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rn of ArtSrie bTW
tefltete of
trfct .00toon.r ; ■
1® a# Ar
IX of te Ckasfltaflo» of te
inafter provided and that the qaes
tion of said amendment be submlttad
of Montana at te next general elec
I that
10 at Ar
tick IX of the «'fflOatrtutnm of te
State a# Montana be aad tee
ui to mad as follows:
2 of th is
tions as the
by law
■or any oter sebooi
Section A Separat« official ballots
■hall be provided At the general elec
tion to he held in November, 1924,
which tell have printed thereon all
of Section 10 of Article IX of te Con
stitution of the State of Montana aa
district office."


For the above written amend
ment to te Constitution,
Against the above written
amendment to the Oonatitu
Each elector shall designate bb
by marking an to te
square before te proposition fer
which such elector desires to vote.
. Section A The votes cast for and
against te amendment above pro
posed aball be canvseaed, determined
and declared as provided by
oral election laws of tbe
te gem
State of
Section A Afl Arts aad parts of
Acta to conflict herewith are hereby
A This Act shall take ef
fect and be to full force from and af
ter its passage and approval.
Approved March 7, 1923
United States of America, State of
L cTf: STEWART, Secretary of
Stete of te State of Montana, do
hereby certify that the foregoing is
a true and correct copy of an act
entitled: "An Act for the Submis
sion to the Qualified Electors of te
Stet« of Montana of an Amendment
to Section 10 of Art id* IX of the
Constitution of te State of Mon
tana, Relating to te Qualifications
of County Superintendents of
Schools and School District Offi
cers."» ■
have hereunto set my hand and af
fixed the Great Seal of the State i
of Montana, at Helena, the Capital.
this 1st day of August. A. D. 1924.
i Seal of C- T. STEW ART,
(cmtana) Secretary of Stete,
ilst Pub. Sep. 26—last Pub. Oct. 80)
Chapter 184.
"An Act to Submit to the qualified
Electors of the State of Montana
Amendment to the Constitution of the
State of Montana, Adding Thereto a
New Artiek, Providing ■ for the Ac
ceptance and Administration by te
State of Gifts, Donations, Grant# and
Legacies for the Creation of a State
Permanent Revenue Fund, for te
Useful Benevolent and Worthy Ob

ii, rwiivfftr v end tei te
te mLÂ^e^tors of te
Mai, taîüftor thrir «»oroval
» rei^ttaTrete »eneraTcl«;»^ to
£ SSiï'hTatotSÎSJrSS
^«toTdon - fii tl rmrT ^
ntoL of MmUM Iw _— «
to hereto, Mmt r.a*d bv
!ddto^te£to to £
few.wn «a A«îiJ£ted *** Article
!r^v.(w Nadine^nd bete
T ^- 1 L <Z1) ' J g
as touowe.
Serf son itaf Article 21) The
itiT^rfMnntote teto^herJre'aRM
a "f. { ma * lpt f ro«« ™y n *}
er a! pereo n. <*,
outarde te State, gm», donations,
&£ A oS^ Xi Fon^ -Kter
with TW I
Suction 1,
Constitution of
the State of Montana he amended as

grants and legacies in ray amount or
value not km than Two Hundred fifty
($269.09) Dolkrs each, for .the crea
tion of a »tat* Permanent Revenue
Fund, tor the creation of a State Per
manent School Fund, for the creation
of a Permanent Revenue Fund tor the
Univcrrity of Montana, and tor . Die
Benefit of
jt and lira
'ZiZn7'of thi* xrtSp 8 * "
»retiens of tbi* xifhkk 1 %«
fttato tortL»- raree* rad «venante
fi. n .M'-tTr-t-rrr-'-Tr-i rr-r-» r -
nevolont and
8mi Yt
ft» He ft*
The Mais Who Oriafig T«wr
While 7m Wait
wm SAUBs way mn
he provisions
iy,. .....
