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Doubtless with some ulterior object in
view, and probably with the idea of
creating sentinment and sympathy for their
side, some of the Heinze attaches on Sat
urday night started the story that the
Boston & Montana people were wrecking
the workings in the Pennsylvania mine on
what is known as No. 3 vein, Part of the
story was that one charge had wrecked
the Heinze workings on the 1,ooo level
and that there was no warning of it, and
several men made narrow escapes from
Alfred Frank, mining engineer of the
Rarus, gave his sanction to these reports
in an interview printed today. The point
where all this alleged destruction was re
ported to have taken place is in the dis
puted ground, near the south side line,
yoo feet from the Rarus, which led to the
contempt proceedings and the fining of
the Boston & Montana company and sev
eral of its officers on Saturday.
B. & M. Officials Interviewed.
Of~ccrs of the Boston & Montana comn
pany say the whole thing has been very
much exaggerated, and that there has been
nothing going on in the vicinity of the
alleged trouble that has not been going
on. every clay.
George Moulthrop, who is in charge of
the work in the Pennsylvania. says the
Heinse people and the Boston & Montana
men are working side by aide on the No.
3 vein. The miners are very careful to
give each other warning when there is
any blasting to be done, as they are not
going to imperil the lives of men in the
samne business for the ditTerences between
There was nothing out of the ordinary
on Saturday. The Heinze people have
been working hard to get out all the ore
possible before the controversy over the
ground is decided, so that should the case
go against them the Boston & Montana
will have nothing but a suit for damages
against Heinze.
Poor Timbering.
In their haste to get out the ore the
Ileinze people have prolbably neglected to
timber properly, and this led to the cave
on the 1,ooo level. While the Boston &
lontana people believe Heinze has no
right in the disputed ground, it is absurd
to suppose that it is going to countenance
the destruction of property which it hopes
some day, when a fair and impartial hear
ing of the matters in dispute can be had,
to be declared the owner of. The con
tempt proceedings, of course, settled noth
ing as to merits of the controversy.
Superintendent John Gillie of the Bos
ton & Montana confirms the statement of
iMr. Moulthrop as to the situation. The
mininig in that part of the Rarus contigu
out to the workings where the alleged
blasting is said to have taken place is be
lieved to have been carried on in such
shape as to do harm to the workings, and
then throw the blame on the Boston &
Montana. Superintendent Gillie says there
has been absolutely nothing going on in
the disputed ground but what has been
going on there right along.
For choice seats for "Ben Hur" order
before midnight Monday. World Mes
senger Co. Tel. aoo.
Orton Bros. Pianos and organs.
W. J. Harvey, who has been employed as
a clerk at Connell's and other establish
aments, expects to leave Butte tonight over
the Great Northern for the coast. He will
reside in Oroville, Cal.
Smoke Flor de Baltimore cigars.
Albert Holter, formerly of Helena who
is engaged in the ranch business near Sil
ver Star, Madison county, is in the city.
J. W. Farley of Pittsburg, Pa., arrived
in the city early this morning. Mr. Farley
is in Montana for the purpose of looking
over the plant and business of the Mis
souri River Power company with a view
of investment.
Dr. Schapps, Owsley blk. Tel. No. s..
General Agent Fitzgerald of the Rio
Grande road has gone to Idaho Falls.
Sheriff John Buckley of Choutcau coun
ty arrived in the city last evening from
Deer Lodge and left for the north today.
R. T. Starr, route agent for the Great
Northern Express company, is here from
Helena on an official trip.
Smokers' articles displayed at Julius
Fried's are the finest in the state.
J. E. Badley, formerly engaged in the
drug business in Deer Lodge and in Great
Falls, but now on the road for a St. Louis
drug house, is interviewing the Butte trade.
Phil Gibson, son of Senator Paris Gib
son of Great Falls, is at the Finlen. Mr.
Gibson has just returned from Portland
and may decide to locate here.
J. G. Bates, piano tuner. Residence,
"The Dorothy." Tel. 699-A.
Detective Murphy of the Butte police
force left today for Helena on business.
There will be a meeting of the official
board of the Mountain View Methodist
church tonight in the church and all
tmembers are expected to attend.
Dr. M. A. Miller of Dillon is in the city.
