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Men Who Represent the Chootaws Form
Company to Ask Government to
Assist Copper Colored Folk.
lint Springs, Ark., April 30.-Flormer
State Senator Melvilcle E. Shaw of W'apa
koncta, 0.. stopped off here to put his aged
lather-in-law. Mr. Bautach, also of Wi ,.
koneta, under treatn -t'. I.. ,*eftei rlicuma
Mr. .liaw went on to the Indian terri
tory to carry out a colossal land deal,
which will no doubt net him and his
partner, Colonel Owens, of the territory,
a barrel of coin.
Mr. Shaw and Colonel Owens have or
ganized themselves into a company to rep
resent the Mississippi Choctaw Indians in
their allotment of lands in the Indian Ter
Colonel Owens has spent more than a
lifetine among the civilized tribes, and
was superintendent of the schools for the
"live civilized tribes" a number of years.
The Legal Counsel.
lie has been the legal counsel for the
Choctaws in the territory for many years,
andi disbursed the government appropria
tinn to them, giving bond in the sum of
$ t.onono.
There are t,oon,ooo ares of fertile
lands in the cotton and coal belt, cm
braced in an area of zoo miles long by mao
wide." said Mr. Shaw.
" here are 3.,oo Choctaws residing in
the state of Mississippi. The great body
of the trihbes was transferred by the
overnmient from Mississippi, their original
hotnme. to the Indian territory long before
the civil war, and the 3,oo0 now in that
state are the descendants of those who
remained in that state, the larger number
of whom are now about Meridian, though
they arc scattered in various other lo
"They are all entitled to the same al
lotment as those who are descendants of
thnose originally taken into the Indian
Each Gete a Farm.
"(Of the 3,.ooo in Mississippi we repre
sent a,ooo, every man, woman and child of
whom is entitled to 32o acres of the lands
in the Indian territory as rich as ever the
crow flew over. That will give those we
represent 640,00o0 acres.
"We will look after their allontments
and sales and be their legal adlvisers and
representatives in all business transac
"All their lands have been carefully sur
veyed by the government in 4,0 acre lots
anI mapped out a+ perfectly as anything
•in the Upited States.
"These lands have hcen assessed by the
governmentc, none of tlhemt at tmore than
$6 per acre, and yet just across the Red
river in Texas identically the sane kinil
of lands are selling at front $4. to $6o
per acre. They are choice cotton lands,
and produce almost everything.
"Under the provisions of the act of
congress allotting these lands in the In
dian territory to the Mississippi (Choctaws
the) are requttired to remove to the lands
for occupation within six months, but sonice
of them refuse to go, it being against their
tradition to leave the ancient stamping
grounds of their tribe.
Files Suit.
"('oloinel Owens andl my.self have filed a
suit before the United States eonrt ait
Ww.thintgton to prrmit those who declitne
to leave piermissison to stay in their happy
Mississippi homes and i, lease. sill or
otherwise dispose of their possc.ssins in
the territory.
"It is a fine point of constitiutional law,
it being hell on the one hand that the
governm1ent has ino more right to remtove
themt to other la.nds than it ha:s to comtplel
a white heir to go to lands inheritedl from
his ancestor, while on the oilither h'atil it is
contended t lhat there have lttLen deIsiinns
to the cliect that inasmuthl as the govern
sment has the control and tnaintetnante of
the Indians in its charge it hias a right to
plirce them wherever congress d'eclare..
"We have only a short time to get the
suit through. 'IThe land of milk and honey
portrayed to them or awaiting theni in the
territory appears to have mt temptation to
quite a number of those in Missisasippi, andI
they would rather lose their allotment than
leave the lands they have inherited from
the centuries."
New Yorker Who Submitted to Operation
Continues to Improve.
New York, April 3o.-Henry II. Rgers,
who submitted to an operation for ap
pendicitis recently, is making excellent
progress toward a complete recovery.
Elvery day since the-operation he has
shown a steady improvement and never
has his condition ceased to be better than
on the preceding day.
Mr. Rogers is blessed with a rugged
constitution and a fine physique, and this
contributes not a little to the excellent
progress he is making.
his physicians announce that he will be
able to sit up before the end of the week.
