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With an Emtploy., Iansher Is Arraigned
on Charge of Having *inned the
Stew of Helena Firm.
Fort Benton, Aug. 6.--Henry Winters
and Andrew Bdller must spend a year
each in the state penitentiary for shoot
lag a steer belonging to Pruitt and Phelps
of Helena, after driving it from the range
of the Atrm.
The trial, which has been in progress
here for several days, came to an eed
last evening, when the jury returned a
verdict of guilty.
Winters is a partner in the sheep-rais
ng business with James Hirshberg of
Helena. He is worth $So,ooo. Belier was
an employe. It Is probable that attorneys
for the defense will appeal for a new
tlial. Both sides called many witnesses.
He Boasted of It.
On Saturday afternoon the last witness
called by the prosecution was Otto Hav
erlandt, who testified that he had heard
Winters boasting of having stolen cattle
on several occasions, and that he declared
the officers of the law could not detect
hlie defense then proceeded to produce
testimony that was calculated to discredit
some of the evidence given by witnesses
for the prosecution.
Pres Larcum swore that he was working
at Winters' home ranch at the time the
OH steer is alleged to have been killed,
and the only animal slaughtered at that
time was an animal having the 9 bar
brand which was owned by Winters him
Sore Another Brand.
A. W. Lake testified that he had been
in charge of the Winterscattle, among
which was the steer killed on March 23.
He swore that be cut out the animal him
self and that It bore the 9 bar brand.
Frank Plunkett and L. B. Taylor were
called as expert witnesses. Their testi
mony was to the effect that the skin hear
ing the OH brand was from a two-year.
old steer, instead of a four-year-old As
claimed by the prosecution. In their opin
ion the alleged V brand on another skin
looked like a Y lazy V, but as the skin
had been mutilated they could not speak
positively on that point.
Was Not There.
At the Monday session of court II.
Fastje swore he was at the Winters ranch
when Lotusky claims to have disposed
of the hides, and according to witness
Lotusky was not there at that time.
F. Riesen, a sheep herder, testified that
he was with Lotusky about one and one
half miles from the Winters ranch at the
time Lotusky said he w'itnessed the kill
ing of the steer.
Thomas Hamby testified that he took
charge of the Winters ranch on March ao,
and that Lotusky did not appear there
after that date. He swore that the hide
of the steer killed March 23 was hanging
on the fence as late as April so, although
l.otusky testified that it had been removed
about March 30.
Dillon Man Weds.
Dillon, Aug. a6.--The wedding of Oscar
Johnson of Dillon and Miss Annie
4)'Brien of Sheridan, took place at Sheri
dan at noon yesterday. Rev. Father Van
de Broeck of this city performed the cere
mony, at the home of the bride. Frank
Carry was best man and Miss Mayme
O'Brien bridesmaid.
I DfLICf urueCmalu.
MHuh That Every Woman
Osilrn to Know
About Sanative Antisep
tic Cleansing
And about the Care of the Skim,
Scalp, Hair and Hands.
Too much stress cannot be placed on
the great value of Cutloura Soap, Oint.
ment and Resolvent in the antiseptico
cleansing of the mucous surfaces and of
the blood and circulating fluids, thus
afbrding pure, sweet and economical
local and constitutional treatment for
weakening ulcerations, inflammations,
tohings, irritations, relazations, dipl
placements, pains and Irregularities
peculiar to females. Henoe the Cuti.
eors remedles have a wonderfhl In.lu
once in restoring health, strength aad
beauty to weary women, who have
been prematurely aged and invalided
by these distreluing ailments, as well as
such sympathetic afllictions as anamm
chblorosis, hysteria, nervousness and
Women from the very first have fully
appreclated the purity and sweetness,
the power to aford mmediate relief,
the certainty of speedy and permanent
cure, the absolute safety and great
economy which bays made the Cutlcur
remedies the standard skin cares and
humour remedles of the civilized world.
Millions of the women use untioura
Soap, assisted by Cuticura Ointment,
for preserving, purifyin and beauti.
fying the skin, for cleansing the scalp
of crusts, soales and danudruf, and the
stoppluing of flling hair, for softening
whitening and soothlng red, rough aud
sor e bands, for annoying irritations,
sad ulcerative weaknesses, and for
rasny sanativ, antiseptic purpose
which readily suggest themselves, as
well as for all the purposes of the toilet,
bath and nursery.
sed a. ere.m. .
Helena Oelegation Cauouses and Plans
to Boom mitm--Goss. of
Attending Delegates.
Missoula, Mont., Aug. a6.-The work of
the Montana Trades & Labor council was
taken up Tuesday principally in reference
of important matters to respective com
The 9protest of the carpenters from Butte
against the seating of Delegate Garrison of
the Amalgamated Woodworkers of the
same city, occupied the morning session
and a part of the afternoon.
By a vote of St to 41 the gentleman's
credentials were rejected, although he was
accorded a seat on the floor of the conven
Referred to Committee.
Alex Fairgreavcs has introduced an en
tire change to the constitution and by-laws;
referred to a committee, as have several
other matters of equal import.
