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203 Main Street-Telephone No. 69-Advertising Rates Furnished on Application.
indulges in Several Flights in the Course
of the Evening-Extra Patrol
man on the Force.
Results of the Anaconda council meet
hese appointments of Mayor Frinke
were confirmed:
Dr. J. M. Sligh for city health officer.
Eugene McCarthy for City Hall janitor.
Josepdh Truske as police patrolman.
These appoiutments were rejected:
Judge W. H. Trippet as city attorney.
Patrolman Powers as assistant chief of
Albert Smith as sanitary policeman.
George Baker as city clerk.
The message of Mayor Frinke was
read and ordered filed.
The bill of Judge W. H. Trippett for
legal services rendered Mayor Frinke, in
his action against Former Mayor Stephens
and amountlng to $)5o, was ordered laid
on the table.
The council paused the bills of Mayor
Frinke for services as mayor for two
months, lacking a few days. Mayor
Stephens drew pay for the month of May,
thereby making the city pay two salaries
for one month for the omce of mayor.
The appointment and confirmation of
Joseph Truske as patrolman puts one
more man on the police force as patrol
man than is allowed by the city ordinances.
Anaconda, July 7.-For nearly three
hours the mayor in the person of John
W. Frinke and the various aldermen of
the city were in meeting at the city hall
last night, transacting important business
and getting the matters pertaining to the
municipality in such shape as to permit
of a continuance of the city government
for at least another three days.
It seemed hard for the mayor and the
aldermen to work harmoniously. In fact
the inevitable clash was there at inter
.vals and for a few moments it seemed
that a battle royal womlbl follow. Mayor
Frinke would grin and the aldermen wotld
do likewise.
Hard Set Dentroids.
(The grin was sufficient to stay any
further difficulty on both sides, yet the
grin was also suficient to show that with
In the mouth of the mayor and of the
aldermen were two rows of teeth, which
were set hard and fast and Indicated de
Mayor Frinke'a reference to alleged
"graft," which he declares has been a cus
tom within the offices of the municipality,
was the feature of the evening. The
mayor seemed determined to bring to the
attention of the council and the city at
large the declarations that "graft" exists
within the city and that he proposed to
have it stopped.
In his message which he read to the
aldermen last evening the mayor referred
to this "graft" at length. He later spoke
of it in referring to his message and as a
special favor to him l.e asked thea a mo
tion be made giving ham power to appoint
a special committee to investigate the
Committee on "Graft."
Alderman McDonald made a motion,
which was seconded by Alderman Lepke,
to the effect that the mayor be given
power to appoint a committee to investi
gate the a'lleged "grafting."
The committee, which consists of Alder.
men McDonald, Collins and Schwend
was instructed to investigate the alleged
"eraft" and report at the next meeting.
Mayor Frinke declared that officials have
been getting in on "graft" and that he had
positive kiformation regarding it. He
said that be didn't propose to.stand for
that kind of work; that if there is to be
money paid for houses to run contrary to
law that then the money so paid must go
Into the city treasury and be used to clean
up and keep the streets and thoroughfares
in good shape and order.
Schwend Foliows.
Alderman Schwcnd followed in the foot
steps of the mayor during the evening,
insofar as orating was concerned.
Aldermen Schwend, 'however, was any
thing but consistent in his remarks, and
apparently had the idea in view only to
make a speech which might appeal to the
gallery. Thrice did be arise and start his
ittle speech, evidently already prepared
end thrice did someone rise to a point oe
order during the evening.
At last, however, Mr. Schwend found
vent to his feelings when the bill of As
sistant Chief of Police O'Brien came up
for payment. The assistatn chief had put
in a claim for 13 days' work, which he
alleges be performed previous to resigning
front the police force.
Mayor Frinke had said (luring the early
part of the sessimn that he would not sign
a warrant for that bill, in view of the fact
that he had O'Brien's resignation for sev
eral days previous to the time when the
/fficer quit his job.
Schwend's Chance.
When the bill came up several of the
aldermen at once moved that it be paid.