Need More Money.
Missoula, April 30o.-A special election
to determine whether the district shall
be bonded for an additional $So,ooo has
been called by the trustees of the Missoula
school district. The enlargement of the
Whittler school calls for the additional
outlay of money.
Sues for Mining Claim.
Homer Rumans and others have sued
Phoebe McGafferty et al. to recover a
portion of the Ella lode claim. The de
fendants reside on the property.
Bomb Is Exploded.
Salonica, European Turkey, April 3o.
A Ibm4h was exploded at the railwas
unction ne. hbare, but no one was in
Union Railroad Men Strike.
Los Angeles, April 3o.-All the union men
employed on the Los Angeles railway system
were called out at i o'clock tonight.
Paul Du Challu Stricken.
St. Petersburg, April so.-Paul du Challu,
American explorer and author, has been
stricken with partial paralysis.
Actor Was Sixty-Seven Years of Age and
lHai Been on Stage More Than
Half a Century.
n. ftri( ATI.U pr.rsn.
New i'York. April 3o.--4tuart Robsotn.
veteran ccrcnclian, died last night of heart
disease at the Hotel Savoy. lie was 67
1'*rn old and had been on the stage 51
Mr. Robson was taken ill early in March
and was obliged to rest completely for
two weeks.
IHe resumed his engagn.'met on March
In Character in which he sus atIn sren
ire iutte.
it, and after plaving in New York and
Irooklyn appeared in various toiwns in
the upper part of the state.
A few days ago he was taken ill at
Auburn and was then brouglht to this
Tihe interment will take place at Co
hassct, Mass., rccl:.y.
A ditc.path from New "York ancotinrncc le e
dath oif Stuiart in lt.on. 'liit aged comidtdanl,
lcdciiutetdly nor if the greatsct aictors Acmerici'
hat i rd t icrcdce , Ia, 'd.1cl awatyat till Savoy hiltel,
agdi 67 yc';lls, Ir. a i alcac e l il"l t iIc 41i II halt
a cecltury ut tIlIIh tic stagsr.
lin him the public lau t.cit n.r cit it bhcst
iclic'rai'icer-. % ch 1 i- ot i .i pc p l.ir it "tll
kiinwn ar nfany of leC. ablit.y, hi. witik 1,a.
atlc' s of thit higlhest sort.
lie i- nt.e of tlhccc few acidti of thid. Ceontly
of whom it ma:ty be 'aid thIt hi. p1.1htdc
nictichinng inci w rtty litf himseilf. tiiillllC t.hat
Siniatil and child Iccgcl1t flot witni'.,, c1 t 1 iIth
itg lint Iia acludi, c''nc' were not ti.he btlti icr
Repertoire Not Large.
tli' rcl"t'luiirt ' .,;t, 1, not large. tIn ihi ccIlilr.I ,
In, i.S sI , lei.r Itiii thle Iocard.l Ihe iIprailc i
i-"ull .iidi I.i' ltl n one half thait numblllll er oft
Is tle . Ill lIt. yet':l ..urel aItlt ilmnIll Inlonm
I .r lit lile ta ' tcll tt h-ciii ll lto i l l :llar.
tvcly few plJ,..
C"T oI cedly of IErrors." "Thie i lenritft.,"
" sh,. St, , . 1 li. cccvrv," "'I'Thi. hic .ei," :ii..l
cThe I t.IIt " :i- In, only noti.tlh ph, nlu. tihni,,
faillti play' (ioili lily i '.' la . "lhii ' tI.c111i11 4g 1I
the ht111' " aic iltii· c hiith .i. l . i lde iii l li "cill
Ih i hanl i, f I .II c n ah iilgel
I~C s ii , ict"ic ,ailly, ia, hi'v aill the gIr.at
actrlor i hii, illac i thi:a the pre ci ll rl iii r .ii
iiot wlch to i 11 1 . the i ' lil-ic', it wa . iilh
glreat iinaci'ial Ii ll . llll toi tihl I'"'ein iidi ot tll
popllar v ii nd piritlc . liithat he al 'h l It Ohr
ic' l cir dramas ic iprm d, icl.
the. shel,,lli of hl, wealth hiait b ern grially
r l'lig . Ita d, it in llin hic Ith. it h , i wr'e, ell'
reait'h I 1i, tr lt I frl" 'e , flor wtva he I. evei ilt :ily
tInnl I,, b4r . : l~r,', l s ,,i i. the rd i' pri,,l h .t,
:i, . Sot'l'it l l .I .'t.ll ii ii til i hn ..hi h iiir le
h insisl. ( i I ni'lvied, liwere c-itnloll.c ,
Loses Much Money.
