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Vancouver, IEC.— J. L. Mackle, Brih
Ish Columbia legislator Peter Veregin,
Colony 01
British Columbia, Harry Bishop of Nel
son, and three unidentified person*
Tere kl,Ufd Oct 29 by an explosion on
w Canadian Pacific railway train weal
of Farron station. B. C., according to
Word received here. Eleven other per
«ons were Injured.
. explosion happened In the first
«lass passenger coach of train No.ll,
on the Nelson-Grand Forks line. Th«
-explosion set fire to the car, which
was consumed The remainder of the
tra.n proceeded to Grand Forks wl h
Its passengers and with five of the in
^ , . .. ... . ,
The terrific blast blew bodies out ol
t e passenger car. was e ev a
first that a tank o urn nat ng ga»
tin er e coac explo , u an n
vesttgatlon showe«L according to of
flclala of the Canadian Paclf that the
explosion was caused by high explos
,V *T „ *"***?• . . . ».
!ÜSL£r Si
fi««4 of the Doukhoubor Colony In
British Columbia la On*
ef Blast Victims

ILl LT-^^ o LTrov the SS
houbor leader.
p... vnH.im» ♦ h •
Tn '
^ristlan generol, ^control of Pek
, - »100 000 fnr th „
Ing a reward of $100 000 for the cap
tare alive of Gen. Wu Ple-Fu. A re
ward of $50,000 la offered for General
Reports from the ChlhlUHanchurlan
■hnrrier ststo that the retreatlns troons
border state that the retreating troope
of General Wn. defeated by the forces
»f Gen Chan« Tso-Lln the Manchurian
w wn. u«n* wo-un, tne manenunan
war lord, are hoarding the steamers at
-'hlnw.nt.o <«. Tabu, O.ner.1 Wrt
«».l»,™borln« 20.000. dool.md
to have reached the latter port which
fs near Tientsin.
in the menn time Oenere, r», I. e,.
»ected to launch an attack against Gen
eral Wu's armv at Langfang a -v-lnt
midway between' Tientsin and Peking
«îeneral Feng 1» said to be rushing re
,Z. _eo" e nn rr.n-,rr
inforcements to Langfang.
Feng Yn-Hslang has left Feng Tai, J
$60,000 FOR WU'S BODY
seven miles-eust of here, to take charge
of his army there In an anticipated bat
tie against the forces of General Wn as
head of the military government.
Word that the battle lines were being
Bi i_,. .
Chinese residents
HH . „ .
Altdorf, capital of the canton of I ri
Clement Remet was guillotined for the
murder of a young girl who surprised
Mra while Ln the act of burglary.
There la no official executloneer In
Irawn close to Peking has caused much
«pprehens'on here.
«re rilling hotels In the foreign legation
quarter and rnshtng valuable* Into the
vaults of foreign hanks.
First Execution In Years
Rerne, Switzerland,—The death pen
alty was inflicted Oct. 29 In Switzer
land for'the fleet Mme In 22 years. At
Drl, and the authorities had difficulty
In finding any one to carry out thf
. . „ J
A train hand, who offered
to /to the Job for 500 francs, was for
Mdilen to act hy the federal railroad
management when other employe*
threatened to strike if he was
to "cast discredit upon them.
Finally a mechanic was found to pull
the trigger releasing the knife.
Washington. A study of the flight
of the Bhennndoah to the west roast
and return Is expected hy President
Ooolldge to furnish Information upon
which may be based a final declakw
mb to a flight by the air cruiser to Mm
north pole.
The president has been told that thf
Shenandoah's flight was In every way
comparable with that of the 7ÜR-Î
across the Atlantic. It Is recalled that
one of the Important consideration»
which led to the abandonment of th«
North Pole for Shenandoah
north pole project last year was a he» j
Itsncy to risk the only ship of rhe Zep
pelin type possessed by the American |
Well Known Author Dead
New York,—Frances Hodgson Bur
nett, author and playwright, knowc
partlcularily for her novel and plaj
"Little l.ord Fauntleroy," died Oct. 2t *
at her home, PTandome Park, at Plan
dome. L. She was 75 years oM and
toad been In poor health for. severs
Mysterious Gas P o i s oning
New York.—A fifth victim of th«
mystertoons gas piosonlng to the re
search laboratories of the Standard Ot!
com pa ny eg New Je rse y at Bayway, IT
J., died Oct. aa
Herbert itoisea. 30. of Elisabeth ara»
tbe latest victim. Before hla death b«
had to be placed to a strata t Jacket,
Tbe last three victims h**-e died at
approximately the same hour on three
successive morning, all becoming vio
lent before death.