» (of Article fl>. f%t
ogf n||
Itetemnäb \STte
«tnla.kJU ,.|J| * 5iT '-|Jon|f #»—.*-*— ii_*
to thTriterSri
v" r -S2 2
te net earn
te net earn
I til
event shall not be
permitted by the
rpetritka; hot no
State until it has been
shall have power to reject any »och
contribution that it may d
Section 4 (of Article 21). The
State Treasurer shall keep a perman
ent record of all such gifts, dona
tiona, grants and legacies, showing
te names of te given*, te purpose
MS^^Htribotion. and other eaaen
tial facts relating thereto. A dupli
cate of this record shall be kept by
the Secretary of State. These rue
of HM
orde shall be
a lasting memorial to te fivers i
in society. The Legis
lative Assembly shall from time to
their interest
time make prov« M ?n for suitable pub
licity concerning these benefactors of
their fellowmun.
Section 5 (of Article 21)
■■■if Board and
have charge of te investi»
administration of te Public
Fund of the State shall have
of te toveatment and administration
of all the toads
■Stick. All
■ aa one common fund to be
and designated as te Man
officers tet
same State
f un da shall b»
teaa Trust and Legacy Food. I« ease
tet Mta
any comnwooB » to mm*
than «aah, such board shall convert
into cash aa soon as practicable
Section « (at Article 11). j
investments of these funds shall be
safely and conservatively |
erence shall he given to long terra
loans secured by first mortgages on
town and city homes or on cultivated
farms to this Stete

made Pre#
iiena and encura
-- âko to Montana Bortd»
Issued tor educational purposes. Ail
such loans and bonds shall be payable
on tbe amortization plan. No loan to
which the security is a mortgage
exceed fifty per cent of te actual
cash value of te real estate given aa
security. No farm loan shall be for
a longer period than forty years, and
no loan secured on residence property
fBa« b« tor a longer period than p*n
ty years. No loan secured on town or
rityproperty shall be made until te
Perticukr town or city and subdivi
thereof in which it is l ocated has
peopled aiy approved bv the
«täte Boa rd, having charge of te te
£••£■•***. as perma nentl y established,
having an assured future and being
in every way safe security for these
investments. Investment may also be
made in other safe interest bearing
securities ; provided however, that no
part of such funds tel! ever be in
vested to obligations of the State of
Montana, except general fund war
rants which will be paid within one
from the time of the investment,
m for or against any loan appli
; provided, however, tet in pass
on a loan or investment, consider
»? snÄ-tr a -
Jc !o*n*aad arorided
and to the
may be
tu * l ? ou Iu * «uuwreBv ewH> or loans
• nd mreatmenta.
teflon 7 (of Article 21). It is
th<> »«"«ng and intention of thk Ar
****0 that aU investments of these
funds shall be confined exchwSvek .
,afe to * B investments, «rawing a fixed
nt * oi interest and being to aid of
bon,e «»WnF farming and education
•* work - <>' otberwi»o conducive to
^ Frogress and well being of »o
All long term investments shall be
on the amortisation plan Further
teguktions and Hmitations concern
in Ç th«" iirreetmenta tell be pro
»*d by kw.
Section 8 (of Artiek 21). When
ever the eecnrity given for a loan k
to damage or destruction by
fi», te insurance company accept
SÂ^to^ *" ^
«nee shall be give«
loans. The rate of
to the
interest shall aL
ways be a reasonable rate, consider
ing the character of the loan or in
vestment but d iff e re n t rates
tog te risk shall
State for tbe toll «mount of te
and the policy itaelf aba!) ape
y recite such fall liability. The
State may itself provide tor teurem*
on any property constituting mcority
for fia loan#
j Section » 4of Article 21). The
Lfifkkttve Assembly may provide
other and additional ways aad means
for hegtenteg or increasing rav of
th * f»"* 1 errnted or sutemxed by
tes Artete _
Sectko If - (fl t AtHd» tl). The
te the
with te af ore s aid tonds
but »8
.tog tonds, permament tonds, and
ulatire fieri» behmgtog to te State
pritea) steüriséons aad «J

> hy te ssteite
ear« and custody ®f seefe tonds AH
srfter fixed, shall to repaid wkre due,
Ite proristoas &f fkm wadhm éaM
do so
mtfßg to te
21). The
SI (of
ywf. te te kat «ky
Fand that was m te hoppT
. thereof m
te», ana shall he added to WM»
. fdad, or held available Iter te
Wmrffclariea aa the caw may be
_ ■ of One Hundred $1
■» Dollars (100,000.uoe 00>. ffcare
after only one twentieth of te WMW
al net earnings shall be added te te
itself, and te remaining dine

State Geaend 1
of «B
mU te teases ascertained darn
■shaä'i be do
be the net earnings and «hall be
• B
eaauimr month
as ter aa practicable
Section if (of Article fl). 'All te
net earnings
occrmn^^to te
r ha
««« of the State.
