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utt Takes an LATEST SPORTING NEW Ft Thinks
One From Salt Lake . NW Corbett WWl Get Hurt
Salt Lake ls the frt ne tt gamIe If h crire to
uitte yeaterdaiy. The viiitir% were baily
crlppled and the It. l m eam woiln eaily.
1)atii aid I) ottahue, two oif Salt I.Lake'. het
ftrn, were otlut if tIhe gam yel.terdcly and thhir
abtence w'a keenly felt.
RIeach pitched I a A.d game and nwas frec
ti\r. L.undhohm wa. giv n poor .Irpport )Y
thi l i fitor in the early part of the ilgame.
The ionly crror made bIy the IButte teamli wat
Rutnkic' wild throw to flir.t hii. cre:
IL'TTi E- AIt. N. II. I'l. A. I{.
Ward, h................s a 0 3 (
La4 HRoque. 3l ......... a o o 4 I 0
)fcK 'vitt. rf........... 4 0o 3 o
Shafter, thI.............. 4 0 o aI I
Wilmnt, If ............ 4 i a I a a
Swindtls, c............ 4 a a n O
aunkler, t ............. 4 I 4
M clel.l, eI ............. 4 a 4 o a
f "ach, p........... ... 4 I I I 0 2
Ttal. ............ 7 t 1 27 s11
.\TI. LAKE - .A1, I. II. I'1. A. I:.
\ r,1, . - .... ....... .. S n 0 3 2 a
]:lannery. 3 ........... 4 i i I a n
Dalvi, ab ........... 4 o o a 6 i
Inly, f .................. 4 2
Anderr , ......... . 4 o 3 13 0 a
uik I ............... 4 n I 3 " a
hin, ................. 4 i I 4 0 I
('tlly, rI............... 4 o a I i a
].undhtohm, i .......... 3 o O O a 0
Tital.......... 36 I o 14 la "4
Sct.rt biy inning-:
Salt Lake............ no n a n o a a
Ilutte....... ......... o3 a o a oa 7
Summary: Earned runs Salt I.ake. I;
lButte, a. Sa.r'lice hit. La R,,que. Stolen
batae- Ward. TEa. htrie hit Wtard, Flanniery.
Ias.aed lahl -Shta. I. I litthle pilays Ihnvia to
Wrcd to Altler.-,i. I irut Bite on erri r .
itiintte, s. 'Thre h.e hit Wilmot. ltStruck out
-|ly .ulndhohm, 4; by I'.ach, .. Left 1,
ba.e.--S-lt Lake. o; IUllne, 6. iltI by pitcher -
L.olhb,,hm, I. I1rie if game (hine hor and
lir. \Veather- I:,r.
Ity A.S:o 'IA ID PHI,,.
Seattli, Aug. 5. Ilhelcn hit tMaupin hard
esterday and wit o it. Seattle i. cripphld by
bating Stanley andl .McNicholt olut of the mallle
0n account of tIjurica, but put up a stubborn
,ight neverthclc--. 1'Utlimanln Ittuck out 14
axin. Score: K It I,
ea:itlt........ I o a 00 3 a a o 6 a 3
Htlena... . a o 0 3 n a ao -8 1II 4
Italttcrics-.\laupin iand II urlt y; l'ull nttlts
Ind Carisch. Lmlpire--Colgan.
Spokane, Aug. 5.-Costly errors enabled
SFlikane to gain several runs in the game yes.
tlrday afternoon. Slagle had the visitors at
his mtercy, striking out ninle of themn. 'leister
vas nut a hard ,prIpositionl. Attendance, 689.
Score: R II E
Spokane...... oa a o t a o x-- t aI
1 ricro........ t 0 0 0 0 0 I 0 o-a 9 4
B1atteries Slagle . nd Ilanont; Plister and
7tcarlos. - -
Portland 8; Sacramento 0.
'ortland, Aug. 5.-Scores R II I
'uortlaltd...... I a s a a o x- 8 to a
Sancramt n...., oa o a a o a o 0--o 6 4
L'atteries-Mclarlanie nndl \'igncux; tllack
and tGiahiam. L npire Levy.
Seattle 7; San Francisco 4.
Stattle, Augl 5.-Score: It II IE
Fettle........ a 0 3 0 s 1 0 X-7 9 a
'ri.co........ ao t no a o -4 6 a
liatteries-ltughts aindtl ettegcer; L.indsay
iand Kelly. -
Los Angelee 0; Oakland 1.
