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203 Main Street-Telephone No. 69-Advertising Rates Furnished on Application.
Apaconda, July at.-James Norton,
woeng on Waters' ranch was brought in
4ls mernijg for medical treatment for in
juries sustained by kicks from a vicious
Norton was hitching the animal up at a
late hour last night when it kicked him
in the face, breaking several bones and
disfiguring him badly.
It was found that his condition is very
Hayes Leotures Three Boys Charged
With Stealing Baseball Shoes
Mainville Can Postponed.
Anaconda, July ls.-In the police court yes
terday, Mary Sutherland, the Mainville woman
'rrested on the charge that she had not paid
tIer monthly fine, had her case postponed at
the request of City Attorney Sawyer, who
wished to look into the matter.
Joe Deshond, a French swamper, was re
leased. He had been arrested upon a charge
9f frequentlnlg houses of Ill-fame. George Sim
oneau testified that the accused works steadily
In his saloon.
Harry Smith, taken up on a charge of ire
quenting houses of ill.fame, was released. lie
is at work on some mines near this city and
his employer, John Ducey, testified as to his
The three Ahall boys, Alike Murray, John
Lavelle and Sennard Menlon, charged with
stealing baseball shoes from the Strain depart
ment store, were released, after Judge Asaycs
had given them a severe lecture.
Minor Matters Occupy the Attention of
Judge Napton.
Anaconda, July at.-In the district court yes.
terday. in the matter of the estate of I). A.
Collins, deceased, an order for the sale of the
real estate was signed by Judge Napton.
In the case of A. K. Plrescott against Mlorgan
Thomns, a motion to retax the costs was agreed
to and the defendant was given permission to
Ale new memoranda.
Prescott has 4o days in which to make ready
a motion for a new trial
A. D. T. messenger-prompt, reliable.
A marriage license was issued yester
day to C. Hammerstrung and Miss liatta
"Windy" Ryan, charged with mayhem
on Pat Walton, has paid a fine of $So and
been discharged.
Cole Campbell of Butte is here on busi
Miss Judy Ann Craig of Butte is in the
James V. Collins left this morning for
Seattle, where he goes on business. Mr.
Collins expects to be gone for several
Ladies, you need some dainty stationery
and calling cards, and we fdrnisb just that
sort. Inter Mountain oflice, No. aoj Main
street. Anaconda.
Judge Fitzpatrick left on the early morn
ing train for Butte. He will go to Seattle
and other coast points before returning to
Mr. O'Brien of the proofroom of the
Standard Publishing company has gone to
Hunter's Hot Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shyrock are at
Hunter's Hot Springs.
Miss Annie Samuels has gone to Town
send to visit relatives.
A. A. Campbell of Helena was here yes
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Torhbet of
Stuart, a girl.
No meeting of the board of education
was held last night, as a quorum could not
be obtained.
Growing Old Gracefully
-and Healthfully
The infirmities of old age are
sucuccessfully combated by the
use of
-The Food.Drink.
Its tonic properties are invalua
ble to those who are weak
nursing mothere, little children
and the aged.
An druggist. .n it. Pr pard by the
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
St. Louis, U. S. A.
We carry a complete up-to-date line of
Mecbanics' Tools and
Builders' Hardware
Your Patronage Solicited.
Hardware n naconda..eopper
Diparrm.tt,. Mining 'ot
,. . Butte, Montana
Leader of the Police Department Is Ousted by Mayor
Frinke-Lively Council Meeting.
Anaconda, July ai.-Last night's session
of the city council, with Mayor John W.
Frinke in the chair, was one of those
lively ones which put brown burned spots
on. the roof of the city hall. The mayor
had his war paint on; so did some of the
councilmen, and it looked for a time as if
a few personal encounters would be the
result of the session.
Mayor Frinke took occasion to attack
the fire chief and his men, and Aldermen
Fleming. Carrihbr and Layton got their
share of the evening's entertainment.
Fire Chief Mentrum and the aldermen
each in their respective turns "got back"
at the mayor.
No Bones Broken.
The council finally adjourned and went
into exenttive session without any bones
being brokan or scalps lost, save the scalp
of Chief of Police William Taylor, who feil
before the fire of the mayor.
William Powers, for many years a pa
trolman, dropped serenely into the boots
of the chief of police, and Barney Fitz
patrick, another of the old police force,
climbed into the stall left vacant by the
resignation of Assistant Chief of Police
Frank O'Brien.
