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\\ hen Shakespeare wrote "What's in a
nlame ?" he of course had no vision of the
future in which the Overland minstrels
should play a part.
There may ,l inothing in some names
lie Will do Things to Create Laughs in
the Ovserland Minstrels.
but in this particular case there is a
world of significance contained in the
niame Overland.
It stands for all that is good and per
fect in the way of amateur theatricals, and
sci'rescnts weeks of untiring and ceaseless
labor on the part of the director, John
Howard, and those who will participate in
the performance.
It is only a matter now, however, of a
few days until the performance will be
given, and the result of faithful and pa
tien!t traning will lte seen.
The boys themselves are going into the
performance with the firm belief that they
Cave a titter show than last year, and this
OUurct the .Stars of thr (M~e~rhjad Mfin:srel
in itsellf will di' mucth to insure a suc·
ccssful perfrUimancC.
The show now stauds COmpletleC and
rcady for producttion. The rcmaining few
dlays will, however, Ie devoted to round
ing off the roughu corners anid putting the
The most abhored of all facial Ilemishes, by ladies or gentlemen, that always
makle their apliearance so prominent a. soon as the rays of the sun become
brihlit and warm in the spring. If those who are afflicted with these un
si.htly blnemises only knew how easy and iniexlpensive it is to remove them
they would not tolerate their preset:ee any longer, My FRECKLI INE will re
mose them, without pain or injury to the skin.
I will remove them perfectly and harmlessly, leaving no scar. By the
l.atest Scientific Methods the removal of those blemishes is both sinmple and
inexrpensive. No danger or injury to the skin and no scars or marks left
after. I will remove themi perfectly and harmlessly.
All Facial Blemishes Successfully Removed.
Hair Dressing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Scalp Treat.
ments for Dandruff, Falling Halr, Baldness and
all ailments of the scalp or hair. Manicuring,
Chiropody, Electric or Plain facial Massage.
Graduate Specialist.
Rooms 220o-22, Pennsylvania Block.
Hours 8:3o0a, m. to 7:00 p. m. Phone 96iA
finishing touches on, so that when the
first performance is given on the night
of April at, it ma9 be as nearly perfect
as possible.
So popular and so well known have the
Overland minstrels become that letters
have been received from several out-of
town theatrical managers asking.for dates.
The performance will he given in Helena
on the evening of April as. and this is
probably the oily outside date that will
be played.
The program this year will ie in the
form of a souvenir, must artititically got.
ten tip and well worth saving as a me
mento of the occasion. The cover will
be executed in colors, with a design fitting
the occasion, ad the pages within will con
tain pictures of many of the mnembers of
the clhn.
There will also be things worth reading
in it, although it cannot be stated at this
Who Will Assist the lovys in the O; erland
- ~~~-.-.-.=-I-
time what they will be; sufficient to say
that the boys are all gue.witg, and just a
little hit worried over what they may be.
•The second verses to the "tl,hf Song ani.
_~- '44-· ~--
With the ending of Lent society awoke
from its lung lethargy and donned lEaster
honnets and light spirits simultaneously.
Indeed, this week was p)assing gay and
the conventional Lenten teas gave place
to varied and charming forms of enter
tainment. After such an unusually (uiet
"Bandit Song," written by Harry A. Holp,
will also be set out In full.
One feature of the performance, which
has not yet been mentioned in these col
umns, is the Mendelssohn Ladies' Quar
tet ithe personnel of which is as follows:
Mrs. F. ll. Butler, first soprano; Miss
Ida Scott, second soprano; Mrs. Fred Fer
rel, first contralto, and Miss Aamie Fin
negan, second contralto.
Ihis quartet will be heard in the latest
negro melodies and should prove a drawing
card. The women composing the qua ·et
are well known here, and have long m .
cupied a prominent position in the mualrat
Mr. Howard wishes the announcement to
he made again that no seats will be re
served prior to to o'clock on the morning
of April 18, at which time the sale of
seats will open at Sutton's Broadway the
ater. From present indications the run
on seats will he very heavy the first day.
