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The Butte inter mountain. (Butte, Mont.) 1901-1912, August 05, 1903, Image 6

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Is the Rock Island Road
Trying to Secure Con
trol of Santa Fe.
Many Leading Railway
Men Believe Deal Has
Been Arranged.
t1he ll:tIla .vut it o' f tihevi S"iantat iFt
T'l ;.t appear, to 1w one of the li.t( "t allin
no st i l t rt ,tingl ra ilr ,oat rl l lum o r i n tll
Ea t.
A t hic. ,l4 i di ,patth inL dL ic us , ing thle re
port .ay,:
"lht ti t ;t'th . cl i.itinll oi f co trol of the
Salnta . railroad is the pIiIrpose for wthit 11
the 1 rtwo d Fund iwne ·I $nooouna by
tlhe t h \l:,;, , koik islandl & Pacific is in
snurs th1, hate Ibourne cui rrentt linCt it Ihe.
cat kil, k l that th . m etitg o ,f thil to k
ht o il t I li t 'idt ie is toI lh t ut r t;ihr ial ,l(
of the' i.-nlm h.ol lte. decide, l upon.l i
" . 1 ,1 . : , h n r a i l w a y ,l l ht l t r e h ,li.. t
the ihooit 1-, iti tlkthk d out, if it is lo,
1" Iti tt lit 'lt r toi the itio kholl hi; at,
n om),l II .,I; It "'e m ,lo tli ng l . %is i.lls. l 'fr l l tIIhe
iC h itm , 0 ,ii t I,, l ly. Ill its dli l i tio n o fl
ti p rpu t i, f ior tillch the ho a, i lit is
to it ,ih, the plan,i if thereT hie any .niih,t
is tit rtu. h l ,t d it. lyut the trls of the doeu -
sila tl i, lt Iwhtu ruler to the purpose, are blrotd
anId 11 ,} tll ie it ttti ugh to cover thet'
It w.is l xpectv that thte ciriular of
lretlicatioI to the st ,eklh llers at lhil imetti
ing w hich is to ),t' hthl ili I lavenpol t , Ii.,
( It toIer 8I, wouit c e v ry xl \\ licit itlls t
Silat '., tit to the plan of refunding awl
alit( r ui),( to w hi, h the lti lity lrluiln
fr ,:al 1l'1 <:tit of the Iprop.os/'l ho is wloilbl
be . pil.
"lb,.i evrr. a;ci -rdili to she rumor. Ih.
niml :i.( wthich i to semre the Itiil, is
to to,. thin a chatl ' lpecitit'ally all horitii,.
thil t- ,,ck ),land tlanlmlagii i nt ilo )illy and
lp;t) f, r Santa P' ltuck out of the hig fund
thn:< to I riv l,
".\ h:.t l l;.l more ct lor to tiht rumlor;
is tit s.;,ttlemiilt that the iitere.ts in com
tra, I i the Rotk Ihland have for a long
ti:.,t h l ' I a L.,r ie amoui nt of Santa 1'e
stt-tk. ,., th:,t this h bIwid g rota'slly liha
I !,:, ilt ru'i- is ,aid to have ai.lintil ,I
I.y th, !,t k iWland i'tter. .ts tliriig the
f tttr:I ,I, l !.t inII liet, loi1 tilt .stltk l l
tl H o wil, r lf l i lliw t . ;t i
K t tl ,t ii. ti il1 alp ruemttell ll' i 14,11,-%% li,;
fu 'I t .f t! t ,lp!wt'",1d c,,rps of olti'iall that
(,tt., ',.,llll i, a th ill , a l lt him for
iht ,-I ,him itration lot hl, railroads, ht litcve.
tl..ti Iu I , of a railruid otilh ial is
truling :1 rilr ,ad. lif making stock.;
matt . Il1 I w:,, in t r itwed olt long lII
by i itl'p. tour \\ li, a.ktd maily tliestiins
albutl t til r , ,iltad, a lini-hed his series
,.lth this I ne:
"'\\hta do.1 s think ilt , stlck will 1,t..
" ' uIt's moving iow.' said the genu rill
man:ett r. '\We haul .we'-ral hundred cars
a day into Kan-as City. They cmplaiiin
that the cowlihiols are io just right -
"'I ' ltanil the cecurities the stocks,' ii,
tterrlptl d the reporter,
".Mr. IHardihg smiledl, lt said disgust
edly: 'I don't know anithi g a),out it.
