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Thought England and Germany Will
Send Yachts to Try for the Prize
Sir Thomas Puts Up.
«ew York, Oct. p--It has been decided that
the Atlantic Yacht club shall be custodisa of
the Sa,soo cup which Sir Thomas Upton has
olered for an ocean race from Sandy Hook
Lightship to the Needles in May nest.
The cup will be a challenge trophy, and Sir
Thomas hopes that it will become an interns
tional prise of prominaence. He has been
assured by distinguished yachtsmen that it will
be raced for by famous ocean going boats.
The Atlastle Yacht club will give three
additional cups-one of the value of $Soo to the
first yacht finishing; one of $3oo to go to the
second yacht, and still another of $aoo to go to
the third boat.
The restrictions to the race will be few. The
yacht will take its own time at the fnish and
allowances will be barred. Sir Thomas believes
the German emperor may send a yacht to the
race and that American yachts will probably
take part in the Dover4-eligoland contest and
others at Kiel.
It is believed also that the king of England
will be Interested in the contest.
You can double the purchasing power of
a dollar at Hennessy's shirt sale tomorrow
when men's extra fine fancy shirts worth
*a.oo to $2.so will be sold for a dollar.
How a Fellower of the Races Won a Big
UThis happened to me at Sacramento," said
a well known horseman today at one of the
poolrooms. "There was a green horse entered
in one of the races sad he looked like fresh
eggs to me. I couldn't figure him out any
worse than third and the more I thought about
it the more I felt like taking a chance on him.
The odds were 4 to i for show and I sent one
of my boys down with Saoo to put on him for
third place. Now, that boy of mine is a good
boy and mighty fine company for horses and
mules, but he never was cut out to think
much, He got his wires crossed on the way
to the betting ring, and when he came back he
handed me $aoo worth of paper on this
youngster for place! I nearly fell dead-Saoo
gone and I never even had a chance to kiss it
goodbyel Those pasteboards called for odds
of to to s, but I would have been glad to sell
'em for 30o cents. They didn't look like real
money to me at all.
"The race was run and on the first turn this
green skate stopped to read a sign on the
fence. When he came out of it he was miles
to the bad; but there was where lie woke up,
and as sure as I am standing here lyin' to
you, I never saw a horse get such a monu.
mental wiggle on in my life. Man, he didn't
run-he simply flew! In the homestretch he
passed the bunch as if they had been tied to
the rail, and he came under the wire first by
a hair. I couldn't get up in line too quick,
and the bookmaker handed me a roll a grey.
hound pup couldn't jump over-$a,aoo and all
because my stable boy got his Marconi's
twisted! Now, what d'ye think of that for
Mlill Meet Helena 'High 8ohool at Fair
Grounds Tomorrow.
Bozeman, Oct. 9.-The football team of the
Gallatin county high school left this afternoon
for Helena, and tomorrow at the fair grounds
will meet the Helena high school team on the
Professor Perkins of the high school and
Coach Flynn accompanied the team. The line
up of the Bozeman team is as follows:
Callahan, Widener, Friedley, Osborn (cap.
tain), Moxley, Ferguson, Spain, Harris, Al.
ward, Davis, Lockhart, A. Osborne and Robin.
Philadelphia, Oct. 9.-The second round of
satch play in the invitation golf tourney given
by Mrs. C. A. Griscom at the Merion Cricket
club was concluded here yesterday. The best
match of the day was between Miss Rhona
Adair, British champion, and Miss Margaret
Curtis of Boston. The cards:
Miss Adair-Out, So; in, stro4.
bliss Curtis-Out, 5a; in, g51ioj,
Miss Stout won her match with Mliss K.
Harley of Faill River.
New York, Oct. g.-Sr Thomas Lipton, who
will sail for England today on board the
steamer Cedric, was the guest of honor at a
farewell dinner last night giveq by George '.
Wilson of tbis city. Among the'Sthisij"uesis
were the Earl of Lonsdale, Former Lieut. Gov.
Woodruff, Commodore Bourne, Senator Depew
and John D. Crimmins.
