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135 W. Broadway 'Phone 691 B
What 10e Will Buy Monday,
augast 10.
Regular Ise Quality and Size
Ralston Health Oats.
Two-pound package............. IOC
,Ralston Pancake Flour.
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Two-,Minute Pancake Flour.
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New York Pancake Flour.
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Bird Seed.
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l.on o I ublc l'ointed
Toothpicks...................... IC
(toe pound can Sifting fop
Lye-. I'r can ................... .l C
(Colnbia River Salmonn,
lunch siz........................ IC
rnuinle Im,,lrtel Frenchh
Mu tarl. 'Per jar......... ........ I
All alove goods are regular 15c valu.a.
Mohnday, toc.
f.tlll.l . 1i 1111it. IN1II MRiºi %1 %I%.
Ilelna, .\u.. .-.\it t.c la.+ liect ii the
e> e, nti e pan'.t r In the :tate lii iii .fii.;i
th-*rilbutn .w, - |l to ld, I tlf th i d :lm. the
tarlr ." hh.:n- 1 . the h s 111I. "lhc dl-11ibU t.-n
I I t- - :11 c . c ,. te m uh ., etc............$ .. rn,
l 1. :1I. rl . .... . ........ .. e r)
.Nio :d it..to N an, sl illterd d assu t n
1 t., f v.. .. ........ .. .................. v) mi(
1 ,lI. I , ', " . .... ......................... 4 ,
Sr t :,n . ,t~ . .ur.................. ..... ... , r
S",: ;:n11 :,i , ',+ h ll i..l ( .i -. ............. 4.4 ) ii
:I,,; n11· ,, , .ti .I a .: . ...... ........... ,> s,
F: ,|' n a' 1,it ................................. ,ru, ,I)
,:iII . . ...i . .t ...................t . . .. ... . iio , 1,I
Nl·,, :+ir,| .................................. S, uu
it ,t t na II' · I+ ...... ........................... I.+ (Y)
liner, l Il n lnint . .................... 1 i n,
I'tu! try andl I:lt 'tu.. ................. . .. I.n ui
,J l l-t ici arti ....... ........... ...... .... I", u,'
li-tire nt t d" itan ti. ................ .. r n ,
rl - n tI.. '.,.i , ,111i.i '. sureiu l, .1 I ti le
Judge Clancy Fixes Date So That Both
Sides Have Equal Show.
The Nipper ca.e wan before .I.14
Clancy again this morning. The pilain
tifft pre'cut.,I their findling of i;ctl, co,
cluion, of ltw and ,ri.." I the court.
Jul . Mcliltton h'tnddcl up the papers
to Itilgie I( ncy.
".\re the filin.s and brief hbath here?"
the court a.skeil.
"Y' ,, ,your honor." the lawyer repliedl.
ihte minutes of the la:t das)' proceed
ings of the trial hadi juit Iecan read by the
The minutts said that the defenilantl
had been allowed to .Atugtft 1.1 aniI the
plaintiffs only to August 8 to file the pa
ers referrCed to).
'h:e coutrt nrlerel the minutleteh imtendedi
to giv the ilaintitls the same time as the
Julge MIell:ltion suglgested tlihe iin
tites hbe allowe'l to stand, Since he hal tilhe
Itperc rea,'dy, t the ciurt inistil Ion the
niii iementit.
After that Attorney }aLner. represeltiin
thte ,hit',lniti. akedl the (courtl for tan or
der illiin tlhe remloval of theil efend
1ant. i kdel IIand aps from the couirt
"Ilave you any ohijectionti to the ric
ilioval of th,.e thinj ?" the court anked
Judge Mh.llattin.
"None at all," Jlute .. clhlatton repliIl.
The order a Ihthen :hale by Jud-e
Former Constable Placed tinder Arrest
on Disturbance Chbrld.
T'im BSLa. former c tnstbl4, was 1ldaced
in jail last night, whetre hql,1a the pac
lanlded so many otheris.