The funeral of Amy B. Burch, the 14
year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
M. Burch of 336 Hopkins street, who died
of diphtheria last night, was held from the
home at a o'clock this afternoon, the Rev.
Dr. Bovard officiating.
The ladies of the Florence Crittenton
circle are seeking a home for a 6-weeks
old baby boy. They hope to place him In
a good family for adoption.
Nate Godfrey, chief clerk of the lower
house in the legislature, is in the city.
IMr. Godfrey is one of the prominent
sheepmen of Meagher county and owns
extensive ranching interests near Two
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scriptions for all of them and have them
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Souvenirs at Mayer's, 65 West Park.
Three sales daily: Mornings from so to ta
o'clock; afternoons from a:3o to 4:30 o'clock;
evenings from 7:3o to p:3o o'clock.
Everything will be sold to the highest bid.
der. Nothing reserved. No goods will be bid.
Mir. Hubert Brown of Minneapolis, the fa.
Inous furniture auctioneer, will conduct the
Take advantage of this opportunity to buy
furniture and carpets at your own price,
Pctnsylvania Building, Butte.
(Reported by Coe Commission Co.)
New York., Dec. t4.--The opening and clos.
ing quotations on the stock exchange today
were as follows: Open. Close.
Open. Close.
American Ice ................... 7f) 7
do preferred ............... ... 8 aSl
Amalgamated Copper .............. 45 477!
Anaconda Mining Co............... 76 76
Atchison, Topeka & Santa e.... 673 664
do preferred .................. 9oai 936
Baltimore & Ohio ............. 7851 79,4
Brooklyn Rapid Transit ........ 481, 4971
Canadian Pacific .................t..t,8; tls
Chesapeake . Ohio ...........3Ja 32'4
Chicago & Aenon .................. 35 3531
Colorado Southern ........... 14.4a t4'
Colorado uel & Iron ................. 27 4
Chicago Great \estern ........... is-% st?
Consol dated Gas .................t83 18sj3
Delaware & IHudson ..........tS84 158M
Erie ................. ........... g 3o3
do tat preferred ............... 67.4 68
General Electric (.o...............64 164
Illinois Central ................. tai8Y 293,
Louisville & Nashvihe ............tosy :a071
Manhattan Consolidated ..........4o04 4o14
Metropolitan Traction .............taa. ta
Mexican .entral ................. 94 93
Missouri, Kansas & .exas......... 174 174
do preferred ..................... 381 384
Missouri Pacific ................ . 917 9276
New York Central ..............174 ttc14
Norfolk & Western ............ 571V 57
Nor.,twestern ..................63!. s63/:
()ntarlo & \\'estern .............. a2s ati4
P'ennsylvania Railroad ...........stSV4 117v4
People's Gas ..................... 98 98
d, preferred .................. 40% 39'6
Kansas City Cattle.
Kansas City, Dec. 14.-Cattle-l-eceipts, to..
ooo head. Native steers, $.oo..s.a5; Western
steers, $3.501 4.zo; Western cows, $2.ootJ.45;
native cows and heifers, $2.oo0o3.5o; stockers
and feeders, [email protected]; bulls, $2..itj.aJ5; calves,
$.Soun 6.oo.
llos- Receipts, 9,ooo head; market, steady
to sc higher. Hulk of sales $4.55(4.7o; heavy,
$4.60(o4.75; packers, $4.55s4.75; pigs, $4.5o04.70.
Sheep-Receipts, 3.o0o head; market, Sc to soc
higher. Muttons, $3.5oro4.to; lgmbs, $4.25a5.a5;
range wethers, $4.asJ54.6o; ewes a.50o(3.50o.
Chicago Cattle.
Chicago, Dec. t4.-Cattle-Receipts, 24.ooo
head; market, steady. Good to prime steers,
$4.9o0w5.65; poor to medium, $3.0oo4.75; stock.
crs and feeders, [email protected]; cows, S$t.5oQD30;
heifers, $t.75Pt4.5o; canners, $I.So(.o.jo; bulls,
$t.75(ft4.oo; calves, $3.oo(ijs.a5.
