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Let Us Continue the Good Work and Make Our City Beautiful and Sanitary

.■i >t *«
DAY. MAY 29, 1994.
A. D. M. Tunis
Belt lost to the A. C- M. team Sun
day on the home grounds by s score
of 8 to 6.
The new manager acted for the first
time and had an opportunity to aae
some of the Belt players perform some
of their classiest stunts.
The day was rather cold and chilly,
not just the kind of s day for air tight
ball and a little too cold for good
pitching. ..p;. -
Humphreys started for Belt and in
three innings allowed six hits and
three sacrifices which netted file A.
C M-s four earned runs. Gsugler
batted for Humphreys in the last half
of the third and pitched the remain
ing six innings with erratic support.
fat the fifth inning when Bett had
an opportunity to tie the score, John
«ton stooped to fix hk shoe as he
stood ten feet off first bass and was
out by six feet
Pint faming; A. C. M.— M. Morgan
I w h hi Harvey out short to first
Snyder sacrificed to center. Matbck
singled and Houck grounded out to
first 1 run. Belt—Johnston out
pitcher to lint V. Daniels out short
to first Adamson flew out to left
Second inning; A. C. M.—G. Mar
flew I» Harper. Qreeeeeeehi eat
place. Ryan out Knight to Aa
deraon. Belt—Spec eat by met
third. Anderson fumed. Harper
grounded to short.
Third faming; Wade singled. M.
Morgan grounded out to first, sending
Wade to second. Harvey singled,
Wade scoring. Snyder sacrifked.
Maffick sent s three bagger over Vem
Daniels' head. Honck singled and G.
Morgan flew out to center. 8 runs.
Belt—Lowry singled and stole s eco n d.
Knight whiffed. Gaugler singled but
was caught stealing. Johnston foaled
Fourth inning: 6
Ryan fanned. Wade sacrificed Gres
sensefai to second. M. Morgan sent a
three bagger into centerfield and
Harvey went out, Adamson to first 1
ran. Belt—V. Daniels out short bo
hi singled.
first. Adamson was passed. Spec
got a free ticket. Adamson was caught
stealing third, and AifSerson fanned.
Fifth inning: Snyder got first on
an error. Mattick and Snyder were
safe when Johnston fumbled. The
bases were filled when Houck got in
front of the ball. G. Morgan drove a
hot one to Gaugler who threw home,
catching Snyder and Spec completed
a double play by catching G. Morgan
at first. Gressesschi fanned. Belt—
Harp singled. Lov^ry was giv en a
free ride. Knight doubled, scoring
Harp and Lowry. Gsugler struck at
three bad ones. Johnston was safe on
Harvey's error but was caught nap
ping at first. V. Daniels sent a three
bagger to the frog pond. Adamson
doubled, scoring Vern. and Spec flew
out to left. 4 runs.
Sixth inning; Ryan was passed but
was forced by Wade. M. Morgan
singled. Harvey grounded oat to sec
ond and Snyder filed to Lowry. Belt—
gan. Harper's bat hit it while be was
trying to dodge and he was out. Low
ry was thrown out from short.
Seventh inning: Mattick sent a hot
on* to Anderson who missed it Houck
it a high one to G. Mor
sent s hot one to Knight who Biased
it. G. Morgan advanced the runner*
with s sacrifice. Gressesschi got in
the way of one, filling the bsuMs.
Ryan was given his base, forcing in
oae run. Km
resulted when
to Wade who threw torn out. Gang
then doubled Wade at first.
1 run. Rett Knight hit a f^bie «a*
_ singled.
fouled out
Eighth toning: M. Morgan out
Gaugler to
Honck get m
it. a
On Tuesday night the Seniors, un
der the direction of Him Carter, pre
sented the three net comedy, "Noth
in* but the Truth." >
A fair sired audience witnessed it
and.enjoyed every moment, even the
times when the harassed players were
driving scattered wits to tell them
what came next
The play is a heavy one, requiring
two and ano-hatf hours for présenta
bon. The class has been handicapped
by exceaaive demands upon their time,
bat in spite of all this the general plot
was put across in an accepts hie man
ner and such places as showed parts
faultily learned were in the scenes
which were the background for file
real action,
tempi Rants as Gwendolyn Rals
ton, Eugenis Provin as Ethel Clark,
Evelyn Mclnnis as Msble Jackson, and
Ralph Millard as Robert Bennett, wore
the most convincing but were sbty
backed by the rest of the company
consisting of George Servons, S. A.
