ bb1 iv gu ll) .\th w iar 1. t snme
t nilly on1 hit mnerit . :1 h Iiaick 1 wan.
• I t 'll h % I . t l I II It \11 11 It ' 11
AJi nsull ta ll lto I. h C llr Ir " , ,.hht.
Inl m ha s , al n l .iu h . .s l.n loht g Ia r.n 10.
uon,,e l, r Io h tntll tlh. d,.y hle ire alr lint i
thlr . Iui\t it.i.iiih, anil .ll niln ~hat a . ool
tlhl in i. h mII-. 1.1 w]In I ftI0h tih 1..14n wit of
.hr,,. v ier h mn~l-.ono .one- nir gold. silver,
,lpper. ,applllre, , II or ;lnly - il he mlia dal
the thlri rvext Iitu " - .a g lntilc rIIlelld'r of hI,
ý l Anllw.nsla , nill ,;r. o ..er oi prual train" ,
I,racnt.llly arranuai l fr, and o1 w IInl tc 0l1" 1
It Iii lal (loln Ihr 1 bhite hl1on arrlvets.
naoandla nen ll ilhe parade in Niotur.
i1141 I l ni, e. 14 ir( b) anner, no by any 1,hl ,ray
ittl ll iiion of the coth ov pre hltnt t1 u Ih ir
r 1I tr11te. It w,.i hb" t o11 -ge.
\lellngq of tl"e counite, to open Te .daly
ntiht. wII he devtld entirely to lhe. ri|l.
I. ,rsha dy that crin he. gathered In t ill be
rho,," the lfecte-Iy of making ti., grand
effort for the -nmiii n iiii11 of the grh r t-a l
nllltll'llg t""n on the gil4be.
Anid Rkoo.w\eht ,ill us ludle .\natunia 1he
xt I mI.Ii he touir' tilt- h ;ral. N h e.
fl''t I+.I. rU 111"'. I\' rRl M19 I'"1 TAIV,
Anaconda, . April I--IThe county commit.
Sintr uillt ye'terdali to, divide the county intll
road listr(ts as lprolid for tllder the new
law. Supers iior % ill prubably be named to.
Ilisttit No. I includeu all of the roalds in
the county uart of the city of Anactonda to the
Irlilte ci.tllly line on &;eorgetoown flat, near
I:linl creek.
Itistrict N. t;aes in all of the county
Sh)ugl cyo down i at n to i.rings cuoek to the
PI'U II coiunty hlte.
Ditstrict No.. t tlnclde all of the roads sonutth
tnd Noct of the city ol .\nacuindla to the flig
I lce ,ivoide.
)ihttrict Noi. includes all of the roads in
lr ntew iart I Ieer .Lodge county jut ac
tltred ffruit Silver fRow ctount r.
A new rod. tlp into thte I Ihole country
will Ihe takn ltil soon. The residents of that
ectlionll are ver'y anxitou to Ihave the illlprove
nment made as olonl ai. tplloible an the conl
iantisionrrs .rentm to bIe of the olpiniotn that it
will result it much good to Anaconda ., Hell
as to the county at large.
Fth Mckaiuo nIantlbill announcing ter l.ci;e
tillt .tlc which hegins ilontday at 9 ,''u tik.
'I hert' sometlhing it it that will itltrrti .l ,1.u.
.lcl(au C& 'o.
Business Getting Better
Prospects for This Summer
Unsurpassed. lore Are Ex
pected Than Ever Before
Vacant Dwellings Being Occupied
Strangers Coming In
Buttc has never had a brighter outlook than today, notwithstandingl croak
ers are still heard condemning our city. Go where you will you'll not find
more money in circulation than in Butte. Rents are high, wages good and
profits are better than in any other city in the United States. Tenants pay
two per cent on the value of the dwelling they occupy, in rents. We charge
one per cent interest, the other one per cent is paying for a title. \\'We mean
that if you pay us one-fifth down on property the remainder of the price may
be paid in monthly installments, equal to rent payment. WE SEI.LL OUR OWN
Butte land & Investment Co.
