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Complaint Is Made That Defendant Has
Disobeyed a Mandate *e
the Court.
(Continued from Pags One.)
Harney, the affidavit says that the order
stipulated that the bond of $ss,ooo from
the plaintiff might be increased at the dis
eretion of the court, "the court retaining
jurisdiction therefor (jurisdiction with
reference to the injunction and all mat
ters appertaining thereto being retained by
the court on the motion of the plaintiff
It will be seen by this that Judge
Harney retained jurisdiction of the in
Junction feature of the case after the
trial matter had gone out of his hands and
he had rendered judgment upon the issues.
Mr. Forbis' affidavit alleges that "no
modification effecting the injunction ever
has been made to the knowledge of the
Case Is Appealed.
The affidavit continues to relate that the
case was appealed May 8, epos, heard by
the supreme court April s, 9goj, and the
judgement of Judge Harney reversed July
94, 19o3; and that a remltitur was issued
by the supreme court July a7, ordering a
new trial, and filed in the district court
July a9, o903.
The affidavit of Dennis O'Neill says that
he wert to the Mimnie Healy mine August
so, (Monday last), and there observed that
the mining machinery was in operation
"the same being used for the hoisting and
lowering of machinery and tidnbers" and
that some parties employed at the Minnie
Healy mine informed the said affiant
that they had commenced mining and
hoisting ore from the Minnie Healy mine
on the night of August 9; and that affiant
saw ore in the bins at the Minnie Healy
mine, which affrant believes had been
hoisted from the mine recently.
Wait for Employment.
"Afrant also states that at 3 p. m.,
August so, 19oo, a number of workmen
came out of the shaft of the Minnie Healy
mine, and a number of men were standing
around said mine waiting for employment."
George McDonald is the watchman at the
Leonard mine, situated near the Minnie
Healy, and he says that he was on watch
"the whole of the day, from 7 a. m. to 6
p. m., August so, 1903, and during that
time noticed the work going on at the
Minnie Healy mine, and counted 30o skips
of what affiant believed to be ore hoisted
out of the said mine during the said time.
"That during said time the force of men
have been increased at said mine, and the
mine is being worked as a mine is usually
worked when being operated for the ex
traction of ore.
Operated All Day.
"That the hoist at the said mine has
been operated all day during the hours be
tween 7 in the morning and 3 in the after
Judge Harney expected to hold court by
or before Saturday, and the matter will
be brought to his attention on the day
In the meantime the United Copper com
pany is said to be working the Minnie
Healy in contravention to the order of in
junction issued by Judge Harney.
Was Formerly of Butte-Bert Philips Is
Bound Over to the District Court
on Charge of Forgery.
Dillon, Aug. za.-Mrs. John Wilson
died last night of consumption at the.
ranch of her husband on the Blacktail.
The deceased was formerly Miss Alice
Phillips and a Butte girl, and was mar
ried in Butte Christmas day, g9o:, by
Rev. J. W. Tait.
A baby born last September, the hus
band, and a sister, Mrs. Willis File of
Butte, survive.
Bert Phillips was arraignel before Jus
tice Rich today on a charge of forgery.
He waived a preliminary examination and
was bound over to the district court under
$Soo bonds.
Electrio Road to Boise, Idaho, Is an
Important Step.
The recent incorporation with the sec
retary of state of a company having a
capital of $)o,ooo,eoo that proposes to
build and operate an electric railroad
from Butte, the greatest mining camp on
earth, to Boise, the capital of the neigh
boring state of Idaho, means more than
many perhaps thought.
P. B. Moss, the Billings banker, who is
an officer of the new company, passed
through Butte today from Idaho, where
he has been looking over the proposed
He carries with him a rough profile of
the route and is favorably impressed with
the feasibility of the scheme.
He told a Butte acquaintance that he
looked for the construction of the road.
It will open up one of the richest mining
countries in the world.
Dr. S. E. Schwartz Returns.
Dr. S. E. Schwartz returned last night
from the East, where he was called by the
serious illness of his mother. He had
been absent from the city two months.
His mother's condition is improved some
what, though she is not yet well.
Demands a Divorce.
May Pollard sued William Pollard for a
divorce .in the district court today on the
ground of cruel and inhuman conduct. The
parties were married in Butte, September as,
9poo, and the plaintiff says that on January :16
19o3, her husband struck her in the face.
Discharged From Custody.
Maggie Blair and Annie Walsh were tried in
Judge Iisrrington's court this morning on a
charge of disturbing the peace of North Mon.
tans street, on the complaint of Nellie Sullil
van, A Jury acquitted them. It was a women's
triangular quarrel and the Jury could not find
any virtue in the complaint.
Mandeletam Reaches Monastir.