Ilogs--Receipts, 45.000 head; tomorrow, 3o.oo000
head; market, steady. .Mixed and butchers,
$4.454.47o; good to choice heavy, [email protected];
New York, Dec. 4.--The opening prices in
the stock market today reflctcd the cheerful
tone of the London market with fractional at.
vances. l'rices ascended slowly but steadily
from to to is o'clock. The demand was varied
and every representative stock, both railroad
and industrial, was advanced a point or more.
The colers made the best showing in point
of activity antid strength, the scasonable weather
causing more speculative interest in the group.
United States Steel preferred figured con
spicuously in the rise, but after improving 1t
to 54, profit-taking sales became effective.
Sugar rose s points and W\estinghouse Elec'
tric 3.
The reaction ran to Y4 In United States Steel
preferred and a point in Blrooklyn Rapid Tran
sit, Sugar and Missouri Pacific. Prices hard
ened again on intensely dull trading and had
risen to near the best by noon.
BIonds were steady at noon.
Room traders singled out Southern P'acifie
to lead a fresh jump upward and the stock
was takean freely up to 48%. The market re.
sponded in sympathy and top prices were
Did Not Have Chance to Arrest Young
Parker in Deer Lodge.
Deer Lodge, Dec. 14.-The report print
ed in some newspapers to the effect that
Sheriff Barnden had a chance to arrest
T. W. Parker, the alleged forger, here a
few days ago, yet failed to do so through
the connivance of a woman, is denied by
the sheriff. He says he knew nothing of
the allegation, as he did not know Parker
was here.
The accused, who has been arrested at
Livingston and taken to Helena, is a son
of Col. L. C. Parker of this city, who
feels terribly wrought up over the affair.
It is reported that Colonel Parker will
endeavor to pay all of the spurious checks
alleged to have been passed in Montana
by his son, amounting to probably $.oo,
but will not attempt to square his Port
land, Ore., forgeries,
This means that the young man will
probably be turned over to the Portland
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with Ample Capital and Conservative Management.
Capital and Surplus, $600,000.00
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We Charge No Interest for Carrying Long Stocks
Open. Cloe.
Reading ......... ......... .... 434 449
Rock Island ...................... a5, 16
do preferred ...................... OK1t 619
Southcrn Ra..way ............... 2044 at
do preferred .................. 77 77%
Southern P'acific ................... 47i 484
Snmeher ........ ................. 40 49
Sugar Refinery ...................j2 A4 234h
St. aul ........ ................41!4 4 44
Tenneesee Coal & Iron........... J3! i1
Texas Pacific ..................... .t4Y aS
Twin City Rapid Transit .o...... 9 9J
Utnion Pacific ...................... 79. 4
CLnited States Steel ............... mo!±, mo
mdo preferred .................... A 5334
Wabash ............. ............ .,o4 1Tf
do preferred ................... 3654 37;!L
Money, S per cemnt. Total sales, 536,30o shares.
Boston Copper Stocks.
(Reported by Cue Colmmnission (C'.)
Itoston, Dec. 14.--Tloday's mining shares on
the stock exchange were listed as follows:
Amalgamated ......... .......... 47'6f4C..
Anaconda ........................... 76 @..
Osceola ............................ 59 (h'594
Mlohawk .. .............. 37 1S38
Daly \et ..................... 35 (435JS)4
'Tamarack ................. ....... 86 (0g .
Utah Consohidated ....... .......... [email protected]?i
Shannon ............................. PS74 8
Copper Range .......... ............. 45144e46
Centennial ............ .............. IB a 1sl8"
Trinity ........... ....... .... 41 S
United States Miini ................ is rl's.
I)omninion (oal .................. 74 (475
Dominion Iron ..................7. F761 7"
\ olverine ......... .................. 671!/.a68
rough heavy, $4.4olP4.6o; light, $4.30o4.65; bulk
of sales, $4.50(n 4.65.
Sheep-tReceipts, jo,ooo head; market, steady;
lambs, steady; good to choice wethers, $S.a.p
4.oo; fair to choice mixed, $:.50oJ.5o; \\'estern
sheep, $,.J5r.3,5o; native lambs, $J.ouu5.95;
Western lambs, $3S.so 5.70.
Omaha Cattle.