(.Oakland, Aug. .-.tore: ItI
I.t A.ngilt.s. 0 0a a o o 0 0 0-0 a 3
Oakland...... s ot u o o n o o--- 8 a
Iatteries.i . l)rinkwater and Spies; Lee and
.( , t, II . i
Cleveland 2; Detroit 5.
(lI\tl.ind, .\tAg 5. 5Score: I II
Ch i t I nu ................................ . 3
hic a o,,t ................................. 5 9 a
liitrin, Ihtahue and Abbott; ttMullin, Kit
son ul. I .\ndt(ct utie.
t-0 oeleoi3 IL-E I I a-C ·ma ,
St. I.,tti. Aug. 5.. :irt game- II l:
St. I. ...................................... 6
( hicagoo .................................. u 3 0
ltatterica-P.litwell atd Sitgiden; latteraot anod
Slattery. Sectoad gamne-- it I K
St. Louis............................... a S
Chicago............................... 4 8 3
Itatterics-Ecvans and Kahoc; Aldrich andl
Chicago 1; Pittsburg 0.
(hicago, Aug. 5.- Score: R I Ii
Chicago.................................t 5 I
l'ittsburg............................... o 4 a
Batteries--Menef* e and Kling; Phlilippi and
Smith. Umpire-.Moran.
Scrofula manifests itself in many ways. Swelling of the glands of the
neck and throat, Catarrh, weak eyes, white swelling, offensive sores and ab.
scesses, skin eruptions, loss of strength and weakness in muscles and joints.
SIt is a miserable disease and traceable in almost every instance to some
family blood taint.
Scrofula is bred in the s rofula appeaerd on th hbsd of my
bone is transmitted ttle grandohlld when ony 1 months
bone, is transmitted old, and spread rapidly ovr her body
from parent to child, TIe disease noext a taoked tho eyes n
the seeds areanted in w eared she would lose her iht.
the seeds are planted in n hn d siians were consulted, but
infancy and unless the cl d-o nothing to relieve the little in.
blood is purged and pu nooent. It wasnthen that we decided to
blood is purged and pu- tr . . That medi at onoe made
rifled and every atom of a speedy and oomplete curs. She is now
the taint removed Scrof- ao the dilsy and has never had a i
ila is siseat a to return.
ula is sure to develop at othth et. MRS. RUTH A T
somc period in your life. 180 South tsh Street. aan.
Noremnedy equals S. S. S. as a cure for Scrofula. It cleanses and builds
up the blood, makes it rich and pure, and under the tonic effects of this
gri.at Blood Remedy, the general health improves, the digestive organs are
"z joi:. r:d 1 glands is carried oif as soon as the blood
Si ru. t::< 1 t > a neonl:al condition, and the sores, erup
"J t,, an c.1 ther symptoms of Scrofula disappear.
:. ;.8. f. is gou::r -1 pI :-. y vegetable and harmless; an ideal blood
purifier and toa;c t'.;,t i.rnov.,,'c ,el blood taint and builds up weak constitu
tions. Our physic.ians will advise without charge, all who write us about
thJeir case. Jook mailed i, e.
Well, well, Bfutte finiihedr thnt little
work-out at the (ardens yesterday with
out breathing hard.
Remember now it was last week F low
thick nulI impenletrable was tile gloomm?
Nobordy attlling and San Francisco admin
istering the hot w,,llops for three straight
games.. It looknld ais if some one hd ishut
nlf the suilight for a time, but that wias
seve ral days ago uinl time wirks wondlers.
'llhese Salt l.akers are a ge.ulial lot of
gentlIl(t.Ie, aniud we hate to elii it, but we
ne,, filte gml s.
'I lie l tte,: fat.s wold have liked very
mumch tlo iee Jim, (eynioli with his hbll
team this trip.
IFor Ithlit Iuervoius feeling iof iItprehen
sion, try a game ofI hall with the Salt
l.ke la0l1.
hiiite has an ex tlliint chance of getting
hack to the ld iposuit ion at the head of
the column i week. los Angeles is
playing at l'. lla anid cwian hardly d1o bet
ter than break even. ilod, steady playing
here at hmie ought to m:ake up the differ
ence of three lgalm.n httween thie two letradil
ers. lrhen wheni they ente.-r the stretch for
the pennil;lit. lilue will have just a ,shade
the lit t of it.