Section 13 (of Article 21). AB the
net earning» accruing to the State
Permanent Steel Fund shall ante
ally he added thereto until it ha*
reached te sura of Five Hundred
Million Dollars ($600,00CLÔm9j|).
There after only one twentieth of me
annual net earning« shall he acted te
the fund itself, sad the remateM
twentieths shall «nnoaUf b«
' to te school diatifteta of
on te basig of the aggre
gate actual school attendance in mek
district during the preceding sÄnl
twentieths of te net
the State o
or calendar year by persons be tw ee n -
of six and eighteen yegg»
exclusively for ai>
ocattonal purposes, subject to such
regulation» and limitation* as MUf
preacribed by
Section 14 (of Article 21). AU te
âæt earmnga accruing to the Pwrtaaa
«n* Revend» Fund for te University
of Montana aha» annually ha tMm
thereto anti! it has mated te «ta»
of One Hundred Million Dollar»
(1100,000,000,00 k Thereafter only
one twentieth of the annual net eare
k .
te remaining nineteen twentiate
apportioned to all the edttea
inaatationa ten .eo^
te University of Montana, on te
basis of the aggregate actual attend
each institution during te
preceding school or calendar year,
and may be used for ail purposkti
properly connected with te work o#
teae institutions, subject, however,
to such reguktion* and limitations aa'an
may be preacribed by kw. _
Section 16 (of Article 21 >. When- J
te purpose for which a certain
contribution wss made has been ac
complisbed, or can no longer be a»
certained or followed, then the total
amount of such fund shall be trans
ferred to the State Permanent Schoo)
Fund and become a Permanent and
inviolable part thereof. ♦ AH contribu
tions without a specified purpose
shall be credited to the State Perman
ent Schoo! Fund.
Section 1« (of Article 21). Should
te time ever come when any of the
three aforesaid permanent fund® be
shall be added to te
come so large tet no further increase
is necessary or desirable, then, In
such case, the legislative Assembly
shall have power to provide for the
the net income from such
fund for te purpose for which It wss
created, or It may as« the one twen
tieth of te annual net income which
was to be added to te fund itself for
te creation of other permanent rev
•nu* fund» or for any other public
pureos« that it may deem wise; pro
rided. however, that non* of te tore
going provisions of this section shall
apply to any of these fund* until it
has reached te specific amount fixed
by this Article.
Section 17 (of Article 21). The
use of aii
Justice# of the Supreme Court of the
State of Montana are hereby made
and constituted a supervisory board
over the entire administration of ail
the fonda created or authorised by
te» artide and te income therefrom
During January of each year, this
board shall review te administrât)«»
ffr the preceding year. It tell de
eide aU uncertain or disputed points
arising ip te administration of the
fo«k vtenever requested to do so by
a beneficiary, by a State Official
f*«»X«d with some vart of te admin
»stration of the fond, or any other in
tareatod party: and it may do so upon
«» own ihitistiv«. It «hall be te du
tyof the supervisory board te do and
P«foriB all seta and things tet it
may deem necessary in order to can»«
te board and officers haring direct
fb*rg« of three funds to administer
the same earefally end wisely m full
compliance with the provision, of this
«flrie and auch further k*kktion
re may be enaetad rektte thereto
The Clerk of te Supreme Court ahall
be Ex-Officio Clerk of this Supervk
Tmdhto 18 (of Article 21 ) The
Legislative Aaaembly shall from tim«
enact such farther legislation a* it
JW deem naereaary to carnr into ef
f®« te prenions of this Article.
