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Office 109 Main Street--Tclephone 69.
Anaconda, Nov. it.--Vice l'resident and (;ien.
eral Manager MI. S. Dean of the lutte, Anai.
conda & Pacific road, announced another
Change will be made in the time table of that
road, taking effect on Saturday evening next.
The time table, which was known as No. 57,
and which was in effect at the time of the
shutdown, and which gave way to the present
service of two trains a day, each may, will be
Vput back into operation. The time table will
be as follows:
The first train will leave Ilutte at 7 a. it.,
arriving in Anaconda at 7:55 a. m. 1'hat will
be Train .,o, t.
Train No. 3 will leave Butte at i:oS p. m.
and arrive in Anaconda att a:o p, m. "'Train
No. 5 will leave luttte at 5:oo p. tm. anl arrive
In Anaconda at 5:55 p. it. "' rain No. 7 will
leave ultle at 8:au p. m. antl arrive at Annll.
conda at 9:oo p. im. Train No. a will leave
Anaconda at 8:45 a. m. and arrive in Itltite
at 0:40 a. m.
No. 4 will leave Anaconda at i :35 a. m. and
arrive at ta:3to p. m. No. 6 will leave Ana
conda at 3:ao p. mn, and arrive at BIutte at 4:15
p. mn. No. 8 will leave Anaconda at 6:35 p. iu.
anid arrives in Itutte at 7:30 p. m.
The train service which is now in effect and
which provides only two trains each way dlily
was lput into effect owing to the ishutdiiown, and
was quite sulicient fur the business bcing
transacted at the time.
Anaconda, Nov. Il.-Matt l'ozega, a
saloon keeper, was arrested last tight,
charged with assanult on his divorced wife,
Yaza I'oztga. lie was relteased on $7o0
The woman claims he deserted her in
the old country anlld, coming here, sc
cured a divorce utnktlown to her. She
followed him, coming as far as 'Petl
sylvania, and finally earning enough
:Obney to coame to Antacontda. lhe gave
her somne nmoney andtl sentt her nback home.
In the meantime, harning of the
divorce. she returnied to A anaconda and
secured his arrest.
Your friend at the other end will think of
you often and with greater admiration if you
use none but the neatest stationery when writ.
ing to her. There is an excellent line of the
beat made with the real delicate monograms to
snatch at the Inter Mountain office. Duraton
block. Anaconda.
Sick and Helpless
Come Unto Me.
I Have Discovered the Mar
velous Secret of Life and
I Give It Free to You.
My Mission on Earth is to Heal the
Sick and Cure the Maimed--Come
Unto Me and I Will Olve You
Health and Life and Youth.
My Vital Life Fluid, the Most Marvel
ous Compound Ever Discovered, I
Send to You Free for the Asking.
I lave discovered the nmirvelhu.s secrfet if
life and I can make you live, focr I can ma:ke
you tell, no lmatter what your s.lkllnc; I can
snlke yotu strngll alld well, no matlllllter lhw
weak or crippled yout are. With my \iitl
.ife Fluid, the secret of which is
known only to nit, I cilre everly knlllo.n
ailment of the human Illsh. (I riples
throw down hl ir crutchles and walk away
well and happy; the sick take up their bIeds
He Has Discovered the ",Secret of
Life" for He Cures All Diseases with
His Marvelous Vital Life Fluid.
and walk. There is no ill or ailment under
the sun which my marvelous Vital Life Fluid
will not banish, and it restores to the perfect
bloom of health every poor and unfortunate
I do not seek to demonstrate a theory. I
have no time for that, for I am accomplishing
facts. I am curing thousands who had given
up all hope of life. I am bringing joy and
happiness into hundreds of homes. It you
suffer from kidney and liver disease, lung anid
stomach or heart trouble, consumption, consti
pation, rheumatism, neuralgia, blood and skin
diseases, catarrh, bronchitis, paralysis, diabetes,
syphilis, lost vitality, nervous debility, insom.
nia, blood poison, enemia, female weakness
and ailments, eczema or salt rheum, headaches,
backache, nervousness, fevers, coughs, colds,
asthma or any disease or weakness of the vital
organs, come unto me and 1 will cure you and
snake you well. The wicked may scoff and cry
"fake," but the people whom I have snatcheti
from the very jaws of death and have lifted
up and givesn strength and health are living
witnesses to the everlasting power of my
matchless Vital Life Fluid. 'To me and my
marvelous remedy all systems and all diseases
are alike. It matters not how long you have
been afflicted; it matters not how hopeless and
helpless you may be; it matters not what doc.