Both men were confirmed by the council.
Insofar as the general run of things are
concerned it seems that the council is
against the mayor in his determination to
put the present fire department out of
commission. The aldermen voted steadily
against his selection for the various posi
tions in the fire department.
For New Department.
Mayor Frinke announced in the begin
ning that he intended giving the city a
new department, with the exception of the
position of fire chief.
Those who ate looking outt for the in
terests of the department understood, how
ever, that in the event of the firemen be
ing confirmed it would not be long until
Btob Mentrum's head would drop into the
'basket along with his men, and this they
don't propose to see.
There are those, and many of them, who
are glad to know that William Powers is
chief of police, since there was no way
of preventing a change, and there are as
many more who are glad to know that
Barney Fitzpatrick is to wear the star of
assistant chief.
Mayor and Fire Chief at It.
Early in the evening Mayor Frinke
called to Fire Chief Mentrum and to
Street Commissioner Brolin to take seats
within the railing, so that they might he
there to explain, should there be any
thing wrong with the bills belonging to
their department.
The fire chief and the street commis
sioner went within the railing. Mayor
Frinke, picking up a newspaper, asked
the fire chief if the list of city property
contained within the fire station was a
correct and itemized list of all of the
property there.
Fire Chief Mentrum said that he did not
know whether the paper's list was a copy
or not. The mayor asked whether the
chief could get a copy of the list and
the fire chief answered that he might.
Then Mayor Frinke asked the fire chief
whether or not he owned the buggy which
is used by the chief.
The chief replied that he not only
owned the buggy personally but the har
ness as well. Mayor Frinke then asked:
"Why didn't you give an itemized list
of that to the assessor ?"
"1 did," answered the chief.
The mayor snapped: "You didn't and
I have the assessor in the hall to prove it."
Explains His Position.
Fire Chief Mentrum endeavored to ex
plain his position. lie said he had never
paid taxes on his harness and buggy so
long as he was using it as city property
and that he, therefore, had not expected
to this year.
Alderman Cariher said the council
chamber was not the place for the mayor
to indulge in personalities: that if he had
a personal feeling against the fire chief,
then there were other places aside from
the council chamber to take action on
SFrinke said the matter was not a per
sonal one at all: that he wanted things
dune according to law.
Said the alderman: "If you have
charges to prefer against the fire chief,
file them and give us a chance to decide
the matter. Don't resort to personal abuse
"Well, the charges will le filed in due
time, don't worry," answered the mayor.
Mayor Frinke added: "Gentlemen, I
want to show you what kind of a fire
chief you have. There's not a man in
the fire house who has been confirmed.
There are some there who are not Ameri
can citizens."
All Are Citizens.
Chief Mentrum jumped to, his feet and
said: "There is not a man in the depart
ment who is not an American citizen."
"On()e of them has been naturalized with
in the past two weeks, hasn't he? An
swer that question," said the mayor.
"I' dosn't know about that, sir. My fire
department is not in politics," retorted the
"Well, you haven't confirmed a man
down there. They've lhera there for a
year. some of them, without confirmation.
You, don't want them cutifirmed in order
that you can have them at your mercy.
'You want to fire them whenever you can
without bIringing it before the council.
Why ldon't you give them an chance-put
them on a level with yourself so that they
can h:ave a show? You w"i't give .t white
manal chance."
Fire Chief Mentruim quickly responded:
"Mr. Frinke, if you have any charges to
prefer against me put them in writing.
I'm not on trial and I (don't care to be
abused in a council chamber where you
are presiding officer. There has not been
a man in my department who has not had
a chance. It's not my fault that these men
haven't been confirmed."
Alderman Schwend Speaks.
During the early moments of the coun
cil murting a bill for $Jo, put in by City
Attorney Sawyer for stenographer's fees,
caused Alderman Schwend to speak. Mr.
Schwcnd remarked that lie was the
"watchdog"' of the Sixth and that so far
as he is conlcerlned he didn't propose to see
money expended in that way; he thought
the bill should certainly not be pail. The
aldermen voted to allow it.
Other bills, considerable in number,
were read separately and allowed by tlhe
Mrs. Thomas McAndrews, through her
attorney. Alex Mackel of Butte, filed a
claim against Anaconda city for $7,5oo,
alleged to be due, owing to her receiving
an isnjury through the allegsed negligence
of the city in maintaining a defective side
walk at No. an207 East Front street. The
council tabled the claim.