Section 8. Separate official bal
tots shall be provided at the general
eirotion to be arid to November, 1924,
w h »ch shall have pr inted tereon «II
of A rti c le Tmrefrreno (Mr* the
Co natjtu&m of te State of Montana
•* P« Wri b y thk art TWe «ha I
*lfo be prtotsd on said official bal
bolow the arid Article square
the word* a* follows;
foregoing amend
te Constitution
For te
to te ron.t.tn
to te Oonstita-j^
fl*»t sqnare above printed,
fiaetion 4 The rotes east for and
■Wirk on
ent j
«mine*) and
te kw> ^
ta 6. Afi acta and
««tet wits* te m
ons of
v«l March R, 198S.
States of America,
i 1 Montana, sa.
State of the Stated Maate*, «te
hereby certify that the fosrrookig m
a true and correct copy of a» act
"titled "An Act to Submit to te
Quahf>ed Elector« of the State of
»■ Montana an Amendment te
Constitution of the Slate of Mo*
tana Adding Thereto a New ArtLi
cl*. fTOvidtng for the Acceptance
«" Administrât»« by the State
Gifts l>unations. Grant» and lAga-,ri>k
des fo r the Creation of a State
Fennanent Revenue Pond, for te
Creation of a State Permanent
School Fuad, fer the Croat»« of a
rorraanent Revenue Fund for the
University of Montana, and fer the
»enefit of other Useful, Benevolent
and Worthy Objecte; and Aater
Ujn K she State to Administer Other
Funds Together with Those Hera
mbefore Indicated "
have hereunto set my hand and a#
teed the Great Seal of te State
of Montana at Helena, the Capital,
.. this 1st day of August. A, D, 1 924-!
■on tan a i Secretary of State,
1st Pub Sep. 2b—last Pub Oct. 30)
-. . .
Stete of
, Chapter 137. |
"An Act to Provide for te Submi*
Mon to the Qualified Elector» of the
Si ate of Montane of an Amendment
the Constitution of the State of
Montana by Adding Thereto an Ar
jticle to te known aa Article XXII,
'Providing for the Payment of Adjust
ed Compensation to Bon* Fide E®«s
dsnts of te State of Montana Who
Served on Active Duty in te
Navy or Marine Corps of the
State* in the World War and 6o Such
«f Sa.d Person» Who Being Citisens
the United State Served in te
Naval, Military or Air Forces of Any
Of the Governments Associate With
fhe United State* Daring Said W
*»d Authorising the Ifflcurr
pdebtedneaa; Authorising
lag of Bond»; Providing ta
h Tax,"
the (e«o
the Levy
. Section 1. That the Constitution of
te State of Montana be emended as ;
«sinB<lKnreinafter provided, and tet the
question of such amendment be sub
mitted to the qualified electors of the
«täte of Montana at the general eke
tion to be held in November, 1924
Section 2. That te Constitution of
the State of Montana ba and the same;tick
is hereby amended by adding terete
article to be known as Article
XXII, and to read as follows;
"Article XXH, Section 1. In order;secure
[to promote the spirit of patriotism,
and loyalty, in testimony of the grat- 1
Itude of the Stete of Montana, and to
Eleventh Day of November, Nineteen
Hundred Eighteen for a period longer
than two months; and to each person
who, being a citizen of fhe United
State« at the time of entry therein,
served on active duty in the naval,
military or air forces of any of the
gormmmeat* associated with the
fini ted States during the war with;
the central allied power* between the
sixth day of April. Nineteen Hundred
Seven toms and te eleventh day of
November, Nineteen Hundred Eight
«en, for a period longer than two
monte; andat the time of his call,
enlistment, induction, commkrion or
sente», was a bonafide resident of
the »tat« of Montana, the sum of Ten
of the State of Montana, aad ia
recognition of the splendid service*
Of Montana men
uie United States and the German
Empire and it# allies, there shall be
h person who was regular
enlisted, drafted, inducted
Marins Corps of the United States
between the sixth day if April. Nine
teen Hundred and Seventeen and the
Eleventh Day of November, Nineteen
Hundred Eighteen for a period longer
than two months; and to each person
who, bring a citizen of the United
States at the time of entry therein, i
served on «ctiv« duty in the naval, '
e spi<
In te
r umpire anu its aines, mere shall be
id to each
called, ......
