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(Reported by Coe Commission Co.)
New York, Oct. .--The opening and closing
quotations on the stock exchange today were
as follows: Open. Close.
Amalgamated Copper........... 3, 4 4th
Agnaconda Mining Company...... 70 70
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe.... 6:t 63.
do, preferred.................... 88Y
Baltimore & Ohio................. 73 73s"
Brooklyn Rapid Transit........... 32' 33'
Cahadian Pacific...................sg19$
Chesapeake & Ohio.............. A8 at93
Chicago & Alton.................. so)0 at%
Colorado Fuel & Iron ............ 4t 4t
Chicago Great Western........... 144 s44
Consolidated Gas..................;7o
Delaware & Hudson..............ss4 as
Erie................................ asyl 27
do. first preferred................ 6 5 65'
Illinois Central....... ........t277% 3ov4
Louisville & Nashville.............. 96gY 97
SManhattan Consolidated........... ag s3a
Metropolitan Traction ..............soa to3
Mexican Central.............,...'soM 1o,4
Missouri, Kansas & Texas......... :88* sB
do. preferred.................... 35 36
Missouri Pacific.................. 87' 88
New York Central ............4....ss4,A s1
Norfolk & Western............. 56, 584S
Northwestern ......................ts6!4 s59
Ontario & Western................. ao 4l
Pennsylvania Railway............1..7 l 9
People's Gas...................... po 9
Republic Iron & Steel ........... 9,4 9Y
Reading........................... 44 4614
do. first preferred................. 77 75ys
Rock Island........................ a3,
do. preferred.................... 59 s9
New York, Oct. s.--Opening prices advanced
a fraction all around on a moderate volume of
business. Amalgamated Copper lcd the rise
with a gain of N and Steel preferred advanced
%. There was renewed heavy selling of I'enn.
sylvania, which forced It half below its opening
price. New York Central declined a point nll
sympathy and broke away to ts. Other stocks
reacted but did not go far below yesterday's
Buying orders were executed later, notably
in the Coalers, and the list bounded up rapidly.
Standard stocks and the Coalers showed uni
form gains at is o'clock. The upward course
of the market became more pronounced.
The bears were impressed with the character
of the buying and covered large lines. Gains
reached a points in Reading, Eric second pre.
ferred, Amalgamated Copper, Sugar and II. I.
T., a* in Metropolitan Street Railway and 3
In Reading first preferred.
The whole level of the stock market was
from s to a points over last night.
Pennsylvania advanced to st4 and then re
lapsed a point, as did L. & N. The markets
became dull at a slightly lower level. Bonds
were steady at noon.
Stocks were taken with confidence on the
decline and the demand soon checked the
pressure ofofferings. Bull operators then bid
up the leaders aggressively and top prices were
reached by a number of stocks. Reading, St.
Paul, Union Pacific, Missouri Pacific, Atchi.
-on, D. & O. and Amalgamated were bought
heavily, and Pennsylvania rose about t8B again.
Northwestern and Consolidated Gas advanced
g and Wells.Fargo, aid.
A setback of about a point in Pennsylvania
and Louisville held the market In check for a
while, but the general advance was resumed
Drastic Measures Taken by Furnace Men
in Various Sections-Outlook
Better Than Reported.
New York, Oct. r.-Rccent heavy declines in
railway and industrial stocks has had a de.
pressing effect on the iron trade, according to
the Iron Age. A matter which may have con
silderable effect, however, is the publication to
be made this week of the specifications for the
great tunnels in this city to be built by the
Pennsylvania Railroad company. It is re
ported that the vast requirements will include
aoo,ooo tons of casting.
To Curtail Production.
,Pig iron manufacturers are much in earnest
in their endeavor to curtail production. It is
hoped to effect a reduction of at least so per
cent. Efforts are being made to secure the
co-operation of producers throughout the
country. The excess of production over con*
sumption is not believed to be very serious,
possibly not over to per cent.
Notices at a number of Eastern furnaces that
wages will be reduced to per cent show that
drastic measures are necessary. Consumers
are carrying very small stocks.
The Southern pig iron producers are still
endeavoring to secure a reduction in the
freight rate to Northern markets. A meeting
of the Southern pig iron committee will be
held in this city today and the question will
igain be taken up.
Stronger Demand.
The demand for finished iron and steel pro.
ducts shows a little improvement, and prices
in a general way are well maintained. The
opinion prevails that the makers of such pro.
ducts should not allow themselves to become
apprehensive as to the future and attempt to
secure more business by making concessions.
