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Fitting Funeral to Be Given the Honored
Vicar-oManner of Sanding in
Names for Successor.
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after death many of the other clergymen
hastened to the death chamber and re
mained until morning.
Bishop Brondel was conscious for a few
minutes about 9 o'clock last night. Later
he relapsed into unconsciousness and
about midnight Father l)ay and the other
watchers, thinking he,wot:ld live out the
night, retired. Shortly after 3 o'clock
this morning the nurses noted a decided
change for the worse and, realizing he
was dying, hurriedly sent for Father Day
and the end came.
The primary cause of death was probably
fatty degeneration of the heart. During
the last days edema of the lungs and
brain developed.
The funeral of the dead bishop will be
the most imposing ever held in Montana.
As befits his standing in the church, dis
tinguished prelates front other states will
join the clergy of Montana in paying the
last tribute.
Among the notables who are coming
is Archbishop Alex Christie of Portland,
in which province the Helena diocese it
located. Archbishop Riordan of San Fran
cisco, who studied in the same class at
Louvain university with Bishop Brondel,
will also probably attend, although this
is not certain. The bishops of Washing
Ln, Idaho and Oregon are also expected
bo be present. Archbishop Christie has
telegraphed he will come and officiate at
pontifical requiem mass.
Plans for the Funeral.
At a meeting of the clergymen of the
church in the city this morning plans for
the funeral were discussed. Among the
clergy present were Fathers Day, Sullivan
and Foley of Helena, Fathers Prinat and
Coopman of Anaconda, Father DeSiere of
Butte, Father Pauwelyn of Great Falls,
Father O'Farrell of Townsend, Father
Gallagher of Fort Benton and Father
Follet of Marysville. It was decided to
have the pontifical requiem mass, which
will mark the close of the services in
honor of the dead, at to a. m. Friday in
the cathedral.
This will be conducted by Archidshop
Christie, and if Archbishop Riordan is
present he will assist.
Following these services the interment
will be made with fitting ceremony at the
Catholic cemetery here.
The body of the bishop, in its pontifical
vestments, will lie in state in the cathedral
beginning tomorrow morning until the
end of the services Friday. While at the
cathedral it will be guarded by delea.
tions from the Catholic Knights, St.
Josenh's Verein and other societies.
First Masses Tomorrow.
The first of the masses for the repose
of the soul of the dead will be celebrated
at 8 a. m. tomorrow. Rev. Father DeSiere
of liutte will officiate. Thursday morn
ing at 9 o'clock there will be solemn
requiem mass for children only, at which
Father Day will officiate.
Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock all of
the visiting clergy will chant matins about
the bier.
The pallbearers have not been selected,
but will probably consist of prominent
churchmen and laymen.
While here, Archbishop Christie will
fix the question of the dead bishop's tem
porary successor until the pope appoints
another bishop. If Bishop Brondel named
in his will his choice of administrator,
that person will be named by the arch
bishop; if not, the archbishop will name
some one.
It is expected that Father Day has been
named by the bishop as administrator.
This will not be known until the bishop's
will has been opened, which will be done
when the archbishop arrives.
Father Day has assumed temporary
charge of the diocese and is preparing a
letter to the clergymen, telling of the
bishop's death and urging them to come
here to the funeral,
It is expected the funeral will be the
largest gathering of Catholic clergy ever
seen in Montana.
Many prominent laymen from all parts
of the state are also expected to be
Local Catholics Deeply Deplore the Sud
den Death of Bishop.
The entire body of Catholics in Butte,
elergy and laymen alike, are grief stricken
over the death of Bishop Brondel. An
nouncement came today to the local clergy
that the funeral will be held in Helena
Friday morning in the cathedral. Arch
bishop Christie of Portland, Ore.; Bishop
O'Day of Seattle, Wash.; Bishop O'Reilly
of Baker City, Ore., and Bishop Gloriux
of Boise, Idaho, are expected to be pres
ent and officiate during the funeral ser
vices. With these high dignitaries of the
Catholic church will be a number of
priests from all parts of the state.