or commissioned and who served on
active duty to the Army, Navy
Marine Corps of tbe United Sta
between tbe sixth day it Anri). Nil
Do Bars ($10.00) for each month
major fraction thereof that such per
»on orm to active service during mlâ
war, whether before or after Neve»
ber 11. 1918. not to exceed, however,
a total sum of Tw 0 Hundred D6San
< $200.00); provided, that persona who
hare received extra compensât
from *ay other state, or nation ten
the Onitad States for such service
hall not be entitled to compensation
under thk Article unies* te amount
of compensatio» so received i. kss
than they would be entitled to here
under, .to which event they shall
celva the difference between te com
pcnaaMon allowable under this Article
an d te extra compensation already
received from »«Toter «tat« or na
tion, provided, further, that person«
who have received greater compensa
tmn than te Mgvkr pay of tike Ar
my . Navy, or Marine Corps and com
mutatios tor quarters aWd subsist
en0f tell not be entitled to receive
t0 mp«w«tion under thk article on
]«#» the amount of te extra com pen
«atlas ao received is less than they
bo entitled to hereunder,
tent they shall receive te
Affimww» between the compensation
allowable airier this article and such
compensation In case of the
death of My such person while in such
»terries in omul ««want shall be paid
to bk «mrriring widow if not remar
r ied the time compensation k re
,,u«rt«d, or to case he kft no widow
and kft ehildrerv then to hi* surriv-!|
j„g riiiidre«, or to the event he left
n< widow or «hlidren. then to hk s«r
viriag amtmt or parents. Persons of
tbs^uak sex, or their survirina
children or pereuta. who are to all
« within the term# of
«half be entitled to com
*bk i
'SaettMS 2. The word 'person' as
u»ed to- pm s g I of (hk Article, shall
t ggfr to atom . durtog te
service, refused on
in such service.
therefrom under rir
mmomtmg to a dkhon
and who have not
officially restored
to the bene
Article for compensa
tta mom * fori m to
te teta Awddtor,
■aha» to driv rert
ti oa
»item, «tat« of
from active service. I# th
i» not on active . Ate, a
that the claimant duriag
for which compensation *»
te'aot refuse t« «sbjoet
military diaeipline aad unqualified
»erftee and that he has hot been sep
! aratad from the
1 formation aa the State Auditer may
require. Such certificate shall he pre
ieonted to te State Auditor_ ,
iwentative together with an hoaor
able discharge or release from active
service, or in ease of its loss, a prop
eriy authenticated reconi of service,
or in the event that claimant ii still
in the service, a properly rathenti
oatod record of all active a
formed by claimant, or if te si
be presented by the widow, child
parents of a deceased veteran, then
with te proper evidence of death,
tether with a properly authenticated
record of service, and te State Aa
ditor shall endom« upon
charge, release or record of active
k |ka anima flrainirt i*'tgflbrtsii to#
waaaw »-fflBÇ «MB* » raCwSy
te fall
fas tea aam« o f the alalmgat gp on the
Veteran's Cora. ■
amount equal to Tan Dollars
for each and every month i
service, or major fraction
aabaequent to te sixth day of April,
Nineteen Hundred Seventeen,
reeding however a total of Two
dr«d Dollars
the fact that it was made te
of tbe application, and «hall re
turn each discharge or releaee
ord of active »erviee to the claimant
and tel) forthwith draw hi* warrant
or ree
tion Fund for an
not ex
from the Veteran«'
I where application for ©om
is madf by the widow, chil
peraon shall furnish te
though te ap;
plication were ma d e hy the deceased
veteran, and te Mate Auditor shall
an appropriate bm
titelt« to co*et such earn«, (»»p-w
■ation allowed to te children of de
ceased veterans shall be paid to te
guardians of *uch |||
guardian if appointed
of this state, shall sen
psnsatios and to the
court without bond, and It shall —
the duty of every county attorney to
this state to appear to te courte or
render any other necessary legal as