"Miss Elderly came from a very old
family, didn't she?"
"Oh, yes."
"Well, she looks it."-Town Topis.
Catarrh begins with a stubborn cold in the head, inflammatioa or sore
siess of the membrane or lining of the nose, discharge of mucus matter,
headaches, neuralgia and difficult breathing, and even in this early stage
is almost intolerable. But when the filthy secretions begin to drop back
into the throat and stomach, and the blood becomes polluted and the
System contaminated
by the catarrhal ai- uI ental aedaWhe, m ohw s __ row t
on, then the sufterer ad a sok.&..nd O .& asr.,r, or, a' i oughss
begins to realize what a . o .. anl y. I, o! i . ýl oi nm)a to
disgusting and sicken- never si led tj the
nlug disease Catarrh is. 'r Corw.. vo. 7th aas'.fr4I t oa ..
It affects the kidneys
and stomach as well as other parts of the body. It is a constitutional
disease and as inhaling mixtures, salves, ointments, etc., are never more
than palliative or helpful, even in the beginning of Catarrh, what can
you expect from such treatment when it becomes chronic and the whole
system affected ? Only such a remedy as 8. S. 8. can reach this obsti
nate, deep-seated disease and purge the blood of the
catarrhal poison. 8. 8. 8. purifles and builds up the
diseased blood, and the nflamed membranes are
healed and the eucessive secretion of mucus ceases
when new, rich blood is coming to the diseased
parts, and a permanent cure is the result.
8. 6. 8. is gnaranteed purely vegetable and a reliable remedy for
Cat.rurh in alt stages,, Write It In need of medical advice; this will cost
yon nothing. Ti D WIT 00WiUe., AAI4TA, 04
"George Gardner will be beetea by Bob
Pltasitmaons, and it won't take the old Cot.
nishman long to do it, either," says John I.,
Sullivan, the former world's heavyweight cham.
plo. ISullivan reached his conclusion after
careful comparison of the styles of fighting of
each man.
"Pitzslmmons is a great boxer," said John
L. "He has every advantage. I have seen
Gardner box., There's no comparison between
them. Gardner is quick, but he isn't quick
enough for Fite. Gardner is a heavy hitter,
but he is left at the post when you compare
his hitting with Bob's. Gardner can stand
punishment, but he isn't as crafty as Fits. lie
hasn't Fits's experience and he can't win.
Fits will knock him out. Just mark my words
on that. The Coratshman will beat the Irish.
man this time, and that in jig time."
Billy DeCoursey wants another whack at
Frankie Neill. "I do not want to disparage
Mr. Neil's victory over me In any way." says
Billy. "He is a great little fighter, and all
that, but I made a fool mistake in trying to do
the weight-- break I ought to be kicked for
making, as I have been in the fighting bust
nesa too long to have made such a sacker of
myself as I did the other fight. I'm not say.
ing I could whip Young Neit, but I do be.
lieve that if I west in weighing .s pounds at
j o'clock there would be an altogether different
fight. I would very much like to get a crack
at Frankie again."
There is no denyig that DeCoursey was not
himself at the weight. Ills showing was a dis.
tinct disappointment to all his friends. In the
shape he was when he put holly Smith out
before the same club DeCoursey would have
given Neil a whirlwind fight.
Frankle Neifl is willing to fight Terry SMc.
Govern, but is afraid to challenge the ex.
featherweight champion, for lie will be charged
with attempting to drag him into the ring at
so light a weight that he will be weak and
unable to fight. Some time ago Sam Harris
spoke of matching the younger Mc(overn
against Frankie for $s.on a side. "I would
like nothing better than an opportunity to
cover the money," says Jim Neil. "If, how.
ever, Harris has now reconsidered his propo.
sition, and would like an engagement with
Terry, I would stand ready to talk to him on
that point"
Charley Seiger has been discussing hil
chances with Britt. Hle has been hearing all
kinds of stories about Britt's ability to punch
and his speed as a boxer. "All I can say,"
said Selger, "is that I have been hoeing last
men ail my life, and Britt's speed won't keep
me back. Joe Gans can hit some. I guess
you all know that. Well, Gans never had me
running away from him, and I don't think
Britt will be able to do it. I will keep right
after Britt and his friends will know whether
he can fight when I finish with him. I know
that Britt is a good game fellow, and I am
taking no chances. I will go into the ring in
perfect shape, and the public will surely see
some fast work."
