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Plans Are Perfooted to Throw Strong
Guard Around Weaker
At a meeting of the Florence Critten
ton circle this afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Bucher several matters of import
ance came up for consideration, among
them the establishment of a system of
scientific icasses in the domestic arts; the
planning to keep in touch with all those
who will henceforth become members of
the Florence Crittenton home; also to
band the circles in the state in closer
touch with the home.
It was decided to elect a member from
the Butte circle as a member of the board
of managers, also two members on the
board of guardians.
In Closer Touch.
This plan will be carried out with every
circle, putting each in direct communica
tion with Mrs. Mary Watts, the matron at
Mrs. N. N. Wolfe, one of the natiolal
organizers of the circle, is in the city, at
the Butte hotel. She is here for the pur
pose of knitting more firmly together the
various Florence Crittenton circles in
When seen by the Inter Mountain this
morning Mrs. Wolfe was in excellent
spirits regarding the work in this state,
and is enthusiastic over that which lies in
the future.
"Do I think any good comes out of our
efforts in behalf of women? I certainly
do. I have been in the work ao years
and in that time I know to my own per
sonal knowledge of thousands of women
who have been enabled to attain to the
best in life through this work.
No Plaoe for Them.
"When I started my first work ao years
ago in New Orleans there was no place
to which a girl might turn in her dis
tress and desire to hide her mistake. Now
there are several large rescue homes there
as a result of my small beginning.
"MSy object in coming tp the West from
the national home in Washington is for
the purpose of establishing a training
systeml in the various Crittenton homes.
"The plan is to organize classes under
the direct charge of the matron. In
HIclena I organized four classes, one for
nurses, cooking, sewing and laundry.
These will be taught scientifically, so when
the young mothers emerge front the home
they will be equipped with a means of
earning a living for themselves and the
little one. This is now the plan of na
tional circles and it has been most suc
cebsful throughout the East.
Keep Close Track.
"Another thing that will be done here
is the keeping track of every Inmate of
the institution after her departure. Ar
Modern Dentistry at the Old Reliable
New York Dental Parlors
The Largest and Best Equipped Dental Parlors in Montana
full Set Teeth .. $5.00
Gold Crowns . . $5.00
Bridge Work . . $5.00
Gold Filling, $1.00 Silver Filling, 50c Painless Extracting, 50c
as~m~as~wu-- ~ )rllb~Y~rL~bb~ L - ----- - - ----------------------*I~·
Ten Year Guarantee With All Work
The New York Dentists Were the Plrst to Place the Prices of Modern,
Up.toaDate Dentistry Within the Reach of All.
The New York Dentists The New York Dentists
Were the only Reliable Dentists who guaranteed all of their Are the only Dentists who ARE USING THE ORIGINAL
work to be of the very best quality. PAINLESS METlt)DS.
The New York Dentists The New York Dentists
Are the only Dentists who do not follow. WE LEAD
Are the only Dentists who never had to cut prices, as our other follow. WE ARE THE ORIGINATORS of all patent
prices were never exorbitant. painless methods. WE DO NOT MISREPRESENT.
Graduate Specialists. Moderate Prices
We have in our office the same old specialists. They are still with us and can be found at 8o West Park Street,
and will continue to be there. COMPETITORS TRY TO IMITATE, but find it hard to compete with the NEW YORK
DENTISTS and their work.
Call and Examine Our Plate
and Crown Work.
We will make a specialty of Sold crown and bridge work; the most beautiful, painless and durable of all dental
work known to the profession. Our name alone will guarantee that your work will be of the best. We have a specialist in
each department. Best operators, best gold workmen and extractors of teeth; in fact, all the staff are inventors of modern
dentistry. We will tell you in advance exactly what your work will cost, by free examination. Give us a call and you
will find we do exactly as we advertise.
New York Dental Parlors
80 West Park St., Over Symons' Dry Goods Store, Butte, Mont.
Hours--30 a. m. to 9 p. m. Sundays 10 to 4.
rangements have been completed by which
those who have once been members of
the home may always be within touch of
the workers.
"Ih Washington the offcers know where
each of those helped are during a period
of i5 years. This information is always
kept secret from the public and is for
the purpose of watching results and ih
mediately otfering aid in case it is needed.
Advance of a Hostile Flega on Maine
Coast Is Checked.
Bar Harbor, Me., Aug. 8.-The naval
search problem, which began Wednesday,
when Rear Admiral Barker took up the
plan of defending the Maine coast from
a "hostile" fleet, which put to sea Mon
day, under Rear Admiral Sands, ended
early today when the Olympia, the flag
ship of the defending fleet, discovered and
intercepted the "white squadron" of the
enemy, headed at full speed for Winter
The hostile vessels were running in
close order formation and had not tire
fog lifted at a favorable moment it is
thought the enemy wotld have eluded
those on guard.
