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New York. Aug. 19.-The Reliance and
Shamrock III. were measured yestrrday
in the Erie basin by C. I-. Mower, the offi
cial measurer of the New York Yacht club.
As the result of his measurements and
calculations it was announced at the Yacht
club that the Reliance would allow the
challenger i minute and 45 seconds over
a *o-mile course.
It was found that the Shamrock Ill.
was slightly longer on the eater line than
the American boat, but the latter proved
to have nearly j,0ou more tsquare feet of
sail area than the challenger, and it was
this enormous spread that taxed the Ameri
can boat so heavily.
The announcement of the time allow
ance in favor of the challenger caused little
surprise at the yacht club, as it was the
general belief that the Reliance wouli
prove considerably larger all around than
her opponent.
The Italiance and Shamrock swung
lazily at their mnooring inside Sandy Ilook
last night, ready for the international con
test for the America's cup, the first race
of which will be sailed on Thursday.
The Shamrock 1I1. merely returned to
her old moorings, the Reliance coming
there for the first tim:
Newport, R. I., Aug. ig.-The fact that
Collins and Waidner, the western chant
pion tennis team who yesterday defeated
Ward and Ware, the eastern champions,
were to meet the Doherty brothers, the
lBritish experts, for the chamupionnsip of
American in doubles, caused even greater
interest today among the thousands who
follow tennis In this vicinity than yester
day's games.
Another perfect day cheered the play
ers and spectators alike. The betting fa
vored the Doherty's.
The Doherty's successfully defended
their titles as American tennis champions,
winning in straight sets front Collins and
:tVaidner, 7-5, 6-3, 6-3.
Presidence, R. I., Aug. gs.-In a champlion
ship to mile rare of professional riders at the
( oliseum last night Frank Cramer was badly
hurt In a spill with. King and John letdell.
Iver Lawson won, Rout second, McFarland
third and Fenn fourth. Time, a3:53tt. Kramer
was stunned by being th awn again.t a pot
and received several cuts and bruises, but his
injurie, are not regarded as dangerous.
A Plain Talk.
It is useless to "beat about the bush" in speaking or writing of this
terrible scourge. Plain talk is best. These cold types, used by a
master ever so bluntly, cannot suffioe to hammer home the dreadful
dangers of Blood Poison. Not being able to talk as plainly in a family
newspaper as is necessary, our best use of THIS space is to plain-talk
HOPE to the man or woman who is afflicted with blood poison. Don't
waste another minute worrying your physician or yourself over the CAUSE
of your trouble. You can GET blood poison (often innocently) in any
one of a dozen ways; YOU CAN GET RID OF IT IN JUST ONE WAY,
and that's the plain-talk truth.
For fifteen years Dr. Norcross has been using Serum Toxin treat
ment for the COMPLETE eradication of blood poison from the human
system. For fifteen years the unending procession of stricken patients,
discouraged and disgusted with the so-called Hot Springs and other
"treatments," has turned to the only cure known to medical sclenoe-the
serum toxin-discovered by Dr. Norcross. They came with shame-faced,
shiftless mein, and were discharged with brightened eye-with the
upright, fearless vigor of restored health-with renewed courage, with
mankind's richest blessing-PERFECT HEALTHI They came to me
for HOPE and they found it.
If YOU have blood poison-if YOU are timid about going among
people by reason of having sores on your face, head or hands-if YOU
have nerve-wrecking headaches-if YOU have pains in your arms and
legs almost too hard for human endurance-come to me at once. I
will cure you just as truly and certainly as I have the hundreds of other
sufferers from blood poison whom I have discharged entirely well. You
are probably willing and anxious to pay a fair and moderate sum for
your complete cure-for the peace of mind you will have when this
terrible load is lifted from your mind.
If you will only remember that Dr. Norcross is ready to cure you
bless the day that he had this plain-talk with .you.
Corner Rooms p9-o-1I, Owsley Block, Butte.
