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Issued Roaryv c.ntil:, E.,cept Sunday.
e--- -- - -
06 West Granite Street, butte, Mont.
Per ear, by n:ail, in adt'ance ...... $.So
. i Carrier, per month .............. .75
- -.-_--" . - ..-__ .:,7
Editorial Rooms..........4J.--(3 rintg
Business Office.... .....4..8-( rnRg)
The Butte Inlter llalr::tni haI s branch
offices at Anaconda, Mlissor:a, Bo'e.tman,
anpd Liringston, whlere subsrriptions and
-dvurtising rates will be f.il nshed uplon
The lnter lMoantain can be found at the
Vollo.eing out-of-lawitn le.'s stands- East
ern Netw Corn patty, Scattlr, Wash.;
Shanks & Smith, Hotel .vo tl:e s, Senttle,
Wash.; Salt Lake News Stand. Salt Lake,
Utah ; Tnwenty-fourth Street News Stand,
Twanty-fourth Street, Ogden, Utah; liar.
halow Bros., Salt Lake, Utah; L. B. Lee,
!Palace Hotel, San Francisco; Portland
Hotel, Portlard. Ore.; Posto/fice News
Stantd. Chicago, Ill.
SSATURI),\Y' , tlt"' Itl:I.H .J, tr'l.i
C'- ---_
Judge Clancy of the district court of
Silver Ilow cotunlty is a rare joker. Itis
pleasantries and funny stories even while
luponi thle bench have brouught !mtte renownt
for himt amn1mg those wi' i lfrequent the
(itn Thursday this humorous jurist, in
conmpliance with the tistlhes cf an a:gent
of the United (opper C,ompany, lhadled
dlown a judicial deeisint which ill sth
.taltce declared the Anialgi llntlt I 'ioplier
Comllpanlly to he :il otttl:iw in the sta:e of
iMonttla, andtl which in express terms dis
passsed this cllttpantly of the right of in
terest in. us well as right to op. llt, or
control, tn IIy of its tisti illlltrtlll' prop
crties In this slale. The Clhct lof this
decision was the. closil ti of a11l the \I al
atlllltllted indlstlries ill Mll Ilt i ,tia. for the
pllain and sufticll.tint reasin thiat ii ('Iu tIeaII
decision is goodm law the .\inl:llr:ilgItle
cofliitty has no milore legal ri.eli to oillerite
the Iitines a Id sme.ll rs of thie I -,if t &
.MotItan;a company in thi, 'tatt.11, Kid
Curry lhais to hild tip raiii:ly taliln, :l 1
obll express llu (.nies ior :lilllln'rs. The
of Jiudlge tlicny's or her,,
Ii, Friday alltoirlley for the .\lal;ll4I
tated appwalcd Ito idge i'lianlty for iias
¬Ęsi'tance to expcdite the ,,ork of prelts t.
tint; the issues itvok,,d to the supIem
court of the state for final adjudicaliuu.
'liTere is not an intelligent person ins 'aln
t.at advised of the t:xilting conditions
in tine inllustrial life of the stl.le wi, i
cattoolhl realie the ver' y great ifllilmp Jlalie
of ill (i tll) dcftnliliiai,'i of the ,lln "i
tieit, raised by Ju,lge ('Llney', deiion.
Nit only t hL hilluii' s m.ecurity of ltile
,ltat aind tie prosperity of Ithou ,adiis of
its lpeople are in jeopardy, h1ut1 greatL litini
hers oif Lu neti.i and. inllustri ous lli rkll ll enll
and their fanilies :imy I ,e mfeniaceml itlh
actual fant if ithe d.hterninltiiun of these
tr:lu timi s isr iOlll; layit il. To l he . re
Iuest of the ;Iltlrneys for infolrmation re-l;l
tinc ii lhe ct: ittle etfhenl the itm t would loe
seatdy againl to ploc ed h itlh the pre
lillmim'ry work nce,,:try to pIrfecling an
"ll tal. Jillg it hiu y ie ,linuted ti, fol
lIaws ill reply: itidpeid ' ti m ay
"\\ II . it delpnds abant lmly nllltingl
elk before the L.istl day oif itmsi.er I will
Milap t ol t out and htue t stmse jack
rabbhits or something in Novemlber. I
lae somle Case., set for thie othl of No-l
vemlber, iand I ill iget in before that;
(l ll e in bil y S1till ly. th e l.rth. anyhiiw.