Salonica, Aug. a.--Dr. Mandelstam, actinag
Russian consul at Uskub, who has been ap.
pointed to succeed M. Rostkovoski, murdered
consul at Monastir, reached that town today.
Tramps Fire on Harvest
Hands and Force Them
to Jump Off.
Glendive, Aug. Is.-A mad battle in a
freight car going at full speed east of
Glendive today resulted in the death of
an unidentified tramp and the fatal shoot
ing of two harvest hands, who were
bound from here to North Dakota.
The tramps, armed with revolvers,
struggled with the harvest hands for the
possession of the car and finally drove
them off, while the train was going at
full speed. Two of the men who jumped
I cannot live--theother four are badly hurt.
The harvest hands, who have been
working in this section, numbered six In
a Today they boarded an eastbound North
ern Pacifi freight, and, entering a box
car without knowledge of the crew, shut
I themselves in.
Expecting trouble with tramps, who In
feast the trains in this section, they had
t armed themselves with rocks.
The men had had a good haying season
here and there was considerable money in
the crowd.
Three Tramps Appear.
Just east of here three tramps climbed
on top of the car and began hammering at
a door in the rear.
They said they wanted to get in and
hide as the conductor was coming.
The harvest hands refused to open the
door. A tramp then shot off the lock and
the three hoboes, flourishing revolvers,
charged in.
Rocks began to fly and the tramps
a opened fire.
The roar of the train drowned the battle,
t and the crew did not dream of the excit
I ing scene almost under their noses.
In five minutes the box car was trans
formed into shambles.
e Thomas McGowan, one of the harvest
ers, was shot in the right shoulder and the
William M. Mennings, another har
vester, was shot in the leg and his jugular
vein was nearly severed with a bowie.
All three of the tramps fired until their
revolvers were empty.
They finally overawed the hands and
went through their clothes.
Y Then, while the train was going at full
speed, the tramps ordered the men to jump.
It was like walking the planks in the old
days of the sea-pirates, for it looked like
certain death to leave the train while it
was going 40 males an hour.
Had no Choice.
The men were unarmed and had no
One by one they flung themselves from
the car door, to roll over and over on the
The wounded men were not spared and
their wounds, together with the shock of
the fall, will kill them.
The train stopped at Wibaux, where
the two tramps left alive fled.
Their companion, the third man, was
found in the car, his head literally
smashed to a jelly by the boulders of
the harvest hands.
The sides of the car were splashed
with blood and dented with rocks and the
floor resembled shambles.
The body of the unidentified man was
left in the car, which was sidetracked,
after which the train went on.
Coroner Foster of Dawson county was
He sent out a posse after the others,
whose whereabouts was told by one of
the six, who walked in.
IMcGowan and Mennings were found
where they had fallen, in a dying condi
Of the other four, whose names have not
been learned, two have broken legs and
two are badly bruised by the fall from the
The dead tramp had no papers by which
he could be identified.
The sheriff and a posse are in pursuit of
the murderers.
McGowan was from Philadelphia and
Mennings from Ferns, N. D. Both were
is aided by a deep border-iS inches,
for instance. We are showing some
elegant patterns in many colors to give
contrast to wall paper and our skill In
hanging papers Is well known in Butte.
It would please us to show you
through our stock.
usu W. Park St., Kins Blk. 'Phone tod.
Question of Fixing Standard of Measure
men for Machine Work Goes
Back to Committee.
Washington, Aug. sa.--A decision to
make St. Louis the next place of meeting
,f the International Typographical union
was reached without oposition today, all
,ther candidates withdrawing.
Delegates Gilmore of Montreal and
Powell of Ottawa gave notice that those
cities would be candidates for the honor in
They stated that there is much opposi
tion in Canada to international unionism
and expressed the opinion that a meeting
in the dominion would strengthen the
The union began its session today by or
dcring the removal of all circulars and
other literature distributed In the meeting
hall which doea not bear thS union label.
Committee on L#ws.
The convention resumed consideration
of the report of the conumsttee on laws.
The first popositioln taken up was a rec
ommendation prohibiting members of sub
ordinate unions Iroom voting on a ohange
in the scale of prices unless they have been
members at least six months.
This suggestion was adopted but the
convention voted down a suggestion ex
cluding from membership in subordinate
unions machine operators who have not
served apprenticeship as printers.
This negative action was taken because
the point is already covered by existing
There was considerable discussion of an
amendment suggested by Delegate Taylor
of Tacoma, Wash., for the recognition of
the rule of employing substitutes as regu
lar printers.
Is Voted Down.
There was a recognition of the fact that
a better regulation than that which exists
at present is desirable, but the suggestion
was antagonized as impracticable by the
law's committee and the proposition was
voted down.