N htln we ilmove. ,tuck out \\ te, it helps to
pay .M1iouri Pacific dividends, but ws hen
wt nilt e it here it doen'.i' et inll tit help
anything, exttlt, perhalp, tle \\ahlorf
bar. "
J.c'lph \\'Wst, chief engineer of the
Sumnpter \Va.lley road,. is laying out a new
ton n calkld Summit, at the Iresent termi
nu. of the line.
John P'. Clizer, a fornmer t. R. & N.
fretight coutluctor rulming out of Tekon,
has stcred ..pl,,yvment with the Northern
Pacific it Mis"oula.
Alfred \\ hit.ey, son of the ernteral pas
semepr ;iaget of the (;reat Northern, ae
colmpatuitd bl y a :;rrinmmton Nelson, arrived
in `ptkane Siiunday in a private car amwI
will to to ilrith m t oluimhia on an ut ti',
SCana;lian N.rtherm suirveyor, wiho t.re
operatitng Isatr \\ ite \\'hale lake, ostln
silly (,it their 'ay tio the Yellowvhcad p,:s,
have Ieturntid to Ilmhtotm,.lon, anlld are rui
ning a line towards Athalmbasca landing,
tvidtntly ,itn their Hay to the line river
C. i.. J .oink, suplrintelndettt of the
northern divimon ofi the (;reat Northern,
lta bete it conntelted with that road longer
than at y othe r superitltendent. lie he.
came a statiui agent of the roadl in 186mt,
sanll has spuent 3.4 consecutiv\' years in the
service of the (treat Northern.
To Stattic nti retun ..................
JTo 'lmiitta and th i ..... ,9.30
To P mll t.and and return .......... .. 30.30
•Totr \ mconv tr and rttaur .................. 334.5
To Victoria and retn .....................
(hi sale August 14, Is antd 16. Returning
good 3l dayts. For infrmation and tickets
call at or addilc's City 'licket (ificte, 4t Nolth
sttain Strect. \\ . .. Meech, C. P. &T. A.
Week Ending Excursions via Great Nor.
thern Railway.
Round trip n or Doulder, good golnt
kdturday or Suniar , returning until
M onday .............. ............S-., ,
lound trip Batin or ilolder, good loing
d eturn g on un a ................. .
Jathrs and retura, good giing Saturday
or iunday, rt Monday........... t.
,, evortise Your Wants in Inter Mountain
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Ing upon them--with that sain across the small of the back that rrows worse instead
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RLWAYV PIRST CONSULT the Eminent Doctors and Specialists at the Yellek Medical Instle
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Medical Institute for the cure of diseases of men In the west.
Yellek Medical Institute N. E. CornSor o W. Broadway adnd Montana
Itrsi ta. But:el Montai m
OF $500,000,000.
\\ :1e n; t, L .i'. . .. , In . i,, it rI lt
it s ktl t|'l t It tII Itlh in l h, I.i\,l iti
1|1 fr l,\t' l 'n t . ft i I I]," , it . t lilt
;millns oI thl' rlati i i i ll, l , t .I';ir i1t .
ove.(r $ 0 nonII~~nIII. Ih spitet he( . II( ·1 tjlat the(
'..' int i, pit l, t . 1, t la iii lli I r1,.; t 1i t. ih,.
ih thi , Ir'ila''lis" .h u r.
)i ' fl he' m ianl tr,,htll , Ilalt sllow cl-n
(sonsth natur ml~l . aper is the w a. its of~ 11(
fl,*lil lilr(. ;I11 lll clllfl): 'l ih1(1 |ill' ()1 .llr'l *
la.hr. Att.11 .m1111, e i. Ir II Il.v.e 1;1, . 11m.u t I
m ,.n fn,,n Zuluh l,,nl arw l h ,,,, Ill mis',il. l,. .
in Rhil h I -i *. blllt I i tli h lll,' su, . a in, ai
ill *I.tllinl f r f la tlt: I e . poIl.,ill |heill raIil
rnio ilr. ;lI ;itiIl h ishi , tl t, t nls ll Ii th' .l,, tr
no1'y to tlh ' nlll . 'i hel nl t 1 h1. 111 1 ,1 h,'nil l
ls,,ih: l lt b h, hi.'h .uses s an11 l ;o. , ' I .Ihn :
plr,,l 'idh'd h ' tl.,w ul lil. ry lnlth lt l ,~It I in
the. \;Iwr, m111,I ilr(. I.r . hi llr tlll to tl; Ir i
Ultr rlt l T it " at ,. ).