The funeral of a Catholic bishop Is
always accompanied with great pomp and
Omaha Cattle,
South Omaha, Nov. 3.-Cattle-Receipts,
goo head, Market strong to roc higher. Native
steers, [email protected],40; cows and hetlers, [email protected]
4.50; western steers, $3,[email protected]; Texas steers,
[email protected],oo; calves, [email protected]; bulls, stags, etc.,
$I.75 @27S,
BIogs-Receipts, 3,7oo head. Market zoaoce
lower. Heavy, [email protected]; mixed, $4.956.5.0o;
light, [email protected]; pigs, [email protected]; bulk of sales,
Sheep--Receipts, so,ooo head, Market steady.
Westerns, [email protected]; wethers, [email protected];
ewes, $z-',[email protected]; common and stockers, [email protected]
3.40; lambs, $3,[email protected],
Chloago Cattle.
Chicago, Nov. ,.-Cattle-Receipts, 7,5Sa
head. Westerns slow, Good to prime steers,
[email protected]; poor to medium, [email protected]; stock.
era and feeders, $2,a)54,;S cows, $S.4o04,ao;
heifers, [email protected]; canners, $m.5s.,a.So; bulls,
[email protected],a5; calves, [email protected]; Texas fed steers,
$3.oo.3.75; western steers, $3,[email protected]
Hogs--Receipts today, ao,ooo head; tomor.
row, as,ooo head. Mixed and butchers, *4.750
solemnity, The music Is by the great
masters and is counted among the most
magnificent selections in the world. The
full choir, composed of the best singers
in Helena and Butte, will sing the re
sponses, while a quartet of male voices
will add to the solemnity and complete
ness of the services.
A special high mass will he celebrated,
in which the bishops and priests will take
palt, also a great number of altar boys.
Choosing a Bishop. -
After the death of a bishop a period
of 30o days is usually set apart in memo
rium, and during this alloted time mass
will be said for the departed each day
throughout the diocese, and also other
prayers for the dead.
Rev. Father I)eSiere of Butte, Rev.
F ther Piernat of Anaconda, Rev. Father
Callahan of Butte and Rev. Father O'Day
of Helena compose the advisory board of
Bishop Brondel, and to these will fall the
responsibility of settling upon the names of
three priests as nominees for the office of
This board will meet in Helena at
once and proceed to its work. It is
barely possible that the board may go
outside the diocese to select a bishop.
This was done when Bishop lBrondel was
sent from Vancouver to Butte. However,
this diocese has since become so powerful
ani inportant that a priest within its
jurisdiction may Ir. found suitable for the
Must Be Carefully Chosen.
When )peaking of this point to an Inte'r
Mountain representative today, one of
the prominent priests in this city said:
"It is very cssential that a priest whose
name is proposed as bishop should be
over 30 years old, and pIossess great adapt
ability, harning, piety and administrative
ability. This is especially so in so great
a diocese, one so cosmopolitan as Mon
tana. This is one of the most important
dioceses in the \Vest,, because being built
up administrative ability is especially
needed at this timte. The organization
left by Bishop Brondel is strong and in
harmony all along the line, and those who
will take part in choosing his successor
should bear this in mind."
The three names submitted by the ad
visory board are sent to the archbishop
who. in turn, calls a council of the bishops
in his province to select from the three one
name to be sent to Rome.
Independent of the three names selected
by the board the bishops are at liberty to
select another. Sometimes this is done and
usually in a case of this kind, a bishop
fromn some poor diocese is placed in nomi
nation for a better one.
Priests Seen.
A number of the priests in nutte were
seen this morning. While they preferred
nlot to be quoted, deeming it presumptuous
for them to deliver eulogies at this time,
they had only words of highest praise for
the life and administration of Bishop
Brondel. They spoke of him as being al
ways considerate, kind, indulgent with his
priests, but firm as a rock when necessary
for the good of the church or the indi
"In his home in Helena," said one of the
priests, "we were just as welcome as the
flowers in spring. Never was a priest
given to feel that lie had best be in his
parish attending to duty, even though the
priest remained a guest for several Sun
days. As a host Bishop Brondel could not
be sttrplsseifT Iis ihospitality was such
that every priest throughout the state
would not dare to think of stopping at a
hotel while in Helena for the bishop would
feel that he had not been treated right,
that his hospitality was not desired.
