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Jürrr finds congressman not
Will Also Ask Congre«« to Modify
Volstead Act in Favor
Of 2.75 Beer
- ■ I "...
Baltimore, Md.—Re pres e n tative John
Phillip HR! of Baltimore was acquitted
by « Jury in the United States court of
violating the Volstead law by manu
facturing intoxicating wtae and rider
at hit home.
The fifth and sixth counts of the In
dictment. which charged Colonel Hill
with maintaining a common nuisance
at his home, were dismissed under in
structions from Judge Morris A- Sop
er, who presided at the trial.
The trial was the result of a test
case forced by Colonel Hill, who main
tained the Volstead law gave the farm
er a right to manufacture cider and
wine, but withheld from the city man
the right to manufacture beer.
The trial brought from Judge Soper
the opinion that the clause of the Vol
stead act defining beverages of more
than one-half of one per cent alcoholic
content at Illegal did not apply to
home-made wines and elder, providing
the product I» non-Intoxicating "In
Representative HIM declared after
the verdict that the finding gave him
an opportunity to go before congress
and demand modification of the Vol
stead act and the passage of hla 2.79
per cent beer bill on the ground that
the Volstead act in Its pressât form,
discriminates and is unfair.
Washington.—President Ooolldge hat
appointed Theodore Douglas Robinson
of New York, assistant secretary of the
In doing so the president fulfilled
the last recommendation to him by
Senator Lodge of Massachusetts, who
died Sunday night
Robinson, who is son of Corinne
Roosevelt Robinson, rolled at the
White House and after a conference
with President Ooolldge -went to the
navy department to confer with Secre
tary Wilbur.
The poet of assistant secretary has
been vacant since late in September,
when-Theodor* Rbbsevrtt realgnild
make hia unauocewrful campaign ai Re
publican nominee ft»r governor of New
Bandit Pleads Guilty
Chicago.—Brent Glasscock, alleged
leader In the robbery of the Chicago.
Milwaukee A St, Paul mall train last
June when loot estimated at 52 , 000,000
was taken at Roundont. Til., and Joseph
and Jesse Newton, formally changed
their pleas of not guilty to guilty be
fore Federal Judge Cliff,
Five of th alleged conspirators now
have pleaded guilty, leaving only four
to be tried.
William Fafaey, former poatofflce In
spector, arrested by fellow inspectors
and accused of being one of the arch
conspirators ; James Murray, politi
cian; Walter McComb and Herbert
Hoollday, the tetter of Kanaas Olty,
remain to be tried.
Border Patrol Pull Eirangtb
Washington—The United States im
migration border patrol fer the Cana
dian boundary to being recruited to its
foil strength of 450 men. Toe cod of
toe Canadian harvest. Immigration of
ficial* said, has found an Increasing
number of persons attempting to coroe
Into this country illegally and every
precaution ta
taken against this
A rrsat Ende Tong War
New York.—Police expressed the be
lief that the Chinese tong war which
has claimed 15 lives through««t the
country, had been ended with the ar
rest of Chin Jack Len, former On
Lccug tong leader, who became a Hip
upon expulsion from the On
W n o —v olts to Hunt la South
Oyat« - Bay. N. Y.—Ool. Theodora
Roosevelt defeated nominee for gov
ernor. and Mm Roosevelt will leave
within a few day* for a boating trip in
the South Carolina mountains. Beyond
that Colonel Roosevelt has no definite
plan fer the totere, he said.
MacDonald Flan* Trip to U. B.
temulating a visit to America « a boll
day after hia herd grind of nearly a
year a* Great Britten*» first labor pre
of a Democrat where
follow»; n»prnmrrnm. BBS: Demoeralt,
ÜM i S
on ra
te, a» m
«a actes
rüt'.i«' UBI
Oft« Village on the Island Hm Cem
g l a te ly Disappeared Inta
• River
Batavia, Java.—The island of Jam
has been severely shaken by earth
quakes. Already 800 persons are re
ported Jellied and countless numbers
are missing.