' t L'll r Ill II inI( 1 h t , 0 ., 11 ,I 1*, . ' I
1001~. 1( 1. 1'41I pra t t . s h sub lie t'u h e
liillif IllI). II,*I( i 11(.Lhl l, lll I*III lrilhr ,ip-~
lin r .III t. 1:• I . hlt t1 . . rt nol,·, l l I.*p
pllin'r. , to th nn u II am';. rlhyr :llotll .l.. , · 1 I'f
li erm. l i l . \ .Ir than ,l llll. ill ) ,,
\;h 11' Ih 1.th.1:. llh i lll Ill' J I ,;~ l r.l .irl~l . ,,v 11.
il i \ nt}.' not( ar, ! id l'l :l iii r , t;If ,, t.l 1.
'lI b I'i, ,l. r $ i 1, ,, h h a s irly -L ,,,, ,
Il,,. -, ;l rll ;sp ; .ll. ,ilu th ,it ill ; ia'i it e
I,:,. wii. , i, a II a I th.' i, IIb t I. - m us,
N im , ih y l ol l ;ot fill , Ill li l 1nr to lh r .Illll
-how. Ih it liit l e r a ,if I oni~~t~ smilats wer'
minhi'l. 4.ihil,1 ;t ,ver" $1;.com, n.,, Tlhis
i. , dl'll. iM ,, of . is r r , ii ili thr to tal
utitll ii. t r her ' w ,l il <1 lul ii ith
llihll bll'lille o, lhn .l I *iill;'e ini thi pllrw
e, hrol by t he l s o $ii.l' loae Ih.' $1 iI of th.
Ill w illlnll s. IhI I'i. illiu r ;iii L oltihnry itl ill.
usl al{ lhnilth il r ,$.li o. I\ ill ni.,l iii ah
stli eshlt, ili h a, I'. til iI, ,,,, n, . 1,,,,ht ,,f lhli
hing mlltlriall, sn ltiat th,.rl is nio hkll,. -
hlood oi f aill Hayt'll' Ilclros in t elt' w ,rll'
u pI p l tl y o if \ ;li , 1,s .
Tlhe" rl, lort t lll. if ilu i r I sr. t ;:ilt mlio t
vailuihll. Iill• of ,li~minl,,isl i.,.r b~rougiht to
dirii'ctlrs iof wi chi.l we'lre si rcul',l to kuliw
thie ilianliity iof diamiionidl IIZ i'l,. lry tol till
i cerl,..in mlll:luire.' llibea oniiill of1 ;ill k~iiill
we~re pt l l ill jilu t i li uinledl ;il it wal.
thtus cailcl'tllill thilt ai w'hic inrter of1 sliil
anln alsl~ w'ubtl l weighl i it.,li',lin art,;lilt i i,
haive. an ;ipproxiimi,:le v-aihne iof abolut $;5.,
iiTacomal, t.\Vah.. An,. 5.--h arry R.
Ilentders.n, trtinterly iprominenlllt through
out lioloradio. has arrivedi here with de
tails of a fa;lll ustly rich placer discov
ery ;made last faill a;t the hIase of lMount
.McKincy. netar thlie h'adisatrs of KuIsk
ohk ins river.
Ilendersoin di.t esu to pnhliish the exact
locatioln f ihe creeks wh re the ghold is
found so plentifully until hlie can take
in miachinery ansd secire the heit location..
lie will rush Illn llinitry dowin the \it
knl,. lanl thlit te usr ian i - mile portage
to Kuiskok ianim Iiver, atle dig it ti the
creeks on which the gold t',disco.ery was
Ilen tdlsisn ,a n he foitd not ionly placer
('hl., but sisinnaar, cllpp r, cal anid o il
as well. lie unhtisitaltiugly declares he
hlas mide onie of the mlist ismport:anlt strikes
in the Notth. The ipoorest gravel found
ws ill run 7" celts peTr cubic' yard.
h.enderson is 5. ,ears old. and was one
iof thet first inun i n the famoutts Creedc
I(Col.) district, in which he madle $.50so..
ooo in three years, The wheel of fortune
turned against him. and three years ago
lie went to NoIme. ll is Kut-koksi i strike
was made last SeptembeIIr.