19 West Granite Street.
I . ,, i" I
Contest for Klepetko Trophies Offered in Anaconda
Is Engaging the Attention of Sportsmen.
7 'orphiej Girct by Frank KlXpetko to the Anaconda Gun Club-P hoto by llunter.
.il IAL 10 TN! liNT i MOUNTAIN.
Al .(i.la. April 18.-Anacontid's iun
clb I. ,;Iihll) gettinK in good shape for
the ,i4iig .Ih it il, Mslay 24, ,o and It,
Alhih ,. to or at Hlelena and in lwhich
it is r l. . i . I tIh 'ack shmts of the state
ill p olllrllr l , l'.
Tlhe club. i lhe va.riou. citiie have lieen
cracking the Iblue rtck- for Iclne lime.
Ihey are all ;anlxi,nIs to mtake firt -rate
ihowingi whlen th- tim cnmcn for them
to stamInd i-'for tilt IIctlctia tralps, and in
cIsetll'unclle pri III a Iwlk Ia t reg.lar
thing each itattl.el.
At the Am: r,, l, I t:,. local l.lrksmen
i- I*I ' l I \ In. 1ll1 I',:l l' '"I i(," l l`:.
1 Il. ,,11 L: . \li 11ii \- h1, _ ,..tn II h lrl,1
urvIr (e gCnlll;ltl .il1 .,fll l ul blow 1 4 ,th f e ulln
uItltigr. llri. 11 11 e I11 1. ta cI 1t . 1 til II rra Il't
ill it hr . gn i i tIIh. th it . II i,'.-tiith tIhru l h
411i tilt lat. .
A lilt t1 nt1i..rl t s s 1, |l ,tt.. tI 1 ..1na
c untla. " he h .'tl shhl has ,, ..1, 1h,.-" st
,lh llr-, Iemiini tI . atl i l .llll ii I ,i l ih l.
lhr. r tmn l l ill it it i II tit i l ll - lit ll,.,. -
"ii e iarr Iilhnt., I. . . i. i It : l -,.l.ir ai.
Irea tlrrr, Iir; rge lA . ii ln k. Ir.cht l,u i b.I..t.
at tisrr ll nr. It. i, - L u l in. I;. \\ .\l hto . ll
I;'r- u e l Ki . 1ll k. .\l rt l l I. tr h ,ý11l I.. I..
J.; R ,.'.
I.nLst year'. chllb grund-. ,u \11aplh. het.'v e n
"Jhird and fu rtlih, htl e a r ien manlalby the
irlctilllo t l h the I rt aIllne c. I l ive . ilnew. -t I
Ilarge enough i (r i c oi courtiii c Io- liiitV h ljr t
"Jhc Old) pruh;,l %%d ll numbrr uot ei
year. 'il n nilt lue i i ll It e chi rii ,lgi, it I. -at il 1i
the Al a tilod u 'entll ll it . I aI Il, ' r I l .r.'I
yeart . lt r inill .1itI l I I. Il the oll
grothint, with thi hi-i ht rIt- I ,f their av,,
lutldl . pallm na to nlllI ll l r diltr tcullli. ltl tlce
ihai. ii lthink thal t cuin the w ar. blr .llatrn
in the Smelter r (ity.
.At all iventi , tc het Iu:tl i x11|, .,ill Ior to gIiv
bJlrll tcc ll cl rs ril a'. I' , uih i iii Ira a unt tm tirm.
the euin and girl -tit, t liii h bu-il lierst 4t.
theI ' lilt l" II whet 1 ti.m (r Itl in ll glu.d nt.
See Mlcr lr ha' d lla lll.hi n , ingt 'l the -peciul
tillt ilet whic.h bl an. \'Ilin y at t ie a ld ek.
