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Embroidered Flannels 69c Gle lee an
CW,,0 opper City Clommercial CIo. r!0:fz Yns
These are entirely new patterns; C o C g i g We have the agency for these
beau~ifully embroidered on a tine know the
all wool quality of Saxony flannel. ANACONDA, MONTANA world over as the best made. We
These embroidered flannels would hv l oosi emnon
bhe onsidered lcheap at e 1.00 and The works are open. Now for business. Our winter stocks are heavy-the time for clearing them out haveS panishSl axony,lors German knitting,
$1.25 a yard. They are is very short. Don't spend one dollar in any lin until you have seen us. Note the prices mentioned Shetlaod floss and Angora. Buy
an exceptional value at.. C here today and remember that nothing but reil4ble, first class merchandise will be found in every de- your yarns hero. Prices the lowest.
partment of our big store.
Dry Goods and Domestics Always useful but sometimes hard to find;
We Are Making Special Prices on All Notions, D esApron Cheek Olngham So MerceriZed Sateen
Outing anne o n fleced W pper Flannel BU U Your D ss 5 here is a new lot of them i all cot. 19c yard
Outing flannlS lee rpe lne ors; for this sale, yard........... I
GoLt heavy fnality in light andt dark col- 9c orr; fxtra heavy quality, with a beautiful satn
oor,, worth at .a st. c; f , r this, jut s yrd ost for atest W inter Sultings 59C turkish Towels 8 13 finish, 36 inches wide; this sateen wou.d
saeo il, yarth .t .c~ . ...c f. r t. i ....... -540 ,,1 a~ te!nos be cheap at 30e; now on sale for,
sale oly, rd..................... 50 .... n ous, etc .; the styles and colors are I Icre is a grand lot of ppular dress stuffs of values up to Very soft and pliable, in a medium large yard ............................at now on sale for
12 1.2c Outingrflannelo 90 z sil god suit a lairge ti.....riui,.it f rn oua rs tfso p ad............9
12 2 Outing Flatha,; i.,9 latuncls, going now $.oo00 a yard. There's cheviots, twine cloths, etamines, all size, made of heavy southern cotton;
on srs, ,rhis d xtra heavy ane or, . .................... wool albatross, plain and fgured zibelines, and in fact all rgular sa to.ls; on sate8134 Oxford Waistings
In stripes', ;,d chlecks, m diiclin, light at'
dlark cilirs i siiiid tic a iii vuih at now, fur ......................81-3O
uca k To.weli r, ,i i, Linen owlng 8 I-3a the most desirable fabric are included in this lot of 75c, Moreen Skiing 19 19c yard
Huck Toweling S an vor would ixpelt lo pay at ast no ec 90C and $z.oo materials. ew, dinty colorings, al this season
The c.tra heavy ndt in h ar a l for tis l li rash; no ar Alawy desirable for latdies' undlerskirts ew, dainty colorings, all this tse; also
Thrown, regary kid ll ;ellingu hrc. t" thi kYi o' ,nw YOU r Ch ice ow Onli~y 59c Yard full 36 inches wide and fast black; ' otsonicl fleeced sbaackc u etfects; all hsigoing
brows, regular w idthht; Beclling for. U. ,,hs ki,,d; our, ,rienow, You oie onngcY r,, 0,,,,,,,. ,.,,,,,o; ,,,.,., , .., , o
yard .......................... .. 54 yard .......................... 8 1_3 __ a great bargain for, yard..........19 t at, yard..........................19
M rerIIIZed Furs 20 Per Cent Off Underwear for WomenC
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New Jackets $9.50 Children's Underwear 15c Wool Underwear s:rt.8 95c $l.50 and $2.00
$ 1995~ ni,'i hutdretd Jake s ,d . thiis ainter's styles, in black, navy Oxford and tan t od andes o i t dnd s a
cilhrs; rigular pi's, $i,..,o, $15.u u and $17.50 All sizes tip I.i of odis ati ends of chilrei's Lot of odds and ends, ail wool and
vts, some are all wool, others fine cotton vests and drawers, worth
to .4.4............................................ ............ ... .. . avy cotton, fleeced worth up $i.5o and $a.oo, white and
New Duplex adjustable yoke skirts Swell Jackets $15.00 to Sc; think of it, today....154 natural mixed..............95
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made of fine black merceri.zed sateen, .combin,tit,.s. Ladics' and Misses' garments., worth tip to Ladles' Underwear 45c Woo union Suits $1.10
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,broken lunes, oie sold as gray; sizes 3 to 6; regla
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FPlannelette Gowns Walking Skirts SPECIAL-Full line light blue All go today............................75.
j 9tamuiette giwss . faur styles, Your choice of in heavy walking Union Suits 50c fancy mixed, all wool, ribbed,
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Men's Clothing Warm Special Values in Bedding Dept.