The curtain will rise sharply at 8:3o,
and in order to avoid any confusion dur
illg the performance no one will be seated
while it is progressing. I xtra facilities
will also be provided in the matter of
seating the audience quickly and without
any delay.
Performances a ill also be given on the
evenings of April 22 and ".a, with a mati
nee on the afternoon of April a-.
Following is the program in full: ,
Opening chorrus, entire 'omlnpany. Introduc.
tion of comirdians by the interloctior, Mr.
Fred T. tireen:
'Tamhne.s- -i'( iay Stlivers, S. E. Schwartz,
lien tCouby, Tonm Markley.
Itunes--George Busch,IE. IP'. Mullen, Reno
Sales, Ilub I.elteau.
C('hlrus--Entire company.
Tenor solo Jaek Thomas.
End song E. I'. AtIMlleo.
Special clon 1i1s.
Itas. solo lh|arry l)oering.
Solo and chrrnl. (special cltorus)-M-ir. Rich.
arn (;allaway. soloist.
1n.,I n g, i)'iay Stivers, assisted by Miss
(;rr~ulline F:.ris, intiod.ucing fancy dancing
and cake walk.
Closing chorus 1E ntire company.
P.\ 'I SE tl )Ni.
Prin.ss V. San .nd her lIties in waiting,
on'hlr the lirictiun .i n Irf . Ilarry Symons,
lirva luh ,isiii l'ric,'-s Y'i ,in.
winter it seems safe to predict a brilliant
W\ill I horton,, who has been in New
'ork for tie months or more, has re
turned to lintlte.
Jo.se.-h Marnecr, who spent a week or
two, inll Iutte. has gone to the coast in
the interest of Mr. Ireston A. Parry, the
lecturer and book collector.
Mrs. James T'. I'inlen is visiting Her
iarents in' Salt Lake City. She expedts
to lie gone for about a fortnight.
There are several well authenticated
rumors of engagements of popular young
society folk that give promise of a fine
cron of June weddings.
Mrs. George E. Clark has returned from
a visit to the home of her parents in
Waseka, Minn.
Easter Wedding.
Easter Sunday at a o'clock the wedding
of ,Miss Anna Mehan and John B. Corry
was celebrated at St. Patrick's church.
The Rev. Father De Siere officiated. Only.
the families of the bride and groom were
present. In fact, though the young peo
ple had long been attached to each other,
the marriage was somewhat of a surprise
to their friends. It was just one of those
pretty love stories begun in the sunny
South and completed in the rugged moun
Miss Mehan but recently came here
from her home in Lexington, Ky., but
already she has many friends in Butte.
Mr. Caorry is the youngest son of A. V.
Corry, who is so well known throughout
the state.
After the ceremony Mr. jnd Mrs. Cor
started for California. Before they eo 4
back to Butte they will visit the Sob
and the East.
Pretty Wedding.
A lovely wedding was that which united
Miss Mary Agnes Mehan and ,Mr. Edwin
Sommers Beckley in the bonds of hdly
matrimony. The ceremony was performnt
on Tuesday afternon at a o'clock at td.
priest's residence by the Rev. Father De
Siere. The bride was attended by Miss
Agnes Corry and Mr. Thomas Mehas.
The bride's brother acted as groomsman.
After the ceremony an elaborate repat
was served and the guests drank sppro
priate toasts to the happy pair ih glasses
of sparkling wine.
Miss MeLian and Mr. Beckley are
members of fine old Southern familf
'T..elr marriage is the culmination of 4
charming romance which began in Lex
ingon, Ky. some time ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Beckley ave gone to Salt
Lake City for their honeymoon. They will
reside in Butte.
Easter Egg Party.
Little Miss Margaret Morgan was
hostess at a beautiful Easter egg party n
Monday afternoon. A big paper bag con
aining tiny candy eggs of all color was
Ladles in Waiting-Carrie Lowrie, Heles
lDenny, .ezel Gindrup Nan Vivian, Lilian
Vivian. Florence Ladwidge, Daryil Smith, Wil
liene Nichols, Afreda Smith, Hllie Bouche,
Nora Nichols.
f'Who Will do Several Funny Stunts in ith
Otvrland Minstrels.
honologue-Dan Walsh.