Eleven additional men are suffering
vporo the strange poisoning
Conservative Party is Returned te
Power With Strong
London.—The people of Great Brit
aln have put a crushing end to their
rrst experiment with a labor govern
ment by returning the Conservative
party to power In parliament with one
of tbe strongest majorities record©»'
durlng the last century.
In this sweeping political change,
Llberal party hns shrunk to the weak-J
I ^ position it has experienced since
the realignment of British political
parties more than t>0 years ago at tea
time o{ th e reform bill.
Aged observers of the ebb and flow
of party power In British politics ex
DrPS *ed the opinion that the wholesale}
night of voters away from the Liberal
I party wss due to great extent to thoj
popular fear that, by voting for the
Liberals, especially In three-sided con-1
J teats, the Socialists under the bannet.
0 f Labor might be enabled to gain the
New Tork .—The ancient feud of
I tonjtg have been renewed Oct. 29
w , tb ^ moat p^ern of war materials
—bombs—except for a lucky tip
^ „ a y T w o t e a r
yrenadea wera i aat nl|t ht In a
ra1d on a chinea»e restaurant and Long
Wong Chue, a waiter, was arrested on
R charke of T***™"** them. The po
,,c * Mid that Chue ,a 8 merab8r of the
Hip Sing tong. He was arrested after
I (he had rwlved a tlp t0 ^ ef .
feet that a mysterlou* small wooden
box had been delivered to him by ex
press. Detectives said that one of the
I K reMd f , b W placed In a small room
•«* '^Ited or Immersed in water
I w OU , d W| , every penton ln ^ „»<»„»,
j Chue, according to the police, said
ftat he had ordered the boraba wlth a
fnr ..„ i n fhp
J" ^
elvI1 war now ra $ n * ,n China.
W 11 * Three and Self
^ 10
Rcardan. Wash.—\elmn Beeman, 19,
Caw Lathrom, 27, and J. 8. Dueber, 80.
' .
of this cHy. were shot and killed
Dot. 28 b, B.r S^rrj. «. . wobü.min,
| »1 ».Ib.o* bl. o^ llfo __
J The girl was said to have rejected
Spcrry a attentions. No theories have
bee. ,0-need „ ,0 etb, be billed tb.
I wo men. I
( Stephen Lathrom, father of Dow
Lathrom. was slightly Injured by the
ballot which pierced his son's heart.
» ; I
Orphans Seek $100,000
j New York-Twelve onthaned ri,Ild
pen were In the Queens supreme court
Oct. 29 at the trial of their $100.000
| damage suit for the death of their
j father, John Dugan, a grocery clerk,
, ,, , - »u . . rhelr
( mother died soon after the father was
, Denver—The Denver and Rio Grand
western railroad was sold at puhHr
m an automobile accident
Mary Dugan, 20, Is the oldest child,
the youngest being one yer old. Mary
earns $21 a week and Is the mum sup
port of the family.
O. A R. G. W. Sold
■metIon Oct 29 to Donald C. Swatland
and Hayward A Hlhherd of New York,
representative* of Hie fo-organlzatlon
uanagers for $17,935.700. subject to the
I approva i 0 f tHe United IHates district I
J coart
-pj,,, amount was the upset price
hy Judge J. Fo«er Syroe«. who
j re ,. en yj y authorized the foreclosure and
0 f tba property. I
Ruina Give up Bodice
Detroit—Bodies of Howard Burden
1 jf Windsor, Ont., and two unidentified
men were taken from the ruins of the
five story building occupied by the S
I (^ 0 t a « n Hn( j Kratz show case company.
„^ 1 ^» was destroyed hy fire Oct. 27
w)rh a )oiia ^unstet! at $,125.900. Five
j workera> one a yonng woman, whe
ware trapped by tbe flames, clung tc
the ledges of the flaming structura
until rescued.