, The shocks extended over « day and
a halt Many native towns of (he
Kedo district, a central residency of
Java, have been destroyed by land
slides. One village completely disap
peared into the river.
The shock centered In the health re
sort of Wonosobo, where all the build.
Inga colupeed.
A dispatch to the London Horning
Poet from Amsterdam, quoting reports
received from Java, says the river near
Kampong has been transformed into a
mod channel in which the bodies of
men and animate are lying.
Forty-five hop a re in the Lokauno dis
trict have disappeared entirely. The
whole of Prasab Barjlngtn has been
engulfed In the Pring river. Magetirg,
the principal town In the Kedu district,
Dutch official« at Wonoeobo were
Grand Rapids.—Postal Inspectors
from Chicago have arrived to aid
investigating the explosion which
wrecked the loading dock and receiv
ing room of the main postoffice here,
killing three men and Injuring
Herman Pettersch, a clerk euccnroh
ed after having both legs blown off,
and Kniest A. Roth, a track driver,
died three hours after the blast
Dale Newhouae, 19, died in a hospi
tal Thursday.
The theory that the blast was caused
by the premature explosion of a bomb
being sent through the «alte was ad
vanced by postal authorities, police and
firemen who scoured the wreckage all
night for ctnea No fragment of
bomb or other explosive was found,
The explosion shattered windows for
several blocks, hurled fragments of the
loading platform 100 feet Into the air
threw a loading track out of the feder
jdNMUdlng room and hurled five auto
mobiles in debris.
Cattla Receipts Break Record«
Denver, Colo.—The largest receipts
aver received at the Den vee stockyards
cans to Nov. 10 totelng 18,<tOO head.
Moat of the shipments came from Colo
rado points One year ago the receipts
were 16.245—the previous high record.
Under the heavy supply tha prices held
steady, with fat stock and feeder*
showing considerable strength- All
divisions of the cattle market were ap
proximately fl a hundred weight high
er than last week, r
Pon*l Jury Deadlocked
Boston.—The In Suffolk
Boston.—The Jury In Suffolk super
ior court trytoff Charles Pon*l, former
financial wteard, on a larceny indict
ment In connection with his get-rich
scheme of fours ago, reported to Judge
HI ah op that it was unable to agree on
a verdict on any of four counts. The
Judge ordered the Jury discharged.
Express Company May lias Planes
New York.-—The American Railway
Express company to ready to use air
planes for the transportation of freight
If a dependable service I» offered It,
Robert EL. M. Co wie. president, told a
gathering of airplane manufacturers
and pilots.
Butler to Suoossd Lodge
Boston.—WllRam M. Barter, lawyer
and manufacturer, and chairman of the
Republican national committee, waa
appointed by Governor Orx to succeed
the late Henry Oabof Lodge as United
States senator fro ■ Massachusetts.
Mr. Barter has accepted.
Rules for Filipino#
Washington.—Natives of the Philip
pine« are eligible to become American
citizens, whether or not they have boro
In the military service of the United
Htatea, It was ruled by the «nprenxs
court of the District of CoHiroWa.
Got« Nabel Prix#
Stockholm.—The Swedish academy
Thursday awarded the Î 924 , Nobel
prise in literature to the Polish author,
Wteeftetaw Beymont
The recipient Is one of the later
school of Polish poets.
Rtagw* Kills 4.060
Secnttdrabad, British India.—An eph
detalc of the bubonic plague, which
has already roused 4.000 deaths, has
broken «wit in the native quarter of
Trimaigtem, —sur here. One vlctift
w— a British soldier.
'•—rotary Davte to Retire
WaMtington. - fiecret* ry Darts of tee
labor department Informed Preakleat
CooHdB* November 14. that he wtoh—
Is retire fro— the cabinet after March
Mr. Devis is th* only rob I net
tire, R worn Officially stated al «to
Mean while. H was a*M. th* prote
the hope teat Mr.
and tai expresacd
ftevto wlS réareJn.
