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Let Us Continue the Good Work and Make Our City Beautiful and Sanitary
* Belt Valley Times n
—From tile Great Falls Tribane
Belt had little regard for Hanson's
or the West Side's feelings and after
the losing hurler had donated the
visitors two runs to tie the score in
the fourth inning they hit him for a
doable and a single and put one man
on through catcher's interference to
run up a five total, sufficient as it was
to win the game. All of which hap
pened with two men out
In the following inning Balt war
riors started out again with tea» out.
put over one ran and filled the
but was then set down with s strike
Up to ths fourth inning Hanson
with the excep
worked a good
tion of two walks aritb two ont hi
second, which did no damage. In the
fifth, after the fire works were shot,
Hansen fanned the first and last man
of th* inning but after that wasn't as
effective as at the start.
Up until the fourth inning Gaugler
showed practically nothing. He had
trouble getting the ball where he
wanted it and when he did didn't have
*sything on it But from the fourth
on—sweet papa. Had he started like
- he finished he would have made Hook
Cony's strikeout mark of 11 man look
sick. He Tanned nine men as it was.
eight of then after Belt todk the
mending lead.
Tommy Adamson wa* pot out of the
game by Umpire Pearce in the second
inning in a dispute over a decision of
the official on a man at second.
West Side took the lead in the first
Inning by putting over two runs
the help of Anderson snd a wild pitch
Baxter led off with s single to abort
right DiD filed'out to first and Weir
doubled to right Reppy forced Bax
ter st third but Weir scored when An
dersQn muffed Hogan'* fly, Bair laid
one down in front of the plate and
went safe when Vern Daniels wrapped
it up. Reppy came home on a wild
pitch. Resfeellj fanned to end the
frame. _
West Side held the lead then for
three innings with some snappy field
ing. Three men were set down in
order in an inning with the exception
of the second when Hanson walked a
pair but pulled out unscathed. After
the first inning West Side did little
to speak of at the plate, Gaugler keep
ing their three hits well apart. Then
the visitors won the game, something
«like this;
C. Daniels led off in the fourth,
grounding out to third. Vern tried to
duck one, the ball hitting his bat and
rolling to the box for an eaay second
Anderson touched off the fireworks
then by beating out s single to Rea
telH, the first hit of the game off
Hanson. Strizich's only error—aside
from it he played a pretty game—al
lowed Knight the initial bag. Harper
hit a high one to the box for a single,
Hanson barely knocking down the halt
He recovered it behind the mound and
made a wild heave at Baler on first.
His aim aras quite punk ana Anderson
and Knight crossed the platter.
Hogan got his mit hi the way of
Culver's tat then and gave him a base.
Gaugler drove in Harper and Culver
with the winning run* with a doable
to left center, and himself crossed the
platter on Lowry's single to center.
Lowry was pegged at second for the
third out
In the fifth, after two men had set
down. Belt scored the last ran of the
pose and the only earned counter.
Vern Daniels hit by the mound for one
base and stole second. Anderson poled
a knr
Baxter In center
Ver» Daniel#.
filled the
inning with « »
. He
men ip, foe fourth and three to foe
hit te foe totter
h« and
te «ta


HAVRE—*250,000 signed for re
opening of bank.
WOLF POINT selected as location
for the 1924 Northern Montana Corn
GREAT PALLS has completed eon
Montana, owned by toe Campbell
Faming corporation, is being plant
ed to flax.
CULBERT8ON—Preparation* are
bong mads by Culbertson business
to sponsor a much larger and
better northeastern corn show this
foil than last year.
FORSYTH — American National
bank reopens its doors for business.
ly growing in Fergus county, survey
shows 23,000 seres under ditch. Win
net irrigation project has 10,000 sens;
Flstwillow will add from L000 to 10,
000 acres, bringing total to 20,000
GREAT PALLS—Contracts dosed
Irrigation stoadi
with 26 Rocky Boy Indians to handle
labor im sugar toet acres«« at Fort
HAVRE—New Catholic church to
be built here. Will cost $60,000.
Montana refineries produced total
of 2JI85,654 gallons of gasoline first
quarter of present year.
HARLEM—Farmers in territory
between Harlem and Lohman will
plant 300 acres of beans, potatoes and
TROUT CREEK—Northern Pacific
may extend west end division terminal
from Paradise to Trout Creek.
CHINOOK is center of considerable
activity in wildcatting. California
company to make several teste. —■-* ; H
MELSTONE—New line of business
started here, furnishing mine props to
those mine, not in s wooded district
BUTTE—Contract for new Elks
home will be let July 1. Total cost
will be $160,000.
DILLON—Contracts will soon be let
on three normal school buildings, li
brary, gymnasium and heating plant
to cost $260 000
KALISPELL —Highest producing
cow in Flathead county for April is
owned by O. K. Iverson. She pro
duced 2,220 pound, of milks and 64.4
pounds of buttertet.
