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Says Joseph Baker of Mem
phis in Praising World's
Greatest Tonic—Tells
of Recovery.
"If anybody wants to find out about
Tanlac. Just let them see me," is the
hearty suggestion of Joseph H. Baker,
650 North Third St, Memphis, Tenn.
Mr. Baker went overseas with the
famous Thirtieth Division during the
World War and participated in the
St. Mihlel, Valley of Wovres and Ar
gonne drives, having been cited for
bravery in action In the Argonne. He
is now a popular member of the Mem
phis Fire Department
A Case in Point
Her Father—Pshaw! When men are
really in love they don't like to talk
about It.
Daughter—That's why 1 know Tom
loves me. Why, I had to work awful
ly hard to get him to propose.—Boston
Sure Relief
6 Bel i-ams
Hot water
Sure Relief
Nothing so mars an otherwise beautiful
face as the inevitable lines of fatigue and
suffering caused by tired, aching feet
The Antiseptic, Healing Powder Insures
foot comfort and la an everyday Toilet
Necessity. Shake it In your shoes In the
morning, Shop all day—Dance all eve
ning—then let your mirror tell the story.
It will convince you. Allea's Feot-Eeae
Is adding charm to thousands of faces.
Let us show you what It can do for you.
Trial package and a Foot =■ Ease Walk
ing Doll sant Free. Address
for SaU a AÜ One Dtonrm Sum.
ORjCABBMtr CQ,«F73 A Mkh. AwkCK
7 m.
) ■ mS*
Sl M i T»aDaDani«^< > » aB . tr r »UI»«
JfeMtanw Color hi
iHHyO&wJ MUm
, % V
If Yon like Good Music
Ton can receive a good song every
month (It sonars In all) for It. 00. Write
at once for our free catalogue or send
ISc In stamps for trial copy of first Issue.
SS B. SBth S«.
patents W-êÊêê
Booklet rusa
\ Soap and
; c£r£r£&.
An Apt Pupil
Mr. Oabbalot—And so you are the
lady who la giving my wife painting
lessons? What sort of a pupil la she?
Miss Dauber—Well, I find her very
apt, to say tbe least.
Mr. Oabbalot—That's fnnny. I al
ways find her very apt to say tbe moat
Nations have vices as indivldnals
have; and tbe most besetting one Is
covetousness. It promote* war.
Children cry for
MOTHER Fletcher'sCastom
is a pleasant, harmless Substitute
for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Teeth- {
inf Drop» end Soothing Syrups,
especially prepared lor Infants
in arms and Children all ages.
'T '

i Proven directions on each package. P h y skina e v ery w h ere
"When I came back from over
there," said he, "I was in a mighty
bad fix. 1 had been gassed and after
getting home I got down with pneu
monia. This left me 'all In.' without
appetite, down In weight, liver ont of
fix. and suffering from constipation,
biliousness and headaches without end.
"Tanlac put me to eating as never
before, shot my weight up fifteen
pounds and made a strong, well man
of me—and I feel fine even to this day.
I can't say enough for Tanlac."
Tanlac Is for sale by all good drug
gists. Accept no substitute. Over 40
million bottles sold.
Take Tanlac Vegetable Pills.
The Wrong Window
A woman stood patiently before the
receiving clerk's window In a bank,
but no one took any notice of her till
she attracted the attention of the
money-taker by tapping with her para
sol on tbe glass.
"Why don't you pay attention to
met" she aked petulantly.
Tm sorry, ma'am ; but we don't pay
anything here. Next window, please,"
was tbe polite response.
Thoannd* of women have kidney and
bladder trouble and never suspect tt.
Women's complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kiejney trouble, or the
result of kidney or bladder diasaae.
If the kidneys are not in a healthy
dition they may cause the other organs
to become diseased.
Pain is the back, headache, loes of
nervousness are oftentimes
symptoma of kidney trouble.
Don't delay starting treatment. Dr.
Kilmer's Swaccp-Rooi, a physician's pre
scription, obtained at any drug store, may
be just the remedy needed to overcome
such conditions.