'lihtreit slmethingat 4 i tl tiauti uil inte-rest )- o .
.lcKac i tto.
.\nac(;nda, April IN .hn!m F. Fitnerty will
he here with Joneph fltr lin. .1. l'.. when that
nlioted parlialmenlariuan long) chatllpiun of the
cause of Erin appear*. in the .largaret theater
tumurrow night.
It won thought at first that Mr. Finnerty
could nut accust'luanl I h lit \il, but plans have
brln .4, changed as to allo.1 a vi .it from himt
hal chai. .e I, the lra.d titlan. and was in
itutlr yei. unt Io n ,kig aft,' lhw arrangements
fur the n.lertuunlrtll tI h i mtei d ll d lraltrs,
'rtlallilr) Ibth men cl ime 'lr f, rm branches of
the Irish N;tlional hlag e.. There is little
douht thlAt illy will be sudcc .ful here where
there are ..o many loyal su,.n of the old 1od.
are having a pleasant time shooting for
the Klepetko trophies. The contest is to
be decided by the best average on Soo
blue rock targets from March a to June t.
The shooting this season is far superior
in many respects to that of former seasons,
and is already indicative of the averages
b.iing much better than heretofore.
Aside from the contests for the trophies
now in the eyes of tin men, there are,4e
he niany other ·shoots during the coming
olt lhs in which lively interest will likely
he evinced and suome fast work done. .
The regular .Sunday shoot will occur at
the trapsl tomorroW.
'l't( i .i TO "1Itt INTI: aIOt'NTAIN.
Anaconda, April 18.-T'lhe closing ses
sionn of the state (. A. 1R. encampment
wals held this morning at i o clock,
when the body adjourned to meet at Mis
soula next year, at which place the W.
R. C. will asemnlle.
I in'solttio.il thanking the ofificers an,
various eolunlitiies of blothli orders were
\ majority of the delceatt' Kill have
Iit thI city tonight. Somei few renmai.
,,i.r to visit old friends.
I )epite the rather sparse attendance,
;il ,xclpre tllhemselves as highly delighted
wiit their sessioinsi and particularTy with
the n rt lttn extended to themt by the
I"' I the Smelter City.
inewly-elected ,t'icrs of the
aV ,l' Relief Corps were intalled last
c .' ' ;Iat I) wey hall ini the presence of
il ,,li, rs anid encai pmlilent of the G.
\. R It was announced last niight that
ain eo'lrt ,to raise a post of the W. R. C.
il \~iacodla would he made today.
Alter the election of officers by the
\, I. C. int the afterlnoon the following
rc-ohitionlls were tiialitllntously passed:
"The 'Woliian's kielief Corps, in conven
tioni assemtled. desire to extend to og
comrades oif George sMead post our siln
core thanks for their cordial entertain
"\We also desire to thank the press oft:
this city and Butte for their kind and
explicit account of the proceedings of our
order during this convention: to citizens
of this beautiful Montana city are die
our appreciation of the program and ban
quet of the i6th.
"We sincerely thank all the railroad
officials for reduced rates that has en
alled so many of us to be present. The
last hours of a busy day were brightened
Iiy the cordial invitatioh to visit the
smelter-a kindness for which we extend
to the company sincere thanks.
"For these and many more courtesies
received we desire to return our grate kl
a ipreciation, to be remembered by ttis
W. R. C. auxiliary to the Grand Army Of
the Republic."
Commander Wisner's War Record.