The report of Secretary Partellow shows
there are 4J more unions associated with
the state council thian last year; that the
locals represented subscribed over $s00 to
asist the anthracite coalmen during their
trouble, and that the wage workers of
Montana sulbscribed more than $ts,ooo in
behalf of said cause.
The condition of the treasury was re
ported in good state of preservation.
President Erler offered a report in writ
ing, the salient points of which received
applause. It was admirably arranged and
in conclusion Mr. Erler advised the dele
gates to steer clear of political matters and
pay more attention to questions wherein
the interests of labor were especially in
The convention will likely remain in ses
sion the balance of the week, and is likely
to set afoot matters which will result in
ultimate good to the toilers of Montana.
Notes by the Way.
Helena is after the next convention.
The Helena delegation (alout 15 mem
hers) held a caucus Monday night and
agreed to support Mr. Howard O. Smith
for secretary of the council, withdrawing
Mr. Lemert, his only opponent up to date,
as Oscar l'artcllow emphatically refuses
to run for re-election. Mr. Smith is presi
dent of the Trades & Labor assemlly of
Helena, also president of the 'Typographi
cal union, and at this writing his election
seems to be a forgone conclusion.
H. W. Shroyer of Minneapolis is con
sorting with the delegates in the interest of
a Chicago printing house.
Frank Reber. editor of the Labor World,
is a conspicuous figure, though not a dele
gate. He is the same ubiquitous Frank.
Billy Guion. who is most everything on
the Missoulian, is giving his reports of the
A "press censorship" was appointed as
follows: onl. Sasm S. Harrison of liutte,
chairman ; Howard 0. Smith, Hlelen.t ; F.
\V. Cronin. Butte.
The old Mont:tana Shakespear., I). E.
Blandlmantln, is represcnting the "Farmers'
union." The old hero of the fout'ights
doesn't essay physical culture, especially,
but he is there with the goods just the
Mr. R. J. Lemert of Helena is the com
petent assistant reading clerk, as he was
last year l In .ivingston.
Only two lady delegates are in atten
dance-- Mrs. Frances Calvin of the Wo
men's Protective union of Butte, and Mrs.
R. J. Lemert of the Musicians' union of
Helena. Both ladies are being shown
many courtesies.
Joe Brackin, president of the Mill &
Smeltcrmen's union, of Anaconda, is being
prominently mcntiontl.d as a member of the
executive board.
Inside Facts on Revocation of Appoint
ment of Deputy State School
Helena, Aug. 26.-Assistant Superinten
dent of Public Instruction J. 'M. Lewis
whose appointment as such has been re
voked by Superintendent of Public In
struction W. W. Welch by letters filed with
Governor Toole and State Auditor J. II.
Calderhead, stated to the Record today
that he had received no notification of
such action from .Mr. Welch and that the
first he knew of the proceedings was when
he heard it had been published.
"As soon as I heard of the matter I
called at the oflice of the state auditor to
verify the information," he said.
"As yet I have received no notification
from the state superintendent or from any
one else regarding the revocation of the
appointment. Mr. Welch is in Missoula at
the present time."
Although 'Mr. Lewis did not care to dis
cuss the mater, it is common knowledge
that State Superiintendent Welch and him
self were not altogether harmonious. Mr.
Lewis was the populist candidate for state
superintendent of public instruction at the
last general state electi,n. lie afterwards
withdrew in favor of Mr. Welch, who was
nominated by the labor party, and wlo be
came the fusion candidate. Immediately
upon Mr. \VWelch asuming the otlice he ap
puinted Mr. Lewis as his deputy.
Mr. l.ewis is a me'mber of a Helena
union. At the first meeting several weeks
ago of the state text book convmission of
which lie was a lmemlber, some of the union
men accused hint of working against the
interest of the union label law. Some such
charge was made against him in his union,
and Mr. Lewis defended himself against it.
At the recent meeting of the text book
commission held this week, it was stated
that Mr. Lewis voted with Mr. Welch and
Mr. Harvey who held out from first to last
for only books bearing the union label, The
other members of the commission voted
for some books with the label and a num
ber which do not have it, claiming to take
the actual merits of the work only into
They Have a Suspect.
Billings, Aug. a6.-A man giving his
name as R. S. Gamble, but whom the po
lice believe to be Charles A. Rooney,
wanted in Livingston on a charge of feg.
gery, is under arrest here.
Weekly Report of eetion Weather
Director Montros W. Hayes
on Looal CondWions.
Helena, Aug. *6.-The weekly crop re
port of Mfntrose W. Hayes, section
weather <:irector, is as follows:
Very warm weather prevailed until the
morning of the tlat, when a decided fall in
temperature occurred thruushout the state,
and the remainder of the week was quite iool.
Rains were scattered and rather light, the
umst general being tlhe showers of the .itd in
the northern and eastern parts of the state.
On the a d and d hail fell at scattered points
in the Mlissouri valley in Cascade and south.
western Chouteau countles, but did very little,
if ally, damagr.
