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-, v
1. Nftotf & "Mining Property?
5 ÂÂÂ.ÏÏ? $ 1 , 102 , 605.99
.. .." .. . . rnomrnm^^
f '
t parwam te
The Truth
Gov. Dixon
in discussing Mine Taxation in a
public speech at Bozeman, Sept
29, 1924, said this:
What is the truth? In tSSS. the total property
assessments of this OonnMny
$60,182,441, divided as follows
Mining Claim*. Machinery, Improve
menta, Supplies ...
Net Proceed* of Metal Mines.. M«,4W
Smelter and Reduction Sites, Build
ings, Equipment, Suppliés _ 26.075,683
Railroad and Railroad Equipment— 4,137*7»
(To more ore* from mine to swelter)
Coal Lands, Improvements and Sup
__ ^ _ _ 34^881
provide fdei for mine», mills and
smelter) "(
Net Proceed* of coal min*a_.. 225,506
Timber, Timber Lands and Improve
ments . 10,HiRftli
(To provide the mine* with flOjOOO.OOO
board feet of «awed and rented timber«
each year)
in Montana
Anaconda Copper
mining company publishes
figures showing the large
sums they pay in taxes, leav
ing ft to be Inferred that this
. is assessed against
mining property. But it
must be remembered that
this company owns practic
ally all the standing timber
in Montana, as well aa
rauche«, stores and other en
terprises, and that the tax
figures which are cited cover
all this property—of which
the Butte mines constitute
only about one-seventh."
06.6% OF TOTAL, OR. $08.162,908
Farm Land*. Improvement*. Livestock $ $14*88
(Acquired In connection with reduction
operations; such as are sot DO used «re
ty Property, Merchandise, Street
Railroad, Water and Lighting
Systems, etc.—.
(Acquired and used for pnfgtees neces
sary and incidental to mining and reduc
tion, including transportât!«* «ted living
facilities for employes, etc.)
1, *16,150
18 3.4% OF TOTAL, OR ._ $ 2,038.538
(Tha assessment facts shews given, as ho inoonti
and character of property
public records of the count»*'toteera the properties are
•It gated.) i '%»?'
, are shown upon tha
X .

; ., - •
It Is evideat fron the above tbit NOT "Oae-ieveitb/' but Tweaty-foer twtity-filtbt.
1 of the Aaaconda'g assessment is levied upon Its mines, mining tad smelting and other properties
Inseparably and indispensably bond np with the mining operation.
Tha Anaconda Copper Mining Company in Montana i* engaged In the basin«« of producing copper,
sh» and other metals. For that purpose It has aoqnired and operates property »hieb consists of some
than the ore in the
silver, gold,
ground, and is made up of
lasts, timber, coal lands, railroads and other supplies and equipment neoeesar
property. All of this property is essential to the conduct of its mining business
to the
operation of its
it* mining supplias, maehlnary, improvements, mill* smattaro, and ether reduction work* are aa aa
aantial to Ra operation aa tha area them salve« and thalr value ta exhausted with tha axhauottan of
tho ores. Whenever tha mining operation shall ossae, thla property will have little more than a sal
vage value. "'r'^ r
The min« of this Company consume annually more than 90,000,000 board feet of sawed and round
> < timbers. Supplies of timber«*« as wsentinl to its mining operations as is alzaifa or other forage to the livestock
industry. But as to "owning practically all the standing timber in Montana," « charged by Um Govern*?, it
owns, as a matter of fact, LESS THANONE TENTH
and other waste, railroads to
p operations would be as un
mh and exclude those paid
used therewith.
Sent free to any voter on request
». *■
j t
Equally necessary are large areas of land for the disposal of tailings
move ores from mines to smelter and coal mines tj^snpply its smelters with fuel.
To exclude thee« from the assessments attributed to mining
fair a« to credit the stockman with taxes paid on livestock
on Hf improvements, lands ebb appliances necessarily
* Ai .h
m. v
Read "The Copper Target
;r /
C. F. Kelley, President
ara f sfi wr sd to «o "iwtli Covoer Nht/-y Compeno'
/or the sa ko of àroeOy. tkio Compeay
Ttatlan queens of vigorous and re
sistant stock should head all colonies
In Montana according to O. A.
Sippe! of Montau« State College, «lace
black heea are »ore susceptible to
foul brood than Italian beet.
Not all strain« of Italians are equally
mMnt tlMrtrefm*«.
ike careful observations as to
the shiilty ef his coloulsa io rastet this
Qu«*»» whoss progeny show resist
amf qualities should be used us breed
ing stock to requeen si) other colonie«.