Louisville, Ky.—General William B
General H*ld**oan Die*
Haldcman, comrnander-ln-chlef of the
Confe«ierate veterans, died Oct. 27 at
a hospital at Churchhlll Down*, when
ba waa takan immediately after being
»tricken while watching the race*
(jetterai Haldemnn was 78 yean olf
and at onetime was part owner of tlu
Oourier Journal and Louisville Time*
the noon hour Oct. 29 by four men wh«
obtained $500 and fled toward Port
land, according to reports to the police
Aurora to south of here between Sales

Oregon Bank Rotobod
Portland. Ore.—Tbe State Bank at
Xurora 0re . wa . hHd np Juat aft «
and Portland.
Execute Four
Montreal.—Lonto Morel and Franl
OamWnn, murders Of Henri Cleronx
were hanged at Bordeaux JaH at 4M
a. m. OcL 24. Ontoeppe Seraftol sal
Tony Frank followed them to th* scaf
fold and were executed three minute*
later at 4:59 a. m. Oamblno's laa
words on the scaffold were MWresse«'
to Executloneer Eli to, whom be enjoin
ed to "go easy."
The crime of which they were con
vfeted we* the murder at an armprec
car driver during' the $T4>,U00 Bank o:
Boefcriaga robbery.
In n... .1
BrW Nat«« Concerning the
-> •> Treasure State <■ ->
Will Get New Trial—Newton L Jack
»on, convicted In l.ewlstown of the
murder of Allison McKain, following
the robbery of the First Nst'ootl bank
I of Roy, June, 1922, and sentenced to a
J nfe term In prison, was granted a new
trial by the supreme court Oct. 24 on
the ground that the trial court erred
in denying the defense the right to pro
| »ent evidence to show the good repnta
j state had sought to Impeach the charac
ter of these witnesses.
Rolase Immigrant—In law motion
at WoIf p„ !nt R!chard Ogle, who
I wag arPe ,ted by local muthorHIea about
two months ago. on telegraph Informa
tlon from the i II1ITllgra tioo bureau, was
j released from custody, as It was clalm
e< j that he should have had a hearing
-»ending extradition. The man came
hw> from eanada. crossing the border
without examination. He was released
at ( he Instigation of his brother, who
came from Canada and secured the
services of Attomev R. M Morford to
Institute habeas rorpu» proceeding*.
H .le and Haarty at r . FM r4
of Boxeman observed his eightieth
birthday anniversary Oct. 22. He has
I lived In Bozeman since I860. Despite
his SO years. Mr. Edwards Is hale and
hearty. He served In the Union army
through the civil war and is outspoken I
In advocating prepardnees for th'a I
eoiutt ^ m onIy i nTOran< * a „ 1nBt
war Is to have a big enough army and
navy to discourage anv nation or
group of nations who would attack us."
Truck and Load Bum-A large auto
tlon of defense witnesses after the
mobile truck loaded with titubera for
nn oil camp was destroyed by fire on
the hWlwav near 0reat ralla> Oct. *»4.
1 Origin of the blaze It unknown. The
fire burned with such fury that tha
driver and owner of the truck, H. A.
Patterson, was unable to save h's over
™at which was In the seat h~.de hlm,
U, e truck odglnally cost fl.9W and
was partially covered hy Insurance,
^ , oad wag at <2M ,
..... _ , . _ . ^
„ 8tl " . ...
I lives of Mra. Vsdnalt and her Infant.
rhI,d nnd d «nollsh'ng all the window*
In the second storv. a iWV-rslion still
»t +he hr, me william Vadnnt« st Rntte
at the home WIHIsrn Vadna a. at Bntte
exploded Oct, 28, according to local
iw,iw who tnvothpr wph fodorai n f. I
nollce, who. together wi.h mieral of
n»r, -on n.™<-8 the «111. Him* b.r
mn* .no . .talll.r qo.nut, of
Children Bum to Death-Two Infant
-n. »f Mr. ... Men h-ln. of
n 1u ' d - r ' ... i 1 ™*" j
death OcL 27 In a fire that destroyed
Ue W,, home. Mra. Evans went rt,
; »tore torn few meutes, leaving Tver
2 years old. and B»u, 18 months, nt (
home The fire believed to have bem I
ransed by a defective chimney broke
ahe waa fl and ^ ^
„ . , imnossihle to res
^ ^ bn , )>pf| ^
Wfth Murde^PA
j Mf)< . k jj P | en and j .^^.i
I f/flvelle. all colored, were pieced under
| irrpwt Mft 0rf M at M!aaoula rharjrPd
with murder In the first degree In
-onnectlon with the killing of Mrs. Bd
Mack, colored, wife of one of the men
under arrest, early on the morning of
October 3.