Alderman Schweod arose to his feet for
the fourth time and on this occasion he
was permitted to proceed. Said the alder
man, "It does seem a shame that the coun
cil, or'at least a part of it, should attempt
to squander the city's money in this man
"The payment of this bill of O'Brien's
would be simply robbery. It is out
rageous. I for one do not propose to see
the city's money wasted in this manner.
"The effort of some of these council
men to throw around the money of other
people in such a reckless manner is indeed
remarkable. I propose to stand for rigid
economy and will fight any proposition of
this kind."
Are Other Bills.
The alderman went on at some length
regarding the recklessness of the brother
aldermen, and yet it did not seem to cross
his mind that but 3o minutes previously in
the very same council meeting, when Clerk
Wisner read the bill of Alderman Schwend
for services as alderman and, apparently
had the bill made out for but one month,
he had gone into a rage regarding the
During the reading of the bills this ac
count for services of aldermen came up
for reading, as did the rest. Clerk Wisner
read, "Alderman Schwend, services as al
derman, uis."
The alderman had forgotten the amount
he is entitled to draw for 3o days' serv
ice to the city and quickly he got to his
feet. His speech this time was not along
an economical basis as viewed from the
citys standpoint.
Said the alderman, "When I made out
my clsi', for services as alderman, Mr.
President, the man who was acting as
clerk, or the man who was usurping the
rights ot.clerk or the man, if you please,
who professed to be the rightful assistant
glerk, paid that he would see that my bill
went in for two months' services for al
derma',, but I see that he has not done
rnythingl but kept his"- Here the alder
man wA interrupted by Clerk Wisner who
told hitn that the bill showed for two
months' services and the alderman took
his seat.
A Flight of Oratory.
It was but a few moments after this that
Mr. Schwend made his flight of oratory on
the ec.ionomy proposition and but a few
moments before he had voted for the pay
ment of a bill of $ro to the city en
gineer ior less than a half a day's work
notwlthstanding Alderman Carriher called
the atturtion of the council to the fact
that former City Engineer Mcl)onald only
charged for a half day's work at the rate
of $S.
fl'te', Mayor Frinke came to the nom
Ination o ollceers he presented the name
of W. H. Trippet for city attorney again.
The vote was as follows: Ayes. Adler.
Collins, Jacobson and Schwend: nays,
Carriher, Clinto, Fleming, Lepke, .awler.
Layton McDonald and Nagle. Lost by a
vote of 8 to 4.
Powers Recommended.
Mayor Frinke named Patrolman Powers
for asstitant chief. On the roll call Alder
man Collins remarked that he wanted to
vote for Powers for chief instead of as
sistant chief.
The mayor said, "Well, 7ou can't vote
for him for chief this time.,
The vote for Powers for assistant chief
was as follows: Ayes, Alder, Collins,
Jacobson and Schwend; nays. Carriher,
Clinton, Fleming. Lepke, Lawler, Layton,
McDonald, Nagle. Lost by a vote of 8
to 4.
The mayor's appointment of Dr. J. M.
Sligh for the position of health officer was
passed by the following vote of 7 to 5:
Ayes. Alder. Collins, Jacobson, Lcpke,
l.awler, Nagle and Schwend; nays, Clin
ton, Carriher, Fleming, Lawton, McDon
Mayor Names Baker.
Mayor Frinke named George Baker as
city clerk. The nomination was rejected
by the following vote of 8 to 4: Ayes,
Alder, Collins, Jacobson and Schwend;
nays Carriher, Clinton. Fleming. Lepke,
Lawler, Lawton, McDonald and Nagle.
Mayor Frinke's appointment of Eugene
McCarthy for janitor of the city hall was
confirmed by a vote of so to a: Ayes,
Adler Carrrher, Collins, 'leming. Jacob
son, Lepke. Lawler. McDonald. Nagle and
Schwend; nayes, Cliton and Layton.
Otn the appointment of Albert Smith as
sanitary policeman, the vote turned down
the appointment, which even the mayor
was not certain should be at this time, in
view of the uncertain financial condition
of the city at large. The vote stood:
Ayes, Adler, Jacobson, I.epke, Schwend;
nys. Carriher, Clinton. Collins. Fleming,
Lawler, Layton, McDonald. Nagle.