New York, Aug. 19.-The local
weather bureau today issued the fol
lowing special weather forecast for to
morrow's yacht race:
"The weather over the course Thurs
day will be partly cloudy with light to
fresh west to north winds, with a velocity
of from 10 to 19 miles an hour."
Under weather co(tlitions that promise
to be repeated tAomorrow on the occasion
of the irst races in the interniatimnal
series lbetween the lReliance and Shamrock
III., respectively the drlfelder and chal
lenger for the America's cup, tdlay left
their moorings at Sandy lHook for the l.st
spin before the rnace.
After monlis of trying of spars. ropes
and ldocks; after reperated tests of Iallast.
When the propos.al was first made that
the Tacoma andl Helena basehall fran
chises should go to Vancouver and What
com, it did nlot meet with favor among the
managers of the clubs comprising the
Pacific National league. The distance was
thought too far andt the season too nearly
over to create much enthusiasm.
P'residcnt Lane of the Itutte club, stated
this morning that he thought the gamens
would pay in the two northwest cities.
That the people eof Whatcom andl Van
couver patronize good ball games is shown
ly the attenlancte ;at the exhibitiotl games
played there two years ago.
When Mlcluskey hadl the Tacoma team
he played several gaml.es in Vancoluver and
TJnhat t_.innling contet" ye-terdlay at (',olumbia
(;ardena' park wa; playing the lnational gallle
all right, all right.
lirnach pitlched a splendid game. lot the tits
of the Spokane playcrs were time.ly and
brought in rtlns. IJanllannl waS a CUomplte
mystery to the lucals.
Reynolds certainly made a grave mistake
when he allowed 'Third hiasemtn I)ri',l to go
to the Spokane team. lihs timely hitting yce.
terday won the game for the Indiians.
Such a game as was played yeterday at the
all park oughtl t, Irinig usit a great crowdil to
seC the remallenilng games inl the Si)pokaene series.
If Van'couver n1l W\\hatcim are tadmitted to
the 'acatic N.ti. nal Imague. the games which
Intitte were sehedtiled tI, play with Salt l.ake
stretching of sails, and burnishing of hull.,
both boats arc now in perfect trim, acoed
ing to the ideas of their owners and '
signers, and today's sail was just a tria.
not for speed, but for a final test of fittlng
and gear.
Interest has been considerably sugmested
in the yachts over night by the announso
inent that Reliance must allow Shamtoed
III. a handicap of I minute and 4S sel
onds, and many yachting experts sought
places of vantage today to view the last
The hoats crossed Sandy Hook bay' on
the starboard tack and in a ma-knot breegs
headed out to sen. The sails of both filled
After they ha.d sailed to a point about
mile southeast of the Scotland lightii)
Reliance headed back, running beforeep
\\hatconm after the season closed, and
made money. If the cities had teams of
their own it would be much better, so it
is thought.
Of course there could he no Sunday
games at Vancouver. The city authori
ties do not favor Sunday sports. However,
the business of Vancouver practically sus
tl,ctn Saturday afternoon, so the attendance
would surely he as large as if the games
were Iplayed Sunday.
Westminister is but a short distance
from Vancouver and would doubtless fur
nish good crowds every day.
It is the belief of the local baseball
metn that Vancouver would be one of the
best towns in the league after a team had
been established there.
at Seattle could be played at either of the two
new towns with mIre satisfaction to the
backers. J hten, too, Itutte had a series with
Helena billtted for Seattle which would hardly
have drawn well. Tlthese would he arranged for
Vancouver if that town gets the Ilelena fran.
chise. In this maanner the Pacific National
league could end the season with eight clubs
and Sipokane and Seat.le clubs could make she
California trip as scheduled.
I)amnlann is pitching a wonderful game
these days.
Manager Reynolld of the Salt I.ake team was
strongly in favor of giving' the Tacoma fran.
chise to Ogden, on anty terms.
Now that the Corlett Jeffries fight Is a thinl
of the past, a matter of history, and so tar as
Corbett is concerned only an ulgly dream,
what is Jeffries going to do? Who will next
venture to meet this gladiator with a hope of
wresting the world' championshilp from him?