South Omaha, Dec. i4.-Catlle--Receipts,
4.500; market, steady. Native steers, $J3bo·t
4.50; cows and heifers, $2.SoP,"J.75; Western
steers, $t-703s.75; Texas steers, [email protected];
cows and heifer,, $-..SrJ.4o; canners, $ri.5
(na.ao; stockers antd feeders, $2.50otJ.75; calve.:,
$3.00, 5,25; btulls, stag., etc., $1.5o,43J.75.
Ifogs--Receipts, 9g,-3. head; market, slow,
Sc lower. Heavy, $4,35(14.45; mixed, $4.4otj
4.45; light, $4.4ouM4.Su; pigs, $4.outu .35; bulk
of sales, [email protected],5o.
Sheetp--reccipts, iS,ouo head; market, steady.
Fed nuttons, $J.650t4.o0; wethers, $.J.s(S43.65;
ewes, $2S75rS3-'5; common and stocks, $a.t5qa
3.S0; lamb.n', $4.oo~it.50.
ilade by the \\'tern stocks and the coalers.
At t o'clock the market became quiet.
I'roitw were taken moderately throughout
the list when the demanad slackened. Anmal
ganateld ('lper Iecame very active later ig
the day and gaine.d nq. Other stocks stittenea
cunsiuerably andt trading increaCsd.
CUnion Pacific and Amalgamated ('opper rose
2 to 2, over Saturday and the whole market
maintained its dull tone. T'he eluse was mnod
erately firm and active.
New York Silver.
New York, Dec. 4.--Uar .liver, Ss!c; MexJ
lean dullars, 434c. '
St. Louis Wool.
St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 14.-W-ool, nominal)
territory and Western mediums, aKtat9c; line
medium, l5sQtc; tite, [email protected]
Lead and Copper.
New York, Dec. 14.-Lead, stcady,$4.57%;
copper, steady, IIsaIrtHc.
Manager Dick P. Sutton of the Broad
way theater is indignant over a report
that has got abroad that some favorel
persons have been able to purchase seatd
in advance for the production of "Ben
Hur." He requested the Inter Mountain
today to print the following announcement
over his signature:
"One hundred dollars will be paid cheer
fully to any one in Butte, or outside of
Butte, who can show a ticket bought at the
Broadway theater for the 'Ben Hur' en
gagement. Not one ticket for the show
can be bought before to a. m., Tuesday,
D)ecember ss. No country orders will
leave Butte before Tuesday evening. All
mail orders will be protected promptly at
to a. mn. Every effort will be made to
protect the line and give all a square deal
No more than six seats will be sold td
any one purchaser. Scalpers please take
t1) iN E1 I. The reinna of Mrs. Marie K.
Il nnelly will he removed from Slerman .
Reeds at 4 o'clock today (Monday) to her late
residenlce, 324 South Washington street. front
there the funeral cortege will leave at o0:.
a. Il. Tuesday morning, thence to it. P'at*
ii'k's cllurclh, where requilenm solemn lllgh mass
esill he said at to o'clock.
WANTEI)- -Col pstcttt girl for general house.
work, at ontce, no other need apply. 70f
Hlickory street, Ahaicotda.
\VANTI)--(iood girl for general housework.
'all at Inter MountJla olfice, Anaconda.
,It IY hII rnlediici roomsn , steamn heat and
atilh, .o Vs'tst Quartzr street; prices mlloderate.
'i;U'tNT.-Two rooms turnsaahed lot Tighs
-ousekeeping. Upton block, 4144H . Main.
l 'Iot xT U oX- o- to u-f, -p; -intf--ilt
modem convencleuces. South Main.
nTcT.T'i shlid reaois.--a rork TTTblock,
West Park.
ltO iN-f....-'ransoeint rooams. sos (olorado.
\\ ANTI'I) -Second-hand safe. 44 North Alait,
IItI.\1I) and roumt in tprivate family. 489 Bast
Ft lit SAI.--w roIm house and corner lot.
No. 615 ('iterry street, IEast uttie.
1R. T. A. GRIUU-Eye, ear, nose, throat and
lungs; prices moderatel terms cash. No. 41
Iliabour building. 'Phone 94--A.
Sh'I('tIALi Ti Ttill INtt.It MOUNTAIN.
llclena:t, Dec. t4.-IThe trial of Ike (;ra
velle, charged with dynamiiting the tracks
anit bridges of the Norlhicrn l'acific, was
Ibegun in tile district court today. The en.
lire imornintg was taken upl in an elfort to
cecure n jury.