Gill From Trippett.
Mayor Frinke presented a bill from
Judge W. H. Trippett for legal services
rendered the mayor in his action against
former Mayor Stephens. The mayor
thought the bill, amounting to $Sso, should
be paid. On motion of Alderman Fleming,
seconded by Alderman Carriher the bill
was tabled. The vote was as follows:
Ayes, Adler, Collins, Jacobson, Schwend;
nays Carriher Clinton, Fleming, l.epke,
Lawler, Layton, McDonald, Nagle.
Jose)%h Treske was appointed by the
,mayor as a patrolman by a vote of 8 to 4.
Just waete the patrolman is to be sta
tioned is a question. The only vacancy on
the force at the present time is that of
i-ssistant chief of police, caused by the
resignation of Frank O'Brien. To fill that
lIlace the appointment must be made for
assistant chief.
Patrolman Powers, who was slated for
assistant chief, was turned down so that
it leave, him in his old position and in
consequence there is no vacancy for Mr.
The petition from the Woman's Chris
tian Temperance union for the placing of
a public drinking fountain at the intersec
tion of Oak and Park streets was referred
to the water and light committee. The
various reports of the city officials were
read during the evening and ordered filed,
On :motion of Schwendl. seconded by
Alderman|, Collins, a committee consistinge
of Ald.rmen Schwend, Collins and Mc
Donald was appointed on rules, to report
at the next meeting.
Mayer Frinke brought up the fire de
partment and had quite a time discissing
that department with City Attorney Saw
The mayor wanted to know whether a
man might serve on probation as a fireman
if he Iasa not the necessary qiualifications
make - fireman. The city attoiney said
there is nothing in the law governing the
appointment of a man on probation.
According to his view the council will
have the opportunity to turn down the ap
pointment of any man when he comes up
for cor.f.rnation in the event of his not
bcing qualified to act as a fireman.
Payment of Bills.
W\hea the payment of bills came up
there was a great deal of opposition onm
both sides to various accounts. Each bill
was taken care of separately andl in a
nuamber of instances the mayor declared
that watrants would not he signed for pay
Ient because the appointments of the city
hall janitor, one or two firemen and sonme
other accounts standing against the city
were nmade and incurred by Mayor
Stepheno after, as the mayor expressed
it, that naan ceased to be mayor.
The mayor's message which Clerk Wis
ner real to the council dealt extensively
with the municipality and with proposed
improvement and relative to the condi
tions it the city, The message was filed.
Bills of City Treasurer larpecr, l'olice
Magistrate Hayes, Janitor Johnson and
Steve O)'Neill, fireman, will not be paid,
said Mayor Frinke.
A. D. T. messenger-prompt, reliable.
rMiss Mary l.Mnahan and Miss Annie
O'Rrien are visiting here from Butte.
Marr,age licenses have been issued to
hII;gh I arkin and Maggie Nolan.
Angus Smith and wife are here from
Willow Glen.
About as local theater-goers went to
Butte last evening to see E. II. Sothern
at the i'roadway theater in "If I Were
Kirg." They returned on the late train
which was held for their acco'nmodation.
HI. E. Goodrich of Fargo is here on
John Gordon was ordered out of townt
by Justice of the Peace Hendricks yester
dadies, you need some dainty stationery and
calling cards, and we furnish Just that sort.
Inter Mountain office, No. aoj Main street,
The funeral of the late George E. Mer
rill took place this afternoon at s :o
o'clock. The local Elks' lodge attended in
a body. The remains are to he taken by
Mrs. Merrill to Boston, Mass., for inter
State Senator Christian Yegen of Bill
ings was in town looking after interests of
the new tanking house about to be started
Hilly Hibhard and wife, Charles Cham
bers and wife, Archie Neal and wife and
J. J. McCafferty and wife have returned
from Twin lakes, where they have spent
five days fishing.
Dr. Rinehart has returned from his
mine near Basin. He reports gratifying
progress in development work.
Excursion Rates to Greoson Springs.
Every Saturdsy hereasitr, until further
notice the B.,,, P. Ralway will make the
following S 4 es. to Gregson Springs:
Anacond o sh d return............