Therefore the bishop's residence has al
ways been a pleasant rendezvous for the
"The chief characteristic of the bishop
included an unbounded faith in Provi
dence. He always said that God could
know better than His children what was
best for them in life, that Providence looks
over each individual as well as over a
people. The bishop's hope for the future
of Montana was unbounded, as he seemed
to see the realization of a great state here.
His life was one of hardship and priva
tion. His priests were dear to him and
he cared for them as children or brothers.
Broad Democratic Spirit.
"One characteristic which endeared him
to the priests was his broad democratic
spirit. The dignity and exclusiveness sup
posed to be a part of a ,bishop's life had
no place in his heart. He carried his own
gripsack and shrined his own shoes and
was a part of the country and the parish
and the life of each one of those with
whom he was thrown. I never expect to
see another bishop of his temperament
here. It would be too good to be true. I
regret that lie has gone,"
Owing to the funeral coming on Fri
day it may be impossible for so large a
number of priests to attend.
No Flowers Requested.
Helena, Nov. 3.-In accordance with
one of the last requests of Bishop Brondel,
there will be no flowers displayed at his
.funeral and the press of the state is re
quested to notify the dead prelate's friends
to that effect.
It is reported this afternoon that in
stead of being buried in the Catholic
cemetery, the body mnay be placed in a
crypt underneath the cathedral where two
priests, who died a number of years ago,
were buried. This has not been definitely
decided upon, however.
Butte, Mont., October 24, oo03.
Inter Mountain Publishing Co., City:
Gentlemen-We have carefully exam
Ined Cram's Popular Family Atlas and
find it reliable and up-to-date in every
particular. Very respectfully, Rice &
Fulton, Butte Business college.
5.30; good to choice heavy, [email protected]; rough
heavy, $4.50(14.75; light, $4.70(5,27/; bulk of
sales, $4.8005.to.
Sheep-Receipts, 5a,ooo head. Sheep and
lambs, steady, Good to choice wethers, [email protected]
4.00oo; air to choice mixed, [email protected]; western
sheep, $2..a(503.65; native lambs, [email protected] s.4o;
western lambs, [email protected]
Kansas City Cattle,
Kansas City, Nov. 3.-Cattle--Receipts, 13,ooo
head, including 3,ooo head Texans., Market
steady to soc lower. Native steers, [email protected];
Texas and Indian steers, [email protected],3..o; 'Texas
cows, $t.so.T.as; native cows and heifers, $1.4o
@4.00; stockers and feeders, $,[email protected]; bulls,
$I.75.2.8o; calves, [email protected]; western steers,
[email protected]; western cows, [email protected],4o.
Hlogs-Receipts, 7,0oo0 head, Market [email protected]
lower, Bulk of sales, [email protected]/; heavy, $5.oo
@3.t1; packers, $5,[email protected]; medium, $5,tsr
5.30; light, [email protected]; yorkers, $5.a5Q5.3o; pigs,
[email protected],.30.
Sheep-RecIpts, 8,ooo head. Market steady,
Moutons, [email protected]: lambs, $2.090o5.$2; range
wetaers, [email protected]; ewes, $+,[email protected],.45.
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 3.--Commencing
yesterday the Northern Pacific cut the
hours of labor in the shops in this city
from ia to 8 hours per day, and the men
will hereafter work but five days per week.
This plan is in keeping with the policy of
the Northwestern roads to reduce ex
penses. Similar reductions have been
made ht Hlillyard, on the Great Northern.
All the roads operating in this section
are reducing the number of employes,
That this reduction policy is to le
carried out generally dlong the Northern
Pacific line is evident from the fact that
the machinists employed in the Northern
Pacific's Butte roundhouse have been noti
fied that hereafter they will work but t7
days a month and will receive no over
Deer I.odge, Nov. I..--.Judge Napton
opened district court here at n o'clock this
morning. The court made orders in a
umnber of criminal cases anr d will decide
this afternoon whether to call a jury at.
this time.
The case of the state against John Cam
eron, charged with horse stealing, was dis
The state against J. WV. Miller, charged
with assault, and Joseph Murphy, burglary,
were continued.
They broke jail some time ago and have
not been recaptured.
Lack of evidence prompted the court
to dismiss the case against George John
son, charged with burglary.
State against Joseph Lodge, burglary,
was also dismissed.
The case of the state against Mason,
charged with forgery, will be set for
trial if a jury is called for this term.