Thallit is raioult ifro defin it o ior cr
] can give yeu.
It is toi t c..travaigallt stltemntrnt t., say
It is fair to assume, although the dis
patches do nout indicate it, that Dowie has
made some converts to his peculiar relig
ious ideas in New York. In all the vast
throngs that have assembled out of curi
.sity or other motives to hear him in
!lMadison Square Gardens, some mIllll have
lbeen of that susceptible temperament that
responds to such exhortations as are lit
tered by men of l)owic'. st:amp. Dowie
could not have held the thousands that ac
knowledge his leadership had he not the
power to win over at least a small per
centage of New Yorkers.
But even if he has his "crusade" in New
Y'ork must he looked upon as a failure.
Coing there to stomp out the worship of
Mlammon, he showed all too plainly that
htis cloak of righteousness had spots on
it and that lie, too, was a worshilper of
alanmuon. Personal magnetism, ability
tind force-and Dowie has all these-were
nsot sufficient to blind the residents of
Gotham to the fact that Dowie was after
dollars quite as much as after souls. For
all Its vice and wickedness and ignorance,
the average intelligence of a great city like
New York Is high and its santitment, when
crystallized, is good. New York has seen
GDowie, has looked under his mask and, as
a city, will have none of himt. Dr. Park
hurst's denunciation of the man was the
keynote of the estimation the city places
upon this self-styledl reincarnation of the
prophet Elijah.
Temnporary successes may Ie won by
hypocritical preachers and evangelists, but
unless their motives are pure there can be
no permanen t success. I)owie openly ad
Inits that he not only aspires to ble the
world's great leader in religious practices,
but that hCe aspires also to colltrol mluch of
its wealth. Ieliigion and commerce, soul
savinig antd mollnely getting are all to him,
according to his crc~,l, of equal import
slce. lie has attempted to commlllnercialize
religion., anI he lits heen successful in a
measure. His faiiure in New York in his
l.'st setllack. It is apparent that thit de
feat is liut thile ft'reruIner of nnylll others.
No matter how insulair and self-centered
New York ma;y le. it certainly is the most
relrl.eseittive of Am\lrican cities in its
public sentiment ml, elstimation of things
ah:l are set lbefore the American people for
their approval or t.indenat ion. New York
ihast disaplproseld Uliie. OIther cities will
do the same.
In an intervis on Inational tpolities,
Kivenll yestertday inl Spokane, Pretid blloumis,
ft tien r U'nited States senator from idaho,
nlominatedl I;c.orge 'Tlrllner of Spokane, for
mier Ltitelti States senator front Waslhiig
tIin, for vice presi'hit oIn t(ihe demlcrtic
titket, as the running mate of Julge
Alton it. i'arker of New York. It was a
neighborly alnd courteoitIs tlhing for Fretd
lluboiis to do in hlis frietlli's oiwn town.
Incidentally it might he said that Fred
l)nhoit is a man who delights to ido nleighi
blrly ant courteous thinlgs. i'ossily
Senator trner lliglh ruti as well as Jiudge
Pil'arkr in the nlatioll, lint Uttfortlim itely
for hbah it is tgenerally recognized through
oullt tle country that J udge- Parker has
about as imuchil clance to beoine plresi
dentt as is possessed by the ghost of the
lamented lenjamin F. BIutler. For all
the friendly cuttrtesy of Fred )lubi.s there
is a s.uspitill t hat t ptl-ihs ihe hiad a jest
rcoiealed i lhis Spokanet remarks.