The weather conditions were very favorable
for the winter wheat harvest nmi for the ripen.
ing of oats and sptring wheat; the harvest of
the latter crops will begin within n wteek and
their Ipresent condition indicates that the yields
will ranege from an average to shave; the win
ter wheallt crop is generally gud and thr'eshingll
i I ecouniit Kgeneral in the (;allatin valley.
'the second crop of alfiIf.i is . still .11n4 hliar
vested in some licalitire, and at points i tIhe
sIuthwestlerll couIties cuttling has not yelt 1.
gun; the yield is proving very ,good,. I l:inga
is nearly finished, exr*ept in Valley county:
reports arc still to the ellrec that the )i.ld will
be rather por, exrce.pt in the s iouthweistern
counties. 'the range is Ietting dry andll somei
what huort.
'Thc p.italto cro is ecseltent and minor -rnps
ar fai!r Ito good.
Ilteverlrcol )tlllon: The week was very
wanrm anlld high wind. inl the afllrltrnoltn havei
been vtry unfawivorable for heni ss. riin; tile
wind of the li laid l at i5 acres iof lne wh.al
for thel writer; lats ar.. lturning rapidly. .ll
the s.ecd crop of alfalfa is m:,a.ing Roodet
Ir adwatr Cantolll: Whetl and ot. tiring
cut; the )i'hi will ,i ' very ,si ii.iaitlry; 'se nnlld
crcip of alfalfa rearly Ito clt; wild hay atut- all
up crop very .shoirt; potat i rs liitCllilt. rapidly
ai, the yield will lie goodri; the week was very
warm rod dry-tle only raint bri..t a light
sholiwer .in the al.t. %11t.li1: Nearly 'ill the
wild hay in stack; grain neurly realy foIr the
hinder; second crop of lfaialna bing c.t: grass
h, lte.rs working slome ha:rm to caih:iii .
('anade--Eden: Wealther ulit and 1iry; gmain
ritillting ratpiilly and solie has been clit-it I.
of good Itlitl sth l a ilgood qualily; ralnge g..issb
is cir'litg; haying about all dolm; gardnll get
ting try. 'v:iails: .No rain diltny, i k; i helly
ing lahnllt all nmtph ii' ! , r si ' ,..'" ; I :ir
h)y Ih:lv t., will hI.g' n i ;:.. i.rt.; all grains
huhk well; pintatnes ari giol; gardens no1t sit
feritng for rain. arestl ..1l.: lInt days and
dry wenthelir ill :week- -lavorr.ih l. llnl'mins fr
uarvest wi.rk; wheat harvit In somel Ilrt is
w'll advanced.,; the nights are ool. Ilardy:
7 he week wias vcry h]ot anl dry uniitil the .d,
wlhen the weatlher Ibltellte cooli and ni nly. mn1d
on thle morlling If thle ajld a heavy Ihaistorm
frm the southll struck this section, but dlid no
(l.hutrlau- ('brg: D)ry ntit very warm
weathltr, withl heavy witnds, which ret:cldedl hay
ing; haiy in this vicinity anout all cut; crop
not as go(od as laIn year; .niiiie o(ti. really to
be lie- coli ditiiio shooitt an averagei;: vegetables
are douing well. HIlarre: (I) hrvest work e:,is
tinlll all week ulli r f:,vrilh.e weather con
ditions; oats and whealt are rilpenring rapidly
iIid graiin hairvest will higin re.rt wick. (:)
lDry anti very waril; hot i.sllli n thel 2th
and 'l it. nlays: l',nelhnt tHIeathlcr foi r nll
kinds of farm womurk; crops are iring will;
cholke cherries ari getiiing ripe; the warmi
ighlits tare icuneui-iail for caull. ion. illetc. Sl.
Pauttl: IDry weather, iind both days and nights
tire warlm; haying is general the. yu.ll will be
about the average and in me plae, t bov'.
thel average. Viriylle: We\\'atlher generally
very wrnm atnit cnlll; (ll ti heI mrnitig Iof the
..'id n heavy rain asut halistormli of .l allt ,')
minutes' duration, (ccurted; having about
completed, with ilmuost an nvernage )ild; a:ll
gardltn vegetable, lhave dtone, very well ulirlng
the seasun; potators promise a gidI yichl;
v.ry little cornl grown, but where plihllanted the
yield will lie g .uo d.
I;ul.atin--toxu:an: T'he wea.ther .i:s lbeen
il y and warm;: thundelrstorms were frtuicnt,l
but practic.illy n. raini fell , ;iil gra-s is very
dry; igrinuu is rilpening very aptdlly; in the v.ia!
Ity willter wheat thrceshing Oll bei.gunI; :crop,
are vt y gou.I this seasion. Se.lxtun: I tie week
op Itnedl very dry and hot; tenlder plants, yuuuig
fluit tres . nnil late grain were scorchetd;
weather ibecame cloudy and cooler towards the
latter part of the week; thresiling hai conm
ienlle.li and fall whllat is going toI the mills.