For the Cold Nights
M en's O vercoats M en's Neat Knock About 0 tWr o0 n tan and gray Calico Covered Coforts full size ell te
eets tolors, Pair ................................... 6 54 For this sale, each ......................... 25
In this lot yu ill find ,scilly poo . values, . ,, or Business Suits cotton Blankets, heavy quality, colored Art Silkaline Covered Comforts with pure white
from neat w,,ol ktIrcys, htavers ad frieze. All lg, i .1M1ul of spII wol ca in res, chievi.ts and Everything good and desirable b order Special, for pair..................5.... 5 cotton filling, hand sewed. For this sale,
coloring ., line d with splendmid quality; Iplain Ibhack sill tweeds. in ~l~in au-I faille colorings, widh serviceable in warns footwear for women
coerny i nk au uh i se ur ituh t ,t ,i l uul t sd liigs; cut ro and ;i y s . tuatc sack s e, a tu and child ren's Jersey leg- 1t 4 Cotton Blankets, extra large size, special quality, each ...................................... 71. 5
fancy cuheck nd tlaid wool serge, which you wi ud ta oo u usui u tl.... .12.50 gins, all sizes, e, $.oo and ... effective borders, in white and gray colors;
~x'a guodv~. for $In.├ŻU ami ....,..... 1 r.0 gi rlsies'worth $a.oo a pair. For this sale......., $1.25 Beautiful Art Silkaline Covered Comforts, extra large
very secrviceble. tut hung, u .iut ant M ' VF e size, with pure white cotton filling; hand
short lengththls. From $,o..u to.......... 12.50 IVen s V ery Fine uits \Mixed Wool Blankets, 11-4 size, colored tied; all new designs. For this sale........ $1.85
border. Special for this sale, a pair........$1.75
Cut sack an t frock styles. Made from extra good @ Oriental Covered Comforts, filled with fluffy white
M.qualitiy fabrics of very neat patterns, all new col. Extra large Gray Blankets, wool mixed, with colored cotton, hand sewed. For this sawe,
e S etter ality orings, spn hlly riicd and thoroughly border. This blanket is worth $4.oo a par. ct . ... ............................this sae, 25
tailored. Fro i $S.u to .................$18.00 Julicts and lined house slippers, For this sale..............................$275 .................. 2.
...................... Glendale Woolen Blanket in -4 size, beau- Extra large Comtfort, with downaline filling, art silk
Stiful tpink border. As long as they last, for aline covering, hand-tied, cord edges, beautifful, rich
C pair................ ................$375 colors; just as if you made them at home, and at
In this line y u will fid a hnsaome lot of dretssy coats, Iest of values for least priccs. Men's good quality one-half the price, which is, as long as they
ubi c ve c as i ,tlt I tr lensr, '.;t ;,trl ouser wihs L 0 CIY AtI wool, pure WVhite Blanket, pink aiud blue bor. last, each ...............................$2.7/5
in rough nl .sm,,th clf ,ts. In all the late up to rool itro .ser ,, -eat patter o ..r weig . 3 .00 dersAl gooid size; worth $7.i oo, and tthe rprice lteh bosr.t.
fur wiles, futuer $:o to" . -. $3.00 ders. good size; worth $.0 n h rc
date coloring, cut the proper f ull and winter i 9 I ten's very iat idress tronusers, o, f i qulit is only ...................................$4.75 Feather Pillows, covered in good quality of ticking;
stl.. tes t utlity linings " cily tailred. worstieds and tweeds, natty " to o dte pat-' THE COPPE CITY Wool filled comforts, good covering. For this each 65c, 75c, 85cs, $i.oo. $,., $i.5o, $2.oo
SFrom $ 5.oo t ..........$18.00 t r $. .. o ...................... $5.00 ~ l1 ale, each ..................................... and ................................... $3.50
Office 109 Main Street--Telephone 69.