The war record of the commanding offi
eers of the G. A. R. are as follows:
Commander Wisner enlisted as private
in the Sccond Michigan infantry in Octo
her, t861: discharged in May. 862. Re
inltisted in October, m86a, in tle Sixth
Michigan cavalry, one of the regiments be
longing to Custer's brigade. Was dis
charged at Fort Leavenworth in Novem
ber, 186q. Served at Gettysburg. Wound
ed at Williamsport and taken prisoner;
paroled and returned to regiment in De
ccmber, 1863. Participated in the Kil
patrick raid on Richmond. Served in bat
tie of the Wilderness. Was taken prisoner
;at ''revalion station, Virginia, and board
edt during the summer at Andersonville,
L.iibly and Milan prisons. Paroled in No
vttniher of 1864 and joined regiment at tle
gorand review at Washington. Was sent
CVest across the plains with the Connor
expedition of 1865, and was then mustered
out. Commander Wisner is a resident of
Judge Blake's Record. ,
The military record of Henry N. Blare
the newly elected senior vice-commander
of the department of Montana, G. A. R.,
is an enmable ont. During the civil war
he served in the battles of Bull Run, WIll
iamwburg, Fair Oaks, Savage station, Glen-'
dale, Malvern Hill, Br'stow station, sec
rnd Bull Run, Chantilly, Fredericksburg,
Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wildetr
ness and Spottsylvania. He entered hwe
service as a lieutenant, and was commis
sioned captain in 1864. He is a member
of the Loyal Legion. The judge is at
present a resident of Helena.
Anaconda, April 8.-Mrs. Fraqk
Miller, wife of Frank Miller, 818 Eatk
T'Third street, died this morning. The
cause was pneumonia, from which she
had suffered during the past week,.
Mrs. Miller was 30 years of age dnd
was highly resnccted by many frIends.
She leaves, besides her husband, two chil
dren, a son and daughter.
Mr. Miller has been a resident of Ana
conda for S5 years. He was married in
Anaconda and is well known here. At
present he is conducting the Alaska sa
loon on East Third street. The funeral
will be held at 8 o'clock Monday mitnng
from St. Peter's Catholic church, Rev.
Father Plernant officiating,
Mrs. T. D. Seefield Passes
Away While Visiting
in Minnesota.
Anaconda, April ai.-W-\ord was re
reived in Anaconda this morning of the
death, at Chatfield, Minn., of Mrs. T. D.
eefield of this city.
Mrs. Seefield was the wife of T. D.
Seelield, proprietor of the Seefield Cab &
Transfer company, and was the mother of
Miss l.ydia Seefield and Cleve Seefield.
Miss Seelield, who is one of the efficient
telephone operators at the Washoe smelt
ing plant, will leave tonight for Chatfield,
t here her mother is to be buried.
Mrs. Seefield left Anaconla four
months ago and went to Chatfield., where
,he has been visiting. ller sickness,
which ended in her untimely death, became
,crious yesterday, and a telegram was sent
to Miss Seeficld that her mother was quite
The young woman was making arrange
'nents this morning to leave for her pa
rent's a bedside when the announcement
rame by wire of her death.
Mrs. Seefield had many acquaintances
and friends in Anaconda, who sincerely re
gret her death and who extend in this
hour of bereavement all the sympathy and
Comfort to the stricken members of the
family that is possible at such a time.
S..its at half-price and iet in the sale whlich
alnnllllcr t Monday morning at MerCac's.
Anaconda. April 8S.- In all probability the
phools will not open Monday.
At a myetinl lat night held by Captain
Kelly, arry Nell. F. A. Jones, P'resident M.
I. Fitzpatrick, Superintendent Koontl and
t lark Nell. it was decided that tinder the
present conditions things could not go on.
Money to keep the schools open is not only
not at Ihand; it is not to be desired in an ever*
so-dim pros ective.
rincipal \\ alker of the high school resigned
last night. lie will go to Uoise. Idaho.
Another meeting of the board will be held
tonight, when it is possible that some solutlon
of the problem' may be reached.
The amount in the treasury to the credit of
the school fund it $7a1.8o. This will not pay
nuinor bills add running expcnse thus far in
Money for the six weeks of the term remain
ing will have to be raised before the close of
the meeting tonight or the festive youth of the
city will be running wild Monlday and the
unhappy truant officer bereft of a Sub will be
pIwerleCs to say thetm nay.
lIe sure and get in on the sale Monday. It
Sll last as long as it takes to sell 75 suits,
lhicmh won't be long at the prices they are
marked. They will go in a hurry. McRae
& Co.