Senaitor Tlurnetr isa hbrilliant man. It
is said oif hint that durint g his recent term
ill the senilate lie was consideredl one of
the t hree ablestt cin.stittotioual lawyers
silting there. As a titmember tof the Alaska
hbolluindary etnllllllisii lie has Il.Line Inotab
tairk. tiglish public men and newspapers
st -k of him as possessing the qualities
of a t i.t itnali. inu Ieorge Ttrneitr deal
in;- iith ilabstract queslltions andlll George
titrn.r Iis piliics are two ditleretit mteti.
IIh ,erv edl otl termi as UnLited States
stitltl,.r from his staite. lie ciouh not
lithe elected there ae:in iin to years.
Sta:lting his ipolitical carteer as a re
lpuhliraun I'nited States marshal, appointed
frimn the North, in the yeats following
the Civil war, Itrge Turnler received
his next political favtor as territorial dis
trict judtilge iof a districL in Washillgtlun
tiritry tiunder President linrrisonim. ie
rnt for the I'nitie States senate before
\\ .ali.i;iton's first legislature atld was tie
fe.alt. After that he -.ucc.eiled in or
gutn/.tt a split i the tiepubllican party,
stanted the hittere't flactitonal light the
lpart in that state ever experietced, and
a h defealted again. SuilIsequent defeats
iltly wenttl ts hiot ,tat lie was a smialler
ati thait the partiy.
In titi le went out of the riepublialn
it,; nituli;atiin and called itilliself a silver
rcuihliican. It the conventiuons of that
year iihe ailearedl sticcessively in silver
reptublican, dtemocratic and popullist con
vti.tits, andil in taci - lne lite pr fe t'sed
a iter poilitical lheliif. In turt he was a
silver republllica, a ndemocrat tint a pop
list. It was a revolutionary year it poli
ties, and his friet.s iwon. They resvwariiled
hliis illintnest s it e "'wid" ansy political
piaty by makitg him ti'tite.l States set.
ator. In the ,- ate. like t sile otilher bril
liatnt tmen, tie took thinigs easy, lieing
ruttil into activity tntly when pottie till s
tion iof consttm.itinual law or poilnt in juris
iprtlitnce arotsed his attention. 'lThe state
seemedi little from his labors. Anil niow
iFretd I)ubois has nimiuated himtt for the
vice iresitnclcy. It was kind of Mir.
Ituhliis, huh that is till that cat lie said
atd it will gait ilthini, save a little
itc i. .italier itte tititt, for ( eorge Turner,
Of course the man who is beaten always
feels sore. \\'henl he thinks he is in a
po'ition to lay the blamie for his defeat
o(, soltcole else lie grows talkative and
tcllb his troubles in a loud and ang'ry
voice. That is what Canada, or to lbe accu
rate. a portion of the Canadian press and
Canadian l.ublic men, is doing now. The
tenor of Canada's complaint is that the
empire, for diplomatic reasons, has con
sented to depriving Canada of certain of
her territory. The fear is expressed that
if this thing keeps up Cantada presently
will have no valuable territory left.
All this talk is founded on false premni.
ses. As a matter of fact Canada, since
the decision of the Alaska boundary tri
hunal, has undisputed title to more terri
tory than she ever had before. She has
more than her own maps gave her prior
to 18;7. She has more than she ever
claimed prior to that time. In other
words, she has gained instead of lost ter
ritory. Canada is the one who started
the Alaska boundary dispute. She did so
after the Americans had discovered gold
in the Klondike and an entrepot to that
region had become valuable. Then she
jumped up a futile contention that the
boundary line did not run where the maps
showed it ran, and tried to get the empire
to support her contention. The British com
pnissioners were able and high-minded
jurists who were asked to sit as unpreju
diced judges. There Is every reason to
believe that the evidence alone weighed
with them in rendering their decision,
agreeing with the findings of the Ameri
can commissioners, It ill becomes the
Canadians to impugn the motives of these
British judges.