Cashier Résigna— W. N. Purdy, dlrec-'j
tor and one of the organisers of the
l*emrity Bank and TTuat company at
IBor.emnn. has réslgnetl as cashier of
Uj,« institution to devote his time to
jthe a ff a irs of the Onllatto Valley SeedipoMt
rompany. of which he Is treasurer. A.
q. Berthot. vice president at the hank. {
act as cashier and Dewey Street
will act as teller and asslatant cashier. I
y wo Hurt In Car Accident— Richard I
p. Ringtlng and Mr*. Olga Work, both [
of White Sulphur Spring*, were ser-I
lonsly hurt Oct. 27 when their car over- 1
near Wolf Creek, en route from
Helene to Great Falls. They were tak
» to Helena after receiving first aid
| at Wolf Creek. Rlngllng. »on of one of
the circus family la a widely known
ranch owner. Mrj, Work la bis sister
I in-law.
Suicide at Poplao-fMalcom Smith, a
young man of part Indian blood Is he
j lieved to have shot tdmseif "'vio*
night Oct. 23 to front of the Poplar
j rooming bouse. He was unconscious
| when people who had heard the shot
arrived on the scene and he iked a few
hours later without having regained
| consciousness. No cause is known for
Poetoffloes Advance«*—Five Montana
| the deed. He leaves a widow.
I postofflee* have been advanced from
] tbe fourth class to tbe pres'dentlal
grade, according to Post master Gener-1
al New. The new ratings are based on
I Increased r ee alpte . The of f 1res affec
| ted by the order are a* follow« ; Bon
ner. Coffee Creek, Hot Springs, Rex
ford and Savage.
Accident Was Unavoldabl
manslaughter charge against Clarence
Goldberg, «hoe* automobile ran ovei
Thoroaa Batter and killed him Oct. 22,
was dropped when the coroner's Jury
returned a verdict Of unavoidable ac
Light Bonds Carry—The vote on the
bond issue Cor the town of Plevna for
|he purchase and Installation of a elec
tric light phut carried by a 24 to 1
majority. This la the mort nearly
unanimous vote ever cast here on any
question. The council will now pro
ceed with tbe sale of the bonds.
A lives t ock shipping association ha«
been organized at Havre under the di
rection of E. B. Duncan, county agent.
In September 16 cariozds of hog* and
right carloads of cattle were shaped
the association
Child Thought t» B« Near Death
And Father Lodged
I« Jail ~
, ■
1 nr>on ^ *■« across
th l th0n ,'! > . hor *f ht hand,
Th,> child s condition Is said to he
T*"*' *** bUt Jltt,e hop *
I forUsroc
•«wt-kfra. R. E. Coy, of Laurel, is «Ifsd
RS ***• result of an accident that occur
red .Oct. 28 wolle he was hunting twrt»
ml,M * nd ■ ha, f ""«hwest of town on
th<> Schauer'» ranch.
Toung Hunt and Ruasell Hard had
,nto ' ,,e < ™ ntr * on •"»**» *«nt
Butte.—Frances, eix-montha p 1 d
daughter of Mr. and Mra Frank Gllko.
I» In a local hospital, stabbed through
the abdomen, and thought to be near
denrh, and Frank Kllko, father of the
child, was taken to the county Jail,
charged with assault In connection
with the affair.
Gllko la said to have been estranged
from his wife since Iaat July. The man
accord'ng to Mra. Gllko, entered her
horn? shortly before 8 o'clock Oct. 96
and. In a drunken frenay, drew a knife
and without a word rushed upon her
as she gathered the baby to her breast
knl^r. she asserted, was plunged
Into the Infant's right aide, penetrating
the-ejuiyÿ and the abdominal cavltv.
after which the weapon was turned
Lnsrcl.—Otis Hunt, nephew of Mr
* J** Lï
** ,ad h! *
5 11 "- ,M,nln » « of ,am '
, The exact manner of the accident
J" ndt know "' but *» thought that the
n movl "* struck a piece of
r mh *'J' 80 that .. th * J° . ,
f™ nd J 1
'f «™ ck ' h * ^ ln th * heart ' kl,,!n *
™ n * tantty '.