«m |J JSmSn
..- ■
CUCDirr DDniCUTq l«W»g
UlILIlll I I lll.Th.IV I tl imwWW
wayiuan t w
Fifty national guardsmen arrived at
the Dix river dam construction camp
Monday. Dire detachment remained on
guard at the dam, and another. Open
request of the contractors In charge Of
the dam work, was uæd as an WT
to protect negro workers who wer* fcs
ing retained.
National Oua*d»m«n «re Gent to Con
»truction Camp to Check
Rasa DM
Harrodhuggh, Ky.—Armed white
workmen drove dot approximately 806
negroes from S construction eftwp «i
the Dix river dam. eight miles from
here. Nov. 9 after Edward Wlnkly, IS,
a bridge worker of only a Urn
had been fatally «hot by a negro high
All negroes will be paid off. It was
announced, and those who wish to re
main will be retained on the company's
pay roll.
Walter Chance- and John William«,
negroes. were arrested by Sheriff Wal
ter Kennedy at the dam and hurried
te Danville for safe keeping. '
Sheriff Kennedy. Sunday night tot*
rupted a crowd driving negroes before
them four miles from camp and prdb
ably prevented a lynching and Wood
shed. Some of the negroes were bars
footed and many were scantily clad.
Ohlcago,—The apparent victim of a
brutal slaying, the body of a 14-year*
old girl was found lying in a lonely
prairie near Bast Chicago, ImL, early
Nov. 10.. tiie head almost severed and
the clothing tern from the body.
The girl, Francis Gosses, of East
Chicago, daughter of a well-to-do
lly and the eldest of five children. «Re
appeared Sunday after starting for the
home of some girl friends. Her body
was found by a man on hia way to
work. Frank Townaley, coroner's phy
sician, said that the girl's tongue had
been torn out and that she was without
doubt the victim of a degenerate.
Police doge, given the scent of a
man's handkerchief found near the
dy. led the officers to the negro die-'
Later the police Arrested John GerliOi
a roomer at the girl's bqpie. He can-*
not speak EnglWh and is being held fob
questioning through an Interpreter. fto
Rob Safety Boxas
OUcago.-Slx men, believed by po
lice to hove been former employes,
hound and gagged the watchman of Th*
the Empire storage company Nov. 8
and spent several hour* breaking Into [
a vault and opening 25 safety deposit
boxes before they escaped with Jewelry
and securities the vnlne of Which may
ran Into thousands of dollars.
mate of the value of the loot conld not
be made until holders of the boxes
The method* of the robbers, police
said, were slmHIar to those of the Wer
»er Brothers Warehouse robbery a year
ago. when safety deposit boxes were
tooted of jewelry and serorUlea valued
at »1.000.000.
were questioned.
Plan New Air Mall Rout«
Parte—Plans for an airmail line he
tween Francs and South America have
been completed, according to Le Jour
aal. The mails will be conveyed by
sea planes as far as Baker, thence by
rapid steamer to Pernambuco, and the
rest at the way to Buenos Aires along
the «roast by air- The nails will leave
daily etch way and take seven days for |
the journey. Instead of 20 at present.
Uncovw »till Near Capitol
Washington —Within a block of lhe j
capitol and directly o p po s ite the house
office butldlng police found three
moonshine stiff», 1.000 gallons of m«»ti |
and large quantities of brandy. The i
entire third floor of a residence which !
In Its day bad been sa sxclindve home
is the then fashionable section, was de- 1
med to distilling prone and pcarh |
into « powerful coacoctlon
Bakersfield, OaL—"Rainmaker Hat- [
field has closed a cbntract with the!
Kern Uounty Cart lerne«' * association
and the sheepmen's »—oristlon. where
by he promis— to produce «me and one-J
half toebe* of min Sa Stern county be j
twee® November M and December 20
ff the rain la produced Hatfield is to
receive »4.000, the money being guarsn- 11#
teed by the routesn«» and sheepmen.