The business situation of the country is sat
isfactory and the demands in many lines is
simply postponed to await developments. If
manufacturers preserve their equanimity and
hold up prices it is believed the demand and
consumption will compel an Increase in trans.
Total of 300,000,000 Short Tons Reach.
ed During Year.
Washington, Oct. .-A preliminary state.
•nent showing the coal production of the
United States, prepared by Edward W. Parker,
statistician, has just been issued by the United
States geological survey.
It shows that for the first time in the his.
tory of the United States the production of
coal has reached a total of over 3oo,ooo,ooo
short tons, the actual showing being 3oo,93o,59
tons, valued at $373,133,843.
New York 20 Broad Street
Chicago • Marquette Building
St. LOuis 'CIhemloal Building
Butte • Hennessy Building
AUvDIT Os looKe AND AccouNTs,
6rsTar.s or BOOKKs cs'rro (oR Coarr,
Open. Close.
Southern Railway ................. :84 19
do. preferred ................... 77! 774
Southern Pacific................... 40o4 471
Smelter........................ 4o. 3 41
Sugar Refinery ................ .......o/ tt
St. Paul ............................ 137+- 339
Tennessee Coal & Iron............ 31t 33
Texas Pacific................. a3 a34T
Twin City Rapid Transit Co....... 85, 86
Union Pacific...................... 695 7
do. preferred ....... .......... 77 76
United States Steel................6 . 6
do. preferred ..................... 6t 5 6
Wabash ........................... 8 s3P4
do. preferred...................... 4 304
Western Union..................o 8' 8145
Wisconsin Central................ 1S; 26
Money at 3 per cent. Total sales, 74o,3oo.
Boston Copper Stooks.
(Reported by Coe Commission Co.)
Boston, Oct. I.-Today's mining shares on
the stock e'xchange were listed as follows:
Amalgamated.......................... $41.23
Anaconda............................... 70.00
Osceola.................................. 1.2
Parrot...................................... l8.50
Mohawk............................ 38.87
Daly-West ................................ 39.30
Tamarack................................. I .o
Utah Consolidated......................... 4.75
Shannon ................................. o
Centennial.............................5..... .7
United States.............................. 8.,
Trinity..................................... 6.00
Copper Rane ............................. .
when urgent buying of Pennsylvania rallied at
to 1ig. The best prices of the day were then
current. St. Paul showing a rise of about a
and t'nited States Steel preferred over a.
Another dip in prices carried back L. & N.
and ii. R. T'. over a point. There was a rise
of 4%V in Consolidated Gas and 3 to 3!5 in
Brooklyn Union Gas. Rubber Goods preferred
anid Lackawanna fell 4.
In the late dealings New York Central rose
a~4 over last night. The close was steady.
St. Louis Wool.
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. t.--W\ool, nominal; ter
ritory and western mediums, t7siq8c; fine me
dium, [email protected]; fine, [email protected]
London Rate Unchanged.
London. Oct. .-Contrary to the forecast in
some quarters, the Bank of England's rate of
discount was unchanged today at 4 per cent.
New York Paper.
New York, Oct. i.-Prime mercantile paper,
6ti.6/ per cent. Sterling exchange steady at
the decline, with actual business in bankers'
bills at $4.85.65st4.85.7o for demand and at
[email protected] for 6osday bills. Posted rates at
[email protected] and [email protected] Commercial bills,
$4,.8t1B4.8a. Bar silver, 59%c. Mexican dol.
lars, 46c. Government bonds, weak; railroad
bonds, firm.
Lead and Copper.
New York, Oct. i.-Lead and copper, quiet
and unchanged.
Washington, D. C., Oct. i.-Ellis II. Robert%
treasurer of the United States, has submlitted
his report to Secretary Shaw on the condition
of the treasury on June 9. 190o3, and its opera.
tions during the past fiscal year.
Tile total net revenues for the year were
$560,396,673, an increase of $38,988,439 over the
year preceding, and the total expenditures
$506,o99,00oo7, an increase of $35.781,034.
The surplus was $54.a97,667. as compared
with $91,a87,375 in 190t. In the receipts there
was an increase of more than $3o,ooo,ooo from
custonms and a falling off of over $41,ooo,oo0
from internal revenue, the latter being the
result of legislation enacted with that object.
On the side of expenditures there was an
increase in every important account except
pensions and interest, in which there were
slight savings.
