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(Reported by Coe Co.mislion Co.)
New York, Aug. 4.-The following are
the opening and closing quotations for to
day : Open. Close.
American Ice .............. 6y 6
do preferred ........... an sa23
Amalgamatted Copper....... 4o0 39
Anaconda Midsng Co....... 7o ,4 6p97
American Cotton Oil....... g! . J9g's
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 61!s 59"
do preferred ............. 88a.
Baltimorn & Ohio ......... 8a1 8876
&rooklyn Rapid Transit.... 44 y 41 4
Canadian Pacific .....j..... jaa tsa
C., C., C. & St. Lotds...... 7fo 68t;
Chesapeake & Ohio......... a 3t1
Chicago & Alton........... at (o.~)
Colorado Southern ......... :3j talk
Colorado Fuel & Iron ...... 441(, 44!4
Chicago Groat Western.... s..j4 141s
Consolidated Gas ...........1 s s78)
Delaware & Hudson ......z6a% t6o1/
rie ..................... '84 27!1
do set preferred......... 661% 63.
General Electric Co........s6o as?1
Illinois Central ............iap q27¼
Kansas City Southern ...... t1 .no
Louisville & Nashville .....top sot!;
Leather ................... 7 746
'Manhattan Consolidated ..... taY. 3
Md., St. P. & S. Ste. M .... So5% so!'
do preferred ...........1...7 a
Metropolitan Traction ......1 t9! 117
tlexican Central ........... 14; IJ3
Milwaukee, Kansas & Texas 19 19
do preferred ........... 39 39
Missouri Pacific .......... 97 953S
New York Central ...... st.1q ss8
Norfolk & Western ..,...... 63% 6t
Northwestern .... ....... 1641 4 6
North American .......... 75 73
Ontario & Western ........ 1! sa~,
Pennsylvania Railway ..1.. .33 1s1
(Reported by the Coe Commission Co.)
Suit Lake, Aug. 4.-Following are to
day's stock quotations:
Ajax ................ ..........$ .s
Consolidated Mercur .......... .52s;
Carisa ........... ........... .07
Century ............. ....... .40
California ........... ....... ..ss
Daly-West ................... 38.65
Bowers .......... .......... .o0a
La Reine ..................... .o4
Lower Mammoth .............. . 781
Mammoth .......... ......... 1.oo
May Day .................... .3.%
Ontario .... ...... ....... 5.40
Petro .......... ............. .to
Star .......... ............... .215
etro ............ ........... .ob5
Omaha Livestock.
Omaha, Aug. 4.-Cattle--Receipts. ,ooo head.
Market steady. Native steers, $4.sog4.a; cows
and heifers, [email protected]; western steers, [email protected]
4.50; western cows and helfers, [email protected]; can*
ncrb, $l.So'2.So; stockers and feeders, $2.50o
4.o,; calves, $J.go55.oo; bulls, stags, etc., $2.25s
]logs-Receipts, io,ooo head. Market S cents
higher. leavy, $4.p95S.os; mixed, $s.ooOs.o5;
light, $S.oSOS..,'%; pigs, [email protected]; bulk of
saleh at $5.ooSa.os.
Sheep-Receipts, 7,5oo head. Market steady.
Fed muttons, $3.7o414.4o; wethers, $3.20or3.7o;
ewes, [email protected]; common and stockers, [email protected]
3.40; lambsl, $4.5oO .6o.
New York, Aug. 4.-Resumption of business
on the London stock exchange today after a
holiday interval failed to bring any new de.
mand for American stocks and prices here
opened on small dealings.
The Trunk Lines stocks were exceptions and
showed small gains.
Consolidated Gas broke 4!4 on the announce
ment of the new issue, and United States Steel
preferred was driven down r with a break of
a 4 point between sales.
Pressure becamte more pronounced in the
general market following additional large
offerings of the Lnited States Steel stocks and
Consolidated Gas. United States Steel fell t3
and the preferred i points.
The action of the market suggested renewed
selling of collateral in loans and invited short
calling by the bears. Decltnes In the tirangers
and 'acifies, which bore the brunt of the sell.
Ing. ran from t to t%, approaching the low
levels of the year.