The convention adopted an amendment
to the general laws suggested by Delegate
Taylor giving to sub printers the privileges
enjoyed by regular printcrs.
The convention then took up the sug
gestion made by the conmmittee on laws to
fix a standard for the measurement of
machine set type, but after extended de
Iate the question was recommitted to the
committee for further consideration.
Coming as it does, l.: the husiest season,
when a man can least allord to lose time,
a sure and quick cure for diarrhoea is very
desirable. Anyone who has given it a trial
will tel you that the quickest, surest ands
most pleasant remedy in use for this dis
ease is Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. There is no loss of
time when it is used, as one or two doses
of it will cure any ordinmry attack. It
never fails, not even in the most severe
anl dangerous cases. For sale by Paxson
& Rockefeller, Newbro !Drug Co., Christie
& Leys, and Newton IBros.
Mel Sternfels, who is employed at the
Ilutte & Boston smelter in the assay de
partment, met with a painful accident last
A carboy containing hot water exploded
and inflicted severe burns albout the face
and shoulders.
The carboy was receiving the discharge
from a retort and it is thought that cold
water was thrown on the heated glass,
causing it to explode.
Young Sternfels' injuries were dressed
at Murray & Freund's hospital, after which
he was able to go to his home at 331
South Washington street.
Important Additions Made to the High
School Faculty.
Those appointed to the high school
faculty at the meeting of the school board
last night are six In number, Miss Elenor
Hluumphrey, Miss Jennie White, William A.
D)avies, F. M. Underwood, Fred Darling,
\V. K. Dwyer.
I.ach of these teachers has distinguished
herself or himself in the several depart
ments to which assignment will be made.
Miss Humphrey is a graduate of the
U'niversity of Kansas, and a sister of Miss
Adele Humphrey the head of the depart
ment of English literature in the high
Mr. Darling is a graduate of Cornell,
Miss Elenor Humphrey of the University
of Kansas, William A. Davies, Demson
university, Chicago; F. M. Underwood,
University of Missouri, W. N. Dwyer,
University of Baltimore, Jennie P. White,
University of Michigan.
It was decided not to grant the petition
of West Side residents who asked that the
school hours close at 3 o'clock. This action
was considered necessary because of the
work mapped out for the children during
the next year.
Only two bids were received from build
ers regarding the Blaine school. One was
that of W. E. Walsh, the price being
$5,390; the other from '. J. llennessy, the
price set at $5.4So. These bids were con
sidered fair and were referred to the build.
ing committee for consideration.
The meeting adjourned after deciding to
set the opening of school for September
14, and the teachers' institute for Septem
ber 8.
Train for Eagles.
City Ticket Agent Meech received clr
culars today calling attention to the
Northwestern Special Eagles train which
will leave Minneapolis Friday, August aS,
for the Eagles grand lodge in New York.
The rate from Butte for the round trip
will be $78.5o. The circular announces
that because of interest shown in the
matter the Great Northern has been desig
natel as the line to take Eagles from this
section to Minneapolis. The roads that
will take the special from there will be
the Wisconsin Central, the Wabash and
the West Shore. It is expected that
several Eagles will go from Butte.
Inolr or San Francisco
50.00 Round Trip Rate
8peclal Baggage Privileges for All Who Buy TRUNKS,
It's a privilege to be looked on as somebody; it's a good
thing to be as igned to a good room at the hotel; it's a good
thing to establish the reputation of being able to pay your bills.
All these special privileges come to you at a glance provided the
glance takes in one of our reasonably priced high grade trunks,
suit cases or hand bags as a part of your traveling outfit. No
hotel clerk in the land was ever known to assign a guest that
carried one of our suit cases to a dark room.
And Look at the Prices
Leather Club Bag Specials
14-inch i6-Inch 18-lnch
For 75C For 75C For $1.00oo
Suit Case Specials
S1 No. 51 Suit Cases 26 No. 5I Salt Cases
Brass trimmed and leather Leather, heavy sole leather
bound, exceptionally strong, handles, linen lined, brass locks
wonderful values; $3.00 and and catches, linen shirt folds,
$8.50 quality, each worth $6.00 and $7. 50, each
$1.95 and $2.25 $4.51 and $5.W
Square Top Trunks
Steel bumpers, canvas covers, linen lined, brass Excelsior
locks, 14 slats, with English rivets, covered trays.
28-Inch Size So-Inch Size 3s-Inch Size
For $6.5o For $7.25 For $8.oo
Square Top Trunks
Brass bumpers, heavy canvas covers, strapp all l around;
extra large boxes, linen lined, covered trays, stitched solo
leather handles.
3o-inch Size 32-Inch Size 34-Inch Size
For $9.75 For $io.5o For $11.25
Malil Us Your Orders--We Pay the Freight.