The expenditures for the two military de.
partments which, together, amounted to
$19g,a7,554, forming by far the heaviest outlay
for any single purpose, were more than
$ar,ooo.ooo greater titan the year before. The
aggregate income including beside the reveo
nues tile receipts front bonds, notes and coin
certificates, was $r,a2r,394,o97, and the aggre.
gate outgo $irs,647,665.
At the close of the year the treasury held
$893,068,864 of nme gold and silver on deposit
against outstanding certificates and treasury
notes, beside the $iSo,oeo.oo in gold, which
forms the reserve against United States notes.
Treasurer Roberts places the monetary stock
of the country on June 3o, 1,03, including gold
and silver, United States notes, treasury notes
and national bank notes but not certificates,
at $2,688,149,63a, an increasd of $a24,883,963 for
tihe year. The increase in gold was $60o,37,4oi,
and in national bank notes, $56,998,559.
The total estimated stock of gold was
$r,a25,73,99o, constituting nearly 47 per cent
of the whole. The gold in the treasury
amounted to $631,42a,789, after a gain of
$7,2aao,480 in 1a months.
During the year $i26,715,733 in gold was
deposited at the mints and assay offices. Jt
tihe receipts from customs at the port of New
York, constituting 67 per cent of the whole, 88
per cent were in gold.
The proportion of gold at other 'ports is
about 8o per cent. The imports of gold was
$44,o8,opa, and the exports $47,oeo,595. The
increase of the money in circulation during the
year was $tz.,740,252, of which $59,776,46a was
in gold and gold certificates, and $54,sao,193 in
national bank notes.
The share of money for each person increased
89 cents, and the proportion of gold to the
whole rose to 42 per cent, the highest ratio
ever recorded.
There has been a continual increase in the
proportions of paper currency of the denomi.
nations of $ro and un,.er in circulation, but the
growth hardly keeps pace with the demand.
The supply can be increased if congress will
authorise the issue of gold certificates for $to
and remove the restriction on the issue of $S
notes by national banks. To meet the con.
stant pressure requires strenuous effort in the
preparation of the currency issue.
The national bank notes presented for re.
demption during the year amounted to $196,.
4a9,621, or SI per cent of the average outstand.
ing. Of the $5 notes the redemptions were
SS per cent; of the $ros, 46 per cent; of the
$aos, 49 per cent; of the $5os, Si per cent, and
of the $Soos, 73 per cent, These figures show
that the tens and twenties remain in circula.
tion longest.
Falling Off Shown in the Rooky Moun
tains Region,
Washlington, Oct. i,-In the reports of tihe
production of lead and sine in the United
States for the year ipoa, which have been pre.
pared for the geological survey, the total out.
TONKIN--Y. T. Tonkin, aged s{ years,
died yesterday. The funeral will take place
tomorrow (Friday), at a p. in., from the family
residence, No. too Minah street. Rev. Mr.
Hocking will officiate.
WE teach men barber trade quickly. Ousr
catalogue explains how, mailed free. Moler
Barber college, Minneapolls, Mina. Mae.
gregor & Anderson, Props.
WANTED-Ten girls for housework; s wait*
resses out of city; four women cooks, $40
and $so; three flunkies, $40. St. Paul IEmploy.
ment office, ito North Main.
WANTEDI-Young man with neat appearance,
steady habits and a fair education, wants
some light work; does not object to leave
town, Address C. W., Inter Mountain.
W'ANTEI)Good, steady young man, wants
common labor in town. Address C'ommon
Laborer, Inter Mountain.
'WANTED--Man of good habits wants work as
porter. Address Porter, litter Mountain.
WVANTElrD-First.class waiter wants position
in town. Address Waiter, Inter Mountain.
WANrED-l-Good teamster wants work in
town. Address Teamster, Inter Mountain.
WANE'I'D--Man wants teaming out of town.
Address Teamster No. a, Inter Mountain.
VW.. ---lan cook wants jol--n town.
Address Cook in Town. Inter Mountain.
W1 1:I) T perienced dishwasher wants
work. Address Dishwasher, Intter Mountain.
W". IED--Man cook wants place out of
town. Address Cook Out of Town, Inter
WAN'Ti'J.li.5n wants a plaeto work wits
lis wife at or around a hotel. Address Main
and Wife, Inter Mountain.
WANTEI -Man wants position as clerk in
store. Address Clerk, Inter Mountain.
ýý'AK'PIf:I l o mi afabllman wants work. 70
dress Stableman, Inter Mountain.