sistanee in behalf of such children to
so te as te provision* of this Ar
are concerned, without coiape»
nation and no public officer shall eol
ket any lees to any p ■_
(brought in behalf of such children to
compensation under this Ar
kept on file for the use of persons
covered by this Article a «officient
number of form» of certificates so
that there may be no delay in te
payment of this compensation. The
State Auditor may authorize te coon
ty auditor, or county clerk, or both,
of any county of te state to act for,
tom in recefvtog applications under
the provision» of this Article, and
shall furnish such person with te ;
proper certificate« to enable him to
accept such application. The State
Auditor is hereby authorised and di
reeled to procure such printing and
office supplie* and equipment, and to )
employ *«ch persons a* may be nec
easary in order to properly carry out
State Auditor is emp o were d to
make such additional reasonable re
qulremente from
"Section 4. Th« State Auditor shall
furnish free of charge, upon applies
tion therefor, the necessary form of
certificate to ail person« entitled
thereto, and may establish at differ
ent point* within te State of Mon
tana offices at which there shall to
kept on file for the use of persons
covered by thk Article a sufficient
number of forms of certificates so
that there
payment of i
State Auditor
applicants as are
necessary to prevent fraud or te
payment of compensation to person*
not entitled thereto.
"Section 4. Th« State Auditor shall
or te provisions of thk Article, aad »U
expense* incurred by him in te ad
maStotration of tak Article be paid
by warrant* drawn upon the Veterans'
Compensation Fund
Th« Adjutant General shall advise
with and assist the State Auditor in
ion te performance of te duties of te
Auditor under thk Article.
"Section 8 For te purpose of
providing means tor te payment of
compensation hereunder and for pay
tog te expenses of administration,
the State Board of Examiners of te
re- State of Montana is hereby author
Ited, empowered and directed to issue,
from time to time, as may be re
quired for the purpoae of thk Article,
bond, of, and in tbe name of, te State
of Montana, to and in te amount of
te sum of Four Million Five Hun
dred Thousand Dollars ($4JK4> •'XX..90)
to excess of the constitutional Hmita
tion of indebtedness of te State of
Montana, and over end above any
bonded indebtedness of said state
heretofore created or incurred ter
which said state k now obligated.
The bonds provided for to thk Article
«hail be issued in denomination of One
Thousand Dollars (»1.000.00) each,
and shall ter interest at a rate not
exceeding five end one half per cent
(f>*é per cent) per annum, payable
semi-annually on the first days of
January and July of each year at the
office of the State Tereurer of the
State of Montana, or at some bank to
a city outside of the State of Montan»
designated by the State Treasurer;
noch bond* shall be dated on te first
day of
and shall become due and —*■
able twenty (20) year# from
date and be redeemable at the option
of Jmmmry or te first
of te State Board of Examiners af
any thn« after tan (10) years from
their data at my interest paring per
iod. The bond» hereto referred to
shaU be to « toft J am a ß Pj r N gto.
scribed by
approved by
«miners, am
«tor te gn
of Man
. arid
office oi the
har« to turret eenpon»
»ached thereto coverin g te tote
shall be «xrentafl with fare
nature» of aB te members of
bonds than
» -
exrewtton, of
pom tm behalf of te State of
TW toads provided fi» tu m* à&
-J*, »hUlte kttüMiw
«»ta ^ the state, as «aKrrinr oat te
janees made

of for
than its par
of this Article
te«nt for any of te
"Section e The
«f te
known aa te "Veterans'
tioa rood" which shalLto used for
te payment of te compensation ecu
rid«d I» this Article aad for paying
te expomes of adarinktratto» there
of. For te porpoee of carrying out
te nroriskms at this Article teem hi
hereby appropriated
ans' Compensation 1
from te Veter
a ftxyi fte u
may be necessary.