(;ranitc New (Chiciago: Weather lly iand
ho,, favor;blie for hay making; gram is ripen
inlg itlic r.: pily.
Jefferson -\Whitrhall: VWarmest week ,of the
scason; aiying still in proguress; grain being
cut-it has matured rapidly and the crlop is
good; the secould crop of lalfalfa hilas made
giKld griwth andi is reaily tl ble cult; munle
atiples are lieginnliiga tli ripen:; grlwing crrps
thu .u-st. \\'ickes: hle week was very htit
anti utry; having shout finintlcd.
.le.llagher Sixteen: Ihlir wealther fr htIsyilg;
one lilht rill occttrred, Iut culusi tl t little iller
'Powell-Ovando: Oats about ready to har
vebt--the crulp will be better tho usnual; the
c untry has bel linaked by the high, dry
winds, and the warmllnt wek of the +:Cso:n.
(oselbud Lock: Iiti and dry; corn t atllur
ing rapidly; tthe range is hmit; hay;iaking
shows no furtheir improvemcent in the crop,
which is equivalent to a failure ill Imst tcaes;
gra.hlloppers are not so, nlltlttero, ls.
Sweetgrsss -.lls ie: grain is now leiing cut
and the indications are that it will give at least
ai,' average yirld; the secoInd crop tof alfalta is
re:ady to lie cut; weather hot and dry: fetcl on
the' range has nearly all been taken by gra'a
'ValIy I insdatl: Warm and clear t favor.
able weatilh for haying. t(Is) 'g : I)ry
weather, with an average tenllperaturtre of about
6 degrees;c the harvesting oful nerly all croUi
has been completed, with the exrcepti-,n of wild
hty: the harvest of the latter crop i. now in
progrtes and will, no loubt, continlttc for a
monlth, as the grass is green and growing.
P. J. Kelley Buried.
iPLc('AI.L TO'0 TiH" INTER Mill'N'AIN. ,
Baoeman, Aug. 26.--Funeral services
over the remains of 1'. J. Kelley, a section
hand killed near Logan, Saturday, were
held yesterday afternoon in a local under
taker's rooms, ,Rev. I.. H. Michel of the
Methodist church performing the rites.
Stage Coach Turns Over.
Livingston, Aug. a6.--A national park
stage coach was overturned yesterday
afternoon at Swan Flats, near the Mam
moth Ilot Springs hotel. No oine was
hurt and the coach was not damaged. The
lead horses became frightened and ran
,No Action on Bide.
Billings, Aug. 26.-The county commis
sioners met yesterday to consider the bids
of the new county courthouse, but ad
journed without action. Shackleton &
Whiteway of Butte and Foley & Crowe
and the Billings Lumber company were
the bidders.
Two Teams Frem Here Will Try for
Prizes in Drilling Contests-Line
of Maroh and the Parade.
Hrl,.at, Aug. 6.-Arrangcntents for the
celehlatiun of Labor day in lHleta have
so fat progressed as to shake certain the
succc s of the event.
Thi' It will hle a parade in the forcnoon.
After the parade' the crowd will go to
Centi i1 park, where the exercisca uif the
day III .e held. llegiiiing at t 'clhck
there will be a few brief lpeecthrs. At
It , 'c' ,k the talkers will he sht offt and
tie LIIl g;mle between the tesams coin
poseI l if the shoe clerks and drug clerks
will ' vdiedll. IThe p re for tlhis gamle is
$";o. .\itr the. hall g,aM. which is given
uttil .m:1s o'rclck to come to a decision.
there gill he a program of sports. The
spolrt i.I hlie col.nluldel bly 4:.)I, whena the
lbig I illinn contest will take place.
Butte Men in It.
Fiti ith' I, illiuKg contesl $SII ill ulered.
The hr.t p Iic is $75 a-4al the acicimnd $.IS.
Thit t' t: am will lake part. AlrIeady two
have ,'it'rvtl - )avey awll IFrl'ehcy and
irua: .iaw ,and McNiclhnl of tultte.
Prl.ahly there will lie slight changes
and a;lleiitllntrnts to the pIrograt Ibetween
now anl the seventh day of Septrmbettir,
but the ;alteratoti.ls that may Ihe tmad. will
he I ii mttrial. rThe progr.am is ipractically
settle I upion, and that iprogram, itn tihe
Imaits, will stand.
Order of March.
intal hlt. tIam.Il ii MIimih; hanld; Mtt11i
c('i, s uninil. aItdcs a. nd Laboh r nii 'iiblli; .,lill
and 'tilt , i t. a n'i . 111 itu ii. l ; Alhttilu a' llllllt n;
'rea lll.',."' 111n 11 ; II( ' s,.h1,,r1.' lull.,,,; IlII,1, i"
I rat ,l ti tters' i'l, u; a hii Ii na1.iit rr.' untin ;
(tlrpi oill i' tintion; Ilttckh:vers' uitill; I'1 .te'r
is ' 'l i l; I'ainihl ' :1111 I l ..li tlll ' niII s1on1 :
'typtail o i l, htial utiini; 'ih t. .en'l u 11 n 11in; I 1c
ie, 'rhk, rs' t lunion; L.andry o'a.urker,' union;l
I lltch, ' unionl,; Ihtrltnderr' maIii ; IIt.I ael
union. 4, .uls' nenJllm W stller,' I t ; I'n1 gmctr.tO '
union , i er l i La . uiitr nll ; .u l llllnn .tien
Tail,' " an. n; Itrawaly a\\.1,6.,' u ano1, ; I'raI
lutti. u' uii n.