GLACIER COUNTY issues a neat
booklet showing opportunities to»
those in search of new locations for
forming and stock raising. ;
TOOLE COUNTY^ taxes are con- !
siderably lower this year.
POPLAR—Payment of about $66,
000 tribal money is being made to the j
Indians of Port Peck reservation.
CASCADE COUNTY will receive
$1,190.02 from forest department for
school and road funds.
SIDNEY—City let, contract for!
graveling one-half mile on ^ Hides,
HAVRE—Hill county starts in»-;
portant hiihwsy project leading to the I
MALTA—Flax and corn will show
an increased acreage* in Phillips eoon
ty this year. Flax acrMge will be
increased «bout M00 acres, corn
about 60,000 acres.
POPLAR -The Interior Department
will shortly offer 820 acres of tends
on Fort Peek Indian reservation for
Isaac for oil and gas development. No
bitte of less than $1 per act» srit] be
«««Wered. » Mt or gae te
royalty to 12 per cent must be paid
She government. One well
drilled within a year after the tease,
oil or gas is
to «MO foot depth
found te paying quantities at a
«» ..-a va _ ti. . : war __ O _ : ...A.,
ISMUyMBM : »»»» »aBftSriCK *
mere to Great Falls havteg
Senior Play
Senior Class will present the
The members of th
three-act comedy—
But the Truth
May 27, at the high school
on Tuesday evenitif
Cast if
.Ralph Millard
Robert Bennett.
E. M. Ralston.
Dick Donnelly_
Clarence Van Dua«
. George Servoss
__' A. Remington, Jr.
.. Florian Fkrek
_Joe Nordquist
....Alice Larkin

Bishop Donut
Mr» E. M. Ralston
.Eugeni* Pro via ,
.Evelyn Mdnnte
Ethel Clark .
Mable Jackson .....
Sabi« Jackson_.Ddorig Murray
The play is a étsRgktful eomsdy which
-, $11 „„im A — 2 mu ILi 11 i inn MlXH |*,M «jig» ITÎlUH 1^1
aoemnete in (tumorous lines aaa
For Child rw 25c
Ticket» far A4 alt» 35 Cento.
Great Northern to
with ^ ^ correcting some
.. ■ . L _ LJL .,.„ , K . t hmwm
, * 1 •* im P re * K>n « *•* hBT * bwn gW '
®" 9* «oncerning the agrteultur
«n*wtaUl snd economic condition,
°* th « Northwest President Ralph
, Budd of the Gr «* t Northern Railway
arranged to conduct a party of
,bout twent ^ representative eastern
newspaper men on a nine-day trip
^ ^ to Seattle. They will
obt * ,n fir * t hand information from the
^ b ° dk * *" d other *° nn ' W ^ ° f '
ficlal «nformation over the entire .y.
tem o1 the HiI1 . ««way.
, 5* p . ar ^ ^ 1,! Chicago June
j&Sf t?
de la ** Oriental Limité
J* 4 wUl **,««* •* rvlce
Unm Chicago and the Pacific North
(Eommpnrpnmtt program
THURSDAY. MAY 29, 1924.
"We Come to Greet You"—Lord.Giris' Glee Club
"Awake! Arise !"—Hawthorne .Girl«' Glee Club
..Sumner A. Remington, Jr.
Salutatory .....
Sextet "Boats of Mine"—Miller ......
.Sybil Thomas. Evelyn Mclnnia, Ruth Jennings,
_Carrie Burnett, Alice Larkin, and Miss Carter
M- J. Abbey
Duet "O That We Two Were Maying"
. Pybü Thomas, Carrie Burnett
Elizabeth Ness
Valedictory . ...
Presentation of Diplomat
Presentation of Certificate* —Clara C. Christison
.^.J3upt. J. R. Culver
west on that date. Representative# to
the civic organisations of Minnesota,
North Dakota, Montana, Washington
and Oregon will be expected to meet
Die newspaper men in the cities thro
which the new transcontinental train
passes on its journey to the coast.
In view of the fact teat erroneous
reports recently have been circulated
a* to Northwestern conditions, Presi
dent Budd says he is eager the view
point of the Northwestern state* may
be communicated personally to the
newspaper representatives and that
consequently he hopes arrangements
wilLb* made in th« cities enroute from
Chicago to Seattle to have prominent
citizen* meet the party.
On May 86 a Montana flag Is to be
added to the post office department
collection of state flags, arrangement*
for presentation on that date having
been arrived st by Congress»*« Scott
Leavitt and Postmaster General Harry
S, New. This flag will be used In ths
exercises of ths department on
day, June 14.
Th. Montan, flag that tote be pra
«■«ted is the gift of the Order of De
Matey and Daughters of the Rainbow
at Great Fails, who asked Mr Leavitt
to leak after th* matter for them.
