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obody Has an Excuse Now to Say He
Does Not Know He Is on the
Reservation-Animals Thrive
The survey of the boundary of the Yel
owstone National park has been finally
Completed and the boundary marked with
permanent monuments. This will prove
pf assistance to the troops stationed in
)he park in running to earth and prose
buting game poachers who have always
raised the plea that they did not know
they were hunting in the great national
The proposition to fence the park is
.lmong the possibilities of tile next to
ears. It would be expensive, but would
laterially assist in keeping the game in
J. Scott Harrison, a govermnent in
bpector of surveys, who is inl Rutte, on
is way to Twin Bridges to pass upon
survey of public land completed in the
uby valley last summer, 'had charge this
all of completing the survey of the east
ernt boundary of the park. and he said
today that the boundaries of the great park
are now marked with monuments every
palf a mile.
h The Work of Years.
The survey of the park was commenced
s ven or eight years ago. 'The work
iragged along and the eastern boundary
as the last portion to be finished. The
arties who had the contract for com
leting the survey of the eastern boundary
id not finish the work and the interior
epartment directed that Mr. Harrison,
'ho inspects the surveys of government
and in this state, take charge and rush
he work through. He got through a
ew weeks ago and tells quite an interest
ng story of the wild and unsettled coun
ry through which the line runs.
He carried the survey 67 miles north
nd south. The line of the boundary
sides being marked by monuments is
ndicated by a trail blazed along the trees
nd marks on the trees.
'The monuments that were stationed
very half mile are of stone and will last
or ages. They are about 30 inches long
nd ia inches square and over one-half
bedded in the earth. Cut in the stone
re ligures showing the distance north
rom the initial monument on Mountaitn
rek. to miles east of the most easterly
oint of the Yellowstone lake. On the
est side of the stones are the letters
. N. P. (Yellowstone National Park)
d on the east side the letters Y. F. IR.
Yellowstone Forest Reserve).
Line Well Blazed.
"We blazed many of the trees along
e line and cut marks that will last for
tears. Many trees were also cut out of
to way," said Mr. Harrison. "At every
rail and cross roads we put up wooden
osts properly marked. There is no ex
use for any one not knowing now when
hey are in the park. There has always
cen more or less conflict as to the exact
ocatiol of the eastern boundary. This
as been definitely settled. One of the
ighest peaks over which the line runs is
inpitheater mountain, which is about
,00ooo feet high. The line crosses on one
f the steep sides, a short distance below
he summit. It was impossible to tmake
he survey in some places on that moun
sin, and we had to do the work by
riangulation. The snow was pretty deep
n some plact s where we were working.
ror a number of days we worked in snow
reast deep. This made the work a slow
lnd difficult task."
Would Fence Park.
j Mr. Harrison says that the idea of
encing the park, which has often been
konsidercd, is not a bad one. Heavy posts
i'ith strong wire could be used, and this
Mould make a fence that would last many
"Big game is as plentiful as cattle upon
the ranges." continued Mr. Harrison.
P\ihere we were working we generally
raw more elk than cattle. There are also
laniy moose and bear to be seen there."
Mr. ilarrison did not visit the famous
SeaIth gulch, which came into prominence
puring the recent visit of the president,
although he was near it. There is not
hle least doubt, Mr. Harrison says. about
vtild animals becoming asphyxiated in that
ulch from breathing the noxious gases
Nvhich ooze from the ground in the bottom
Of the valley. During last summer a place
v-as found a short distance front the
Ialnmmoth Hot Springs hotel where dcpd y
grasses are enmif'td'Tioii'. a'itibte' rdi 'ea
Cavernl. This was not known before and
the government will probably take steps
to iInclose the place in a high fence to
keep tourists away.
Mr. Harrison is a relative of the late
ex-l'resident llarrison and for several
years has abeen coming to Montana each
Summller. During the past suniner and
autinut there was a large amount of gov.
Crnsent land surveyed in the state, show
Ing that Montana is being settled up more
rapidly than many people are aware. This
was especially the case in Eastern and
or,'thern Montana.
Personal Mention.
Mrs. Charles Stevens has returned from
DTenver, where she went to attend the
mitmeral of her mother.
(. A. Walker, agent for the Chicago &
'Northwestern road at Salt Lake, and Mr.
Scymnour, an agent for the road in Chi
caag,, were in town today.
W. E. Alair, division freight agent for
thle Northern Pacific, was here today from
St. Paul.
Iev. Walter M. Jordan of Helena was
In Biutte today, returning from Twin
'ew York 2 so Broad Street
ChicagO Manrquette Building
St. LouIs • Chemical Building
Butte HIannossy Building
t's-lr i.la (I' IfOt1KKIEPING OiL C'osrs,
(Reported by Coe Commission Co.)
New York, Nov. -6.-The opening and ctos.
Ilg quotations on the stouck exchllange today
were as follows: Open. Close.
American Ice...................... 61' 7
do. preferred.............. .. a4 4
Amalgamated (opper. .............. 3 3
Anaconda Mining Company....... 60 67
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe..... 63e : 63)$
do. preferred..,................... 5 i 8o
Baltimore & Ohio....... ...... 7, 734E
Brooklyn Rapid Transit........ 37 3as
Canadian Pacific................. 11'7 I;" 7
Chesapeake & Ohio .............. .M 98.