Oct a medium or large sine bottle imme
diately from any drug store.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation, send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer A Co.; Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing, be sure
and mention this paper.—Advertisement.
The Superior Intellect
"I am never comfortable In bis com
What's the trouble? He's a de
lightful conversationalist."
*T know that, but be always makes
me feet so small and Insignificant"
"In what way?"
' "He's always mentioning some old
book which he knows I havent read."
Dye or Tint Any Worn, Shabby Gar
ment or Drapery.
Bach 15-cent package of "Diamond
Dyes" contains directions so simple
that any woman can dye or tint any
old, worn, faded thing new, even If
she has never dyed before. Choose
any color at drug store.—Advertise
ment. ~
Too Busy
The small girl met the doctor near
her home.
"You brought a little baby next
door, didn't you?" she Inquired.
"Yes," he answered; "shall 1 bring
one to house?"
"Nû, thanks," came the prompt re
ply. "Why, we've scarcely time even
to wash tbe dog."
The housewife smiles with satisfac
tion as she looks at tbe basket of
clear, white clothes and thanks Red
Cross Ball Blue. At all grocers.—Ad
Trying to Save Them
In the courthouse of a certain dty
Is a melancholy attendant who. when
asked to direct people to tbe bnrean
of marriage licenses. Inquires lugubri
ously : "Do you Insist ?"
"Well, yea"
"Third door to the right"
Early Chicks Are
Most Profitable
Practical Suggestions Re
garding Successful Feed
ing and Raising.
bj the United Stelae Depart)
of Airinitm.)
Early hatched chicks are by far the
most profitable, whether grown to ma
turity for laying or sold as poultry
flesh, says the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture, and the following
suggestions In regard to the successful
raising and feeding of young chicks
have been found to be practical.
The brooder house and stove heater
which are used for caring for the
chicks during tbe first few weeks of
their lives must be In working order
before the chicks arrive. The most
common style of brooding Is the use
of a stove brooder In a colony house,
keeping from 850 to 500 chicks in a
flock In each house and placing the
honses about 150 feet apart on a good
grass range. A house 10 by 14 feet
makes a suitable colony house which
can be readily moved If built on run
ners. Chicks brooded early in the sea
son will do better In a large house,
about 10 by 20, partitioned so that
one side Is used for a brooder stove
and the other for a cool exercising
room. Wire netting should be placed
In the corners of the brooder house
to prevent the chicks from huddling
and crowding In the corners.
Feed Chieke Sparingly.
Chicks should not be fed for the
first 86 to 48 hours, after which they
should be supplied regularly four or
five times dally with easily digested
feed which contains little waste mate
rial. They staonld be fed sparingly
until about the fifth day, when they
can he put on full ration. An excel
lent feed can be made of Infertile
eggs taken from the Incubator, boiled
for 15 minutes, chopped, and mixed
with a dry mash of equal parts of
cracker meal, bran and cornmeal, us
ing a sufficient amount of the grain to
make â dry, crumbly mixture. Dry
rolled oats are excellent for chicks and
can be used as one feed ; the other two
or three feeds being the commercial
At two weeks of age the chicks enu
be given a dry mash In a hopper, con
sisting of four parts, by weight, of
rolled oats, two parts bran, two parts
cornmeal, one part high-grade meat
scrap, one part middlings and one-half
part dried buttermilk. Commercial
chick feed should be fed three times
dally in addition to the dry mash.
Milk is an excellent feed for chicks
and should be provided either as a
liquid or In the dry form to secure the
best growth.
Feed Coarse Grain.
When the chicks are one month old,
they should be fed a coarser or Inter
mediate chick grain, and at about two
months of age the scratch feed can be
changed to eqnal parts of wheat and
cracked com, fed two or three times
a day.