1 .TtoThlt Dry Law
ftetoniw —JM» R, Riley. secretary
of the Rot« club of (Took county, an [
nonneed Nov. «, that SB men will pub
firty nud deMb«r»teiy violate the Vol '
«lead art m mme date yet to be act j
to ftrroisb a aew test at the law - » con i
«titetteusHty. 1
of war ret
tat Odrosr«. will spon- {
•u of whom art
eras* «rite sreordlsg to Its secretary*
sur tbs*
Ttesy wfil demand Jury trial*
Brirf N«(w CMMMmtaf Üb
•4* «to
■> •>•
-■ -—
Paying ah Tame.—Tax atatemeftts
for Sweet (Jrass county are ail In the
hands of .property owners and many
payments are betag made dally. In
,t4 »d of taking advantage of the —
ft»™* payment privileges, according
to Treasurer Darts, a big majority of
.people are paying the whole amount of
their tax in one sum at this time. This
s'oultl indicate that the people of Sweet
-Grass county are In much better shape
financially than for some years pro
vlous. There has also been a notable
reduction in taxe« In this county.
Frenchmen Visit Falls.—Frederick
Lêdoux. president of the Penarroya
s com pan y of France, the largest French
producers of lead, accompanied by two
Metallurgical engineers of his company,
W4?rt ' 1,1 < ' reat Falla to study methods
* he Anaconda Copper Mining
«.mpnny at its Great Falls property.
Mr ^onx and his party are making a
tour of the United State» and Rian to
murl> t0 France In December. The
P" r '>- " en < to Butte for a three-day
Powder River Bridge Open,—The re
bridge across Powder rivet
opened to public traffic last week,
The two steel spans Installed last fall
are - 40 feet In length, the steel span
installed is 192 feet and In addl
tlon «'ere is a wood bridge at the west
end of 120 feet, making the reconstruc
twl bridge 522 feet from bank to bank.
T*™ new concrete pier la 15 feet high
'«tore the water level and IF eight feet
«"to the sand, making it 28 feet in alt
Payments To Blaskfaati—The second
lease payment for 1925 for Indian
lands on the Blackfoot reservation he
wn November 1, when lease money col
lected by the agency for ail lands held
In trust was due the Indians. The
work wilt continue until all payments
have been made. Practically ait allot
ments held in trust, not occupied by
the owners, are teased and members
of the Blackfeet draw a large revenue
from this source twice a year.
Fourth Arrest—M. A. Anderson, for
mer cashier of the failed Stats Bank
of Coffee Creak, was arrested on an in
dictment charging him with having re
ceived deposits after the bank was in
solvent. Mr Anderson gave bond of
12,500 to secure his appearance when
wanted. This makes four arrests in
connection with the banka, two former
Coffee Creek bank officials and two
who were officiais at the Hllger State
Car This# Sant Up^—Hugh ghiviey,
|<Hiug auto thief who pleaded guilty
|!B# to 4n the penitentiary, Shivley,
Says* he come from Sort la, Waah
tUf&p. Mole a Chevrolet car belonging
John McLaughlin from In front of
thb Holy Cross churcft, Sunday, Oc
toher 10. The young man and the car
("•« Mter caught at Forsyth,
the laying of 1,800 feet of additional
[trackage at Kevin will take care of In
creased loading from th# oil field« due
Given More Trackage —Tompietlon
1® the present record production, ae
cording to Fred Wear, division supro
} mtendent of the Orest Northern. The
fro«« also contemplates laying approx 1
nately 1.000 feet of additional trackage
«t Sunburst to Increase loading facil
We* there, Mr. Wear said.
Cream*ry for Belgrad«. —Frank Pike
and Harl Coven of the Boxeman
Orttmery company are installing ■
branch creamery at Belgrade. The
plant will have a capacity of 200,000
wands of butter annually and will bear
the name of "Belgrade creamery." The
new enterprise will be reedy for opera
tion within a few days.
Big Hem Man Escapes—8fate prls
on authorities and Powell county of
fleer» are searching for George Klrch
nh*, alias Roy Moore, who escaped
while working on an outside Job. Kirch
nick was sent from Big Horn county on
■ charge of grand larceny to serve
from tour to eight years. He was due
et be paroled November 4.