Chicago & Alton .................. o 31
Colorado Fuel & Iron............. .6'i 8
Chicago Great Western......... 147f 141
Consulidated ;as........ ........ 7 7
)Delaware & hludson.............. i 11
Erie.................................. 26i 46
do. first preferred............... 6 66
G;eneral Electric Contpany....... 14! 148Il
llinois Central.................. a7' t ItM
Kansas City Southern .............. t6. 6
l.oulsville & Nashville............ a tono
Manhattan ('onsolidated........... j3o 140o'
Metropolitan 'Traction .............. i' 14%
Mexican Central............ .. 8)i . 84
Missouri. Kansas & Texas... i.. to! 16'4
do. preferred ...................... 34. 343.1
Misotri P'acific .................. 88 i.1.
New York Central............ 1. 6 II6I1
Norfolk & Westernl............. S1i S4!i
t)n:arlo & Western.......... .. 19.g 19
I'ennsylvnnin Railway..........it..i t taI
People's (;as....................... 91 92.
Reading ................. ....... J. 38 30i"
do. first Iprefcrred........... 76 76
Rock Island............... .. .
Kansas City Livestock.
Kansas (City, Nov. 16. - Cattle- Receipts,
t7,.ceu head including a7,ooo head Texans. Mar
ket weak to lower. Native steers, $J. t5.. ;
Texas and Indianl steers, [email protected]; Texas
cows, $z.So':a.a2; native cows and heifers, $_..o
(54.oo: stockers and feeders, $.6urd.oot; bulls,
[email protected]; calves, $2S.ur46.ow; western steers,
$.-225a4.4o; western cows, $t..gotr.7g.
llogs--Receipts, goou head. Market steady.
hulk of sale., $4.50i4.8S5; heavy, $4.4,4&4.8o;
packers, $4.704s4.tt,; mtediut, $4.8otr.s,; light,
$4.&.^ca4.47!'/; yorkers, $4.g.u4.97'ts; pIigs, $4.7S"
Sheep-l Receipts, 6.aw head. Market steads.
Mllttons, $.6."rlt4,.s; lambs, $a.gosu..3o; range
wethers, $J.150u 3. 5; ewes, $a.2St.3'45."
Omaha Livestock.
ItY A.it(t IA'lED PtREtS,
Somth Omaha, Nov. 16,-Cattle - Receipts,
,500oo head. Market slow to tac lower. Native
steers. $3.7oY5.,t0; range cows antd heifers, $i..3
.3.ao; western steers, $J.ouwd14..S; Texas steers,
$2.7503.65; cows and heifers, $S.73s.3.50; can.
ners, $i.Sour.a.so; stockers and feeders, $a.So'a
.a.,; calves, $3.oos.oo; bulls, stags, etc., $1.-'5
New York, Nov. 6. --The tone of the open
ing stock market was decidedly irregular.
Pennsylvania was under continued prestre
and was forced down % on sales of Itw to
a,gon share blocks. Western railroad sit'ck
and Uniled States .;teel preferred were offered
down with the encouragement of l'ennsylva.
nia's weakness.
Losses reached t to t!,i for Pennsylvani.t,
Baltimnore & O(hio, Reading, Norfolk & West
ern, St. Paul, United States Steel preferred,
Louisville & Nashville and Telnnessee ('o.,l.
Prices recovered slightly before il o'clock anid
the rally was held.
United States Steel preferred was hid up to
52. Another decline to 51 in United States
Steel preferred interrupted the recovery which,
however, was resumed.
Pennsylvania rose a fraction over last werk's
close and other losses were generally retrieved.
Manhattan, Brooklyn Transit, Metropolitan
Securities, Toledo, St. Louis & Western and
Amalgamated Copper gained t to ct!/. Ameri
can coal lost 5. Reports of additional gold for
import helped the market.
lionlds were stedg :at noon.
The party of Butte laboring men who
will visit President Theodore Roosevelt
this wee.k at \Washington will leave on
the North Coant l.imitecd tonight or to
tmorrow at 12:15. It ths not tern de
cided as yet which train the committce
will take. Either will give them ample
time in which to reach the nation's capital.
It was expected that the men would
start for Washington last Saturday, but
a slight chanlge in the program was made.
Malcolm Gillis received a letter front Sce
retary Loeb today and the party w\ill pro
ceed at once to Washington.
The program at the capital will lie car
ried out as planned. The party will be
entertained for several days, seeing the
sights of the city. Soon after their arrival
hey will diple with the prcsident at the
\thiec h'ofire: "
Relatives Claim Association Has To,
Association Says Not.
While relatives are contending over the
question as to whether the IHarrison Bur
ial association should bie made to pay for
a funeral the body of William Malone lies
at ilot Galena street, awaiting burial.
According to the story of the relatives,
Mr. Malone was a member of the associa
tion and was in good standing as far as
he knew. After his death it was discov
ered that he was in arrears.
W\hen the association was approached by
the family they were informed that nothing
was due, that notices of assessments had
been mailed, but no paylent had been
The family contends that the notices
were never received and that the associa
tion is liable for the amnount of burial inl
Suit is threatened in the event of the
association's failure to pay up.
Anaconda, Nov. i6.-Dr. Spelnan and
the chairman of the board of county com
missioners sitting as a jury on insane to
day, examined Victor Dean as to his san
ity. Ile was pronounced insane and taken
to the asylum this afternoon.
Anaco-an,h, Nov. 16,--The benefit con
cert to hb i iv'ti at the Presbyterian church
tonight f,,;: Mli-s Kingsley promises to be
largely atue-i,.d. Au excellent program
has been arr':l' getl.