"the I:t0 iv" :ii I "Thc'e I.klltli" Ih th ho t
cl :ll ly, :ll. l I1t Ill- i '.lc L , di . pl i ' i IIhI p rI.I i ll
plil Snt nut h4..,', hr " w a r n, l . "brh.vy
tlla ." Ic theii l o Sl il' ci a;cri ii lt at lI hi'll
i1.."1 hIe Ihvt'l ' yr;i' 'arlir hi., ilore.' .
w'otilii r/iii' cc lh.ii Iilth it tih "Ii ii in a rI
when "1I t ll h.u" anl i " Ih'llh.l 'l-n I'l.l"
ie typtical of the ri'lllling ragslll t i". i 1 IIt to
hie w'll 'l.lr it that, tia, Ii ftei n it, l ii , tic' ili.t.l
i empity ibench-..
lii , i ll'n a bulirn in Italli inorl'. lie id it lt
. ie ll i a th eI'ral l cicin ly, )ll t ini I, yiulIll
Smill arCI 4 the nppurnmuty of meetisng nt.m y
cclciiic i, Iht ' cn rcl itii ty ci icc,'lll'il Illi ICy
prcni n il.e ple i i the. pr, ti. oi. AItIr
Nerving, in lri yi uthl . .sirl year a. l. l pagL' i
c11.1 r c-s., lie ' Cwent n the Sitait
t le c)at la tcmp. Ill. li' cbracing lil il liCiC li
hlut i ii ts7, WIlli ile ipi 'lrtnlerrhip wilth IW.
wori k wa faiv'ircily nicw c clllcl i . t i't'.,
whli cciclid aiiicrct, 'ai'c , llii 'cimi. nidii 't)h,.
tics last auctiiercincie il lucte, whs' li' ' i wcc i
act cid iav'rii e, a.i iii N 'cc'iiri . whciii l it"
produced c"lice icicie'ly 1' cci1 ir c" a''ind "The
Htccricciita" ic cit i;i.-I '.ni c'i'..
lMr. iucbson wa- itkilin ill is Miiarch. lie w'i
obliged tio razlict hic . inafe.menicaiti Uintil ithe
early part cf last iciintlh. the sticihc, at tics
age, proved iiio hrCati tor hicin.
A few ciays agcc he ciwis cgtcict nlligei to
retire', thic ciii' t .1ci cciiiiuii, N. Y'. ticcini thiece
Its wtici tauke'n ti t ihe imieirociolc, where hIe
pasccctd tay lasti iiilht.
Roosevelt Is to Be Taken Through Kan
sas City by True Labor Man.
Kansas City, Aoril 30.-President
Roosevelt will ride through the city in a
union carriage, driven by a member of
the H{ackdrivers' union.
The reception committee hTad planned
to have the president occupy a private
carriage belonging to a wealthy woman of
this city, whose coachman is non-union.
Officers of the union notified the recep
tion coommittee that no union driver would
appear in a procession following a non
union driver and the committee changed
its plans.
Vacations for Two.
County commissioners have granted
Chairman W. D. Clark of the board and
Assessor Dan Brown vacations from their
official duties of 6o days each. It is said
Mr. Clark will make use of his furlough
to go to Arizona, while Mr. Brown will
visit Boston.
Friends of Mayor-Elect Mullins Say He
Will Introduoe a Number
of 'Innovations.
Gamblers and women of the town will
,begin newt month to pay fines in Police
Magistrate luoyle's courtroom. The new
arrangement will go into effect when the
new administration comes into power.
One step in Mayor Mullins' police pol
icy was announced by him just :after he
was nomina;ted. "his was- gambilers shall
pay regular lirns each month, so much fr
each table, if they be allowedI to operate.