WAN DTEli-. n w"io" is experienced brtender
or electrical baths, wants place. Address
Bartender, Inter Mountain.
V3Xi .-iETii-perienced collector wants work
on salary. Address Collector, Inter Moun
WA NT:D-Experienced medical student
wants nursing by the day; have had three
years' study in State university and ant first
classed. Address Nurse, Inter Mountain.
- ".1'I D- mn y wi .e erefnce , wants
clerical work. Address Clerical, Inter Moun.
WANTED--Boy wants office work. Address
Office Boy, Inter Mountain.
TX 'D-acflutiit or engineer wants pos.
tion. Address Machinist or Engineer, Inter
\\AN'ED--At steat engineer, long experi.
ence, wants situation. Address Engineer,
Inter Mottntain.
W~ANTED-.irentan wants fposition. Address
Fireman, Inter Mountain.
WA NlTE)-iloy wants Tligt work. Addras
Light Worker, Inter Mountain.
Wh'A".TEl -Man witntr work 'Ieatitig with
steamt heat. Address Steamheater, Ilnter
WANTED-Trustwortthy watchman wants
work. Address Watchman, Inter Mountain.
.ANiTD-toud jeweler or watch recpei7r
wants position. Address Jeweler, Inter
WANTED--Ilonest colored boy wants clean.
ing offices. Address Colored Iloycleaning,
Inter Mountain.
FOR RENT-Five.room house, $s3.oo per
month. Two-room cabins in good locality,
$4.oo per month. Inquire Mrs. James Brown,
No. 68 Nevada avenue.
$5o.oo-s --room brick, good location for
rooming and boarding miners.
$75.oo-so-room brick, close in, suitable for
rooming and boarding clerks.
$45.oo-6-room brick flat, close in.
$r8.oo--4room brick flat, close in.
sg West Granite.
FOR RENT-Nicely furnished roomsi tran.
slents a specialty. Dorhofer block, a South
.OR RENT-Two rooms turnished for light
housekeeping. Upton block. 45234 S. MaiJ.
HOTEL OXFORD-Rooms $so up; dArstclai
modern conveniences. South Main.
FURNISHED Rooms. Golden louse, 431
South Main.
TRANSIfLNT-Spocial. York block, 66 West
FOR RENT-Transient rooms, sos Colorado.
ALl KINDS made to order. Alexander
Masculay, No. ass South Malin. 'Phone S6
put of lead for the entire country is placed at
sao,ooo short tons and of zinc at 156,a97 short
tons. 'IThe lead production was about the
sante as in 9ios; but there was an increase of
about to per cent in zinc production.
In the matter of lead the report shows a
falling off in the production of the Roc.cy
Mountains and an increase in the Mississippi
He Is in Paris and the Reporters Are
Trying to Interview Him.
Paris, Oct. r.-Booker T. Washington,
head of the Tuskegee, Ala., institution,
who is here, has been besieged by French
reporters anxious to obtain an expression
of his views on the negro question.
In order to escape attention, Mr. Wash
ington is traveling under the name of
Mr. Washington declined to speak to the
French press representatives regarding his
entertainment by President Roosevelt.
Walter E. Westlake, arrested by Chief
of Police Mulholland on advice of Chief
Armstrong of Denver, charged with false
pretenses, was released this afternoon.
Chief Mulholland sent several tele.
grams to Denver, but no reply was made.
Westlake is a young man of good appear
ance. He will leave tonight for Denver.
Wreak on Great 'Northern.
Whateom, Oct. r.-A Great Northern
excursion train, which was being made up
thus morning, backed into a logging train
near here. Fireman Heberer of the
logging train was hurt about the head and
the cab and tender of his engine badly
For Benefit of Busy People
\\ INTiI) --Neat chambermaid wants plndC in
ltuttc., Address Chambermaid, Inter Moun.
W .\\il':i)-(i;o waitress wants work in .l
c~:fe. Address ('afe Waitress, Inter Mountain.
WAN.\\ 1)-_Mrf wants mtixed wurkin aniall
boarding house. Address Mixed \\urkcr,
Intter ulotntain.
S\T\.lj .-tle girl wants to t.td btaty.
\ddress .ittle (;irl, Inter IMountaint.
\ aNl\'1i'1 oIung woman wants secotnd work.
Address Second YWorker, Inter Mountain.