As European font brood to a disease of
'weak colonies, beekeepers should take
«vary precaution to secure strong col
màm at bees. The disease to most
IW«Mtont during the spring and early
I mouths, hence celante* should
tee property prepared the previous Call,
< #*toff etemrid he put lato winter quar-,
itew Hard Sire Maksa ftood
tot daughter of Iowan* Men-1
.l5Ä*ss .Hotetete; h«d sire, has
«Bd. to*
as ■ but cwtot*
tedftwttnn of
te rite *te«
•-et toe
lie Ote]
to# ho«
ter* with a goodly supply of food, a
large Dumber of young bees sud a vig
orous, prolific, young qaeeit. They
should also have the proper winter
protection. Colonies that come through
the winter in a weakened condition
should be united as early In the spring
as possible In order to Insure strung
In the writer*« opinion, frequent fan
one In treating may be accounted tor
by the fact that the beekeeper at
tempts to tltel eok»l« that «re too
weak to sav«; ft should be emphasised
that only reaepsabîy streng coteries
should be gives treatment and all
weak, dise as e d colonie« should be
The treatment given to bees sltoet
ed with Buropran fool brood does net
cause s grest loss Id
the cuss with American tool brood. Tho
guiding principle to be toftowsd to the
treatment tor tels dise«** I« to «e to
St that «o»dl*|to»i «re satie Ihw&M»
i «Ffteriwnluf at the aye sff two year»
and almost seven moattM. the find
! daughter of {»wans Mercedes Btoine
Mead, former BotetetoFriuste» herd
at lows State ^teriege, to»*
tint. cradUshte produedon sttopc
eÆto uffsrthl sud Tl.,
d«ïte •*
re?s»f«î of
0.7» poBwdte
pounds si i
tempered to the
i tm pounds of, tettorfht «DMM? ter
the average fnwu am.
"Frodaction eC.ttitt
m mmrnm af 2»
qnssrta « day, or 87.8 pound» dally.
for the bee* to remove as much »« pos
sible of the dtomased material during
a time when there la no new brood
coming on. The queen should be
killed If a colony la badly diseased na
thla Is sufficient evidence that her off
spring aft not resistant A week after
the queen is killed the colony should Ins
examined thoronghly and all queen
cells «lestroyed so that the colony will
become quesnlras. The colony should
tomato to this condition until most of
the diseased material baa been re
then g young, vigorous
* stock Should
he Introduce«!
tn treatment sad controlling
ssry to destroy brood comb« and an
pra. unto» sxcepttobelly to«. »■-
stay he vsm4 «gal» without danger.
Farmer# of Ftoth*a«3 county, through
County Agent A A McKee, have or
airs yet to he developed, the find
heifer made the highest two-year-eld
at th« colleger
dater farm."
Joe QarftoM tes» been sentenred te 8
yesnt te L«*v«®iwrib, »1,00© fine and
te 19 months
i® Leavenworth, tor to» killing at
QtMm #0îltS
.totest Pip* near Wolf Point Novet»
ter aft. te®S. All thé partie* are to
«Man« and the trial was tu th# federal
dared a carload of pyrptoi to he used
Is riaarin* stump land, Pyrtol la the
high explosive material prepared by
the United States government from ex
war material and Is being (Ho
of to farmers at cost. The
»tate Ooiiege Extension service
mu to in chef«« of the di*
of the material tor Montana
Ttawe to an
■ ??v '
activity In th<
sooth of Whltoflsfe. vri»
m a^look *Wr continued activity to
àÿfem 1er the Mxt esversi
toitep Mq. i s*
<r»m Gardner to wr fu b Uto htnr
to, **
ie tetoBty. MtoIi
mat am ew
to» a
operating m tike
write. I m brtNritet i» * vante» «r
» >- te js «fc-swfe Sœi&jpao.
. « «roso n
nm m warn tmer
iterate tote -.
•■a-mUz ■
Mm m K imm I
«ilö tiflliniCjlilH Uv Ä
xiüm of m
an Way to ton» : %
Party Wi
Whom Car
•jr ft»
Ch» a complaint charging the kidnap
I tu« of two girl* and m warrant tele
graphed by Stert« Matt Sftsrwtch. at
I Seattle to Sheriff Jim Ram«» at Hat
te«, Mrs. Louise McAtee, 22, waa ar
! mated at Alhambra Spring*, sear Hel
ena. where «he worn employed aa a
domestic, and -la being held for an of
ficer fro«» Seattle. Her arreat waa
effected by Sheriff John Mountjoy, of
»«fferson county.
Two gtrla, one 15. the other 13 years
[ of age, were located at a hotel In Hri
I ena by Sheriff Bames and Chief Joe
! Spora ein and were placed In the c«*
tody of the atate bureau of child and
aatmai protection, pending Instruction*
from Seattle.
Mrs, McAfee and the glrla were trev
ellag from Seattle in an automobile.