A number of Coalers, Amalgamated, Sugar
and other specialties fell a point. North Amer
ican lost 4, Virginia-Carolina Chemical 3. and
New Jersey Central z2j. United States Steel
Decision Is Expected From
Judge Clancy Inside of
Thirty Days.
This Is the last day of the Nipper trial,
the final day of the controversy in Judge
Clancy's court between the Nipper Mining
company and the Washoe and Anaconda
Mining companies over the ownership and
possession of ledges of ore in the claims
of the defendants south of the Nipper
The day was given over to argument,
the evidence having been completed yes
terday. The case will go to Judge Clancy
tonight, and a decision is expected from
him in the course of a month.
Arguments Are Masterly
Judge McHatton and J. M. Denny
argued for lHeinse, and ex-Governor
Thomas of Colorado presented the case for
the Washoe and Anaconda companies.
The arguments were masterly forensic
performances, and many lawyers and
others were present to hear them.
Governor Thomas simply tore the plain
tiffs' case to pieces in his address. He
showed up all the incongruities, contradic
tions and deficiencies in the evidence
given by Heinze's experts to prove the ex
istence of an east and west vein and the
apex of such a vein is the Nipper with a
vividness and completeness that was most
One pertinent question asked by him
was why, if the claim contains a great.east
and west vein, as testified to by the Heinze
experts, had not that vein been developed
either inside or outside the claim in the
sB years the claim has been located and
the many years it has been patented.
He also exposed the casuistry involved
Open. Close.
People's Gas ............p. 9. t
Repubhlic Iron & Steel....... as11 a1
Readhgti .................. 489 4J,4
Rock Island .............. '' 2)4J
do preferred ............ 61 So
Southern Railway ......... aoo 9.
do preferred ........... 85 840s
Southern P'acific .......... 42. 41!
Smelter ............... 4234 41a.
Sugar Refinery ............ 15'4 asj
St. Paul ....... ........... 40. 39
Tennessee Coal & Iron ..... 39 j7t
Texas l'acitic .............. 25 4i
Twin City Rapid Transit Co. 93.j 93
ULnion Pacific ............ 74 p 1
U'nited States Steel ........ aJ'4 a&4
do preferred ............. 7o 69
\\'abash .......... ........ aa,!, so
do preferred ............363i 34'1
\'e,tern Union ........... 83Uj 83y
Wisconsin Central ......... 1,!I . 7
d, preferred ............ 374 374
Molney, J24 Ipr cent; total sales, $657,
Boston Copper Stocks.
(Reported by Coe Commission Co.)
lloston,.Aug. 4.-Today's mining gares
on the exchange were listed as follows:
Amalgamated ........ ..........$39.00
Anaconda .......... ............ 69.87
()sccola ....................... 50o.o
Parrot ... ......... .......... 18.So
Mohawk .......... ............ 36.oo
Daly West .......... ........... 38.50
Tamarack ........ ......... 80.00
Ut;ah Consolidated ............... 24.25
Shannon ........... ............ 9.50
Centennial ..................... 4.87
l'nited States ........... ........ s7.o0
Trinity .............. .......... 5.0o
United Ccper ................ .. o
Utah ............ ............ .65
Uncle Sam .................... ..22
Victor ............ .......... . S
Y'ankee .......... ....... ..... 3 .0
Grand Central ................ 4.35
Silver Shield ................ .16
Butler-Liberal ........ ........ ."4
Daly-Judge ....... ........... 9.20
Engle & Blue Belle ............. .80o
Martha Washington ........... .o2V
New York .................... .28
Sacramento .......... ....... .. 5
Silver King .................. 69.oo
United States Mining ........., 17.25
W abash .......... ............ IS
Daly ............ ............ .97py
Keystone ............ ........ .so
Little Belle ..............._3.00.oo
Kansas City Livestock.
Kansas City, Aug. 4.-Cattle-Receipts, 8,ooe
head, including 3,500oo head Texans. Market
strong. Native steers, [email protected]; Texas and
Indian steers, $..g5ot4.ao; Texas cows, [email protected]
3.2o; native cows and heifers, $s.Sot4.5o; stock
ers and feeders, $2.5o 4.55; bulls, $i.ou.3.7S;
calves, $a.so(.5.4o; western steers, $3.ok4.g95;
western cows, $2.oo03.3o.