Work With Pest Poisons
Seen in Motion Picture
"Poison," a one-reel education mo
tion picture visualising tbe activities
of the Insecticide and fungicide board,
has been recently released by the
United States Department of Agricul
The film shows the numerous ways
In which the American farmer, the
greatest user of chemicals In the
world, employs poisons of various
sorts to destroy Insect pests and dis
eases which attack hla crops and live
stock, and how the Insecticide and
fungicide board protects tbe public
against frandnlent materials by exam
ining all Insecticide and fungicide of
fered for sale In Interstate shipments.
Various laboratory) scenes illustrate
the mate
the given
rials, and field scenes show bow the
worth of the "plxen" IS determined by
actual test.
The seizure of "fake" materials,
which not only fall to "cure" but often
cause enormous losses by actually In
juring plant or animal, and the pun
ishment of their purveyors, are also
Included In the film, which sounds a
warning to usera of Insecticides and
fungicide* to beware of untested
poisons and to ose only tried and
proved articles.
"Poison" will be circulated through
the educational film sendee of the de
partment and the co-operating state
Institutions. Copies may be borrowed
for short periods or may be purchased
at tbe laboratory charge.
Farmers Are Beginning
to Find Value of Sudan
Farmers are Just beginning to real
ise the vaine of sodan grass for feed.
Sow broadcast or pnt In with a drill,
about twenty pounds to the acre, and
don't put It In too deep—about one
Inch Is right. This will make a fine
temporary pasture for hogs. It keeps
coming up Just like alfalfa does, and
tbe more It Is eaten down the more
It starts up. You can turn In on It
about the middle of Jane and from
then on until frost in the fall. It gives
a wonderful amount of feed. But I»
with a lister and cultivated os corn,
it stools more readily and makes good
bay for horses and cattle. Use about
two or three pounds to the acre. It
makes more bay and better bay and
la a surer ylehJer than any other qul< :
crop yon can nae. It will cut from two
to four crops a season.
Sudan grass being an annual and
having fibrous roots similar to wheat
or oats, to as easily controlled and
eradicated as millet. Sudan to a good
crop, tea
Iowa State College
Girls Organize Club
— . ..—
Work Deals With Practical
Phases of Farm and Home.
(Prepared by the United Stàtea Department
«( Agriculture )
A college girls' club has been formed
by former members of the farm boys
ami girls' 4-H clubs, now attending
Iowa state College of Agriculture and
Mechanic Arts. These young women,
according to reports to the United
States Department of Agriculture
slated In many ways at the recent
short course held by the Iowa college
for club girls from the counties. A
committee of the college club met the
young visitors at the railroad station
on their arrival for the short courae.
Another committee allowed the girls
the Interesting places on the campus
during their stay. And forty members
of the college club served the Junior
banquet given for short-course stu
dents by the college. Members of the
organization meet once each quarter
for dinner together and to make plans
for welcoming all new club girls who
may come to the college.
4-H clubs are organized and conducted
for farm boys and girls, ranging in age
from about ten to twenty years,
by extension workers. The work of
the clubs, dealing with practical
phases of farming and home making.
Is planned to train the mind or bead of
the boy or girl to think, plan, and
reason; to train the hands to be skill
ful; to attain the best possible health
for efficiency and enjoyment; and to
train the heart to be kindly and sym
pathetic toward the work and toward
associates; hence the term 4-H, or
head, bands, health, and heart clubs.
Discover More Cars and
Trucks Owned by Fanner
The United States, Department of
Agriculture recently discovered that
823 farmers in every 1.871 owned 1,000
automobiles and motor trucks.
I t was sh own furthermore that nine
tenths of these cars were farm busl
Two-thlrds were of the
ness cars,
low-priced type and most of them were
several years old. About one-fourth of
the number were motor trucks, while
the fancy roadsters, coupes and se
dans composed leas than 10 per cent
of the total.
A few narrow-minded Individuals
still are howling that the farmer la
doing too mach Joyriding. That he
should lock his car up In the barn and
walk and enjoy Some real prosperity
after a few years, but only a few are
howling in that key. Time Is Just ss
Important to the man on tbe farm as
It Is to the man In the shop. He buys
a mower because It saves time in cut
ting hay. Hta binder Is faster than the
cradle, and likewise his motorcar Is
faster than his team and his truck can
haul more In less time than be formerly
hauled with his horses. It's too bail
of courae, that the motorcar can bs
used for pleasure occasionally. It
gives the howlers an opportunity to
howl, but let 'em howl. If using a
motorcar for pleasure occasionally la
a misfortune, we're glad to have It to
contend with.