At the big nmill in San Francisco Jack Munroe
annolluncld Ilis clhalletlge of the winner, but
perhap lihe at that time posse,~sed the faint
hole that h'orrtt would stay the so-round
litmi and gttt the decision on points. But
Munroe cannot come forward ton, soon to suit
JctTries or hisi asle manager, hilly I)elaney.
"\We're just waiting for a proposition from
Munroe," said u...y I)elaney recently, "and
Munrce can't come to us any too soon, if he'll
just shllow us w here there is anly money to
There wasn t g:nttle yesterday at Salt Lake
owing to, I)ugdil'ls teamst not arriving in time.
The Sciattlc bunch stopped in Itutte a short
time last night on its way to the Mormon
capital. Manager I)ugdale stated that the sMen
were in good conditon and that he expected
to hI a little better than break even down at
Salt l.ake.
luil.dale felt cure that there would be no
dI.rulltion of the Pacific '.ational league be
cause ,of the withdrawal of the Helena and
TacomtIla clui.,. lie thought the Tacoma man*
agement did a very unsportsmnanlike act In
dropping out after a successful run. lie
favored the transfer of the Ilelena and Tacoma
franchi.e,,s to Valncouver and WIhatcom.
Fli ilay will be ladies' dlay at Columbia Gar.
denl, and a linle iprogram has been arranged
for the occasion. I here will be nail.drlvlng,
woaiidai-awing and chopping contests for the
ladies. It will le a day of athletics for the
women and children and a number of liberal
prizes have been hung up for the events.
The Fort I.incoln baseball team added one
more victories to its list yesterday by defeating
the Eagle Juniors 4 to 3, and 6 to i. This
mtakes nine consecutive victories for the clever
youngsters, and they are out with a challenge
to any teatm in the state whose players average
II years or less.
Sharkety says: "There is only one way to
heat Jeffries; that is to go to him. I fought
himn a5 rounds at Coney Island, and I am
ready to meet him again for the championshipl
in fact. I ant going to post a forfeit of $I,oon to
bind the match with the champion. I have
sent a challenge to Jeffries for the match.
With C('orbett out of the way I think I am the
clhampion's logical opponent. I would like to
meet him for the hpnor, and will sign articles
just as soon as he is ready to accommodate
Eddie Quinn, assistant manager of the -po.
kane Athletic club. has received a letter from
"Father" 'oum Kelly, formerly a player on the
Ilutte team, and till lately of Salt Lake, stating
that he had quit the diamond. The letter
says: "Asn a consequence of the late strike we
had at Salt Lake I was released. I have ced
cluded to quit the diamond and seek other
lines of work. I will not play ball any more
unless I can secure the management of sompe
independent team."
Kelly made his first appearance In California
two years ago with the Stanford university
nine. He pitches wonderful ball that season,
sometimes pitching three or four games eon
secutively, one every day. His work was little
less than marvelous, but the strain was tdo
much and lie wore his arm out so that saince
then his work has not been so good.
Following is the schedule of events for the
Olympic games at St. Louis In tgo4:
May t4--ltaerscholastic meet, for St. Louis
May at-Open handicap athletic meeting.
May aS-Interscholastic meet for the schoda
of Louisiana Purchase Territory.
May 3o-Western college championships.
June a-A. A. U. handicap meeting.
June 3-A. A. U., Junior championships.
June 4--A. A. U. Senior championships.
June it-Olympic college championships,
open to colleges of the world.
June tIS-Central Association championships.
June i8-.Mass exhibition, Turners.
June .o to aS -College baseball.
July i-Turners' International individual and
team contest.
5e. Olgar
Duplicate. another Cremo. It never
v ares in quality, aroma or price.
Creao els ar os eisegdll goodal es twt aha IoM Amr srtws m at t the as*stm. A~n
Me thait for lies does ao with the adver to res et os em ncmo aullt at tat oet psLt,
The Lrgest S ing trad of CigJs In the world.
ira Mr o b. mk hu ftinsm N
July a-Turners' International individual and
team contest.