Hunt was about 20 W ■«*■ ■«« 1
|a sophomore In the Laurel high school,
Circle I/«8lle rayrell, 6-year-old
*° n of Mr - and Mr *> I^tmon Cay veil,
,. f d _ h IJ .
^ r ™' H * 1™ and on *-b*ir
,n «beaet of Wolf Point, was accident*
™ 32
^ ^
brother Clarence 8 years old had
r n
«hoot some cmwa Thev had found on
. ^ ^ ?»
{^^• ^V^n unuble to fl^t The
W» bad ^ , ™
nor * "a" l[hpn 1CTT on
ground, according to the atory of the
L n th< , „„ and It was acCdenlaUy
d l«di*rged. The bullet entered the
lad's stomach and lodged In his back,
I He died Within a few minutes.
j drive'tor funds for Wilson day, Oct28.
I on wWch the people of this community
I contributed on behalf of the widow
J and children of Officer Wilson, who
duMes. it was reported by Frank Beley,
secretary treasurer of the drive, that
h« had deposited $3,167 In hank to the
credit of the fund and had $300 addl
Aid Dead Officer's Family
Livingston.—At the close of the
was killed while In the discharge of his
Hontll that had been In after the de
was made,
Mon». Individuals and canvaaeera have
[been heard from, the sum will reach
It la thought that when all organisa
$4,000. This sum, Mr. Beley state*.
will be sufficient ot pay off the mort
gage on the Wilson home apd also pro
vide some support for the widow and
»lx children.
Grief Leads to Suicide
Bntte.—Death of a beloved »on and
j continued 111 health, caused William
J Moyle, 74, to shoot himself during a fit
j of despondency, according to officers
w'bo Investigated the case after W»
body was fourni at 9:30 in the morning
ef Oct. 27 by his stepdaughter. Mr*.
I-Jack Harris, when she went to hi*
(room to awaken him,
Mr. Moyle, an old-time Bntte miner
J and prospector, had been In fatting
health due to the Infirmities of age for
more than a month and had abont
j abandoned hope of regaining health.
relatives »aid. and the death of hla
I son. W. H. Moyle. October 12, caused
I him to become morose,
Mr. Moyle was * native of Cornwall.
Eng., and cam* to Butte about 52 years
| ago.
Ford Derails Locomotive
Miles City,—At Carteravllle a Ford
automobile and Milwaukee train No.l«
met «m a grade crossing Oct. 26. The
engine of No. 16 wae derailed, with the
result that the train was two hours
late to arriving here. No one was In
jured. Whether tbe Httle old Ford
"rambled right along'' following the
oo 11 to ion was not learned.
■_ 4 _, Mr*. Jehu Oliver Dead
Roundup.—Mra. John Oliver, wife of
State Senator John Oliver of Garter
county, died here Oct, 29 from pneu
monia after an lllnese of abont a week.
Senator Oliver was to a hospital at Dee
Moines. Iowa, recovering from a minor
operation and could not return to hi*
"rife'» bedside.
Mrs. Oliver we* 47 year* of age, and
had lived to Roundup about a year, her
husband being cashier of the Roundup
State bank and receiver of the Clftoeo»
State bask. Besides her husband, five
children survive.
Working aa a HWS0 partnership af
fair, Anderson brothers, ages now 28
and 38, came into the Sidney section
In the year of 1910 from Baraeevtlle,
Minn., and have established the farm
firm name so indelibly on Richland
county, that for farm successes It will
ever be remembered.
Their net assets on arrival totaled
*190 in yellow-backed currency. The
following three years were spent work
ing out on hetter-to-do farmers' place*.
Pre-empting 480 acre« of upland and
rolling virgin soli, these two men put
every dollar they could hoard Into the
homesteads, preparing for the time
they would launch their venture.
During the spring If 1014, they set
their sails into theiwlnd and up to thl*
time the voyage hns been pleasant and
nrofltable, according to them. * A hun
dred acres of flax and wheat returned
good yields and war prices.
Becoming Interested In and leader*
of the farm bureau movement, the
Anderson farm was tilled as a literal
Illustration of diversification. No do*
tall of the movement was overlooked.
That was profitable, the two men will
tell on every platform given over to
a farm bureau testimonial meeting.