As it turned out, before her consorts
could reach thq scene, in answer to her
signals, the Olympia had been forced to
fly the white flag and consider herselt
captured by the commander.
The Olympia was the furtherest to the
eastward of the defending squadron and
had a position aS miles outside Bakers
Island for the greater part of three (lays.
A thick fog bank, which rolled in from
the sea after midnight, made it impos
sible to cover the ordinary cruising radius
of the Olympia and all that the men on
Admiral l)ewcy's old flagship could do
was to depend on their ears and wait.
Shortly after 4 o'clock the fog bank be
gan to roll out to sea and as the atmos
phere cleared every man and officcr of
the battleship searched the constantly en
larging field of vision with anxiety.
Suddenly, there came a cry repeated
simultaneously from varions parts of the
Olympia's superstructure, "there they are."
American Prelate Recovering in Rome
From His Indisposition.
Rome, Aug. 8.-Cardinal (;ibbons has
almost recovered from his indisposition.,
which he thinks was due to over-fatigue
on Wednesday when he stood about three
hours at the vatican in order to present
the American pilgrims to the pope.
Today the cardinal went for a drive.
After the coronation of Pius X tomorrow
he intends to go for several days' rest to
Castle Gandolfo, on the beautiful lake of
Albano, near Rome, where the American
college h:s magnificent summer quarters.
The pope, in order to aid the Catholic
university at Washington, has promised
Rector O'Connell that he will shortly issue
a bill granting the apostolic benediction to
all the faithful participating in the yearly
collection which the archbishops and bish
ops in the United States will raise for the
"The institution is destined," said the
pope, 'to become tlh: heart and center of
the clergy and of Catholicism in America."
Rev. J. Harty of St Louis will be con
secrated archbishop of Manila by Cardi
nal Satolli on the 5 sth inst.
Exciting Argument Occurs Over Settle
ment of Bill of Exceptions
in a Case.
Judge Clancy and Chancellor O'Don
nell, a well-known attorney, had an en
tertaining time together in the former's
courtroom this norning over the settle
ment of a bill of exceptions in the case of
William O'Neill against James Pierre.
The bill was presented to the court
by Attorney George H. Shelton for the
plaintiff, and was opposed by the chancel
The chancellor asked the court to stay
the settlenent of the bill on the ground
that J. W. Cotter had been a party to
the case, and an administrator of his
estate had not yet been appointed. The
court refused, on the ground that Mr. Cot
ter was not a party.
Holds Case Is Settled.
Mr. O'l)onnell then contended that the
case was settled and the judgment paid,
hence there was nothing to base an ap
peal on. Mr. Shelton returned that there
was an appeal from the order requiring
his client to pay $So for a demurrer.
"No, no," said the chancellor. "This
scoops in all the defendants. What do
they want to appeal from ?"
"Well. I want to ,give you a chance to
up and talk to the supreme court. I al
ways like to give a man a chance to grt
the higher court to reverse tie if I ain't
eight," said the court.
Then the court sail the chancellor had
written something in the motion calendar
of the court himself, which bound him.
"liere it is in your own elegant hand
writing," said the court.
Has His Doubts.
"I have my doubts that that's my entry
at all in the book," said the chancellor.
"Oh, yes; that's yours,' sail the court.
The attorney looked and replied:
"No; I never wrote that in the world.
My writing is copper-plate."
"You never wrote it? Well, if you
didn't I don't know who did," the court re
The lawyer tried to open another mat
ter, but the court cut him short by saying:
"Get along. There's six matters on each
page of this docket, and six pages. Six
times six cs thirty-six. I want to treat
you well, but I don't want you to abuse
Stops the Chancellor.
lie settled the exceptions and amend
ments, and when the chancellor wantedt
to take up) another motion le stopped
him with the remark:
"No, no, chancellor; I've done enough
for you today."
Met1I: L TO Ti: INrIR it ' N I'At t.
\lissoula, Aug. 8.-- Ray Giritlith, a
,o; thern Pacific brakemran, is un.ler arrest
All in the county jail. charged with nt
t,, kin a iv year-old girl.
I he complainant in Mrs W. N. Cook,
th1e mother, wife of a Northern P'acitfi
C-,:tIhictor, for whomi GUrillith has lbeenl
bit iking.
;;rittith l.oarded at the Cook home.
I ntensle itudignatiott is exlpressed over
tIl. atfair and there are threats of lynch
ini. but it is not probable that this will
b, lone.
