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At Hennessy's Big Store in Butte
Monday, the Last and' Best Day of This Sale
There have been sales and sales, but of all the sales ever started in this state, this Green Ticket Sale is the leader, livery one In Butte is talking about the
crowds at Hennessy's, about the fine showing of Spring and Summer Goods, about the bargains that every floor shows in such a variety, for Blutte certainly never
saw the like. There's an end to all things, so it has been decided to close this sale on Monday at six, but the finish will be worthy of the Big Store.
Silk Bargains What Women Want In Domestic Dep't
Especially Good Values for Today's Selling Shown in Hennessy's Notion Dept. Cutting Prices on Cotton Dress Goods
Several items here interextihg and
Black Peau de Sole "'" ndia.ens e.. The nrises n.nt) a i y a ees e
Ore so low that few ran afford to 36 n
21 inches wide, $1.50 value. .. ' overlook the opportunity of puro
(hasing nti theoe low pri.es. BesteQ Illy 9c Yard
ly 98cYard Rubber Shields
'eovered with nuinxook and linedl We offer 12,001)11 yards very I.,.,t 11t111
Black Taffeta Silks with robber; sizes 3 and 4. t siy of light colored iprnhes. IRegtlar
27 inches wide, guaranteed, $1.75 25C Quality for roc Pair I.'s. valtes f,' r. .'l..y-4,
value. Black cube Pins New Lawns and Dimities
'ao `pn,, i,, a cue.."ewL nsadDmts"
Only $ 1"15 Yard ,oc Value for 11c 20c to 25c Values
Si o pi,, in a .ube,,, ,Sizes,. for 15c Yard
86 inches wide, guaranteed, $2.00 20C Value for IOc .t ,000 yards new hIwnsantd din,,ities, '
value. Women's Handkerchiefs Great Values in Ribbons the latest deignu a11 neesl.t ,.hr
One S I Pla i ,n linen hemstit.hed hand- Sathi Tnffetn endl nl,- lk nta- ing.. Sale pri.e Only Ito'y1r1'.
O n l y S ll . ,3 ,5. Y a r d k e,,.h ie f o, f ul, l re g u~ l ar xi / P( ; ,, ie e f,., a rib bo n s,. m ak ed, , v ery lilt,':
sheer qu.lityv. No. '' .. , ., , Tre ,ls,. Cotton Dress Goods Towels and Table Linens
1tty Values for Se No. 40. 2-,1' ribh o rs fu.r i:'!; f s e.., tu lles ' st,.,r iph 114,-11.1, 1,1, .1, , t,,. ýs, s/,. ni , 1 ,y
Pretty Styles in Pongee Silks Women's and children'x colored No. tio. :;lo* riblelas fflr I' ;eh'iiaire w inltings. if uo r a to nod iu idill l.hes. Ise, for I ' d,9 .h.
.0 krdered hnndkerehiefs; dulnty, No. No. M.e. ribbons for Ise : ,. ,laliti,, will "e h,.,. ,,, at T*, li,',. ,o in,. hln.h, ho
$1.00 pongee silks, with pret- Plain pongee silks- pretty patterns. I',ritan atlnl taffeam: I!v yard,. I1h. 1In11141h, soul, :,o. wla, for
tily embroidered polka dots, 19 inches wide at 45c 1O Values for se No. 40. : (k. rttibx, for I',,, sa, s it ..limisi in.. ,
make tup richly for spring and Women'x emlbroidered, huire-ed - No. (t. ;15,' ribbon for 2a, x ttIrn 11111t 1-rk hlohorin, I,,r lu. 01 1-h, i4ti,,., lln,|
summer waists. Sale )riot! 21 inches wide at 55c el, hemstitchet and es.allo I No. No. 4e riblxms for ."o,. ,,. , unlity fill. . I h. 1. h I "t " ' b.llh "ki,,
1 haldkerehiefs; full regular i . No. 100. S,)i. ribbons fur :."u, t. Insth'. TI,'l ,","I utily' $1.!.o
only 69c yard. 24 inches wide at 65c v ea lu rt Ne Wrist Bags .it, pis.es n,' htn n .... i- 'iw d...' , hI 4.l,;r,'ln ix It
11Vomnll'1 dantny anld lucei-eIged, .Virl ethu )l~. Ji/{'~, ~ llu wish "linh fluff ,h, and ,., ll'il.. h,.l,,,e t lry iJ, p nlu' i; phue i shl kllil
D ress G oods Snaps hundkerlhiefs; omale are het - hleo ,,) t hln er it , l in gray, twill il) l itl fu, 4ur1,k 01 in' L r , on' anu you will kanw
stitched, others with emeallopeal mI • _- n.. ln . . If ', m. ..e
A rich assortment of batistes, satin soliels, edges: nm)1ted use lned hkh noir.