Shea was arrested b)y Cijty ..;shal
)ulFy of \\alketrville, aid charged by the
latter with distllrbtIa e. Shea had beenu
drinking and broke the tra.lnquil serenity ou;
%a\'lkerville with behavior ofecnsive to
Mlarshal 1 )uf'y.
\\'hen Shea was brought to jail he said:
"1 want a lawyer right away. I ain t
goin' to stay in here all night."
"Y'ou'll be a dandy to get out," the
jailer replied.
"1 want a writ of habeas corpus right
now," said the constable.
"Tomlorrow, tomlorrow, tomlorrow," war
bled the turnkey.
Shea was not satisfied, but he had to
submit, and he said with acrimony, as the
iron door clanged to and the keys jingled
against the lIck:
"I blt I gut dat fellow dat arrested ume
Declines the Appointment.
Santa Fee, N. Ml., Aug. 8.--Clement M.
Smith has sent a telegram to that city
from Hastingl:, Michigan, saying he has
declined to accept the appointment as chief
justice of New Mexico, tendered him re
cently by President Roosevelt.
Roosevelt Cannot Appear.
l'y ASSocIAT:taI I'aess.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Aug. 8.-A telegram
was received yesterday by Secretary Rich
ardson, of the Frontier association, from
Secretary Loeb, stating that President
Roosevelt would be unable to accept the
levitation to attend the Frontier day cele.
bestion in August.
Chase After Escaped Cal
ifornia Convicts Is
Most Exciting.
Men Supposed to Be Fugi
tives Are Attacked but
Make Their Escape.
I1" A., i i IAI' I'I) itMi .
P'lacervjille, a(:1., Aug, 8. I;I ;at tx
cilt'nwit w:as cre:ated in P'laceirville sho,rtly
Lit aTre inidlnilht by the sititlls of shoottng
oll a hill just west of town.
J.ohn \\'tmtr l S1 .Martin, who hIil
een wi at-hling thei tidge all evening. ;saw
two mIet bIreak fr, ie the brLush adl rut
throulgh an lcharI.
Fire at Fleeing Figures.
The ten fired at thIe lee.inig fijgures. but
dii iot biriig them down. Several Iore
sht, were firet, into t briush int which
thel fhleetg inch took reflnge, butt witholi tt
A.\ score of citi'etns from town gatherl
ion te hill tand atgain the fugitiives wsi re
set-ln breiaking through tl . bruslh ait ithe
lower endl f tlilh ,,chlard. ShIIots were
aglin t irle., but all trace otf the rtl i was
I . t.
A small army of int is now gathereld on
the hill and a watch will be maintained.
It is Ihoughlt one of the lten is (Case,
,ho is Irying to get into ('hiniatown for
A IIman s.tpposed t. be a convict passed
thtuith HIlorahlo to lay headed fur that
Another Man Killed.
Its A, OI = I.t 1 Il P 1lS,
W\V,,ollI. Cal.. Aug. 8.- Another fatal
ity has resilt'd in the puirsuit of the con
iict. "it, - Icaptc I from the I lso m n risoun.
An inkown man was killed ntear l)avis
Iille last night. While hits i.dentity has
nit Iet. csltablislihcd. it seetms ahl .-t cer
tain that hlie was nit tine ofi the convicts.
Th'e 1tha1 was seet' actiing liteerly near
a firrm house al whenl called otn by of
hicerr, to suirrtlender, started it riuni. T'ie
o t.cr, tired, at hint, killing hits instantly.
Since his di ath, rthe ran hais Iteen
ilentihecd as one who hadl bteen in the
viciinity several days. hunting work. lie
was consideredl deranmtedl mentally.
Tells Story of Escape.
lt' ,.u aO IlAI I iiNI S.l .
1iolsomi, ('al., Aug. .--Seavirs. tile negro
conVit. slhot was tcautl.ht at Atubutrn, wtas
returned to prison tonight.
"I1 have hd;t a good htlilay," sail he,
whihl he wa, being freed from the irons.
