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' *; PROGRAM 5 • .
Situation I« Mad# Hop« loss When the
Largs ^— - —- *
Hobart, . Okit.—With the Identifies
Hon of thVlast fREtlm estabftMfed, fhse
death HM in the Christmas Sve fire
at the Babb'Swttdh rural aChbOl. stands
I at 88. Twenty Injnred persons still
, were confined ln »wo hospitals. One Is
expected,-to -die, jattä two ethers -are
-In a critical condition. Funeral her-1
▼1res for the 10 of the dead were
held Friday, . .
Death, entered .Die Christmas celebra
tion in cutting off at Ita height the pro
gram rendered by the children of the!
neighborhood. The last little girl had
spoken her' "#!«)ee" and a Jolly flnnta
In red (mit fand furs had distributed to
each chubby pair of eager hands a
little sack of candy, while parents and
friends who packed the small one-room |
structure to capacity looked on.
Santa reached for one of the few re
maining candy sacks. His arm struck j
• candle, on the Christmas tree. The
tiny blase fell from Its perch and In an
Instant a baH of cotton on the tree i
burst Into flame.
There was a rush to put ont the fire J
* and the tree fell over scattering blaz
ing twigs. In an Instant the room was I
In a panic. Men and women sprang'L^ree
for the single exit, at the rear and to j
the windows, beating out the panes,
only to find the openings covered by
a heavy wire netting. The windows j
shattered, a brisk wind blew through
the room fanning the flame* and the |
flimsy structure caught like tinder.
sirdome here when the seven passen
ger* and the pilot of the big Imperial j
Airways air express DH-24 were killed
when the plane banked and ccuiicd j
aoon after it had taken off.
The passengers who were on their
way to Paris for Christmas, were hard
ty aware they were well in the air |
when the machine suddenly banked
over Pearly Dow* In a gust of wind,
wenrnnO a nose tnve and bum tmo
flames through the explosion of the
gasoline tank. All eight In the machine
were burned to death and the machine
eras destroyed. There were two women
among the passengers, five men and
the pilot.
Croydon, England.—A Christmas tide
tragedy occurred Wednesday at the
Pistol Fights Fatal to Two
Richmond, Ky.—A white youth and
a negro man were killed, two negroes
are held In Jail here, charged with
murder, and posses are seeking a third
negro aa a result of two Christmas
eve pistol fights In Madison county.
At Bobtows, Earl Moody, 18, was
shot fatally by Oscar Harris, negro,
after the victim had exchanged shots
with Elmer Mitchell. 20. Harris' step
son, following an altercation, Harris |
was arrested and Mitchell is being I
gfl^bt »
The other slaying occurred at White
station when Thompson Sheffield, 19.
Anbnrn, Oa., negro, shot an nnldenth
fled negro.
Emergency Fleet's Powers Extended
Washington.—The ahlpplng hoard
has detailed almost complete authority
to the Emergency Fleet corporation in
tbe operation of the merchant fleet.
This action was token In the adop
tion of a resolution by the board which
was drafted to carry out. so far as the
shipping board might under the law,
the wishes expressed hy the president
la hla message to cqngrem.
Under the resolution, the ahlpplng
board would determine the trade route»
to be served by the government fleet,
but the Corporation will have a free
hand In determining how and by which
ships the routes shall be served.
Plant Wizard Improves Com
^ » Santo Rosa, Cal.—Lather Burbank,
noted plant culturtst, who lives here,
announced be had perfected a new
variety of sweet corn which he be
lieves will prove more productive and
sweeter than any sweet corn yet pro
duced. He also announced the per
fection of a new variety of gladiolus
and two varieties of zinnias.