There is reason to belive that the
ill-natured utterances of the Canadian
press and jingo politicians are not thor
oughly representative of the best Canadian
sentiment. There is in Canada an ele
ment, as there is in all countries, which is
chronically "ngin the government." This
element seeks to thrive on the agitation
for building up what is termed Canadian
national sentiment, as opposed to im
perial loyalty. The award in the Alaska
bounlary dispute furnishes these jingoes
with a very poor quality of ammunition,
which is being used for all it is worth.
Ila:sed on the false assertion that Canada
is being robbed of her rightful soil, this
arguiments that are being used presently
will ihe exploded, The mock heroics of
the anti-imperialists in the dominion wvill
carry no weight.
Doing the Best He Could.
Ministcr--M.y buy, you lshould not cry
that way.
Freddy (who lens been spanked --If you.
kiinow any other way to do it fire away,
I'm i doin' the best I can.
No Plice for Him.
|E.thel-Willic, little boys should not
collle into the parlor when there is coin
pa iin y.
Willie--.-Great Scott, ima is entertainin'
the ,Missionary society, pa is telling jokes
to some of his friends, there is a police
ulan in the kitcheln i ith the cook and the
nurse has gone ut'li with the coachman. I
guess I'll take a walk up town and see
if they are still enforcing the curfew.
A Slow Sleuth.
The thief --So the prisoner succeeded
in e-,caing. ldid lie?
Slhttll- -'Ys, sir; hefore I roull get
that iorder filled for a suitable disguise
Ih had succceeded in reaching C'ocus Island,
there discovered the hlidden treasiure, and
is now king of one of the South Sea
Now He I. Idle.
"Jimmy. I am going out for an hour
and I want you to run the oflice just as
I would if I were here," said Footlights
to lthe office boy.
"YVou het I will."
Enter Mirs. Footlights. "Is Footy in?"
"Not'in' doin. Ilow's de bunch ? Say,
you'rs . fine htlltr of fuss aun' feathers.
Ilow abhout a spin tonight on de Imulevard ?
llow's your head this mnorning. We want
to lay low for a few days, de enemy is
gettill' next."
Andi the next morning an office boy was
hunting another job,.
The recent had fire in tile United
Verde mine in Jerome. Ariz., owned by
Senator Clark and others. has been ex
tinguischedl and the great property is again
producing ore. J. C. Pyle. the consulting
engineer for Senator Clark's muines, has
returned fromt Arizona and Ihe brings word
that while the fire was a bad one it is
confined mlainly to colsuming 'timibers itn
the old workinlgs and did not effect the
main part of the minie.
"The United Verde is working at its
full capacity," said Mr. Pyte: "Jaf It
great mile and this generition yill Aot -
see it exhautsted, 'gr anyw ~~ ear
The ore is smelted direct fronl tile mine
without concentration. The smelter has
a capacity of i,.'uo tons per day. Sentator
('lark is btuildiiig a .3o ton smelter at
the I'l,:uitolr mine, .*ix miles froml JerOtnc.'.
S. V. 1)errah of Salt I.ake Ciy., general'
freight agent for tile Rio ('ra;ltlle systelm,
is paying his -first visit to Butte. Under
the gnidance of ('harley I)avidsont of the
Rio G;ralnde lie is Ibeing introduced to
Iutte business men and shown the city.
Ir. I)errah is free to admit that Butte
is a larger city than lie expected to find.
Like many other people who never visited
the city lie expected to find a straggling
mintingll camp full of tile roughest elementtt
instead of a city as metropolitan as any'
inll the \\'ct.
W\. 11. Raymond, tile .Madison coulnty
ilmembter of the state fair hoard, was in
l'utte today returning front Ilelena, where
he attended a ineetilg of the executive
coml ittee which so successfully conducted
the state fair.
\Ir. Raymond said that the committee
wanlts about $2.4,00o for next year, for
Imithling a grantd stand and adding to the
size of the exhibition halls and the live
stock buildings.
The sLunt of $,,'n,0 is left over from tile
late fair and ;pS,ooo is cominig fromt tile
"If we can get atiout $15,000 mlore, wet
can get along,' said Mr. Raymlolld. "\Ve
paid out albout $15,000 in premiumtls this
year and will pay out about $2o,oi0o next
year. The success of tile fair has been
demonstrated and I guess we will be able
to borrow the mnolney needed."