i. et in a.. ,r are 1 choit 35c Values fre. 2.,,c H ousekeepers' W ants
.6 C coloring s. R eg ular 1I.00, $1.'15 111nd $ 1.50 W a ist B a g s Ne .. ll'o,, , .,,.,,. 'I w ris. . ,,.t b ,,,s:
values, going at 6c yard. Swell tylehs it Moilre silk hnil good s.ze; l,.e tlur,.e H.npurt- Thousands of Little Things Golnq for Next to Nothing
steal leather; eolor, gray, brow 1i, fliltnois; lung chain ",d lnl Ji i,.,
T h i r t y - fi v e p i e c e s o f t h e fi n e s t i n l xp r t e ll P r e ,n d I l a c k . r o l l . 'i:hl .s . 1 i t h ,~ic t '.. \ '1i c4 t o .a... • r ,\ n , .
pruneli, cloths, crystal crepe,, faconne an: Only .s, Bach Onlyi. for E,',h'.
other weaves, in a Vast assortment of desir- fell, . I.,.I,. O,,a purl .
able colorings. Values from $1.50 to $2.00 M o re S hoe T alk,:. i 1,1 ,, I r, : ,, 1,,.,.
Bverytlh ng I1 Shoes to Back It" I.o . , ' I J l, ,il, .... ,ý,,. 1111 ptile lht.
Fifteen pie e's stylish im ported W hen you visit our shoe department you will fild a busy secti n,) , I .'ir, r . e ...,..,,, p.l,,- ,",'I ,, .. .,,
I., I'',' dln uts po lI ,w l,h, .) ;',, .n 1 pawl,,, tn,,.t, h ,.o ,,.r for 5l..
Scotch mixtre's, '5s inches wide, often Ao crowded that It's difficult to give customers proiper atten- Lund ellll , , r so
better wearing and more stylish St 5 tion. The reason is plain-we are selling the world's hest shoes In ' al. . ""
tailor sfoeng th n e e1eo e o -f rt o e w o w n h m nd sh v a sn lr h n t e I .. ',,,1 i,..,,iu",,, ull .... 1,',1.. t/ l ý| ! kIlt!'. ;cn" 1 rIr..... I .....ky,* t:, i ll.
tiosutns than ever before of. for those who want them, and nu have baurgan aoewe
• fered at the price. Bought to sell saving of a dollar or two mea s much. ol'"i. " ' l..,
at $2.00, but on account of late de- $3.50 Women's Shoes Men's S2.oo Shoes
livery we mark them $1.25. Only $2.45 Pair Only 95c Pair , . . .
Visit Hennessy's Dressmaking Department any,,d o ..t wlt hl.r ,ho e". ,i,,, ... n,,rl, oe t'e blues
Have a talk with Mrs. Alden when anything is wanted for to lots. gale pri.e 5 pair. Sho.s wtih hoi,- ,aihd voles, Sid,, ih, Ip,
evening wear, receptions, dinners or any fashionable functions. oo o 1. Now only us, pair.
Tailor-made garments nre made with a decree of nicety never before 0Shoo Slppers 3sc . ,,, ., , . , ,. ,, ,
siomr>I eolonh, I slippers .t'
attained, and a stylish cut and satisfactory fit and finish are guar- paten '" e afukin, fc ll tonsis XV. .Men's brown figpr .d s 3 S her fil, ,.::.o. l .. .. fIr i,1..
anteed. heels, and all size" and widths. slippers, .izes 6 to 11, fromn Stew
Superb values. nlrLthlrus.' xtock, only :15e pair.*
$7 Shoes $3.811 $4.0o Shoes $a.9,5 r n v r o t
,,., ,,_.Spring Overcoats
P H a s leed style, rill Loris XV. M(elt, ,.ih.o ,,go,,. ,,',,Lk, ,.'nn' o,,, New Garments at Very Low Figures
str](tly'ail hand tnaork. All s17 x bIhlog enp tPeN. Si.txe 5 to II.
snd width". #,1. . . r,,.. o ,.% 111 . If.. Ie :.. . , . . .1 ..f spring v ru t. n.. vo.