Job as Clark In Bank
New York.—Gilbert Kahn, son of
Otto Kahn, financier, has started to
work as a clerk with the Equitable
Trast company. His desire to avoid
being "Coddled" led him to accept a
position outside of the firm of Kuhn,
partner. It is said.
ed., In which his father Is a
pen »ion BIN Signed
Washington —President Cool I dg«
Dac. & signe') the omnibus pension
bin ggaullug pensions to a number oi
Individual* «bo hswc served ta foe
«mod forças of foe country.
mmmtm Rpb Hotel
Chiracs. --T w o youthfui robber*
iw*«? Si® *» and rifled the
\$S0ßKß, S »fier
M foot)
"J * 8 " 5
Som« Ml Ming and Believed to Ba
Buried In Muck
Along Alvar
Roanoke, Va. — S I x persons . AS
known to be dead and nine are missing
lids the result of the breaking of a
I "(hack" dam of the Matbieson alkali
'( works, at 8A1 trille, sotte aérions)y In
Of the injured were said to be
j lying in an- improvised hospital over
I a drug store ut SaltviHe.
j Physicians and nurses rushed from
nearby towns were aiding those hurt,
j while other relief waa given those left
J homeless.
J Searching parties were scouring the
| banks of the Holston river for miles
I below the alkali works In an effort to
recover ibore bodies. It was feared
| that some of the missing may ba
| age dam gave way.
The flood which bore down at 10
J o'clock upon the mill settlement nert
J Mng below the impounded waters came
without warning and the victims,
trapped In their homes, were unable
to escape. All the missing are behaved
| to have been swept Into the north
i Indianapolis.—Thrown onto the pilot
of toe Knickerbocker special, fast Big
J passenger train, after the train
I ^»ch g be was riding and Injuring
member*of her family, one fatal
j ^ a cr<>aa ing here, Mrs. Kenneth
aark< jg ( of this city, had a wild 12
m „ e ride 25 until she feH from
tb * train Into a ditch near Oakland,
burled beneath the tons of muck re
leased with the waters when the stor
fork of the Holston river.
had crashed Into an automobile In
Although unconscious when
f onnd S he was not seriously injured,
suffering only from exposure to the
sub-zero weather and alight bruises.
Guilty of Polaon Murder
Mount Vernon. III.—The Jury trying
Lawrence M. Eight and Elsie Sweetln
for the poison murder of her husband,
wilford gweetln, early Dec. 24 re
j ^nied a verdict of guilty. Eight wna
,, fe i mpr i a onment, while Mrs.
j was given 85 year* In the penl
teutlary. Attorneys for both defend
an j 8 notice of Intention to move
fQr a new tHa ,
| The Jurors ntated after the verdict
that the verdict had been unanimous
for findin* both defendants guilty from
the first ballot, but that there had
oeen wide difference as to the punish
ment to be Inflicted upon Mrs. Sweet
in. Tt)/ punishment Inflicted upon her,
the Jurors said, represented a com
promise. Only two of the Jurors had
favored Infliction of the death penalty
upon Might. None voted for the bang
ing of Mrs, Sweetln.
The two defendants received the
W 0 * Washington slwsys bring contre
| v e™y ""d ' he 0Ter the
I ■» *« **tsbllsh a bathing beach close
» by the John Paul Jones monument and
t* 1 ® Llm»ln memorial. It ao happens
N»« 1 th « b * tbtn » beach ,a «»»«nded for
negroes, but the protest Is against any
bathing beach so near the two célébra
1 ted monuments, and particularly In a
spot where It might be necessary to
cut down some of the Japanese cherry
trees to establish It
verdict In silence and with no outward
display of emotion. Attorney* for both
defendants gave formal notice they
would ask for a new trial.
Bathing Beach far Negroes
Waahlngton.-r-New Plana for heautl
•lain Chinese Boro 10 Stabe
New York.--A Chinese believed to
be L, K. Fon was found dead In a tene
ment building here Dec. 25. He had
been stabbed 10 times.
Police were unable to identify the
victim positively or to find a motive
for tbe killing.
Eddie Wong, head of th* Hip Sing
tong, mid after looking at tbe body
thet he did not know the man, but
that It la poanlhle the victim wee en
On Leong tong member.