Butte to G o. ireturr ...............
days l . trains from eons sIstr
days satt goml If 1o..P.
Accused Pleads Guilty-Martin Nelson
Secures Divorce by Default
Court News of Today.
Anaconda, July 7.--; us Anderson,
charged with undue familiarity with his
niccc, Anna Anderson, pleaded guilty in
the district court this morning and was
sentenced to two years in the penitentiart
by Judge Napton. Attorney J. II. Duliy
represented Napton.
'The family lives in the neighborhood
of Mountain View park.
The girl in the case, who had been hald
as a witness, has been released.
Bound Over.
Aleck Milan and Harry Kurtz, charged
with robl,ing Mike Korich, in his saloon
in I:ast Antaconda. were bIound over to
the dlistrict court this tmorning by Judge
I endIricks.
Garrett Iliblcr is to he tried before
Judge Hendricks this afternoon upon a
charge of tearing down a fence, pre
ferred by County Attorney McCatferty.
Ilibler is said to have trespassed upon
the property of an aged woman, living
alone in French gulch.
On Insanity Charge.
Frank Knott is to be tried before Judge
Napton late this afternoon upon a charge
of insanity.
Martin Nelson was gr:anteld a divorce
by default this moornisng from Anna N.'I
son. 1he couple were married in Butte
in o1900.
There are no children. The charge was
Colored Baptist Workers' Dinner Does
Not Draw.
Anin..cna. July 7M. r. White of Robbins'
chapel of tihe rnlared laptist ms.,ion,. who hai.
figureup ti he cost and the recripts of the
two day. chicken dinner Riven at 117 Mhnl
street, finds that the net prolits were $7.45.
T'he room in which the Iolbbins chapel hehl
f.otth w.ts nicely kept and prettily dreorat'ed
andl firstclass meal were stved, yet the
patrono were not As mllany as were expected.
The total explenditutres amounted to $S 1:.J0
and the total receipts were in the neiglhbur
hoand of $1,1.
Mr. White. as well ns the othiers, worked
enrgeticanlly for several dlays Ireplaratory tI
the e.ent, having in mind ionly the success af
the ulldertaking.
They feel grateful, however, that they man:
at'd to get char, since they reccived so little
Court Confesses Error in the Sentence
by Magistrate.
Anaconda;. Jutly 7.--n the matter of the
application ,of I)an )'llrien for a writ of hlilras '
corpus,l the writ has been coallffseld and
(I'llrien discharged.
It wa. held that the magistrate had mrredt in
the sentence.
It Is exprectedl that the jury will lie hetit not
less than three wi'cks in the cominlg term ,i
the district CuIrt.
Ore Runs $28 in Gold and a Stamp Mill
May Be Erected.
cPa1'lls. TO Tll: t.'iTER MOl'NTAI N.
Anne,n la. Jutly 7. Rich strikes are repiorted
in the .Maiylowe.r mine, locatefd eight miles
west of the city aild lontrIlled by (. VW.
French. .% tunnel hias bea run in Gat feet
and a sh. l t sl1nk 7i feet. 'lthe ore is said to
run $28 in gill.
It i, said that F eclIh ill not take $Si..,o
for I is share of tl i Ir, :, rty, lThere is talk if
crlctintg a stalp mill at the minlL '.
Says She Tripped on a Defective Side
walk and Was Injured.
SI It 1. t¢ 113 11E INi l:it t I 'NTAI N.
Anaiticuia, .July 7." Mrs. Amanda J. NMcikle
has cialttmitnen . a ilmour suit agaiast thel city,
through her attorni . Itodr. & Roli(adgers, for
injuries allegie tio have been ,sstained by her
on a.tiint of a il'fel' ive iuiihwllk.
She i.compais that ion the night of Noavrm
hI,.r 15. i'u., die trippel d and fell oni the pave
mein a:t l ark nd I'ilne a.nd ,erhioly hurt hlai
self. ",r this injury slie ask, diatags in tlhe
Suin of *;.7W.
Bishop J. W. Hood Sees Solution of the
Race Problem.
IiY AS.i .Oi IAT'.D 1 tll l S,
Indiantpalis. Jully 7.- Itishopl J. W.