Cattle feeders who finish on grain I
for market fared very well during the
past year, says the United States De
partment of Agriculture. Prior to the
war cattle ranging In weight from 1
1,200 to 1,850 pounds were about 17
per cent above the price of range cat-1
tie. In 1822 cattle of this weight sold
about 86 per cent above the price of
range cattle. In 1822 good to prime
cattle were nhput 50 per cent above the
price of feeder steers, whereas In Sep
tember. 1928, they ranged to »bout 70
per cent above. The l^kh Industrial
Good Demand for Higher
Grades of Beef Cattle
activity has given a good market
good beef and baa stimulhted a demand
for the higher grades 'of cattle which
come finished from tbe feed lots of the
corn belt.
isga——uatM—am g" ■ -J
Ice bouses are scarce, but the need
for them is boundless.
Raising good calves properly Is one
way to build up a good dairy«
Two slogans for the live stock man ;
"Feed or get fooled," and "Keep tbe
best; tell the rest"
Oet tbe spray outfit ready and pay
particular attention to having tbe
valves work properly.
« « «
It would appear that big dealers In
farm products have been better sold
the co-operative Idea than are
many farmer*.
• a
Better give the grass a good start
before turning out to pasture. Early
grass has little strength, and early
I maturing kills It.
♦ • •
Sweet clover, five years ago consid
ered- a troubles**«»« weed by -most
farmers, now stands ahead of alfalfa
in acreage In Ohio,
"Better late than never." does not
apply to spraying for peach leaf curl
(let busy with the spray w^en tbs
hods first start to swell.
"Hogs like to mil aronnd In the
orod," some opponents of sanitation
for hogs say. Children would too If
parents didn't con reft that nstuial In
To Havea Clear, Sweet Skin
Touch pimples, redneae. roughness
or Itching, If any, with Cuticura Oint
ment, then bathe with Cuticura Soap
and hot water. Rinse, dry gently and
dnst on a little Cuticura Talcum to
leave a fascinating fragrance on skin.
Everywhere 25c each.—Advertisement
"Bottle Book •"
About a century ago "bottle books"
wer« made In the south of France.
They were used to carry liquid re
freshments and were popular with
Judges, lawyers and the learned folk
generally. The legal profession was
given to carrying Us authorities back
and forth under the arm. Hence these
bottle books, which were made of lus
trous, decorated dark blue faience,
wer«* In appearance not unlike tooled
levant leather. The contents were
wholly liquid or partly literary, with
a liquid compartment. When the own
er felt the need of a nip he opened
his little book.—Detroit News.
Snowy linens are the pride of every
housewife. Keep them In that condi
tion by using Red Cross Ball Blue in
your laundry. At all grocers.—Adver
Whale a Face Extinction
So many whales are now being
killed off the coasts of South Africa
that appeals have been made to the
Union government to restrict their tak
ing to the larger sise males. A total
of 700 whales In a year were killed
by companies operating out of South
African ports and In the nearby wa
and smaller as ■ result of unrestrict
ed slnughter and It Is now proposed
to prohibit .the killing of females and
of all whales below a certain sise, de
Whales are becoming scarcer
pendent on the species.
Lift Off-No Paint
Doesn't hart one bit 1 Drop a little
"Freesone" on an aching corn, instant
ly that com atop« hurting, than short
ly you lift It right off with fingers.
Tour druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Freesone" for a few cents, sufficient to
remove every herd com, soft corn, or
com between the toes, and the foot
calluses, without soreness or Irritation.