Starting slowly, they went Into the
cattle business, keeping a weetheMye
on good Wood. Since 1920, the annua)
volume from this venture alone runs
from $1.000 to $2,100. Hogs total a
corresponding amount. AU the time
the grain yields have beaten the county I
average hy that margin of bushels that
meant profK.
Leaders In the corn movement, the
Andersons have left no atone unturned
that would help to create more interest
and acreage. Certain farmer» are glv-1
en credit for the valt acreage of corn
In Richland connty for 1924 and the
Andersons' names will be found at the
head of the Hat.
Any Mme there Is to be an agrtcdl
tural show staged In the county, the
first thing asked will be. "what do the
Anderson* think about ItT" and so far
the Anderson« have always been favor*
able. They always come to and help
manage the affair and aeem to know
Just where to "take hold."
Besides the 480 scree filed on at
their arrival, they have edded to 1.000 J
scree lying In the shadow of Sioux J
pase. so named because of the Sioux J
■niatom of traveling through this bot- j
tom land, rather than go over a divide, j
While the firm admits to owing eom* I
money, hankers qualified to »tat« will j
put the firm'* net • see ta at $35.000. all J
assembled In the last 10 years.
According to the Anderson brother*, I
Texas, California and Florida liters- f
tare haa no appeal for them. They
further claim that for farm opportun
Ity, Montana stands Just where ehe
ought to—first.
Herbert Zwlaler of Park CUty, Mon*
tana, has found that being the chats
plon club boy of his state brings with
It worth while financial returns aa well
a* honor and glory. According to re
port* from the office of the State Club
Leader at Montana State College, the
Park City boy won $162 In caah prizes
during the fair season Ju«t dosed and
stlU has the Sta t e Corn Sh ow to look
forward to. A targe «hare of bis prizes |
were won on corn, although hi* garden j
product» contributed to some extent, j
In addition to the caah prizes, the
state champion'* exhibit* also won for I
him a $25 corn trophy cup. won at the I
Midland Empire Fair, a camping outfit j
and a 30 gallon can of lubricating oll, I
not to mention a ukelele and a number J
of other premiums.
Of the $162 In ca«h that was won. $56 I
wn* won In the open corn clanaea at
the Montana State Flnr and $24 In the
■ open corn classee at the Midland Em-1J
pire Fair, Thue, Jn«t one dollar lea
than half of hla winnings came from
competition with the leading corn
grower* of the state to the open
Get Poultry House Ready for Winter
With colder weather coming on,
farmer and poultry raiser* are again
confronted with the problem of provid
ing suitable quarters for the Gird*
The poultry department at Montana
Btate Oolloge suggests that it Is not
enough to have the «rail* of the poultry
house so constructed a* to keep out
tbe cold;—this is essential but it to
equally esse n tial to provide for proper
ventilation. Cold» and various disor
der» of binds are often due to lack
of ventilation. Tbe constant evapora
tion of moisture from the body of tbe
hens makes circulation of air necessary
to keep down tbe humidity. It should j
also be remembered that each bird
should be allowed from three to four
square feet of floor apace, depending
upon the size of tbe birds. Overcrowd
ing has tbe same effect as not provld- j
Ing proper ventilation. With too few j
birds in a houes it Je often difficult for
them to keep warm during the coldest
weather, ■■■>
A thought should also be given to the
arrangement of tbe poultry bouse and
Its fixtures so that tbe necessary dutiea
con ected with caring for the birds may
be quickly and easily attended to. A
little care to this respect may make the
work much easier and pleasanter.
in trouble, It to quite often soma
body you didn't count on that help*
Believes (fest sver
fs AraMa
aJT ?. 4
• .*•
r e «£
She flavor ü
Collmgm Call» Prioonor
Fred Morgan, while serving «0 day*
id prison for carrying concea'ed
weapons, was so badly needed at the
North dmum guta u a
JRker tha , Morr1 ao„ felt
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««if properly, tbe officials reported, In
recommending that the college's re
quest be granted.
Friction makes some wheels go
round, but not the wheel* of life,

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town city street« m
jammed with traffic.
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mr provide a constant
W source of entertainment |
and education in the home.
A genuine Radioia is made
for every purse. Receiving
sets are priced upward from
Write for FREE radio map,
catalog and the name ci your
nearest dealer.
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1 8 Cmmm fi$.

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