To Pay Regular Fines.
Another change in policy is the payment,
of fines in court by the women. I ihese
will be enumerated by the police depart
mentl, blit they must t(n'il in personl to
make their mllnthl) conltrlbutions to tlhe
cit treasury.
Thuse in cl,, touch with tile mayoir
elect state tlhat his adlniilll trut ion will r.
duce taxes by levying tributel on the gallll
bling fraternity. Ity this move, they ..,
the lmayor will ie able to getl enotghl mney
amlountll which must be raisend froml other
Itle ti s nt e ronpIliciations thrraten.
Ulnder the presr.i law a cl itii- may tel I
it tlliceman to cloe ai gamnhilini hou it.
If a citiz.en infrLm s ti s e nll ie.ll ain tl;lll
gambling is going on an ll the l otheir faiil
tu accompany hlliunl s ol thlt plaer anl l mt ll
necessary arrests the law says that the
policemani is liable for it feln liy.
Gamblers Are Alarmed.
The ltproprietsrs of Itutte's gamlinglii
lhoises are lokinlg imskanic, at thisi law.
They are figuring on the liablihty ofi a
closed townl ill spite uf lprolnises of i wilde
open polity.
"This law." said a well-kinown gamlelr,
"gives a chalice to two classes of mlen who
are always maiking troublem for open gas
bling. itee of these is the moral wave
eleiment. The other is mo.cl out for si
grit ft.
"As a rmile. eans cian ise founitldll tio quitt
both, limt it is haird to get the right iitlu
ence to hear on the Iornmer. And it al
ways means troublle."
A reiuuller if thi sm'I.Ilii| Nt'l x :t i'l
cpidullic it 5tBilhe in 18110, in t he nature of
;I lgal Ipaper, was Iplacied ,I tl.e records
of the district counrt this, ilt.rltlltg.
It w.'. ;sit aimlillrlled complalint inl 'the
sulit for ia:ut ge;li brought a'linlst the city
of Ilutte biy Mrs. Mi. Smithl. "l'ih city of
Ilutth plaiced Mr.. Smith's ilogiig ioiu,
tie Altle bloc ik, tntder ituarantine in it89.
iuanl t e .stlt 5 grt ut of tl.u4.
According to the amended c.nplaint,
tl e city owe. M r-,. Slit.!l the at 11 ,f
$4.17.5'" in tll .nu ts. IThe 'mpl aint si-.ll
i lr.. Snilllt wa, the keper of the l1,liginllm
hii,one ibtweenl Novmcliber .a nd I)ecCtl
herl I. t,00. andll that lthe city took t"lh
housell ill II. C'harglel . ,in ten t. e dailaes
andiiiI ualll t;llul tn l it. It co.e.li the door,
of the plt ii:it. wouh not lIt ir.,. SmIithl
it bliisniiw.. inI her cust i.Iry w ai.
It Ih0is, he-troyerl siltOe Io he.r property
in the it lure oif rbedding. Tlhe id lingl
was valuted at $.47.5i. Ih ie r.t f tuhe
lSaim is composedtU of rent that .lrs. Sm'i ilh l
says %hlt" I ,t.
Site :say the city arte'I oIi the theory
til:ut her llhouse wvi in eItdI', tl hii" ii n
reality it wIas not. liT re were ca:ses of
smalllllpox in rll-e ct c ity t ti ti luc.
A svthedlule of the rent alleged to have
hIritI rect.eivet uIually from all the .l itllltlln
in tae hoe .i; parit iof the' complaint, and
tacu)rdiing i rhe figure, in it, the hotte
custl,.lmarily hroutRht ithe landlady the rolunt(
sunt of $i. t a montlth.
She says thatn all she collected during tie
monith of tuarantine and vy ,Iow cards was
$1ni, and sie was of the opiniou tIhat the
inlll4t. of $400 was dtie heir front the
1he l cemplaint aays she presented .the
Cla I to te Iwsard of city councilmen,
Ferhruutry 7. ,owl, but that i.tl, councilt re
jected it. 'Thereforet wh uilks a judgment
of $437.51 and costs.