Ilogs-Receipts, 7,ooo head. Market so to tsc
hilgher. hulk of sales at $S.St S.So; heavy, $S.io
o5.2"J4; packers, $.so.S..4o; medium, [email protected]
5.3o; light. $S..ot5.4o; yorkers, [email protected] pigs.
Sthecp-Receipts, 3.000 head. Market strong.
Muttons, $2.gnw4.75; lambs, $3.oot5.75; range
wethera, $2.8514.90o ewes, $.8o&44.6o.
stocks were steadier. We~tinghouse Electric
rose ,. Railway Steep, ahipping preferred, 2a,
and Colorado Fuel a point.
Bonds were irregular at noon.
Large blocks of various stocks were sold all
around the room, after tile noon hour, causing
rather precipitate declines in a number of
Tile unrestrained liquidation of the special.
ties caused some apprehension. Virginia.Caro
lina Chemical preferred opened ig points lower
at 8o, on the sale of aoo shares. The common
stock dropped G4 in Westinghouse.
The declines ran to a points or more in many
other stocks, including Amalgamated, Isrook.
lyn Rapid Transit. Sugar, General Electric,
Locomotive preferred, United States Steel
stocks. St. Paul. Canadian Pacific. Northwest
ern, Louisville & Nashville and Delaware &
littying orders were encountered for the Vire
ginia-Carolina Chemical stocks and they rallied
tY4 for the common and 3 for the preferred.
Standard stocks also moved up a trille, but
the selling orders soon drove the market lower
The bulk of the selling was in St. Paul,
Atchison, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific,
Reading and I'Pennsylvania. St. Paul dr-opped
a and Union Pacific, Southern Pacilic, R1(;ed
ing, Wabash preferred, Atchison, Metropolitan
Street Railway t, and added to the list ul de
clines from a to a)4.
The closing was easy and unsettled.
in the matter of the discovery point in the
Nipper claim and the evidence as to where
the point was and what shaft No. 2, the
main shaft of the Nipper, went down into
the earth on.
He showed the Blue vein crosses the
so-called Nipper vein at shaft No. a, and
that that shaft is started down exactly at
the point of intersection. The Blue vein
runs northeast and southwest, while the
other vein runs, according to the plain
tilTs' witnesses, east and west.
Governor Thomas showed that by sink
ing the shaft where it was sunk the plain
tilTs were able to take advantage of the
confusion of the intersection to confound
the two veins and to show that the shaft
was on a vein and pretend it was on an
east and west vein, while it was really on
a northwest and southeast vein.
Impossibility Pointed Out.
lie also pointed out the impossibility of
a vein taking the shape the Heinze wit
nesses said the Nipper vein took to the
east, flattening abruptly and yet not chang
ing its course. He illustrated the impos
sibility of this with sheets of paraffine,
and called the vein as described by the
plaintiffs' experts a "flexible, serpen
tine, India rubber structure in the earth."
Governor Thomas said the decisions
were unanimous to the effect that there
must be an appreciable quantity of ore
and that the appreciable quantity must he
continuous to form a ledge; and said that
the samples taken by Witness Higgins
from the Nipper apex drift, while having
assay value, did not show an appreciable
quantity of ore nor that there was any
ore there or that it was continuous.
Nothing In Way of Vein.
He declared there was nothing In the
way of a vein or geological formation
anywhere in the world, except under the
conditions found in Butte, that in any
way resembled the Nipper vein as testi
it.\\ 1S)N J. E. Dawson, aged 0i years, died
this morning at the family residence, Ij6 Weet
Granite street, from where the finernl will take
place, Thursday. August 6, at a p. It. Services
at St. John's Epi lcp.oal church, Rev. Mr. Black.
ilton ofliciating.
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fled to by iHeinse's experts. lie was of
the opiniou that its existence' in tile Nip
per claim was duie to the peculiar condi
tions existing in !Butte.
lie sail that all the Ileinze experts had
been content, not to expl:ainl it, but to
say it was in the earth n.ld let it go at
that, and iin this relation he likened Ex
pert George II. Robinson, Ifeinze's head
mIn;i, to the Rev. Jasper Johnson, who
wsatched the stunr through a smlokei' glass
all day on his knees and then delivered
himself of the famous oracular declara
tion, "The sun do move."