Coldest Spot In U. 6.
Trinidad, Colo.—Tabernlsh, e small
station on the Denver end Sett Lake
(Moffatt) railroad, Dec. 24 waa the
coldest spot In the United States, ac
cording to weather bureau reports.
With a temperature of 62 below, the
little mountain town established It»
claim to a real arctic thermometer
Noted Physicien Olea
Geneva.—Dr. Otto Reichel of Albany,
New York, director of vttaJ statistic*
of the New York'department of health
died Dec. 24 from pneumonia. Be
on leave for temporary service with
the league of nations, of which he was
chief of the epidemiological Intelli
gence and statistical section
Lumber Staff Gets Million«
Columbus, Ohio.—A Christmas gift
of a possible value of between 02.000,
000 and 03,000,000 was announced here
William McClellan Ritter, of Wash
ington, D. CL, formerly of Cbivmhua,
and founder of th* Winiam M. Kitte*
Lomber company, the esmnttVa office»
of which era hew. to th* donor, and
employ«* of th« «teapoy, approx!
mateiy oo«-fourth of the capita)
of to* cotporattoo that be«** fel» s
hra broeftesarsos
fhinn-w. ps.li. xvi. n a, . w
Chippewa Falla W la.—Derailed by •
Ik" Txn' U "
east hound Minneapolis 8t Paul and
M f rC .i pa "* en * er traln
plunged from a^eatl^pver theOhIppc
wa river here Dec. 20. carrring eight
»ersona to dreth or fatal Injuries Ur ÜH
Icy waters 00 feet below.
Seven person» wer. killed Simon
instantly or died within a few minute*
.fter the wreck and the elgttlh fatality
was recorded when Jobo T, Dune, ot
New York City, one of eight person»
token to a hospital died.
Reports Immediately following the
wreck laid the cause to a switch bolt,
which, crystallized by the 15-dagrees
selow-zero temperature, snapped under
the weight of the train and allowed
the last car to steer op a siding
rbrown from the trades by the split,
the car bumped along the ties for s
oondred yards before reaching the
trestle and then continued half way
along that structure before toppling
ever the aide into the middle of the
•* ver -
O, E. Urbahns, general superintend
•nt of the railway, In a statement de
dared that further inquiry by thé rail
way would be held In abeyance pend
ing more complete Information. It has
been definitely established a defect in
I switch caused the car to be derailed,
be said, but the exact reason for the
lefect was not known. This, he said,
was expected to be cleared up soon.
Officials of. 8oo Lino Start Inves
tigation to Dé te rmina
tbs Cause > „ ,,
Boise, Idaho.—Idaho's first ex sen
ti on since 1009 took place the morning
#f Dec. 19 at 12:20 o'clock, when Noah
Arnold, negro, was hanged for the
ararder of William A. Crisp in July,
1923, When Arnold, In company With
Mike Donnelly, now serving a life
lentence for bis participation in the
crime, held up the More of which
Orlsp was proprietor. Crisp was shot
when he resisted Arnold's efforts to
take a watch from the aged ggocer's
^ket • -
According to a guard at the stito
penitentiary, Arnold confessed to hav
ing committed five murders, although
oe maintained bis Innocence of the
nurd er of Crisp.
Pastor In Furnace Tragedy Back
Columbus. Ohio.—The Rev. CL V.
gheatsley, pastor of Christ Lutheran
rhurch of Bexley, occupied his pulpit
Sunday for the first time, since the
mysterious cremation of Ms wife in
the furnace of the parsonage on No
vember 17. -
The pastor made no reference to the
tragedy. - 4 . |
Tbe finding of the woman's body In
the furnace brought an Investlgtlion
oy Prosecutor John King, but after
lèverai days' questioning of members
#f the family, the official reluctantly
accepted Coroner Joseph Murphy's ver»
Blet of suicide.