'IThe sheriff fears no attack uponl the jail,
blli is pIrelpared for it.
Carl Hand, Manager of Watseka Com
pany, Talks of Camp.
The future of the mining camp of
Rochester in Madison coulnty applears to
be ass.ured.
Ileports from that place indicate thIat
there are plenty of minesi there and that
tIho ctilll will sooni he regularly producing
rl ar Iland. general manager of the
\'i.iseka; Mining coliRpany of Rochester,
who is in town today. says that the two
millis of the colmpany are redultcing ore
ali iiabout l Ilnm are employed.
I ri,,.cutting on the vein at the 6oo
foot level is progressing and if the veinl
is as wide as expected the future of the
Camlp is assured.
V Ititer Mackay, for many years a well
kinotwiin mining aan in Butte, who made a
fortune in the Co'ur d'Alenes, visited
hio. ll.ter a few days ago andl had no
h~.llcllay in sayilng that lie consideredl it
a prlising camli.
lIe hlas interests there and was generally
ple.sed with what he saw.
1iu Omaha Concern Announces Its
IY ASM.)t IAI'I I'I i S. .
I)tiahia, Aug. t1.---The Merr ill t'onimis
sioll tcollpany, a grain anll stock lirokerage
to m, suspenided tiioday.
I hie iconcern operated lbrainches in a
iehr of Iowa andi Nebraska Iitowns. The
iiiii dlad lan extensiv e business.
At the home of iRay C. Merrill, the
Iih il of thle firmi, it was staited that Mlr.
lierrill had been ill for a week and hadl
1i.11 o, npelledl to susltpend businiess otl
tIhlt aiccount.
No stiatemenlit of the farlm's. alifirs was
giv,-ii out.
File Off Bar and Escape in Broad
Yi Ah1ur'IAI ED iI2. ti ,
Columbnlus, ()hin, Any.. X.-Lewis Iiar
tnn. eonvicted intrderer of George G.yer
pear Alton; Robert Shittletl, Franklin
county, charged with horse stealing: (1t ,
K'ellar, another alleged horse thief, taid
I wis Eyeting, alleged forger of l)Dayton,
: ped from the county jail in broa:l day
I hlt tiay by tiling ofl a bar in the batlh
r .mii. The work is suppollt sed tI have hten
d ic with a potato knife filed in the shaipe
ol a isaw.
I rton Ilros. Pianos and organs.
Jutge Hlarney has cited J. It. Silver to
alipt'ar before him next Tuesday anlld show
cause why he shouhl inot he enjoined fromn
Itr I.,assinig on the landl of Mary A. Butler
41.I fromm breaking her fences and cutting
Sr hay.
J. G. Hates, tuner, Montanla Music com.
Ip".y. No. I19 North Main.
In the suit brouKht against the Ana
tlla topper comlpany by Alfred John
s..t to recover $1),o00 in damages, on
thi, ground that Johnsbon was inijurel
thrlugh tile negligence of the defendant
ini the Anaconda smelter, Johnson has
hdll a mlotion for a chanlge of venue to
lier lodge county.
Social dance, Renshaw hall, Wednes
days and Saturdays.
L.ippincott & Darrow, a66 Pennsylvania
September Delineator and Designer.
'I hey are ready today at the P. O. News
ttand, 57 West Park street, also all the
other fashion magazines. If you want a
novel or anything in books we have sey
tral thousand to select from.
J. A. Talbot of Columbia Falls, for
merly a resident of lIutte, arrived in the
city today.
M. S. Gunn, the Ielena attorney, Is In
the city.
Mrs. l)aniel McDonald, wife of the
prtesident of the A. I.. U., returnecd home
ycsterday from a visit to Denver and Salt
Dr. II. J. McDonald has been confined
to his home for several days by illness.
James T. Finlen will 1be among those
leaving this afternoon for Salt Lake.
Calls Big Meeting.
St. Louis, Aug. 8.-Chairman Samuel
I1. Hodgson of the World's Fair Fraternal
lbuilding committee of the national coun
cil, Junior Order United States American
Mechanics, has made public a call for a
pational immigration congress to be held
inI St. Louis during the week beginning
June o0, 1904.
Pleased With Prospects.
Deer Lodge, Aug. 8.-A. C. Shaubut,
who has returned from the Pike's Peak
ptining district on North Rock Creek lake,
brings back a favorable report of the pros
vects there. He says that Moe and Don
ian have a promising lead they are de
veloping that carries about $Soo per ton
in gold, silver and copper.
Skillful Engineer Rewarded.