Remington, Jr.. Florian Florek, Joe
Nordquist, Alke Lukin, Deloris Mur
ray and Elsie Mclnnis.
< - .
An auxiliary fire alarm has been
installed by J. B. English on fite pole
in front of E. H. Snndermeier'a win
dow, This slum can be opened and
the alarm tamed in without disturb
ing the telephone operator who might
be sleeping. For precaution against
shock, the box has been installed so
that anyone operating th* alarm must
about three feet on foot
irons before be can reach It. It would
Se "wWf-tor every resident to acquaint
the location of fills fire
himself wi
alarm box.
grounded out to Anderson. 2 runs:
Belt—Spec out via M. Morgan. An
derson was passed. Harper was
passed. Anderson came home on
Lowry's sacrifice fly and Harper was
caught going to third.
Ninth inning: Greosesschi doubled.
Ryan whiffed. Wade was thrown out
by Knight. M. Morgan fanned. Belt
—Knight went out from Ryan to Mat
tick. Gaugler filed out to left field.
Johnston doubled. V. Daniels fanned.
The score:
....... 1 8 1 1 0
_6 110 4 1
A. C. M.—
M. Morgan, 2b
Harvey, ss__
Snyder, 8b ..-..A 12 2 11
Mattick, lb .8 4 11 0 0
Houck, If
S. Morgan, cf.6 0 0 2 0 0
Gressesschi, rf ..4 1 2 0 0 0
Ryan, e
» 1 2 0 8 0
_.-...4 0 1 8 0 0
.8 0 0 8 2 0
Wade, p ...—
42 8 16 27 11 2
Johnston, ss .8 0 2 0 1 0
V. Daniels. If
Adamson, 2b...8 0 114 0
C. Daniels, c
Anderson, lb..8 1 0 14 0 2
Harper, cf . J 114 0 0
Loerrjv rf —
Kqjgfat, 8b ....
Humphreys, p
Gsugler. p ....
Robinson —
.4 110 0 1
S 0 0 6 1 0
.8 i 1 1 * 6
...» 110 2 2
.0 0 0 1 0 0
1 0 0 0 0 0
81 6 8 27 IS 6
Robinson batted for Gaugler in 0th,
filed out.
Score by innings—
A. C. M
Belt _ _
Summery: Two base hits—M. Mor
gan 2, Knight, Adamson, Mattick,
Gressesschi. Throe base hits—Gross
.108 100 12»-«
_.000 040 010—6
easefai, V. Daniels, Stolen
Lowry, Houck. Harvey. Sacrifie«
hue - -Swydei W »du Base* on bulls.
—off Wade 6, off Gaugler 2.
Out—hy Huir.pbr^ys fl i?-. 3 m>imp by
Gaugler 3 in 6 inning», by Wad* 6 to
8 inning».. Hits—off Wade 8 in 8 In
nings, off Humphreys 6 in 1 innings,
off Gsugler 8 in 0 innings. Winning
pitcher — Wade. Losing pitcher —
Gaugler. Double
C. Daniels to Anderson 2.
hy Gaugler — Houck, G res s esschi
Famed hall—Ryma, Daniels Thns ef
- ■;
FRIDAY. MAY SOth, 1924.
; «H»
AiMjlrra of
Amarkma Lefrioo, Mlnurr Union and Fraternal
Order* of Belt.
Parade will fora promptly at 9:80 A. M. in
front of the Knight* of Pythias Hall.
Mr ii M ■ ■ I
The Colors.
Color Guard.
Busier (Lawrence Venohr).
Legion Firing Sound and members of Post No.
101 in uniform.
Belt Band. {
Minos' Union..
Lodge Représentai**«* —Odd Fellows, Knights
of Pythias, Pythian Bâtera and Rebeeahs.
Members of the band, the union, and repre
M d Ro nMy aMM to form wjntfkÆ
by the hand the
parade wilt start and march as far as Millard's
Mine, where automobiles are asked to be in wait
ing to carry marchers to Pleasant View cemetery.