Quarter Cento Add 0MS2.22«
Chicago.—President E. A. Cudahy of
the Cudahy Packing company says In
statement to shareholders, that the
company's net profit for the year is
$3,862.229 based on total sales of $203,
150,000, representing an Inventory turn
over of slightly more than 10 times In
the course of a year. The frequent
turnover, Mr. Cudahy aald, enabled the
company to sell It* products at aa
average profit of a quarter of a cent
pound. .
On the quarter cent profit, the com
pany has added 02,068,714 to its sap
Honor Pilgrim* In Blmlllsr Cold
Plymouth, Ms
In bitter cold
which recalled the hardships suffered
by the Pilgrims after their landing, 304
years ago. Dec. 21, Plymouth dedicated
Its new 0800,000 memorial community
center. Zero weather kept expected
vkritora away and sent a amtiiei
parade over • shorter route to the
laying of the corner stone.
Salt Lake.—Fire late Dec 18 do
Preyed the home of Mr and Mr,. Wren
Chldester near Carey. Idaho, and fwc
small children were burned to death
according to word received here. Mr at
er ®nd rv]oro chlldltt.
th'« r< blM^ , occum>d Ch001 " e * tln * Wb€ * a
the blaze occurred.
Babies Perish In Fir«
Paper Faoce Palm New* Action
Parte.—Minister of Justice Iteeoatt
has Instructed the Paria courts to I»
adtute proceeding* MfolMt the after ^
*»« newspaper U Liberté for th* , *
publication of false news.
The article* to which the gov«»
takes exception were concernai
with the sxpeeore ot an alleged
mrnm plat in Asians
ICrSÄg 'e.'îz g WRIftl h **•* .
I nnd an editorin'
«orertuncm had
bmMHm* tank« «ad machine gang
suburb«, wm
a vtew of reprising «» «foetal earn
Wewr» of m»bu»«
Jobe For 630 Mam—T h e Original
mine at Butte, which baa been ahnt
down for the last 14 mon the, is to be
re-opened Just as quickly aa prepara
tory work can be completed, according
to Vice President J; R. Hofbhlna of the
Anaconda company. The property wliJ
employ between 800 and 000 men.
Exonerate Cettrin From Blmne.—A
coroner'» Jury empaneled by County
Coroner J. E. Grave» at llliea OKy
exonerated Charles Co Ur In (Kentucky
Coke) 100,1 boxCT - ot aH bUme «»
• pe ctlon with the death of Jack "Young*'
" Wt ot Forsyth, who died during ,
boI)ng exhlbftl0D ^ dJ*,*
Periehee When Cabin Bum»-John
Ag ^ r . a bachelor Hvl ng-in , one-room
structure At Butte, was fotmd lifeless
affer a Are which destroyed his cabin
.had been extinguished. Death evldent
„ wo , due t0 th e moke ftuhe „ fcn<}
f| rst a | d crews worked for nearly an
honr W IH, a pulmotor In a vtftr attempt
t0 rev »ve -him. •
Colonel, Sheridan -Aaçomm Benedict
-£olonél Charte» L. Sherlfan. «täte
aetjutaot general, and officiary dcslg
noted as Montana's greatest World
War hero, and Hebe M. Reben» of
Helena, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben
Roberts of that city, were married Dee.
jg j n Salt Lake, according to a tele
gram to her mother,
H earet Buys 40 Buffalo-*orty head
0 f buffalo from the bison
Dixon, 35 miles west of Ml
been sold to William Randolph Hearet,
according to information reaching
there from the Flathead reservation.
The statement said tlmt Mr. Hearet
had paid an average of |1,000 a head
for the animals,
rretyve near
ls*oiya, have
Conrad to Wool Point—Gordon Con
rad, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. G.
Conrad, of Great Falls, has received
word of his appointment to a cadetship
at the West Point Military academy
from Senator Wheeler. He took hla
examinations on October 25. Conrad
was graduated from the Great fall#
high school with the 1024 class.