Several special venires were called nod
at a late touar this afternoon the jury
had not been securted, though it was hoped
to have it completed before the adjourn
ttent of court for the day.
There are two informantions agaist
Gravellc, each containing ithree counts,
and both charging felony. The count on
h.ich t;rnvelle Is being tried now charges
hitn with writing letters to the officials of
the Northern P'acific, demattling money
and threatenling to use dynamite unless
this demand should be complied with.
County Attorney Working and William
Wallace, counsel for the Northern Pacific,
are for the plrosecution atnd Leon LaCroix
for thte defense.
For choice seats for "lien Ilir" order
before mtidnight Monday. World Mesc
.eager Co. Tel. zoo.
Tlhe week at the Grand opened with an
entirely new program. Westin, the rapid
change artist, is among the cleverest at
tractions. lie will represent the late
Marcus Daly, Mayor Mullins and F. A.
lceinze. The impersonations of the man
are startlingly true to life.
Another attraction is the Brewer family,
mother and two children. The children
are aged 6 and 8 years and are little
prodigies when it comes to dancing and
'Tie Empire has among its attractions
for this week some lively things. The
Arabian magicians are a wonder and the
things these men do on the stage are
startling to say the least.
The musical selections, vocal and instru
ilmental, are pleasing and win the applause
of the packed houses which greet them.
Mr. and Mrs. Wright in the refined Irish
sketch are clever and succeed in winning
merited encores.
Then the Aherns, Ely Dawson and Carl
(harles are all good, and the new line of
moving pictures are entertaining. These
cointinuous shows are growing in favor
each day.
Virginia City, Dec. 14.-The distressing
news from Butte of the death of Mrs. Ig
Intius Donnelly created universal gloom
in Virginia City where only a few days ago
she spent a few days in the full bloom of
health. Mrs. Donnelly camne here to lend
her voice to the success of the Elks memo
rial services. She sang in splendid form
tnd made many friends here. She was
taken ill upon her return to Butte and
passed away before many here knew she
was ill.
Deer Lodge, Dec. 14.-The annual re
port of County Clerk Evans for the fiscal
year ending -November 30, made public
today, shows that it cost $43,6oo to run
the county during that period, including
the salaries of officials and interest on the
bonded debt. The court costs were about
$3,,0oo. The assessed valuation of the
county was increased $315,ooo over the
previous year, while the debt of the county
was reduced $1a,790o. Taxation was re
Car Leaves the Track.
A car loaded with copper on an east
bound Northern Pacific freight train left
the track Saturday night close to Welch's
ptlr, n.ar Ifomnestake, and traffic was de
layed several hours. It became necessary
to, tr.nsfer the copper to another car and
to tau,' siome repairs to the track.
Butte's Popular Btopping Place.
DINNER, ese t t s I st DINNE(R, *s
The best meal and best cooked food foor ss
In Butte. You get as much of any and every
dishr offered on the bill oi fare as yoe wish.
Culsine unexcelled.
DAN TEWEY, Proprietor.
FA.LL and WINT.l~K )tilntery at greaitly
reduced prices. Mrs. Ilughes' New Mill.
Inery Parlors, 647 Utah avenue.
klN__ WtiORLU.b1 IUX or teleihone so .
S C and w gou lo.;ers+ A
Macauley, lna South Main street.
REYNOL),D & McDOWELL, leading l ire
insurrnce companies. Correct rates and
prompt adjustments. 46 East Broadway.
bar a, trom irs. Hanson's parlors, ban
Francisco. 45 Owiley Bllock.
1111. 1.. B. CARSON --Scieintiic masseur.
Omrces Nos. ay4--a7 P'ennylvania ullding.
'Phone op7-- B.
EX'ERIEiNCEDL) Iouseniover. Edgar l)ayton,
4,1 South Ohio. Tel. 7ya. Oflice 67 I. I'ark.
(COTI'T, the stove man, has moved to No.
stS East Park. 'Ph'one number, ag4.
1 6 ' .tUSI-TEA E.RS m
dolin. No. 148 West Usanite. 'P'hone S'f-M.