tors have said or what remedies have failed to
cure you; it matters not whether you have
faith, msy Vital Life Fluid is life itself and
banishes all disease, Front the very edge of
the grave, by the aid of this mysterious com
pound, I have brought them back to life and
none need perish, for J will send to every sut.
ferer some of my priceless Vital Life Iluid
absolutely free. That is my duty, and it will
perform its miraculous cures right before your
own eyes. Write and tell me what you with to
be cured of, and I will cure you. I will send
you the Marvelous Vital Life Fled that will
make you as strong and healthy as if disease
had never touched you, Write me today.
Never mind the scoffings of your friends,
Your life may be at stake and you not know
it. 'They cannot save you, but I can save
outt and I will if you will only let me, My
private address Is Dr. C, bargent Ferris, isa3
Strawn Duilding, Cleveland, Ohio, and 1 per.
sonally assure every person who writes me, be
liley rich or poor, a prompt and courteous
answer and enough of mny precious Vital Life
Fluid free to convince them that I have truly
diicovered the Neret of long life and perfect
Anaconda, Nov. z.-The resumption of
the works will never he known to James
Rafferty, a well kntown employe of the
Washoe converters, who left November
a for Nevada in search of work. His
parting instructions to his brother, IlHugh
Rafferty, 504 Hmn street, were to wire
him if the works started up. The irothter
received the sad news yesterday afternoon
of his death. It cattle in the form of a
telegram fro"n Coroner Updike of \Vads
worth, Nev., tellinlg of his brother being
killed on a train and asking what dis
Iposition -houtld lie made of the body.
Notne of the ciretumstainces connected with
his death are known.
It is presntued he wias killed while
traveling through Nevada and the coroner
found identification cards upon his per
'The dead bohy was only a6 alld had
lived here a tIlnlttner of years. lie was
emntsidred a solar, ittdustrionus boy and
had at world of friends. lIe is best re
mitettlered as a Ipopular netiter of the
Anaconda voluntteer depart litelt.
Enter as maid of honor from your county
some deserving young lady for membership in
the excursion given by the Ilutte Inter bloua.
tail to the World's hair at St. Louts.
StItrtAt. it It It1 ' INI t il SI'N ,AIN.
Anacontda, Nov. It .---jidge Napiton has
set tilhe cases of M.. . To'l'in and C. C.
MlcHugh, who are contesting for office.
for trial November 8N. The jtudge will
pr.tohably call in alOther judge to try the
eases. The ollice of city treasurer is theil
The variouts damtage suits of J. \V. Wat
sotn anltd others againslt the Colorado
Smeltillg comllpa)iy, the IParrot company
and the litltte & I.oston Mliniing comiianInIy,
have been dismti'setd as settled.
The court set for November -.23 tlhe
cases of the firemllen who are suinlg to
recover their saltries plast dtle.
tI''t'tIAL 'l it ' t I I IN i t lOtf I At '.
Anaconda, Nov. I I..--A ttmusicatl benefit
will be given ait the l'reshyterian chulrch
lMondllay evening. Novlemlbetr 16, for .Miss
Eloise Kingsley, daughter of Mr. and .Mrs.
Morgan Killgslcy, whho is goig El'a.t to
stly. A mtusicale was to have eent
given at the largaret theater Noeovemlcr
t. bitt on acctuntt uf the shlultd e tn it
was postploned.
The best Itlulsical talenlt of Bulitte ;tand
Anaconda will participate. Mi ss Kingsley
explects to leave Novettimber .3 for Chi
cago t to take up her mtttsical stuldiets.
Severe Storm Drives the Party From
Waters of Georgetown Flats.
StI IAt. TO III "11 I'll itll'. rAI N.
Anacondal, Nov. I .-- The search for
the Ibodies of May Wright and llridgetr
W\illians, who were drowned in the luke
at I;eorgetown while hunting, has beon
temporarily ambadllolned nll ccounllt of the
storml that has bCete raging.
1.. (;. Smith andl C. A. Tuttle and a
couple of I Hutte men who have returned
from the scene of the fatality adliit that
there is no chaice of douing atlything dlr
ing the storm.