Golf Sng-Girls: Louis Howard. Lyna
Boyce, j. A,-Brennan, Mi. S. Largey. Bob Le.
Ileau. Lobsters: (;orge Busch, 3. C. Gal.
Issaith, S. E. ,t%.i..ar:z, Harry Doering, Fred
(reen. Reno Sales.
Mendelssohn La.idies' Quartet. introducing
negro melodies-Mrs. Fitz Butler, Arst so.
prano Miss Ida Scott, second soprano; IMrs.
Fred Ferrell, first contralto; Miss Mamie Fin.
le an, second contralto.
Entire closing with "Cripple Creek Bandits."
Fred Sully. Bandit Chief. Bandits-Percy
Itll, Harry Doering, R. I'. Ilarcl, George
Itutch. D Gay Stivers. Fred G;reen, ack Mur.
r:ay, S. E. Schwartz, Harry 1Iolp, . P. Mul.
broken and the little folk amused them
,cslves gathering tp as many eggs as poe.i
tIle. i)elicious refreshments were served
and as each samall lady went home she was
riven a pretty favor in the shape of a nest
with a ralA)it and a chicken inside. The
children who enjoyed the afternoon's fun
were: Katherine Searles, Margaret and
I aby Katherine Murray. Margaret Hen
nesoty, "Jim" Lowry Maude Weirick, Vida
:illigan, Dorothy Jenks and Hazel Nel
.,-n of Fort Harrison, and the Mimes
l iazel Gindrup and Drea Johnstone.
Easter Hat Party.
Mrs. J. R. E. Sievers led the week's
gayety with an Easter Hat party given
by her on Monday afternoon. At :jo3
r - .... . "- -l --- -
A Charmins Vocalist Who Was Heard at
the Hennessy Concert.
o'clock the ladles arrived with small silk
sewing bags and prepared to work on
dainty bits of stuff, but the hostess de
creed otherwise. On a table were great
rolls of bright-colored tissue paper, one of
which was given to each guest with in.
structions that she make from it an Easter
Tbhe result was a rfec flower-garden
of tissue paper bats which the makers were
obliged o wear. When all were com
plete tally cards and little pencils were
passed and the assembled company was
bidden to vote on the prettiest and the most
grotesque hats. Mrs. Schatalein and Mrs.
Dygart received an equal number of votes
for the most beautiful hats, but when they
cut the prize fell to Mrs. Dy)art.
It was a handsome amethyst-colored
vase. Mrs. Pyle was declared to have
made the most grotesque hat for which
she was awarded an egg cup filled with a
nestful of tiny bird's eggs.
When the contest was over the hostess
served the most delicious of refreshments,
which were doubly appreciated after the
arduous task of hat-building.
The Misses Elsa, Leilah and Theo Rus
sell assisted Mrs. Sievers in serving the
guests who were t Mrs. George Dyrart,
MIrs. Burdette, Mrs. O'Conner Mrs. Chris
topher Turner, Mrs. J. R. russll, Mrs.
on Mcntyre Mrs. Bernard Noon, Mrs.
illey, Mrs. Eugene Carroll Mrs. Mary
Sharpe Mrs. Kellog, Mrs. l'gnatius Don
nelly, Mrs. Harry Rchards, rs. Corner,
Mrs. Joseph Clinton Pyle, Mrs. W. W.
Wishon, Mrs. Charles Schatalein, Mrs.
Jack Thomas, Mrs. Samuel M. Johnstone,
Mrs. Louis P. Sanders, Miss Goodale Miss
Dorothy Suprenant. Miss Alice kemp
land of Seattle, Miss Hardenbrook, Mrs.
Smith and the Misses Elsa, Lellah and
Theo Russell.
Twelfth Anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Gray cele
brated the twelfth anniversary of their
wedding Wednesday evening by inviting
a few friends to their apartments in the
clark building. "Bid euchre" and other
card games made the evening pass pleas
antly. Refreshments were served and Mr.
and Mrs. Gray received many congratula
tions and wishes for many returns of the
Mrs. Fanmham Entertains.
Mrs. O. L. Farnham entertained a num
ber of her friends at her handsome home
or Ferrell street Monday afternoon. The
affair was in the nature of a farewell
tea in honor of Mrs. Almon and Mrs.