Ilood, senior Kish Il of the A. M. P. 'lion
church ,n charge of the First Episcopal
district, embracintg New York, New 'in,
land anal Central North Carolina, is a
gu.st here.
In discussing the race troubles, Bishop
Hlool said:
"I have great confidence in the ulti
mate solution of the race problem. 'lhis
is a iar{e and serious prhicrlln and miust
Iut'cssarily Iitove slowly.
"it is nectssary that the races get
closer together. The negro must improve
and the white man ihlp him. The negro
in the South is stubbornly pushing to the
"lie is buying land, lntters, plantations
andi stock and is hoarding his earnings
for the betterment of his condition."
Mule Power Will Be Superseded by
Wires and "Juice."
MY ASSoeCIAl'.TD islSl,iS.
Pittsburg, July 7 .-t is stated here that
Mr. McAduo of New Yurk, a proilinent
street railway manager, and formerly gen
eral manager of the street railway itn
terests of Garrett A. Hobart, is to take
charge of the Mexican Tractioln company
of Mexico City, Mexico. It is the in
tentioin of the company to electrify iii.
medintelyi the existing horse car lines of
the Mexican Tractin company, to apply
for concessionts covering about too in les
of additional track and to build up in the
City of Mexico a modern street railwvty
sy stem.
Virginia City Old Timer, Who Came to
Alder Gulch In 1864.
Virginia City, July v.-Peter Strupp
died today at 1a :i of disbetes. He was
one of the oldest residents of this section,
having come to Alder guleh in t164.
Strupp was a carpenter by trade. He
was a promlnent Mason and will be buried
under the auspic s of the order.
His property . s valued at from $3,ooo
to $5,ooo. There are no relatives in this
country. Strupp was born in Germany in
18I8 ad was a bachelor.
Harvesting of Wheat Has Progressed,
But Apple Crop Is Not Good
in Some Seotions.
Washington, July 7.-The weather bu
iru's weekly crop bulletin:
The week enditng July 6 was the mnost
favorable of the season, giving amlple and
m.ch-needed beat in all districts east of
ith Rocky motuntains. D)routh in the
inorthern porton of the spring wheat re
ioIn has been relieved, but need of rain
i, tegimting to be felt in the O(hio valley,
11tiions of the central gulf st.ters alld in
astern Texas.
In the central and northern Rocky moutl
tinl distriots and on the north 'acihic
coLst it is still cool, frosts more or less
'Imanagins occurring from the ad to the
4111 in Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.
Corn Htas Advanced.
I'tnlor the very favorable temperature
Suwlhtions corn has rapidly advtmced in
.ItIral valleys and is now greatly iiI
prI.led and generally well cultivated. In
it' noIrthern portion of the middle stater
il the upper Ohio valley, litk rrgi.on anti
Ith I) Lkstas the crop continsues lbakwar.d,
liiit t improving, though needing cultiva
lit i in I.uany parts of these dlitricts.
lin the southern stales corn is largely
I:,il by, an unusually line crop lcilng as
• Ir.I inll the west gulf districti..
Il.irve.:ting of winter whert has prn
rt .eIl under favorable conllitioniia alnd is
n i in I comnpletion in portiions of the celi.
It I dimtalicts.
Threshing in Progress.
I thrtl.ing is also in genteral pirigress,
0\0ihi , elds lighter thant anticiplated in
iatiry all dlitricts. Wintir wheat is now
ripemnintg, on the north Pacific coast, the
op IKting pIractically saife in Wiashing
In1. IlighI winlds and eixcessive heat hate
i.isedl iijury in C(.lifolrliat in slilln e so
ii,.nl , Iot exuitIt. ittll t yil , are reportel
limit the i. ttllher part of Ih. s;t:lte.
I.irly lspring wheait hal sulstainedll ir
,wille t illjtiry ilr portions of .o, thl lia
tiothi , 'which ihas 1e1 r ibriken bly antlo id
h r of ails that were of grealt heylliit to
II Soutlltern Milintie'sota and paits of
S ith ili ak tai lIdgiilg al il riu.t l ue ri
I t hed. I ,r W iconliii. Ilwi., .lebraikt ,
nld in Olth north l 'ariti , .s-i., the clop is
I~r,,.ll'siiil sallisfail'i~ il).