No new clews have hcen fouti. The
people living in that section will keep
their eyes opel; and as sooni i'as tie weather
permits it is expecteld that searchinlg
parties will renew tihe search for the
bodies of tile two mnl.
Three Youthful Pigeon Thieves Are
Allowed to Go and Repent.
Anacondal, Nov. i l.-After impollsilng a
sentence of iI days in jail on the charge
of straling pigeons, Judge llendricks sius
pendetd sentence and allowed the three
youthful culprits to go. They were Fratnk
Kinke, John Bludlick and Arthur Murphy,
and it was alleged that they stytle the
birds front John Dee, 516 Ash street.
The boys promised to sin no more
and were relmarkably penitent as they left
the courtrootm.
Second Dance of the Season Is to Be
Given Friday Night.
Anaconda, Nov. it.--tOn Friday evening the
second dlance of the Antlers' club will be given
at the 1Montana hotel. The party will be s.
arrangedl as to make it ait entertainiing and
pleasing one to all of the club members.
The members of the club frontm Itutte will be
here to assist in making the evening one of
the most enjoyable of the season. In every
particular this second dance will be as pleasing
us any of the previous 1ones.
Anaconda, Nov. I.--'l'he Afrienn American
Church Jtuilding league has turned over $rlo
to the trustees of tile African Methodist church
for the purpose of moviLug their building froim
They have paid $150 to Mr. 1Barker for the
The church will be up and ready for use in
less than a week.
A. D. T. messenger-prompt, reliable.
The Ravalli hotel at HIamilton will be kept
open the year round.
Calling cards, monograms anid stationery, the
finest to be had at the most reasonable prices.
The Inter Mountain office. Durston block,
next to postoffice.
For first-class printing, bookbinding or steel
die work St reasonable prices call at the Inter
Mountain office, Main street, next to the post.
Cram's Atlas of the WVorld, 90o3 edition, with
handsome tup-to-date map of Montana, is given
free to inter Mountain subscribers who pay
$7.50 for one year in advance. The special
s oovote coupon is also included,
May Abolish Differentials.
ยบ New York, Nov. tI.--t runk line associations'
officials are arranging for the appoitntment of a
oeard of arbitration which will be called on to
decide whether passenger differentials between
New fork and Chicago shall be abolished,
Anaconda, Nov. It.-Fifteen minute,
after the Inter Mountain office In Ana.
conda bulletined the news yesterday after
noon to the effect that Governor Toole had
called a special session of the legislature
and that President Scallon had ordered
the opening of the mines in Butte and
snimcltrs in Anaconda, the whistles and
bells throughout the town were turned
loose and kept in conmmission for fully o3
nmil n.tles.
'The Inter Mountain was first with the
glad niews for the local people. Bulletins
from the local oflice of the evening paper
were sent broardcast over the city and int
the shortest possible time everyotne within
the imneldiate vicinity of Anaconda
realized that Irosperity had once inote
returned to the town.
Not within the pa.st several years has a
hit of nIews caused such joy andl pleasutle
in this city. Everyone rushed to the Inter
Mountain l oice to confirmn the good news,
while the ttelphone systetn was besieged
with iltquiries anid reqtuests to connlect the
Intter Mountaini office with their 'phonev.
I:ire crackers, liollmbs atnd other mleansl
of mttaking ta ntoise were. pIut intto ute dur
ing the afternton. Inhags were hoisted,
men shook hands, with every one they
nitt, whether they were acqrtuainted or not,
andil generally the town Cwentt wild with de
(tioverllor l'ole was never so popular
as lhe was yesterdaly, nor has there ever
bIletn greater praise givenll to a manIlil or cor
porat ioll thI:anI was blesitoweIId upon the
Anatlgdainted yesterday ty y ll for the
quick response in opening the nitnes an I
Throughout Antac..la the feeling ii
strong that since the Antalg:anated ont- I
paty has decided to trust to the action of
the legislature andtl governor of the state
inl lprovidting suitable legislation for a
"fair and iimpartial trial" that the act
tliteessary to give thent whtat they desire
and, only that which all tmen are entitled
to, shoutl be speedily palssd.
I.;ast night Iollnfirets were started in sev
eral p:arts of the city and the good checr
was kept tilp until late into the night. The
tnews that imen would be given positions at
the simelters todlay only servedl to increase
the pleasure of all. lThe Thanksgiving
dinner and the (Christmas hiulidays again
tooik thtir regular place ill the evtents of
the future.