Open. Close.
do. preferred ...................... 58, 5/
Southern Railway.................. t7!4 t 7
do. preferred..................... 7a! 72V
Southern Pacific.............. ..... 41 414
Slmelter........ 43t. 42i
Sugar Refinery .....................tS44 t64
St. Paul.................... ......... 13JS
'ennessee Coal & Iron...... 27 J7.
Texas Pacific....................... sa ai
Twin (City Rapid Transit Co...... 6!4 i' 6
Union Pacific .............. ....... .o 7o0
United Sutates Steel................ t... Iti Ii
do. preferred..................... ... St .Rs
Vabah............................... IBi i8'
do. preferred....................... 3 !4 4
\'entern Union..................... nJ 84
Mouney at y per cent. Total alles, S30,oo*
Boston Copper Stocks.
(Reported by Coe Counmission ('o.)
Iloton, Nov. 16.-Today's miting shares on
the stock exchangJ e were listed as lullows:
Amalgamated .......................... 31 (mr..
()nceola .............................. 5S ..05 7
An c..nc, d ............................. 60 (417
l'arrot ................................. 17 ' 4 4 sN
M oiha k .............................. .14'4 6 36
l)aly-W\\'est ........................... lt (M.4
Tam arack.............................. 8, tn4
I'talh C,(onslidated ................... j6-iCd. I
Shannon .............................. 8 ,i6 M'P
C'entennial ........ ................... 14',jtg
('oppcr R glle ........................ 43)1(!' 14
T rilnity ............................. . S (.D SS
Unitl, States ........................ 7;4l7at?.
I)ominin C('oal....................... 73)I41l701
I)omin ion Iron....................... 9 u) 9y!
Wolverine (hid)..................... 65. (r.
lingo -Receirpts. 3,500 head. Mdarket sw to
5c Iowcr. Ilcuay. $4.4$·44.50; oli*edd, $.4.3u4
4.55; light, $4,400144-.4!,; Iig.., $4.6.1 4.7u ; hlulk
of 4314.4, $4.;46r .14.&
'licpl- i'41ci44, '4,00oo head4). Markel stcady.
hVtecst~rr, $1.700404 t; orctlcrro. 914/3,411;
CW44. $.4.5o44o; rII4II0404 an44) :.41)k4.r%, $i.uoo(
J3.u; 1lamb,. $350404 75.
Chicago Livestock.
BY A44444t~ VI 1'.n 41'444S,
Chicago, Nov. 16.--attle I(Rccipts, 44)0,0
lIcIhadin 4c1luding 3,000r head - comos. A i
sltady. 44on)d toprime s4ce444. *4.tp40a4.,64: p4444)
to 444cd41444, $,..5'40470; 444c14c4 and I.4 mf
$ .1x04, .1x1; cult a. y . hc c··l; ericr, $j.uuitP
$a.1.7 cano; cra, $4.3su'4u; 1; 114)16, $c,, .i.o;u;
call./), ;1.54467.a15; 440).1$ fcll sccr'i , J1.751,1
3.55; Wc44c~rtl 04e4)4, $3J.nOuJu4.*.
Jlogi Ict'ci444) todUa', J1,4244 144.01d t44morT.
row, .45,04) heaii. Market ottady. MIIxed and)
butclher, $4.5ror'4.95; 44)204 to ch nice 1)4a4,
$4.6oo64.3R ; routaglI hIeavy, $4,30)4)4(45; Ig4ht, $4.30
434.75; bulk of sale, *4.60(444.80.
Shcep~ Itecetl 3)4, So,400 heaed. S14erp, an44)
lambs, lower. H444o4 to chuff -t wctliera, $3,5u~v
4.45; fair to4 cho)4ice m44ixed), $3.t4sl;.jn; weslern)
shecep, $J..444154.o1; native 11a4)41s, $3.75".1'5.3;
wre4tcrn Iamo. $(3.75")05.23.
l)ealinl.gs were small in the g,. lial railroad
list, the high-ipriced sleecialties receiilig the
miost speculative attention. iennlsylvania Imet
considerable stock a, "iid i ., ionle block oi
6,iuo shares hanging ihands. .letropolitan
Street Railway es tended its rie it iit L an I
Sugar rose i, Atclhison p elerred advanced
St. Louis Wool.
ItY' AS Oli A t. IIA Ill . 1' i.,
St. Louis. Mu., Nov. i6.--\\'ul, nominal;
territory and westerll iedin.ll , it.ilyc; I ic
medium, iSu.l6e; fine, .5417e..
Lead and Copper.
iY ASSOc'IA1i I'I t -;S.
New York, Nov. i6. -l.ead, casy at $.1.-:;
colpper, quiet at $.Iou.
B. & O. Directors Meet.
lIY ASM.l 'l'ATll I'RI.SS.
Italtimore, l.. N. ov. t. T''he seventyllsev
enthl annual nmeeting of the Ilaltimnore & Il hii
Railway conlpauiy w,,atn hei lhere today. The
priesent boardiii of directors eCai reI.elellte:
Orton Bros. Pianos nnd organs.
Dr. Schapps, Owsley blk. Tel. No. 16.
The Ravalli hotel at llanultotn will be kIpt
open the year round.
I.onnice l.awrenlce I)etnnis. the boy evan
gelist, who lhais blea n on ali successful
evtangclizilg toutr thrtough the 'cst, will
arrive in ltitte tolnight frolt Miss.lttli anld
will open his work here at the Auditor(lirlll
tomlorrow tighlt. lie is I I years old an I
has been preachinlg sitnce lie was .t. Ilii
tiother accompttianies htim in his travels.