In selecting May M to preaaat to*
flag Mr. Leavitt potntad out that It
will ha the twenty-sixth anniversary
of toe sailing of the Pint M
for toe Philippines, lids
is considered noteworthy te view of
the foci that the reghaontol flag of
the*« troops was adopM as ths
flag, the only
of toe
of to* regiment,
* »M4*'
' canadaH
After sight ysar* of akroboto dry
to A teerte wok» up
■wto*'-Mwrtaw Last ■ ■ , J
jsskAi. am 4 -%--- 4- 4-» A. to,
the following year. The «to adopted
In November was proclaimed to be «f
Since th# fovartassnt
noanead his prion for well known
brands of whiskey that* has been «on
siderafole complaint from the populate
to Gw effect that the government te
will coat the eon
siunsr $4.16 a case of two dosen pints
J-'iverad. The price of beer by the
glass hs* not yet been settled.
Vendor stores where tard liquor te
sold will be located in mors than 20
town, in the province. The hour, are
from 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. with no half
holidays. Purchaser* must hold e
permit which costs *2.00 for a year,
or $1.00 for the purchase of beer only.
Special permits i» provided for
transients. Spirits may by kept In the
room of s hotel if the owner is a bon*
fide guest Certain clubs are allow
«•d tn-cr license* under4he new art.
6,173 yard* of earth end pieces to
rock, 625 yard, to looseirock and 139
The county commissioners have
called for bids on the Orr Coulee rood.
According to the estimate there are
10400 cubic yards to earth to move.
yards of solid rock. There will be
slightly in excess to two acres of
brush to be removed.
There will be eleven culvert* «cross
the road, all of which the county will
furnish. There will also ta eight
stock passes snd bridges which will
be built by Cascade county. The road
bed will be finished to * width to 26
feet in excavation*, 20 feet in fills,
and 23 feet on side hill work. All fill*
are to be 10 per cent higher than the
true grad* in order to allow tor set
This road will start at the city lim
its and proceed up On Coulee almost
straight east until it joins the Little
Belt road. The grade will be seven
per cent in only * very few places.
The average grade will not exceed
five per cent. The only steep place
remaining on the rood te Little Belt
and Willow Creek will be the pitch
in the city limita as th# road rises to
the first bench.
The city ha* for some tiro* been
considering ways *nd means te cut
this grade but at present th* «pense
appears to ta prohibitive.
Pint Maas 8 o'ckx k s. m.
High Maw 18:88 a. ».
Sunday school 2 o'clock p. »
Beaadictiee I 'M p. * '
Washington, May 1D-B is sal
ed that MOMMi veterans will ha
titled to the insurance poBetos pcotoA
ed fag the soldier
tet0 law Monday, while $89,6*8 wifi hs
p«id cash of |S0 or leas. IfesWBaftto
prov1dM ** payment to
deceased veterans of the
adjusted servies compensation hs
wi , ieh ^ »houid be entitled.
Adjusted service compensatio
Flag«^^ ^ ^ bsaift of 91 « day
^ ^ fi—
ctnnot be counted Also a
f ^ ^ ,^„„4
900 m
home service and I1.S8 a day for
Ail vétérans ap to and tecteaaf «ta
rank ef captain te th* army
rtee corps and üeutanaiH In to«
ate eligible for toe
It la estimated toat toe
surwwe i s Wfy would be vahaad m
- !..
eta would he about $1.900 for
The value of Gw puBey wouM to
équivalant of toe
whtebi «ta
termine tto fei
Éjj ,ï . â tosm »-w-,. . ■
plus 26 par cant woawp' »IteprijSNM
value of to*
the vataraa and tea tote to foe date to
The table of
age at 20 years.
covers each year up to to, at which th*
factor IslJflt,
Application for the
way tei
January 1»
„„.„■A*« 'Of, rlOidt
V11 MM
ha distributed until «Mar Ma** 1
made at any tim«
1928, but Gw
Loans may be
up to ninety par
face value any «me after ter»
from the date of issuance Thus, au
8 *1,000 policy at tbs end of two
s loan to $87.98 could be made. On
this «am« policy at the «id to 1* yea*»
a loan of $831.23 would ta possible.
The loan« may be wade at any an*
nonet or state oanx. ^
Service between April i, 1917,
July L 1919, may ta counted in
puting the adjusted service credit, al
though enlistment must have
made before November 11, 1918.
Application Wanks soon will ta dte
tribu ted throughout the count««
thraujrh crganlsatten« and «ta
Although sdministratten
to the bill will center in the veteraaa
bureau, the veteran will have to
his application to the war départi» «at,
if bis service was with the army, amt
to the navy department if servie*
with the navy or marine corps tf the
veteran served in both the army
navy Hie application should be to
department under which ta sw
This stipulates that no one sh*« ta
entitled to its benefits for servie# as a
civilian officer or for membership te
the reserve officers training eotpa or
the students army trebling eorpe.

C. W. May is painting his res
George Pay ko te painting hi#
Andrew Moselle 1« painting
his house.
John Robertson to painting the
Custer House. >c ,/ ■:.
Arthur Winston has
painting his horn*.
"Stone Cleaver 1 "
haring hi* reside*««
■i la
the my Halt i'tfylawlaWf 1
painted and other
" ; ' f

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