"Section 7. All payments or
| jfaa Article
taxation and from
e under
from a»
exempt fn
levy and sole «B e»
"Section A That
shall he
levied annually a tax net
mill on te doBar on all
a property
subject to
mid tax when col
lected by te Gmt; Treasurers of
te counties of the State of Montana
tell be ter them a cc o u nte d for and
» te State Treasury of te
to be by te
in and credited
m as te "Veter
an* 1 Oompensatipo Bond Betiremen!
Fund" and which fu*d tel) be wmd
mlnhtb fee te puMHAt of te
principal and interest accruing
the State of
taxation, which
of Mon
m known
to a fund to be
ion 9. No charge made by «W
Ifa wvir ivw 1*1 *- wiafil ^
tog te alkwaaea as previdei for by
this Article shaft !* recognised bv te
slate and any p e r aon whe for
sidération discounts or attempts to
"Section 10.
intent to toll
Article or art» trite Intent te defraadv
presents to te State Auditor, or to
any other officer of te stete, any
which do not to fact belong to such
person, or makes any fake
tat ton to connection with
y funds under the term* of thk
vide additional
. tor raisin«
of the inter
est and principal of said bonds
this Act shall not be deemed
vide an exclusive method for
^Section 8. That separate officiai
bailot# be provided at the genera! elec
tion to be held in November, 1984,
which ahail have printed thereon the
For the amendment to te ConsU
tution relating to the payment °f Ad
lusted comwBisSttion to mmpde rm
Mente of the State of Montana who
served on active duty » the Army,
Navy or Marine Corps of the Unite
States to the «f
of said persont who, M nf
tbe United SfcriML tafte to te Ha
val, Military or Air iotem ot any or
[the governments «teeffid witii te
United State* during eM w w^utt -
thorium* the incurring of a« J»debt
edness; atilborislag the
bonds to an a»ount not .to
Four Million Five Hundred Thoasan«»
Dollar* ( $4,600^00-00>, ahd prevMtog
for the levy of a tax.
Against te amendment to teOM>
stitution rekttog to tba payout of
j moneys for the payment
to pro
adjusted compensation to bonafid*
resident* of te Stale of Montaimj^ho
served on active duty to the AWj
Navy or Marin« Corps of the UMM
State» to the world war, and to such
persons who, being eitiseas of te
United States, served to the M
Military or Air foreéo of any of te
governments aosoctotod Wifk te
United State« during said war; to»
thorizing te iocuirrin* of an Indabt
«does«: authorising the hwuing of
bonds fn an amom t not to exceod Four
Million Five Hundred Thousand Doi
] ar s ($4,600.000 00), and providing
for te levy of a tax.
Each elector shall
preference by making an
the preposition for which
desires to vote,
Section A That te votes cast for
and against the amendment above
proposed ten be «Utyaread and de
temlned as provided by the general
election taws of the State of Mon
tana. , _
Section 8- All Acta and parts of
Acta in conflict herewith are hereby
repealed . „ . .
Section 6. This Act tell take ef
feet upon ita passage and approval,
Approved March 8, 1028 , „
United States of America, State of
Montana. #*:
I, C. T- STEWART, %aMtary of
State of the State <jf Montana, do
hereby certify that te foregoing
is a true and correct com of an ac*
entitled; "An Act to Froyri ejor
the Submission to te Qaaftfted
Elector# of the State of Montana of
an Amendment to te Constitution
designate his
n "X" before
said elector
U *«iie
tor te
of the State of Monta»»
Thereto an Article to, be
Article XXH,
Payment of A
te Bona Fide -
of Montana f
World War rad to » Mb of jtori
to te
Military or Ak Foto» «£
te Governments Assoektog
the U
fixed te
' '• V

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