I\'AN'R'.l:f:aitrong womana wants hIouswork
by the day. Address I)ay Worker, litter
\' .1\.' III) IT' pertenaaced conreftionrery c)Tl
wiants clerking in the city. Atdress C.onate.
tiinery C'lerk, Inter Mountain,
.\ddrlss Young Girl Dishwasher, Inter
."\ 'L1) I:lderly woman wants dlt.shw "
ilng. Address Elderly Wonman I)ishwashCer
Intter Mlotnttain.
%.\'ANTIli) -Girl walts light .-ousewurk; at
cooking. Address Light liouseworker, Inter
A. N tllf )I le glrl wantwrk a cai
gill. A.dlress ('ash (;irl, lntter Mountain.
WAN1i I1i--xpert stenagrapher wants pot.
tiot,. Addrelss Stenographer, Inter Mbluntain.
,'aNT. i Otod seamsttress wants sewing.
Address Seamstress, linter Mountain.
A', NT"ri )Trl w.aniýi. igflt di-ig n "ni" wur
or store work. Address I.. K., Intter itouan.
\V'Ai'.'il:-Girl wants wrapping i stoire.
Address Wrappnlgla Girl, Inter Montaitn.
t A.N I It)- l)resama ker wants sew ij ana slare
or private place. Address Ircssattaker, Iattr
,\'N'I'Ill) Wa;.arit Wval.u wasal;iiag or i nlalaa.
by the day. Address Day Washer or Ironter,
itler M lounttain.
aV.NTI'h~l1 You un ladsy wants psaitit., as
tnure girl. Address Young Lady Njurse,
Inater Mountain.
1 --"N-' it wants work soe she caa ag
hoae nights. Address Night lairl, Inter
'(N'l lF irl wants pattaty swvonr-Ta'ert.
ncted. Address Plantry Worker, lnter Mhloin
v.. Ni'.IJ Y;iong girl wantls piiotia;a a;s ili
ofice girl, Address tOtflfice Girl, litter Minat.
ANll)-Excperienctd laantdry werker waaas
lpoition. Address Launadry 'Worker, Iatter
'AN'IIla) (;.n;l girl-wa;its kitchen work.
At\nrets Kithehn Worker. Inter Motuntain.
'N,\ NfI'f) G:irl wants situiatluon -r nastistant
hankkeeper. Address Assistant Itookkeeper,
TItter Mlounlltain.
TIJ:l--.o trbuy lot country paper, one
newspaper press. Address itlaindealer,
llavre, blont.
it tIR (lIRN''- FurtlislaI liat, maodert. Nit. 3t)
South Idaho.
A \LVORIt.i toit wlse-joo heating stoves at
Soc on the dollar, good as new; now is the
time to put thern up. $65.oo new piano finish
ladies' or gents' private house secretary, only
45.oo; $jS.oo new folding beds, only $ao.ooi a
goud as new $4So.oo piano only $aoo.oo; a good
piano only 75s.oo; bedroom suites, ranges and
rockers at Soc on the dollar and less. Ilutte
Exchtange Furniture Co. lThe great packing,
shlipping and storage warehouse. lilay, sell and
exchange. J. Chauvin, president and manager.
iU| SAI.E --ine driving horse, sound and
gentle; well worth $75; will sell for $55. n11
quire No. 1a7 WVest Park turret.
EI XPRItINCED housemover, Edgar I)ayton,
438 South Ohio. Tel. p73. Office a67 I. Park.
FOR SAl. -Twrelve heating stoves, wood and
coal; five ranges, wood and coal; one singlc
buggy. 4o IEast Fourth street, Anaconda.
KODAK WVORK end enlarging at Easter
prices. Hawes, No. is West Mercury.
.......... ASSAYERS
ME1Eti & WENM..1II, successors to John
R. Ilapty; swayer and chemists= bullion
melted and asstyed or purchased. Na msy
Hamilton street, Butte, Montana.
TIiOMAS iU'GGY, assayer and chemist. :49.
430 North Mina street, Iutte.
FITZPATLtICK & LEWIS, assayers; sucesa
awrs to A. I Rombsucr. No. so8 North Wyo.
aing street. 'I'hone 6.1--B. P. O. iBox srr
BUTTE Upholstering and Carpet Cleaning
Compatsy works corner Montana and 1Poe
phyry. Telephone 66--M.
WST'i' ILDE Electrio Carpet Cleaning Com.
pany; carpets sewed, remodeled, Oriental
rugs scoured. No. nso West Broadway. aie.
bhone 867-A.