Biddy Bishop proposes to keep lierrera busy
even if the politicians of Seattle won't let him
IAght there. There are places where he can
fight. The young manager has matched him to
box Louis Long so rounds at V'ancouver, on
October 1s. Long has done some good tight.
ing up North recently, and he will not want
for backing when he meets ierrera. wills all
his reputation. After the Vancouver content
Anaconda, Oct. p.-The football season will
open Sunday with the much talked of game
between the Anaconda Juniors and the High
school eleven. Both teams have been practic.
ing regularly and a good, snappy game is
Icoked for. The winner will probably challenge
some outside team for the regulation Thanks.
giving day game. The lineup for Sunday's
game is given as follows:
High' SchooL Position. Juniors.
York...........left guard..........Lobesino
Engntan............right guard .......Davldson
Walters............right tackle..........Hughes
Davidson...........left tackle........Fitzpatrick
Barich............end ....................Smith
Gosnell..............end.................. Sullivan
Danielson..........quarter back.........Connors
E. Engman.........fullback...............Moran
Hiurley..............left half back.......Bracken
IIorn...............right half back......Munsen
A game is also scheduled for tomorrow be.
twcen the elevens known as the Stracklas and
the Maliveys, at the Century club grounds.
The line.up will be as follows:?
Strackls. Position. Mallveys.
Regan..............center................. Jones
Norwood............right guard............Small
Rodgers...........left guard............Short
Karads..............right tackle...........Lodge
Morris...............left tackle...........Lodge
Finnegan...........end ..................Tucker
McGowan...........end......... ... Mallvey
Flavus...............quarter back....McEachran
Stracklas............full back.........Tippedeau
Logan.............left half ack..........Keig
,A.castion........,..rgi..half back.....Plunket
From October 4 to p, Incisive, the Northern
Pacific will sell special excursion tickets from
all points In Montana to Helena and return
It one and one-third fare. Children over ive
and under twelve, halt rate. Tickets good ro
turning up to October as. W. H. Merriman,
general agent.
Bishop will bring his charge over to Alnaconda
said dght Eddie Santry, who was a hti class
scrapper in his day. This boat is ,ý }rit cto
her a., nine days after the Long aimir. Santry
has beaten any number of tough men, but he
has been at it too long to think of hitm wallop.
tag the Mexican, who is now at his b.st,
Terry McGovern, the one-time world wonder,
has gone the way of all fighters. Thu.e who
witnessed Terry's battle with thilly \ lllis re*
cently admit tllat the present McGovern is no
more like the former Terrible Terry th lai the
moonlight is like daylight. While 'Ierry as
still a sturdy mixer and a hard fighter, he is
not the ring marvel that he was bIilr he
met defeat at tihe hands of Young turlhett.
The old McGovern--the McGovern that had
never known a defeat-used to tmi nultters
with all opponents with a reckless aandnon of
cenaequences that was qtite anknown inl the
ring before his advent. lie used to have his
opponents going, too, from the first tap of
the gong, and stung in tire second ald third
rounds he had thenm down and out. 'lhere is
none of this about the McGovern of tl e pres
ent day-the McGovern that has twice st~lted
the bitterness of a knockout defeat. 'terry now
fights carefutly. lIe waits tmle and time again
for his opponent to lead. and even in return
ing a blow hlie guards hinself with a care that
was utterly unknown to hint wesn a champion.
itut the strangest thing about thle persent Mc
Govern is that he seems to lack a knrhl'out
ptutch. 1 Inis last two fights -the first since
his recent ilIles- lihe Iant been unable to 'top
his illoppnents sitd tile huits have gone' the
limit. Thle result could hardly har. heen
brought about entirely through clevern.ns un
the part of the ment alliused to him,; as hth
of them, Ryley and \V'illis, have beit very
little above the prelimintary class.