N. F. \\ey. man:lager of tile 'Tomlbstone
Minilng companly, near Dewey, Fl.athead
county, is in the city.
Nelson Story, Jr., and his brother-in-.
law, Dr. ;Garret L,. Hogan, arrived front
the metropolis of Gallatin county yester
E. Mueller, accomplanied by his wife,
is here from Rochester. He says that the
water is being pumlped from the W\atseka
mine and it is expected that mnilling opera
tions will be resumed soon.
Jalmes A. Talbot of Columbia Falls, a
former Butte resident, is in the city.
Fred \Vhitcside, the well-known orchard
ist of Flathead counlty and editor of the
Kalispell Bee, is renewing Butte acquaint
Miss Iannah McGovern has returnedf
to Virginia City after visiting a few cldays
in Butte.
Attorney General James Donovan is at
the T'horoton.
J. Moran, who has charge of the paper
mill at Manhattan, is at tile Finlen.
M. S. Gunn, the Helena attorney, ar
rived from the capital last night.
J. HI. Hildebrand of Basin is a Butte
C. 'I'. Perry, the soap manufacturer of
Helena, who has been here for two days,
went to Missoula this afternoon.
R. G. Cooper and W\. B. Raleigh of
Hlelena are at the Finlen.
E. B. Peppard of Missoula is a Butte.
D. Taillon, a Lewistown business uman'1
is renewing Butte acquaintances. He says.
that the extention of the Montana rail
road has reached Lewistown anrd the peo
ple are correspondingly happy,
Supt. G. H, Olmnstead of the Montana
and Idaho division of the Short Linle is
here from Pocatello today,
Mr, and Mrs. Dennis Driscoll and family
have returned from Basin and are at home In'
84s West Granite street.
II, S. Kiag of Rochester was a guest ill th
ciit several days this week.
( lendive, Oct. 24.-County Attorney T.
C. Htolmes is dead at his ranch six miles
wet of Glendive, of infiamation of the
'o.,,rit . He is survived by his wife,
formerly Miss Eva Harpster, of this city,
to whonm he was married in 1895, and a
di ht er.
y Mr. Holmes was one of the pioneers
of this section. He was born in New York
in 1817. He graduated from the I'ni
versity of Michigan, from the law de
fl, ille, nt.
.riei was assistant county attorney of
nr county, N. Y., at the time Grover
':Cv:eland was sheriff, lie came to Glea
div. t," years ago and enjoyed a lucra
tih practice.
Ieleena, Oct. 24.-A charge of carrying
'otBealed weapons was preferred against
Julius Herman, who was arrested Thurs
day on suspicion of being a jewelry store
thief, and last Ilight Judge Walker in
pollce court sentenced him to pay a fine
of $S. Inmmediacely afterwards he was
arr.slted by Sheriff Robertson of Galla
tin county and taken to Bozemant on the
charge of stealing a diamond ring from
P, .c & Steflln's jewelry store.
'li.isoula, Oct. 24.-Oil complaint of her
nmtlhier, Katie McClaren, a young girl, was
arti,.ted last evening, and the authorities
wi:' Iuk into the feasibility of sending the
clhi Ito tthe reform school. The Imother
.a she finds her olTspring too much
gio, to having her own way and remain
in" a way from holme.
Il,,isc. Idaho, Oct. 24.-Ghouls turned
th." water from an irrigating ditch into
M,4ris 1h11ll cemetery during the night,
fo hlittg the graves of many relatives and
fri..llns of Boise people. The act is
rwii:illy denounced and if the miscreants
ar, caught it will go hard with them.
Office Holds That Bodrutha Was Not a
Bona Fide Resident.
Missoula, Oct. 24.-The Missoula land
otlice is in receipt of a decision from the
colnmissioner of the general land office
delcidling the land contest of Pearson vs.
Bolrutha in favor of the former.