Con J. Hurley, who was brought here
Iby Sheriff Quinn from Alaska on a charge
of 'embezzlement, was released yesterday
afternoon on bonds in the sum of Si,ooo,
which was prepared for him by friends.
Sheriff Quinn had no trouble in bring
ing Hurley back, as he agreed to accom
pany him and was waiting for the sheriff
when he arrived in Nome.
Hlurley says he will have no trouble in
proving his innocence, and is glad of the
opportunity to do so.
Hurley is charged with appropriating
to his own use some $5,ooo or more b4e.
longing to the Montana Hardware com
pany. The accused man, so it is said, has
stated that the fraudulent entries were
miade under instruction.
.Mr. Hurley was accompanied by his
jwifei and went Immediately to the home
of his mother on his arrival in this city.
Since leaving Butte Mr. Hurley has re
sided in Seattle, Wash., and Nome City,
Alaska. In the former place he was em
ployed in a bank, and then went to Nome
to accept a similar position there, where
he was engaged when arrested by Sheriff
I'AU lL'8 5 'ariaslan Dye House-All work
guaranteed. No. 6o West Utlena street.
'Phone 747-.A. French dyeing and ilcaning.
EILECT RIUC treatments, gray hair restored,
complexion specialist, from hiMr. Nrttic liar
rison's Dermatological institute, San Fran.
cisco, ('alifornia. Noe. 454t8 Owslry block
(third floor).
MONTANA TIRANMFIK t U--Freight trens.
fers moves engines, boilers, sale., machinery
of all kindsl furniture van and storages piano
derrick for use in difeult placees dealers it
coal and wood. Telephone e,. Offces No. Au
West Broadway. W. J. Christie, manager.
ii-iG wolfD'S BOX or 'phone oo.
West Broadway.
TI.ub L UITIifEMN irThl
Butte's Popular Slopping 'late.
DINNER, ao t r a s DINNERI, se
The best meal and best cooked food for ae
In Butte. You get as much of any and every
dish offered on the bill of are as you wish.
Cueisine unexcelled.
DAN TEKWKY, Proprietor.
Poo iAI(I(tELS hard cider at Ishlncr' , sl East
Broadway. Se per glass. Try it.
MRS. A. UIlil ltI(I liT, hairdressssg, mani
cure, chiropodist. No. 114 WVest Broadway.
IlsS MAE t4ODEVRi. -reaches Ill tUh.
room and stage dsnc* every afternmnn at
Eagle hall; also teningl, tag punching and club
swinging in which she is a mistress of the art.
No. al South Maiu street. Socials Thurslay
I.SE Prof. l4.hinson for ldancing in5strucrt'os.
No. sa5 West Broadway. Telephone gal--I.
'EST workmar..lhip, lowest prices guaranteed.
Alexander Macaulay, No. asa Southt Male.
'Piusso 6s.
.... . f 13J .IQtl .O..-0 tL RS _.
GORDON & I'ERLI.SUN, .mr East I'latinum.
'Phone 6Sj. Pays 40 cents per 1oo lbs lur old
.......a0AL0FJFLe. ....
BARGAINS in diamonds, watches and Jewelry
at Girsons' Loan Office, No. 24 E. P'nrk SIt.
.hW l}.L1. STY I.ES uf fall nillsincr, _low pdis
New millinery parlors. 647 Utah av. nue.
i;RS. L. U. CAR(SON -Sc.ienLtic masseur.
Olfccs! Nos, a74--'7y Pennsylvania buildig.
!'lhone pp9--7 .
_dolnls. No. 548 West Granite. 'PhIone 1J6-M.
MIaS SKM.LY l ian,. 101 WVr ranIte.
MASI(t E,)A!l, i ('l.otilltmes. Mmc. Itobinon,
s105 ',~t (;ranlie xtreet.
I'ItVA''IE home for ladics. 047 Souuth Min.
Tel. p67 F.
]N1, W OR{LD'/S. (X O or telephone soo.
......MONELIQJ.O AQAL.a ._
MONEY TO LOAN on relst estate, ranach
property, livestock, pianos or furniture, Bring
In your propositionos. McRae & Solveson, No.
4 West Park. Room s.
MONETO LOti -Loanos on turniture, real
estate or any aseurlties. Montana Chattel
Loan Co. Office Nao. sr Clark block.
NE. . -T.(i "LOAN aS i pei cent on real
estate, for from one to three years. mitlh &
Jeffries, No. tp West Granite.