The Line of Mach.
I'Th hne (,I tniarch Iwill h, as ttllnw.,' Jartr
at c''- ttI t ,ll . -airt aIl I I.w iing 1.r t ai l ,lunrll
of I I'lh av'litic; ti nit'' c.|.lwa( ,I hl It.l.ao y
tllot' . Iht ,n ' 1 suti , 1 I, . ti tt t i . I s iltl
uri t'hiliifia'e i*uIr ila.a tla t ni tatig t I.,ni t
lre. ; thenc.. n r, i llt. l uiiiii tIIII a r i.t0 l..
Situl-l .trnta:m ; tlh.iti wa-tw,m 'alld il i ',ath :it'
1r '11. 1,Pa' rk t r-I -; Ihln I. I n thwan ..i11a Ii'.nk
iti itn .1. I I 'lt ill. nI , i;11 av, h I, t a. t 1, l ,i
| llllln i, (';la.,l uy rihl l :,II) llt t" 1 ., , 111
r.lre.t. .'w re the p. ta',tin w. ill .it and il .
, i. fl nr the bIll ga.,ma ih. i'11. 1,in I IhI.
pri t .ttacha-il thiie- w. t II h :
I lll iaati l latch IIi bla ; ,aIa pI .. a $ 1,,; Itlm '
Iprln ';; c1; uil mIna1e, $(s; hi.'i,- tI';aiU, t I
ceItalI . ti'raitc Iafr. is a trailn., even eighthl
ilic'i Mte a' tl l W. urcd, ant Irh dIh thianK "Ill
liii '' Itar| ta-i yartds; flria'' nitia m s hie In.lar
i y vr, oif . .;' first priie'. $t; .r'lel piti,r. $'.
1'I. I"I< It . Ic l V knaee" I lu ll to 1rr t.ll fi.t,
(;|ii' rKait' ll'{ a aama, .. , iC tl iorl.mi . t l-t '
If. ', .i- ,t 1 ,uli ins; t ir u ,t ,I'; ., $ : 1c. , i; l
StaiI. hItrr Participant. to prv, th i -.
sack,. . i t, prize. $3; ',',.,ld I, , St.,
l.ao lir'' Ili'i' -;'o y'iu .'.; pea ll i s ill; fi t
prier. H; ucoin prie, t?.'
jhim, ' i-r---75 yart.; entries i nl,.i I' , tntar
I.' )y'iat. i agel ; i rst prove, i $.I. ; . na l pran'e, ,.
S1h1.- :iil S.hatl.inK It.t-u So vill.; i;.ll ti
ill; ir, t rlt,. $,1; -,+ n', ti r ,.. R "
1).: ,il spoai n I ari 5i . ,.,t ; 1a . 1 p lte,,
$3' -,',n, I priv., $',
FaIt sIun'l W 'ie 'i pounds or umoreI; I1i
yar ' . first prir, $5: ', ii,,l pirir. $.1.
Voa t It ' t. a yai- ) '" a l li. 'l , (lotrdi ntt
horr, 'I, lar-'t rim , t;; tta'nl prt.r. $S.
( t l, n 'rlmb.r vilii, a,- I g arI l.r . lu gitiou i .
t3 ,"J
I'tatan ittan wiilh iiigl .natitly ,ta groi1it al
V ,i r.nKul lady wit-h col oni grl una ns, $I.
li:. l .tl. I haidlhealad d. ma :a mit grmunal,. $;.
l.;,hI Card rt ace -Virst ipr.s, 15; a.t "1,n
iti-i !J.
(Ilt n'a ;.ews h -er lpe a I at boy, .tii git : So
yari-, .nt'ria. 1a11%1t Joe under (a )-'art of agt ;
firstl " ,, $:; e''nd Iii ,it', $1.
'll tatli'ltit it.c' having ill charrge ile atr
rang a,,. ils ilt t.-e.ul'ii of ithlt, rogIHa l Iare:.
W\... a1 t Means--)., II.I . . 'oy, .! I. I1:..
(iiin, I J. I"i-k. I,. F. ('lark.
Ira-,iia N. Ilallatan, W. \V. illlh, ltigi'i
Suta Ih, ut.
Silp,,rkig .n raitk aiam .iIrr. ., havi -a , Fred'
-la de Fraank IItch, ( ha'r.e W tt',.*)c1, I". I".
_aiutl. Hlrry Swirrtl, I'. . . Id ll.
tblu-ia -Iransak Avery, John W.a'idlei. it.