In l)cemier llendtrrson traveled 2oo
miles over ice and 5snow to mail a letter
to his partner here telling of the discov
The trip cost him the lire of a valuable
dig, whse death lie mourned almost like
a human being.
Only four other mnt know tlte lucation
of lcnderson's placers, all of them leing
in the district. When Ilenderson depart
ed, April I, they had taken out $5,ooo by
hand rocking.
A report on the mineral production of
British Columbia during the year :90o
has been made to the state department by
United Sittes Cons.ul Smith ait Victoria.
The statistics given are taken from the
official report of the provincial minister of
mines, and show that for the first time
it r, c atlll.l s, i n it" st itili try . l ' I
Il th prel d ing p ar.
( . i t ut I ,Ii . n. i, l, s' 's L i it I si lli . .
i t rsl', :itItIi I1l/s - a. I r m ining;t . I 1
S.hl 1, 1 I' m 'i. 11n 1 :1 : 1.1.11 o f the it i. : If
,,ll Iii IIt ill it . I ' .1w . 1I't r p i, lll
l rI,. d sI rt, .n -t i"a ' , ani t te. i ;1
pI , i-.s t .slt i I .,, iIs t it ili t- r i s I r.t
I 11 I5 '. 11 ..'l . ,I I , . t i Vr ishiiiit f .r .
fI t.l ( ' 1.,t I I.1 In r si t elr rl , l - r
. si sl sit7 1 I , I s- I - a11111 t1 , .1 r1i-v si1 - .
s i,111 I t a 1i ' tl . " i 1i i ri I l 'it ri,
hin g i t ":n i 'l i I n i t i' s 's- 1 i r l' l tit .I
1 t., n h o ib t I I. ,i.t. fit :L peIl r c silt in I li,
I'..,I, . -.. .1. 5 p l , ,, . w ort-, h $1.1 -.
i s,,, i. s`.$ pl t r tri, i, ' 5l, I,,t,;
1 , ,s , is- 'I .- l,' h I1 t i i ,, ,4.. 1 t a. • 4..i as , r
( III, roke. .4 I 111,r. I.`1 11-, I" '. lin at $ ip
', .. illle ,,I7 .7 l' r I is t. and 1i It ' s ,
ih 1.1,iH , .ill , i.hll ,1I at $4 0 1,i-1i, wt i.hl
i- ,il i r1''t , 1l I;s plr t.tit. At- l l,.hsili
11 the t111.11 . sit pull $7 So.. ", am ne
il-h i1' hiti: I tllt1 :' I l iti pr('I lt
Iol,' 1f \V .lI Ivis thr ti ; - yEt iade in
11t 11 .tos'. s-I ri. t t :.1. at , 11 j s. t . 1 yI .
lt ill illil it ',I " . .i ll, i l.. wll il i y.ll .I,."L
.v'ir , l. 1 's c, 9l- irll .' .isli it Alit l s . lt ,ta
Ir tl,, . lr, \\.1 .i . It .i $ ,l . s c ti l 7 .7
I"s. l '1i i 5 ( I i , - 4'I i i n lt'l "sls.
Sll c" I" i-lls 'h ;i i . s ' lt , llitisi sh.i ll
i'ir si - 11 ,1s i nu-s ti imt'. ss l i1 of
thi, I.;,,i II. .:I1 ," 11 l ,it i ' :I i l l I ,' l' li.: i 1 1 "
hiw o I.lls, as Mr I ,,1 ; I IWi ii,: i, I
ill,' 1'lý i. il "I{;l , :. 1\,\ is i l ,n ,I .I . l 1:, Si.) . -
the toils i sl Ia isil t ' si -ti . . - r,
1t. * ia-csI -1 c. ssl.r $ 1; ,5 st. s -I i' .iI
$r..c' ., 'l . lug, p r,.. , I I' .5o Il a ,il
iss.s. ls h. , 'sun 4.
o',,Ir it,, lprioei,. \ "... T.- t' , Is
b \1-: n sl -it its1,.i.1 i this citv 1.- rX -
l i,'d ,s t , o, i .'i l' s i , fslt- - the ',,
At\l ',lt i t<, Rle h il'u tii e,'pilaly oif I tr
I\\ s t, s '., hicih " 1ius toI h iave s (
I.. th..t h ill ret~,luti, iii,' ti cs fpr lit
, 5 ', - , ti r ati,,lii t . l, Irt ,l t re Il-i ,S -
h1 ,l1', 11 t ' :h tl r I. i'' t , ast' ! Is,.