Missoula, Nov. 3.-The merchants of
Missoula are up in arms against the auc
tion shops which are always in evidence
about the time of the holidays, injuring the
business of legitimate merchants who pay
taxes and licenses the year around. They
hfave been circulating petitions addressed
to the county and city treasurer asking
them to charge the auction rooms full li
cense. There appears to be considerable
feeling over the matter.
Missoula, Nov. 3.--Dick Morris, who was
arrestedlast night on the charge of threatening
John ]Ierry with a revolver, paid a fine of $$ in
the police court today for disturbing the peace.
The men had a row over a llallowe'cn prank.
Berry got a rifle and Morris a revolver and a
killing seemed probable until the oflicers
arrested Morris, who seemed to be making the
loudest threats.
As he had faced a rifle the court let him off
easily today.
Prominent Worker in the Florence Crit
tenton Circle in Butte.
Mrs. Thomas Keenan of 5a.3 West IBroadway,
a prominent worker in the Florence Crittenton
circle, died at noon today after a fortnight's ill.
ness of typhoid pneumonia.
She was well known and very popular, untir
ing in charitable and benevolent work.
She leaves a widower, who is a well-known
miner, but no children.
Ladies' Bowling League.
Mlissoula, Nov. 3.-The Ladies' howling
league of Missoula played in the Shoemaker
alleys for the first time this season this after.
noon and many were present.
St. Louis Wool.
St. Louis, Mno., Nov. .-Wo-\\'ol, nominal;
territory and western mediums, t8t( 9pc; fine
medium, Ist ,7c; fine, Ir5s66c.
United States Land Office,
Helena, Montana, October Ia, 103.
Notice is hereby given that Charles Mattison
and John Bcrkin, whose postotlice address is
Butte, Montana, have this day filed their appl*.
cation for a patent for isoo linear feet, being
875 feet easterly and 6as feet westerly, from
the point of discovery in discovery tunnel of
the Sunrise Lode Mining claim, upon which a
notice of intention to apply for a patent was
posted on the 8th day of October, A. D. tgoj,
situated In unknown mining district, Silver
Bow county, state of Montana, designated as
Survey No, 6998 In Fractional Township 3
north, Range 7 west, and being more partleu.
larly described as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the northeast Corner No. r, a
granite atone set in the ground, with a mound
of earth alongside, and marked -.I. 1.69" 8 for
Corner No, I, from which the quarter Section
Corner on the south boundary of Section 34,
Township 4 north, Range 7 west, bears north
24 degrees 04 minutes east 3499.5 feet, and run.
ning thence south s5 degrees st minutes east
606. feet; thence south 84 degrees 47 minutes
west, 1500oo feet; thence north is degrees is
minutes west, 85s feet; thence north 83 degrees
69 minutes east, 1496 feet to the place of begin.
ning, containing an area of so.ao acres claimed
by the above named applicants.
The location of this claim is of record In the
office of the county recorder of Silver Bow
county, Montana, in Book "S" of Lode Locae
tiona, at Page us.
The adjoining claim to these premises is
Survey No, 4270, Lurgan Lode on the east.
Samuel Barker, Jr., Attorney for Applicants.
(First Publication, October 13, 3903,)
The twelfth annual meeting of the stock.
holders of the Brownfield-Canty Carpet com.
panty will held on November 8, 1903, at
the company's office, Nos. 48 to 54, West Park
street, city of Butte, for the purpose of elect.
ing trustees for the ensuing year and transact.
ing any other business that may properly come
before the meeting.
JAMES A. CANTY, President,
William Brownfield, Secretary and Treasurer.
Butte, October ap, 19o0,
iiti;S.1TT-0- . . . lgsett, aged 44 years,
died thllis morning. The remains are at Rich.
ards' undertaking parlors. The funeral will
take place Thlursday at a p. m., fromn Masonic
Temtplc, West Park street. The deceased was
a nleniber of Silver hlow lodge, No. 41, A. F.
& A M., and also na membnher of the thirty.
secnlld degrce bodice of Ilutte.
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SA\'N l')- lielspctable w.ui.iilt waits house.
keeping where there la no mistress. Address
:lo.tiekeeprr, Inlter tMountain.
'ANl'itIh .troig won.an wa;nti day:wu-..