Man Dead Two Days Found.—Hud
a bed In a «heap lodging house,
the body of Frank Dolenstck, 58, was
a caretaker. Indications, ac
te the authorities, are that the
found l?y
••oedtog t
mac Rad been dead for at lqs*< two
da/st The body bore no marks of vlo
tends. Nothing found in the room gave
«»* MfiOmatlon a* to relatives.
alert engine crew on ths Northern Fa
rifle saved the Uvea of two persons
Atoct Crew Prevents Aoc ■«!*?■
who ware In an automobile fh«t «tailed
crossing near CTUnton
on a
gtneer W. E. Brunson and other
hat« of th* train crew bad brought the
train to a stop before it came upon the
plant now under way mature at Man-1
hatten, a pea canning factory will be
in op e ra tion there nest year. The old
malting plant Is to be utilized and It
woman In the car.
Canning Plant tor Manhattan ,—XI
test 1,000 acres of peas will be
planted if the plant ia assured.
the experiment station trot* In thin
state, has written County Agent Oh«
Mtose to urge Blaine county potato
farmers to lucre**c their acreage of
rortlfted potatoes, which have alrrody
demonstrate«! their superiority tor
—tel. snd tit«* be able to anpplr the
~ potato market. Already the
0R»M i » a stock ha* be-n pretty well
eteuissd up In certified pMatoro *1
"" are calls for «everts! more
testons growers Ins'si on
ig bat certified stock
Wants Mere Certified Potatoes
Mr. Tiebot. manager of
mus HAVE
Governor.« tort Erfahren Will Have
to Out With a LegWatert
Bf rntift 11 1 BAnmkliAeH
OTrOfigty nvpuyucin
Governor-elect J. E, Erickson, Demo
crat, will assume fais duties January
next to deal with a state legislature
overwhelmingly Republican, according'
to unofficial return* complete from aH
of the 56 counties.
The state senate la composed of SB
Republicans, 16 Democrats and one la»
dependent Republican,
house comprise« 68 Republicans, N
Democrats and two Fanner-Laborttes.
A Democratic and Fanner-Labor coali
tion would be unab|e .to control either
house unless an unpreceaded number
of Republicans voted independently,
political observers declared.
The entire personnel of the lower
house, 101 members, were elected Tues
day, while 27 senators were hold-over».
Of the senators receiving pluralities
Tuesday, eight Republicans and one
Democrat were reelected, while 14 Re
publicans and Four Democrats unseat
ed Incumbents. Sixteen of the hold
over senators are Republicans and 11
■ ■ -»Min
The low#»
C. A. Linn, Independent-Republican
from Meagher county, defeated Dr. W.
B. Rogers. Republican, In the senator
lal race by five votes, following
''»ticker" campaign. A. T. Lamm and
Robert Larson are the Farmer-Labor
representatives, both from Sheridan
Unless the official canvas« changes
ths result the following will be the of
ficers to govern the state :
Governor— J. K. Erickson.
Lieutenant governoi^-W. 8. McCor
Attorney general—L. A. Foot
Associate Justice—John A. Mat
Secretary of state— Chartas T. Stew
State treasurer—W. B, Harmon.
State andltor— George P, Porter.
State superintendent of public in
struction—May Tromper.
Railroad commissioner—Leonard O.
Clerk of the supreme court—John
Ward Crosby.
The referendum measure for the ra
wed of the Montana preferential pri
n * rj t * l * ctl0 ® tow ^ rt * d by *
ty of more than 15,000 votes, according
of returns of teat Tuea
»check o
fay's bmlotlng.
Numerous errors were found ia the
icattered early returns on Chi* measure
vhlch on their face favored retention.
Sufficient official return# had been re
ceived to Indicate voters In • majority
>f the 55 counties favored repeal of
:he law. Other Issues remained un
hanged after the recheck of the early
inofficial figures.
