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nterville versus
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Basketball Game on Friday
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Oo Sunday morning Chart«* King'»
appointment as deputy sheriff for
this section was announced by «her
iff-elect Tom Nerton. "Chuck"
has lived to this vicinity for a decade
and is well known to everyone. He
has an overseas record and is a mem
ber of the local post of the American
Legion. His appointment is perfect
ly satisfactory to most people al
though there are some candidates who
are disappointed because they failed
to secure the phun.
Last week severs! delegations call
ed upon the prospective sheriff and
urged the appointments of. their res
pective candidates. The appointment
of King came as a surprise to most
Beit people as they had expected that
the candidate endorsed by the Law
Enforcement League would be select
Por Neihart David Ledbetter was
appointed. Ledbetter is well known
and very popular in this part of the
county. He was formerly a resident
was a the fa
mous Black Diamond ball team which
made Belt famous in the late 90*s.
Taking matters by and large, most
people interviewed regarding the mat
ter seem to think the appointments
of Norton very satisfactory.
and giving It to city councils of the
atete, will be introduced in the com
ing session of the state legislature by
representatives of Cascade county, It
was decided Wednesday afternoon at
«a joint meeting of city aldermen, the
mayor and the six legislators who will
The decision in favor of the bill was
unanimous and each of the legislator*
promised to give the measure his sup
port. The matter was first brought
before the meeting by representative
elect P. L. Graybill who spoke in be
half of the change and said he would
work for passage of the measure
Great Falls, Dec. 11—A bill taking
the appointment of members of city
park boards away from the governor
represent this district at Helena.
F. L. Graybill, one of the newly
elected legislators, also spoke in be
half of the change, and declared that
he will work for the passage of the
measure when the law maker* meet.
Mayor Mitchell told the legislators
that City Attorney Geo rge Judson I«
- _ now preparing two bills which the
city is desirous of having passed at
the legislature. The first bill would
give Montana cities the right to con
struct purchase, or maintain within
toe city limits a detention hospital.
Under the present law, Great Falls
has no right to have a detention hos
pital within the city limita, the mayor
pointed out, and It has no right to
own or operate One. A detention hos
pital is a necessity here, he declared,
and a law giving the right to main
tain such an institution is imperative.
The other bill proposed by the
mayor would give Great Falls the
right to force residents of the city to
exterminate dandelions. There is a
state law, the mayor pointed out, re
quiring citizen« to eradicate obnox
tort awrowtty te« «te toe tight
*** --- - -,'ia
wires, brertows ^ k * t
in darkness.
sg „wrnltur toe «il
in rwtoring
rretortng we,
ious weeds and the species of obnox
ious weeds are named in that law.
But dandelions arc nbt included in the
Hat, toe mayor said, and thoge planta
the wofst lawn pesta in Great
ly, Dec. 14.—Dam
eatimated to reach several
î of dollars was doe« tort night
and early this morning by heavy
winds toot reached a velocity estimat
ed at more than 4Ö Bute* per hoar -
Signs on
Great Fall«,
street* were torn

son» «•
<m the
of toe city were darkened.
of the First
at to* Firel
ing rtl street
the light
A cold wave « now here and tales
of the inability to keep houses warm
during this norther are beard on ev
ery hand.
Sunday afternoon the strong west
wind died out, its place was immedi
ately usurped by s wind sponsored by
the Aurora Borealis and just off the
iee cakes of Greenland. Sunday night
the mercury dropped to —16, Monday
night the bottom figures were 10 be
low that
The coal mines are anticipating an
unexpected Christmas business while
the average citizen looks with dismay
at his coal pile which is not going to
last till June. The small boy whose
duty It is to bring in the coal and
carry out the ashes laments An injured
tones his increased labors ;
man of the house wonders whether
those pipes will freeze again.
Some of the school children have
had welcome additions to their Christ
mas holidays because of the fact that
school rooms could not be kept warm.
At the present writing while we have
not yet reached the stogie depicted by
while the
Charley Russell in his famous paint
ing, we are all "Waiting for a Chi
Declaring that legal points raised
by plaintiff and defendants are too
difficult for them to fathom, the
county commissioners Thursday or
der ed the county clerk and recor der
to turn over to the county attorney all
briefs and papers filed in regard to
the property transfer wrangle between
school districts No. 89 and No. 57. The
county attorney will be asked today
to advise the commissioners what de
cision they should make, and the
opinion ot County Attorney F-. A.