Their Journey was interrupted a few
dajm «*» when the car caught fire and
waa totally destroyed. This took place
a few miles from Helena. They said,
when applying to the county authori
ties for financial assistance. that they
were bound for Iowa at the time
Aa r e p a rt s from counties of north
rentra) Montane continue on the prob
able number of exhibits to be sent to
the second annual Corn and Livestock
•hew, t* be held In Great* Pails on Oe
tober 27, and 2». memters of the
Commercial dob's agricultural com
nlttc become more assured that the
I exhibition will be mach larger than
I that of last year.
Chouteau county «NU be represented
with more than 3,000 ears, according
to William Atslnger of Port Benton,
>ne of the corn growers of that Mo
tion. Other counties are also plan
ning to send scores of exhibits. Both
mettons of thé show, that Is fhe corn
and livestock divisions, will be shown
at the stock pavilion.
Headache From Broken Skull
Mystery «unwinding the death ef
Harry J. Devine, shift boas at a Butte
mine, was cleared up at an Inquest,
when It developed that the rock which
struck him and caused his "bad head
ache" had realty fractured hi« skull
and caused bla death four hours af
Devine, la coming off shift Oct. A re
marked that he "had a
of a headache," and that be had been
«truck by a small rock In a manway.
He told no more of the occurrence.
Shortly after he went home be be
came violently 111 and died ^rlthin a
few minutes after reaching the hos
of a gna
Throw Babe From Car
At St. James' hospital, Butte, at
tendants report the condition of Mr«.
Normen Harey. who was Injured In an
intomobüe accident, as unchanged but
oof serious. It I« expected that q.
charge of reckless driving will be filed
»gainst L U. McLellau. driver of the
•Alher car.
Mrs. John Craddock, »Iso a passen
ger In the Havey car. escaped with
bruise« and slight cots. The 2-year
old child of Mrs. Htvey. thrown on a
wnd pile by Mrs. Craddock when she
saw the collision was unavoidable, es
■aped without a «cratch.
Momestaks Darisres Dividend
A dividend of 5 per rent was rtc
elarsd by the Homextake OH company,
Oct. fi. when they met in their semi
annas! session In Great Fall*. The
dividend wHi he pa'd to stockholder*
of record as of October 8 and is raid
to bring the tost amount of dividend»
paid to about Tfi per cent. Rtocfc
hotder* present were R B. Cooiidge
Le wist own, president; Dr. K, B. Dur
aüh La R uc Smith, A. Becker.
Great Falla
Dairy Loan Pays Dividend
With the payment of $4J20A la dlv!
j Mutual Dairy Loan sraoclaHon
j established I» Wsaoult to«» year* ago
j C ) 0H «fd Its s*wood «uccerafui yesr. TIm
j mworis tien has been opetotlng sct've
|y during the two year» of Its life
to the members of the sssoria
tkm on the first of the month, the Mo»
tbnmglmat wmlom Montana. Import
j tog dairy tor the former» «ff thh
district. Who pay far
to monthl}
The organisation h«t
IsWs W
f imp*** Ur ansuy ports of the cosmtry.
Lotete W«t. who «vue
to MM
m ï
t jteo
l bu tet teeM Mte I
riale te»
tl tteto
wdi pteeed «t o«
«r to raw
wrather Aw
tew* tor «te pm wete t*%' n
Mayer Frem*
wilt tete « teterk «pro tor to*
I t*
t»ra» paw
»«««etc »1
• «•• f#fj
• ««* «tfb
Ttttuion Shattered
Twelve-year-old Joseph was talking
to his bachelor unde on the subject at
gtrla Uaele In a genial mood advised :
"Now, If I were you, old fellow. I
wouldn't get into any entanglement*
with girls until I was at least fifteen.
Td try to have a good time before I
got mixed op with them."
Joseph shook Ms head. "We». I've
hed one case already," he confessed,
."but It'« all over now,"
Uncle pressed for a reason. And
Joseph answered wisely and weil, "I
found ont she wasn't what I thought
she was."—Exchange.
Sure Relief
Hot water
No Fampart* for Rnwwn*
The commissariat of Internal affairs
at Moscow *A* forbidden the issuance
of further passports to Bosnians de
siting to go to the United States, the
number of applicants being more than
five times the American Immigration
quota of 2J&ÊA, The Baltic and other
ports are crowded with EoMiu
anxious to sail for America, but the
majority of these will be forced to re
turn home.
The moot undeserved as well as the
mont dangerous flattery Is that which
we bestow upon onrselvea.
Get Back Your Health!
wait far
bly it'#
Qot bock rear
hreltfe aaTkeep it. For quick reliaT^l
Do»»'» FOU, a «timakat dhutofa to
tJK .*
Mop. *to Saga ftt.
Bvanaton. wys»..
Hkgs: Harn war«
i weakened my bid
neuf. They were
Blngsrtsh and the
Uon. ecalded
me m
il. Y .
Dos t Suffi
Wkfc fteUag I
«ft Immi
Ï -f'- "■ - -
WNU» BfiLtfMMh. tefc. AL.«BA

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