All rejoiced lh.ranse of the cotmmton
good news whirlh came breaking through
lihe dark cliouds hanlging over the horizont
with h uch suetlnness. There was more
mlonlley spent )esl terday evenlilng and last
night in varitous ways alout the town than
has beent put into the channels of the
local cottitercial itmarkets for many years.
SPEI;tAL. 'If) 111F INTI(t Mot N1AIN.
Anaconda. Nov. I I. -- Thiis miuorttin
active pIrepatrations for the restotuption of
work conelnlced at tlie ,\'ashoe plants.
W\ithin a very few dlays many men will
have hiee put to work. Those wiho had
abuhti couimpleted pltepulatllionls for their de
parture irom the city quickly dlccidid to
remain,. for they well knew that there
swold the an opening wsithin a few days for
bread earnitngs.
The generous tre-atmtent during the past
three weeks accordedl the \orkitlg mlen
by the larger storts ill the city is a matter
that deserves Inore than merely passing
coiment. Not a m.an of family ntor one
in necedi has beet, tturned away fromn the
door, when he asked for credit.
The announcelment made inl thie Inter
Motumt;ali by I). J. Ilennessy, some days
ago, oil Iehalf of the Copper ('ity Colt
mercial comtm(patny to the effect that all
customers w ould he taken care of while
the smelters retmained closed, was also a
hit of news which, coining at the time
it dil, served to miake matters easier for
the men without means, and inl a way
tended to loosen the stringent conditions.
The o!her stores about the city re
sponded in good shape to the prevailing
conditions attd in instances sent out
goods without tile slightest guarantee that
they would ever be able to get returns on
theml in the event of the mines anlt smel
ters remaining closed for the winter. Al
together Anaconda was well taken care
of during the shutdown.
Easy Money.
Shopper-And how mnuch is this silk a
Salesman-Our regular price, lady, Is
two-fifty a yard, but as you are a regular
customer, I think we can afford to make
you a special price. You will please not
let it be known, but if you wish you may
have it for $4.
Shopper-Oh, thank you t I'll take (if
ten yards.-Boston Transcript.
\\'hen radium shall come by tons
Instead of milligrams, as now,
\\'hen poor folks hIave a chance at it,
We'll have a different world, I trow. .
Those firms who gain their bread today
Through lightning plants are full of feas,,
For one small grain of radium
Will light a room one thousand years.
All furriers will le millionaires,
For then, with radium as a spur,
All animals, without expense,
\\'ill quickly shed their coats of fur.
The haughty belle who knows her gems
Are real and her rival's paste,
Need only turn the radium on .
To set that damsel leave in haste,
The man who would his neighbor kill
Will just expose him on the sly
To radium rays, and rest assured
Ilis victim will lie down and die.
If one is "broke" in winter time,
And coal is twenty-five per ton,
He'll beg a grain of radium
And think lie's living in the sun.
Good people all of ev'ry clime,
Build hope ion ridium, . .'
For when it domes ihi ton-load lots
We'll have millenniumt
-Cincinnati Einquhiv.
J. E. Stephenson and Frank W. Haskins
Move Up - Congressman Dixon Is
Working for Postoffice Officials.
Promotion was the order of the day at
the postoflice yesterday and several hearts
were made glad.
Word came front Washington during
the afternoon that Mr. IBernard Falch,
nasistant postmaster, had been promoted
to the position of postoflice inspector. The
ntews caie through Congressman D)ixon
and is the result of Mr. Dixon's efforts
i.. behalf of the Hutte postoflice oflicials.
Mr. :alch has been with the local
lostolfice since 18tH6, entering the service
as substitute carrier. From that position
he has advanced steadily until now he
has secured a position of honor well
worthy of his aspirations. Mr. Falch is a
native of Norway and came to the United
States 14 years ago. lie possesses a splen
did education and is well qualified for
his new position.
J. E. Stephenson Advanced.
W\ithl the ipromotion of Mr. Falch comes
the alhaniement of J. E. Stephenson,
finanlce clerk,' to the position of assist
alnt postalister.
Frank \V. lHaskins, for a numler of
years private secretary to Lee Mantle,
will till the position vacated by Mr.
Mr. Stplhcnson came to Butte from
lholton, Maine,. four years ago. lie is
a gradluatb of Colby college, and has
also Horked up from the bIeginners' ranks
to his present enviable position. Before
enterilng the pmstallice service Mr. Steph
enson worked in the mines in this city.