Jimmiie Itritt awl Jack O)'Keefe are still
te g llig tlhe phlic' why they didn't light last
weeck. ( Keefe says he is a young man
andi in growing atul that he was. fooled by
the climate down in tCalifornia. Ilritt has
just chewed up several dictionaries :and has
begun oin a (Chine.se lexicon, saying lthat lihe
won't tight welterweights uaul that
()'Kreefe's fort to go into the ring weigh
ing like a truck horse is a species of hold
up with a bhigger ipercentage of highway
robbery. The only peoplec who are ap
parently satihlied with the way matters
turndl oult are tihose wlho got tlheir imoney
hback ait the: hox oflice. It's really too bad.
Jamies J. Cirlbett is now through his
I1 A.S lo 'IAII') I'R .SS.,
Tal.nt. AII.~ . Ihatlting hloniiri wrre quite
(f'llt yerlrdiay. LosJ Angetle did mont of thettr
stiklkwork %i hiI hit, ntmant run., bunching
g",od hit. with T'acnoma's irr(or.. ''hcre were
te viral pieie.i of t.i s.ational fielding, chdti of
which ,w.i It, ill' a onc handed grab of 11I1
Iiid's fiercC lille lit at larm' lengthi over hil
head. dutiblinlg ltycr atit secondl. Illdhhrantl
iitcheld greait ball, striking outt 14 mnlll The
store: I1 E
i.Los Aclug. I I oao o I a-g9 9
Tacoma.......... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-2 t0 5
liattcrie's lllhhl brand and II. Iilidebrand;
St. Vrain anId Ilyer. t'mnpire-Ilall.
'" I4'
.ll.\ \'IF S..--One of hf I ," handsome road horses that will take part in the program
of the Iitte DThiving club nert Sunday at the ra,ce track. Minnie S., by Arthur
Wilkes, dam by Stam It., owuhed and driven by John Sco/illc, is a chestnut pacer.
Great things are expected of her.
Chicago, .ng. S.-.fter an exccdingly up
hill fight inI tlhe ir rounld for thie (;lenview
cup in the womani't openl toturnamett it t len
vitw yevterday, .Mi' I'i -ice .nthony litally
votn iher match with MrI' . Ilrcwer, J tip anrd
to play. .Mi- Anthony wa i down ait the
second Ile. ibut ItImanlagied to recover inl tittle to
tillke tlhe maitchl even.
heavy work. From this time to the date
of his battle with Jim Jeflries he will In.
iulge in light exercises so as to bring his
speedl up to the top-notch. lie is now up
to t86V pounds, the highest weight he
will reach.
The International Lawn Tennis matches
at .Longwoodi today were postponed until
tomorrow, owing to rain.
Song of Mr. Reynolds.
When the bashall days are over for the
And the winter comes upon us cold and
I will try to cheer up then
And recall the hours when
I was not sole owner of the ball team hebe.
--Salt Lake lierald,
Manager (larke of Pittsburg is raising
a fund among the Reds for the widow and
children of the late Ed l)elehanty, Wash
ington's slugger, who lost his life recently
by falling from the international bridge
into Niagara river. The move was made
on reqtuest of Manager Tom Loftus of the
\VWahington team. Ryan, Clarke and Lof
tus of Washington have been appointed
a comtnnittee to manage the subscription
to lie raised among the haselall players of
the entire country. l)elcehanty's widow is
said to lie in distress. Considering his
earning capacity as a star on the dia
mond I)elehanty shotuli have left a con
sidcr;ble estate. but he sqiuandered all his
earnings. lie h:id been drawing nearly
$200 a week as salary. Last winter he
was rolling in wealth at the race tracks.
It is a remarkable coincidcnce that one
of the two major leagne players who are
crreditedi with imaking four home runs and
a sinlleC in live times at the lsat in a cham
pionship game should have died and the
other retired as a result of injuries almost
simultanteously. l)elehanty performed
this feat at Chicago on July ta 1"9g6,
Terry pitching for Chicago; and Love, on
.\ay ,ti. IX4,4. at ltoston, Chamberlain
pitching for l'incinnati.