Mayor Seeks Light.
Mayor Frinske wanted to know why the
Sells & Downs show had not paid the reg
ular circus license amounting to $is5. lic
said the treasurer had collected only $3o.
City Attorney Sawyer explained that the
ordinance calls for a license of $ras
front circuses and menageries-that this
aggregation advertises only as shows and
that in consequence he had taken all he
could get. Mayor Frinke said the county
had collected $Sas and that the city
should have that amount.
Said thie mayor:
"1 think that outfit was a circus and we
should have had more. I saw a good
many of you aldermen there. What do
you think about it? Say, Mr. Fleming,
wasn't that a circus?"
Mr. Fleming replied that he wasn't in
"Mr. Clinton, what do you think about
it? Wasn't that a circus?"
Alderman Clinton looked serious for a
few moments and replied:
"If that Sells & Downs affair wasa cir
cus I'm an awful poor judge," and then the
first laugh of the evening was had.
Mayor Takes the Floor.
Mayor Frinke here called President
Lepke to the chair. The mayor then said:
"I want to tell you gentlemen something
concerning these alpointments. 1, as
mayor, should have something to say re
garding them.
"Some time ago I invited the democrats
to meet me. They did so and then and
there we fixed tip the appointments. They
were all agreeable. I understood that we
would have everything running nicely and
when we met in the council chamibers you
democrats turned me down."
Alulerman l.ayton sprang to his feet with
the assertion that the mayor never haid
called him into a conference and that he
had never had a conference with himn at
Mayor Frinke explained that he had
beenl ulnalle to find Mr. l.ayton, but that
the other democrats had agreed to stand
with him on the appointments.
The democrats contend that the mayor
misstated the facts and that they had
lived uip to all agreements until the mayor
went back oil them.
Object to Interruption.
Alderman Cariher insisted on being
heard. lie told the mayor that he must
demand a hearing: that when he got
through he would give tile mayor an op
portunity to talk, but that so long as he
had the floor he did not want to be inter
rumpted. The incident passed without'
blood eling shed, however.
Mayor Yrinke here proceeded with his
appointments again. He nominated Will
iam Powers for chief of police. The
nomination was confirmed by the follow.
Ing vote of 7 to 5. Ayes-Adler, Collins,
Jacobson, I.epke, lawler, Nagle, Schwend.
Nays-Cariher, Clinton, Fleming, Lay
ton, MacDonald.
Mayor Frinks nominated Barney Fitz
patrick. This appointment was confirmed
by the following vote of mx to t. Ayes
Adler, Clinton, Collins, Fleming, Jacob
son, L.epke, Lawler, Layton, MacDonald,
Nagle, Schwend.
On Mat +McDonough's appolntmgst for
fireman the vote stood . ta. 4t. against.
.\C." - Adler. Collins, Jacobson, Schwend.
N .y*- Cariher, Clinton, Fleming, Lepke,
l.it ler, Layton, MacDonald, Nagle.
I he appointment of Jerry O'Ncal for
firemlin was rejected by a vote of A to 4.
A>r.,. Adler, Collins. Jacobson, Schwenl.
'tin e. c'arriher. Clinton,. Fleming, Le.pke,
I ..,tl . Layton, Macdonald. Naglc.
Lost, 8 to 4.
T'hI o vote on 1lob Ervine for assistant
'if oof the fire department was lost by the
t ,I of 8 to 4. Ayes--Adler. Collins, .I.
n oi-,. Schwend. Nays--Cariher, Clintoni,
fI , nng. Iepke, l.a.tler, layton, Mt.e'
1 It.alt. Nagle.
lie vite on the eontin'atlion of Art htr
S.iidl ftor patroilmnat was l.st by a vote
Sto .1. Ayes---Adler. Collins, Jacobson,
.ti -Catiher. liinto. Ileitinl , .tLepke,
Sllhr. Lay)ton, Miacidonald, Nagte and
iS end.
I he vote oil the appoilntment of Erick".n
Ir eirtman resulted in antothter turn down I
Stoi 4. Ayes-Adler, Collins, Jacobsoin,
chtsend. Nays-Cariher, Clinton. Fle.