$LEiMUt3N3-tlif TI'TOIf viiifelula-i i Toi
for you on real estate security. Rooms a, ,
., Silver Bow block.
-Ib-.N . i 'Y LWAN on furniture or any secu;
rities. Edward Chapman, Room as v7 West
tA- --IIfoney to loan at per cealt no
delays. Iall Brothers, No. 418 East Broad.
-way, Butte, Montana.
lUT '1tlCi'rITeFMI irjsia Cmiiiany i remove
to No. s8 West Park street.
W6NIET'FWTUXAN-n aniiyi rii seeurtiy,
The Davenport Co., No. its Hamilton street.
teas, noodles. Chau, Sul Melwab Co. O..
wsO, corner Mercury (the alley).
DR. T. A. GRIGG-Eye, dar, nose, throot and
lunges prices moderate; terms cash. No. 43
Hirbour building. 'Phone P94-A.
BR. K. R, , iH', Dooms .
r61 Pennsylvania building. Hourst to su,
s to 4 7 to 8. OMice closed Sundays.
SCOTT, the stove man, has removed to No.
rsa East Park. 'Phone number, 5a3.
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no soliciting; business by ma;l; immense
profits; send Soo for samples that retail for
4,. Puritan Chemical Co., Box 1375, Scrl.e,
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confidentials promptness guaranteed. Boe
Is., Butte, Montana.
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est Broadway.
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IIORE'S Second-hand Store, r36 South Maif,
WVANTElI)-Secondthand furniture boug-it and
sold. No. 3j8 East Park street, Butte. Tele.
phone 646 V. E. McNamara.
II. Ii. IIANSON, Mi. D.-Gen.sral operative
surgeon. O()eest Nos. as, , sr, Silver
Itow block. Telephone 4os.
at Newbro drug store. 'Phone 16o, Charles
t. (;ott.
United States Land t)lice,
Helens. Montana, August ,, s.s.
Notice Is hereby given that, Robert Mclirids
P. T. iclltride, Wakeman Mutton, Cart J.
('spell and Louis Kaufman, whose postoftee
address is lltttte, Montans, have this day filed
their application for a patent for aooa linesa
feet, being 6ao feet easterly and a8o feet west.
erly frotm discovery shaft of the McCloskey
lode, saitd ,soo ltear feet, being 315 feet east.
erly said I,Its feet westerly from discovery
shaft of the t)ntario Lode, Mining Claims, upon
which claims a Intice of intention to apply for
a patent was posted on the aoth day of July.
sIoa, situated in (untorganisd) minisg district.
Silver licw and Jefferson counties, state e1
Montana, designated as Surveys Nos. 4691 end
6937, respectively, in the unsurveyed portion al
Fractional Township 1 north, Range y west
being more particularly described as follower
Survey No. 6agd, McCloskey Lode: besgin
ninlg at tile northwest corner, a granite bowidee
in place, witnessed by bearing tree and roeeks
and marked --I-- a.pa6 for Corner No. s, irom
which 1. 1'. No. s, Township 3 north, Range
y west bears no,rth as degrees So minutes ar
seconds west, 4ao9.3 feet and running thence
south one degree west, duo feeti thence nurti
8j degrees r so minutes east, asoe lset thence
north one degree east, doe feet titence south
85 degrees so minutes west, Isao feet to the
place of beginning,. containing an area of saM.
acres, of which 3.34 acres are in conflict with
Surveys No,. 579., 6337 and 6p.y, not c1atmed
leaving an errs of 1y.16 acres claimed.
Survey No. 69J7, Otntario Lodes lBeginning
at tihe northwest corner a granite bowider in
place, witnessed by bearing trees and marked
- i- a 6at7 fur Corner No. s, from which I. &.
No. a, 'uwnllhip sluorth, Range 7 west, bears
north is degrees as minutes se seconds west.
443.s fteet, and running thence south a degrees
a8 minutes west, 6oo lect thence north a4
degrees o8 minutes east, 1so7.5 lest; shence
northl a degrees >s minutes east, sos feats
theuce southl 87 degrees 56 minutes west, arsi
feet to the place of begitnnig. contaLning as
ases of 8.9aJ acres, of which 3.s9 acres are in
conflict with Survey No. fj,3. nsot claimed.
leaving an area of IS.73 acres claimed, of which
e.44 acres are in conflict with Hurvey No. 69pa6
total area of these surveys claimed, ja.8p acre.