Atlanticc lighlallds, N. J., Aug. 5.-Cap
tain \'rillge of Shamrock III anld Cap
tain Bcvis of Shamrock I got into a hot
contest in yesterday's race of the two
boats of Scotland lightship and the mas
terly fashion in which the clever skippers
handled the big racers delighted Sir
Thomas Lipton V well as the Erin's com
Captain Wringe, who has yet to dis
credit Sir Thomas' word that he is the
best of Great Britain's skippers at getting
a coveted position at the start, sent the
challenger over the line with the old boat
under her Ice for a to-mile beat to wind
ward., and a run home on a tattling aa
knot breeze from the southeast.
The conditions were the old boat's best
chance, and Captain Bevis fretted for sS
m:inutes while his craft was blanketed by
the fleeter-footed challenger.
Then he whirled the Shamrock I about
on the other tack. Captain Wringe fol
lowed, and again blanketed Bevis' craft.
The Shamrock I promptly tacked again,
just as promptly the challenger whirls
about. Seven tacks they made in three
minutes, each time the Shamrock III
holding the old boat under her lee,.
The seventh time Captain Bevis got
ahead on his boat while the challenger
was filling away, and Shamrock I slipped
through the challenger's.lee, and got her
wind clear, but she had not the heels to
hold it.
Shamrock Ill was still to windward and
soon overhauled her pacemaker, so, that
the latter had to tack again. Captain
Wringe did not follow, but gave his at
tention to getting to the turning ntlrk.
Up to that time the old boat had held
her own well, but afterward she rapidly
dropped astern and was beaten by two
minutes, 27 seconds, elapsed time at the
Running home to the finish line in such
a breeze as the old boat ought to be at her
hest, the cup hunter added almost five
minutes to her victory, an astonishing
San Francisco, Aug. S.-"The report
that Jeffries' leg is giving him much
trouble is untrue," said Bob Fitzsimmons
today. "The wound is practically healed
and his leg is not bothering him at all.
I.iiailly ridiculous is the report that Jef
fries is drinking wine while he is training.
I cannot understand how such stories
"Jeffries will do. Hle will win the fight
and win it in jig time. I have had an ex
cellent opportunity to look the big fellow
over, and I have no hesitancy in saying
that he is in the condition of his life-
hetter than when he fought Sharkey or
Corbett or myself. I doubt If it were pos
sible for a man to be finer physically than
Jeffries is today. I had the gloves on
with Jcffries and know what I am talking
about. lie has acquired a surprising lot
of speed and is clever.
"Mark my word, Corbett will have some
difficulty in getting to Jeffries; and what
if he does? Will Corbett hurt Jeffries?
W\ell, you might as well talk of a rabbit
hurting a grizzly bear. That's just what
JeIffries is-a grizzly bear. You can't hurt
that fellow Jeffries. You might cut him
uip and leave a mark here and there like
the bite of a mosquito, but you are not
worrying him. You are just making him
mad, and when he's that way, watch out.
A pnnch from either of those bear paws is
liable to put you out of business. Mark
what I'm telling you. I know.
Is Not Loafing.
"These hunting trips of Jeffries, while
they look to some like loafs, are nothing
of the sort. They make Jeffries work,
improve his condition in a manner that is
something surprising.
"When Jeffries is on the road he is
running half the time and climbing the
rest. His wind has so improved that he
could fight 2oo rounds, for that matter, and
be ready to continue, if it were possible to
get a man against him whose physical con
dition might compare with his. You can't
hurt this mountain of music and energy.
I tried to yesterday in our little bout, but
I very soon gave up the idea.
"There is this about it that Mr. Cor
ihect seems to overlook: One punch from
Jeffries is worth about 40 from Corbett,
and this is no exaggeration. Corbett may
he able to hit a little harder, but, as is
generally admitted, what he gains in hit
ting he will lose in speed.
Corbett's Getaway.
"The only way Corbett could keep away
from this fellow at Coney Island was by
doing master's act. It was not a genuine
give-and-take battle, as everybody knows.
What will happen to Mr. Corbett if he
drops that swift 'get-away' program and
stands up for a few exchanges? His guard
will never be able to withstand the blows
of Jeffries. A jolt from that fellow's right
will crush everything in its path.