Ewald, it is understood, will govern
the action which will later be token
by toe board,
A hearing on the appeal of taxpay
ers of district No. 89 from an earlier
decision of the county superintendent
of schools which transferred taxable
property valued at $110.000 from that
district to district No. 67, was held by
the board of commissioners about two
j, a< j no right to make the appeal and
that the pdper wa* without weight
because ft did not bear the signatures
j «f the trustee* of that district He
c i te d decisions in the Montana codes
! j n substantiation t of his contention,
; Tighe held that Cooper's argument
CO ald not apply to the district in ques
Attorney Tighe
represented those making the appeal
and against the appeal for district
No. 67.
Cooper declared that district No. 89
. , . . „ . .
On the tenth day of December. Mias
Agne. Hoimberg and Ralph Bumgar
ner were marrted u, Gwsri Falk by
the Rev, Geo^ M*cklcnberg A ton
tion because these districts are not of
the first dass.
Briefs filed later by the attorneys
stressed the same points and the com
missioners have debated the matter
several times.
After a short honeymoon trip to
the coast the bridal jiair will make
at pfa «
Both bride and groom are popular
members of the younger set and sei
dom has a wedding received so great
public approval and satisfaction a»
The bride ia the only daughter ot
Charles Hoimberg of Box Elder and
has spent her whole life h» this oom
She attended the public
schools of Belt end was the youngest
member of the class of 1914, oa * of
graduated from the Meal schon!». She
has a «wart disposition, a pleasant
_ , _ _ .
Ralph Bumgarner ia toe type of
and hTtoT sltocted . wate
pro«d_«d * '*» **^± Tfe
îf* ««*
Tim«« offer» ite congratulation* m
^ ÂZ ^ newlyweds a Mfe af
the!Sroerity and bappmeae ia this com
proepenty and bappme» « W»-^
the mort satisfactory c l asse * ever
for e ve ryo n e' and to a favorite
with all who know her.
The groom la to« son of John Bom
-„f Fife, one of the mort soc
h«, all pro«ering tog
and personal taxes amount to fSTrtäj»;
663.64, 7 per cent of the amount du».
Real and personal property in Cai
cade county was assessed this year
to bring in taxes amounting
$1,647.267.61, according to
Treaxorer W S Jeffrie», who '
been In charge of the compiling^$27,740.95;
collection figures.* Of that a*£i|M|htgratory
there was due in the first iflS t p nj f MMj|tf
$816,171.76, of which $740,177.74 was
tax on real estate and the nmt^xnjt
to N.
Whole T<
Reaching totste Thursday en the
amount of taxas which have haw **
cehred to payment of tint
monta, due not later than November
30, the county treasurer's office an
nounced that $869,090.52 has been col
lected op to the first of the pwW
month, and that delinquencies of real /
$76,694.02 on personal property. Th«
*»«1 «»täte collections reached a total
of 1669,550.34 and that on perauiMil
taxes $68,967.76.
The taxes collected by the county
treasurer will be divided between the
state, county, city of Great Palls and
the towns of the county, the amount*
dependlng on the value of property
the November and June inetaUajanto
at once, accounting for the fact that
more was collected in the November
payments thab was actually doe and
that there was still a delinquency ot
November Installment. The toted col
instellment wa» $110,682.42.
belonging to each.
A great many taxpayers paid both
lected which will apply on the next
Checks totaling $276.28* 76 ,
by Treasurer M. D.
been sent out
Nicholson to the various agenciet
City Treasurer W. P. Wren will re
ceive a check payable to the city of
Great Palls for $160367.46. The
state treasurer was sent a check for
$964126.48, Its portion of Cascade
county taxes. The town of Belt will
receive $3391-77; Cascade, $438936;
and Neihart, $624.69,
In compiling the delinquencies, De
puty Treasurer Jeffrie* stated that
3.61 per cent of taxes due from the
city of Great Falla is delinquent; 9.81
per cent delinquent in Cascade; 18.88
per cent delinquent in Belt, and 17.23
per cent delinquent in Neihart.
