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110 West Park Avenue---Telephone No. 69-Advertising Rates Furnished on Application.
James W. Johnson Said to
Be Planning for Absolute
Control of Resort.
Belief Is General, However, That the
Summer Resort Will Pass from Pos
session of Mrs. Con Hayes and Be
Remodeled and Fixed Up in Better
Shape Than Ever Before.
fI'Fl IA l. Ilf l IN IIII N 1ti \ f tfA
A niacn. la, A' ii I t -. UT, ,ort, are rif- .
Trgarding cihange, to lie made at I;rft
s.al Spliriings,. ii % tiiiiier rt"c'it lietwiit r
Anancl.da ;Il Iltitte.
For a long time past ltre hi I, bein 1 ilk
of the place chanigiing hands, aitd Ir(
fluently duiriing the last mnitith Itii.itr ts
have guille out to the fledt that loc.1l 11li t
were to secutre the rev it.
It was tiithiritativ'ly statedl y'tald..y
that James WV. J.hnini of Anac.,inil, .,,v
piroprirtor o if the I T '.t l ichai ,. is t.
take over the place nall w ill illll di.iti.ly
put inll icnisideralle olirn y in ii.ikiiig of it
one of thei finet rt.e tts tI ,ii i(illllu in
ti:e Nourtharst.
To Lease or Sell.
extiitrisi of tilhe etate of the late 1,(n
)layce. has ,hrctl h, to ,ithr h,,. ,,r aell
oiutiiglit thie iiu t -t i i I ii ti. liI iln the
tpririgiu resort.
*printgI hal. liven att .i ptill andl hti.illy
fell toIII th.e ground dittn g te-l f it s ,,t It
'heI efforts of (liids of the Ii iv
estate, h ..wei r, hat . 1 h a llt i .lV .I i ul in
a iIiCavtr(', for thly lhate tlw iriuight
botlt the dhe',rmit(,fin, i,, ll iht parti uf
imoneyd turnl i tike ,a er tilt r,'o.rt ialn
to Inake of it ia first-clav t'a lishnl t.lt.
\lhen i.vlr Ih.. uno .n, i ,sii rigardig·
lle rumor th t lie h.aI Lk.ti c.er thu
Irig-, Sprinutg r.not. h,~1 -idl Ithe hi.rt,
rrl ti d,t . .as nit t.rie.
Would Not Talk.
Further tll .l thill : . M r. thl ;.,,n c ,oult
act talk rig;,ueliug liht att iir. It is :fill
the di al lhas lii h Ill i t11ttiitly t-l ' at
this. time. ;ui l in c.n,',ltncl' the parthit
t," th e ItI ll ntt, ,, 1 it. ii i . u , pulm , ity
giuru to th ir plnis. i.r \till they di-i is
the prt hLility ita iiih a transfeir. ,
1r. ,ho. to . it i- vi hi iriI biy th.-,' vti
lnow I i,, l u, till to, e a s( , lr+ n l . 1r . 1.- imh+
theill' n;. ." t xnu ,,1 " 1 ,t h u ans S., rin . eI,
Il i. i-, it .\ a., I i m:a at i n I, , i,,
c, la. t, l i i .,i ,t l i ly .lu l h isiu, ~ Ill,.
snutie, ,l ,I0 h1,1N n,.unnr ,of citilai tu' t
the t -t! ' Ii,-h ,t I h I..1 , l,- iPh lnitHIP rat' lc
fiit I,- I r hint .h . I, , hti. Ill .i vuiiilar
I. l %I r t Ji i I . I it 'l t 1111Y\'.
in .,,i u dan l , .\ p ri .., .\ 1i -,, , .i1i 1 . n ; , to
t' r .,i ,tatls .,( tlr o,-c ,f , hI .I |mI phy ý,.
N.,.it, I'. I..'.li o'o,,d I:, - ibeen e.i-cd in the
1,11 thl e I aleatg. la tO)1; a by tll rallrlry nIti e
in tir <'11s11.t t c~urt 11 11i . ;ayi la t, to thel
"lh0- 1.,1-t' t, :nmg , n regul.at )" fr I'atrins.