Wanted to Make Sure.—John Brown,
45, after slashing hla throat and wrist
with a razor blade Dec. 19 Jumped
from the fourth story of a rooming
house, and died Instantly. Associates
report that he had seemed cheerful
and they can give no reason for his
action. He was a man of reserved
demeanor ond little is known Of his
Train HI to Track Walker.—Thomas
Rnskllly, 52, of Butte, who was struck
oy a Great Northern train as J>e was
walking along the right of way on his
«"»T home from work at a mine, died
th * hospital Dec, 18. He was slight
ly deaf, and was muffled agalnsf the
»Id so he did not hear the train, which
»me around a curve before It struck
aim, the engineer seeing the man only
when thet pilot waa within a few feet
of him.
Newspaper Quito.— T b e Roosevelt
County Independent has suspended
publication at Wolf Point It was a
Poplar publication for three years, and
It gave lack of patronage as the reason
for It* move to Wllf Point a few
months ago. The same reason is given
•or Ita suspension there. The paper has
usd five different editors. The Owner
was Charles Taylor of the Plenty wood
Producers' News, who announced that
«11 unexplred subscriptions are to be
Ailed by that paper.
Sont« need For Burglary.—Barthold
Larson and Ben Takethehow of the
country south of Dodson pleaded guilty
before Judge Borton at Malt* to a
charge of burglary and were sentenced
to a term of one to two years in the
state prison. In the case of Ben Take
thebow the sentence was suspended.
and tbe prisoner released on parole, a«
Northern's semi-monthly pay day at
Havre at total of 081.100 was dlstrlbn
there were said to be extenuating cir
constances. The two men were
charged with bnrglsrizing the build
ings of Jens Sendvlg, a fanner residing
•oath of Dodson.
Havre's Big Payroll.—On the Great
ted among the employes. AH day Dec.
19 Charte* Emory of the local force
waa busy handing eut the checks to
employes of the road at the passenger
station, Tbe pay foil of the Great
Northern now Is running over the
0160,000 mark monthly, and during the
mariner It was much higher. With In
creased freight traffic and other rail
road activities predicted for 1925 It Is
expected the local pay roll will be coo
MderaMr Increased.
Havre an Cash Bsaia.—The city of
Havre will be on « cash basis after
January 1. If proem plans of The city
council to reduce the *275.000 indebted
ness materialise. The council also
*><•** * * ra ™ fw mrm ** *"*• aU ?*
»* rol~
^ nnan ? remmltte e was I nstructed
at . * Lndto
^ tta ml.«..» .»I
_-«•«. a ^,n rnr ar aa —.*— j» ^ comnUft
a list of Indebtedness, the Interest pxy
** and when the bonds mature.
^ at Havre out of th.
* # floor of the Oxford bulldteg.
One of th« finest appointed apart
meut h onae e In northern Montana will
owned hy Cowan A Botee and recently
destroyed by fire, it >« announced.
Werk ou It las already hero started.
The homing will be store rooma m
(foe ground floor and apartments m
tfta soeeffid H«». Tbe comer roem w«J
he «red by the Oxford poo) hall, Weut
wa s tfe ft Ober, and th« other
m wwd «m Daft»* hriri. *****
WÜ: fenro all Mfw «oteiww«»
A & Samuetam Killed and I. J. Taber
injured In Aute Ac ci d en t
Near BIIHnga
Rutherford 8. Samueleon, 20 was In
stantly killed whan the car which be
was driving turned over about 19 miles
from Billings on the Roundup road
■boot 0 A0 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.
His chest was badly crushed. Irving J.
Yhber. who was riding with Samuelaon,
suffered a fracture of the check bone
and severe braises a fad dontoakma,
which are not considered serious,
Samuel son and Taber were pinned
beaeath the car, which was upside
down when -Cart Thompson, driving
through from Musselshell, came to. «he
scene a short time later. Thompson
succeeded In righting the car and ex
tricating Taber. He examined Sam
ueiaon and foacd him dead. Aa he had
several women in the car, he left the
body and brought Taber to Billings and
then notified Coroner Frank Smith,
who immediately left for the scene of
the accident.