Address Day Worker, Inter Mlountain.
.\'lNTli Clicidctiuntery clerk tuints clerkl
hip. Address Cu'nfectlioley t'lclk, lltter
A\N.\ 'ilt t l'either wantl, poitio h iin lanty;
mici, icluhded. Alite t; iraon, Io'. MSotu.
\WANTI lII -\Vuntti\ vants laundry Murk. Ad
cldress Laundry Worker, Inter (llMountltn.
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Sants sit uation. A.\ddess Stenograph er,
liter Mountain.
('.1NTttI Sewinug by the day. Itoot t. i tJ"
WANT'lti - First-cllas bookkeeper w.lilts posi
int; will accelpt clerical wotk iof aiy kild.
Atllress ltilkkeeper, Inter loun~tain.
.\ AN'I i:i--iExperien'ned timiekeeper o, othce
iiman wants sijttatiui. Adldress t)ltice Man,
Ilter lMountain. .
WANTEl.' -Gan.d cook wants work. AddIrr'ss
(.Cooik, litter MIlouttaiti.
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lo JIutte. Address Clerk, tllter Mountain.
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staIllds hot air or statr. hliat. Address Jatnl.
tor, Inter Mlountain.
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Soxi4o. Apply Robert Urasier, s7 East Fre
mont street, Ilutte.
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witlh as range and bath. 3aU' North Main.
FOR ItENT'-Two rooms furanished for light
honsekeel..ng. Upton block, 412% S. Main.
Ifw7rTh'1 X FmrT) i iiTilTfir iicleticllil
modern convenciences. South Main.
(T'tiCTtiiriiThci4 ruuis. Yurk block, 60
West Park.
lit) I&ff litrt-1r nTfeit ooma 5i. ; Cof,,rdi
;tOUNl.)--Lady's purse, containing money and
papers, at Wilson's ler Ilive, Saturday.
Owner can recover sname by calling at store.
FOR SAI'.E-'Two good cows. Apply j Wresti
Ft)R SAI.E,--Cow. Git Ihirch St.. Anarda.
MINE, nill and mnrchinery to lease, with good
pay ore in the mine. Also other properties,
:without machinery, of easy access to railroad.
IDr,'. A. (;rigg, Ilirbour Illock.
"ii Ct'1 Upholstecring and Carpet tileaning
Company; works cornler Montana and 'lr.
phyry. Telephone 668--M.
W itST' fl Dl(Iciric FCrpet Chiattin g fonm
parny; carpets sewed, remodeled, Oriental
rugs scoured. No. o30 West Broadway. 'idle,
phone 867-A.
MONTANA TILANSFEIt CO),- reight trans.
fer; moves engines, hoilers, safes, machinery
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derrick for use In difficult places; dealers in
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MEl"l & WENIRICII, successors to Joihn
R1. ]tapty; assayers and chemists; bullion
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Ilamtilton street, Butte, Montana.
'lt M AS1lu';Y, ti;aesayer an chcmist. No.
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rF'l'AI-tAITCK & . iK.. , assayers; succes.
tprs to A, i1. ltombauer. No. loil North Wyo.
ni fg street. 'Phone 659 -B. 1'. 0. Box i4,
ANTIED-To buy for country paper, one
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Havre, Mont.
'There's no recall for Satan's fall,
And yet with rout and revel
Some men attempt to cure it all
They strive to raise the d--I.
,-,'hiladelphia lFresk
Butte's Popular Stopping 'lace.
!INNER, ae t : i: : DINNERi. Se
The best meal and hbest cooked ftoid for ae
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dish offered on :he hill of fare as )uu wish.
Cuisine unexcelled.
I)AN TEWEY, Proprietor.
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phonle 6ti -1. E. Mi, cNarnara.
IX I"."Nt'") houscnovre. 1,dear I)ayton,
ltt.idwl ty. gc er gla.s. Try II.
I ttS. A. II fi tI t ItIl', IT aiThdi , tmg, mtnai
cure, chirnpodifs. Ni. tii V'st tIrtut dwiv.
No. 1,5 \\'. lt rI ,louw.. 'I' altph.l.t .ii I, .
1 tl)tIN & PER'lllI.S1 N Strap iron, nustal,
hides. No. 'au Eastl '11ni1nt1n. 'l'hlouir t ,;.