1t., cnterI|PnT f.,,]t d t, ,11,1 ,.o " the rinI 1,11,'l,1
or biy iuntill. 'ihe ,,de'r of thlie tourt that
contestt'ant anecd hit. 1~aind o etas not c4,I1"
,1- w1it. h, I hereupln t 1~4,1 n tt to tke
we . "n.ta.ned and the v n 1 1111~n11 d11"u l ftor
1th . II.U , I ,1,t ,:it i111 -.u, I ll -It, for .lii 1t IfI
i, 1 1~ l l l." ,
1111 MI ,pil,) a"a a vc nt ,tnt f1,r the tffive
h111. . 1t: rnt o111 f th1111' ,11 :11, J11IIn 1.,I 3I,, 'ed 4,,L
"l ll4, . Ih :I, ,,ll. 1 nI hl 11h," I " 1 1' \ , Lit,
Ed vftdDtif uan-tI and Hisa Wife Goit to
i I .. t I.. L, n t le , in h11:' . 1 u ,rI n t
t1 1 < u. 1,1 1 1,'., 11 , I I 11.11 co l re ~f
itto t.- il ·w.. i
.\1,r11 .". h,.IIt hyv - 1 1:1 I. . ll 1; 1.1y,' ad Jhti., l
Ed.vard Danforth and His Wife Going to
St. Joceph, Mo.
, 1 , II ills I , 1 11 %i l t-1 I\ 1t. .
w trl l i-ti, l bth till l..n S this atlte.rn..f n
fir `r itr .. h. 71 i)., lh rt .. ti. wiill At
,i - i 1 '11 8. tu tr
MI'. lht ootth ha.f hn for many )vary
the 1 ,.i:htel l'ro,- operator ill this city,
li t . Ih . t - iti r iftiftihil a l i h irthI-e o irking
. llt Mr III. e n p-ilu y, :ll1 nllloI w hiv Ir)
ln ul l , , tt1 pl 'va e in 1ol1ii is but
in o thr if li.t, , , the 6i h 1att' of u ll .fit-i l
1ir, lo ...di:iih ha icso l 11. 1 olrisl ' ar an
tui , r H iir g th- .- orth.t\.1. As a ill l l h.
i. all 1'111 t .i hr desired, hn nce hi iond
hi, v. ail' u I lagngrtlyr ist to a regrfttd .x
ctrinllyt ile thIo. whon kinow them Il
A. Il) T. te.,i. er- p:ut npt, reliable,
jIfI women ob.e- e I"I. PatI tc-,ll at lhe Inter
o1 ulrnoon (nd arrn'rd o.t a ralw- juon to what
orih hou e ordr. .rev. \\Enlt l',r k avie lnan. At.
tofele ani rel.. Iailr, lr
\lIsa taltie ldsanm laf r.turnld iownl her
.1a1r Lakd prli.it i. n f ., l
rs I. I. e. at i r 1i.ld in here it i" intr
.re J. J i. 1'ruh, hu '. h1 bW r n quite ill, is
tlwly rec ovri1g,
or litle, chsap )ne 6 foot aInd lone ll8-foot
plate top display caste, n le t hufflc hoard, one
plin p olg ta'bIe, ,.nr!.h.. gasoline tngilne. L.
'riu IIa the l'not Flnily thea.ter lasntmght.
The women uof the St. Paul pari .h met 11 .is
fternoon and ar fr a r'ception to be
parish home of Rev. Father -opman,
yesterday afternoon at St. Ann's ho pital
Tbomas O'Brien, recently relaused from
o . , sms W. I. Webb, Fred Jer.nsen,
dkII. mitsh, . C. Willidama, Jack -togtin
verrland nlub alilltl erorac of
Board of Education Fails to Secure Necessary C h
So Children Take Their Books and Go Home.
I.Pl. IAl. I0 fiIF, I:I.III NOL ',TAI,..
Anacon.wla, April z2.---Anaconda's ptulhlic
Mchai.nll will have to clohe.
Everything that lies within the power of
the present board of clueltiln has Ibenl
limne, but withrtaut itcceq..