5 l' t 1 \ ine 11o11- wh'i sn{ I1
lic%% unce t-,-s c llnn that td is a''.5is
ch 'nical tihils ini. tt a I tof being in ci'st i ,i.
tlilti I ith ollther c s- ulstas li , aiit i ,.-it
ttill thll thy ci:l i -tr't ri'efractoi ry ri- it
$ i pt r tu, plus crushi-ing tchargii.
I hey i'' rll 'st ithe a \',iii people' tot - ,:
Ill s l-s inie' if ri lcsi ois - lry fire ir t'\:, -si
Ii'nt, will h biihl their c,1 in s he lli ci .
ia cs rlo.st l l t similir si..tk will s be se t i ,
thim ft r tr1,tt ti. nt. s the cliompany till
priaIly t- rs-t at mill ,it Ctripple Isis- I
alssil the Ilit xp rihicisi't Irue ienltirsly r si
Trly. Aug. 5.- Iterr Larson of I.;ir-i.n
& I irt inough, ig lilt hi'vl ' sitiled the 1I, ,
II. rit i-c iear Tr -y,. ,luhich is nIOW ill it
il.gal isagle to ,lrsvcn-tt the sales , wIs ini
Klalispell recently i to inte.rview thel , 1's -
nlisilners ill regard tI the condiitsi sf
th' roasts s t h is line.
The lit hais etl-tn expendinil tg it ls,-i1
deal oi f . i tny on the riiatlds aliln s;ass
a tk I the u' itty tol give siste asst-i",ist',
iii tithe work. They arte empniiloying ;hs'it
.i' instl in developmeniiii t work, which thley
a ill pushi as; fi.st as possile.
'liht-y iare also arranr ging to puti ill is ,!itn
on t'lilaglian rttek that will give atll , ill
asle 71s' horse-poweir for t'operating a ~1'
lton contentraitsr, which will ie lsult is.
tsoon as the macthiinery can lie gotts ia inl
the ground.
'They expect to expend ait leaist $-.i.,s no
in insprtvti'en'tst. Whens the mlti' asnd
concentsrst'r are reatlly to libegin operti its lis
they y ill iemploy ait eItast .:uo men.
Basin, Aug. .--Charles llopkitn of
Elkhorn ha;s taktn a lease and bondl on
the l)unston mine near Elkhorn and put
on a force of men to develop the prop
crty. The I)unston mine at one time was
one of the largest contributors to the win
ing output of the Elkhorn district.
Al S. Ray and associates have com.
mentced work on the Cataract about two
miles northeast of Basin.
A hoi-t will be installed immediately
and the shaft sunk to the 500 foot level.
Ore running as high as $70 to the ton
has been shipped from the Comstock and
it is expected that when water level is
reached a large body of high grade collper
ore will be uncovered.
Excursion Rates to Greogon Springs.
Every Saturday hereafter, until further
notice the B., A. A P. Railway will make the
following round-trip rates to Gregson Springs:
Anaconda to Grepson and return.......... toe
Butte to Gregson and return...............
Tickets good on all trains from noos Satur.
days until noon leoadays.
I' .v, Aug. I ;. --.\ .trikt of considtra1le
n a,li;l ind l hls jilt t,'n nu1,le (on what
i' klnown as the I.clnrIl olttpll, ill the
l't,ioi clai;n. one of th , group.
I lit ing the pa;tst ~inner lMr. IColltard
.b1 it ,tu sinlking ;ii inclin shalt with
a force ,.f five elln alilel hy n "* hip."
ever whlt Leonard lhimielf was clhief
t'1!. i11l'c ro
\h int to days ago, neor t1he Ilottllm of
h i,,lini. itr , inchets of very high grade
ir,. ;'alali ; n ye Ilow irO , the best ctar
o b,-r of 'hl ore prioduced on the hill.