, lepke, lawlor. layton, IMacdonall,
Ithe vote on the a;ppointnenl t of 'l eat y
t'r firemanli resulted in a turn down at si.
luii time lIaw hr voted for contiriatio n,
ti" ver, making it 7 to 5.
lhe vote on I eorge Ilrtubich resulted
it tnly Adler, Collins and Jaicobston vtlltng
f r conitirttiat ion.
the vote on John t (wetis for the posi
In i of fireman resulted in its Ibring tlrned
d".% n by a vote of 8 to 4. Adler, t ollitt,
.i "Ibsoit and Schwend voting for thie ap
pn nlte.
i h appointlment of (George linker for
ttlitman and Charles I'hilipson for city
clik were each turnted down. Clinton
vtel toir lBaker, as did the four regtulars.
I .,kc voted with the four regulars on the
ail.tit ient of PI'hilipsot for clerk. For
sliet cittilissiitnrr William \Weis was
tut nid down by the regular vote of 8 to 4.
Trouble Over a Bill.
M\1ayor Frinkt called attention to the
fart Ilhit a hill had been put in for work
itd ne by J. I'. Stagg. lIe wanted to know
r Alh.eirman Fletming what it meatnt. The
al hirt.,ii S.aid that his teami had done the
i,.t1, amI that he had put the hill in the
ntile .f Mr. Stagg.
\.tt1.I won't sign the wsarratit, I a.
tIi y3uti, aiil the mayor.
"i',t will sigh it. sir. I'll see , tlthat,"
in..i vrl Mr. llentiig with appatntit in
th n.tlin .
Alt.hilan Mtactlnall, the cha:irman of
the t.znnmittee oil gamhling., rt,.itqsted fr
t'. r timet to n stke ait, invt'tigatliit, whichl
Rumors of Malady in Stock in the
Deer Lodge Valley-Rules Every
Stockman Should Follow.
tli Al. II) 1 111. INII Mtiii'NlAIN.
n., a: I , Juily -it (itii rs ti diiaii cat
ih it, the lir er ,In,ge v.ally have ;alh., the
tnn, I in a n t h lf lt k lal.mari ito thIe l. lliCl rtgi. lla.
tI mII. I . nit the m iae v'telrini nll. llhese
I l,. l, be kl wn . tl i C rly catllh lwnet, a, they
r ~v1' e hlin a It o1 trtouble.
hen o toatle vtrinll ill'l iold r i.s the ...is.a
i ,t by J:Uti(, , \ il,,,n, i'nited .,Stae., ,w..'nte.
,lIv Ui gr , c ulturerj, and i. .s followy
' mI n ri er nill n li. leni i oi f . Ini lly ii iand
tr.i I srllatuin itlr t ll r . I the lIll -1n d .itsai,.
. k i a iii a n d i tell aIll n i i t I ii in Ii o fi t h e
I. ,Ulltiun%, for the nnpprr.ov. lll of i xtnp.lll s
t-un tt contagioi altnd idll us I dI i tlealii
I llall.l dl sti Ia in lliinui ll itn t lhe ' iltl I l tii
aed Marii uon, atl.ii lotice is herabygiulvenl
that a ctulagiolli daelse knowli ait siailen
,, the (1 .i1d Stales lyllag west of Ihe ( M ,',
' ,I 1 river ail d l e 1..I ,,.l n ll l 'I..l u l, y i I .lala
It ., ttl. ilna i lt ordear to prv, lt the dl lllen nla
i, l, lthe l vly Crnln u II catle wt ihill and l tl u
1. a,'ove idcranbed ailren b llol untlry u ,hall
b Iirt vt'lrnd y y thre ufollo uR i la iihlllon,:
I il t atll I l that al e satlhcteld willih a l in d.
e. ir Ithat have been rXl).a,'al to a cii an
:,,:,11. hall not Ibe mouv lld ir l I llowelv toi
]i r, 1 i ne sll all oul r teltllory iuo anothe i,
.- nul n'L herwillfillr provided.