Wheat and Oatee.
Slrinlg whclat is now lheashing inl the I )a
I h m htin ,k for -att is iitioeVt..
(',1,1on h1l:1 111:11r r+ -,l oI,;r th thhroI;.Ii.
lit i! cotton I'el. ;I imtllllllu nell ll u'ill
hol in i ll llis ltr.is, th. r leports ioiI
tll. ( ':irulil:'s i :tI ol rr ia i l th.tttll. tt (1th
r ,It Iciul adlvaIv Inc lillit.
\ t wt other hasi, u ei ve r, l.een !In
fvI tl d le in itit ll of l.uitjtisiall;I aIla
The outlook for apples ;lupernrt to hle
,cn'ltiwhatl imore proiiig in thet I :l.l
valley antl portions ef the tnhidlle Atlantic
.tntu andwl fair to good crops are itrell
cateld in Michigan. 'I'Tlnl.ser noel l,,w .
Poor prorslpect, are reportel from Ar
k l +nsas, Missouri. Illinis and WIst Vir
ginria. an: in New York tie olllluok is
hs favorable.
Great Fails Wool.
11"' 1 i ','I l l I'4Th II .14 N1A1 I rlA .
.;r,:itl l.lls. Ji1 y . I. I. Slhnw s hll
.',,,,,Ie pluids of we lti tilay to Thayer
it 15 cen1tN.
And a single application of Cuti.
cura Ointment, purest of emollients
and greatest of skin cures. For
summer rashes, eczemas, itchings,
irritations, chaflngs and inflamma.
tions, for bites, stings and sunburn
for lameness and soreness, heat
and perspiration, incidental to out.
door life, nothing so soothing,
cooling, healing and refreshing for
young or old as a bath with Cuti.
cura Soap, followed by gentle
anointings with Cuticura Ointment
purest of emollients and greatest
of skin cures.
.Ik L
Copper City Commercial Co.
For Six Days Only
Saturday night, July 11th. This gives us just six
days for our pre-inventory sale. This means six days of
furious price-cutting. The regular prices are marked in
plain figures. A child can figure the discount. Make up
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member, it lasts but six days.
Ready-to-Wear Department
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ius and furnishing1, wais.t., h.ºI ,
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walkitig .kirt%, bl.. k ail coL'olrrl: It
terrl to lit yott.
20o per cent off regular prices
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335J per cent oil regular prices
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women anil chiilren.
o2 per cent off regular prices
All ladis ' wialller of every ,tyl,.
and kind.
2o per cent off regular prices
Copper City Commercial Co.
Anaconda, Montana.
Man Brought Into Prominence by a
Strike Passes Away.
New Yoik. Jily 7. e;itIg 4. Kl,h,
lowiI Ifal :agl~ ll illl. 'l avural 4n ,anl:ll ;slr lof thI
Mal) lll1: tn eri S Itarcl e ili fut Inti n ,
wit ifo.nUl. .l in I.a, hiL lw tolaIy.
a..rly in .al y l KtII tiame ini, prom'il
lane wiby, yre .u of tie si k ofl.l the ma if
rile Daltyl-, Ban y he t that and utll
Iwo wtkAnttrona.il h Mont foul iln
xc.la Frinl . Slon New Yli, trin to, et.
drawk hci h-I l.l t r the iril t rle ctof Ie i of
Inglanel, d lYnce, Ireland, (.crYnan and
Loaves No Cdew 1tLehld.
St. ILoi. , luly 7. Nl, r.lu,' nf W,'llianm
hntionlph, lh In b.ank rl,lr liw Y irtd
lnual eier of ilk of an I)fteriav S..hmltalher,
w Jhn, , Rp. f or, the sity MJil y,.,terlay after
hrloc,i il, viel. rlNuitletl i. roepurts V.
.. llls bell. l to hi "r him hC ve. N re. ,nl I
ple Money, al hEarnedy are the I iill tl4 Ih
nlan wha crosse the orMi ippi in a hoift
fro.t th foot of I',.sihent ,,tler, , lit niihl,
war Rudolph, alhonluu in thl darkneC. fil1 the
wcanr it lwa iponadleo by toke s wire.