"Curling" la an ancient game orig
inating In Scotland, known to have
existed previous to 1000. It Is played
on the Ice with large, smooth stones
of hemispherical form, to which are
attached Iron or wooden handles. Ths
fi r *t club formed In the United States
WB8 at Pontiac, Mich.. 1842. "Skip"
j g the name of the player, one on each
8 |<je. under whose direction the Ice Is
8 wept, this being done In a special
cur ling matches with picked players,
"Bonsplel" Is the name for
A Simple Operation
Doctor—I'm afraid I will have to
remove your appendix, my good woman.
Patient—Well, doctor, here's the
door Key. It's on the fop shelf of the [ —
medicine closet In the bathroom.
Many Wiomen KnowThis by Experience
Let Lydia E. Pinkham't Vegetable Co mpound
Help You As It Helped These Women
Mn. McDoIe's Experience
Lodington, Michigan.—"I suffered
every month sod was very Irregular,
had oeadacbee all the time, was thin
and pale, with no s
taken all kinds of me
ery doctor told me 1
face an operation before I would be
WeQ again, I was doing factory work,
sod I had to stay at borne so much
that I was getting discouraged. My
mother advised me to try Lydia E»
Plnkbam's Vegetable Compound, and
I did so with good results. I am now
feeling fine. I have advised all my
girl friends, who have such troubles
I had, to take you r wonderful
Hdne. "-Him, TUMMA McDoLE,
8. Both Ava-, Ludiogton, Midl
I had
and ev
have to
La» Angeles. California.—• I was
In such a condition that I was scarcely
my boose
i depressed
am a chef.
able to walk, even to do
work. I bad no energy, was
and often wished to (fie. 1 1
but was total]/ unable to do any
• A friend recommended
eeas. After tbe fourth bottle 1 felt
much better, end after the tooth I
never felt better in my ttfe. as H h
suited la a oompiehe recovery. I«
Jijltr every meal
: v
A plsasaat
and agreeable
sweet an« n
benefit as
Goo« far
teeth. brcaMh
Makes «h«
next cigar
taste better.
jk »
Am an Omelette
A very bad actor once ventured ts
appear In the part of Hamlet, but evcia
the village audience he tried U «sa
would not tolerate It, and be wm»
pelted with rotten eggs.
The next day two colleagues were
discussing the performance.
"Well," said one, "I never laughed
so much in my life as when Jones
came on as Hamlet."
"Oh," retorted the other, "1 laughed
much more when he went off
Omelette I"
Success at Laet
She—Pm telling you (or the leal
time that you can't kiss me.
He—Ah. I knew you'd weaken.
Say "Bayer Aspirin
INSIST I Unless you see the
Bayer Cross" on tablets you
are not getting tbe genuine
Bayer Aspirin proved safe by
millions and prescribed by phy
sicians for 34 years. _
Aca»t only a
B tyer packtyo
which conttim proven directions
Bandy "Bayer"
Also bottlss of I
•4 and 100-—Druggists
• hêêê4$ wttk a iAMr4 ed Ilf

Quuoci August
laariffioasel hoassheldi «Mover tbe drib
»"1 »orld
; cum AUGUST*Plow mtmIL
today wherever awdtdaas on sold.
M end 94 cent kettles.
AND DAIRY FARMS, 1er«« er email. Iron»
Ooo<l term*. Write
GyhStU-, B)LUNQS.NO. 17-1924.
.100.00 to 110.000.00
recommend It to »n I haar
and you can use this let
ter as a testimonial."—Mrs. MART
Sullivan, S28 K 46th Street, Lae
Angeles, California.
Greatiy Relieved
Jersey City, N. J.—"1 took Lydia
E. Pinkham ■ Vegetable Compound
for crampe and fainting spells. I do
office work, and have been in this
condition four or five years, having
to stay at home from work a day or
two at a time, quite frequently. 1
have taken about ten bottles of It,
and have been greatly relieved. I
recommend it myself and you maw
print these facts with my full ad
dress."—Lomas SCHOBNVRLÔBSjl»
Woodlawn Are., Jersey City, H. J.
what your work Is, m
depends upon J
«nurin« to he
- '
Tern mmMi

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