It siwa nlt , hadl ini the woods atnd it
ws a change frtom this place. I is is, like
the rest, ai little shmrt of food. I only
got a titealt albout every othetr dlay."
I hent li he caught sight of the guard
tower built on the c'unict f' diingrooin
and the gua:rd guitrdijig the prison yard
aIt ci t" range.
" fhat is something new," said he, poiint
int his iittiaclted haul. "If that mall
with the rille had btcen there on Monday
Inrliitg, w hlen I took to the woods, I do
noit bhelieve I nutldI have gut across the
)ard andl hadil the light in Murphy's
ou ict..
As to the Flight.
Alout thi e story of hii flight, hei sail
that after the convict thandi had liberated
their nari l priscers it tilhe night after
the battle ln I 'ilut HIlill. it tas decided to
split tip lh i to wo h;ii l. In one' of the
hal, . .i.s Wi-, w Ther n, Mill., Eldredge
oil Murphy. Ile said'
"I Iward was to go with thcin; but he
hil takl t : lb ,tt le f o lwhiskey fromnt the
stitce it lilt Ihlill. and wihen they got
rea-dy t, .t;art cut Ilitwarld w,,as so idruttlk
he cull noi tr:,wl and thty lhft hiim. In
th, ,ther o,;g wer. Itavls. RIerts. l hey,
C(as-. I tI irI, :tid mynsi-lf.
"h\t rc ine'iiiii -l i ther all luesutlay ail
When the Kidneys are Diseased the
Whole System Becomes Deranged,
Complications Set in and teri
ous Results Will Follow.
Pain in simall of lack. painful passing of
urine, ilnlainniation oif the bladder, torpid
liver, cloudy urine, p:ains in the back of
the heal and neck, rheumatic pains and
swelling, all over the iLdy, cerema and
jaundice show that your kidneys are dis
"Gentlhemen : was troubled a grc'it
deal with kildney troublec, and my Ibusiness
compelllilng ni to he on mly feet all day
1only made the pai.ns worse in my kidney;.
I wa' advised to try a lottle of \Varncr's
Safe Cure. \\Well, 1 did, and the result is
that I am a new man now. I can walk
home from work, somcthing I had not
been able to do for over a year. I can
honestly reomclmend 'Safe Cuire.'
146 Bradford St., Alhany. N. Y.
"Safe ('ure" is a most valuable and ef
fective tonic. It repairs the tissue.;,
souths intlatmation and irritation, awak
ens the torpid liver, aids digestion, stimu
lates the enfechled organs and heals at the
samne time.
"Safe 'Ulre" is purely vegetable and con
tains no harmful drugs. It is free from
sediment and is pleasant to take.
You can buy "Safe Cure" at any drug
store or direct. 5oc and $t a bottle.
Beware of so-called kidney cures
which are full of sediment and of bad
odor--they are positively harmful and
do not cure.
bowels gently and aid a speedy cure.
Write \\'arner's Safe Cure Co., Roches
ter, N. V., for free medical book.
Montana Drug Co., Distributing Agents
for Montana,
on that n:ght Howard and Roberts strnlk
off by th:mnselves, saying they were going'
to make for the Sacramento river country.
Cooking of Meals.
"'J he other gang of four got down into
the Webblr Creek country, and on Friday
were in the neighborhood of the Tohbner
mine, where we cooked up a pot of beans.
()On Saturday we got down to the mouth
of the Webber Creek and then Davis and
Fahey left us. They said they would back
track and make for Sacramento, where
they would be better able to hide, spd.
have a better chance of getting out of Ale'
country. That left Case and I together.
"On that night we went to Chapman's
house and cleaned up and got a good
meal. After we left there we were about
one hour latre fired on by two men at a
deserted cabin.
"I fired shots in return. Then we ran
away, in going up a hill, and through the
brush Case fell on his face and lay there.
I at first tried to keep him up, but he
woglt I niot stand.