Lippincott & Darrow, a66 P'cennsylvania
There will be a meeting of thel Asso
ciated Charities toiiimorrow afterlloonll in
the headquarters in the public lilrary
buiiling. Mrs. Alice Roalclh will preside
and lusittess of imllporliilCe, will Ibe takenl
J. G. Bates, piano tuner. Residence,
"Tlhe Dorothy." Tel. 699-A.
in a photo envelope it won't get tbroken. You
can get any size you wanlt alt tile I'. U. news
stanlld. We have a complel t aii.lrtmnctlt of
writilg materials and staitionery. 57 \\'.,t l'ark
O'l TICE TO C'lHEItl)tT Its.
Estate of EIllaI I'. Thiccht. Ilcceatsed.
Notice is herebyu given bly the undllersitgned,
admlilinistrator of the estate of Ella E1. 'iieche,
d''l'uerned, to tihe creditors of atld all persosi
having claims agtainst the said deceasedr, to ex
hibit them, with the necessary voucherl,, within
fouur mnths after the first pubtlication of this
lnotice, to the said ;dlnuiitiratsr at tile u ollce
of Lewis A. Smith, iRoom 4. Silver llhow block,
little, Montania, tihe sane being thel place for
ithe tatln.sactiol of the laisinel of said etilate,
in the cuunty of Silver ltow, state of Montatna.
If. A. "'T)WI.E.,
Admninistrator of thile Estate of Ella E. liecllce,
Dated Butte, Montana, this t6th dclay of No.
venmber, 9)o3.
L.ewtis A. Snmith, Attorney for Administrator.
United States Land Office,
Helens, Montana, Septetber a, ioo3.
Notice is hereby given, that the Butte Land
& Investment Company, by Simeon V. Kern.
per, its attorney-in fact, whose postoftice
address is Butte, Silver fow county, Montana,
has this day filed an application for a patent
for t53.63 acres of the Xenophanes Placer
Mining claim, situated in (unorganized) Main.
ing District, Silver IBow county, Montana, a
notice of which was posted on the claim on
the 27th day of August, 19o3; and being more
particularly set forth anti described in the
official examination and Report No. 176, on file
in this office, as follows, to-wit: Iots I and a,
and the east half of the northwest quarter of
Sectiuon t8, Township a north, Range 7 west.
The location of this mine is recorded in tihe
office of the Recorder of Silver Uow county,
on Page 490, in Book II of Placers.
There are no known adjoining claims to
these premises.
FRANK I). MIRACLE, Register.
Jos. II. iHarper, U. S. Claim Agent.
]l RIi\VAII Noodle 'arlors-tlmporters fillne
teas, noodles. lhat, huise Mleiwasi Co. No,
tgp, corner Mercury (thlb alley).
1d .,n of Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan, died
lthi morning at the family residence, ,t6 I..st
('l lr i;rt,. The funeral will take place
\\ i, lh.iday. at . o'rlock.
HAN , II )i--Wontan who has two small c.hil
diet wants employment where site canl gI
home nights. Address hire. hi., Inter Moun.
dilsires position in or out ol town. Address
(lflite ;irl, litter Mountain.
WA ',lI) i--kclliti-e nu.e-iti`Tant-i pwrlac~f
AlIdress Niurse Girl, nlter Mountain.
WANT1I ResptabTi womin wanta house'
keepilng where there is no mistress. Address
lousekeeper, Inter Mountain.
\ ANT'PDT-r)wig w"t'ut wot. y ork.
Address Iay Worker, Itter Mountain.
\~\'.N 'l'T. lccutctio.ery cleri waists clerk'
ship. Address CouifectItuery Clerk, litter
;\ ANi El) \Womnati wants1 laundry wurk. Ad:
di'e,, Luntndry Worker. Inter Monilllltn.
W'AAN rl:1-St.gtno;raphrr and hookkeeper
waitlIs slituation. Address Stenotgrapher,
int r Mountain.
\ t\ I El) Position as bookkeeper or olhe
tI 'ii byi eperiretcel tman; good rrlerences.
Aid ht C. i., Inter hlMontain.
It.\.N I :I) Liratclass bookkeeper wants post
t,,i; will accept clerical work ut any kind.
Addh., ltookkeeper, Inter Mountain.
SAs NTi1t l nlperEcliced tuimekeeper or or licre
mti,. wants si.uatuion. Address Uffice Man,
Inter Mountain. .
\~.''I E1) (h;ud rlik wanut work. Adldr'Si
t:-Ck. Inter lMountain.
i \AN"i ljI)-.'Tik'wanits a clerkship in or out
ol Ihutte. Address (lerk, Inter Mountain.
W.\N' I.li- anio .tr desirer isitiun: under.
st.mils hot air or strumn heal. Addrers Jlins
for, Inter Mountiain.
\.\.Eli - Ionest, relitable colotred buy winds
fthier lc.ltning. Address C. Itoy, Inter
\\ \N'1'1?t) l.in with rei..i ,uii lt ci onne,
l tiraveler to ,call oi ni .ltchant, llt .l . tllts;
c' i"tlieil'' not riiuitisel: :lIar $-I per ,o 'k
w-lit 1 xp l ells. , lu;llll . .llationall, lC"al th
l;uhling, ( 'hi,.ago.
\\'. \N, Ell)-Stligrapher ,t cr.ltien',c, w.in
htii-illess chility; sten l ags hler olld i ,.,.t
with office work. Alddel I a, . t). Itox .41.