K A 1K WO11K and enlarging at Eastern
prices. liawcs, No. a \VWest Mericury.
lt l)M in attllnUimtlt. 6.17 Suolh Muain. Tel.
967- F.
ING lV*lRl.I)'SV II()X or tjhleplnc 20o.
MtINIEY' to loan on furniture, pianus, ralary,
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i NK.Y ftl )LOAN onfugnitire- tr any sect.I
rities. Edward Clhapmlan, Room s, 77 West
LOANS-Money to loan at 8 per cent; no
delay. hall brothers, No. 48 East Brouad
way, Ilutte, Monltana.
The Davenport Co., No. 115 .l amillon street.
FOR SAI.IE-illlterriers from regastercd
stork. 1'. (). lix .J, Anaeonda.
IA ItiMiiS'. ' i'ariluai I tyc Ilo,,.' All work
guartantetd. No, &o West Galena strel.
'P'honte 747-A. French dyeing and clianing.
:l1' i nllallicure treatmenlt M~ondsy, Nuvenm
her a, from Mrs. lantsoin'S parlors, San
Francisco. 45 (')wsley Illlock.
ME.lWAIL Noodle P'arlors-Inporters fine
teas, noodlles. (Clhal, Suie Meiwah Co. No.
si,. corner Mercury (the alley).
IJl'ST home cooking, reasonable rates. Mrs.
S. Ross, tio West (;alenla street.
AIDVICE free in delicate legal matters; .trictly
colllilentiali; prolmptnessl guaralteed. 0lox
68. Itg te, t Montana,.
taught. No. 431 West Mercury, Only private
IAiIt;AINS in diamnonds, watches and jewelry
at G(;rson's Loan Office, No, a4 E. I'ark St.
SWES.IL S'I'YI.ES of fall tililery, low lirices.
New millinery parlors. 647 Utah avenue,
MRSL. L .I, CARSJN .- Scientific massetir,
Offices: Nos. r74-a75 Pennsylvania building.
'Phtone 997--1.
DAN CALDER, TAILOR-New designs in
fall and winter woolens. No. 3io North
IIEADQJUARTERI S for masquerade costumes.
Mite. Robinson, ios West Granite street.
SCOTT, the stove man, has moved to No.
tai East Park. 'Phone number, ag4.
JOHN N. OLSON--'eacher violin end man.
dolit. No. 148 West Granite. 'Phone 326--M,
SEE J. i. Reed, mt East BIroadway.
United States Land Office,
Helena, Montana, September as, ipo3.
Notice is hereby given that Henry I. John.
ston and Andrew J. Johnston, whose postoilice
address is Butte, Montana, and Oliver P.
Johnston, whose postoffics address is Missoula,
Missoula county, Montana, have this day filed
their application for a patent for $76.2 liner,
feet, being a45 fat t nottheasterly and 3.a8. feet
southwesterly from discovery shaft, of the
Sarina No. a Lode Mir.ing claim, upon which
a notice of intention to apply for a patent was
potted the sad day of September, A. D. trag
situated in Summit Valley (unorganised) mIns.
fig district, Bilver Bow county, state of Mo.'
tans, designated as Survey No. 48, in the
snsurveyed portion of Fractional Township a
north, Range y west, being more particularly,
described as followas
Beginning at the southwest Corner No. t, g
point in the north side line of Survey No.
o.a6, a granite stone set in the ground, with a
mound of earth alongtide and marked ,.'4.
for Corner No. t, from which the quarter seep
tion corner on the east boundary of Section sy,
Township 3 nlrth, Range y west, bears north
IS d, :rces ay minutes 39 seconds west, 7~4a.g
feet, and Wstnning thence south Sp degrees
mine es east, 5$6.5 feet; thence north a 4d.
seeU is minuta west, 55343 feet; thence north
!p detlen 3 minutes west, 576.5 feet; thence
south a degrees ta minutes east, I533S feet to
the pl1tc of beginning, containing an area of
s.o3 aesre, of whitch t.io acres is in confiia
with Survey No. Sor6, not claimed, leaving as
area ost so. seres claimed by the suove named
applica nts.