"Then I went a short distance from him,
where I tould see him, and hid in the
blrush. I rcimainedl there about half an
hour. aiid in all that time Case did not
n,. e. Tlhen I went away and have been
l !" c', c, r sincC.
False Scents Eliminated.
Sen.i,,' story of the splitting of the con
v; thI, ul awl the direction taken by them
in their Ilicht eliminates many false scents
thit the inn hunlters have been following
for the last few days.
Seavis gives confirmation to the report
tha:t Iloward andl Ioerts were together
when Rolet I( s was captured at Davisville
..o We\ldnedl;ay afternoon.
1 the two, convicts who stole the horse
t II cart last night from the stable of
( harl. I)arling, at Naticiia, were Davis
a:d Fahey. Search for them is now being
mihle at Sacraiento. C('ase is alone and
is ,lelieved to Ibe hiding near Shingle
The five conlvicrts in the ('onsumllnes river
dlistrict are \Woods, Theron, Miller, Eld
rcelgn and Murldly. The only one now un
tccutn:t'd for is Gordon.
A Guaranteen Cure tor Piles.
litchlin , Ilinl, It'edling or Protrudir.g isles.
Your dlrmgi-lt will relund your money it PAZO
(ith I M: N I' fails to cure you. So c tats.
Mr. acil Mrs. E. F. Wormack and Miss
Ma:e Btecker, who have been the guests of
Mrs. Alex Watson in Ilelena, have re
turned home. While in Hlelena they were
the recipients of umany .social attentions in
the way of outillgs, pcinics and little is.
Miss Elizabeth lCooke was honor guest
and Miss Mac (;udelhoefer hostess at a
delightful "evening at home" Friday.
Music, card. and dancing were enjoyed
until a late hour. Those present included,
in addition to the honor guest, Miss Viola
I.indiii y. Miss liiiiima I)unckle, Miss Lulu
Nunan, Miss G(;udelhoefer, with Messrs.
(;corge Ihart. Emmet Morrow, Will Bra
zier. I.ute Ilart, A. Clauze anid Earl Gil
bert. The honr guest, who is a talenbCd
violinist and charming girl, will leave
Tuesday for Victoria, B. C., where she
will reside in future.
()tie of the dainty affairs of the week
was the luncheon given by Mrs. Sanm M.
Johnstone at her honme in \West Broadway
complcimentary to Miss Ella Clark of l.os
Angeles. A few of the young friends of
tile hostess were invited to meet this
charming California girl who is a guest ig
this city aind of relatives in Anaconda.
Among those invited were Miss Madge
Marks, Francces l.eavitt, Miss Mac Pfouts,
Mis Ielen Pfouts, Miss Mae l'fouts,
.\iss Kittic Sullivan, Miss Nell Lloyd,
with Mrs. Syhil Williams. The table was
I'rettily decorated with pink and white
asters intertwined with green, the pink
tone also carried out in the silk shades of
the electroliers.
A notable event of interest to Butte
society was the marriage of Miss Schan
sentlach ocf Ogden and Prof. Charles
Ilncry ilowm;an of this city. The wed
dlig occunrred at the home of the brid 's
father, Willianm Sclansencach of Ogden,
and was one of the fashionable events in
t Igden society. After the ceremony at the
church a reception was given the bride
atnd bridegrooun at the home. Several
hundred invitations were issued and many
elegant presents received. Prof. and Mrs.
Ilowman are now on the Pacific coast, but
will make their home inll Ilutte after Oc
tuber I.
Mrs. W. I.. Renick gave a mnid-sunmmner
tea this afternoon, which though entirely
iniformal was a must pleasant affair. Mrs.