The Eddie I[anlnr.lack tIlc('cllland itintCh at
Seattle is otT. The date was changed usignn.aly
from October 7 to i6, at the request of Ilan
Ion, who said that would give him plenty of
time in which to train, but a few Ida; ago
sent word to the ecect that lie wouti Iut be
able to fight before October ag.
It doesn't require a nlasical eduae 1inii to
play tile races.
The interest of pugilistic circles is c.it, red
on tire approaching liritt.Seiger ,tltch tt tile
present tihne, and speculation is ri e, a.% t, what
Seiger will be able to do against the i('litor
nian. Ilritt realizes that he is in for a hard
contest and is doing everything neee tairy to
get into the bheat possible physical cnnnltian.
i!e ie doing hla work at Alameda antl Ih.' has
an able corps of trainers. liritt is prrplring
himself for a bard. fast and gsuelling cnutest
and will go into thIe ring capable of mIintain
ing a terrific pace for tihe full .o retlndi s i
The batting champinnlsllilp of tile N ttional
leaguer has been awarder, Iin Ilat \\'Wagnr of
the Pittaburg club officially by harry I'ulliam,
tihe league president and secretary. \\ ainer's
average was .355.
Ben Jordan does not propose to be dune out
of his California trip by the refusal of 'Young
Corhett to make terms. Through his mI:an1ager,
Charles Iloran, he has asked Morris Levy to
challenge Benny Yanger or Eddie iaIrlon.
Jcrdan wants to make the coast in tint Ifor a
good six weeks of training and have his con
test in December or January. lie asks for u6
pounds in the afternoon.
Minncapolis, Minn., Oct. 9.-Leonard C.
Dare of Walkerton, Ind., was killed on a
Northern Pacific box car at Northtown
Junction last night by tramps, who robbed
him of a considerable sum of money which
he carried,.
As the train was pulling into town the
trainmen heard shots fired, and hurrying
to the scene saw four men desoend :front
a car and hurry to the woods nearby.
Upon investigation Dare's body was found
on top of the car, his skull crushed and
a millet hole between the eyes.
From papers on Dare's body it was
learned that he had worked on a ranch
near Cooperstown, N. D., saved his wages
and was on his way horne when attacked.
One Puts Lye Into Flou of the Other,
and Poison Is Discovered After
Bread Has Been Made.
Whatcom, Wash., Oct. 9.-Rivalry be
tween local baker shops would have re
salted in a wholesale killing of innocent
people had it not been that the bakers,
who, it is alleged, attempted to injure their
enemies, overdid the thing.
John Birk and James Henry conduct
rival bakeshops in West Holly street in
this city and bitter feeling exists between
For some time since flour consigned
for Henry came with Birk's goods. Birk,
it is said, instructed his baker, William
Burnwent, to put a quantity of concen
trated lye in Henry's flour. This order
Burnwent is alleged to have followed.
Henry's baker tasted the flour and burned
his tongue severely.
After the flour had been baked into
bread Henry's baker had some of it an
alyzed, and this analysis is said to have
shown the presence of enough concen
trated lye to kill every person who ate it.
Duke of Westminster to Take English to
the Orange River.
London, Oct. 9.-The Duke of West
minster has acquired z6o,ooo acres of land
in the most fertile section of the Orange
River colony and will leave England for
South Africa this week to inapect the
He purposes to colonize the territory
with English farmers.
Spokane, Wash., Oct. 9.-The.,Washingo
ton state good roads association lpened its
first annual convention here yesterday,
President Samuel Hill presiding. Ad
dresses were made by Col. J. B. Killebrew
of Nashville, Tenn., United Statgs Senator
Ankeuy of Walls Walla and State Senator
Edward Hamilton of Tacoma.
About 35 delegates were present.
Di, K. VirgSiia Hogsett har moved
from p.s Utah avenue to room gor, Penn
sylvania block.
Pittsburg and Boston Are Battling for
Coveted Honote-Series Are Not
Likely to tEnd Dispute.