Frakes, who are soon to leave for a visit
wth friends in the East. The afternoon
was passed very pleasantly in conversa
tion and in supping the fragrant tea from
the daintiest cups imaginable. But tea
was not all the kind hostess bad prepared
for her guests in the way of refreshments.
All present ate and made merry trying
hard to forget that soon words of fare
well must be spoken, but time passed,
as it ever will, and with it came the
realization that 'tis hard to part when
friends are dear.
Mrs. Almon and Frakes will be happy.
Indeed, if all the blessings and good
wishes of those present shall fall to their
Those present were: Mesdames Almon,
Frakes, Kerr, Waldrip. Dayle, Dunckel,
Pipes, Barker, Hemingway, E. L. Farn
ham and Miss Ober.
In Honor of Miss Henningsen.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Henningsen con
tributed one of the most delightful of
parties to the week's round of pleasure.
The affair was given on Tuesday night,
and it was complimentary to Miss Helga
Henningsen, who left Butte this week for
The Henningsen home is well adapted
for entertaining, and on this occasion
it was made more than ordinarily attract
ive by abundant and beautiful flowers
carrying out the rosy tone.
The billiard room was exquisite in yel
low spring flowers, and in the dining
room one found a wealth of rich crimson
color. The most delightful music fur
nished inspiration for the crowd of merry
dancers who swirled in rhythmic measure
through the spacious rooms. At midnight
supper was served, after which the fun
kept up until the night had faded into
dahose who enjoyed the hospitality of
Mr. and Mrs. Henningsen were: Dr. and
MIrs. T. B. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
Paxson. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. McArthur,
A Member of the Qu,itet Which Sang at
the Henr.essy Cone't.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dobry; Mr. and
Mrs. T. J. Braddock, Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Rockefeller; Misses Emma Buol, Gertrude
Nichols, Lena Berger, Mattic Fish, Esther
Mciklejohn, Ella Wright, Ella Driscoll
Mamie Driscoll, Dora Henningsen, Isabel
Jones. Bessie Vells, Mary Armstrong,
ing, Helen Tilton, Christine Nissler;
Messrs. Henry Neuman, Earl Murphy,
Charles Beebe, Buckman, Owen Dilen
beck. Tom Markley, Barry, Forsythe, Louis
howard, Charles Davidson Guy David
son, Walter Henningsen, Mac O'Brien,
Arthur Berry, Frank Haskins, Worth Al
mon and George Makin.
Personal Mention.
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wellcome, who
have spent the winter in Butte, have re
turned to Creeklvn, their country home.
Miss Helga Henningsen left here the
last of the week for the East, whence she
will sail for Europe.
Miss Mamie Driscoll of Basin has been
spending several days with Miss Emma
High School Alumni Dance.
The dance given Wednesday night at
Elite hall by the Bujtte High School Alum
ni association wras a grand success. At
least to couples danced to the perfect time
of the orchestra and showed the pleasures
of the delightful entertainment. Punch
and lemonade were served in plentiful
This is the first of a series of dances
to be given by this popular association
of high school graduates. The committees
in charge of the affair were:
Entertainment committee-Nelson Ham
mond, J. R. Spencer and Miss Ruth Sult
Reception committee-Miss Allie Kem
ner, Miss Jackson, Miss Martha Fish, Miss
Marion Nichols, Miss Emma Dunstan.
Floor committee-Phil Goocwin, John
Spaford, Pat Lynch, James Pearsons and
O, J. Saville.
Mitchell-Pearce Wedding,
A pretty home wedding took place on
Wednesday night when Miss Elisa Pearce
and Nathan R,. Mitchell were made man
and wife at the home of the bride's moth
er. About 6S friends were present to
witness the ceremony and tqplrskq of
the elaborate feast that was Pryve sfter
ward, The Rev. C, D, Cro~gq tidl,the
nuptial knot, The house we *pgnyerted
',, '•, r
Who Sg an H sn Concrt NTesdady.
into a bower of beauty by delicate car
nations, ferns and vines. The bride wore
a gown of pale gray crepe and she car
ried a bridal bouuet of American Beauty
roses. Miss C. A. Semmens made a charm
bridesmaid and ., S. Mitchell acted as
best man.