In Millinery Dep't, Second Floor Oxfod Tis at$,*, Men . Oford .$ ies, p $,.9 llr(' sa;hory tr, med! and .tlonh , i- fo sl.'iny ay,)V,',.t nfo yel
Women's Oxford ties of Chicago (]ay.4) foi atll wenther(s',: t ,.hitce I,,t ,f garetrll'l| b(em'red( by omlr
O n S at ulrd ay w e received 2 5 very sw ell k id w a s tet us (1,1 aty . all J. te o M ad, o f r n g ,l k it ih fI ', b y r i e o k a h o t d a t gsOg r s e a s
pattern hats :from New York City, duplicates leathter heel., Sizx.x :: to 8. Ollnly wa,l. th-xible and nois,.iowt. Miz,,. we( b)olugh ai hig quli'tl|ify f'ori litlth mioll(y wt* hatve Ilviet the prices
of im ported pattern hats .ro ml Pa-ris, cost- $2..5 p air. :, o II, onlly 1.n3 Iai,'. smll l to clost tlh' I-t outt ,quiiv ly. S(ee w inhow ,li.,Ji .I
ing $40.00 to $75.00 each. We have marked ' Black Beaded Two Sra $11p~r I.S rn vrotsS rn vrot
thma 1.0 1.0 1.0ad$50 .Only $1,75 Pair Only $,.z5 Pair S16.OO to Sac.co Values Sao.to $3o.oo Values
each. .'d|.,, .' . 1z. ., *o Pa. ,nhhr $.o.., o Pa. Only $Io.75 Each Only SJ4.7 5 Each
S hildren's S un H ats , +.. .. . ,,, ,,,,...",, , .., .... " ... ,,, ,,, ,, , ,,,,,, ,,,,. ,,,,' ,,,,,.' .,,.,
M nde of fine inilan and r'ough str'aw " t. / / ' ,i,,, .,...,. ...... .. , ,,ai h.,. .in,, :::, t,,,a i,,J,.
braids, several very nobb)y styles in this ... 4 n.I ' './ .. ,,, n ,., :o - ,,, ,(,,.,.. ...". ,",> "" " "' o :""" <.'"
pretty assortment. * P~rices $1.50 to $,).00. , I7 /) . ..' .,..' ,,). i.( h ',,,h onil nho neili.-~,|i.,( i.x ., r
Shlldren's $1othing W omen's Garments j" " ..r' .." n,.. ,.;l( j.'., i.ll .'lf. rel',tJ ''ih Irih | .l.si ,'aV/ Jinl
B~oyls' fnd girl']' p}IIn' Nuti]s of phlain lJine white ]I.la n wl .S. ta~ of extras I . _ f" ..(h,)h,' luilk mil I .,' l e ,'P, r! t,')t. ing.' ,f i.tin; sizes i:1. :1I, 3,5, :s
b~lle anld b~le aild 'white hehtked iualit]y, with! two rows of embrlHo|h-.. - ' in.J.lo reatlel, hox ..t.,J, se, ued 'y fi nellJ;! )ty ,.II.7;5 e'; h.
d|eniml; ttizes 2 to 10 y'tars'. ?,e( Vii-l . pro, In]ll rtio l'| Oll (wn front, |to klc.. inobbyv iine'd Ithlroul'hil wil~l Jhtrlk Jbl'own ,.iPe.i. oveme.nt.4,
tie for .0,.(e ib c.k lind hlouse frolnt; wixes :):: to worst1ed)., seirge, ..1,.,.,e Uihlll o~f ..ingh.l ' 'ristte¢l, ..hort box styh,,
(," "s orn s u a rt ,'rsele (.lotho pre InK xu(/jl(:; i W icker Rockers (,,:' ;,{,.;", 'i,.' :: to) :,, insh,s. ..%ie sor.1"t,.d 1 s,,g n ,i m.K .
Boys' Norfolk sluitsi of nll wo ol ]long a~nd ishort kilnon nis, well mudl(J, $7,,00 B eds for $ 5 *7 5 Ji'" ..