Brownfield=Canty Carpet Co.
S1 to 54 West Park. 43 to 43 West Galena Street, Butte.
New York, Aug. la.-- On behalf of the
republic of Mexico al offlicial protlert has
been made by Sheritff Curell of Union,
county at Eliablth, N. J., against the
holding of the Mexican gulboats Taupic·o
and Vera Cruz tinder a writ of selaure
granted by Suprenme Court Counlis
sioner P'intard at the request of a lumberr
firm for material furnfihed in the conl
struction of the guJmo;ats at the Crescent
Shbpyard. The 'Tampico and Vera (ruz
were seized on August 5.
The protebt was made by Actilng Consul
General Antonio Leon l radejalde at the
port of New York, and Ca(:t. Manuel Aza
tun, chief of the Mexican commlission of
inspection at Elizaetih.
Previously (;radejade andl Capt. Azatlts
appeared before a notary itdlic of New
York and declared that the Te'mpico and
Vera Cruz were the property of the re
public of Mexico.
The document concludes with the state
ment that the supreme court Iof New Jer
sey is without jurisdiction and the whole
proceedings are illegal and void.
The sheriff will take no action ill the
matter unless directed by the court.
The Tampico and Vera Crux were con
tracted for in June, igol. They are prac
tically completed and only one installment
remains to be paid.
Former Sheriff John E. Lloyd, on his return
from England, brought with him a small ship
modeled after tile Britannia.
The toy boat is similar In every respect to
the original, the only difference in appearance
be:ing in the size.
It was modeled by two English sailors and
the work is said to be almost perfect.
This minature shlip has been presented to the
Welsh church by Mr. Lloyd and is to be sold
and the proceeds used for the benefit of the
On Insanity Charge.
Mary Capello was lodged in the county jail
again today on a charge of insanity. She was
arrested by Officer Grant. It is but a short
time ago that Mary was tried for insanity in
Judge Ilarney's court and acquitted.
Mrs. Paige Dore Dead.
Mrs. Paige Dore died last night at is o'clock
at her home, r4 West Fremont street. A babe
one week old survives her. The deceased was
the wife of Paige E. D)ore, weighmaster in the
Colorado smelter. She leaves a host of friends.
Moneyback is a great relief
at your grocer's. Schilling's
tea baking-powder spices
coffee flavoring extracts sods
go far to make housekeeping
Thirteenth doctor of China from grand
father down. Uorn and schooled ii
the piofeasion. Treats all diseases,
making a specialty of chronic troubles.
Consult me. say South Main St.
Practical Undertaker and Embalher.
140 W. Park St., Butte. Phone 3o7
........-- •- ,----
No. 7 N. Montana St.
No. 65 W. Park St.
Contractors for Masonio Temple,
~ontractors for County Hospital, etc
We contract lot everything lin the
Electric Line.
Bring Your Motors to Us
We Will Make Them Satisfactory.
Ofice 'phuone osA residence 'phone
Butte. Montana.
______ -- I
Board Ing Stables
Attention Paid In Every
Detail to Horses Left In
Our Charge. Rates Reas
sonable .. Phone 69a-A
1s2 South Montana
J. D. M'mB6OOm,
Honorary gradute of the Ontario Veteps
ainry College of Toronto, Canada. Treato
all diseases of domesticated animals see
Uording to scientific principles. Office as
Morrow & Sloan's stables, io4 South Malg
street. Telephone apj. All caues prompli
attended to.
Northern Pacific Excursion Train to
Helena for the Woodmen of
the World Picnic.
On August :6 special trains will leave Ifutte
on the Northern 'acific at :o0o a. m. and t:os
a m. for Ifelena via Garrison on account of
the Woodmen of the World picnic at that
point. Fare for the round trip, $J.ao; childrea
over t and under ma, $.ao. Returning the
special trains will leave Helena at :ou p. i.
and 8:oo p. m. This is the finest opportunity
of the season for Butte people to visit the
Capital City. W. II. Merriman, general asgest
For the log rolling of the M. W. A., a.
Hamilton, August 23 to Is, the Northers
Pacific will run a special train leaving Ilutte,
August 53, at y:oo a. m., and leave lamnilt~e
on the return trip August is, at 6:oo p. m.A
rate of one fare for the round trip has
made from principal points between Butte
Donner, good on this special train only.
A rate of one and one-third fare has alse
been arranged for this meeting from all poains
in Montana good on regular tralns. l icke..t
on sale August sa to s, Inclusive, with return
limit of August so. W. H. Merriman, senera
Excursion Rates to regeon Springs.
?o¶owIm round.trip rates to Oregson Sp
Ansonsa to Gregso and return..........
t to regon an return ..............
aTickets loon oal trains from noon
bays until was Ioodaysr

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