,ih w ill ,tor:oue inll flrNol 1ts meilt
$1 n a ton. vans un overed, and ta carload
i a ltaly ' tithe duI i for hipmlJtE t, the
c. r now hIingl loaled.
"I his strike was made ten the west end
linl of the ()regon anlldl further dtten1
Irt e then fact. if that werle needed. that
tte great lode's cuttting thr(ouglh .Miineral
hill Ire oil trite issulre veins.l
W. J. J. Sewell
Contractor aend
Cabinet Work. Store
and Office Fixtures
Jobbing a Specialty
Shop 222 E. Park
U Baesnent
's'hone No.. IO16MB.
Thirtee.th do:ter of China from grand
fath-r d.wn. ,orn and sc'hooled I
thle rofsion. Treats all diseases,
a ingt a srcciat*y of chronic troubles.
Co. ult te. sa7 Suuth %Main St.
Pr.ctica' Un:ertaker and Embal.ner.
s4o W. Park St.. Butte. Phone 3o7
W. A. Clark. J. Ross Clark.
Tran'acts Ceneral Banking Business.
Buy gold dust, gold bars, silver bul.
lion and local securities.
Boxes for rent in safe deposit vault.
Sell exchange available in all of the
principal cities of the Unitec. States
and Europe.
Special attention given to col:ee.
The First National Bank
Of Butte
(Established 1879.)
Capital - - $200,009.03
Drafts drawn on all principal cities :f
the world and letters of credit issued.
ANDREW J. DAVIS....... Preslent
JAMES A. TALBOTT..... Vice-Pres.
E. B. WEIRICK.........Cashier
J. S. DUT-'(N.....Assistant Cashier
John A. Crelghton..........President
G. W. Stapleton........Vice-President
T. M. Hodgens ...............Cashier
J. O. Hodgens.......Assistant Cashier
R. B. Nuckols.......Assistant Cashier
Under state supervision and Jurlsdleo.
tion. Interest paid on deposits.,
Sells exchange available In all the
principal cities of the United States
and Europe. Collectlons promptly at.
tended to. Trmansact a general banking
Directors J. A. Creighton, Omabts
G. W. Stpleton, A. H. Barret, E. D.
Levitt S. V. Kemper, T. M. Hodgens4
J. O. jiodgens.
Corner Main and Park Streets, Butte.
Established tlls. Incorporated tgos.
Capital.. .$100,00003
Banking Business
JOHN D. RYAN .. ...President
OHN R. TOOLk.....Vice-President
. C. SWINBORN B..........Cashier
R,. A. KUNKEL.... Assistant Cashier
Butte. Mont.
Under state supervision. Five per
cent interest, payable quarterly, paid
on deposits.
Money to Loan on
Real Estate
P. AUG. HEINZE......... President
A. B. CLEMENTS............ Cashier
C. R. Leonard, Pres. T. R. Hinds, V. Pres
Fayette Harrington, Cashier.
Silver Bow National Bank
CAPITAL 8100.000.03)
This bank solicits accounts, offers
prompt ncod careful attention to business of
customers. Collections promptly attended
to and remitted for on day of collections.
Sell foreign and domestic exchange, trans.
acts a general uanking business, pay in
terest on the deposits.
Directors-Charles R. Leonard, F. Aug.
Heinze, S. Marcheaseau, it. Balmforth R.
A. Louis, C. W. Newton, T. R. Hinds, Joho
MacGinniss, Fayette Harrington.
..1 Observation Cars
IElectric Lighted
Steam Heated
S -North LimitedC........ pI p. • p.
No. sI 'B a ,r lingltoa
E:press........ :p.m. a :p.m.
No. p--htitter Root
'ocal. ...... . . ........ p. ,
No. 1a--T w i a City
..... . ........
Limited......... Ie am41 I s.
Sleeper for this
train open at
:No for recap.
tiun of passen.
No. 6- u r lnton
~Pr~e......... alts8 pm.m I:4. am
No. t- tter Root
l.o.J . ....Is p.m. .
Ho. 14--Tw in City
Express .......*......... ..4 p .
SDaly except _ unday,
No. I -Nubth Coast Limited. rom St
Paui and Eastern lets, to the Pacmeo coast.