Ilodrutha appealed to the commissioner
.6f the general land office from the ruling
qi the local land olfice in deciding in favor
of Pearson's protest against Bodrutha's
cntry on 16o acres of land east of
S'lie comlnmissioner held that Bodrutla
had not been a bona fide settler on the
Ihamilton, Oct. 24.-Thle effect of the
closing of the Amalgamnated mines and
smelters has reached the hitter Root, as
there is a feeling that this section will
lose.one of its best markets for some time.
Tihe farmers and orchardists always had
a ready market in Rutte.
\While the sawmills near here owned
hy the comipany have been closed for the
sce(ion it is feared if the shut-down con
tinues preparations will nlot be made for
next yearts work by sending men into the
wilIs and that the lumber jacks will
have to look elsewhere for work.
Walter Ervine In Custody.
S .t'CtIAL t O TI tI; IN1Em .MOUtNTAI.N.
,Itain. Oct. 24.-.,heriTf Gibson arrested
'W:alter Ervine here on the chae on the clarge of rob
Ic'ryv. lie is allgedl to have stolen $55
ron 1'. F. Walcott of Whitehall. Ile
stopped with the latter, and one morning
di-;ppeared, coining here with about $55
bt.l,tging to Walcott. IHe was taken to
Boulder for trial.
Bad Fire at Sheridan.
Sheridan, W\yo., Oct. 2.4.-t-'he store
buillint. of the City Furniture company
,'asa ;lmost totally destroyed by fire. The
l'uildidn was of frame and burned rapidly.
Prlltmitness oni the part of the fire depart
ment prevented the fire spreading to adja
c int buildings.
Bank Stock Increased.
Miles City, Oct. 24.-The capital stock
of the State National bank has been in
cr'aled from $8o,oo0 to $zoo,ooo and the
extra stock subscribed for at a large pre
tuiLtt, speaking volumies for the fillancial
st.irling of the bank and the comlnunity.
Games All Closed.
l'catello, Idaho, Oct. -24.-- t midnlight
last night all formts of gambling, includ
ing nickel-in-the-slot machines, were
clued down under orders of the police,
'and the knights of the green cloth have
stacked their chips.
Strike Is Off,
l.cthbridge, Oct. 24.--The drivers and
gr'ipers employed by the Galt Coal coin
pa'y who have been on a strike for a
welk. have returned to work and there
is general satisfaction in the commlnlnt ity.
It is not possible for the proprietors to
publish more than a very few of the nu
merous letters received In praise of Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and telling of its remarkable
cures. They come from people In every
walk of life and from every state in the
Union. The following from Mr. T. W.
Greathouse of Prattsburg, Ga., speaks for
itself : "I would have been dead now but
for the use of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. It cured me of
q *ronic diarrhoea after seven years of suf
fe~ing. I can never say too much in
praise of the remedy." For sale by Paxson
& Rockefeller, Newbro Drug Co., Christle
& Leys and Newton Bros.
('ram's Atlas of the World, so03 edition, with
handsome up-to-date map of Montana, is given
free to inter Mountain lsubscribers who pay
$7.5o for one year in advance, The special Soo"
vote coupon is also included,
Allen & Simington, reliable chimney
,Sweeps. World Messenger ollice. Tel. soo.
The Very Finest Dental Work
Beautiful Durable
Extracts Teeth Absolutely Without Pain
Best Gold Crowns, $5 Petr Tooth= Sets of Teeth at $5, $10 and $15
Satisfaction guaranteed in all cases. Largest stook of dental goods
in Montana. Largest and best equipped to do the business. Besides, we
know how to do the work. Call and get prices and have your teeth ex
amined free, before going elsewhere. No better work at any prices.
No Students Employed. No Misfits. . .
No Pain During Operation. I
References by the Thousands. * * CD
L. O. Leonard, formerly of this city,
the livestock agent of the Missouri Pacific,
is interviewed in the Denver News as
saying: "There is a scarcity of stock
cars on all \Vestern roads. Notwithstand
ing the fact that the Eastern markets
have been reported as glutted for some
time past, there have bccn large ship
ments of cattle.