A lpreldiicted ill the lIter M~ountlaiit sev
trall da)s ago,, the siltutin Ihas Iecome
crtitit;al so, far ;as the hchools of the city
i J. prant W. Dle Super wintendes nt.hl,
ierk eket of the bhnil.
J. W. Dale Superintendent.
.'ankI friom dal ,dling that the respinier
,I the parents to tlv relac.t for ,sui
seplilon iWs rre tint ,.tislactoray alnd that
s. hlul iannit close.. tltn bordI rltatl J. VW.
a ) ie nperintat CaC la.rl t of cý thool and lde
,lohI,I to, rIescind tilhe at liii at the oICi ardl
whits, wa, taken at .It t'it la..t meeting re
oadtlig file ch tl.'t ui James Ioc ralici as.
It ik.
Ihe Iard by a vite of I to madle that
f tl ii,,i , i, i then aint iatl;il I el'ct.i l \'.
S. I ualCter .14 a.rk,
th ,rsc. lKellv andl \'eill. inrmlrs if the
,il haird, reridal to take part iii that
aaicani , ..cci g they dill nla t i i all.ve tche
ui tii regarding tihe thlectiot of C(.hlrani
ta idal he ti e- ludieal.
I(;.ia ll, :tl1n a11d, Sullivan v ttila ed for
I uti er, u l i he w- d .eclarrc tIh daily
, lcidl clerk of ithe hoard.
I ruster Stltlival uacl"e a plcea to have
tO high slchool kapt oplen laong t'tnaigll to
allow, tilhe plt ilt s to grad tlte. Ilie said
ilaty ha.l set their hearts upon finishing
lthe term and securing their diplmncas. asn
litany of thiem wish to go to ',llege atidl
tinlivrrsities next term. If tlhey lio tnot get
thlir diplomasa they will not at' able to do
.-c. Mr. Sillhnin mad;e a nme tight to
krp theil high chiool opnt. but citis .,ttd
ar. (',athr.m, dechlined to de'lit.r up the
S.a or Iooka of the Ice l taaisan.ig he hadl
bee'n July al tl ctled .all he did not a.t this
tilamea aro~e tic le iiiaoal ualie terce-l hrctscc
S , i. i 'i i 1 l 0 1 ri i I . I I N i i gl \ ' 1 1 1 .
. tall~t" y1,. hII ll i. its 1111t , 111 ;It llIe
; 1I ll l ctin. a a1 g tr.l a llllf tllettllll
. ii . l u, e w h1 *i, h i v c i, ,I t o t r tu ll i o r
l.ieI 1 ti1 ,'o Ii.,4 rr . I h i C n tisle Il, iurpa al
h11: a th l) of t ,i ul 1 l t 4,11 ..lth ill Illis
I itI f itr , r , n1, i a, tie:t;lll ly sil arill'
le ,ehl d 411 ,,%. o1 "f at a airy 1,,w price.
"lihi .o ca.ut re llrl. lli s .,l wH 1l. rec.lin
inK Ihatk,, ;1t11, 11 mobil cushions, patent
hlt .k. t o .., et n a il tare litt tle nutie. Thei
l,,lth liuggit are tricitly up to -date :rid
hlt ,l t out in t.. ry 11.1) In the lllullounds e'
I h 'o art.mr l l , Im,,I-s are (f the
fLmou, lhe)ywood n.lke.. hl .ir lhtanl i.,
k.ni,. l to '% lry m lilth .r I it o hat ll d
her loffspring al id is h ir land to mly lw
pl:,tir at filIer ie who aI tt ihd lup a ihill
itllh l hIt a r pound tItI h fore lie tclt.,ia ht
him rc f . l, i( it. lh aten.le id Iaty r . li
mtajhr .ttentin aintt alutiaia i thare Spaing
l tltll it lttil ti ~ll t liee| tii ; tlll i l r iitgl
r,i, i%1. ll e 1 I Il t 3,110 1, NI.i,,,1 .
ilrealt Falls April r..-( Fen. Ii. I:.
\\Landjoln, '. A. .\., who was stricki., with
laralysis Monday night, is lyinlg very low
there at the rColutiha hoipital.