"I don't like to pose as a prophet, but
the fight this time wot 't go ao rounds. It
won't go so. There will be some fancy
side-stepping--a series of movements
pleasing to the lover of Delsarte, and then
a big fist resembling the proportions of a
bear's paw will go crashing through a pair
of arms like fence rails and Mr. Corbett's
day dream will be over. All I hope is
that Mr. Corbctt will not have to pay
dearly in injuries for the substantial ad
vertising he has been getting. You know,
these wallops of Jeffries hurt some."
Boston, Aug. 5.-A default by one of the
Blritish players and a decisive defeat for one
of the American contestants, made the first
day's play for the International I.awn Tennis
cup at the Longwood Cricket club today not
only dull but disappointing.
It was announced that . F. Doherty had
given up his match with W. A. l.arncd be
cause of a strained shoulder. The other
brother, II. I.. Doherty, defeated the American
player, R. D. W\renn, in straight sets, 6-0,
6--3, 6-4.
The ltritish team had the option of playing
its spare man, II. S. Mahoney, in the place of
It. II. Doherty, but this would have nccessitao
ted his playing also in the second series of
singles on Thursday by which time it is ex*
pected the eldest Doherty will be in shape
Mahoney however, will take R. F. Doher
ty's place in the doubles today, playing with
If. I. Dloherty, and a close contest is antici.
pated with the Wrenn brothers.
I.eicester, England, Aug. S.-Thle Philadel.
phia cricket team won the match today against
.eicestershire by tot runs.
Pacific National League.
Played. Won. Lost. P.Ct.
l.os Angeles.......... 96 6o 36 .6a5
BIutte............... 94 57 37 .606
Spokane ........... 96 55 4 .573
S-attle ............. 95 St 44 .537
San Francisco........ 97 50 47 .515
Tacoma............... 95 40 55 .4a
elena............... 91 35 56 384
Salt l.ake ..... .... 3 sto as .3,6
National League.
Played. Won. Lost. P.Ct.
Pittsburg............ 89 30 .63
(Chicago.............. 92 55 37 S0oS
New York............ 86 50 36 .8si
Cincinnati............ 89 46 43 .5t7
hBrooklyn........... 84 42 4 .500
Boston............... 80 3 48 .400
St. Louis............. po 33 57 ,367
lPhiladelphla.......... 86 31 S .*3o0
American League.
Played. Won. Lost. P.Ct.
Bostontn................ 86 54 3a .628
lPhiladelphia.......... 86 5a 34 .60o
Cleveland.......... 87 45 42 .517
New York........... 81 41 4 .500oo
D)etroit................ So 40 40 .,50
St. Louis............. 86 40 46 .465
Chicago............ 87 39 48 .448
W\ashlington............ 87 s 1 .333
Ifyou are gotng Eat thli rsumm why nol
see Silt Lake City and Denver and the.elegant
scenery through Colorado along the lineal
the ln o Orndse system?
You can't beat t for exeellent service as
good accommodations. Only one o
cars between Butte and Chlcito Lo
rts for tes ands oy ofWt itre
C do GenaasI, O. ; , utt, oaam.
r .u Apai at ]elt'_.
Very few persons have any correct oonception of the numerous mala
dies which result from an impaired or diseased oondition of these glands.
Nor do they understand that a great many troubles from which they
are sufferers, that they attribute to other souroes, or that they are not
able to locate at all, are direotly traoeable to disorder and disease of these
organs. Designed to carry out of the system certain deadly poisons, by
separating the urine from the blood, it is easy to understand why diseas
and death speedily follow an Improper performance of their function in
the body. As a result of Imperfect action of the kidneys, and a retention
of poisonous matter in the blood, many serious and fatal diseases manifest
themselves, as Rheumatism, Paralysis, Dropsy, Bright's Olsease, Heart
Disease, Lame Baok, Skin and Blood Trouble, Abnormal Growths, Ab
scesses, Uloers, Neuralgia, Nervousness, Cold Hands and Feet, Female
Weakness, Eto. Then troubles generally approach so slowly as ecaroely
to be noticeable, and excite but little concern until a very serious stage is
The usual eymptoms are general debility, lose of flesh, weakness or
pain in the small of the back; red, pale or dingy urine, either Increased or
diminished in quantity; diffioult and painful urination; pain in the stomaoh
and vomiting of peculiar substanoes; periodical headaohe; dry, parched
mouth, thirst, anxiety and restlessness, cold hands and feet, Inability to lie
on right side, emaoliation and loss of strength.