i, l at111 il ale llet teid will l ic aliat l or .ex
.- 1 t Ith . clnt ionl thetreof may be Nhpllp.r d ill
iln. iui niat. iue ugher when itennporte, li t
t,,, . beating a placard on rckh ilde wtllh fhle
w ,l i " tall l.ly c.,lei" i ln pha lly visible letters,
sanl pli.l rd a to be salix cd i .y tie railroad c'm
p ~. , or thiey u.ldy I)be ralnspolrtei d by boat
wcLii llhyi cattle are t ot cl.u sd n iccn tciu
s.nw; till. Said C(attle whlen unladelld,,l oen
rl, IIe or at d(t lation shall not ile hrougtit
ill ,ntlact with healthy callttle. At whatever
aa,, 'i such cattle are uiloadedr they shaell he
yi ' II I lp'l.' I scttl ed b la a thl e t excl tusve use
u "l t catti, anld entirely s.eperated Irhuanl
otlll i ali, pensIt, or elsel the pen shall bel Ill
S11i ,a111ty cleaned and dibsincted ISler lthe ct
tl, al"r niut.iellc and, beforei being uagain used
clhit d When any cattle afw lifcted with lor
i" l', li to lclabirt iare oulllndc in anly ltock
y I,1 thy silil bc klept si ipaate ,from hcalth
im I lni shall nrot I.b pierhltted to leave the
y:a rt epti for slaughtlliler, runless they are first
di,1, 1 in nccordance with there regstinltuils.
Fi tuh 1 -- tilel in trhe Ilabove des.trlrd l, .
ti, ofi thle unlltry tlhat are not a'llected willth
sl .bl-, viand halwve o uli reen exposd to P ils
cnttIIonl maliy iie moved wllithout restricction,l
ex(,t y vl a may ble provided by other regula
tin ollf th department or such as may be
I itflly imlpiosed by the "autht riticv of the
I.,. I irrlitry to which destined. att le a-l
Ii, ti ~ will ila li ts or Cexposed to i lt con
c-i.: tIu, ltay not ie shipped or trailed out iof
tv tlti. or territory until the. y have la . n
diipe in snoe prelparation alpprovd l by thi
Ii. tlment. UIntil otherwise direcled th li me
al 'uillhir dip, marde in the proportoln of as
pI.... of flowers .. sulphur ind i6V. pounds
ili o ifD rul ltle to ri gallons of water and
c:'l, I l AfTecte d rattlle Shall e lgiven two
u p; oni.t, ithi i interval oif o to i I d ys
it ', l Ispeltlr, ol f iti l nu r o.f alnin l ali
hs :n,'; will, upon rlequest, give ct rtihcaes for
1ch1 1and upon, insplectimon to be ftr.: rom
if 'I Its' and not to have been 'xplos ,) to
c. yi" an. d r for o thiline that have eln satlls
(,, ,ry dipped under their lupe-rvislon.
.ih leanit g Un disintectlon shall be
b tiuly lit removing all itter and manure
SI i n Isa turatling l the iterisr C urface of thte
ci and the woodwoCrk, waori l. strnd ground
o i ,1, chuteS , nleys a l pens withh a 5 i per c 1uta
iau of crude crfolic acid in water, with
alits nil t lime to show where it hal been alf
v.nth-1'iolutiatn of this order Is punish.
f, by a ine of not less than ;too nor more
tl "i $ f,,x)n , or by imprisonment not x tceeding
ltr' y.tar, or by both line an imprisonmcenlt.
About eighteen months ago Mr. W. S.
Mlanning of Albany. N. Y., widely known
in trade circles an s the representative of the
Al.lany Chemical Co., was suffering fronm a
protracted attack of diarrhoea. "I tried
thnwb erlain's Colic, Cholera and l)I
arrhoca Remedy," he says, "and obtained
unlcdiate relief. I cheerfully recomr
1n sd this medicine to those similarly afw
fluted." Sold by Paxson & Rockefeller
, ,.hro Drug Co., Christie & Leys and
I N'ewton liros.
Next Sunday the Northern PadiAo will In.
augurate their Sunday excursion train service
it, i n ir I leave Butte each Sunday at
err ving at Butte at y.P. i, Spec ii rat to
all pornts ood on this train oly, or pat.
ticu sra cal on or wr te~t. MERRIMAN.
G. Oneral Agent Northern .'a Pci Reawag
NII.tIALI I iIIll INTil hii t NT"i A iL.
\naclula. July .*t.-1 T'he heoard of reatnt
(aist ins titn cin t sesion'i all day aid 1I.a4
r:cr'ivctd si\rril rqilclst' Ior rucltiiuio of
ti. ri aid chaiie. iii issesiment.