Opening of Argument.
J. M. Denny, for t'h plaintiffs, opened
the argunment for IHeinze this morning.
Judge Clancy reminded the lawyers that
lie had fixed the length of the argument
for each side at two hours, and then Mr.
Delnly btegan his talk.
\lr. Denny said the ore bolies involved
in the suit were those wider the surface
of the Oden claim, the property of the
defendant, the \Vashoe company. lie said
that if there is a vein in the Nipper claim,
which has its apex in the claim and crosses
the end lines, then the owners of the
Nipper are entitled to the vein on its dip
into the Oden.
Mr. D)enny took the ground that the
plaintills were entitled to the ore in dis
Iute in the Oden if it appeared that there
is a Nipper cast and west apex east of a
line drawn north and south across the Nip.
per near its middle from the west end line
of the Oden. The Oden is south of the
Nipper, inst its west end line is at about
the middle of the Nipper's south side line,
it being only half as long cast end west
as the Nipper.
Shuts It Out.
This contention shuts out the westerly
portion of the Nipper from coneideration
in the contest.
Mr. Denny said the Nipper claim was
located in (875. An amended location wa
filed in u882. The locator of the Oden
claim filed an amended location in :883.
Mr. Denny took the position that the
priority of location belonged to the Nipper,
and asserted that the locator of the Odes
recognized the fact by referring to the
Nipper location. From these premises
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hl iiutain.
);" Ul..\ '- T TITh .-, rni t y i,-.,---i--l,-tE
.,erv. law.iew , No. a Westl Mercury,
M~r. I)enny insisted that any joint veins
fmliI in the disputed grotund beilonlg to
illi Ilainmtifs as the owners of the older
l (t',I 1ioI .
I .stated that it is the d.efendant',i ' con
tm,,i ,t that the Nippe r claim is not lo
r cIlel on an cast andl west vein, anll evi n
it the court should find that sulch a vein
rse is inl the Nipplr, tlrat the discvery
piimit is on a northwes.t anld sulltheast
vr i. in vein which crisstes the side linit
Slit i clainm.
Intention to Locate.
Nmmmithmtanditng this colltention, said
Mlr. lDitlley, the facts show that it was the
intentio to locate on all east and west
vctil, evenm if the northwest anld southeast
vein was there, and to take tip anll east
aild v.it claim. His was an east and
et I location, but the two veins inter
s(.t tled nar the location point.
'1 lie lawyer said that while briefs cover
lng tIhe law would be presented to the
ecourt, he would read some brief quota
timmi~i fromii the books describilng what a
y,.$, is. lie read from two United States
cirt dlecisions.
I he decisions said that veins have
It;,mly characteristics, but while sonic lodes
hIvc: all the characteristics others have
oily a few.
The' decisions read said that if an ore
lily is found in the mass of the mountainl
it, existence proves it is a vein, and it is
mllt necessary to prove any of its charac
te.rmtics. It is a lode to the extent of its
diimtnslions. A lode or vein must be con
timulous, but slight interruptions do not
destroy it.
Could Be Followed.
Mr. Denny said that, relying on the au
thoritics read, he contended that lleinze
owned the ore bodies in the Oden, if the
apex of the lode was in the Nipper and the
vein could bIe followed down Into the
Odhcn, even if there were mudslips and
slight discontinuations.
Mr. Denny said that It had been shown
that the locator's discovery shaft had not
been sunk where the defendlants' maps
placed it, because there was no ore there,
but that the shaft had been on an east
and west vein practically where the Nip
pecr No. a shaft now is.
lie said that five experts for the plain
I"H HI t I'N- .,our room brick hour; modern.
9.14 I.ast Nlcrrury.
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.,* .outh Main st rut.
F,' ti ) .";.\ l -i-Tlne "airk 3". tUn hi 1r in. d i1,| "-1
fl|m.le broom hulls, b.lkh (unish.d thrnKl1i
out, iniltluang piano. Inquise or ahldre'. Mrs.