ISS B.S-l..Y--Miano. toez WeNet-(.ra n-.
expert repairing work guaranteed. Charles
Mack, No. sag North Arcadmcny.
MEIWAI Noodle 'arliurs- Importers fone
teas, noodles. Chiau, Suie Metwab Co. No.
tsg, corer Mercury (the alley).
befgre January ,t at leNs than half price. All
aRoald cheapest in the city. hlltghlct prices
paid for secornd-hacnd gocdc in the WVct. The
Southlll Main, 16. 'Phone 857NM.
Ill;lIES'T cashi pricey paid lor scrond Ihlnld
household goods; buy, sell, pack, shap and
exchanng furnilture. cidman & Co., aJ7 West
Park street. '!'hone 975M.
WANTEDZ-Seconld-hand fc rniturciigohl jiai-ai
sold. No. 338 East Park street, iutte. Tele.
phone G86-V. K. McNamara.
lRECHIIl..la ; West broadway. -'aya highceli
price for household goods. IPhtone 93u1t.
IIAl.F INTI,.EST by seticng particr in
lIcing erstlab.linhcd tannacrtlic ing blu.inr..: no
debts; w.rking capit.l $ci,oi.a.ou. IIf. . I'i -
l:lbr, C(hilttancoora, Tenn.
ADVI("tE free in delicate legal lcnatlers; strictly
confidential; promptness guaracnteed. Ato
85,. Butte, Montana.
Tf6 aoWnemen E.outt Mn teI
MEIR! & WF.NItICII, sucenssorl to John
R. fnapty; assayers end chemists; bullion
melted end assayed or purchased. No. sty
Hamilltoh street, bIulte, hlontana.
TIHOAMAS ttUcGY, assayer adctctna rc
430 North Main street. Blutte.
1iArsitiaricR rT.EWis: ablayers; ueces
sors to A. B. Rombauer. No. rob North Wyo.
ming street. 'Phone 659--i. 1'. P . 1O. x l.
fine horses at once quarter of actual cost.
Address Itox 742, Ilulte.
S.. . . J.T LORIN L.. .
DAN CALI)ER, TAILOR-New designl in
fall and winter woolens. No. jie North
MONEY to loan on furniture, pianos, salary,
time checks and all other security, at low
rates. IBusalless confidential. Butte Chattel
Mortgage Co., 5i W. P'ark at.. first floor.
other security. McRae & Sulvesun, No. 49
West 'ark, Room 5.
)dOiJIY To LOAN-Loans on furniaure.-rea
estate or any securities. Montana Chattel
Loan Co. Office No. sar Clark block,.
SLEMUN II7 i JOiTUHi wili neoilati a lon
for you on real estate security. Rooms I, a,
i, Sliver Bow block.
SOR Vi.,T.OT ANn -T"ii~"wre or any secu.
rtiles. Edward Chapman, Room a, 77 West
MAANS--loney to loan at I per cent; no
delay. Hall brothers, No. 48 East Broad
way, Butte, Montana.
WJ1'" T on any ,'n of lecurity.
The Davenport Co., No. ,as Hamilton street.
MRS. A, DIRTIIRIHIGHT, hairdrscllsing, mni.
cure, chiropodist. No. 114 West Broadway.
PAUMIE'S Parisian Dye House-All work
cuaranteed. No. do West Galena street.
Phone 747-A. French dyeing and cleaning.
fer; moves engines, boilers, sales, mae'inery
of all kinds; furniture van and storage; plano
derrick for use in difficult places; dealers in
coal end wood. Telephone sa. Omfcer No. as
West Broadway. W. J. Christie, manager.
W`fGV iW r I OT-li lor 'phoiin too.
at Girson's Loan Office, No, s4 E. Park St.
United States Land Office,
Hetena, Montana, September a, 90o3,
Notice is hereby given, that the lutte Land
& Investmcnt Company, by brmeon V. KI(e,
per, its attorneyin.fact. whose postollee
address is Butte, Silver Bow county, Moetaea,
has this day filed an application for a patent
for Sj,43 acres of the Xenophanes Plane
Mining claim, situated in (unorganited) Mil.
ing District, Silver Bow county, Montana, a
notice of which was ported on the claim oni
the ythll day of August, tso31 and being more
particularly set forth and described in the
officil examination and Report No. 76$, on lie
in this ofmce, as follows, to-wits Lots a and a*
and the east hall of the northwest quarter of
Section ia, Township a north, Range 7 west.