I M 4 M
Program ml Cemetery (19:1$ A. M.):
Music by Belt Band, r <
Invocation by Rev. H. T. Stong.
Presentation of Tombstones for unmarked
soldiers' graves on behalf of Belt Valley Poet No.
101 of The American Legion, Leo C. GraybiH, Post
Salute by Firing Squad.
Tape by Bugler.
Services by Lodges.
^— ifr
The community is asked to join in observance
of this day in honor of those dead who served
their country in time of wr.
F. J. Fischer he* bought the eleva
tors st Judith Gap end Oxford from
the receiver of the Grain Growers and
will leave for Judith Gap to make his
home on July 1st. In another column
he is offering his household goods for
Mr. Fischer and family have lived
In Belt for two yean and have be
come such on integral part of the
community that their departure will
cause an appreciable sense of loss and
a pang of regret to all those who
Mr. Fischer has been the successful
manager of the Farmers Mill A Ele
vator company in Belt during his res
idence here. His association with the
company has been ideal and only on
to better himself finan
daily c ould ho* him away from his
Mr. end Mrs. Flacher will leave a
circle of warn friands here who, while
they regret that It ie beat for the
Fischers to go to s new home, »till
wish them fite hed of lock and hap
pineoa to ths new venture and look
Norris Jewel) took g hunch of *en
ion up to fite Mclnnis rend» at Rsy
neaford the Met of the week
Gottlieb Wenxek, wife and two small
children were lucky to escape serious
accident Tuesday morning when their
car overturned on the Great Falls
rood just beyond the Hedrick ranch.
The Wenxek* were starting to Mis
soula where Gottlieb has secured s
position with a lumber company end
were seated in th# front seat* while
the rear of the car was piled high
with personal belongings. While
driving along Mr. Wenxek noticed that
pert of his load was sliding. He
turned to adjust this and lost sight of
the rood ahead. They were going
very slowly when the car ran off the
end of a culvert and overturned. Mrs.
Wenxek and the children escaped in
jury but Mr. Wenxek'« leg was caught
underneath pert of the windshield.
He was extricated by a man passing
who brought him to Dr. Grsybesl's of
fice where the wound was found to he
serious Th*- car wax brought to
town later by Straight A Everson
Pint Mess 8 o'clock ». m.
High Maas 10:80 a. to
Sunday ashed 2 e'eleck p. to
7-80 p «
The baccalaureate services at the
high school auditorium on Sunday
evening were well attended and im
The hall had been tastefully dec
orated by the juniore, Promptly at
five minutes to sight the senior class,
numbering twenty-six, and the high
school faculty marched in and were
seated near the front.
nts school glee club rendered sev
eral appropriate selections. Rev. H.
T. Stong pastor of the Methodist
church, presided and delivered a care
fully prepared address upon 'The Ed
ification of the Mind." This was fol
lowed with another anthem by the
gke club and die benediction.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B English will
leave on June first for a three months
vacation in northeastern New York
stete and file province of Quebec.
They will go by oar with a camp out
fit and will see a lot of country before
they reach their destination.
Mr. English was bom near Massen*
Springs, ln northeastern New York,
and will visit relative* and friends in
the vicinity of Ogdenafauf*. After
visiting there they will cross the St.
LawreiM* to Quebec and visit hi* par
at OrmstowTv Ppnvfaie* of Qne
bee, when they now real*.
Be expects to start on
• wwrd trip Aug. 8th and
[bare before Bapt. first.
sw pa—
Mr. and Mira. G. B. Wsst of Arm
ington left Thursday for Big Sandy
where Mrs. West and children will
spend the summer with her mother,
Mrs. John Hannan. Before they left
the Ladies' Aid society of Annington
of which Mrs. West was a member,
tendered them a surpris* farewell
party, when they were presented with
a gift as a token of the society's ap
preciation of the good work they had
done there. Mr. West eras principal
of the Annington schools the post
term and is as yet undecided
or not he will return
next folk
Early Tuesday morning Howard
Graham and his father, and Rev. end
Mrs. Stong left Belt for Helens where
they attended file funeral services of
Merl« H. Smith. Howard had been an
intimate friend of Smith tu collage.