I.al,.1. 1 hialllannsburg.
.'1 K 41.1 . F:.- 1& I: I'--Eýrs-.class 1-dgniti
Ihonllsr 6 :at Park.
MNI.. A. IIMtinkit;ilc l , hnihhm'. .nlt, nn.In
cue. rhirioplibst. No. 334 W'eat Ih.uadway.
I tl1' i.%1,I0I.A l i. Y I ,. . , h is dhesses, I 1r Ii e
w l;p iI ,'tmrnt and manIicurling. tlt .. I.i.,',
No 1I4 I'cnn.ylvania blac'k.
ltt*h t. I'opil.ir lSt upping Place.
DINNI.;I:1. Ise I I tA II , i Ir J . 1. .,
1he * rt meal a6nd ,.t co,.td lood for :"
in lltte. I You gt ii as I.t.ii. ,mu i at ,t m d It "ty
lish wleck.d fi the hill ui ..l a+ yiou wi t.
I).i N I Ia. II'Y, 't . iiitor.
ll.S'r w.,rkoolan lhip. Iw,,, p1u ,. gnal.onte.rI.
AIr*nnhr M.icaulayi, N. .,Lilh IMain.
6lnltllN & I'II"I.,I)N SnIap mu-I, n. mtatl,
Jhi .s. N · N .4)1 I":lt I'Iatuo11 .. 'l'hurii.T Ii.,.
1.1i14.1 N1 1 , .I . ., . ..n . , watches an , ,.wrlry
tit t;ir I.n's Luan ()ihir,. N.o. - 1i I'. ',uk 1.
t IT..l work, re'lfean le prI Ir.e ; assi acUu1o
gunr:lsnvord. N , ..1 a I' t ;lal. iter bl'lnt.
.11 t1. "L. It. I l.. ,..RS N r.1,,1 ,, .... mn . .s ..
I1,ffices: No" . 114 Iii lA Inn.ylvaoiia h1I1l hlng.
•''hunr 717-It.
J)1IIN N. ill.clN "/'ra'h,'r vl,,lin anl aull
.l,,hll. NoU. 144. Werst 1,rolllol. ','ho r 8 4i- N|.
il Nl . 'Iii"(J litN on Is al , ttin, l .n lli
Is, ertty.Is h cl, k, pla ,,. ,I ilsaint s . Int l;u .
iit y'.ur 3,ripo..ll.on,. M Ita & & ,luVi'an, N ,.
41a \ '"'t Iar,. l ,, 11
ftlN ti'' 11" I_,i() N i, .alll' miout s.l., riil
e late r illy . tilins. Mtstlatsna I Iitiel
oIoatn ('o. ()II:<<: No. .b. (lark bl,.k.
"MI NI:oY 'i l If >L AN at x pjet tell i.o i a"
lcr tse, for Ilsm "n.S Io | thP 11 1 (art. .htnlll w&
Jethich, Nn. a V West (;l.l tfr.
SLI.{iINS & Julli T'll will ."9.st'ile' a lit
for yllou l IItn Pal Isal tt scP uity. i(Tls ll I( i,
3. Silverr 11ow block.
EI tJAN1 - NnIly i. ,,.o- a -t 871T r ,, ; , n
'ilat . HI all Itr.r tn t, No. I lis., t iira-t
way. Ilutte, M ,ntgnana.
II II I uis hatd tltt ,.v u hi I a sl a ti.vit
it, No. i i Wil t 1 'a rk usl rl.
%1 INI:Y 'ill I Jl.N lln any, Ioth of wh,, lity
Ithe wlavslort Co, lawyer a. llmnil, tli:it.
five 1tcr c1:NI INrt July il all rtartual and te
ltri tl.n J isats at otie half price. New milli.
nIry pallor,, No. 647 fish avtuur.
tiffsi had estifiedhat tt there was a con
tinuous vein in the Nipper apex drift. This
vein, h, continued, shifts into forks at the
rast ctuI of the claim, both of which
would the ieat dicul line of the Niplper.
Denied by Experts.