\\AN'T' i 'lhthing mai; ne noi t arl't.,l of
wet1. I', ). 1 IIx 73. Anaconda.
I.iI hiearing frll t Iirt', ,1 i in pt.tlirel I
iholi.,', hlart'i situ uitnihithnt.u ao i ont, hiy, .fi
head cattle, t lio wiri. hou, . and all nc, aty
f.mrlilng implements; one ale ih',nl .cho- l, .u
mile, r (mrot , u.tsla; $j,6. , Will itll arm
itithi or witltut stock it IniplenItiit:,. I . ..
W\VIl.inllncy, .11,:.oula, MA lntanaI.
I't)l IS(:.N'I" Fl tisslhed iuiuiii ; in,iiittuih. g4'
V'est Turk.
FOR IE.N'T Two ruooms rii.:shied for ligh.s
s housekeeping. Ulpton h!ncl;, 4t14: S. Alain.
'Ii.ii't I X (VItll) -IIaiusmtii n 1p; tpbitrclasa;
modern convenlcirn,i.. Sut)h Alain.
1Zlll('iE ftat ished siounn . <ti; btlouciT
\\I~st '.,rk.
FOlt RENT TI' ransient roomm. itii (loraido.
1 tIl I·Ni T ..:s i'. v l tn l lrt, iwii u.i I t r Ia1.
n ing house, we' t id .`lain I ertt, l's,.
. . ( , . \\'.". (, ralii s ii',, .
h ,u i fltr a "tllaillm r oIt ; .t iliK g I, ipay llot
Ii m r t suiiedic i i. 'i i i t tl.t
1 ýI'
TMNTAIA NA T'riANSI'EI( C). -Ireiri:'t tran
ftr" moves engines, boilers, sa,.s, inaIl:nirry
of :lI kinds; furniture van and storage; lpiano
drlr:tk for use in diflicult places; d:aler, I1n
cr . 1 wood. 'Telephonie .3. (lfhte: No. is
V'I lIlroadway. WV. J. (hristie, imanager.
Iil\; \(It.l)'.l IliX or 'ph.Ino (on.
Ilt. ". ,i; ll 1ye, ar, nose, thr;,at and
n,; prices nmodlerate; trims cash. No. 4t
i:1 l ;'I;ttIlNIlA IliOG';tJ.lT. I ,otrs ..S4
It4 Prlnsrylvania hoililhng. lours: 9 to . ,
4I i , 7 to a8 (Ofire losed SunIldays.
1 ..VNOLI)S & MlI)WEIi.if, 'ailcig lire
i i.llmancr e companiesl . (Correct rates and
prropt adjustments. 46l Irist Irr.lndway.
.s I. room house. ,> ,nrth \'6 hi V ngton.
]'1,"1:l( RI:ESK, No, 347 .ast Mercu ry; niight
work. Orders prrntpily filled.
t1 UIP &+ W Ni(NICi, vsitrccrsors to John
]i. Ilnpty; assayers and chemists; Iuilion
n,:lted and atraved or pu)rchased. No. 11t
Iltnllilton street, Bluttc, Montana.
IIJj\lAS UU(;GY, assayer and chemist. N ,
4!ir North Main street, Iutte.
I1'l7l'Al'iCK & .'tV5I, usaaayers; succea.
sors to A . . Rombauer. No, to8 North Wyo.
ning street. 'PIhone 659--l. P. (). Iox I14.
, I:II 'N(EL) titoulemover. ,i dgr ilD yton,
43t South Ohio. Tel. 737. Oflice 467 I1. Park.
.......W NTE -BJD .
\\ ANTll--,lids lor building a gold tnrll at
the head of Flint creek, in Red Lion dlistrict,
(r:.itei county. All material furnished on the
grtound, l.ans and specifications can be seen
at uilne, Milwaukee (;old Extraction Corm
pIny. ('able, Montana.
- A. ^. IRTII.I..IITr, hlmardressing, mani.
cure, chiropodist. No. 114 West Broadway.
zoo IAICItELS hard cider at Palmer's, 58 iast
Jtrondlway. jc per glass. Try it.
,AIV\'I'I: free in delicate legal matters; stroctly
r, u.lntiil; promptnesa guaranteed, lux
ig5, I:it; , e luno, tana.
Ilutte's Popular Stopping Place.
DINNI.R, rao t t t i t tI )NNl~i, ase
The beat meat and beit cooked food for aSe
In ilutte. You get as mulch of any and evety
dish offered on the bill of fare as you wislh.
Cuisine nercellred,
IIAN 'IIEW EvY, Prnprietor.
talught. No. 431 \\'st Mlerculy. Onilly l ivatel
at (irson's I.oan Ofle)r, No. 4 I. iPark Mt.
MON " to bal on ion nlttre,. pianos, islary,
time cheeks and all ilther acculity, at low
rats'. fIlh tinss :on, hdetiral. tlitle 4 hIattel
Mortgage to., 38 V. lI'.uk Iat., hl t Ilter.
ZltiNlYt 1 1.irtAN on ,real eslate, rinch
prloperty. :iestok, pianolt or l ulute.a . hit ing
in youllr plropII".iloans,. .Iclkau & Sulvesycn, No.
40 West 'a: k. Ruoom S.
Mt Y t oll' Tt 1. IAN Loansit i itin i ti r.eal
estate or any securiliri. .ol tana 4 l'ha.ttel
L.oan Co. Office: No. a,6 (larLk block.