Anaconda, April s.--The salary for clerks
and carriers, as opened to all eligibles by the
examination to be held here lMay 6, is from
$5uo to $600 a year.
Applicants must be between s8 and 4S years
f age and must not weigh less than tag
Ipound, without hat or overcoat, standing not
lesa than s feet 4 inches.
Th'le subjects for examination are simple and
nay be passed with ease.
See McRae's handbill announcing the special
nit sale which begins Monday at 9 o'clock.
I'here's something in it that will interest you.
.\lcRae & Co.
Well-Known Resident of Anaconda Dies
After Short Illness.
Anaconda, April s8.-James D. Ryan,
a resident of Anaconda, well and favor
ably known, died at his home, 427 Chest
nut street, last night. He had been ill
for some time.
Mr. Ryan was 76 years of age. He was
born in Ballingary, Tipperary county, Ire
land. He leaves, aside from many friends,
four sons and three daughters.
The funeral will be held at r o'clock
front the residence of M. D. Ryan, No.
5o Chestnut, in rear. Internment will
occur in Hill cemetery.
See McRae's handbill announcing the special
'uit sale which begins Monlday at 9 o'clock.
I here's something in it that will interest you.
•lucjue & Co.
A. D. T. messenger-promIpt, reliable.
J. IL. Rockabrand was in Jutte yesterday on
C. E. Sackett of Butte was here on legal
hIsiness yesterday.
lrs. J. C. Calvin of Butte was visiting rela.
tires in Anaconda yesterday.
J. E. Rawlins is here visiting his f'end,
l unstable lIenroid.
For the best job printing call at the Inter
Mountain omce. Prompt and always just what
dcu order. No. sIm West Park avenue, Ana.
Judge Hayes of thle police court, who has
lren ill at his home, No. 44 East Third street,
is recovering.
A. C. Newell of Twin Bridges, state com.
mander of the Maccabees, was in the city yea.
eerday and the day before. The state com.
mander witnessed the initIation of five new
members into the local order on Thursday
night, There was a social session for the
indge members, which proved a delightful sue.
Gess. On yesterday Frank Turner. past com.
Iander of the Miaccbees escorted Mr, NewelI
'hrough the Washoe smelter,
For sale cheap--One 6foot and one 8.foot
plate top dJsplay eases, one shuffle board, one
in-pong taste, one 4-h.. gsoline engine. 1.
aligler, so East Park, Anaconda.
First Baptist church, corner Fifth and
L.ocust streets--W, H, Setser, pastor; resi.
donee, No. pa West Sixth street. Worship at
t a. m. Subject, "The Workof the Lord."
,ttnday school at lsano . m, Evening service
at 8 o'clock, Subject, 'Israel in Eypt."
Ice cream soda, pure ruit lr steOr cream
who lel and retail. Daigler, rot East Park.
Silk waists $.1 o during this sale. We will
sell $ .oo and 6.,wists for., &very one
a perfect i Mcae & g Cro
h.he Copper City
Go.Carts and Baby Buggies
W.e are agents for the Heywood Go-Carts and
Baby Bugglies and every lady in Anaconda knows
they make the best at the lowest prices.
No. 364 Goaeart NO. 363 Go-"art
Reclining back, automobile cushion Just like cut, for $So.no. It has re
tires, patent brake, with scalloped edge. clining back, upholstered in Bedford
Parsol just like cut, for.............. Cord Tapestry, patent foot brake, auto
mobile cushion tires. All complete for..