Anaconda, Nov. 13.-"ilorudora," as
presented at the Margaret theater last
evening to a big audience, was prettier,
snappier and altogether more delightful
than when seen in Anaconda a year or so
ago. The company, headed by Miss Isa.
dore Rush, Hlarriet Merritt and Rea (;ra
ham, make up about the best assortment
of talent that has been along this way
for mlany years.
The "Florodora" cast comes this season
enriched throughout with beauty and
charm in not only its menmbership rolls,
but as well in the tlmanner of production.
Isadore Rush, one of the favorites of the
American stage, won the audlience last
evening in good style. From a tmusical
standpoint there is nothing new that might
be said of the attraction. It was first
class in that respect last year; this season
continues the good record.
The sextette with the present "Floro.
dora" company makes one think of the
opportunities for improvement in the
show business I. ast year's array of beauty
in the "Florodora" sextette made a decided
hit with the public wherever the attraction
appeared. This year the young wom:en
snaking up that musical combination show
a marked improvement atnd superiority
over the 'former sextette. \Vithin the ranks
of these six are to be found Miss Iily Mae
Wolcott and Miss Mildred D)ottglass, two
of the fairest that ever trod the boards.
They have beauty, talent and charm.
Their voices are cultivated most ad
vantageously and their stage presence w\\'o
them a multitude of friends. Miss Doug
lass is most assuredly tile very same Gib
son selected for his model. As a Gibson
queen she deserves first rank.
Anaconda, Nov. 13.-The next public
gathering of importance in Anaconda will
be the annual meeting of the State Teach
ers' association to be held here Dlecemnber
3s, Arrangements are being made to en
tertain the visitors in royal shape. At an
Informal meeting of a number of people
plans were outlined for the entertainment
1 the visitors.
SI'.tIAT. TO itlt INTtR .t i itNIAIN.
Anacondai', Nov. at. Local music ltvel, are
loxhing forwitd utlla inteitt to the muic.al
benefit to be given ait the I're.hytheiri:t cll rllcel
Moinda;y evening for .htss Iloise Kinglacy ion
tire eve of her delparture for Chicago to ta;,k
up her mtusical studies. The ieat of local tal
c t I ill liarticipate ill the fllowintg program:
'art 1. Orphlutis (ulatrtet "IQueen of tthe
Stars" (tl t-raom., , Messrs. Ilarris, 'Ihtmis,
L.yian tauI I'ickell; Sopranto bloi, "M ay
Mornaing" a( tenar: , n.1 s 'ranclies Ilarte;
Violin Stolo, utncetito in 1" Minor (tlendiel
sthn); ilairiltone Stolo, "King to tile Maiile"
Ihi fltley .\lurk. If, E. A. Davis; Piiano Solo,
"Tlraantelle" t Millt i, Mrs. W. E. Gaily.
'art 1I. Sulranut Solo, "RIuse de Autumnne"
(Tr i l), NIts. I '. F. Collins; liaino Sul,
"lutttling of Springllt "' i Siaing), Lydia \\',n
ger; loprano Slo ta),li "Thile Iose;" (h), "i'he
River and the Sta," Miss ranices llarte;
iant Siolo, Spa:tih al ne. (.ie trz), A. C.
(lainwfrd; tutialtr o Sao, .1 1 \Were yntou
( iudtt y Ihick), Eloise Klingsley; oI rplhens
QluIarte r, " clno,,d N ight, itb ved" (lmutstL),
l itr . i, Ilrris, t'il .iha;s, ickell land iLyman.ii
Anactiiila, Niv. Th.--the thtlitc Order of
Foresters a t ill Kie a party this evenini g ill the
Ai. t. II, hatll fr the plta alre ofa its membl er
and friendsta, Thel MIargtret theater orchestra
rill ftalli.h the itstric for the occasion. Ar
rangem(nts in et'vr laat hicli ' have lbee
male to lak ine of the dilce ai ti hftighl bC
SD. T mesenger-proipt, reliaale.
'lThe Rtavalli hotel at Illaniton will be kept
open the year round.
Calling cards, monograms and statinery, the'
finest to be had at the most reasonable prices.
The Inter Mountain office. Duraton block,
next to postuffice.
For first-class printing, bookbinding or steel
die work at reasonable prices call at the Inter
Mountain office, Main street, next to the post.
In the District Court.