I ort~al, . usicc.ll l'.icl s t In jpicrty Ihi
Ilningia toi I. N. l itoluasl c ii caniiccltd. I.i
I1" dt1t1iuItrlatd that ht htad phal prI r Ito
'hN.ieru r a. m t on l t 7. tlthck 27,
last achlilion, ca h alrel h, '1,rlh· leylan.
was tran, Ir.lltt'errle to C hi lli trnil ua, i
it .s I tlInil thall hll ito hIe iifhlliul iIer.
"li'e fi.h.ihun clililolllllhi iuiitil %,s iti'l
c-rivs l frtll the A.ni co .la ti .lll ,l rllt i.
clla;nlts' a.,.siatio,i. siM.,l by II. FI. ty,
lire.h'uln, iit1ni I". WI, llairiusiln, sect..iary:
Iio the llllhon, .h.lit lhtrilr of lln to ly
niiii ni1n1uiiilrrs iif lIcr I lgi', S.illtn ia
a lhiard uIf '.s1 hilit ,ion1: \H . Ili' maiIter
sunistei. rcusiulst ltisxiuverM of lI )rr I odge
cilouty. rpih flolly y ,lshow tr yollll r lonti r
attlc Iiily that the a'.irisor of Ileer I oilge
ciou-- tll'y hut slsessell i el l te ra;t awl jieriu.tial
pIroperly of the cotlly fur mlllllrs than t wice
its actual cash valut; that thlt property
of I. cr Il.lile cliultlly clht ll ult now le
sidhl hr lit all uiitii of tlih alei lll s ieint of
in that thll tasesiuir hais Itrell lil ln
ssarrntieidly itncrrascst the asacusei'l vilhit
tlnil of the ii roperly, odt hy rC3Rilsn of stlch
ittrcased halia tilss sl thIaiyrra no l)rrrI
Iii.ige citis, lly wituihl ti, coilplhi t II pay
at Ieist twitjc thc aitoutIllt oIll stall llllt pais
for tlhi year tli al utl lltearly twirc as lulttch
llstat Ii. us asily iittlllu uiiiity ill thu stat'
liii+. un htu r sie sattilutiol of prif tritl.r,
"A\I , 1 i th u lhly pI lt tii n ysiutr 11u sihralhih
limo rt Il ii rellfutc t li .'.c. mtll i..I t, that thII
ilunlic tiuay lt ii. t lllt. ly ilnl jii i tui tse thu
isaiii i, a' I . r thi ' y i l r i ,a, -, u' i le l w hise t
I ir , ,li ,r t y h a '. I i i ii s ,i i u a runi s u s i t s v , halii
isn euuliiicte thuat iu..tiialtubi itisits tmay
le jutl.lliual, itlit viar g th i.t liit tinr l ls ro ily iu
t sl l ss;. 'l.lllsi ill lslit I " I ,I.'. I hlit.n iti
actiuual cis.h valti'.
T. J, Kc'lhy, I cr'.ii h'it if th l A. I II,
usk-u Ithat thuii l..1'l lrl sti t sit llii llrolllle r)y
Iti cth lngd fr itl $it i,,l i i $. ,ou .ll.
I. S . .sliu~hi asks that hliii i piri-rty
hi n''.'.s'l at $ui, ini-tusl ut $Stsi. Aiul
st i ites. Puts'.. I uarsI li hitn ,ssu I
ts Is-ar cviiu 4u i'iii deit iittllllUinlog thii
nl'.-lss iiit . liiSh SlI the isarl, I li t ri
tlih' ash, me.niiiii iif a tilupaiyir'i tiroili
urty, Ih ti y stuas ' .a l t i i t ' 01tiiirijt i'usist,
i hi . t ;siwyir.i t sty that wh nti ttt- hboar
rite cis i-' the aist. tu ,,, it its th til it i- s ,uttis
t.uit ly ti thu sits u, l ti' h iuattur it it tll 'l.