No, 2 -.North -oast Limited, from tbs
'Ecific coast to St. Paul, Iuluth and principal
Eastern points.
No. 5 -Uurlinrton Express, from Kansas
City and all B. ... R. pLoits. and all N. P.
points west of Billings to Seattle and Tacoma
No. 6 --Burlington LEpresa, from Tacoma
and Seattle to Baliingsa .l B . ds H. J iL.
P( iots.
No. 7 --litter Root LoesS starts from Butte
for Misouls. Hamilmuto sand all Intermediats
No --Bitter Root Local, from HamJltn
end l'hilipshurg.
No. 13 -LoeS i eon e on from Twein ,ltt
Express from St. Paul sad al1 Eastern p0tts.
No.14-Local connection with wilL City
EL ress for St. Pauland all polnt st.
Passeneera for Twin Brtdge, Sheridan,
Alder. ony and Norris branch;es leave ut-e
os oo. 1r and arrive in Butte from tbhs
points on No. is. Tralns on these branches do
not rua Sundays.
Gneral Agent, corne ain. and Park. street,.
Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul Railway
•-- T o----.
Overland Limited
Omaha to Chlcago and
Pioneer Limited
St. Paul to Chicago
All agents sell tickets via the Milwalkee
For low rates to all points address
Commercial Agent, Helena, Mont.,
N. W. P. A., St. Paul.
Six Million Dollars Spent by the
U. P. R. R. Co.
In improving what was originally the
finest track in the West.
A comparatively straight and level
roadbed, ballasted with dustless Sher.
man granite, rendering possible the
highest rate of speed, together with the
greatest degree of safety. The msgni.
tude of the work must be seen to be
Solid comfort, security and pleasure to
our petrons.
If so you cannot afford to ro via anw
other than this ROYAL HIGHWAY.
Further information on application per.
sonally or by letter to
H. O. WILSON, O. S,. L,
Butte, Montana.
The latest, prvducts of the
Pullman shops are now run
ning every night between
Chicago, St. Paul and Minne
apolls on the new electric
lighted "Great Western
Limited." These cars are
extra large and easy riding, the
interior furnishings are of a
simple elegance which appeals
to all. All berths are supplied
with electric lamps for reading.
The dressing rooms are large
and commo
For further In
formation apply
to J. P. Elmer,
General Passen
ger Aent, Cli.
I cago, IL
The Best frlend
The Northwest
Ever Had
"The Road That Made the
Northwest Famous."
For St. Paul, East and West,
For Si. Paul, E.it aVd est,
daily .......V T. 8 :oop. m
From St. Paul, East and
West. daily ........1.... :4 .
From St. Paul, East and
West, daily ............ :.
City Ticket Office. No. 41 North Mats
Street, Butte. W. R. MEECH,
C. P. and T. A.
Pullman, Dining and
Library Car Route to
And All Eastern Points
Short Line To
Colorado, Arizona and Mexico
San rancisco, Los Angeles
(Ocean or Real.)
Rod All Pacife Soeast Posits
No. 9....6:4o p. m .1o. 8 *..4:45Pp.A.
No. 7... a:4S a. m.INo. so....a;os a m.
Ticket Office 105 N. Main Street
Butte, Montana.
Denver & Rio Girando
and the
Rio Grande Western
Travel During Pall
and Winter Seasons
The icurney to the East via Salt Lake
City and along the shores of the Greet
Salt Lake through beautiful Glenwood.
Colorado Springs and Denver is one o
uninterrupted delight in winter as well
as in summer. In fact, the fall and winter
seasons add but a new grandeur and charm
to tl.a travel scenes and infuse an element
of variety and beauty to the unsurpassable
wonders along the Rio Grande Western
and Denver & Rio Grande lines. Through
sleeping and dining car service. Person.
ally-conducted weekly excursions. For
rates or information aPPl to
General Agent.
Ticket Ofice:-47 E. Broadway, Butte.
Atchison,Topeka &
Santa Fe Ry. Co.
3 'rrains Daily
From Denver to Kansas City and Chi.
cago. Also the direct line to Galves
ton, El Paso, City of Mexico and the
miining camps of New Mexico and Ar.
For particulars about REDUCED
RATES EAST this sunmuer apply to
General Agent 4Ot Dooly Block, Sal
Lake City., UtJtab.

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