July 4-A. A. U., all around championships.
July s, 6 and y-Lacrosse.
July 8 and 9-Swimming and water polo
July as and as-Interscholastic basketball
July 13 and s4-Y. M. C. A. basketball chum
July IS an I 6d-Olympic world's basketball
July i8 and 9--Basketball.
July so to aj-Irish sports, hurling and
Gaelic football.
July a9-Open athletic club handicap meet
ing of the Western association, A. A. U.
July 3o-Championships of the Western asso.
ciation, A. A. U.
August S and 6--Tnterscholastie champion.
.hips, schools of the world.
August 8 to I--Tennis.
September I. a and 3-Olympic games.
September 8 to to-World's fencing cham
September ia to as-Olympic cricklt cham
October t-Military carnival.
October 14 and IS-A. A. U. wrestling chain.
October a8-A. A. U. gymnastic champion
October ap-Gymnastic championships.
November to and It-Relay racing open to
athletic clubs, colleges, schools and Y. M. C. A.
November ta-College football.
November as and t6-Association football.
November s--Association football (morn
November sy-Cross country championships
November a8-Association football.
November to-Association football.
November a4-College football, East and
West, and local cross country championships.
October 3, 4 and s-Endeavors will be made
to have the champions of the American and
National leagues play a series of three games
for the Olympic championship.
There are several sports yet to be arranged
that will require the co-operation of the Na
tional associations which govern the sports.
Newport, R. I., Aug. 19.-Kreigh Col
lins and L. H. Waidner, the Western
doubles champions, finished the sensation
of the first day of the National Lawn Ten
nis tournament on the Casino courts yes
terday by winning a straight victory over
Edgeconmb Ward and Lee Ware, the East
ern champions.
The feature in the singles was the match
between W. J. Clothier and B. C. Wright,
which went to the Philadelphian, ending
in a runaway.
R. F. Doherty will not play at all in
the singles. He was scratched in favor
of B. F. Merrill.
New York. Aug. sg.-Jerry Hicks, the negro
rider, under lease by a Southern firm of horse
men who claim to hold a contract to Perry
lDelmont and John E. Madden, was arrested at
midnight, according to special dispatches from
Saratoga, upon an order of Judge Spencer of
the Fulton county court.
lIe will be taken before the Judge for trial
of the suit by his father, a resident of Louisi.
ana, to annul the boy's contract.
Ilick's father received $St per month under
the present agreement, which ,ls to run three
It is said he wants more, and for that reason
desires to break the contract.
Chicago, Aug. Ip.-Miss Bessie Anthony.
Western champion, turned in a pe-card score
In the qualifying round of the woman's tourna
ment of the Onwentsli club, which started yes
terday. This was the best score of the 54
women on the asShole Journey and, accord
ingly, the champion was given the medal for
the lowest score.
Soldier Who Tries to Save Strikers Is
Sentenoed to Death.
London, Aug. p9.-A correspondent at
St. Petersburg describes a sensational in
cident which occurred during the Kieft
On one occasion, he says, when the
troops were ordered by the governor to
fire on the strikers, a young captain
stepped in front of his company and for
bade the troops to fire on their poor
starved brothers.
The soldiers obeyed the counter order
and the captain made a flaming revolu
tionary speech to his men,
He was immediately arrested, tried by
court-martial and sentenced to death.
BY ASSoCIAoTD 1assa.
Chamounix, France, Aug., Ig. - The
seven tourists who were reported to have
been killed while climbing the Algulles
Grosses and Mount Blanc, had, it appears,
a mairaculous escape. They were seen to
fall and It was taken as a certainty that
they were dead, but an exploring party
discovered the tourists, who- ware only
slightly injured by their fall.
It was a pitchers' battle and Spokane's
timely hitting won the game.
In the twelfth inning Hulseman singled and
Nordyke lammed the spheroid for two sacks.
Hulseman scored and a little later Delsel's hit
brought Nordyke home. It gave Spokane a
lead of two runs and won the game.