C illliy A'ssi'.s'cr Is vnsuilgiiii has lihl the
ftlhtwiuni tcrtuthu.ti-a il gutuld istin-titions its
ruI-tl ti lii a:suti sit ii lruiity it
"I, N. i. ILiviii l , o ilas l hses-oilr if
h c ,r I uu11u u i nii v slut s ,t'-u Ii th I lih -
t w c ii it h liis i Nlt i, .I ,,y int M ,r h th y I h l
iiiiiil M umiih y i ui I lsl, liii I tu;ut " uit.s
,litil., it iliyllily5 ailiil ieaililiiinat iln tI i
(irtrinii alt thi., ullp.- y its iilhi th.I- cu.nisity
uuiljilct ti t i:s' sul iriut biy isii. tii1 that
thI saiiii ha'. tiu I U iassie it iiti thi jhitlsi
siiu-iit, iilfisroiatiisl o isil Ii .lihf itt iii fsill
ia-lu vs;liiu ; si Ih ;ta I li;si d f;iihfiully
rUiluti.ut wilt ill ii11 tIh tiii- . ioiil~ .1 un
iht' ;iis'.iussc iiilltihr t it- ri s u w las' iiiil
th:it I luivi- iit il -i I t117 iuy u tjwiu. hr
douliiliti nl i-l-in ll l , thtittu tih ai i il iir ill
will sir ithirticsi , i.so aii llm uut lilly iiiie
iii i'srlli•i a jus-.t illti 'ittu il as si llt 't
thri-ouii1 , favor wr ewurt ti otihsrwl.e.
°"N, I'. I.l,.VI+N(Musitll"
"Suhb lcrilb,, aii, swornlil h loi, in t. his
Illh s lay of July. isnI.
*+( "iiiiiiy I trek.
"ily J. AI.I,:XANIIIlI, lDipuitiy."
High Price Is 17 Cents, and More Than
500,000 Pounds Are Disposed
of at a Fair Average.
,I, ' AlA. I11) ie: INf ,Nll MII 'NIATN.
(IIet Falls. July as. A ttal ofI 51,lMM,,o iltidi
of wIo wa~s hrl ion the l'cal laslkel Itoday, ai
sI lip'.. The hiI'ghest price war 7c, the low
st 14';,: ian the averageil, 15.84l. 'lihe sales
were s folliows:
James NMturta ti Itarrncrliluglh, 3J, o poitllids,
at s6Ysc.
Carmichael Itrotlhels to Plutnliam, 4'ol0Ia
ponifs, , at 15tic.
Walker & Weber 1o llaraclaugith, a2,,0ll
poutlnld at Ic.
i.Walker & linht to llai raci'aitug, i i,uon
p lush at 14 st..
W. ,. Davis to Il'nllnllm, lit,i lpiIndlllllls at
S('Nill & ,tapllrc to II,, II ,ll. s,lt1J Ipounds
at 14 a(.
Mlanll-t lirllhrre to Livingslton, 13J,lrxI llpounds
at 16i'.
'I . WI. LJuce to lailelonIi, saw,0 ,I poundils at
Sati ll ue uI I atesnaol, I l il poundls at
4it lc.
J. H. ltlipaltitk t, li.atrnan. 3,lilw p.oilns
A' uhnm & Perkins to Isatemnan, ison'
pouind ait 1!a;e.
Stowe lirtlitrs toi 'letrrs, 4M0, lpouinds at
Jaslll Ii. ' uriiur to Ilarracinugli, al,a".
at 16c.
it, (nlikey llrolhrs to llolhin, 8,,), pouInda
at t'c.
F. I!. MrVse to 'lilayer, .'p'o> pllunds at sie.
M. Watra:.hi to Ioiviniugtu, 13,0)1 pounds
at iS5c.
('owen & Co. to Putnam, 150,000 pounds at
L. Il.alock to 'J hayer, 27,00o poundsl at 17e.
Arrangementis lihve just been completed by
the Nrtherl Placific to ruin an excursion to
thite yllowstonle Natlional ipark, July jr, learv
ing t llle I it 11:401 a. Ill. Fare fur hii round
trip, $42.60, includling sleepilng car berth, rail.
radl trlllusportatiun, a trip through the park in
the Coencrd coachie of the Park T''ransporta.
tion compalllny, all nleals en ruute and accom.
nwolations at the Association hotels in the
park. Sleeping car reservations should be
madle early in ordlr that accommodation mally
be privided for all. Fur full particulars, sleep.
ing car space, etc., call on or write W. II.
Merriman, general agent.
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Ry. Co.
Passenger Time Table--July 13, 1903.
Local Leave Arrive Local Leave Arrive
Trains. Butte. Anaconda. Train. Anaconda. Butte.