Joseplh (it;thrie of Kansas City was the
hIinor guest and those invited to meet
her "and chat over the teacups from 2 to.4
S'clock, inclhled eMesdames Aylvin, Betll
heimc. Bickford, Ilusch, W. It. Alexander
ef l'ucehlo, C('lo., Eugene Carrolly, Dygert,
tCorner. Freund. John Harris, F. Harring
tin. Ihenlcessy, Ilaslett, Holbrook, Sam
Jlhnstne, I.e.ggatt, IL.eonard, L.ewis, Lloyid,
ILng. lMelntyre. .lcllatton. M'cPherson,
Ny)es. ()'t'ouner, l'fouts, Russell, San
ders, Sharpe, Tenmlemll an. II. I). Wilson,
Si. y. Seivers, M. I.. Cunningham, Tur
ner, \\harton., McC White, A. P. Heinze,
J. Milne White, C. J. White, with Mrs.
Parker of Bay C'ity, Mich., also the Misses
Sherley of .ouisville, Ky., Edith Bickford,
lid.hop of lay City, Mich, Lloyd, Lowery,,
•Mark,, I'lmuts, ItRussell, Sanders, Kittie Sul
livan. 'Thrlsc who aided the hostess in
poutring tea were Mrs. Eugene Carroll and
Mr.. Ilarry 1. Turner.
Mrs. William Recksick and son, Mrs.
I )uhllen. and .Miss LDudden left today for
S:lt Lake, where they will visit friends
during the next two weeks.
Former Senator Lee Mantle has re
turned front an extended trip through e
East, where he visited in New York, B -
ton and other points.
Prof. R. G. Young came in from tls
Hitter Root ranch yesterday much li
proved in health.
Mrs. J. F. Brazleton, Mr. and Mrs. R.
I). Strong, l)r. and Mrs. O'Neill, Mr. said
Mrs. Mlcl)onald, Miss Hlaggerty and Miss
Gunn of Mullen and Mr. Monahan male
up a little party at the Gardens last night
and enjoyed the dance,
Mrs. J. II. Vivian and children are spend.g;
a couple of weeks in Hlamilton.
Miss Then Russell is visiting friends in the
ltitter Ruot valley. ,
Crops and Shade Trees in Missouri Are
Carthage, Mo., Aug. 8.-A strong wind
storm before daylight destroyed thousands
of dollars' worth of fruit and shade trees
and caused more or less damage to small"
buildings and miting property here and
at Jasper, Lamar and Seneca, taking in'
three counties along the Kansas line.
Several Cardinals Who Have Been
Mentioned Are Opposed by
One Faotion.
Roume, Aug. 8.-The selection of a new
rlial secretary of state is dpily becom
iz, more complicated, as there is a di
uiion in the sacred college such as cx
iteli before the election of Pius X.
'I here is a strong sentiment in favor of
the reappointment of Cardinal Rampolla,
h ,:mlre he is conversant with all papal
aI:airs, and Cardinal Ferrarati, who be-.,
logs to the Rampolla party, is also sug
'lIe latter's opponents intimate that as
I, w:as nuncio at Paris he might not be
,.-remlle to some of the powers, and, he
lhes, it is pointed out that he voted against
ith pope in the conclave except on the last
Declined With Thanks.
l'ins X offered the position twice to Car
,lin:l Agliardi, who declined to give up
ihe vice chancellorship of the church.
t'ardinal Satolli also declined on the
;:rotmnd that he was not sufficiently ac
,i:mintcd with the French language and
tIht lie knew too little of foreign ques
Ils generally, except those relating to
Ihe suggested Cardinal Vincenzo Van
Negotiations are proceeding to have
('ardinal Agliardi, while assuming the vice
chancellorship, assume the secretaryship of
State temporarily.
For the Faithful.
St. Peter's, while the preparations for
the coronation Sunday are proceeding, is
handsomely decorated. Pope Pius X has
Ixlpressed a desire to have as many of the
humbeiic members of the faith as possible
:ilnitted, and 5o,00ooo tickets will be dis
triluted by the parish priests, Catholic
cluts and associations, seminaries, ecclesi
:..tical colleges, monasteries and convents.
The remainder of the seats are reserved
for distinguished guests.
Two galleries have been erected, one for
the diplomatic body and one for the Ro
mian aristocracy.
The body of the church will be divided
into compartments with separate entrances.