Falch's Future.
\While the postofice deplartment may
assign Mr. Farlch to any portion of the
I'nited St:ates, it is presumed lie will lhe
assigniied to this division, which is under
the supervision of George I). I.inn, with
haitdltuarters at Spokane. This division
:embraces Monlana, Oregon, Washington,
Idlaho and Alaska.
Mir. Fich married a Miss Brein of
Basin. and has one child. IBefore entering
the service Mr. Falch wa:s a miner.
The promotins of Mr. Stephenson and
appointi ent of Mr. Falih come through
the hands of Mr. Irvin, postmaster, while
tilhe promllotion of Mr. Falch collies froui
the departmenlt at Washington.
The imperial gardens are laid out with
that consummate art and skill that only
the Japanese possess, in dells, hills, lakes,
streams, bridges, waterfalls, while here
and there are disposed trees, in groups or
singly, and picturesque rocks. The chrysan
themums are put where most effective,
and are sheltered by white wood pavilions
that sometimes are exquisitely carved. In
sonme places solid banks of one sort of
chrysanthemum will be seen. In the first
rnw, very low down, are plants with the
green, unopened buds only; in the row
directly above thle petals are just begin
ning to show; in the next they are out a
little further, and so the gradation is car
ried on, until at the top the flowers spread
out in stately fullness. One will also find
scattered about single plants so arranged
as to show beauty of outline. Then others
are trained inlto various shapes--perhaps
in the likeness of junk, a mass of blooms,
and made entirely with one shrub. In
booths historical and mythological scenes
are depicted, the landscapes, warriors ad
gods represented by living, blossoming
plants, only the faces and hands being
modeled in clay. Wonderfully, even start
lingly, realistic are these figures; but this
sort of thing is not so popular as it once
was.-Good llousekeeping.
Threw It In.
Boy-My mother says there was a
pound of sand in the last bag of prunes
you sent up.
Grocer-Well, you tell your mother that
was the best scrubbing sand. She is a
good customer, and I threw it in.--Phil
adelphia Record.
Not a Dog License.
Kitty-1 am to be mdrried to John, Uncle
George. He has already got the license.
Uncle George-Married to that puppy?
Kitty-He isn't a puppy, and it isn't a
dog license he has got. So, there I
Boston Transcript.
To Keep Well
every organ must be doing its
duty--stomach, liver and kid
neys must each be in thorough
working order. If you are not
as well as you ought to be take
a small dose of
Pills -
Sold Everywbers. In boess 1o. and . S
Look Alike
Taste Alike
Cost Alike
The makers keep
the quality up,
The quality keepst
the price up.
The Largest Selling -
Brand of Cigars
in the World.
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Ry. Co.
Passenger Time Table, Nov. I, 19o3.
Lncal ].eave Arrive Local. Leave. Arrive
Trains. Butte. Anaconda. Trains,. Anaconda. Butte.
No. 1. B., A. & P...... Io:3o.m. l:2sa.m. No. 2. 1., A. & P..... 9:oo.m. 9:55 a.m.
No. . i8., A. & 1'...... 5:o p.m. 6:o5 p.m. No. 4. B., A. & P...... :4o p.m. 4:35 p.m.
To make connection with Northern Pacific Railway Westbound trains at Butte, leave
Anaconda at g:oo a. m. and 3:40 p. m. To make connection with Great Northern Railway
trains at Butte, leave Anaconda at 3:40 p. m.
To make connection with Oregon Short Line Railway at Silver Bow, leave Anaconda
at 3:40 p. In.
Tickets on sale at City Ticket Office ((;reat Northern Railway), No. 4t Main street, Butte,
and at Passenger Station of the Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway.
Msartin Lay Down in a Hallway, When
Convulsions Seized Him and He
Was Found Dead by Officials.
(Continued from Page One.)
lie was last employed at G. l1. Wilson's
tailoring shop on East Park street.
Last week he appeared in the shop too
intoxicated to go to work and has not do:e
anything there since. lie was engaged to
do some work at O'Neill's shop in the
basement of the Owsley block a few days
Asked to Stay There.
Martin came into King & Lowry's saloon
early this morning and asked Charles
Allensworth, the bartender, if he could tie
down in the rear hallway for a little
while. Being given permission, Martin
walked to the rear of the building and laid
down on the floor near the radiator, Ile
did not appear to be intoxicated at the
time he came into the saloon, but look:ld
feeble and weak from sickness.