SILTSl This is a Bargain. g90.00
No. 368 Go.eart No. 375 Go-eart
Cane seat and back. furnished in This is a beauty. It has automobile
green, oriental striped tapestry for up- cushion tires and is upholstered in
olstering: automobile cushion tires. Corduroy, has Heywood patent brake
All complete with parasol. Like cut, and a Ieautiful parasol. Like cut.
for ....................... ....... Our special price as............
5932.50 $25.00
We also have about twenty Baby Bugglies that
were left over from last year. We have marked them
One-Third Off the Regular Price. They are all
in good shape.
---e Copper City
Trhe Copper City
YverythinO the Best
We Are Opealng the Season lI
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Soda
la our remodeled establish.
me.t. We have the fnest IHam
IOiRRS to be had lI the
state. A trial will mean to as
the assuraseo of your egas
tilued palronaeo.
The Bowling
On the Fleer Below have beeM re
fltted with the imast equlpment.
No. 201 E. Park, Anaconda
White Wyandotte and
Plymouth Rock
H.tching Egg. From the Very
oBest Strain in Amerie For Sale
$9.00 For 13 EGOS.
JOHN REES, Th . ows,
Via Great Northern Railway.
Boulder and return, good on Sun
days only .. ................$ o0
Basin and return, good on Sundays
only ....................... O0
Boulder and return, good Saturday
until Monday ........... ... so
Alhambra and return, good Saturday
until Monday N...... ...... a 30
Ticket office, No. 41 North Main street,
Butte. W. R. MEECH,
C. P. & T. A.
Drowned During Gale.
Gloucester, Mass., April s8.-The fish.
ln, schooner Independence Captain Cu
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Ry. Co.
Passenger Time Table--March i, spo3,
Local leave Arrive Local Leave Arrive
Trains. Butte. Anaconda. Trains. Anacoonda. Butte,
S-t , ,A. & P.... o:oo a. min. a :o a. . , A. &' P.... 1:3o a. m, :as A. m,.
A-.., , ....:ao p.m. sills p.m. o. - .,A. ... sli:a a.mM.zu:ao p. m.
-., A . -sA450 p. m. 8:45 P. m .oo. 6-..i . ., 1ý op, 4.13 p in.
r. make connection wil Korth"r Pacific railway We ound trains at Durant leave
Ansoonds at stis:o a. m., aso . m. and 6:js p. m, i l
To make connection with ther&e aoei railway Eastbound ra ns at Butte leave Ana.
cond at i ts a. m. and 6:is p.s .
To ake connec.tion with, .t .ohort Line railro 511 Bow leave Anaconda
t . sat m. 'i
Ticket on tale at city ticket o* e (great Northern Railway), No. 4i North Main Otreet,
Nd at paener ataton, Butte, Anaconda Pacino Railway. ,
Money Won Is
Money Earned
A safe play or a good bet
can always be made by the wire.
They're Beating Us Hard
Why can't you do it as well?
Turf Exchange Pool Rooms
Bar and Club Rooms in Connection.
Maie Street. Anaseda.
The Daly Bank and Trust
Company of Anaoonda
Amseea,d Mentana,
General buakin fn al l ranaes
Sell excbanges on New York, CbI.
eags, St Paul, Omaha, San Fran.
clnoo, etc., nand draw direot ea the
prinoipal ieties of England, Praose
Ireland, Germany and the Orient.
-Deposits as s.oe ame upward re
National City bask, New York:
First National ban', Chicago First
National bank, St. Paula Omaha
National bank, Or..ahs l'ar.! el
California, San Franeisco.
John R. Toole, President! M. 3.
Greenwood, Vice President Leole
7. Bennett. Cashier F. C. oo.
beck, Assistant Cashier.
You're Right at
In the Leading Restaurant In Ana
conda, because our Treatment is most
Courteous and our table the Finest. If
you want good food, prepared to suit
your taste, call at
The Success
East Park St. Anaconda.
sack, put in here today to report the loss
of four of her crew, who were knocked
overboard Iby the main boom during a.
gale last Thursday night and drowned.

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