Thousands are already leaving Venetian
provinces to attend the coronation of
thecir pope."
Invitations Are Issued.
The papal master of ceremonies has is
sued the invitations to the archbishops
who will participate in the procession from
the vatican into St. Peter's. They are re
ltuested to lie at the vatican at 7 o'clock
Sundlay morning.
The government, to avoid untoward inci
dents, has ordered the piazza and the
ncilghborhood of St. Peter's to be occupied
by the military, and has forbidden an anti
clerical manifestation, proposed by the so
cialists and republicans for that day.
The pope's first allocution to be deliv
ered at the next consistory is looked for
ward to with great interest.
D)on Carlos, the pretender, who is a close
friend of Pius X has said to his followers
that he would not now have the papacy
against hint as he did under the pontificate
of I.eo, who was godfather of King Al
fonso and has even gone so far as to say
that he hoped the accession of the pope
vwiuld help him to the throne.
l)r. lappoin stated yesterday that Cardi
nal IIerrero y Espinoza was out of danger.
Promoter of Peouliar Mines Will Be
Investigated in London.
l.ondon, Aug. 8.-Attorney-General Fin
I"y has instructed the director of public
I.rseccutions to investigate the transac
tills of Promoter E. T. lfooley in con
in ction with the Sapphire Corundum mine
u, ' ('anada.
loolley's financial career and tile heavy
i.,ilurc were the sensations of London a
i w )years ago.
The bank president has since been oper
.2Img in his wife's name and has been
l]illg in the greatest luxury.
In tile course of the hearing Thursday
-i a suit to recover money paid in con
i lction with the deals Justice Darling
Il aracterized the whole transaction by
liuoley and his colleagues as fraudulent
.I111, declared:
"It was a grave reflection on the courts
,f this country that such a thing could
occur in the middle of London.
"Thimblle-rigging on a racecourse is a
simple chime comlpared with the transac
tions of these people with millions in
t.adl of peas."
Shingle Mill Destroyed.
\Vhatcom, Wash., Aug. 8.-Sleman &
Company's ten block shingle mill was de
stroyed by fire last evening. The lire
started in the engine room and the mill
was a mass of flames in an instant. The
dlamlage is $aao,ooo, with no insurance.
The mill will be rebuilt.
Cure for Asthma and Hay Fever
Tho statements published below coan
firm the claim of Dr. Sebhfmann that
his rmed is an absolute oure for Asthma
and lia levr.
MrsA ar,. sZachery, Pleasant Hll, La.,
lays: "I have found your Asthma Cure&
porlanent cue for Asthma, for whloh I
Isod It 7 years ago. have never had the
llghtesot return of the trouble sloe. I
ave also t found your remedy excellet In
Bronehi fteetfons." - *"
A Hay Fevor sufferer writess "I have
had fay Fever for 14 yore. I bought a
Palacage of our remedy (Sehlffmtann's
Asthma Cure) of our druggIst snd 4ue to
Its use thisl I the rat summer that have
not been troubled." Mr. Frtn ll fogle,
0237 R ldgevenue Roxboro, Phlladelphl.
Hold, b dragglat at Oo and .00
San o stamp toDr R. ihlhan.
logx so0, St. Paul, Minn., for a free s
ple oskago.
Flfty Years the Standard
ighest Homers Worlds Fair.
Nlghat Tests U. 8, Gov' Onhenlss
"I made several visits to the fair grounds
at St. Louis while I was in the cut,"
said former Senator Mantle to the Inter
Mountain this morning.
"The grounds are beginning to take on
just enough shape so one may grasp what
a magnificent undertaking it is. The
great feature of the situation is the nature
of the land.
"The fair is being constructed on a sort
of rolling plain, with occasional bills and
knolls, which lend a picturesque character
to the scenery, entirely lacking in the Chi
cago exposition.
Well in Hand.
"The r.sanagement seems to have the
thing well in hand in spite of Its tremen
dous proportions. There is quite a bit of
red tape about proceedings, but I presume
that is necessary to keep things in perfect
"When a commission is dealing with so
many different states and nations a cer
tain amount of formality is indispensable.