It wa true, the lawywr. r admited, that
five ,the.r experts hail appeorted on the
stanif and drciird that Ihere wasu the vestige
oft rvein lln the N.ipt er apex dri ft. That
would cllak it dihcult for Juudge (ancy
to decide tile Ittelr, perha ps, hadwith th a
ellulitlt of truth slipp into the defen at o'loe,
said the lawyer.
T'1hen hie said that the defendants' wit
ness, Iiig;iinr, had really supported the
jplaintifl,' contention by putting in evi
dence samples from the Nipper apex drift
awl containing value.
l;x -Governor Thomas followed with the
argument for the defense at ir o'clock,
Mlr. lenny talking one hour for the plain
tills, and leaving the conclusion of the
plaintils' argument for Judge Mcllatton.
(Governor 'lihonma. said he would not
attil-mpt t, take up the details of the case
ill the time assigned, saying in opening
his argument :
"If it please the court, in view of the
limit imposed upon the time of argument,
I will dispense with all unnecessary for
mulas of introduction, and address my
self to the great essentials of the case.
To do that in a two-hour argument will
be difficult, but I may in that time assist
the court to understand the defendants'
theory of defense and to throw such light
up.on the contentions ,s may prevent the
contingency of a hung jury."
Three Malin Questions.
lie then said there were three main
questions, two of which he would not
devote much time to, as the briefs would
cover them.
The first proposition he wished to ad
vance was that the plaintiffs had utterly
failed to support their allegations that a
multiplicity of suits was probable or to
show that the case was one in equity.
Ills second contention was that the
Anaconda claim being the senior claim and
having an admitted apex, the Anaconda
company must be excluded from the con
The third proposition was that the
1l,1Nti \\'t 1 I.1'. 11(1!( ,,r telrephone sm.
('1, len alr ; I pr tu.l llrll nt g illr.d. IlO
M I I|If, the .tve man, h| re ,vl ti I . N
1..t 1:'1.1 Ia',rk ''I *.I e ||limh..r, -"i1.
1ºI |st r l .II 1 ill/ a l 1sltpp I. 1.," 'ti, ( r II'Lilly
l.ut kI . Ni,. lN', N,,tlh A .nlr. .,
I' '.I I.t 14 14 N , Ni .147 ast Mri'ury; nightli
w o,,rk. I l,,''ii pliuu|+ ly hlh'tl
II II, Il lNM IN. MN . 11. I;.n. eI uprit2 e
i.glilg.'in. I llIft N '. . t. .t, .7. ti.lir
lhw 1hiN k. 'I ,." h.lh |. 4,*.
i;I.\\ \141' JIl Il t .lh, ,w iin a itr'i t, iui ndiniuna
11II1 1 ,N111 n ul ll. 4III1 III I II (11.I 1 t ld 'II1 ).imt at
I1 q ,flip \Y'. t l 'oli i g. l 11 1 l.,lll4A at l t1.11.l!.*
\\ I .I Il;,aJld n.l \.
I 1º N 11I 1 .I1t, I%11.411 N +w ,,. .gn, is
I i"p ig ,tlll sanlltl l anu if.ll . N u t..,+ .'\,.l11
Irl nllmo e l4,l-s 1y hll ., 1- h1.11, a.ItI, . 1l hI'41Illne y
' .11, k ln l,, , I I 1 ,n1 11,1,u 1v1n 811n . .l l .ly , p l 1a n 's
dl'ii. k ili s.,r nu hill lIal , p ,h11 t. I; drialt, Il
1.,"id .lll,0 HIIdJ. 741hlhi uull .'! ()1llt,': ,.,. I
\\ .t ,I t ,1.I , , \%. J. ( h 'I .1, il ;NI,
I )11 ' '.,\|I & 'J Ii' 11O s N hi ll h,, l., lhlr MII
lII l .I.,,i N l g .I u trIIlU lirtuI d . I . .il.
I" ' l '.ii, st lil .l
tau,, l l. . " 4,11 tM I ".\" t , u11 1y. 111% " ..,h'
fill 1.h II.I
N t. . I. l Ih i it,, ' II 111 b r.
I 'll-.II C I. N., IN %%~i li. rI....ws/ pal, is.