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell will be at home
to their friends after a fortnight at :#so
Jefferson street.
Jeffrey-Pearee Wedding.
Another charming wedding was that of
Miss Fannie Jeffrey and Mr. John Pearce,
which took place on Tuesday evening. The
ceremony was performed by the Rev. C.
D. Crouch, pastor of the Walkerville Meth
odist church, in the presence of the rela
tives and friends of the bride and groom.
Delightful Dance.
Monday evening the De Siere branch of
the Catholic Benevolent association gave
a moLt enjoyable dance at Kenshaw hall.
The affair was the sixth annual ball of
the association. After the long quiet
of Lent the hop seemed doubly brilliant.
The hall was crowded to its utmost ca
pacity by pleasure-seekers, who danced
to the time of Sielaffs orchestra. Re
freshments were served during the even
ing. Credit must be given to the re
ception committee, which was composed
of Mrs. Leahy, Mrs Malloy, Mrs. Mathews
Mrs. Ivory, Mrs. Gore, Mrs. Rummel and
the Misses Mead, Courtnay and Spiller.
Pretty Card Party.
Mrs. Margaret Cunningham gave a "63"
party on Thursday afternoon at her lovely
home on West Park street. The rooms
were decorated in red carnations and
tulps interspersed with feathery greens.
The first prize a pair of brass candle
sticks, was awarded to Mrs. A. H. Jones;
the second, a decorated plate, was won by
Mrs. I. Donnelly. and the booby, a pretty
vase, went to Mrs. G. Pingle. Delicious
refresLnments were served at s o'clock. The
guests were:
Mrs. F. S. Mitchell, Mrs. A. S. Chris
tie, Mrs. A. H. Jones., Mrs. J. D. Mcln-
tyre, Mrs. Spencer Wortman, Mrs. W. S.
Tallant, Mrs. G. Pingle, Mrs. J. W. Gunn,
Mrs. J. D. Riter, -Mrs. John Berkin, Mrs.
J. S. Harris, Mrs. T. A. H. MacPherson,
Mrs. H. O. Wilson, Mrs. George Robin
son, Mrs. J. B. Leggatt. Mrs. I. Donnelly.
Mrs. J. R. Wharton, Mrs. S. M. John
stone, Mrs. T. A. Griggt. Mrs. Mary
Sharpe, Mrs. D. J. Hennessy. Mrs. R. H.
Kunkle, Mrs. George Tower, Mrs. George
Dygert, Mrs. john Forbis.
'Mrs. Cunningham entertained again Fri
day afternoon.
Bowie-Dunshee Nuptials.
On Wednesday Miss Fannie O'Bannon
Bowie and Mr. Bertrand H. I)unshee
were married at Philipsburg. Mont. Both
are welt known in Butte. After the aed
ding Mr. and Mrs. Dunblhce started on a
trin to California. "'%ev will he grne
about a month, and on their return they
will reside in Butte.
The Perry Lectures.
Foremost among the week's events are
the Perry lectures. Such an intellectual
feast has seldom come to tl.e good town
of Butte, and appreciative folk took adl
vantage of the opportunity to listcn to
the most wholesome mind food that the
book lover can enjoy. Mr. Perry's field
is a broad one.. He dealt with hooks,
authors and the famous art binders andl
frinters whose art is just reviving, lie
sa gentleman possessing the quiet force
of thorough knowledge and the culture
that comes from long association with the
greatest of refiners-good books. W\ith
(Continued on Page Fifteen.)
now WOM!N SU[[[
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ness, Backache Hleadache, "Allt.;une"
Feeling, liot Flushes, Varlahle Appetite,
Restlessness, No Ambition, Easily lexciteil.
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Mme. Elsa MacPherson
Coaert Pilite ad Teacher
Diplonmee Lelpzi Royal Conservatory.
Pupil of "R'RlnctJ. Zwintscher, Teich.
muller, Ioqpti_ Zelsler. Residence,
Studio, soa North Jackson Street, Butte.

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