Los Angeles, Aug. 8.--Engineer War
toy, who was in charge of the engine
that drew the Lowe special into Los
Angeles yesterday, received $450o for the
skill he displayed.
Caus and Effeot.
When modern fiction writers
Serve their thoughts up hot,
We get erotic novels---with
The accet:t on the "rot."
".n!.nati Enqluirer.
Field Day of Montana [lks
First annual meeting of the State Association of Elks' lodges
Butte, August 13 and 14.
Reduced rates on all railroads for everyboy. O(ne fare ind a third for
round trip. Tickets on sale August ta and tj, good returning August s16
Children Ihalf fare.
Come to Butte and Have a Good Time
The EIlks are preplared to make it pleasanlt for you. Fine program for
y)our nltertilntm nt. It will incllud :
lThursday, Io a. a.---irandi paratde of locial and viitiingI lodge.
Thursday, I p. n.--lla Ithall gtnte at (olumbia iardeItns, lbetween iItutte and I
Ililenn. for the state championship cup
'I'hursday, n pI. an.--E"lka' inistl t l show it the Irllaidway ti ter. by the
famous Ana;condal trvulpr.
Friday, to a. i.-tltuiness meeting of thei S'tate Atcilitln at thte lBroad
way theater.
Friday, i p. in. and all afternoon - Opetn ituste and social session, at the
Elks' hall.
Friday, 9 p. in.- randI state haIll at ('olunmia Gardens.
Prizes for Contests:
For lodge having greatest ililnlter of members iin line, $5'.
For loldge making lait appeairance i in parade, =i,.
FIor Itcst ditcorattd businiessn house, $; tsecontld pritie, $25.
Ilutte lodtge and Elks larretd from ll .lntests.
Evrrylody, whether Elk of cot, inviltel to conme to Ititte, alnd will be made
il'11 II. 'f nl ii 111 IN i MiII'NI SIN.
I4h hl.na, Aug. 4. I'lThre h:a Ill. e nIl
trac f 1 llRe'll " 'oi)llney tIllljd in ell 'w II
lake, lthougl h tlhe ts arch has lievn tho'r
F. . . (,onney. the Great Fall, n..wsp,'
per litn 1 lwhols' e Sun is lhi t ,ght to ite
lhlA'iiwd, ha;l wriltten from Canyon Fe 'iy 'rry
thalt thie luntll will lSe |ie given tIll U1 I|I4
shit twely is 81in111.
It is thlllgh ta ilt tin'he hb1y maiy laIve
left the i' .atl in .-well I ake and wan
s rest away in ithe mountai. 'I here is
lillle hol1 r of this, ho.weve'r. It Seemst at
issit sore that the young an: in Hotme
t rani,g imtannellllr fell out ill Ihe hInat a l
was drownedl I i ll. the tak l.
Burning Car Is Hauled to Department's
Doors to Be Extinguished.
('hi, ago,. Aug. H. Iuth.n. of heing
at Nilt'y fith st i llt on111 (I 'tu l ig" ( irvi'
Iavenuei, hall I hh1 t br-lllght to within a
short dixttuanri'e of liir departll.nt yester
"I've otwi :i fire for ).n1 iors. " Sail
r ilr slt, i n ts " w his. hi. Pi'ulter t h lirl,-y
"W ell, it's prtu tl h. t, ohi maln, fs r Ii Illto
Iustle oll , i bl t f.ll ' I wa hosl it i i 11141 we
will e t l hi ,y," wai ihrll r tply.
"()),, lr 'n worry. I lihave ill s 1 i sti, t Ith
fir s'e tllp ,utti. ofrl th housel. h ,Isi l tl the.
It had e 1 Standingi in the Illi, , r '.ion . ur.ol
railroad irls at Ilrn ilde and had Vernl ir
Iiled by a sp:lrk Ifrom a1 passing 11 ng Ine.
Wlisen it was dionv Ar, :i n.gi(. Mwas
coI"aldl to it a.'1l tih har.aig 'ar ipulled
I.to Ninetylifh ltret aod the ll.iteln Ce.c
tral railro:l t'racks.
The firchl.,se was but to feet away.
' he rlnen h hauled theiir lapparaltl ilut to
a; fire plus in front of ilthe ihoe and ston
extinal i 'hd tlhe 'ie.. Tl'he'rei waes v t
litlhe x lt of the car in, t'i is h tie tr o ck t.
Canadian Will Not Need to Attend His
Store in Person.
Wintlor, Ont., Aug. H.- W. G. 'Mc
Laughlinu, better known as "Mar," an etc
centric Scotc'h invesntor of this city tionid
Wth lkrville, who hast Suffered several
changes of fortune, has again come to the
front withl an invention for wrappin. up
blutndhes of merchandise.