After a few minutes Allensworth walked
back to where Martin lay and asked him
if he wanted anything. Martin replied
that all he wished was to be left alone for
a few minutes. Allensworth then walkeJ
away and left him lying there.
Several hours later Chief Mulholland
and Judge Boyle found Martin dead.
Seized With Convulsions.
Evidently Martin had attempted to rite
when a convulsion seized him. When
found his hands were clutched as if in
great pain and his eyes were set and
staring. A contusion on the top of his
head was evidently caused by falling
against the radiator. It was not severe
enough to have caused death.
Martin had absolutely nothing in his
pockets to identify hint. A spool of
thread, a tailor's bodkin, a few needles
and piece of chalk gave a clew to his
trade. There were no letters or marks
to show his name.
After considerable inquiry it was
learned that Martin had applied to several
places for employment. He had a tork
leg and was readily remembered by those
who had seen him.
Martin formerly lived in Chicago, where
his sister now lives. He has been working
at Denver and later at Salt Lake. Since
coming to Butte he has found irregular
employment in several shops, but his
tendency to drink prevented him from
holding a position for any great length of
Coroner Egan will hold an inquest over
the remains this evening at 7 o'clock at
Shermatt & Reed's.
Of a Strange Speoies Found on Islands
in the Pacifio.
From March to August, a year ago, when
the United States fish commission steamer
Albatross was engaged in deep sea ex
plorations among the Hawaiian islands
and westward along the chain of reefs and
islets which reach out from the main
group in the direction of Japan, some very
interesting ornithological investigations
were made on several of the lonesome
islands away off in the 'Pacific. On Iayson,
away out near the middle of the ocean, Mr.
s alter K. Fisher, who made the inquiry
into bird life for the government, was
amazed at the great number of birds and
their surprising tameness.
Popular opinion has held that birds of
all kinds were naturally afraid of man, but
those who have made a study of the sub
ject oppose this theory. Naturally, birds
do not show fear of man until they recog
'nize in man a deady enemy.
There were terns and albatrosses, booby
.blrds, curlewis, finches and man-o'-war
birds in densly. populated colonies all over'
.the island, and beyond protests, such nas
bill snapping, and sidling away when at.
Daly Bank & Trust Co.
of Anaconda, Mont.
General banking in all branches.
Sell exchanges on New York, Chi
cago, St. Paul, Omaha, San Fran
cisco, eto., and draw direct on the
principal cities of England, France,
Ireland, Germany and the Orient.
Deposits from $1 upward received.
National City bank, New York;
First National bank, Chicago; First
National bank, St. Paul; Omaha Na
tional bank, Omaha; Bank of Cali
fornia, San Francisco.
JOHN R. TOOLE - - - President
M. B. GREENWOOD - Vice President
LOUIS V. BENNETT - - - Cashier
F. C. NORBECK --- Asst. Cashier
We know that if you B
are not getting your
printing done by us
you are losing some
thing, either in time,
price, quality or quan
tity. Our work is al
ways above the stand
ard, our price is always N
fair. You won't be
ashamed of Inter Moun
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tempts to handle them were made, they
took little notice of bipeds without feath
ers who went among them.
The investigators were able to approach
as close as they desired to record with
camera the domestic duties of mamma
terns, and with tact not much time was
required to get into caressing touch with
any of the winged population.
One of the most characteristic birds of
Layson is the gray backed tern. It lays a
single egg on the sand, and sometismes on
the ,are rock. When the chick is hatched
one of the parents stands sentinel over
the nestling. Approach of the investiga
tors would cause the guardian of a nest to
spread wings slightly, tilt tall and walk
around in circles. Unlike our own tern,
these of the far Pacific islands hold their
bills straight out, like a gull, when flying.
In studying the white tern, or love bird,
it was discovered that the parent in feed
ing its young brought two little fishes in
its bill. It was always two, and how the
provider for the tern household captured
the second fish without unbeaking the first
was a puzzle the investigators could not
work out.-New York Herald.
Sunflower Philosophy.
We would like 'to hear a good hearty laugh.
We haven't heard one in years.
We have often wondered what a preacher
says when his wife asks him if he loved any
woman before her. Tea, the truth?
"Don't think about it," is the advice old.
fashioned mothers gave their children who
were crying over an rche. From this has
grown Christian iclence.--Atchion (lKan.)

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