'r'. auiad haintiuiig -('. J. hisk inl It larry
Ii. Timber,. Aug,. a6.-1 discovery of
six ,,r s ,vn ii small lakes of fre.sh water
has (.nitly been uni l, high up in the
out(til,, not far fromt the Nye City
pIos)t fliue in the southJcrn purtion uf the
'Ih disciveries were nmade by (George
Irwin while on a pr,tspectinr t,Untr. 'I hie
lake aret located amoniig the highest pe:aks
a cnsi lerable distantice nlabove the timblter
line. Ahlthotugh these Illountains have be)'I
ipro.,'ectdI thoroughlly Iby prospectors for
year,. it is clailmed that the existence of
th(- laikes was never kniowni to mlan.
.L aIcount of being above timber lit ",
the n aters are free front any vegectable
groi.,th anid so clear that onie can sce
dow to a greaut deptlh.
For Nervousness
It nourishes and strwngthonst the
nervoe, euriche, the blood, vitali
za anAd luvigoratet tho whol, syt.
tmrn. Causs good appetit+, pasrfotc
digestion sad rertful weep.
A Toakic uand Nerve Food.
Absolutely Pure
I.t',t i I 1 l IIii I lN Iltl M III'N .11N.
Ilric'l a., Au.' g. .If. -Ilrlla.emaaia m Ila l i for the
.xhi llsl. at lith state I .lir .are co,'lllltlh ,Il.
flhi iII um rall.lill li"r w.-lllt w ak i rn the womIl's
ililpartmenl t hlave ien .anouaeaa lar'.lla the
lt'nlIrI alt IIK ll h l a'lal , llllllll l l,.'0 li'. Irlh
first time.
I.xlhhits in this departmih llcnl m4t Ihe
made by pIrrinsll, who art r.esidealihlt ai ll .(1
tall a:lli l iil Im i .' la'' aell -i ' within the
last three )ear,.
If seallt h)by mail or express,L a.ll a'ti.es for
thin dIl r.lar la la I.' l la'.l w l. i.au pa id antl all
Idress.,d ilh ; ,u mll.er l .iden t ,o I o dliilil I.
,All exhibait. l at e i l a l i. a lnlllied Willi
o le of I .li oh i;il ,'lltll' bl,ikl and Ithe l ull
illle and ad rillrss of the l ompli ri tollll ll
A plre' lof $a will h,' gin lir l tl h.st
exhithtI s of ,ilk kik t kli'. , s.l.t'kiigs., silk
litll'a,. in ant'ii ill k, a. I l llllia. I1,adI, aia.,anL
a."I l ," l ,iti .,l t tk's. . sill, knilt Iu,,l '. knit
lilt l I e, wallenl l e , wa'a i illl allllpr ,
w ,,h'. i n ian, '..hitta', skit', lha d,". s. l,h wlsa
.All a'Ilatl I a is la o .r co lill le a l a thr
'i i lr allotted tle . ( i astivingl .1 Ilhe
all ygratuna exhaalaIura will lae traireld to
the Ila pIartlnrllln whlha they wiah .to aller.
Anl exhilbitor's li ket will aolt $j.
I(a'heatlgar ahlli.ion will la sa aet''ll q fI r
idlls alI.l '5 ail . nts r a'hialilra'a a a uldrr l a.
iy ar', of laa..
'Ih fa ,r' opiln a it io s'clock I i. n. n %filll
Sliay. (It'l-.ubr 5. ;uadl will renla in op.l unail
:".;i w a,,y, lhtila.r It. :at 6 p. jaa. 'lhe ga;lrs
will rual as 'a o'.lllul k ai. an. ol l the flirst
l:ayv .aal at :.t a'al .k eath I t lra,, dlin,
d:av. All ,,tl re.r wil . l l i Ie o it glroiul at
t.1t hit, of itut nin il.,
ii a..s' of di'.,:a aal 'ln g' t 'ilw'l ,'a'a , hiulil
o,, h '. fl a pre 'ltn t od f l it' lair will l iavi' the
1power of dle'i..ti . .\o ' .,asii nals will lIa'
p'r itti' I to run :tl Iarvn,' Ihl R grouii ,.
I-v l y .i llsuaal, au 1 alii I h ' tti in li l hair
s.hill ti under coniai l ,,of li .e.a Ioal.
orpes,. ash.te and nri, a t In ok1.1 to,
Hlte;l r will oit h, ` l ;nitil.I t, lit .run ed
in 1 or, ipelr tion fl ar l ia t et, i il aI .
"lh,' fl.l , win d Ifg t alcs havnhebleu
Ilin. I by ev ly railway:
Silnt ta ,ili tj livgl ,t' t k, i11'. l it l it' 1ii 1 uni li, '.
inr , ant lime, y asd oil r .o i us ondewdl
oit i',hi lin ;n 'state, ~lusmt,, d sh nt ), intuie
ri' l -:ll " . a1'i.l l ,lit l a ,,, i ,.lgons, la ir or x
as sil nls it Mon'u;na, dlri1lg14 hi' )'4.1 1yq ,
will I.' Ila - epol ed ', ljta lt a It flJ h ,llw'aaal
Iuat 111h. lai'hil will ha way lilled al ther
iiown'' risk of1 dulga agaa.', m I a Igw l a tli e h ., will
It. rchagul i l, a the i;air.