No. i-B., A. & P...... o:oo a.m. w:ss A.m. No. a--., A. a P...... m:lol.m. gas a.m.
No. 3--i., A. & P...... .:oo p.m.,. Iss p.m. No. --B., A. & P......u:iaja.m. i:p.m.
No. 6U... A. & 1'...: . . ii in. No. 6--., & P n..... 4: p.m. 4:l1rPn.
TN o make connection with Ntlurn l'clle Ralway, w o d train at .murant v
Anaconda at it:is a. m. and 4 pq.t m, To make connection with Great Northern Railway
trains at BIutte, eiave Anacona , at 4:00o . 1., .. . :
To make connection with Qjggea,$ h rt Line Railway, at ,Siver Dew, leave Anaconda at
41Ticket on sale at City Ticl Qid( Great Northerr Railway), 41 Main street, Buats
and at piasanier station of the u tte, A4toada & P&IGO Ailwtuy,
This elegantly furnished hotel is les
cated in the picturesaiue town of ilamiltoe
in the beautiful Ilitter Ioot Valley. Spea
cial rarursiaot tickets, including accommOs
datiosu at the hotel, will be on sale during
the summer at Northern I'aciic Ticket Of.
fice, in Itlutte andi Ilelena, and at D., A.
& P'. Oflice in Anaconida. For rates anad
booklet address James CGtisenthwaite, Roeal
dent bManager.
Leland Hotel
Analconda's Popular Hostelry
Cor. Main and Third Sts.
Sample Rooms in Connection
Commercial Patronage
Bryan ewsley, Prop.
Anaconda, Mont.
The Daly Bank and Trust
Company of Anaconda
Anaconda, Montana.
General hanking in all Iarnnrherq. Sell
erxclhanieu on New York, (liclugo, St.
Paul, (tilahal, San Francisco, etc., atil
diaw dliirc on the prnl, cilal csli, of
lEnglandl, I san.ce, Iraelad. (;..ny 1a.l
the (lh ieI t. I lelualtls rumll hi.uo ant,
uplwasd cclivcd.,
National City hank, New York: First
Nation:al bnk. ( Ih I oin; IFir .t National
hank St. Piaul; l)tlah.a Natidual hank,
OiialIu; Ilanik of Calituilia, Sain laIso
John R. T.oe, preildent; M. II.
C;re.nrwooMd, vice prerideh.t. .I ,os V.
ltiointt, alisher; r . C. Nurblck, as.
sitailnt cashlua.
Money Won Is
Money Earned
A anfo play or a goutl hbt
crla alwLay I i atiinlo by thu wire.
They're Beating Us Hard
Why can't you do it as well?
Turf Exchange Pool Rooms
Bar and Club Roosea In Connectios.
Main Street, Anaconda.
Three Creditors Sign Petition Alleging
That Firm Has Been Really Bank
rupt for Throe Months.
P'rccsdlings were insltilutedl in thie fedl
er:ial ,iul t iay Ito hai:ve the firie of King
& M,rris, coiposedl of J. P. Kiing and
(harles Morris, enga;:cld in the saloons
business, 'nark and Moiluntaa, declared in
voluntary ,bankrupts.
Kick & Cliinton, repre.nting it nunlcer
of creditors, filed it petition in involun.
tary lianikruiptiy with the clerk of the court
and the usual sulplioenaes were issued call.
ing lupon the firm to show cause why the
pruoccedings should not go through.
It is alleged in the petition that the firm
has been bainkrupt for at least four months
and Ithat last May it assignK.i its assets to
the firn of Stromberg & Mullins making
tlhem preferred creditors. It is asked that
this aasignmntit be set as.ie.
The creditors petitioning to have the
firm adjudged bankrults and the amount
of their claims are: II. (allic, $S89.3r;
louis S. Colihen, $6,.75; Frank Comme*
Excursion Rates to Gregson Springs.
Every Saturday hereafter, until further
notice, the II., A. & P. Railway will make the
following round-trip rates to Gregson Springet
Anaconda to Gregsoq and return.......... soo
Uutte to Gregson and return................ e
Tickets good on all trains from noon Satur.
days until noon Mondays.
Tom Moore Sentenced.
Li.vingston, July as.-T-om Moore, con
victed of criminal assault on Mrs. II. Hlos.,
was today sentenced to pay a $1s,oo fine
or work it out in jail at the rate of $a per

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