The presidential preference primary
aw was enacted at an initiative mene
ire In 1012. It provide* for the nomln
o. a
ition of party candidates for president
tnd vice president, the nomination
presidential electors and election
leiegates to all national party conven
Äns, Lewi« and Clark county, on
•echcck, gave 1,000 majority for
Metal Mines Tax Csrriss
A majority of more than 10,000 votes
was recorded for the proposed Initia
tive for a grow proceeds metal minas
tex, the measure advocated by Gover
nor Joseph M. Dixon. -
Rancher Kilted by Cava-fn
Bkalaka.—While mining coal, Georgs
Thompson, a rancher two miles south
>f here was killed by a rove-in. The
tretdent happened at a small cost mine
which Thompson hsd been working.
Thompson was found by bis small son
who bad been sent to roll him to din
ner. He was buried under earth and
rock with only one arm visible. Life
was almost extinct when help was se
cured Thompson was a steady, hard
working man about 46 years old. He
Is survived by seven children, one mar
ried and six at home under 16.
Outold« Judge Will Hear Coos
Orest Falls.—Federal Judge Charles
W. Pray has disqualified himself from
sitting as trial Judge in the prosecu
tion of Senator B. K. Wheeler, who
was indicted here lest April on the
charge that be bad accepted « fee for
representing a client before a federal
department after bis election to tbs
United States senate.
Senator Wheeler's trial will be held
hers in December, before a Judge to b#
assigned to the Great Falls court by
Senior Judge Gilbert of Portland.
Judge George M. Bourqnln. the other
Mona Ins Judge, disqualified himself
from sitting in tbs Wheeler case when
the action roma before him last sum
Quarantine Breaker Oeivtanesd
Park City.—J. U. O s t e rmy e r and two
sons were taken Into custody by Depu
ty fihertff Levi Colgrove upon order
from the county health officer on a
charge of repeatedly breaking smafi
pox quarantine. The three
were held in the local Jail until Mr.
Onlgrove took there to Oolurobus where
they were amtlgned before Justice of
the Pea«» Qua
hearing the evidence h th# ea»e t aan
fenced Ostetmyer to serve 80 days 1»
the county Jafl and pay « ft»« <!».
The sons being minors were discharge«!.
glwmoas, who. after

w«b tetMMd »f Wut du« date, »«a««» ,*
(QM -tntoilïli iü > ftfYdnrri- fitoMMÉfeNMMk.
RmUwmy for Mom* Fuji
Application for permission re build
a cable railway up Mount Fuji has
been filed with the department of
home affairs and railways by a group
of Tokyo capitalist». Th« government
has ordered a survey of the
tain's slope preliminary to issuing tits
necessary permits.
of Ootlcura Soap followed by gentls
anointings of Ontlcara Ointment,
Cut tours
Baby Raahat
That itch and hum, by hot hatha
Nothing better, purer,
daily if n Bitte of the fragrant Cuti
corn Talcum la dusted on at the fin
ish. 28c rech.— -Advertisement.
lam* in Lifo
Pstleat Diner »everything : comes
to him who waits, I suppose
Waiter—Ymsah, but de gem*man
what won't w«it done gets his first—
Boston TraBtiätoL -
tlon as
dear, white clothes and thanks Red
Cross Bell Blow At «II grocers—Ad
Open-Minded .....
He—"My love for you ronftdt ha ex
pressed by words." Sim-' "Cbme here
and tell me about it*'
?:* : «*.
m ' T$rjp
MfSUnrs* CTtfyfatfaw
tho &Ut£*tadiiio MRS BP*
■emmitf.. .Ir I# ao leapr b
luxury .few nlxtv
■per oam ol im mm is far
Because oltU* (fas noé*
cru pawed highway has
become an
1 ^'ÜptelB*
s', mux /'S- ■
2n pfQgMHi d
tat! mu hil
: %mm pi&b ik mwk Sut
nest hav* yam support. T«U
«beeid ha

w ~<S£ 3 r
> 4 VV
Household Necessity
csSk* er I
I» — I
W. RL u., sn.LM*«ü. W»

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