NSubo hop i etutertained for hi ultimatcco.
recovery. lie i. bheing attended by l)r. S.
I. Adams, Nn ex-army oii icer, who was
major of the FIirst .luntana in the Span
ish-. merican war.
'It he Spanisih war veteranit of this city,
heade;Id y iaptlaiLn harls E. Frank, will
tgo to ltinte in a body toi meet Pre.ident
<o.et vtit My i7. when hll i lt illpen tihe
r.ltate ene' onslln. i cnt of helrilt e lord r with a
, minutet talk. The (;r.teat talls body
claim toll hlave r eceived assuraneslllI froml
Secreta ry Lh tIhtt lite, t r tae aa l totft as
e-icrt to the i ire tidttit.
Ltt Iuradiird wit Ientencecd to lerve
lthr .ee years and a half in the Im illc to
,laiy for the lt'uglalryt of the JtProgressn.
retaurallnt here oni i iury . lit tl c
ctmlittye, F. A. liiltlor e, ftas given a
>lcar tal.entence ).ter.y. tradford claln
Substitutes for Tobacco.
t" lwelh 'n . , in- . ,.e t Ilr it h ,nce it i.. ' conec
aell ill thoultllat tlt world, hli:, lrl dei -
noAccd in to thy ilt .lhh of the .opire
-,i,'. tih Ntw Yl'++'k 'lhtllne. 'there ite ..r
iif St. Beriur, it etir , loutt dog savile ulb
,i:Dice to butr ailld fill away. Thomas It. Uill
of fliitiiim rv, iho 1 a )oil a1hi lib t toiacco,
tIuh of a few :ibtl iitutis at the 1Manhattan rc
"man y av m trange are tievery ti btance
othunr tl.n. t la . ai,,l d , y t s hiian
race, ' ht rcmtarkt d. "14huiJorh, l et ani, iage
I aiq are smolit d it "m :li l inm 'rs in the
south with little had re, llts; blit some of the
'poor white tralh' hi be Lrn knl+wn to limnk
the baist s of tomato and plltao pl anth. "lhe
rtiult of thi, i, terri ic. Stupor and cxliiaus
lion fllow. it the habit is persistrd in inian.
i aIy i'its-l,. In Jamiitca 'gunjh,' a ,p , .im
uf htun . is ",oktd by all hla+ss , \Vhile
tuld r its intlli ite all sense of timle, mmndl and
di+ihlite ilanishis. 'ataleptic fit l x11 l , ob icri.
,il mania are tih it.ult of Ithii. s1oke. In
i. itzx erland itJta i of iile t iilli is a ed. It is
miaki, the lic'li ii \wrcck. Colt's foot tobacco
is,.ir in otui "try place, in E:ngland by rue
ties. T'his is powderier leaves; of a plant that
anr iw in chalky sitl. It i saiil tu be g oud for
"'Th'e .1All'ln Indian smokes a pipe of
shan'i "s n'.a lltu l wilh red pepper and likes
it. 'lIhe American nflians use dried holly
to hacco' is 1 he le |f of the obeia p nla 'In.uen
tral American Indiansl make a smoke out of
dried pimento berries ori allspice. They suffer
terribly fronm sore throat thereafter. South
African blacks used dried camphor leaves,
which rends their nervous system into atomn
In the Blahamas cascarillu bark is the substi
tute for tobacco,
According to the monks of the hospice
of St. Bernard, their famous dogs save on
an average of jo lives every year ou the
a certain faction had opposed his sle(.
There promises to be a fight In;.i.
courts over the affair.
Mr. Custer, newly elected clerk, is I&.w
in the employ of the MacCullum & (.Clo
tier Mercantile company. He has hey v
Anaconda several years and is welt i.l
favorably known. 1.
Mr. l'uster was a candidate for the clerk
ship previous to the recent election, ail
when the present school board was cot.,
piosed his friends thought he had a cm, It
on the place.
They were greatly put out because it
the election of Mr. Cochran and as a ,i
suit of their opp sition Mr. Ilynt, truaste
elect. who had seconde.d the nominatie,
of Mr. C'ochran at the previous meeting
and had cast the sote which had elect, I
h111 to the place. changed his mind a, I
his vote and entered into the propositil,
to rescind the ac'tion of the board.