Diseases of the kidneys assume many different oompl~oation that
can not always be readily distinguished by the outward manlfestatlons,
making a careful mloroscopical and chemioal examination of the urine ab
solutely neoesoary, as the only reliable means of diagnosis.
Those who have any reason to believe that they have the least
trouble with these organs should not delay in having a thorough examina
tion made at once, as such diseases almost Invariably prove fatal unless
checked by prompt and skillful treatment.
My treatment of these troubles has been reduced to a solence, and
any one consulting me will be told at once the nature and extent of their
trouble; and by placing themselves under my professional care will secure
such treatment as will speedily remove the cause and restore them to per
foot health.
For More Than Fifteen Years
I have made a special study of the above conditions. Nervousness, sleep
lessness, nerve prostration, mental despondency and other neureathenio con
ditions are in most cases directly traced to derangements of these organs.
If You Are Suffering
Consult the doctor who has made a special study of chronio diseases.
Dr. Nororoes has out the prioe of office fees, and he now treats all
diseases and furnishes all medicines for the small sum of $10 a month.
Consultation and Examination Free.
Corrne Rooms p-to--t, Owsley Block, Butte.
San Francisco, Aug. .--Jeffries, influ
enced by that celebrated tamer, Robert
Fitzsimmons, has added a new stunt to his
training, says Robert Edgren, the well
known sporting writer. lie has a a-year-old
brown bear staked out near his cottage,
and when not on the road spends much
of his time reducing the brute to a state
of civilization.
JetTries' methods are now in line with
,his work in the ring. The bear is begin
ning to wear an air of dejection, and Jef
fries himself has become nearly tame.
A few days ago the bear had a mix-up
with an aggressive bull terrier. Jeffries
rushed in and reduced the dog, when the
bear turned upon him. Bruin's first lead
was a snap that put two rows of tooth
marks in the champion's left forearm. In
the mix-up that followed he grabbed Jim
by the calf. The bear chewed and Jef
fries tried to break away. When he suc
ceeded he landed a right hook to the
bear's jaw, putting him down for the
count. The bear was game, but the
smashes that disabled Sharkey's ribs soon
had him down again and willing to be
counted out.
Jeffries had his leg cauterized and band
aged and it is healing slowly.
Today there is one hole made by the
bear's teeth that has not yet closed. It is
large enough to hold a man's little finger,
and Jeffries still limps from the effects of
Jeffries says he will tame that bear and
Buggies, Surreys, Runabouts, Road Wagons,
Delivery Wagons, Btc., Now on at
Standard Carrage Works
288, 238, 287
South Main Street, Butte
have him at the ringside for a mascot if
it takes another leg to do it.
Trainer Delaney looks upon the beat
with disfavor, and suggests that Jeffries
should wrestle with Fitzsimmons' favorite
bull snake as a safer alternative.
I asked Jeffries his opinion of the bear
as a fighter. The champion is of the opin.
ion that he can whip any ordinary bear
he may meet in the hills with his bare
Collins Is Champion.
Chicago, Aug. s.-Kreigh Collins success
fully defended his title of Western tennis
champion yesterday in his match with A. C.
Snow. winner of the Kenwood tournament.
The sets postponed from yesterday were played
today and went to Collins, 7--, 6-4. The first
set, played yesterday, was also won by Col
lins, 6-o.
The Budweiser advertisement which ap
peared in Monday's issue of this paper
drew an interesting comparison between
water and beer in these words:
"Pure water is better than pure beer.
Pure beer is more wholesome than pure
water because of the nourishing qualities
of malt and the tonic properties of hops,"
This is obviously true despite the con
tentions of cold-water enthusiasts, and
explains why so many physicians prescribe
Budweiser for anemic patients, not only
because ot its refreshing and invigorating
effects, but as a delicate and effectual
means of administering nourishment.
Rates to Trans-Mississippi Commercial
Congress at Seattle.
For the Trans-Mississippi Commercial Con
gress and National Irrigation Associstioa
meeting at Seattle the Northern Pacific will
sell from Montana points to the Puget Sound
and Portland a one and one-third fare for the
round trip. Tickets on sale August 14, Is and
:6, with transit limit of so days in each direo.
tion; final return limit 3o days. From Butte
or Anaconda to Seattle and Tacoma this rate
will be $ag..o. For full particulars call on or
write W. H. Merriman, general agent.

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