There is $7,086.26 yet tow on per
sonal tax assessments. Jeffries said,
than 9 per cent of the total.
or more
The treasurer h** already begun at
tachment proceedings against the
personal tax delinquents and actual
seizure of property will begin within
a week. AU deUnquent personal tax
payers have already been fined $3 for
their delinquency, that being the cost
of making out the attachment papers,
and with the actual seizure of prop
erty, the cost* will be still more. It
at first estimated by Treasurer
Nicholson that the personal tax de
linquencies would not total more than
^ report of the county
itnu which will be submitted to
«hows tilt a total of $820376.17 ha.
1 **" received in fee> and tax f 8 " d
! credited to var,,rn * coanty
j ment* and fund« during the month of
No vember. The report also shows
f hat there grand total balance of
$1,216,608.13 now credited to the
county fond* and department*. Ex
penditures of all departments and
funds for November totaled $134,
The report reveals that til* district
school fund is credited with more
money than any of the departments
or agencies. That total is $246,784.01
,, t |18M47.HI was credited in
November, mort of that being the
t. At toe
beginning «f toe month there was
the fh»4 and *U of that
was spent daring November. No
more ran be apportioned for that
work until after the end of the fiscal ;
. , .•
*•«. *■*» ***** > f more
money to sport between now and then
^ ^ ^ ^ fund
Srho*»i Fund*
district sche el fund's portion of the
month's tax installment*
The budget for state lew enforce»
ment to no* exhausted, the reporte
»bow. and there to «o longer money
.•edited to that
n out of the next year apportion
The following are total credits and
•lance* of the various funds. The
ferst figure rep res e n ts the amount
tsdited the month, and the
represents Hhe total on hand
bvember SO. If there 1$ but one to
d, that represents the balance, and
road, SS6.147.S8—$80,662.58; F.
P maintenance, $287.94; poor, $12,-1
^56.08—$54,871.24; bridge, $2,654.10
—$11,221.99; contingent, $30,829.04— !
»[$49.518 69; bond interest, $27.801.41— |
county sinking, $69,060.89
j.^.64; pretest tax. county por
insect pest, $1611;
stock, $219.39; public
nlth, $1.799,84; gopher fund, $ 2 .
an« that no money was credited to
it department to November:
General fund. $19,1*7.61—$81,786.
16.70; special relief sinking, $11—,
186.72; special relief bond interest, '
2.50—$132.97; delinquent and de
ndent children. $132.88; suspense
,716.21; undivided personal taxes,
5,165.08—$68,967.76; special im
ovement district No, 1^ $888.97—
12 32; refund personal, $747.86;
jgral aid projects, $280.80.
General school fund. $101,684.80—
09.938.80; high school. $60,744.01 —
4,486.90; district school. $196,947.76
240,734.01; county unit, $1,271.24—
237.90; unit sinking and interest,
,941.64—117,247,84; «Ute general.
$68,407.06 — $69,486.69; educational
«inking and bond interest. $11,812.10
—*11,812.10; veterans welfare com
mission, $8,872.46—$8,872.87; hall in
Sura nee, fl 308.29 — $1,470.09; slate
bounty. $286.41—$266,41—; liv
pottery >oard. $262^7-$25g.27
re st ée s
gutter* »<>«rd. _|862.27-$2M.*7; live
stock commissions. $252.27—$252.27 ;
city of Great Fails, $146,998.97-416».
328.46; Great Falls special road, $1,
516—$1,684; city of Belt, $3,446,70—
$•481.77; city of Cascade, $2,046 08
—42486,08; Cascade special improve
ment, $2,673.28—$2,764.82 ; city of
Neihart, $516.87—$624.69.
Kalis pell. Dec. 13.—Excess of seal
in the matter of acquiring material
for converts today tended Robert
Wimmer, alleged cowboy evangelist,
in court again, where he entered a
plea of not guilty to a third degree
asseoit charge, and was released by
Justice McCarthy on $200 ball, for
his appearance for preliminary bear
ing Dec. 15.
Alton Parker, a high school boy, is
the complaining witness. He is a
member of the high school orchestra,
and testified that last evening on hi*
w *y to play at a meeting of the Odd
Feîlw» lodge, he was seized by Wim
mer as h« wa* passing the affices of
the O'Neill Lumber company, and was
dragged upstairs to rooms
Wimmer'* "revivals" are being
He was detained against his will
while the word of the Lord, a* inter
preted by Wimmer, was expounded to
hi«. Parker testified that Wimmer
Spemed inclined to use the methods
employed in the handling of livestock
in «bulling with him; that he wa*
grabbed by the cojjar and his clothing
torn, when the evangelist "hightailed"
him up to the meeting.