They were returning to Billings at
the time of the accident. According to
Taber, Samnelson was not driving at
an excessive rate of speed but appar
ently did not notice the curve Just
before the road reaches the bridge
over Crooked creek, In time to slow
down for it
The road at this point comes down
a grade through a cot and then turns
to the right before crossing the bridge.
The tracks in the snow showed that
the car went straight ahead at the
curve, won a six-foot embankment of
the road, across a small flat and then
leaped about 20 feet to the opposite
bank, according to Coroner Smith. The
car flopped over about 18 feet from
where It stuck, dropping Into the ex
cavation made by the washout, poshed
Itself up against the bank and turned
to one aide.
Recognition of the effort* of H. F.
Cameron, Northern Pacific brakeman,
In saving the life of Doris Wanamaker,
lix-year-old girl who fell in front of the
train here November 17, Is asked by
the Montana railroad commission of
the Oarnegle hero fund commission.
Cameron, who was riding on the
pilot of an engine, the letter explains,
«aw the youngster stumble and fall
*s she attempted to cross the track.
Be leaped from the engine and reached
aer Juat In time for the pilot of the
engine to strike
mfety Orlth her. |o
ever, did not dear
io badly crushed that it later was
him but rolled to
ne of her legs, how
the track and Waa
Pay Big Bum to
Collection of 067,300 from the Fed
eral Surety company and the United
States Surety company, bondsmen for
tbe defunct Stanton bank at Great
Falls; Is expected by county officials
within a week or 10 days, a second
demand for payment of the money
having been sent to local representa
tives of the two bonding companies
from the office of the county attorney.
O. B. Koto, representing tbo Federal
company, and Harold Hoover, rep re
ten ting the United Satea Surety com
pany, stated that payment by their
clients can be expected almost imme
diately. as there are no grounds for
contesting the action of the county.
Lew I «town Bank Opens
The National Bank of Lewlstown
opened Ita doors for bnstness Monday
morning, Dec. 15 and from the time
until the closing honr the big banking
room, formerly the home of the First
National of Fergus county, presented
busy scene. Many friend* called to
extend congratulation» and good
wishes to President B. F. Forbes and
hla associates, while others came to
open account* and deposit money. At
the close of buMness 0804,200*1 had
been deposited, the capital and sur
plus in addition at the end of the day
showing a total of 0478.71L
Storm Takas Lila of Student
The death of
old Columbia
who was killed by
Holcomb, 18-year
)jgh school boy,
falling tree, gp
pc*red to have beet» the total of cas
ualties resulting from the worst store»
la the history of the Flathead, Young
Holcomb was killed at the home of
his parent* Just east of Columbia Falls,
when s large yellow pine, uprooted by
the wind, fell, cnmhlng the ham and
planing him in the wreckage.
Normal Clam Graduates
With tbe cl «sing of the foil quarter
of school el the Montane State Nor
mal college the December graduating
received their diploma* Wednes
day afternoon. Dee. 17. There were
22 members in the class, which I« the
largest group that has ever been grad
acted from the institution at the close
of a foil quarter.
The Poplar school received a check
for 9&jmM from the United State*
treasury In settlement for the tuition
Of Indian children attending the pub
lic school* during «he year 1982. Super
intendent Mitchell hi* been working
aa »to propoalth« for about four
yuan, bat mutt Hoi-riraeodem Möller
remit* had bee« attained
year tuition wm peM and also
receiv e d tor 1921. At the
Mr i tsei
State Capital
_The dairy industry in Montana ban
made "a tremendous growth,'' in tbn
last few yean, says George H. Web
ster, chief of the division of dairying
and marketing of the Montana depart
ment of agriculture. Thin situation, ho
aaya In s report to C. O. Davie, com
aoer of agriculture, covering tbo
period from Jane 30 to Dec. I, 1924,
"has made of serions concern many
difficulties and problems which, while
apparent for some time." have not
heretofore occupied the limelight
Despite the fact that butter produc
tion In 1928 exceeded a 11 prevlou»
years by 38 per cent, the total had al
ready been passed In the first nine
months of 1024, according to the re
port . Fifteen .million \ÿounds produc
tion for 1924 ia not an Impossibility.