Anaconda, Nov. tI.-A petition has
been filed in the district court for an order
for the division of the residue of the es
tate of the late Isadore Ehret among his
Of the estate of $;l,ooo provision was
made for dividing about $6,ooo, but noth
ing was said about the residue.
J. E. Quatsoe has commenced suit in
the district court against the Adams de
partment store and S. C. Adams to re
cover a balance of $18o claimed to be due
on a contract.
SI'C'IAL, TO T1 I N 1TR ,MO Ntt',TAI N. {
Anacundat, Nov. t3j. At the uipper City
('anterial compan:y, the big store of the
city, the usual musicalt t cincert will le given
tinilrr,,w evening for the pIleasure anld enjoy
Imint of the patrions of that establishment.
'the Irogram for tomllorrow evening is one of
tie high class entertatinnenlts made tiup of
Selected music, which caunnt fail of not only
attractintg but as well holding a big attenld
nice at an1y time. The proglraml for the even
ing will he is Ihllows:
March, "The Iteturln t' the Minir".... Koninel
titlection, "\\Vhen Jiihity o'nies lMarchingll
I ltme" ............................. .I:dwards
Plantation l.ullaby, "('lose 'souir Ireamy
Iyes ". ............. .. ........ .. Johnson
March, "lItlianice"....hJles \'ein of Anaconda
Violin Sulo, sevetnth Air Varine....... )e leriot
.Miss Mabel l.ewi.
Monitana State Song............ ;tstave Fischer
Waltzes, "Sally In t)ur Alley"..'.... I:nglander
Selection from (Garrett J'.\lagh............
......................... hauncey lcott
"The 'uitan's I)em" ...........Gelrge Rosey
"The Chinatow March"........ George e osey
StIPI('IA TO T'ti' INt1'.R .OUN'rAIN, t'
Anaconda, Nov. 13.--'lnight the Antlers' club
give their datnce in the ,lunotana hotel. 'The
party promlises to be onie of tile moist pileasitig
society eve.nts of tle seaion. Professor Ltd.
delrs will cInduct the orchestra a part of which
will be made up of ltltte's first-class musi.
Tacoma Carpenters' and Joiners' Union
Leaves Organization.
Tacoma, Wash., Nov. 13.-Local union
No. 470, United Brotherhood of Carpen
ters' and Joiners' voted last night to with
draw from the Tacoma trades council and
will now treat independently as a union
with the Contractors' association to effe,'
a settlement of existitng difficulties.
The plumbers left the trades council
early in the difficulty with the contractors.
D. C. Lillis, walking delegate for the
trades council, says the other unions will
stand by the trades council.
Elizabeth Haviland III.
Elizabeth, the 8year-old dughllter of Dr, and
Mrs. slaviland, is seriously Ill of appendicitis.
This is the second attack and an operation
may be necessary.
((',atinued from Page ()ne.)
"Faithful work has done much toward
making a sentiment for an anti-polygamy
amendment to the constitution of the
United States.
"The W. C. T. U. is today, and if true
to its heritage will ever be, arrayed against
all forms of impurity and legalized vice.
We painfully recognize that there are
some evils that cannot be annihilated in
this day and generation, but we evermore
declare that those evils, if they exist, shall
do so in opposition to law rather than by
sanction of law. The record of thte at
tempt made two years ago by the mayor
of Minneapolis to introduce a system of
regulated vice should be a warning to
others not to try to do likewise.
"The question 'is liquor drinking women
increasing?' is hard to answer. We surely
hear more about drinking women than for
merly, perhaps from the fact that the
drinking habit attracts more attention than
it did in the days when nearly everyone
used liquor in one forml or another.
"Since nothing can arrest the progress
of a true principle on its way to the heart
of the intelligent, it would be strange if
we could not declare, as we can, that the
question of the equality of woman 'under
the gospel and under the law,' is gaining
new ground and new adherents. There is
a continually increasing number of women
who feel concerned in regard to the ques
tion that affects all people whether or not
they realize this to be so. As temperance
women, we desire the right of franchise
because we believe we could thus armed,
deal more effectually with the liquor prob
lem and the fact that the liquor element
is always opposed to woman suffrage fur
tgishes as ample proof that we are right in
our belief.