The only inning in which Butte scored was
the ninth. It necessitated the playing of three
more innings before the decisive runs were
On the whole it was the prettiest game seen
here this season. The fielding was brilliant
and both Roach and Dammann received the
best support. Following is the scores
SPOKANE- Al. R. :B. PO. A. E.
Ferris, ab.............. o 2 4 0
Durrett, cf.............5 o 0 o o0
Klopf, as............... 5 0 e0 2 a
Iulsemen, If.......... 4 s 3 s o
Nordyke, ab........... 5 a a 36 0 0
Carney, rf..............5 0 a y o0
Deisel, 3b .............. o a 0o 3
Hianson, c ........... 0 o a 9 a o
Dammann, p.......... 4 0 a 0 4 0
Totals.............43 3 2 36 s4 3
BUTTE- AB. R. sB. PO. A. E.
Ward, ab............. 4 o I 2 3 0
L Roque, 3b.......... 5 • I 0o
Shaffer, bb ............. 4 0o o 3 0
Wilmot, If........... 5 0 o a o
Swindells, e....... .. 5 1 a 9 o0
Runkle, as............. 3 0 a 3 4 0
McHale, cf............ 5 0 a 4 a a
Bandelin, rf..0......... a o 0
Roach, p ............. 5 o 2 3 0
Totals................42 2 6 3S zl5 4
*ilanson out for not touching first.
Score by innings:
Butte........ o o o o o 0 o0 0 -
Spokane..... o 0 o o 0 o o 0 o o 11-3
Summary: First base on errors-Butte, 3;
Spokane, s. Sacrifice hits-Runkle, a. Stolen
base-Shaffer. Twobase hits-Swindells, Nor.
dyke. Three.base hits-Deisel. Ward. Bases
on balls-By Dammann, a; by Roach, s.
Struck out-By Roach, 7; by Dammann, 6.
Left on bases-Butte, 7; Spokane, g. Double
plays-Mcifale to La Roque, Klopf to Ferris
to Nordyke, McHale to Shasfer, Roach to
Shafer, Carney to Nordyke. Time of game
Two hours and g minutes. Attendance-3oo.
Pacific National League.
Played. Won. Lost. P.Ct.
Los Angeles........ 1o7 6g 4a ..o7
Butte............. so6 64 41 .604
Spokane ............. o8 61 47 .S65
Seattle................... 06 57 49 .538
San Francisco...... to8 6 sO 5 .59
Tacoma............ so6 46 60 .434
Helena ............... o 4 6a .36
Salt Lake........... 41 24 a8 .333
National League.
Played. Won. Lost. P.Ct.
Pittsburg............ too 6s 35 .650
Chicago .............. 60 39 .6o6
New York.......... too 60 40 .600oo
Cincinnati............ 9 5 45 .)54
Brooklyn............98 49 49 .500oo
Boston.......... 92 37 54 .4o7
Philadelphis......... 89 s 58 .348
St. Louis........... so 35 7to .333
Amerlcan League.
Played. Won. Lost. P.Ct.
Boston........... g8 63 3S .643
Philadelphia......... 99 57 43 .576
Cleveland............. 9 S3 46 .535
New York.......... 9s 49 46 .516
Detroit.............. 46 46 .500
St. Louis........... 97 45 51 .464
Chicago ............ oo 45 55 .450
Washington......... too 31 68 .1so
Los Angeles 3; Oakland 2.
Los Angeles, Aug. 1s.-Score: R H E
Los Angeles. o o o 0 3o o o 000-3 7 a
Oakland..... a o o o o 0 0 0-a -
Batteries-Gray and Spies; Lee and Gorton.
Chicago 3; Washlngton 1.
Chicago, Aug. s.,-Score: R H E
Chicago............................. 3
Washington ............... ....... s 4 s
Batteries-Patterson and Slattery; Wilson
and Kittredge.
ODetroit 0-1; New York 1-8,
Detroit, Aug. s9.-First game- R H E
Detroit .................................. o 7 a
New York..............................