Mr. Webster says. The 1923 produc
tion was 10,721,896 pounds.
A law prohibiting the use of oleoma r
gerlne In any state Institution is also
Indication that Dr. RJl. Spencer of
the United States public health servie»
hae succeeded in perfecting a serum
which will immunize from spotted
fever. Is found by Dr. W. F. Cogswell,
secretary 6f the Montana board of
health. In a recent letter from Dr
Spencer. -, ,,
r- The federal official who, daring the
summer months, la in charge of the re
search laboratory at Hamilton which to
investigating the spotted fever situa
tion, Is now in Washington, D. O. Sev
eral mouths ago Dr. Spencer, believing
he had worked out an Immunizing ser
um, vaccinated himself.
Since his return to Washington, h»
writes Dr. Cogswell that he has suc
ceeded In immunizing guinea pigs with
his own blood serum. - _
* ★ *
The biennial report of Charles T.
Stewart, secretory of state, efaows that
1923 was by far the biggest yesr'flnan
clslUy In the history of the secretory'*
office. Heretofore the peak of Income
for the office was reached In 1920
when fees received by the office reach
ed a total of 089,081.25. Last year,
however,, increase In activities In min
ing and oil and the development of
corporations interested In those activ
ities brought the income from fees op
to 0117,816157. For «be fiscal year
1924, the amount w%* 072,780.50. The
bulk of the receipt* of the office come
from (-operation filing fees. Domestic
corporations paid 087,904.54 in 1923
and $38,081.08 In 1924, while foreign
corporations paid $18,81388 In 1923
and 018,140.21 in 1924.
Every citizen of Montana Is In
vited to attend a public reception to
Gov. John E. Erickson and other state
officers at the capitol on the evening
of Monday. January 5, following the
Inauguration. The reception, while In
formal, will be one of the most brillignt
yet to be given a governor of the.
Treasure state. It Is planned.
On the evening of the reception the
capitol will be thrown open to the pub- „
lie. Music will be provided by a bend
and an orchestra. All office* will be
open, with one member of the staff
present to show visitors about.
Member* of the governor's staff and
of the national guard will be In uni
* * *
Support will be asked from the legis
lature at tbe coming session for a pro
ject to bring the Montana national
guard up to full peace time strength,
according to Adjutant General Charte»
A. Sheridan. For this purpose, an ap
propriation of $30,000 for 1928 and
035.000 for 1927 will be needed, be
says. The appropriation for each year
of the past biennium was 020.000. and
the department will have a deficiency
of 01280 this year.
♦ ♦ ♦
The stet* railroad commission ha*
granted a special commodity rate on
sugar between Bill Inga and Scobey.
Tbe order lower* both th* rate per
thousand pounds sud the minimum
load. The new rate will be &TH tor
96,000 pound ears and 74H f° r 44,000
cura. The old rate waa 107% for 40.
000 cars and 106 for 50.000 cars.
The rate Is expected to become ef
fective In 25 or 80 days.
♦ A ★
A requis! Moa oa tbe governor o.
Mlnseaeoto, seeking the ratura to
Montana of Henry Unschuld, former
secretary of the M. A M Goal company
of Roundup, has be«» Issued by Gov
ereor Dixon Unschuld is charged
three counts for grand larceny, ln*ol
vteg the conversion of company funds
He la understood to
to his own
be heM by the anthorttim « i Mion»
♦ A *
Tbe Midland Sugar company, a Goto
redo emptmsttm, with
ptoce ot
filed M» «meta» «t «watewreOa» w«h
at Sidney, Mo«L, ha*

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