I rul,. ata a 1 vi g t hala .. fat fila or i xpo' i
Ia1., :1i lalion, n I1 ,h,, Montana, unpin
and W';':il'ulgt)lo , will e w,.y hlilli'd it own ' ,
Iiskt of d.ainagr, nill regutlar iau',, will abe
chiarged toI the fair. fIll apra"lnllaailt of aertilh
rateaa' h111 h i ' Iyielal y thatll ,ital.h as.. .u ants hliave
ata'.,n pl.a.,l ,a a e.xhlilitl l, thel'y will I.e re
tul nal e Ii ,.
Se.',',i On aI orn of ra f lih frrigiht. no rlaingn
of owners.hlu having ,c,.rred, al, when lirper
evidence hoawar tahe sa retara y of' its eghibillui,, it
will he returnled hl.ta, at owner', risk.
'Il hiird The usual livestuck contract must hei
ervae ulled in ithe regular mailnner for shipme"lltli
of live ,lockl, with vgalhiati.aas as fall.w.s:
' w. ; 'allf, $ali; hag, $1o; ,he'lp, $.t.
Ilourth -Slhiptill is 1 l ra. e hiors,''.a i ulnot tI o
re-.aivae the benefil a of a hit, rule, buat arr aai all
ta s it. bi e caI.gied hifull tlall rult. aa bothll l
Ila nerx,', vulki, .ilnli oilier alti|.-s t.ra.nsport
ert witlh hip lm t.{ls of ra. e 111, .'s, will lie
(I';rged for ait tarifltf rnt l,' list such gart 'lea'q.
Iilltl .Il propeirly must ht1 Ir'utri l withing
fe'1 ilu) adays aftl,'r thle lose, ofl the lair ait
Ihh it has li''en on a exltlll ostl; oilhewiw ," lull
1t1ill ratnis, will he c'ha eua.
l'..r,'., I har'g.', (in poultl y andl Ilt stork
(i luihlihng paua'us, do.gs, har's, t.,) he fol
Ilwilig ratle, of ,'xpr gevaial; Ntg to ex'aid
15ao Ih.., andl whetr the valor of.a ' 'h ;a l uil |inal
dges not a x'".d ' ,g the I nlc'hu'l ,lier l cul s
gaIply, Ito wit: if aln alith co vled u'i ps','
dJul , lr f lit rrhand is ilte; Ill slattel "i' ps, opine
n41 one half tin, s flth nagithuaglin late, whira
t ig, same hfate l o ', not t1 e gi 'l $ i a ir a. lihs.
WYh,'rte rate is l .iw e than $.: per lust Ib,., line
,i one , 'half g hi t nit. t ha utag le.
It. turn If going rlte was, ' 4i s alidl me-hiall
thel rrTlrn chauga. will ble .i ' hull of m'urhanil -
ii 'e rata'; if iin clvtlah tenmp, andl dlu bhle rate
w;t. pauid, rturnt will ibe fter.
All article.'s shipped to the li ecrtrilary of hlic
fair, or to aniy gllgicer thereof', fair exhibition,
mus.t have the charge. prep'laid. IOhgrwie
they cannot bie re'ceivad, Articles shgipped for
exhibition msllt h.e a'compa.'g nied by an lentry
blank stating div.sign, class and lot a'ccordaug
to premnium list.
Congregation of Great Falls Christian
Church Ambitious.
Great Falh, Aug. u6,-Within a short
timie the Christian church of Great lalls
expects to have a regular pastor.
Sinee the departure of Evangelist
Hamilton for St. louis the mnembaera of
the congregation here have been in con
sultation with head officIals of the state
regarding the securing of a regular misl
lster and they are now in correspondence
with a pastor whom they hope to secure.
The church here now numbers nearly
zoo regulsr members and is holding regiu
lar meetings everry undar ia (Corad
It Should Be Expended at Once in
Drawing Line Between Mon
tana and Idaho.
N;iti.ih. Idahi. Aug .6.--Where Inhes
Mms anl ita:i l 4111 ill . in. lblssho gil ? Thlat
is a ;I l i,a thi:iat IIt(I II:in i Iteas i allhnswei r cir.
I , ·fly, a 11ftI ' I'ndlh ', S1ift'a s maip'~, f not) 1
a;ccitrivlli' nIl.1k fhl" boulull ly between
IIe' w lut ,, nvercrivll s..ltl.', tif lht' tIIIIsin.
All Ith gave fIIIi' ll maps show an;iI
isreglarh lii., .supl..o , I relrerent the
s iHllllliit I. t-h Iili ky nll unlllll in.s, which iv
lthe - hitilary hxrl hv the s:ileti s,I hist
1o llle (,fI , a1 y how tar the lini" a.. ,,Il-"
s'ially pl rtl.lvri, is c olect. It is hssagly
ui.s w','Ik aiii hlu..an:sl of aire, sup
pI., I iL t - its in" siate saiy, iln ri' lily,
be' ini Ifit- .Ih 'lr.