Rev. Stong assisted in the services
and represented the North Montana
conference, of which Merle Smith was
a member.
Harry T. Stong. Poster.
Morning worship st 11 o'dock.
Members of the Independent Order of
Odd Fellows will attend in a body.
Sermon by the pastor. Special music
by file choir.
Evening service at 8 o'clock. A
good song service and s short sermon
by the pastor.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock.
Junior League at 8 o'clock.
Epwortb League at 7 o'clock. Th*
topic for the evening is "On the
March." Sumner Crane will lead.
Preparatory membership class on
Wednesday evening at 7.
Prayer service Thursday evening
at 8.
Regular meeting of the Ladies Aid
society on Wednesday afternoon, *
Choir practice Friday evening at 8.
Official board meeting Saturday ev
ening at 8.
Sunday school picnic this Saturday
in the perk. All members of school
««M to be present Bring your
lunch. Refreshments will be served
by file refre shme nt committee of the
Sunday school.
Roosevelt's sixth reason for going
to church: "Be will fasten to end take
part in reading some beautiful pas
from the Bible. And if he is
not familiar with the Bible, he has
suffered a Joes."
The Methodist church endeavors to
maintain a high standard of devot fou,
friendship and service,
asked to share and help in aS of fids.
Yoo are
Jimmie Jones was instantly
in a mine at Cumberland, B C. on
Thursday last. Word sms r s a s iyd
after we had
to press last
W. J. "Jimmie" Jones kit Ball
about two month« ago for
land where ha went to work hi i <
infant son left to jobs him. Mrs. Jotete
was formerly Mias Helen Snooks, the
daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. Wto.
of Belt.
Details of the accident have
lacking until today sad we
order that we tm» h»
ing the press
able to give
information at hand.
According to the reporte.
and several other
in Ik. 4 Slop* of No. 9 mtm ltt $ato
beriand IT»*
within sight hit «I fite face
other set
»yiffiurftr tlMm MBtSB A Bl if mbp
fiRVE j 4j$ llÉR "RIMR pMÖMRk*
sved » was found
IrfjjW instantly,
hs h«d Ra bfc
W"« «* w «»«wot
dT his
hack shd was so «tetoteüy iejtowi test
he died fat three quartan «f m hem
A .LI ... J am Int» mm —— ' Auutoutento&te '2 ms
mVm WXSSmr «M ™
The funeral we* Wd hto*
from the lesktews* *f Mr. Jean*' ate
ter, Mr*. Hubne, with wheat fite J««**
family were faring, as well as fite
Jhnmie Jems wee Ml ymm of
and wo« a native of- DevbyaMre.
•mr>6 Hk many friends hi Brit «r»
shocked by the news of hte anthwfiy
death and fits bereaved wife and ttthb
have th* heartfelt sympathy of ai
Billy Sullivan of the
company were visftote hi town
E. E.
to Bynum on Wednesday, toft MteW '
in town and took Am testa tea NefiteriL .
Miss Florence Blais to heute ter the
She he* just
of school st Moore.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Archer, who hew
lived bare for a year while
Archer has
the highway
commission on th* Belt-Rkevill* pro
ject» left today for Glasgow where he
will oversee another
Dewey Thorson of Hugbesvill*
been hauling bogs to Great Falls ter
Chss. Redestrom this week with Ms
two-town truck,
Pete Johnson, proprietor of
Johnson Hotel in Gnat Fails, passed
through Belt last Friday on a visit
Into the country.
Mrs. Leurs Brown and brother, On
Mclnnis, here here Friday msktoff
the last preparations for the gradua
tion of their sisters in ths class of 1SB4
st the local high school.
Mr. and Mr*. Jim Cooper were
ping in town the last of the week
while here lost track of their
grandson for a few hours. He go*
tired of sitting In the wagon sad
hunted up some playmates.
Blench Young left for Vtrgelle *■
Friday. He will look after his ranch
daring the summer.
Mrs, Grover Bro wn book the after
noon train on Friday for her bom* to
Quit* a number of Belt fans drove
to Greet Fall* Tuesday to ea# the baB
game which was postponed
r onor Role
Arthur Bami
to paint bis house.
Mrs. E Peter* is painting her
borne near the Merkle totem.
Bd Ounston à painting Mb
-'" V v-V

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