A 'dozen witnesses have been called
fog the state, among them being Ray
mo« Crane, another high school boy,
who says he went up to see what hap
Parker, and was forcibly
ejected by Wimmer,
lläml* in tire form of a certified
Simm», Dec. ll. -For the purpose
of inproring the street from the sta
tief tote Simms, the Crest Northern
to m*f this week sidetracked tw
of cinders in the local yards
to I* Wed in surfacing the present
dtrt fcighwav The cinder road will
commet with the gravel motor road
paaafeg through town. The station
afcé wa* connected with up town tel
«plpm. smwic to., week. New tics
we» «placed the entire length of the
niton » hrm. u thi* summer and much
GifH«« Mkarts this summer a«o
ballasting ws* done, making the road
.„d.rirtonRy . new one
check were furnished by a man un
known to the court.
Neihart, Dec. IS.—Chester Smith,
proprietor of a local pool hall, was at
tacked by two unknown
this morning and robbed of $600.
Sheriff Bob Gordo* and Deputies
Fred Huorari and Kd Donovan are
scouring the country in search of the
According to Deputy Donovan, who
atationed at Neihart, Smith was
just ready to close his piece of bus
iness and was checking up the day's
receipts when two men, both of them
masked, came to the place They
knocked Smith unconscious with a
chib, snatched the money and fled,
Smith recovered almost immediately
and called Deputy Donovan.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ + ♦♦♦♦♦♦!

at 18:10
bandits, who made their eeeepe in a
motor car.
. . I
Mrs 3ohn Vtaocw»
home at R * yT '* 8ford " <
w «* k » C0U P>« f «***
Belt visiting relatives and friends.
Mrs. Lawson is quite ill at her home
he ff
Nick G hr* icon visited his family
here one day last week.
Mr*. Earl Watson is again back la
her school room after a thr^e days
absence of account of sickness.
Bloom wa* substitute.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Antonsen spent
Friday and Saturday at Lehigh with
their daughter, Mias Ethel, «too is
teaching there.
School will close here
two weeks' vacation. 3a
will bold a short program after which
they will dance as kmg «s ti»* crowd
Friday for a
» tunà*y they
show* that were
and Tuesday were not very well At
tended, although the picture# were
well worth the time and price.
Mr. and Mr*. Lou Nulliner and Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Kolar were shopping
In Belt Saturday.
a shopper
Fftte Danville and #*n
the week mà fa Great Falla.
On account of the short notice, the
■ ^ shown here Monday
i Great Fall* a couple of days last
Miss Lucille Fish and Royal and
Charlie Fish are attending commer
cial college in Great IWto.
The Saul family have moved Into
- , .- , —
[tfia oid fchboT'Sotxie above town,

* + <*4> + * ♦'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
44444444 + + + + + + + * 41
Mr*. Clarence Peltman entertained
Mr*. Cordiner and Mr. and Mr*. Al
cide Fischer, Sr., at dinner Sunday.
Mrs. Cordiner and Miss Cleaver
have planned a joint Christina* pro
gram to be given at Shepherd Butte
school December 19th. A number of
the older people have part In the af
fair and it promises to be very good.
A tree beautifully decorated and with
g ift« for every child aa well aa a San
to Claus are special features. A free
much of sandwiches, cake and coffee
For, 81,814; against. 44.920 Major
Bonus—For, 66,246;
will be served.
A message from Mr*. Victor Fisch
er's doctor states that she Is improv
Mr. and Mr*. T- C. Streissgurtfa
spent toe week end In Great Fall* on
a shopping and visiting trip.
Alcide Fischer, Sr„ and son* Albert
and Alcide made a business trip to
Great Falla Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Evans and baby
dinner guests Sunday evening at
Mr. and Mrs. Alcide Fischer, Jr.
Mrs. Chartes Voss and sonar George
and Louis, were businee* visitors in
Highwood and Port Benton Wedne«
There follows the result of the
election in the matter of amendment*
and referendum*. AH carried except
the bonus: County superintendent—
ity for, 86494. Ü
against, «7,814, Majority against.