The location of thisi, claim is of record in the
county recorder's umrie of .ilver how county,
Montana, in Itsuk "U," of Lode Locations, on
uPae 419.
lThe djoloninit claims to these premises are
Survey No. SpA6, Sarina .ode on thle north
and west; Survey No. 6on3, Klopper King No,
a Lode in the cast, and Survey No. 6o4
Columbus l.tde, on the south.
FRANK I). MIllACLI,, Register.
Samunl IlnMrker, Jr., attorney for applicants,
(First P'ullication St.plelber d6, sIoa).
MININt Al'"LICA('rI(tN NO. 4095*
t'nitedl Statens Lanid Office,
Hlelenn, M.lnt;iant., lt lrtiier S, o905.
Notlit'e I i herlly iv.'u, thaIt IThltnma It. CotP
ter and litlly C. Ottllr, by Michael A. l)oni'
hue, their itiorilyin i nlet, whose posntolice
address is atuit., illver Ilhw county, iMonllea,
have this day bihtl l au ipplication for a patent
for s,soo linear I.t, the anIame being fur st$
fret in a westerly nid 94q feet in an easterly
d rectionl ifmn the point io diiscorvery tln the
lall. I ,de Mtiill: (I l ml, stllualted In Suntltnit
Vldley ounutl gul, a lllr) miining dltirct, ilvetr
hlow in'lly. Millnt mi1a, itii Ip inin., oortlse,
anlll tauten. of the Ret minin claim, drsigna,
trd y ain ,llic.al t.sv'y thereaI, as Survry
Nn. aSti, 'Townuihip Nu. I3 north, Vltl ge I
Wenit, a notice oI whot ii wa polsted in tile
claim oa tlih ,th dlly .I Neptimllhlir,r eoj, anld
Stillug mll.re lparInlltll y sl Iurlhl anitd dtrtibled
ill the iotliuhI ilhl lei,-ui and plat ilihecl usn
fle in this il icei , is lhllh,w', ci wit:
ligiilngl l ill te I lritl lw ",e t loatilon corlner,
a granite hu.uhlder iin lini. 1.4il illiout ilIiove
gunlllll, iuied l, .ts, for let .ner Nlo , utrl
wihecte ilitial Point No. ., estahiihed for
surveys iin iialtiin iTowniiti 3 l tth, lanage
7 welt, e.rts north 43 degru'es ii llntri weist,
,116, feetl, and rutlnliug theince noth ti degrees
3 i miniies cast, t,,o feet toI the nortiheast
Cornier No. a; therloe ,,hllit 4 degrees aj tinS'
utes calst. 3S feet to the stutlhestl Corner No.
3; tlthence sollthi RS degieK s .17 minutles west
I,. rfeel to ('orner No. 4; thence south tIy
delgreei j6 miniute went, 3u, rlet Io lie Iouthb
west ('orner No. 5; thence Illritl 4 it gree, iiJ
Mainutlt wesnt 315 feet to ourner No. I and
place of beginning., runlstlitng an asis iof Ia.l
acres claimrd by the saove named applicants
for paitet.
The Iicatilin of this mine is recorded in the
ofirce of the Recordee, r ol byver How i.outy,
in litok V of l.odes.
O(n the Iouth is Survey No. sllg, Mary fElles
Lode; Janmr W. Murray, et. al., applicantsl
on the suthwest Survey Ni. 572a. Josephine
Lode, lRobert Mtlitrlde, applicanit; un the
went, the 1tirdie No. a Lude, uniuaivcyed,
Sampson firer, lainitant.
FRANK I). MIRIA('L., Register.
Jos. If. Harper ti. S. Claim Agent.
(Virst I'ubllehalil, October 6, ioa3.)
MINING Ail''l.lIC'A'I)N NO. 4711.
Ilnilted Sltlra I.and lsftice,
Ilelena. Monltna,. Octoler 15., 9oJ.
Notice i's herely give:n that James F.