chv t n lgtaniak ga : snd ni(ely thillshed; c.,lorts, pi)nk unldl W orth $8 for $6*7s ew IH.' s,hc si n h)l,,-h,','i,. d s,o i nlo-') , .i/..ilr..i( nor (,oalt
siZes 3 to U. Retgu|ar $1.:)0 mtlis for i]!'{1 )i. rc3 115t $.3,f o Ieds like cut, no m1o1re can srn ~ om ,ueim l!h. o 01s.aas no ,srf
,os two-ipleee school suit.; ,f ftr rle V) ~, e tin( i<hwlrtl in (,.. T[heneOrocker'sh]avoeJrol] seat he bought, so we closeB Grt theo ""ith xh,l\.C'f, |l)ll ." 11 .i/,?fl', sn. (I il Cl(,,.o IIien. n ry h~obbty
bhte melton; sizes 8 to 14 your. $i' . 00rte ,r$. f.Ii 8.1'1I roll 8nd fancy drop lille. Oe(I 8re whlite enta elaed t,, l,0. u t,$1.7,. styl.; sixe,. ,:4, :),., :), u,.! 40
$:1.50 ..it. for $1.05. " hlldren's Germents wi~t] 1 1-16-inch plJllnrs, 1 3-4- i,,,h,',.
Boys' heavy-weight, nll-wou)l \\'u hubhe dr'essvs f iper,,teh.hi weave backs. They are ])trge, $nhba: ae ixba]roe. So.oo to $3o.oo Coats I,.,.k unixtei twe,,d short single
schol autl; ire s t 1,'eir) grsX Ineran .lorolot- ura roo.;ad teiedylco for- '.oeaial .x well.wel adae
I$4,50 e°°value ~t.for sie$2.05, , 4 e,. run-sti. styles.i'" rnfflesl aiooverb .Sshouidirs,;,;I royaddcddycmot tes and fancy filling, lieul in 5 Only S14.75j Each wn lnini,,g of worst,,d serge
--Boys' long pants unitu, wortl fr'on i dhe skii'ts, deep |helln6 faillt c.)o1ors; able. 'rhen, $). 75 is an eagy f,,et and foot 4 feet |high. All Ih' vrtI heitutr.at., :]4 t v) : inng hf ntl; se
$7..50 to $10.00 for $.5.7,3. sl'(.. 4 to 14 year.l. $1.25 und $I.53 )I[0 to|fy () gg '.1 . o k r [O)o eD~ e t.5 I),l,.lne r,.tet d l, htli,.ltii u leroth, 34t :in chlo.blemo o ,otio
i oys' longf pant sii~ts, worthl fro'011 dretHste f0or 95e each,h.iet a fi oe.sss n pie 57.snl-raomeia tnt, snl-rutdbxcaso a
$115,0 to $10.50 for $9.75. Chhldren'st (oaltt of slikl pongee, linings.{ of rh.I, silk, sle,.ve |ininlgs co)vert, liningK. of flnes twilled allk,
@ h ld e',.tsni s r ,di s * -.s n s l d- > $ 2 5 C o u c h fo r $ 18 .g o" " " 'o .uo,,,,or li,,Ing. of a x at s; ise. : to
lIn all styles and qualitleS. Mtyles; colors, tan, r-.wI blh,e rest I ]|... .,(0O0O .l'&llO, B]] Stee] con- .r light tnn oovert, with fine Short, sin8gle-brena~ted box costs
a traw sullorl at 2,50, 35(., 50(,, 73o atd llnen .hades,, Pi')I(,. $5.o0, S$,,03 ' .oln hd Ogttit0j i ~ lnFu o 411 t 1 d auh
Boys' straw hats from 25e to $2.50. Children'egingham~ dresses In blule .-to give entire satlsfaction; ti t,, .:0 inch|e.* ilu(,I.vso. Olnly with file lik serge and satin
Girla' rou h braid .hip dress hate. and white g ~leekS, e0D!.r trimmed ColitRIDSJ (J tro0l slats firmly $1i.5 t'aeh, sleeve linings; alues 34 to 48
trmmeds .with, ve luetrbbola d wh ith narrowe]ae edtging;u .i/e3 1) ' binldilg the couch fires ,id to shle, 87 oil-tempered extra heavy e'io covert box (,o)nts, .herrt Fi .o black vicuna overooats,
O nly S 8,00 e ach. 250 each. coil sprin. g s, .e ch button i s firl'l y se curled w ith m etal ch am p. f.i" ,o t h, tw o ulul d a of l l, ni ng de-bt'oa site m edium vienfth, I
Cotu.h .. (J fert 2 inches long aln( '31 |nches wide, ulpholstered In .,.I stin|i hserve linnhgJ.; sizes 34 sleeve iinings, of satin; stzes as to .
Se14veral Splendid harelas In HNanessy's NatiOn iOp't extts heatvy velour, with 8 rows tufts. A snap at $18. 60. to 40 lin, hes, 40 inehes.

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