Ifl'.l' I 1i I. N ' .( o lr s t h d I,,,, I,, I, lilt
tih.t 1 i , I". c"1 * Ir b ,ii , i. I |hln h,,uiI hyl,,I
. ' lll;, l .. I I l|'*; ne n l hI,, t I I.., i' Is ir hisit
l I,, I: It ,a sa. t I; pays.l Its ,,i h I.s nI hhSr'
111K a' s.n ; pl.s k (I a, sulsb . o .ll swis, lC you. .
1l 1 I r1' I:K ' s , s al a l l 'l III I h ni. .
inls i ,sus C1 it.11111 5 s i h n uss1 s a.is bi *
M Ili '.' , h h...r. tIn. M*,ld ..6 Sluth ,tslasrg.
, )' h , t 111 , ," " |1. . *ln, baI h atd 1" 1itiiiii
1111,1 hJt,,ll, ih u. ., 'I'hJ t 9,,, 1 .
WANTI I-) h%' ,., h.m1,I hunulST I,10h7t',74
I 1.,, N ,. I I ..A1 J ul.k ' ,he , I sllth . '1i'I *
Ih lS I,',,*. t I I' . Nltllilllnu a .
MI I.\ll lI h N.hal,, . Pil isi.., I s tl.rs aboutie
.Ir7 n, lnoe. Illsr Ih llsrn, 41 iwaul ( . NUl .
1 tis Is artr p7losly Pile alleys.
Ilro . A.f at tii t I r ye, sl , osv11s , .lhroat 114a
Ijasils,; I tirei liy m d ,lh {lie; 11 silll, thb l;s i . 41
illrha, hI bhhug, 'T'h,.ur 4.J A.
Is5 I'in l ylvawria uibi he 1ers sli: 9i , which
'I lte, iv7 it u. o th rr rl, t k , ti e uays. ti
WAN^..1:) Chep w,,k ha ..e, we,,ht about
I,,of t ; Iosillit cl ow werk sor, tweigh aou the
N,7 It . u ,gr 1 st r ayton, 4Js Saouth liUso.
J leh'l, lri 7. e rt II.
proof at the Irial hsa, otverwhellminly
srfuted the plaintills' ini ,nas "o far a+ the
Wa.shoel'l' i company wasIll.rllll tir, the laoter
theing the owslir of taa he )d li, whicci.
contains the ldisput',l ore bolies,
'lse : governor thin took up Cith question
of thle contict of ownership itweet. the
Nippeir claim iand the Anaconila claitt
originally, oveir ilthe solctheat corner of
thie Nipper, whirls wass tl e northwest cor
ther ofe liadi lIalow. tlhe acl.riis over
lapping in a parallelgram there, the cor,
ncr having been given its the patent to
the Anacomla claim.
Bodies in Controversy.
This wa, the grinsrd containing the
ore Ji liey, s ii controvers y ibtwile the
ipper cmpein way shown, the Anacd tonda o
poay. It ctiona was the pices or apice too
the ire bodies blow. The apex ground
having ben orth fivn cro the Anaconda clomi
paty, all the rihtsn o the howe bodice wetx
to that co n y froany.
'Ihe so called Nipper apex has two
forks hrere, and t.ovrnr Thme s said thewit
south o blongf thed to the Anafork, onda cuion,
pany, as a union between it and the Ana.
onow, vein wase hown, and the latte part
compa they' otcation was the sernor and took
thwreconede bodies.
The nfor th fork crossed the east end lie
of that Nilpper laim, but its haveip was such
that no union could be shown, which ex
cluthed ore odie Anaconda compay frWe cany
controversy over it. The plaintiffs' wit
nesses had not seen and ble to see any cut
ting o of theo of uth fork, only a un.ion
and therefore their testimony sok upported
the defendants conim atentin.
"Now, as we comee oitted Waoutoe part
of the contention," said Governor Thomas,
"we concede everything, proved by the wit
nesses for the plaintiffs, and yet demon
strate that the plaintiffs have no right to
the ore bodies contended for. We can
prove that by the admission of the plains
tiffs' witnesses and by their maps."
History of the Claim.
The governor then took up the history
of the Nipper claim and Heinae's connec
tion with it, and be pointed out that in
every confliot over the boundary of the
Nipper in the land office the adverse claim.
(Continued on Page Tea.)

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