()'ltrien, Anna I{reenterin and tile heirs of
Johl Eddy, dcctahtird, whoea pstufflice addtes
is Bltte, Montana, have this da;y filed their
appllication for a patent lur 2492 linear leet,
being /46 feet north J degrees rrr s minutes east
and 746 feet south 7e degrece 46 minutes west
from discovery shalt of the (;old llug Lode
mining claim, upon which a itlotice of inteution
to apply for a patent was posted ol tihe j1th
day of Oct)ober, I,3J, situated in (unotrganlized)
titingi district, Jefferson countty, sttale it Mun.
tanl,, designated as Survey No. 7o38 in Frae*
tional 'luwtwnship 3 Po0th ,, f Ilange 7 west, he.
ing lmore particularly detcrsled as fulluws,
to wit:
Jlteginnilg at tile northwest Corner No. r, a
glanl1ite lt)twhler tin ptiae, WIitniIhssid Ilby Iearing
trees andt marked -.. I- -7l3 for Corner No. 1
from which I. 1'. Noi. a, Township . north,
]ange 7 west, biearl nortlh 26 t ,green sito lin.
ters west, i4al.6 feelt; and runnlng thence
south 1,t tid grect s 17 minut es l lt. l, 5.3) cet;
thenrce nosrtll 74 degrees so minutrets ast, 1473
fee;l thence north 14 degrees 57 minutes west,
469( ftet; thense siolth 7J al gres t5 minutes
west, 7'.9 feet; the,nce tsutth . dtlegrees 46
Itlillttls west, 746 frt1 to thie place of begnl.
nllng, containining an area of t6.3.,,4lrea claimed
by the above ta.std applicants.
The location of this claim is of record in
tihe County Recoalder's office of Jrlfterson
county, Montana, ill Ilook la of Lode Loca.
tiolns, on Page a29.
'he adjuoiing claims to thes.e Iprelllses are
unknown. FRANK I). MlRACI.,
Samuel Iarker, Jr., Attorney for Aptlhcaant
(first L'ublication, Ictilter ts, 55o..)
I. ( flt SA i .S "WANt ISl.
Sealed bidst will be receiveid by tiue trluitteer
of i*chl dlistrict No. I, of Silver ilow counttly,
Mnitlruna, up to I o'clock p, nt., of 'he IOth
lday oIf November, 19o3, for tile recltion lnd
canupletion of a twto 1) story andi basementt
addition to the Itlaine sclhool, situated in
\.,sh t Centerville, Montana.
l)rawings and sp ecifitiitonst, can be seen
at the office of tile school, clerk.
Proposals must SIe adllressed to Thomas
Richards, school clerk, nltd marked, "J'ro.
poisals for Building School llouse," ant must
te accompanied with a certified check of one
thousand ($t,tt,ottt) dollars, as evidenlce of
good faith on tile part of the person nlaking
such proposal.
Check matlle Ipyable to tile order of W.
McC, White, chairmlan of tile school board,
and shall Se forfelted to schootl astrict No. '
of Silver itow county, Montana, in case thie
party to whom tile contract is awarded shall
reftuse or fail to execulte a contract and Iund
for building said addition inl accordance with
said drawings and specifications.
Trustees reserve the right to reject any and
all bids.
Altest: Chairman School Board,
School Clerk.
United States Land Office,
Helena, Moatana, Sept. a, a1e0.
lotice is hereby given, that the Bdutte Land
& Investment company, by Simeon V. Keasn
per, Its attorney-in-fact, whose postoflice ad
dress is Butte, Silver Bow county, Montana,
has this day bled an application for a patels
for 5I3.63 acree of the Xenophanes Pacer Meining
Claim, situated la (unorganized) Mlining Dis.
trlct, Silver Bow county, Montana, a notiee ol
which was posted on the claim on the ayth
day of August, spoa, and being more parties.
larly sat forth and described In the omeleJ
examination and Report No. It, on ile la
this offce, as follows, to'witt Lots 1 end a,
and the east half of the northwest quarter ol
lection sS, Township a north, Range 7 wet,
The location of this mine is recorded in the
lf5ce of the Recorder of Silver Bow county,
on Page 49, in Book B of 'lacers.
There are no known adjoining slalmse
these premise.
Jos IH. Harper, U. 5. Claim Agent.
The partnership heretofore existing betweqg
T. W, Hall and M. M. Fenton, under the firm
name of Hall & Fcnton, doing business as
Montana Cigar company, Is this day dissolved,
All indebtedness and all bills due the firm will
be settled by T. W. Hall, who will continue
the business at No. a~ North Wyoming, as
Montana Cigar Company,
Dated at Butte, Montana, October as, t9goJ

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