Ask for Delay.
\\hen the selection of a superintends: i
came uip .Messrs. Kelly anid Nell askIl
that the matter hie defcrred until anoth* r
Tlhe newly elected trustees, however. it,
tidlc, to elect at that meeting and wihhoht
further ceremony.
Mr. Dale was selected. lie receiv 1
three votes as against a for Prof Koon.t.
the presenlt incumIbent of the offce.
Superintendent Koontz reported th.ot
subscriptions to the school fund were malte
by various plarents to the amount of $rm"'.
as follouws: Iincoln school. $56o.5o; C(t.
tral, $S.15.t: rescitt school, $a81.95 al
ltryan school. $i,5u.5o.
At this time the board decided that t,:
schouls must close andi in consequent
Superinttendent h.luntse was instructed to
lnotify thte teachers that the schools mtut
ihe closed today.
This morning the children carried thi ir
c-.lhtol Ihooks home and stored them aw..a
for a ling siege of idleness.
It has Ibeen rt.pnrted that Prof. .ean\.
principal of the hlutte Iligh School. was .t
catdulate for the oithee of superintendent.
The inter .Mountain has the best authority
for declaring this relput is absolutcl)
w ithoutt fotulnatin.
SI''l IAt. TO rl t": IN.TY . t tOr'.rTAIN.
Anaconda, April Js.-John lDo and
Richard Roe were arrested for figr',ngo
this morning. They were engaged ;a
mix-up on East Commlercial street wilnll
Ipli lehended.
\\'hen arraigned at the city jail they
recftused to give their real names. Both
are evidently workmen. Neither were it -
toxicated. They will lie tried in poli'
court tuitmorrow.
1 .11 . I I I I II I %llit I | %tIINTAI N,
Anaconda. April -. -The Cahoon ca,.
is still on in the di.triit court. It will
Iprbiably go to the jury late this after
noon. Evidence for both siles had a;il
Ieni subntlittld this ntiuriting and argut
musets were btegtn.
St'I'tIAL TO ''IIIE I1iT:aR aOt' TAI N.
l.ivingston. April Ja.-The 3-year-o'.;
chihl of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spangle,.
living on Fleischman creek near here
found a bowl of washing ammonia whit i
she could reach while her parents were on'
yeterdtl:y and took a good mouthful of thle
IHer mouth was horribly hulrned and sit
was almost suffocated when found. )r.
Pampel was sumtmonted and after a haril
fight, surceded in bringilng the baby to.
Shte will live.
Jose lh lilenz, a miner at fore, w;
lined $ t in and costs in the district cool
here this morning for killing elk out ii
lie s ati. unale to pay and will serve t
out inl tl,e county jail.
('hic;go, Apiril a-..--Three judgment
aggregatinl $,00oo,00o,, in favor of the
';uaranty Irust company of New York.
were entered against the Union 'I'raction~
company, the North Chicago Street Rail
Say company and the \e st Chicago Stret
Railway company in the United Statr,
court todlay.
Army Officer Kills Himself.
tB ASOt' I iEl PNISs,.
Mltnila. April ..-IL.ieut, Col. IlHenry W
S;prle, of the First Cavalry, shot :nmsell
il the head with a revolver at "alai, proc
ihue of Batuangas todlay, and Iliai hinuin
dtately afterwards. Ilis brohther officer
say hie was temporarily insane, 11e was
a nli,inted to the mil:tary academy fro.,t
New York in i(6S.
If you are going East this summer why not
see halt Lake City and Denver lid the elelglant
scetnery through (Colorado alonli tile lines ol
the Rio G(rande system?
You can't beat it for excellent service and
good accommodations. Only one change ot
carl between Butte and Chicago and St. Louis.
Write for rates and I copy of '\Vith N iturn in
Colorado. GW. F ITG;IERIALD,
General Agent, lutte, Moatana.
W\'hen feeding, the stride of an o, ti, !