Batteries-Donovan and Buelow; Chesbro,
McFarland and O'Connor.
Second game- R H E
Detroit ....... ............... 6 3
New York........................... 8 5s
Batteries-Klissinger, Mullen and McGuire;
Tannehill and O'Coanor.
Cleveland 2; Boston 10.
Cleveland, Aug. sp.-Score: RH E
Cleveland..................... ......... s o a
Boton.....................,,............s a4
Batteries-Donohue and Bemis; Young and
Ferrell -
6t. Louis 86 Philadelphia 5.
St. Louis, Aug, :p.-Score , R H E
St. Louis*..............*.*..... 2* 0 1
IM ******,e ****************** s 22 2
Batteries-Wright and Sueden; Waddell sa4
St. Louise S Brooklyn 6.
Brooklyn, Aug. sr.-Score: R H
SLt. Louis ............................... 8 to
Brooklyn ............................... 6 14
Batteries-Brown sad Ryan: Jones and BRI
ter. Umpire-Hurst.
New York 0; Cinoinnati 7.
New York, Aug. s.-Scores R H
New York.............................. o s 1
Cincl nnati ......................... ..... . i
Batteriesl-McGinnity, Cronin and Bowsre
man; Ewing and Pelts. Umpire-Emalle sad
Boston 0; Pittsburg 8.
Boston, Aug. p.-Score: R H 1
Boston................................ o
Pittsburg................................ 9g
Batteries-Wilson and Durham; Leever al
Adams. Umpire-Johnstone.
Fire in a Boston Business Blook Brings
injury to Many.
Boston, Aug. sp.-The explosion of a
tank of gasoline in the baselhent of a
six-story block occupied by several nia
facturing concerns on Wormwood sO'&
South Boston, yesterday, caused art
which inside of so minutes completely g,
stroyed the building meantime pr
tating a panic in which scores of em.
ployes received injuries.
The monetary loss is *rSo,ooo, covered
by insurance.
Immediately following the explosion a
dense volume of smoke enveloped the
building, and sao girls employed by 11
iam Byer, manufacturer of laop curte
on the sixth floor, stampeded for
stairways, the only exits, and screamnjr
and fighting made their way to the gro
In the struggle many fell and were
trampled upon.
Cass of Kansas Against Colorado, ihl
Irrigation Trouble.
Washington, Aug. gs.-The amended
bill of the state of Kansas in the case
instituted by that state against the state
of Colorado to restrain the latter state
in the use of the water of the Arkansag
river for irrigation purposes was filed ye*
terday in the United States supreme court.
The amended bill makes s7 of the leea+
ing irrigation companies which secure
water from the Arkansas river parties to
the suit, whereas, in the original bill, the
state of Colorado was the only defendant
It is alleged that the entire flow of
water in the Arkansas has been appro
priated by Colorado and by co.operations
organized under the authority of that state.
Boston Globe 8peaks of the Former
Army Commander.
Boston, Aug. g9.-The Globe, a demos
cratic newspaper, says today that General
Nelson A. Miles, who is a native of this
state, has been suggested by some of the
politicians in the party as a possible nomi
nee for governor of Massachusetts on the
deipocratic ticket.
Should he be chosen governor, it is
claimed he will be a logical candidate for
the presidency.
The Globe adds that Miles' friends say.
he would accept the nomination for goes
Misunderstanding of Orders Results Ir
Disastrous Wreck.
Peterson, Utah, Aug. so.--A rear-e
collision occurred on the Union PaciS0
near here yesterday, injuring Louis Elason
of Omaha, Thomas Kennedy of Kansas
City, and a fireman, name not given.
The collision was the result of a mis'
understanding of orders, the eastboqnd
fast mail crashing into the caboose of a
freight train.
Two hundred feet of track is torn u8
and traffic is delayed several hours.
Charged With Murder.
Oaxica, Mex., Aug. g.--An Americas
miner named Madden is under arrest for
the murder of Dr. J. W. Kingman, a mine
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