Slt.Ihl/' N.S r It)'ll )1'] will negotiate a Ito oi
fur yot on Ieal estsate rctl lt)ty. Root:ms t, a,
3. Silver lRow block.
MON lI' "' ( I I.e(A A on to:initoe, ur any a.a.
rlles. Edward ('llhal:man, I utl. i, 77 West
LOANS Ni":tey It, loar at K trll cett; nu
delay. IIall brothers. No. 48 'lust 11tu.ad
way, IIltlte, Montana.
IT 15EV1 Tiea lktAN ott .ao LTitl goilinty
Th'le llattvepnrt Co., N.. its Iltmilton ltreet.
I'AhIi IE' i P'arisian l)ye Ilunar All witk
guaral ltel ll, INo lle i ( imllll. stIr
'llh ,le 7t; A. |ro1nth lyring ntud l nle inl g.
F.\I.I. and \\IN'I It Mhlhlluss y at µ~'atly
z+,te l..I I"11 . ,lan. IIngh'.,' New M1ill
in'ly Ilattos. 1147 I 'Illh a tetr'.
'ir Nt, ulill. lt '.11 IItJX ,:r Irleil lieb r *.i.,
lit IIttl y It.AN . I mll wagon c..v.ie . .
MlhaculIy, S1. o.lluh MLals strelt.
I':F'11 t\Il ?I an crippltil feet olr lIt.I.aIy
etpetc Iepallliing olk allarutlllE . 4 Itat lc
Mack, No'. tHi Nort1h Alatllrly.
I HI '. . l:'lanli rl treat1 mel ntP1 It:lall y. Nivitll
laer ., frotm Mrars. lamn .t', parloris. San
it all, i ,,. e1 (walry Wil" :-
Mlits I.. l: ( A S, tN S iesetii , m ,lll.r.ul.i
()lit. e: N,. 714 a75 I'ennllylvatll blillding.
14AN' (Al.lI';It, lIA I.ll New d.lciu. ain
fall andI wtilter wulens,. Nu. 3,i North
M in.
hell . I 4jl:AIls ,i, lulI West (irantllle tllrret.
Sti t'"l Ithe slslve tturln, l tt;i moved tlV I Ni:.
t:.1. Fast~i t'nrlr. °'i l'h . Inslil er, 2ryl.
\\ AN'TE' ) --'I , h y I ·I." r'f lrl y I*purr, n, e
newspa npr piea-, Adder I'l in hde r,
llavre, Ai,"It.
11 X . 11'.1) I" t ry ,, 1 I ,I." , r,.r e r
i itrr t att ui, ". .\,1d i , It . i , liter M1., 1i
I ilt.
ill N.1J (li .N "'o lei r violn,,, h oniIt " tsi
dolin. No. t4' W\est rvl tnit. ''lbiro ." . tM.
MISS St lI.IAY I'ano. ibu \1'rt (raniein.
ilttail1 i ct n e Ie. 617 athii, Alian jfel,
,67 V.
IIAlHIt 1 tI t,, ~ .1J. I re.rily rrledi.ce-. l .
p iht.. e 'ie ', h il ,\lain Secotn0d l. ld St.,e.
WAN'I kli S,'rl hatld fmu n.in i,,"i;ht and
IE('I11.SI., t. We]t Itroadwoy. -ays luoIIie?
pIei fIr ,ini. elldl . ~u d,. l ti ellf I J,1II.
United States Land )ffire,
Helena, Montana, October ta, 19o3.
Notice it. hrreby given that ('harlr:s Mattison
and Joulhn lerlin, whose postoilice address Ia
outte, Montana, have this day filed their appli.
cation for a patent for 5toJ linear feet, breing
875 feet casterly and bas feet weitcrly, from
the point of discovery in discovery tunncl of
the Sunrise L.ode Mining claim, upon which a
notice of intention to apply for a patent was
posted on the 8th1 day of October, A. 1, 1i ,
situated in unknown mining district, Silver
Ifow county, state of Montana, designated as
Survey No. 6998 in Fractional Township J
north, RIange 7 west, snld being more tparticu*
larly described as follows, to-wit:
Ileginning at the northeset Corner No. r, a
granite stone set In the ground, with a mound
of earth alongside, and marked **I 1.6998 for
Corner No. t, from which the quarter Section
Corner on the south boundary of Section 34
Township 4 north, R(ange 7 west, bears nlorth
a4 degrees 04 minutes rest .1490.5 feet, and r-un
ning thence south IS degrees is minutes east
6o6.5 feet; tltence south 84 1egrees 47 minutes
west, 5oit feet; thence north t5 degrees Ii
minutes west, $85 feet; thelnce north 83 dnegrees
59 minutes cast, 1496 feet to the place of Legin.
ning, containing an area of ao.,o acres claimUed
by the above named appllicants.
The location of this claim is of record in the
office of the county recorder of Silver Bow
county, Montana, in Hook "s" of Lode Loca.
tiets, at Page maa.
The adjoining claim to these premises is
Survey No. 427o, Lurgan Lode on the east.
FRANK D). MIRACLE, Register.
Samuel Barker, Jr., Attorney for Applicants.
(First Publication, October z3, go3.)
Notice is hereby given to all eoseerned that
the partnership existing between Jacob
Oberent of Iutte, Montana, and Joseph A.
Poitras and Adelard Sauvo of tthe same pllce,
was dissolved cn the 6th day of November,
19o3, by the said Jacob Oberem withdrawirng
from sail firm; that the firm name of s;id co
part nerihil, was the "Western Carriage
Works." The temalning membiers of said l in
are to receive and collect all outstanding nc.
counts aund to pay all debts and obligations of
said Irm heretofoure contracted,.