"Nothing of any particular importance
has developed regarding our building.
When the fact was first announced that the
site had been changed there was a ten
dency to become excited over it, but on
investigation it was easy to see the change
was very slight.
"It is so slight, Indeed, it can hardly be
said to have taken away any advantage
which we may have possessed in our orig
inal location.
Looks Over Site.
"Mr. Link, the architect, was in St.
Louis while I was there, looking over the
site and fixing the plans and specifications
to conform with the nature of the ground.
"There will be a meeting of the execu
tive committee of the state commission
Monday morning at so o'clock in my of
fices to look over the revised plans and
discuss the minor details.
"At that time we will deal with such
Jealous Lover Slays One and Wounds
Two in Half-breed Camp.
Havre, Aug. 8.-A. Arquette, a Mexi
can, shot and killed Cree Tom, probably
fatally wounded Crce Tom's mother and
shot the finger off a white man named
Cash Johnson.
The trouble occurred over a half-breed
woman whose name is Florence Mackey.
Arquette fancied that she was about to
leave for Canada with Cree Tom, and be
ing unable to persuade her to return to
her first love, he began shooting.
The jealous lover fired into Cree Tone's
tent with the result that Cree Tom was
killed, his mother probably fatally in
Jured and Cash Johnson, a white man,
lost a finger.
Arquette was captured six miles west
of here and is now in jail.
Men Who Disturbed Colored Meeting
Get Long Sentence.
Boston, Aug. 8.-Granville Martin, Will
iam Trotter and Bernard Charles, who
were found guilty of disturbing the Booker
T. Washington Jaeeting at the Second
Stethodist Episcopal church a week ago
yesterday, were sentenced, Martin and
Trotter to serve thirty days in prison, the
maximum penalty under the law, and
Charles to pay a fine. Charles paid the
fine and the others appealed.
We carry a complete up-to-date line of
Mechanics' Tools and
Builders' Hardware
Your Patronage Solicited.
Hardware. naconda eopper'
Department Mining eo.
Butte, Montana
other matters as may present themselves.
It is expected the various committees hav
ing in charge the state exhibits will make
a report as to the progress made in their
Time to Be Allowed.
"After the plans have been one over
by the committee, time will be allowed in
which to receive the proposals of contract
ors in all parts of the country.
"There are a number of them in St.
Louis who have been right on the ground
from the inception of the affair and have
the whole management of the fair in
their heads.
"They are conversant also with the rules
and regulations regarding the construction
of the buildings.
"There are certain iron-clad 'rules re
garding the plumbing and so on which
must be observed in the construction of
all the buildings.
"There is no particular hurry about
starting the construction work. These
buildings are made of perishable material
and will suffer from the ravages of the
weather if erected too long a time before
the opening of the fair.
Completed by Winter.
"A number of the larger buildings are
to be completed in the early part of the
winter, so a number of laborers will be
available during the winter months.
"The winter is mild there, and there is
little chance that the severity of the
weather will interfere with the work to
any considerable extent.
"The agricultural building is to be com
pleted on December t, according to the
contract. This will remove the danger
which we have been rather dreading-the
scarcity of labor and consequent increase
in the cost of construction."
Helena, Aug. 8.-Judge Knowles of the
federal court issued a restraining order
today to prevent the Missouri River
Power company from raising the water in
the Missouri river at Canyon Ferry above
a stipulated point.
The order is to become effective when
the plaintiffs, Louis Stadler and Louis
Kaufman, ranchers, who own property
along the river, put up an indemnity bond
of $5o,ooo.
The plaintiffs seek to restrain the power
company fromt raising the water in the
river to such a stage that it will damage
their land.
Last year the company put slash boards
on the crest of the dam, and the water
flooded certain land owned by the plain
tiffs. It is the purpose of the company
to use the slash boards again this year.
It is thought that the bond will not be
put up and that nothing further will be
done in the case.

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