Which of the two big leagues plays the
better game of baselall?
That vexed question, which has never
been settled and which is the chief cause
of argumnlent iand contention among the
fans, is once more being threshed out
while the post-season series is Iwing
played in various parts of the country.
Hut the results of the few gaines already
played by the rival teams of the leagues
do not go far toward giving a satisfactory
answer to the problem, and at the close
of the "supper shows" now in progress
it is likely to be as far as ever from a
solution that will hold water.
Ten teamls are now engaged in the post
season contests. In Chicago, l'hiladelphla
and St. I.ouis the rival clubs of the two
leagues are battlilng it out. Pitltsbur is
playing the big series of the year against
Boston for the worldl' championship and
Cleveland and Cincinnati are trying con
clusions for the Ohio pennant.
In Chicago the indlications are that the
Microhes have the call on the White Sox,
notwithstanding the remarkable reversal
of form displayed 'Tuiesday, when the Sox
took thie Microlbes into camp and soundly
troulced them. Mlan for manl, the West
Siders scent to have c'muiskey'a tream out
clahssed aul the team nverages for matting
and fielding are in favor of Selee's club.
In the National cihanmpiolnship series the
teams are much more evenly matched and
seem to Iw "sawing it oit." as it were.
Pittslurg took the opening dash ; the IInext
day lositon shut the P'irates out and Sat
urday Pittshurg tlurned up with another
victory, imakiing it two for one. rlThe
teams shape up practically on a par, ex
rept that l'ittsbulrg fi:ts a shade Ithe Ihcter
of it in the batting.
In St. Louis the collditions are reversed
from what they aplpea;r to be in Chlicago.
There the American hlague tl'aum -- the
llrowns-scemi to have it ni the t'ar, inals
and are sailing in to take away itse series
without much of a struggle.
Connie Mack's Atlhltics, in 'lh iladel
phi,ia that nosed the Cleveland Ulues. out
of secondl place, are also winning over thei
I'hillies of the National league, andi it is
nip andt tuck between Cleveland and Cii.
From these conditions it Is difficult to
argue that one league has muclch of an
advantage over the other, considerlnR
them as leagues, individual clubs in either
league are, of course, superior to the
clubs looked upon as their natural rivals,
but that does not prove much for the
league itself. Whtere the Nationals have
the edge on the Americans in one city
the advantage is offset in another town,
as in the case of Chicago and St. Louis,
or of Philadelphia and New York.
Whether the National or thle Americna1
plays "faster" ball or "higher class" hall
as a league, is a question that can never
definitely b)e settled, either by figures or
argument. It is very much akin to thile
question of which actor was the greatest
Hamlet on the stage, or which actress the
most charming Juliet. 'These things are
largely matters of opinion, often tiased
upon prejudice, local surroundings and
other extraneous conditions, and must he
so settled in the mind of each individual.
For World's Championship.
Pittsburg, Pa., Oct. q--That the entlhusiasm
in the world's baseball champlionship series has
not abated to any extent was shown when
another large attendance tITrlned out to witness
the third home gamne, althoulgh high western
winds made it rather uncto,lurtable for the
spectators. Ilonton wonl, 6 to 3.
(;round rules were again aldoptld allowing
three bases for a lit into the overrlow in tlhe
outfield. The heavy rain of Wedlnesday nigih
and early morning softened the playitng field
some but some very fast fielding was done by
both teams. Leever and lMneen did the pitcb.
Ins and each allowed to bits. The bIattling and
base running of Ileaumont and the fielding of
Parent were features.
The visitors lorted three rutns in the third
inning on Leach's wild throw to first, a base
on balls and singles by Dineen, (ollins and
Stahl, In tle fifth they added two more on
Stahl's triple, Parent getting first by bIeing hit
with a pitched Ibll, 'crris' single and Wag.
ner's wild throw to the plate. 'Their last rtn
cane in the seventh. After Freeman hail
struck out Parent hit to the ropes for three
bases and scored on LanCfhance's double to left.