Is frotm so to ia inches; when ws'iHt-tu
but not feeding, a6 inches, and wh '.
riflied 1 Y to 14 feet, or at the rate
bhout as miles an hour.
Anaconda, April a.-A meeting of citizens,
called to consider the representation of this
community at the festivities in Butte when
)'resident Roosevelt visits that camp, Maly a7,
was held last night at thie city hall.
Mayor Stephern was voted into the chair
and ('Cunty Commissioner Martin was made
A conmmittee of ts2 citizens, to he named by
the mayor, was authorized, on motion of John
W. James. This body shall appoint sublcom,
inilttees to arrange for transportation, select
Lsitalle bhdges and a souvenir for the presi.
Itir, sld see to tile proper financing of the
rlel.hrati ,n.
lThis nlster committee was nalmed by
,Mlv.'r Strshens as fullows:
II. W. Stlephenl J. C. rngliwh, o. Stgg,
It. t. WViitehill. i'. O'Leary, 1 T. Wiliam.
J. II. trin . C. Keppler, john .I. Madden,
IV. It. Webb, William Kelliler, J. lI. i)urton
\Velling Napton. Harry Denny, John W.
Irinke, 1'. F. Ic..nery, Frank Wall, F. E.
Murc, John, Ilickey, T. C. I)avidsln, J. B.
(;.u,,Se..1. Martin, M. . (;reenwood, 3. E.
ltordlan, Jolln IV. lame., Phil Greenan, Alex.
allldr liasat, Dick Campbell, Joseph llracken,
I1. It. Walker. , C. . Sparrow, W. UI. Rogers,
nII. Nel Wiinr. . gc b . A. Dunlap,
Ja.es, MeI;reor, IM. Ilammerslough, I)r.
i.uinn, Milton cHIuncer, J. 3. Johnson, lugh
IDaly. teorge Harish. M. N.1. Mogue, Mitt
l'li'ich, ,N. dell. Smith, T. 1. Stewart, John
II. Pu'olan, J. R. Boarman, J. II. )uff., J. J"
lc('iffery, William Kelly, Charles Carrihcr, T.
. I:lertingi, F. alcuhson, Joseph Lepke, L,,ud
nig Adler, W. C. G(uteliusi, Charles French
(;. S. E. Wiener, J. A. Schroeder, W. W.
Illarter, l. It. Ilendricks. ID n Roach, Thomas
F. Murphy. ('on Mcllug.h, 3. II. Schwend, L.
i.. Iteaudry. If. A. C.yne A. Short, iM. iM.
I.rahy, F. W. Peckover, . A. A.Dragtedt, C.
lmi•lti, J. seph McDonald, Charles I. Neal,
Iobert S.'lmidt, Kn. Standiford, 0. C. Vo.s,
I ,nathan Sewell, F. .1. Colvin, Thomas Col.
pinus. J . Irwin, M. S. .ean, Joln Forrest,
Jlhn I'reston, Frank Btertsch, I. G. Smith,
\Villimn llaltelholl, Dr. J F. Spelman, Alex.
trnder Itrnett, William WaIt.h, C. II. Wit.
liclml, 1). D. bconald, P. . Maloney .. De.
vine, I). Kaufman, R. .. Crci,, ;G. . Win.
ston. Patrick MccGee, W. Il. dley. C. S.
.Smith. ..i J. York. Thomas Voile . 1. T. Tem
plelon, T. J. Kicrlin, John Lawer, I)r. T. J.
Mckenzie. lalrry Nell, Thomas (;uodhy, L.ouis
t'.pinun, J. . tGss, A. T. Mcl.ean, ). 11.
hMacmillan, I). lrolin, Angus McDooald. J.
II. (;.ooe. Knot Knutson, W. II. Mahoney,
Gtus It. Intligll-, . A. .Tultlt .
Thou.sanl, of Antaconlda residents will go to
llutte to see the presidcnt.
Miss Mary Devine and Thomas Brennan
Are Made One.
Anaconda, April 21.-This afternoon at
St. Peter's Catholic church Rev. Father
I'irnat united inl marriage Miss Mary De
vine of Anaconda and T4iomas Brennan of
Miss I)Devine is a well-known young
woman of the city, with innumerable
friendts, who wish her all possible success
in her matrimonial career.