"The National W. C. T. U. must be in
hearty accord with the movement made by
the American Peace society for a stated
international congress to meet once in
every five or seven years, to deliberate
upon matters of common*interest to the
nations and make recommendations to the
The report of the secretary and the
figures of the treasurer were then sub
The report of Mrs. Susanna M. D. Fry,
the corresponding secretary, contained the
"The national organizers report 332
unions organized with 9,567 members. This
does not include the work of state or local
organizers. The receipts of the Willard
Memorial fund were $4,t38. A larger
mumber of W. C. T. U. institutes were
Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Ry. Co.
Passenger Time Table, Nov. , 190o3.
Local Leave Arrive Local. Leave. Arrive
Trains. Butte. Anaconda. Trains. Anaconda. IButte.
No. 1. It., A. & P......1o:3oa.m. 3l:5 a.m. No. 2,. B., A. & P1...... 9:ooa.m. P:55 a.m.
No. ., A. & ...... 5:t p. 6:05 p.m. No. 4, B., A. & P...... 3:4o p.m. 4:35 p.m.
To make connection with Northern Pacific Railway Westbound trains at Butte, leave
Anaconda at g:oo a. m. and 3:40 p. m. To make connection with Great Northern Railway
trains at Butte, leave Anaconda at 3:40 p. m.
To make connection with Oregon Short Line Railway at Silver Bow, leave Anaconda
at 3:40 p. In.
Tickets on sale at City Ticket Office (Great Northern Railway), No. 41 Main street, Butte,
and at Passenger Station of the Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway.
held during the past year than ever before.
Eleven states have made a gain of Soo or
over new members above all losses, and
some of them well on toward 2,o0o new
members, which goes to prove that the W.
C. T. U. is marching on with a regular and
measured swing. Thirty-five other states
report an increase of membership.
"The report of Mrs. Helen M. Barker,
the treasurer, showed the gain in member
ship for the year was 6,054. The total re
ceipts were $26,177, and the expenditures
$25.399, the balance on hand being $778.
Highwayman With Shining Revolver Ac
costs Teamster Near the Parrot
Mine and Relieves Him.
George Jackson, a teamster, reported to
the police last night that he had Ieen held
up and robbed of $zoo near the Parrot
The alleged robber was well dressed
and used a gun to emphasize his demands.
According to Jackson's story, he drew
the money out of the State Savings bank
to pay a bill and was going up Anaconda
road when he was accosted. The lone
highwayman held a shining revolver in his
hand and Jackson made no resistance. He
quickly informed the police and an in
vestigation was made without finding any
clew to the robber.
The police are reluctant to believe the
story of the holdup. During the past week
there have been several alleged holdups,
which upon investigation proved to have
been the result of a feverish imagination.
Attorney Mackel Improves.
Alex Mackel, who was injured in a
wreck near Sappington on the Northern
Pacific last week, is slowly improving at
Murray & Freund's hospital. He is still
unable to walk, but his general condition
is much better. Mrs. E. Bauer of Ada,
Minn., a sister of Alex Mackel and Dr.
Mackel, arrived yesterday in Butte. The
lady will remain in the city until her
brother is out of danger.
T. A. Morrin, attorney at law, room S,
Silver Bow block. 'Phone p98-B. ,
Daly Bank & Trust Co.
of Anaconda, Mont.
General banking In all branches.
Sell exchanges on New York, Chi
cago, St. Paul, Omaha, San Fran
cisco, etc., and draw direct on the
principalcittes' of EnglWtd, France,
Ireland, Germany and the Orient.
Deposits from $1 upward received.
National City bank, New York;
First National bank, Chicago; First
National bank, St. Paul; Omaha Na
tional bank, Omaha; Bank of Cali
fornia, San Francisco.
JOHN R. TOOLE ---- President
M. B. GREENWOOD - Vice President
LOUIS V. BENNETT - - - Cashier
F. C. NORBECK --- Asat, Cashier
H. F. Collins, Mgr.
Saturday, November 14
Edison Novelty
and Specialty Co
Dirction Frank E, Simmons.
Vivid reproduction McGovern.Corbett Finish
Contest and Famous Spanish Bull Fight by
Edison's latest moving picture machine,
Our Stars-Memphis Kennedy, the Musical
Wonder; Miss Zoa Wyatt, Famous Dancer and
Singer; Peri atu Dcvoy, Sketch Artists; Fred
Walters, Lightning Change Artist,
Prices: i5c, a5c and Soc. Seats on sale at
Smith's Drug Store,
Jones' Dairy Farm Sausag*o, at P. J.

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