Deposition From Ruth La Bonta Furt
nishes Portion of Evidence-Hays
Sues for $80,000.
llnmiltoi, April s3.- A jury was seitred.i to
try the lay¥(t iwan damage suit early yester*
day and the stubmi.ssion of evidence begun.
ile opleniltlg ltatement fir the plaintiff was
sensltional in thel extreme. showing that the
effort was to bi made to prove that dirs. itays'
relations with Ctowan were intdelicate in the
Ilays claims danimages on two eolrnt-fhirst
for alienating the affectionls of his wife and
enticing her from home, nto, roo; and second,
for debatching her, $3So.ooo,
The statenlent for the plaintiff avers that
Cowan aind lrs. lays went to a religious con
ventilon n Cincllinlati ill I; that when they
retturntd site no loniger enlmed to care for hIer
husband; that while tile latter was absent on
a mining trip to Alaska she received frequent
visits from owtwan, and that shortly suter she
instituted a suit for divorce.
irs. ilays' residence itn Itie11h, where she
formed the acquaintance of Mrs. Ruth la
Itunta, noted for htier connectionl with tihe Cay.
ley case, was touched on.
SA deposition from Mrs. La litnia, bearing
on C('owan's visitsl to hMirs. lays in Butte, was
read in court yesterdaiy.
To Foreclose a Mortgage.
William Tyack has Iberun suit in the
district court against lelle Condell and
Charles Southwayd to foreclose a
nlortgage for $600 on a portion of the sur
face ground of the Redgley mining claim.
Tuxedo Club Steward Dead.
r New York, April 3o.-Charles H. Loll
d man, for three years steward of the Tux
b edo club, is dead at the home of his sister
It in Brooklyn. Mr. Lohtman had been ill
since last December.
Carpet and Rug
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u ad q East selway, Butte.
Two Well-Known Young People of Butte
Are Married.
Thomas P. Merkle and Miss Mary Igo,
a well-known young couple of Butte, were
luietly married at the church of the Sa
cred Heart last evening by Rev. Father
callahan. The wedding was private, only
the relatives anu closest friends of the
haplpy pair being present.
The wedding took place at s o'clock.
:ugene Boyle acted as best man and Miss
I'na Merkle, a sister of the bridegroom,
was the bridesmaid.
After the wedding ceremony the newly
married pair received their friends at a
family gathering at the home of the bride
groom's father, Thomas Merkle, 31a West
Quartz street. During the evening they
were the recipients of many warm con
gratulations and the sincerest wishes for
their future happiness.
Mr. and Mrs. Merkle were born and
raised 4n Nevada, and they are well
known to the Nevada colony in Butte.
Mr. Merkle is a former resident of Vir
inia City, Nov., where he lives during
his youth, and his bride was at one time
a resident of Austin, Nev., and afterwards
lived at Virginia.
Both are estimable young people and
bighly respected by all who knot them.
Mr. Merkle is an employe at the Penn
sylvania mine, and his bride was until
recently one of the head fitters at Sy
mons' drygoods store. The young couple
will live at 5a9 Dakota street.
Laid to Rest.
Claude Young, son of 3. P. Young,
died Monday and was burled yesterday.
Services were held during the afternoon
from the Christian church. Many beau
tiful floral remembrances were sent by
To Be Built at Mare Island.
Vallejo, Cal., April So.-Rear Admiral
Miller baa received official Information
from Mare Island that one of the $4So,
ooo training ships authorie4d by the last
congres will be built at this navy yard.
Louis Leon Acquitted.
Billings, April 3o.-Louis Leon, charged
with an alleged assault on August Bray
was acquitted here yesterday. It is said
be shot at Bray last October in a quarrel
over a sheep range in the Lake Basin
Institute at an End.
Bozeman, April 3o.-The Gallatin
County Teacherg' institute closed yester
day. The sessions were interesting and a
number of noted state educators were
among the speakers.
In Union Label Case.
HIelena, April so.-In the union label
suit, the case of Charles H. Snell vs. W.
W. Welch at al. the defendant has filed
a demurrer to the complaint in the dis
trict court. The hearint to show cause
has been postooned untll -My S8.
, L l .- . . . . ..,I.

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