The location of this mine is recorded in the
office of the Recorder of Silver Bow county,
on Page 490, in Hook B of Placers.
There are no known adjoining claims to
these premises.
Jos. II. Harper, U. S. Claim Agent.
United States Land Office,
Helensa Mot.tana, October Is, a9e,
Notice is hereby given that Charles Msattisoe
and John lerkin, whose postofice address it
Butte, Montana, have this day fled their appif.
eation for a patent for teon linear feet, being
675 feet easterly and 6as feet westerly, from
the point of discovery in discovery tunnel of
the Sunrise Lode Mining claim, upon which a
notice of intention to apply for a patent was
posted on the 8th day of October, A. D. roo3.
situated in unknown mining district, Silver
Bow county, state of Montana, designated as
Survey No. 6pp8 in Fractional Township S
north, Range 7 west, and being more ptarltie.
larly described as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the northeast Corner No. r, a
granite stone set in the ground, with a mounad
of earth alongside, and siarked ..I.. a.o69 foe
Corner No. a, from which the quarter Section
Corner on the south boundary of Section 54.
Township 4 north, Ranlge 7 west, bears north
a4 degrees o4 minutes east ,1499.5 feet, and run.
ning thence south s5 degrees Ia minutes east
606.5 feet; thence south I4 ltegrees 47 minutes
west, I5so feeti thence north is degrees Is
minutes west, aSs feet; thence north 81 degrees
59 milnutes east, 1496 feet to the place of begin.
talg, containing an area of au.ao acres claihed
by the above named applicants.
The location of this claim is of record In the
oBce of the county recorder of Silver How
county, Montana, in Book "S" of Lode Loca*
tlc. at 'age uos.
The adjoining claim In these premises If
Survey No. 427o, L.urgan I.ode on til east.
FRANK I). MlitACEI.F, Register.
Samtel Hllrker, Jr., Att.orlney for Applicantsl
(First i'ublicatiou. October 1a, 'gI..)
United Statea Land (Ofliee,
Helena, Montana, November S, aong.
Notice it hereby given that Ilenry I.. John.
ston and Andrew J. oh.l,hn.ton, whose postol.
lAce addresa is ilutte. Montania, and Oliver P.
Johnston, whose poitloflhe address is tis.
soula, Maivsoula countlly, Montana, have this
day filed their applicaltion flr a Ipatent tot
171.1 linear feet, heing sa feet westerly and
149.9 Led easterly trolut disrovery hllat, to the
Kopper Moutne No. 3 it.ila Mhllttttg ( latite
upon which claim a ntlice of intetitin to alt.
ply for a patent was i.posted n the ad tday of
ovenclhr. son, , it uated in Sutmnmllt V.atlelr
(unorganised), Mhinlg Distirict, Silver ituw,
county, state of Mtullotla., deJig~nted no otr.
vey No. e6060. in tihe uuansrveyrd I.prtion iof
Fracttonal I'township a nltth, I(ange 7 we·t,
being moire particularly described as Inllows
llcginninig at the ,tllthiwest Corner No,. ,
which is also Corner No. I o. Sourvy Nil.
t* t.S, ill llle tI of Sinuvey No,. t(..n , a "1I
on a granite ?,owlder inl Ilacee, Will:l Ii'ioUlldi
of earth alo.igilc, andi manlkd , t/i tor
Corner No. al,ihttin which the noutlheast coi,,ner
of Seetion 17, 'l'ow.lship 3 north, Range 7
west, hears houIlt 74 dmlreers 36 mlinulltes 4
seconds wert, 3 70,5 feel, illd aruaimutig l1hrtt(Ie
northi a dtegrees au minutes westal, l7.1.. Irel;
thence north Ho degrees 4u Ininltes Ie ast 573
feet; thence south la legire . Ito tintii east,.
al9 feet; thence oituth 6.1 degrees 47 nllultes
west, 187.5 left to the patce ofi lbeginning, cont.
taintllnig atra of 0.S76 acres, of whicl o.o63
scrr atire in conflict with Survey Nou. 6o4, not
claimld, t leaving aon areas o .53 acres clainled.