Mr. Ilrennan has many friends In this
city as well as in Hutte where he now re
Uncle Sam Wants a Carrier and Will
Receive All Applicants May 6.
XI'I('IAt. I4lO 111t INTER aOI'N'TAI'.
.lncontlda. April :..-A ciil service exam
in.ullin .,r clerk adl carrier in the p.stoflice
it t, hs1 ahi here .lMay 6. and all eligibles be.
twct.n th l ages of 1it anIl 45 yeari are invited
t, co impelte.
\\ h:Ie the .alary is small ,till lthe position is
fI.r hfe. under Proler Il.behamior, and there are
ti.y chlianes of nldvancemr.nt. 'The examina
tln .till be in spl ellinr. arlthllletic. lItter - rita
inK, penmanship. copying from plain copy,
I 'itll .'tates geogralphy asol reading ad
I tlails may he obtainied at the local post.
Portlandl. Ore., April Z2. Speaking of the
alcrged peculations of United States army
fflicers in Alaska. (nt. lFrelderick I:tnston,
tmmntandlrr of the Department of tihe Colutm
Lig. said:
"There are hut two officers r.gainet wrhom
charges have been preferred, a;rd neitlhcr is
now serving in Alaska."
(;eneral Funston says the intimation in the
dii.patches from W\ashington that a ccnspliracy
inuvlvitg a large number of army olficers in
.Alaska existed, is incorrect.
'The trial will take place at Fort Davis, Cape
sumie, July iI.
At that time a court-martial hIard probably
s ill be taken up oni a titvernllenlt stem;lr.
Gencral Funstonl will leave here about the
middle of June on an ilspection tour of \Alas.
Lill pu.sts.
Roman City Government Now Willing to
Build Railways Alongside Forum.
Italy is tired of a gloricous death Iler
sos boast of G(aribatli and iMarconi, not
of Raphael and Julius ta esar. Vcnetrtats
may well shrug their shoulders wIten for
eigners complain of steamboats in the
;rand canal. They are not the grievers
swhen the Campanile ails. The papers atci(i
statesmen exhort the people to imitate
more powerful nations, ano abandon their
idle, pleasure loving spirit, their love of
pageantry, idleness Ald fireworks, their in
ditTerence to education, to sound p)olitic
and finance.
The Roman city governumett is now will
inig to construct railways alnrgside the
Forum. The old is itixed up with the
new, industry with art, energy with decay,
'Ihere is a telephone at the spot where St.
Peter is supposed to have been crucified.
I saw the king of Italy in ait automobile by
the ruins in wlich Christian girls were
gired by bulls. His four attendant guards
rildce bicycles. Tratms and 'buses start fromt
the square in which are Nero's bones
where L.uther knelt, before his great re
slIt,. by the gates through which an end
It ss line of shadows pass from guilty Mac
tbth, doing penance, to so many popes and
emperors. The greatest of churches is now
ligh'ted by electricity as well as by Michel
antgelo's dome and the same new lumi
nary is turned upon the dying gladiator.
The Roman glories in his modern sta
tions, and ugly civil buildin-s, and cares
little for Cicero or Brutus, for the Renais
sance or the antique world.
Underneath a statue of Garibaldi, on
one of the Roman t.ills, are groups of
figures, allegories, in which Europe pre
sides over history and art, America over
trade and industry.-Norman Hapgood, in
The Real Thing.
Having endured many banquet dishe,
,le president is now rewarding himserl
:.ith the real food of the camps.
She Copper City
Go-Carts and Baby Buggies
We are agents for the Neywood Go-Carts and
Baby Bugglies and every lady in Anaconda knows
they make the best at the lowest prices.
No. 364 Go.eart NO. 363 Go*eart
Reclining back, automobile cushion Just like cut, for $ao.oo. It has re
tires, patent brake, with scalloped edge. clining back, upholstered in Bedford
Parsol just like cut, for.............. Cord Tapestry, patent foot brake, auto
mobile cushion tires. All complete for..