"The reason for this," said Mr. Leon
ard, "is because the stockmen have their
cattle in condition. It is cheaper to ac
cept a low price for them than it is to
carry them over to next season.
"A noticeable thing about the ship
ments this year is the falling off in the
number of sheep shipped. The cattle ship
ping season has begun in earnest now, and
all the Western roads have more live
stock offered than they can take."
Given Time to Enter Plea on the Charge
of Theft.
\Villianm Randolph, charged with steal
ing several articles of value from Abe
Itkin, the pawnbroker, was without an at
torney this morning when lie faced Judge
McClernan. Randolph statcd that lhe
could not secure an attorney as lie had
no money, and the court appointed At
torney Bernard to defend him. Attorney
William Newton appeared for Randolph
when he was arraigned, but dropped the
case later. Time for entering a plea was
Batte, Mont., Octobesr -4, I)of3.'
Inter Mountain Publlishing Co.. City:
Gentlemen--\We have carefully exam
ined Cram's Popular Family Atlas and
find it reliable and up-to-date in every
particular. Very respectfully, Rice &
PFulton, Butte Business college.
Salt .ake, Utah. Oct. 24.-A party of
\VWstern Union officials consisting of Col
onel Cook of Chicago. Superintendent
l.ambl of San Francisco, Superintendent of
Construction Bristol of New York, David
of Chicago and Smith of San Francisco,
and Electrician McKissick of Chicago,
with two secretaries are in this city on
their annual tour of inspection. The
party is traveling in the special car Elec.
tric and expects to leave for the North
west tonight via Boise. Idaho, and Port
land, t)re. They will return East ouer
the Northern Pacific.
John Miller IlI.
Billings, Oct. 24.--John Miller of Du
luth, Minn., was taken from passenger
train No. a here, very ill of neuralgia of
the heart. As he is a very old man, it is
feared he cannot live long.
The Oregon Short Line will October
26th to 31st inclusive, sell tickets at fol
lowing reduced rates:
Salt Lake, $10; Park City, $10; Rock
Springs, $10; Diamondville, $10.
Good on any train. For further par
ticulars call Short Line City Ticket
Office, 105 North Main Street, Butte,
H. O. WILSON, General Agent,
St. Paul
The shortline between these three
large cities is
The route of the famous
"The Train for Comfort"
Every night in the year,
Before starting on a trip-no
matter where-write for interesting
information about comfortable trayv
cling. E, A, GRAY.
General Agent, Helena, Mont.
Traveling Agent, Helena, Mont,
General Passenger Agent
St. Paul, Minn.
We make Hamburg
Corn Cure ourselves
We think it is a bet
ter corn cure than
anything on the mar
ket. That's why we
offer to give the
money back if it fails
to cure.
We mail it free for
2> cents in postage
Eastman's Kodak Agency
lHuyler's Candy Agency
Red Cross Drug Store.
24 West Park Street, - Butto
'Phone 74.
funeral Directors
T os, Lavolie, Prop.
Thos. Sullivan. Mgr.
125 i. Park, Phone as
Thirteenth doctor of China from grsad.
father down. Born and schooled ie
the profession. Treats all diseases,
mnakin a specialty of chronio troubles
Consault me. s7 South Main St.
Late of New York,
Soprano Soloist, First Presbyterian
Church, Butte.
Teacher of Singing, Pose, Technique,
Style, Repertoire, Opera Concert.
Studio, ao5 North Jackson street, Butte.
At Anaconda, 403 West Third street,
Tuesdays and Fridays.
Attention Paid in Every
Detail to Horses Left in
Our Charge. Rates Rea
sonable. . 'Phone 204
a21 South Main St.
415 Pa & ' M Mt,
Honorary gradute of the Ontario Vetere
l:ary College of Toronto, Canada. Treats
all diseases of domesticated animals a
nrding to scientifleo rinoiple,. Oeso at
Morrow & Sloan's stabl , so4 South M al
street. Telephone s. AU 3 aesr promptwu

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