T''he location oit thin .l:mt i, of arecord in the
Recordet'a office of Silver Itw cotnty, Mun.
tana, in Hook "U" of Lude Locations, ois
I'age 465.
Thlle ajoning claims to these premises are
Sitivey No. Sa.y, K.ppl)er Mounlltan Lode, on
the north; Survey Iwo. 60t4, I(,Kpper King No.
3 Lode, on lte east; Sutvey Nt. 6004, Koppeer
Moun l.ode, on the south, and Survey No.
6wU3, K.ppJlelr King No. a lI..,Ic on the ee.4t
FRANK I). MllAt:LK., Register.
Samnel lalkerr, Jr., Atitlnry for Appllicants.
(VirsLt I'ublication, November 6, to9J,)
United Statecs land Ofree,
Iflena, Montana, October Is, Iago.
Notice is bereby given that James F.
O'Urlen, Anna lRoselistein and the heirs of
John Eddy, deceased, whose postuflice address
is BIutte, Montana, have this day fled.thelr
application for a patent for 149a linear feet,
being /46 feet north 6j degrees Is tinutes east
and 746 feet south 79 degrees 46 minutes west
from discovery shaft of the Gold Itug Lode
mining claim, upon which a notice of intention
to apply for a patent was posted on the 3Sth
day of October, saos, situated in (unorganizad)
mining dist~ct, Jefferson county, state of Mon.
tans, designated as Survey No. 7038 in ;Frae
tional Township 3 north of Itange 7 west, be.
ing more particularly described as follows!
Beginning at the northwest Corner No. I, a
granite bowlder in place, witnessed by berting
trees and marked -+I" 1"038 for Corner No. cs
from which 1. P1. No. s, Township 3 north,
Range 7 west, bears north :6 degrees t, min.
utes west, 64a2.6 feeti and running thence
south 14 degrees s7 minutes east, S34 feet;
thencu north 74 degrees to milnutes east, 1473
feet; thence north 14 degrees 87 minutes west,
469 feet; thence south 73 degrees 54 minutes
west, 7ra feet; thence south 79 degrees 41
minutes west, 746 feet to the place of begin.
ning, containing alln area of s6.3a.acrea claimed
by the iabove niaced applicants.
The location of this claim ie of record 1s
the County Reccorder's office of Jeffersos
county, Montana, in Book ia of Lode Loone
tions, on 'asge ate.
The adjoiuing claims to these premises are
unknown. FRANK D. MIRACLE,
gamuel Barker, Jr., Attorney for Applicaab
(First Publication, October t%, Ipo3.)
IN T'IfE flS. HItT (] t RiiT OF Tll. E SC.
In the mutatter of the erstate of Everett It .
Piaxson, deceased. Notice of time alppioilted
for proving will, etc.
'ulruaunt to an order of said district court,
made on the 1ath day of D)ecemuber, 1903, notice
is herery given that Monday, thle 8lth day of
December, 90o3, at to o'clock a. ot. of said
day, at the courtrtoomll of suld court, at the city
of Iutite, it: the said county of Silver flow,
has been appointed as the time and place for
fproving the will of said Everett I'. ('axson,
rlecraterd, and for hearing the application of
L.lia M. Paxson for the issuance to her of
letters testamentary when and where any per.
son tmay appear and contest the same.
D)ated l)ccemlber ta, a903.
(Seal.) SAMUEL M. RO)BlERTS, Clerk,
By Jos. Vogler, D)eputy Clerk.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Silver Blow National bank of Butte city,
will be held Tuesday, January as, 9go4, at 4
o'clock p. ft., at the banking house of said
bank, for tile election of a board of directors
for the ensuing year, and for voting on ameind.
inent of the articles of association of said bank
relative to changing the number of directors,
and for the transaction of such other business
as may come before said meetiing.
Butte, Montana, Dec,. o, 1903.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of
the First National bank of Butte, will be held
at the office of said bank, in Butte, Montana,
on Tuesday, January is, .go4, between the
hours of to a. m, and 4 p. m. The object of
the meeting is the election of directors for the
ensuing year, and the transaction of any other
business which may properly come before the
tmecting. LC. It. W \\'IRICK, Cashier.
Dated Butte, IiMuana, L)uccmber it, tpo9l.

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