A'The location of these claims are of record is
thes County Itecosder's offico of Silver iow
county, Montana, th, McCloskey I.ode in
Book "V," ou page i3 sand in book "W," on
/'age s5; thle Untlarlo .o~e, in book "Ve" on
P'age 61. All books ol lode locatious.
'Il adjouning claims to these premises area
To Survey No. 69.4, McCloskey Lode; on the
north, Survey No. 5748, Fanny Scott Lodel on
the east, Survey No. 6b39, Davenport Lodeg
on the southeast, Survey No. 6337, May Belle
Lode; on tile west, thl; Chief Justice Lode,
unsurveyed; said on tIle nortllwest, Survey No.
y798, Lilian Lode; Survey No. :slo, Summit
ode, Lot 924, is adjacesnt on the northeaast
to Survey No. 69,r, Ontario Lode, on tihe
southeast, Survey No. 6338, Copiper Mountasi
Lode, and on the northwest, the Chit Justice
Lode, unsur'eyed.
I'RANK D. MIrACLE, Regltiste
SAMUEL llAIt Elt, JR.,
Attorney for Applicants.
(First V'ubiic'tlon, August 6, 9o3l),
ltitlled States Land. Office,
Ilflrna, Montana, Srptlrlember aS, 19oJ.
N,otice i"., hereby given that Henry I,. JIuln.
ston and Andrew J. Johnston, whose postotuice
address i Ilutte, Montana, and Oliver 1'.
Johnston, whose postu.tlce address is Missoula,
Milsoula countIly, Mo"ltansa, have this day filed
their appllicatioln for a patenlt for 5;6.a linear
feet, brilng 48 feet lortheasterly and 3j8.a feet
southwesterly from drscovery shaft, of the
Harina No. a Lode Mirning claim, upon which
a ntltce of intenltion to apply for a patent was
posted the .,d day of September, A. ). t9oj,
situated ill Slllnlllit Valley (unorganized) min.
lng dislrict, Silver flow county, state of Mon.
talna, designated as Survey No. 6948, int thi
unsulrveyed portion of Fractional Townshllip 3
north, I.ance 7 west, being more particularly,
described as follows:
Ileginning at the soutllwest Corner No. r, a
point in thle lnorth aide line of Survey No.
6oi6, a granite tone aset in the ground, with a
molund of earth alongside and tmarked ia694
for Corner No. I, from which the quarter sec.
tion corner on the east boundary of Section 17,
Township 3 north, Rangle 7 west, hears north
Sj degrees J7 tinutes 39 seconds west, 7207.o
feet, and running thence south 89 degrees 31
minutes east, 476.5 feet; thence north a de.
grees ia minutes west, a53.3 feet; thence north
89 degrees 38 minutes west, 576.5 feet; thence
south a degrees Is minutes east, 153.3 feet to
the place of beginning, containing an area of
.o03 acres, of which s.oo acres is in conflict
with Survey No. jo96, not claimed, leaving an
area of t.oj acres claimed by the above named
The location of this claim is of record in the
county recorder's oflice of Silver flow county.
Montana, in Itook "U," of Lode Locations, on
Page 419.
The adjoining claims to these premises are
Survey No. So9E, Sarins Lode on thle north
and west; Survey No. 6oos, Kopper King No.
a Lode on the east, and Survey No. do6,
Columbus Iode, on the south,
FIRANK I. MIItAC(I,E, Register.
Samuel Barker, Jr., attorney for applicants.
(Virst Publieation September 86, 19so).
United States Land Olfe, ,
Helena, Montana, Sept. a, 19o3.
Notice Is hereby given, that the Butte Land
& Investment company, by Simeon V. Kernm.
per, its attorney-in'fact, whose postof ice ad.
dress is Butte, Silver Bow county, Montans,
has this day filed an application for a patent
for a53.63 acres of the Xenophanes Placer Mipning
Claim, situated in (unorganized) Mining Vli.
trict, Silver Dow county, Montana, a notice of
which was posted on the claim on the syll
day of August, o903, and being more partleta.
Iarly set forth and described in the oflielal
examination and Report No. 176, on file in
this office, as follows, to-wita Lots sand v,
and the east half of the northwest quarter of
Section iB, Township a north, Range f welt,
The locatlon of this mine is recorded nla the
offie. of the Recorder of Silver Bow county.
on Page dpo, in Book B of Placers,
There arc no known adjoining lalsms te
these premises.
Jos. 1, Harper, U. S. Clama Age ts

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