Mc.alghlin says it will put a lot of
clerksi out of buinets andL revolutionize
the dry goods trade. It will measure off the
numbeir of yards of cloth resasrted by the
(u.tbimer with' neatness and rapidity. !Mc
L.auighlin Says the machine cannot talk,
hut will be as near an automatic clerk as
possible. hIe is now organizing a company
for iti mlanufac'ture.
The previous efoirts sf the tol inventor
were in the direction of the lerfection of a
railway air 1urake. lie formed several com
panic's for the manufacture of these brakes
in Canada oial the United States ti.d each
time they have been tied up with litiga
tion in the courts of both countries. Mc
Laughlin lives in an old coach standing on
the Lake lErie tracks in Walkerville. liHe
once usedl this car to denmonstrate the
workings of his air brake.
Sharp-I figure that his income is ahbout
$i,noi a year.
Gullman-What? Why, he told me he
earned $5,ooo.
Sharp-1I know; that's what hlie told me.
-Philadelphia Press.
Additional Sport
London, Aug. 8.-The house of commons,
after discusslon extending from noon yesterday
until a:3s o'clock this morning, passed through
the committee the government's new bill lor
the regulation of automobiles.
It fitas the a.,ximum speed of cutoe In the
open road at so miles an hour snd in towns at
so miles.
Punishment by fine and imprisonment are
provided for violation of the law.
Autoasobilists strongly oppose the speed
limit snd threaten to fIght the bill to the last.
New York, Aug. 8.-1E. It, Thomas. ths
Tents and Camp
Stoves Rented
You Get the Girl-We'll
Do the Rest
42 West Broadway, Butte
Ilaq IthI largest stik of seconId
halind I ui ehnhi godh iil tlen statte.
New if you will. ', Tointrodluce
Iour lew all Istrl It ick .lMail 14a;nge
we will 1,111 Ihll (slig l gvrahde rage
at plices I h,s 1a )oit pay or the
i li1i 1ys kind.
Our New All Steel
Quick Meal Range
Is the lnewest . t hinq in Steel 14.nger,
:ihas many lnp.lor points over lhe
old .tile,. l ii this sale we will
stacril€ce all pohlt.
"I'Is SAt.I'
$!S5 o all steel lang'" . ..... $,I4.n0
$.5c, 0 all t,','l range ...... $ -.,o o
$61.0 all tiii'l ;rangei . ..$S .o
We al. hav:ie, four ,other linrsci of
new ranges. lics compiirinier all
raiinges and , otves, nelw or sectnnlld
ha,:l, fully guantae lhedi. 'Iake your
old tuoves landl furniture in cx
Ituy, srll, paik, ship or exchange
your houscholdl antls.
'Phone 923B
"The Train
for Comfort"
is the famous
ern Limited.
Every iighlt in lihe year between
Millcapoli, St. IPaul allud Chicago
The short line between
these three great cities."
Before starting on a trip-no
matter where-write for interestiing
informatiou about comfortable trav
General Agent, Hlelena. Mont.
Traveling Agent, Helena, Mont.
General Passenger Agent
St. Paul, Minn,
young millionaire turfman of this city, who bt
gan the formation of his racing stable by par.
chasinig Ilrnl ,for $6,,ooo, hls* formed a part*
nersluilp with Alex Shields, according to dis.
patclhes froi Saratoiga
Shieldj, who is a Canadian breeder, has been
identified with the turf for many years. lie is
tihe owner of Advance (;uard, chamnpion long
distance horse of last year.
Sixteen horaes will make up the new stable
and they will be trained by Shicilds.
Boston, Aug. 8.-The British pair, It. F. and
L. Doherty, scored another point for the Inter.
national Lawn tents trophy yesterday by de
feating R. 1). and G. L. Wrenn, the Americas
pair, three sets to one, before 4,ooo persons at
the Longwood Cricket club, the scores belnlg
7-5, 9-7, a--', 6-3.
The record now stands a to I la favor of the
challengers, and today two more matches is
singles will be played, so that the Americans
must win both to retain the cup.
In points yesterday the British team had the
advantage, i4 to si; but the scores and points
fall to show the aIl.lround superlority of the
(Continued fromnt Page E.lght.)
hls ousin, Welter Egan, so of Elasmoo.
Yesterday they defeated their rivals l. the
semifinals, Chanler dlsposing of R. Russell ct
Ditrouit, s up, and Walter R~gn defeatinig .
Irown of Cievelsad, I up.
Both matches were esxceedlngly celose snd
were not decided until the eighteenth holes

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