The Daly Bank and Trust
Company o Aool Roomnda
Anacondat Montana o
General banking in all branches. Sell
exchanges on New York, Chicago, St.
Paul, qmahl.a, San Fran cisco, etc., and
draw di('ct on the principal cities of
England, France, Ireland, (,rmany and
the Orient. Deposits frum $1.oo and
upward received.
National City bank, New York; First
Nationid bank Chicago; First National
bank, St. Pall(; (nueha National bank,
(Olanhsa; hilnlk of California, San Fran
John R. Toole, president; M. 11.
Greenwood, vice president; Louis V.
lienntt. cashier; V. C. Norbeck, as
sirtant cahliier.
Money Won Is
Money Earned
A safe play or a good bet
can always be made by the wire.
They're Beating Us Hard
Wbh can't you do it as well!
Turf Exchange Pool Rooms
Bar sad Club Rooms ln Connectles.
Main Strai t Anaconda.
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Ry. Co.
Passenger Time Table--May 3, 19o3.
Loal Leave Arrive Local Lave Arrtive
Trains. Butte. Anaconda. Trains. Anaconda.
No. s-H., A. & P...... 9:3o a.m. o:as a.m. No. --l., A. ?...... Sn a.m. Isg a.a
o0.3- t., A. & P...... :ao p.m. m. a:a p.m. No. A-, A. ......s :a .m. salls p.a
oI-. , A. &r ...... S:oo p.m. 5:55 p.m. No. ..A.p P.... 3I p.m. 4l p.at
o.-B A. & P.... .o:S p.m. t:o p.m. No. ..--O.. A. a P...... p..D. sp P
To make connections with Northern Paceic Railway Westound tri at Duurant, leave
Aaacouda is:aS a. mi., 3:inop. m. and 6:as p. - ..
To s :ak . conneos wi ortherdn raiI. RalwIay Eastbound traten at utt, leave
Aasads at as :a4na w-eaf 0 W p.m.
To make onnections with ret Northern trains at Butte, leave Anaconda at dSt p. t.
To make connecti ~t Olreglon IShort Line Railroad at Silver hew, ive Aescade M
3:a,0 . Im.
oI nalkm on sale .iket Oree Great Nor Railway, a. 49 Manl set. B.att,
and at lasuager ,i KDletu, Ananonaa & Pad c 'Uilway.
All n1.csliln n1,lerwr; nothingll hut
,e'gt of materials aln work. Iunt l.l.
ncw !tolk to ntlect from.
0o per cent off regular prices
White .and color'l rotton nnd .alk
waiat ulof rvcrv kind, landu we Iave
mere than I,,,,H to +'lect ftrom.
25 per cent offl regular prices
All W. W\., l.avid.,, Roy:al \' rr l.r,
T'hnoli aml . II 4 . & I. C Is t . , N u.
a lth anI ler l in wait,.
"o per cent off regular prices
Just 47 l'Ieant tlilur'ul oi.s inl
black ,and cloral. We, dn'I t ulnt t1
la ry therm UVcI. Y'our |linm of t.l
lot lialay.
.31/. per cent olff regular prices
JOHN S. MARSHifLL, Manager
This ele:antly furlimhed lhotel is Io'
cntitr IIn the pic ttresque town of Ilamilton
in the breautiful Bitter Root Valley. Spe.
cial ex(c.rsion tickets, including accommo.
d:stioni at the Ihotel, will Ie on sale during
the summer at Northern Pacific Ticket Of.
fices in lutte and IHelena, and at B., A.
& I'. t )lire in Anaconda. For rates and
booklet address James Grisenthwalte, Real.
dent Malanger.
Leland Hotel
Anaconda's Popular Hostelry
Cor. Main and Third Sts.
Sample Rooms in Connection
Commercial Patronage
Bryan Owsley, Prop.
Anaconda, Mont.
Ir You Board at a flrst•
Class Restaurant. Try
And Your Troubles and
Cares Will Be in the Class

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