IPittsburg was unable to bunch their hits
until the seventh inning when Scelring and
Phlelpls both made hits, fLeever's out at first
advanced them one aose and both scored on
Ileaumont's fine single to center. Clark's two.
bagger to left field scored lleaumnt. Leach
went out on a fly to Stahl. Dinleen then sent
Wagner and liransfieil to first on balls, tilling
the bases, but IRitcllie was unable to Ibring
them in, going out, PIarent to Ferris and retir.
ing the sike, Attendance, 1,s556. 1I I11 L
Pittsburg ................................ 3 to 3
Boston................................. 6 to i
flatteries-Leever and Plhelps; Dineen atid
Struck Qut l1B Mon,
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 9.--The St. l.ouis
Americans defeated the St. L.otis Nationals in
a one-sided game. Powell for tile Americans
struck out 15 of the Nationals, Attendance,
r,xno. Score: ItR is
Nationals............................... 3 7 6
Americans........................... i 7 a
Batteries-Sanders anld iyan; Powell and
Easy for Americans.
Chicago, Oct. .-l'The American lea:tge team
3. alMelsk
A Dream
A Delight
A Satisfaction
5' Everywhere
The Largest Selling Brand
of Cigars In the World.
Theo Bad is the Smoker's Protettin.
Guns, Rifles
and Ammunition
Your Patronage Solicited.
Hardware Anaconda Copper
Department Mining Co.
Butte, Montana
drlalteta'd the Niational.. iii r:aiy hlia.hii,. Nearly
:ill ,i tlih. Snnthsidrrs' hlit rcolnted, whiti, thole
oif tl Nlatiionai writl wasted ,o Iil as rett
gcttlig was c ncerlnrd. AItId,IIcI , ols,. 'I hr
rue,', : It II Ih
N ailll, :ls................................ 3 I
Am erlicatns ... .......................... I) a
Ilatteric%--'l'nrylr and Klilng; White and Sua.
Wintry Rains.
('lvt,,land, I(., Ihlt. K. Wintry andl rntty
w'atlher mad.:. it imipisjihle It piy cte uft the
tw,) gamesl here between the Cleveland Ameri.
can league anld the C(in naiiuati Natiotlnal clubh
for the state chlamlpiiJlnhip. Th'e firit amnie
was a victory fur t'lrvehlald by a acrc oii S li
3, and the se'ondl ga;me, which went only
three illnningsl, was called iat that point becauae
of dalrknlrs, with tier acora lit ai iti lavur oii
( 'illcinlatli. Score: Fira1 game- KI IL it
('lvcl:.l ............................ .. 5 6 3
('inl i l ti .............................. 5s 6
Ilalttrit' I)oualtnahue and A.halht; S latultl aiid
Seattle Wins.
Srattlt, (hrt. q).- S.eattle woal al I uphill Unme.
lralrh;aa was will and slix rllns were inatde nff
of two hit. in the third. He was then taken
nut and Iflullges iali.hiad the gamei , holding
Sa.tranllento down to twol singles. L If H
Seattle....... i O I o u 4 qI x-8 Sd
Saerlanl ltlu.. n o 6 n o U au0 I 4 3
Ilatterias --l)rlhaln, Iuglllell anl d Ilyers; Fital
gerd aill aad c;rallai.
Oakland's Hard Luck.
Portland, O)re., ()ct. q. A-fter holding Port.
land ldownI for nearly aix inningstt McKay .l
lowed two haie hits and a Illtlrlbagger. Thrie
intield addiled two etrrors sanud I'irtlund netted
.seven rllls. Soure: IL II H
I'lrtlanlld...... u c t o 7 o t x-gI 9 4
(utakland...... o o a0 o o t n u -a 6 5
Ilatiatriis Sldui -s andl Shca: 5acKay and
(iirttn, ttinpire - Levy.
Fell on Whalen.