Appeopriation by Congress.
(-.on;1' i, t th ;inat 'sionl, when alp
priwI, l ti lhsie I.its, lappr,lri.ltel $65, 1
fsot ,uirveyiig tllh, ninitlaill liloundary of
Id~aho anI Munlt.Ill:t.
'I'his liii hi. s Ini r hern 's.lrveyel, anlt
there hais I)* .InI I s t ;ttal dletirsninalii in ofI
the rexaCt cours'. of Ih, shunllnijt of tilhe
mounllinsi. 'I h i inh'rsor liepnrlmi.eit iat
hii preIntl lite ii taking preiliuiiary
.t'ps, to l'tlitng a contrai s I fur thlis survey,
after :si.l i'nl,utint, as si i.tusoaunry with
'1 hI. work i5 i stn cl : o rs rpir the 'er
vii e, if thlie iimost kill.ed surveyor', anil
s.seI r lI ;Ilvrslll 'lllo ll ilan it is f.;ieared
th;at it l' I sti his llier in isi ipen i u s pe
itonll w onhIl si ot h.' ssi 0 i a . "an. n '. o i
vertir.', ; ni l Ith-ti r,.j t ,l le offe'r of tlhI
lowes't lhii.ler liriar h li' swa's li'liev'ed tn
he ilncompetut, wou1. l'l hl'aI to a imighlIty
row, s, thu i dliiart .'sit lha, dre-ids d to
'.erlect a IIIt.''ienit .Itrve'yor, whiii(" re(lia
lilil', ha. hb''n e'tlabli,h'd, and to mak. a
contract;I fir suirv-yiiig a1 i riii ) e'iistii'i.Ily
markiing thel- stnit of the Rokies, lthere
ly stlabls'hinig hli dlivitliig line Isetiwecn
tlih",e iwo, stalte's.
May Be in Either.
As .sitll het l ihas i',aIva.ncel, lInl.s higher
aeid higher iII the- ili ouitasil.s haive lien
taken ulp. until ;it the ir.isit, tilter im;ntly
Iiimen di noiit kinow whether they are resi
tlinis of Id lhso ,l or Montana. Mu)rCover,
theIy i iIintst tlrf acti.'iratsn ly frlll the gov
eriineit mapsi a, I will not i aible to ti-I1
until the sumniit of the intiinesnti l divide
has t 'en laid oil wils ltpermainen't muonu*
unints .stii pl '.
''hius susrvey is one of the most difficult
ever slll'lrtlsk ln Iby tile gvrovr iines l ; inl
fact, it is one of thue mist diflicult suir
veys evuer c(":le'l for in the Illitied, States,
and will re-ltire the suirveyor to trail over
theu ettire susmmit from the soutlhern line
of Monlitai In the point a little west of
where ther II ruttailsn l ,tinlsum it intera ects the
Slith di,'egrs' of longitli', froni which
plilnt tlii,, buill:iry hiears ditCe urt I, andI
habs Ikeas i:irke'l.
May Need More Money.
No rousilgh eltlilate is lmadei of the time
th:at will ', it, cssa;ry to, survey and niark
this i' ,nt s,ii h,ertl: i. for the wnrking
. .snos will lie short. It ii not drtermeiins ,d,
either, whether the work can lie cons
pihlit.d with t:n, $-.-,, s tppropthti ,i Ihv
congress, lit it ii r n' lluliry i nl r lll l d Ia
'lubs'qlsent call will lhn mode oin con'igress.
Jackson Arraigned on Murder Charge at
Il:niltoiu, A1u1. it,. Julge WbVrsit 'r co'
vvi.'sI hit" reuitilir August turn oI (court
ye,'tsrd:ty morningi iin Ithe .J:aksson strur'Isr
ct'.is . ('liiun ty Allttrllt'ney aker, by leave
of court, filehl a.,I iefornlmtiosi covering the
lprison'r with tli't criute of outrage auil
miurderl, thius i.i'pensing with a Iprlimiin:try
cx:tisit siitim .
The pri', on'r st:ated that he hadl cn
lawyer ntr inor Ine'y with whic.h tIi employ
ine anti the court iappointtel I. A. O'lfiara,
senior rnem uer of l avalli county bar, to
dleften hii.,
Jackson pehlceilu not guilty andl his trial
has leen set for 'luesday, Scepteimber I.
A regular veiire of 301 jurors has been
drawn for the term and Sherili Pond and
dilputi.cs are busy s.erving lumlostn.
Kalispell, Aug. a6.--0. S. W'right, a
Yakt rancher, who is accuseld by Mrs.
Ella Simnous, a ieighlbor, of having shot
at her five times with intent to kill, a
here awaiting trial. His case was trans
ferred frost Lilbby, where the arrest was
The story, as told by Mrs. Singon,
was printed In the Inter Mountain a week
Wright denies shooting at the woman.
He says hs was hunting deer.

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