$1.1TS This is a Bargain. 520.00
No. 368 Go-eart No. 375 [email protected]
Cane seat and back, furnished in This is a beauty. It has automobile
green, oriental striped tapestry for up. cushion tires and is upholstered in
holstering; automobile cushion tires. Corduroy, has Heywood patent brake
All complete with parasol. Like cut, and a ueautiful parasol. Like cut.
for ................................ Our special price is.............
5$2.50 $25.00
We also have about twenty Baby Buggies that
were left over from last year. We have marked them
One-Third Off the Regular Price. They are all
in good shape.
.he Copper City
Iverything the Best
We Are Opening the Season in
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Soda
In our remodeled establish'
ment. We have the finest line
GIORRS to be had in the
state. A trial will mean to us
the assurance of your conm
tinued patronage.
The Bowling
On the floor Below have been re
fitted with the finest equipment.
No. 201 E. Park, Anaconda
IDillon, April 2r.--Frank hMcFadden, a well.
known young stuckman of the Twin Bridges
district, and Miru Nellie Itluck were married
here today at the home of the bride's mnother,
on Railroad avenue, Rev. R. I'. Martin of the
P're.byterian church, oficiating. They will
make their home in Twin lridges.
Nine mortgages were released in the office of
the cotiunty clerk today. This is an indication
of the prosperity of the county.
Independence No. t, a lead situated near
the famous tohldstone mine, near the Montana
Idaho line in Montana, wai sold today by J.
Batchelder to Milton Sear, of Salmon City,
Idaho, for $aSo. -
George 1. Jlughes. the well-known mer
chant today let a conltruct for a $ aoo restl.
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Ry. Co.
Passenger Time Table--March i, 19o3.
Local Leave Arrive local Leave Arrive
Trains. Butto. Anaconda. Trains. Anacolda. litae.
No. 3--li., A. & P.... :ao p. m. a:3 p. in. No. 4--., A. & P.... :a :. a. at. la:Jo p. ail.
,o. -.., A.A. & P.... 4:30 p. n. 3:43 P. m. N~o. --., A. & 1'.... P :. p. . 4:13 P. m.
o. a . & P.... :4sop m. a:4 a. m No. 8-B., A. & L'.... 6:3o . m. :5p. m.
o ma connection wih orthern Pcifc railwa)p estbound traint s Durant leave
Anaconda at n:ao a. m., :ao r. m. and 6:sf p. am.
To make connection with Northern l'aclhc railway .aasthound trainsi at llttre leave Ana.
conda at 1 :.o a. mn. and 6:3 p., m.
To make connection with Oregon Short Line railroad at Sllvcr Bow leave Anaconda
at .tao p. m.
Tieketa on srae at clty ticket office (Great Nurthlrn Railway), Nu. 41 North Main itroeel
and at pasasoger station, Butte, Aaecoada & Pkcllie Mtilway.
The Daly Bank and Trust
Company of Anaoonda
Anaconda, Montana.
General banking in all branches. Sell
exchanges on New York, Chicago, St.
Paul, Omaha, San Francisco. etc., and
draw direct on the principal citics of
England, France, Ireland, Germany ;.an
the Orient. Deposits on $i.oo and
upw ard received.
National City bhank, New York: First
National bank, Chicago; First National
bank, St. Paul; Omaha National bank,
Omaha; Bank of California, San Fran
John R. Toole, president; Mh. R.
Greenwood, vice president: L.ouis V.
Bennett, cashier; F. C. Norbeck, as
sistant cashier.
Money Won Is
Money Earned
A safe play or a. good bet
can always be made by the wire.
They're Beating Us Hard
Why can't you do it as well?
Turf Exchange Pool Rooms
Bar and Club Rooms in Connection.
Main Street, Anaconda.
You're Right at
In the Leading Restaurant in Ana.
conda, because our Treatment is most
Courteous and our table the Finest. If
you want good food, prepared to suit
your taste, call at
Ihe Success
East Park St. Anaconda.
dcluc on Railroad avcnue, wllich he is to
occupy hIitnlf. Finltn & Cove of Butte are
the architects.
A rancher named 'ionm Lnrson brought il
nine coyotes which he had killed back in thu

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