United Slates Land Ofcre,
Helena, Montana, November 5, n3,j.
Notice is hereby given that Henry 1,. John.
tlion and Andrew J. Johnston, whose postol.
flee address is Butte. Montana, and Oliver P.
Johnston, whose postofflce address is Mi.
soullg. MiassulA canonty, Montana, halve this
day liled their application fr a patent for
ltt.R li.near feet, being 22 feet westerly and
149 feet easterly fron disrnovery shaft, of the
Kopper bloone No, 3 l.ode Mining flnilm,
uponi wlC th cliin a I notice of intention to ap.
ply lor a pitent was posited out the ad day of
Nuveimber, Igo3, shtunted in Imtnmlt Valley
(tn.lrgllixld), Minting Distrent., ilver Ilow
aoouty. stite of bMontann, designated as l ar.
vey No. ti ., in the insiarveyed portion of
Fialllti nl l'.wnship 3 north, aultge 7 weit,
beinltg more particularly described as follows:
ltehiotning at tile loithtwest Corner No. I,
which is (:alio otinier No. I of Survery N,.
on., il linloe oirehalll ft Sui vrey No. oon, a r ..
ont it gralittle bIwlder int place, with a o.lltind
of earlth l.lnllgstd, and marked n 69.,J for
Co('irner No. I, ihnt which the soutlheiast colner
of Sectlotion 17, Township ,t north, Range y
wet, hitary toulth 75 Il ees 36 njitillllCt 4I
secullil west, 9.170,5 ri. , aild linning Ihence
sIrtillh a degrea isa IlliliItet wreit, 17,3.8 Intl
theiCtIe ilth Ito tde rrgre to a tit~lliesC Cast, 171.3
fret; thene t south 2 detgree IJ Ilitei c. rail,
IIt fet; thllence Ioth 63J dilree 47 ni'oltlle
west, 11: 5 feet to lilt, lac ol heginnllllng, iint.
mlinlg llll alrn of 0.576 acren, fit which l-.i.63
airle, i r l i tt ltliart with S.t rvey No. (on4g, inoti
clllalmedl. IC.iinglt an arra e tl II (. acres clailnr ,d.
The losatio ar o this elait ll s If rec II ord it II-e
ctcf.,ildel't o tlllie of Salver tltw countly, Mon.
tun.a, in Ho.k "IJ" of I.loce locatiuon, on
Page 4t~
Tilhe aitll ning ciitins toI thle'e premliise are
Su. ,,y No. 5,,", h.L pper Mtunttlaln iotle, llt,
thI Nlth,; NSuty NAI'I 'Ll4. Ko r Kng No.
.1 Iode, on the vast,; Sav.,y Nýo. (f.un. Kaplper
Moon I de, on tite otlh.i alnd . vey Nce.
6un,, K|.l-per King N,. • I...ode ,i the went
1 Il .\N K I). Mn I .1 t 1.1':, eg, ister.
1Saimi l I., keli, J., Airlyllto ii Appllolicants
t ato I'lihb atlion, N ,vember 6, nli.I)
lllNIN, ANl'l'Ll(ATtION £. 46..'.
I nited ,iltes Land Office,
Hieteni, Montana.I , September as, lI.o
Noticell is herbiy givenll that Henrtiy 1.. Joh.
addlress i IItlie, Montansa, and Oliver f.
Juhnstni, whlie piost.hlelllce .ddies is Missoulal.
Mistoiula clounty., l,ulitana, lave this day filed
their alplicaliUtn lur a lpatent flo 576. line
feet, brling -4! itf I le it II llt.i.i ly aI d 38.4 last
southlwetellly frlln dellcveiy shalt, of the
Sartia N.i. a I.ude Nlltig itliant, upon whichl
a Inotie o intention to Ipty follr a patent was
pllted the anit dilay Septemiber. A. 1). lyOj,
situated in uilmitit Valley (ultrlgatied) lin.*
ion district, Silver Ilow rouniy, state of Mon.
tana, deigniatedil as Sitiey Nl. 9.4, in the
ulsuviieved ltinli onlf Ifi iittill Lnal T lwnsllp
ourlth, U.inge 7 well, librg miore partllularl
de-scribed as followsall
lleginningl at iithe outllwe*. Corner No. I, a
point in the north sliie line of Survey No.
6aa6, a granute stulne set in the ground, with a
imoilund uf eaith anllonglrle and. nmarkedJ i 6 i
lor loriier No. , i. om which the quarter nec
tion corner mon the east boundary of Section Iy
wiownship 3 orit,. ange 7e went, bear. nlrth
3 d. greeis 27 inuites s seconds west, 7r20.
feet, and ruii.ng tlhence soui h 69 degrees A;g
mlsll es sfas, 5yy76 tiet; tlleltce noril a de.
grere a lu:lllll west, 3.3 freet; tlhencre nortIh
y deirr.s s 3 im'lnute west, 576.5 hetl; thence
south a degll reer mlinuites easl , 1533 leet to
Ithle piti of bltnninmg, contlaining ill area ot
a.ol a- es,. l whIchl t.O arIs is in tconilict
with Survey No. og.d, not ilalmed, leaving an
areLa o i. aecli c llainied bjly lia abov named
|The localtion of lits claim If of record In the
county iecoldera o.ier of .lilver flow county,
Muuntalu, in Ilt.uk "U," of lude Locatliunl us
i'ae 41il.