San Francisco., ()ct. g.-The ILas Angeles hat
ters fell uponll Whal with mighty swats and,
as usual, thle score was lopsided, with the
locals at tilhe little end. Charley Basms was
given anotlr trial, and this time had better
sutipport behlilnd lhlim. lie had goolld control of
tile ball nitd outside ft the sixthl innlling kept
the hilts scatered, S.core: L IL L
'Irisnca...... oo0 0 o 0a o I 0-3 S 5
L.o Anigeles o ao 4 1 3 o x--rt t4 3
ilatteries-- Wlalel and Zearloss; aunm,
Iagar, hulk, Whirtehouse,
ay AssoCIA'rTI) Pass.
Buenos Ayres, Oct. 9.-The Argentine
gunboat Uruguay, 550 tons, has started
for the Antarctic regions to search for the
Swedish expedition, headed by l)r. Otto
The Nordenskjohl expedition left Swe
den October 16, IJr, on the steamer Ant
arctic and was last heard from August ,8
last, when the vessel was imprisoned in
the ice.
Swords Drawn to Repulse the Attack of
Infuriated Mob.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 9.-At Orsha, in the
governmnent of Mohileff, on 'Monday I,ooo
Jews tried to rescue several Jewish prison
era who were being removed fronm the
prison to the railway station.
The escort of mounted police drew their
swords and repulsed the attack. Ten ar
rests were made.
Park county offers a rewar4 of five hundred
dollars for the arrest and sonviction of party
or parties dynamiting bridge just east of Li
isagton, Sunday, August a.
From October sa to iS, inclusive, the
Northern Pacific will sell sgpcial excursion
tickets to California ont account of American
Bsankers' Association meeting In San Iran.
clseo. The rate from all points in Montana to
San Francisco and return will be $..co, and to
Los Angeles and return, $6o.oo; final returs
limit Wovunrir ean f yout are giJlr to Cali
fornia do not fall to call upon us. W. N. Aler.
iaslms, general agent.
Clothes and Hats Torn and Blaok Eyeg
Given Before Faculty Can Reetore
Peace on Rostrum.
Topeka, Kan., Oct. 9.-On the big stage
of the Washburn college chapel an front
of an audience of Soo people there was a
fierce color fight between the girls of the
freshman and sophomore classes, in which
35 sophomore girls tried to "rush" 40
freshmen girls off tihe platform.
Tables and chairs were overturned, the
president's chair was smashed to pieces,
clothes were torn, hats were lost and eyes
blackened in the fierce rough and tumble
The occasion was the annual cane rash
and the girls of the rival classes had been
trying for an hour to yell each other down
from the tops of chapel seats.
Suddenly one of the freshmea girls ap
peared on the platform waving the rival
class colors. Then the clash cane. It ,
was at least so minutes before the faculty
could separate the two bands and rhstore
The ladlies' Aid society of the Mosm
tain View church has footed up acconftl
on their late rammage sale and find tasy
cleared $292.45. They are so pleased with
its success that a bazaar will be held dur.
ing the first week ip December.
At a meeting of the Women's Foreign
Missionary society yesterday the following
officers were elected: President, Mrs, A.
N. Winchell; first vice president, Mrs. J.
R. Every; second vice president, Mrs. M.
P. Sipple; recording secretary, Mrs. Dyer;
corresplonding secretary, Mrs. Dr. Heine;
teasurer, Mrs. W. W. Walsworth.
It Was Not Dynamite on the Northern
Paciflo Tracks.
The supposed stick of dynamite found
on the Northern Pacific tracks back of the
county poor farm by Dan Gilmore, proves
upon further investigation to be a harm
less signal stick.
It is filled with a yellow substance re.
sembling dynamite and it was this that
caused many persons to think that another
outrage had been plananed against the
Northern Pacite railroad.
Adjutant Mrs. Dowell and liutenant
Knutson Are Coming.
There will be a special meeting at the
Salvation Army barracks tomorrow night.
Adjutant Mrs. Dowell and Lieiutspr
ant *tnutson will deliver addresses, and
refreshments will be served at the eloge
of the meetin.
The speakers are coling from the
East and are well known in army eireless
in this city.
Aslkem-I wonder why a bachslor is
called only half a man?
Cynicue- suppose he has no chanse t:.
lead a double life.-Town Topics.

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