1,569. Gift acceptance—For 73.674;
against, 49,267, Majority for 24.307.
Repeal of presidential primary—'For
77,948; against. 57.540. Majority tor
repeal, 20,408. Metal Mines tax—
For— 87,790; against 65,742. Major
ity for, 22,048.
Our local attorney, Lae C»
ha* made arrangement* to
or his tin»« during the coraing two
three months at the Great Falla suf
fice of Grayblll A Grayb«! at 48»
Ford Building, while his brother
law partner, F. L. QrayWH is to at
tendance at the coming session of the
legislature at Helena. F. L. Gray*®
has been handling all of the county
seat business for both the Great Falls .
and Beit offices of Qtaybtti ft Gray
bill since the Great Falls effice was
first opened two yearn ago.
The Belt office will be open to the
Oriental Building as heretofore and
Leo C. Graybill will be here an Thurs
day*, Fridays snd Saturday», spend
ing the first three day? of each week
at thé Great Palls off tee Mr, and
Mrs. Leo a (Waybill will occupy '■ ■
home of the ¥. L- Graybill family to
Great Falls durtog
the legislative session The Cham
berlain house in Belt will be occupied
by MX, and Mrs, J. R. Culver. I ,
their absence at

A surprise party that wa* just what
the name implies was «tiran L L
or* two former Neihart girls who
came up Saturday fret» Great Falls
to attend toe dsn«a here.
Angsnt at toe H. F. Heath
Thursday evening. About sikteen
g be
friands were pressait toe «retting
tog spent at "600" followed by %
lictous lunch.
Holen Fogarty caw« up from Wee
ville Saturday to attend toe
She was the guest of Miss Bristol
while here. si
Kathleen Lenny and Edn» Ledbetter
a toe teST Wm F«8fe
Harold Mady. Mr.
Mr. Nlchoteo» tew Great Fafle
ty officer» who
d the
-S : 'lity ï'ngr-'
Several score of chihtren were
pleased Friday afternoon by toe ap
pearance of Sants Cl*o* at the Porter
store. AU the little, one« from town
and the Dyke were on hand to give
Old Santa their order# and to reoelve
the bags of candy he brought for each
ark on his toboggan sled. He hopes
to fill end deliver aU orders In time
for Christmas.
Mis* Bristol returned Saturday
night from * short shopping toor to
Great Fall*. She was accompanied
by her sifter, Mi»« PoUy, who return
ed hoipe Sunday evening.
As Chet Smith was nearing hi« own
home Friday evening after tearing
the Smith-Grueter pool hall, he wa*
accosted by two men who wanted to
know what the chance« were of get
ting a bed at Chet's place, the Na
tional hotel. After telling them that
they could, he slipped "on the icy
street and was then knocked uncon
scious by one of them and the strang
relieved him of his roll, $615.
doe* not know how long he tey there,
within a few feot of his own door, but
evidently it was quite a while. After
giving hi* wife and a friend details, «
doctor was sumoned to dress his scalp
wound. ' S« far no one has been appre

î ni
Monday morning our community
saddened by the news of a death
in our midst. James B. Barnes took
his life in his room at hi* home here,
after dispatching his wife and young
est child to the depot with « telegram
to a sister concerning hi« illnes. Mr.
Barnes has been ill for three weeks
but had not left his poeition in Mr.
Porter's store until about the 4th,
when he became quite ill. On Thurs
day he went to Great Falls, returning
Saturday, but the doctors consulted
didn't give him the encouragement he
expected. Mr. Barnes and family
came here during the part Au«m»t and
he has made a large circle ot friends
through his courtesy and kindliness
in all dealings. He la «arrived by W*
wife, two daughter*, Roth a»6 Ruby
and two little son«. Arthur and Wily,
also by Ma mother and two «latere, ^
^ ondertakar took charge erf to
body Monday.
Saturday night toe men of to« SU
Dyke gave a very enjoyable
at the Falter half. About twenty
couples were on the floor, bet
sorely did Justice to toe mogg
was furnished by tßm 1W- . E** 1
Watson. Henry Vaskcy of
and Ear! and David NiÄ«®a» of fÜ*.

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