'site adjoininllg laiims toIn these premises are
Survey No. s546, Sarina L.odle on the north
and west; Survey No. 6oni, Kopper King No.
a L.ode n th t astt , and liSurvey No. 6Ba4
Columbfus I.tite, on the south.
FRANK I). MIRAIt I.i. Register.
Samuel iBarker, Jr. atlernry fur alpplicant,
S( is at ! .'lication S.i tlimber a, si )).
I nited States fand Omffee,
Helrea, Montana, )ctana, r 5, gOs.
Ntiice In hereby given, that 'I lhuimnas If. (cot
feer and Iliry C. (oller, by Michael A. I),,.a
hue, their atilrney i- f.lct, whose pistlfh.eo
address ia Itutte, NVSiver flow county, )lluntla,
have this day lilrl anll appliration fot a palest
for 1,3e linear feet, th. same heing fir 553
feet in a westerly antl 9i4 fret in an easterly
direction i m1 the oi1t of diiscouvery ioni lha
lilank I ode lauing t I.ni, titiuated in Sumnmit
Valley (unlliganerdimtl l ning dtitrict, hilver
lfiw cioumity, Nfoniitaina, tile: puSlitin, course,
and extent, iof the r s:n mining claim, designa.
ted by am official suilvy Ihci.l, as ,urvey
No. 6456, ''Township No, 3 north, Itange I
west, a notice of whirhh was posted on the
claim on the Jlith lay ut ,Seplclten r, Ions, and
btiltg more particularly set fhriti and described
In time u8ffic.d feld nmt-s antil plat thmeluf uIn
file ln tius oifier, as flilow,, to.wit:
Ilegininlg at the northwest lociation corner,
a granite bioulder I II lafce, 3x4" floot mm;nCve
glmround, mumhrkd m 6156 fIr Corner No. I, frorm
whence initlal Point N.'. a, ealabllised for
Iurveys in F action 'lwunshiip 3 north, ltange
7 west, bears north 41 degreels m9 minultes west,
2,86 c feet, and rullmmllg thence nmmth 84 degress
37 ihinultes east, ib50 feet to tile loi'lleast
Corner No. a; tiltllmie hUutih 4 degrees 23J lin*
uies etast, 355 feet to Itie su.thleasl Comrner No.
3; thence soi1h 85 f degtrrees 37 minulttea well
I,auo feet to (:orner N. 4; theinmce sulth Sy
diegrees 36 mnlnutes weat, 3-mu feet to the soutb'
wet't (uorner No. 5; thinrlce ip north 4 ldegrees .3
Minutes westm 345 feet to Corner No. I and
pi!c of inninillU, containing an area utof a.l
acres cI.aimied by lthe above na'med applicantll
tor patent.
The lomatinn of this mine is recorded In tima
office of the Recorder ul Silver Uow cuunty,
in JIook V of Lades.
On tillhe south is Survey No. s~l9, Mary lIIce
Lode; James W. Murtay, el. al., aplicantal
on the southwest Survey No. 5722, Jusephine
Lode, Robert Mcllride, applicant; on the
west, the Jtirdie No. a Lode, unslurvryetd
Siampson Jieer, clainant.
FRANK 1D. MIRA'.CLE, Rtegiste.
Jos. IT. Harper U. S. Claim Akent.
(lirst Iublicadton, October 6, .$oS.)
United States Land Office,
Ifelena, Montana, Ottoiber 15, 1903.
Notice is hereby given that James IF.
O'llrien, Anna Roseml.tein and the heirs of
John Eddy, deceased, wholse postollice address
is Hlutte, Montana, have this day tiled their
application for a potent for 149a linear feet,
being /46 feet north 63 degrees IS minutel cast
and 746 feet south 79 degrees 46 minutes west
from discovery shaft of the (;old Hug Lode
mining claim, upon which a notice of intentlon
to apply for a patent was pollsted on the 13t1
day of O(ctober, 1903, slluated in (unorganized)
mining distrl.t, Jefferson county, state of Mon.
tana, designated as Sulrvey No. 7038 in F'rac
tional Township 3 north of RI(nne y west, be.
Ing more particularly described as follows,
Ieginning at the northwest Corner No. r, a
granite bowlder in place, witnessed by bearingl
trees and marked --I"- o-7038 for Corner No. I,
from which 1. V. No , ., Township 3 north,
Range 7 west, bears north 26 degrees :u Imnt.
utes west, 6433.6 feel; and runninig thlenme
south 14 degrees 17 miiutes east, 531 lecti
thence north 74. degrees a. minutes tcat, 1473
feet; thence north 14 degrees 17 minutes west,
469 feet; thcnce south 73 degrees 54 minutes
west, 729 feet; thence soutthl 79 degreces 46
minutes west, 746 feet to the place of beginl.
ning, containing an area of I6.3.alcrea claincd
by the above named applicants.
The location of this claim is of record in
the County Recorder's office of Jctfieson
eounty, Montana, in Book la of Lode Lioca,
tions, on Page a19.
The adjouihlg claims to these premises are
unknown. FRANK ID. MII(ACL.k,
Samuel Parker, Jr., Attorney for Applic:lau
(First Publication, October ir, goj9.)
Cram's Atlas of the WVorld, 19o3 edition, wiltl
handsome up-toldare map of Montana, is give
free to Inter Mlountain subscribers who pay
?'.5n for one year in auv:nce. T'lhe special 5.i
votei coupon is also, included

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