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►AY. JANUARY 8, 1025.
In order to give the depositors of
the State Bank a better idea of the
conditions under which the receiver is
working we are adding, to what we
printed last week, a few explanations.
There remain In the receiver's hands
notes to the amount of $122.767.63,
bonds and warrants of a face value of
$10,814.70, banking house, furniture
and fixtures $18,882.27, and other real
estate $1300.
Among the notes, together with the
accumulation incident to a period of
hard times, are the notes of Lock
hart's brother, Lockhart's wife and
Miaa Lundeii in an amount aggregat
ing $11.600, the collection of which is
doubtful. A good crop in 1926 will
insure the payment of several notes
while there are a considerable amount
Among the bonds and warrants are
$10,000 in Mackton Coal bonds which
may yield 60 per cent.
The banking house, furniture and
fixtures, whose value Lockhart boost
•d to $16,382.27, will doubtless be a
partial loss because the most sanguine
person can not see 100 per cent ob
tained at a forced sale.
The receiver has
brought suit
against L. B. Lockhart, his brother,
E. E. Dawson, Ebba Lundeii, M. T.
Messelt and D. McLeod to compel pay
ment of their stock assessment. Col
lection is not considered probable.
Their aggregate stock liability hi
The greater portion of the cash to
be paid out later in dividends most
be derived from the payment of notes
held by the receiver.
Among these are many that are ab
solutely good and which will be paid
to the last cent if not crowded. The
interest upon these notes is paying
The balance due on deposits is ap
proximately $107,000 after this divi
dent has been fully paid. There are
still items to be liquidated, not includ
ing stock assessments, to the amount
of $155,000 and making allowance for
all bad paper and sacrifices incident
to forced sales, it is confidently ex
pected that further dividend* to a
considerable amount will be paid.
Much satisfaction has been ex
pressed that all Belt stockholders in
ti» defunct institution promptly end
without pressure paid the assessments
on their stock
We are confident that the final
closing of the chapter will see the de
posit«»* in the bank satisfied with the
conduct of the receivership and grat
ified at their dividends.
While at Geyser on professional
business J. B. English, trouble man
fir the Montana Power company lo
cated at Belt, suffered a peculiar and
painful accident. As he opened the
door into a building at Gejrser port of
the plate glass of the door, which was
striking him across the back of his
bfl hand severing the tendons of
his first and second fingers and cut
Belt where Dr. Graybeal applied tint
the ends could not be readily found
so the
to Greet
of an
Falb where
of the l e a ders
and se we d together. Jack
wifi have to keep hi* hand in a cast
weeks. In the
he b doing Me work with the a*
at times of Johnny Mar
entertained in
a»;.... ,.. . I — » • s
nmperron ertuay
at the
of Mr. and Mrs.
Morrow. Mbs Pimperten left Satar
day for
she fa a
tom Y,
at Geyaer,
Uhel Landry, Bart P*m
•. Warn Mm.



Dave Ledbetter spent the holidays
in Great Falla, returning here the first
of the week to assume his duties aa
deputy sheriff under Tom Norton.
„ _ „ _. ,
Mr. Bailey's family spent the hoh
days in Great Falls and returned early
in the week to their home at the 8il
ver Dyke.
Mrs. Thomas Gormerly and daugh
ter, Patricia, have been guests at thej
Royal Tripp home during the past 10
days. Mra, Gormerly, whose home is
in Havre, is a cousin of Mrs. Tripp
an<F is better known here as Jessie
What might have proved * serious
fire was quickly extinguished New
'i ear's day. The chimney on the kit
chen roof at Mr, Skero's came down
Mr. Wilson has been quite sick the
past two weeks and his friends are
wishing him a speedy recovery.
and { he attic and roof were quickly on
fire. Willing hands formed a bucket
brigade and the fire was out before
the hose carts quite reached the scene.
The tolling of the fire bell caused con
siderable excitement as it was just a
year ago during the worst storm of
the winter that the Bay R. Porter
store and home were destroyed by
fire with the thermometer 44 below.
Mrs. Johnson came up from Great
Falls New Year's day to visit at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Cart
Schenck. She is renewing acquain
tanceship with many of her old neigh
hors as-Mrs. Johnson is an old-timer
in Neihart.
Mr. Grenville returned New Year's
day from a short trip to the city. ,
Dorothy Jackman had a party this
week in recognition of her third birth
day, which occurred the Sunday be
fore Christmas. Among her little
gûesta were Dorothy Mae and Janie
Porter, Marjory and Tommy Hogg,
Gertrude and Virginia Tripp, Patsy
Gormerly of Havre.
New Year's day Gertrude Tripp
celebrated her ninth birthday with a
little party, her guests being Eleanor
and Alice Lunsford, Patsy Gormerly
and Howard and Virginia Tripp.
This seems to have been a week of
birthdays, Tommy Hogg celebrating
his fourth birthday New Year's day.
The Woman's Alliance has announc
ed a public card party for the seven
teenth. Everybody welcome.
Dave Barker gave a New Year's
dinner at which the guests of honor
wefe his sister, Miss Violet, and his
daughter, little Miss Jane.
Miss Florence Barker returned to
the Palls the early part of the week
after spending the holidays here with
her father. Florence will return to
Missoula next week to resume her
studies at the State University.
Ed Donovan spent several days the
past week in Great Falls on business.
At the expiration of hia duties as
deputy sheriff he expects to begin
work at the Dyke.
Dorothy Powers has returned to
Dillon where she is a Normal College
Mr. and Mr* Hayden and two chil
dren «ante up from Monarch Friday,
They have just removed from Palr
employed at the Ray S.
Porter stete.
Mrs. Frank Davis of Belt Park kas
gone to Basin for a visit with a mar
ried daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Skaro and youngest
have moved to the Big Seven Al
bert will remain with hia aunt and
attend school here.
Mr. and Mrs T. F Hogg entertain
ed at
_.__ New Tear's evening,
their gumts being Mr* L- Heath, H*
F. Heath, Mbs Bristol and Mbs
M. 8- Schwer <k came up from Great
Palb Monday for a visit with Us
bad their much-post,
it Saturday night.
it proved to be well worth
for. The children did nicely with their
recitation« and aB were
White and Mrs.
f. Five
of the evening until 11:80
at bun
pfekba, cake, cream puff» and cotton.
After the lunch dancing was enjoyed
Hdum-fr and Eleanor Sc ho
Local Lodges Install
Officers for Y eat
The officers elected by the Olive
Chapter Rebakah lodge for the
ing term are. p«st Noble Grand. Mm
Duns ton, Noble Grand, Mr*. Mljg
Brodle. Vice-Grand. Mrs. Eva Sitaon
is Recording Secretary, Mrs. L*4
Johnson, Financial Secretary, SdKh
Johnson, Treasurer, Heim MmÜMM
The installation will be made at thetr
nex t regular meeting when the ap-|
positive officer* will be named.
—, ■ , ,
The election of officers of the jSSlÊ?
ian Sisters resulted in the selection bj»f
the following officers Past Chbf,^
Mns . Martha LeUnd) Mo#t Ex< chbfi*
Mrs. Edith Snooks, Ex. Senior, M»J
Lj, Lal«!*
JUndall, Mistress of Finance. Mr*,
Minnie Browning. Mistress of Roe. ft
Cor., Esther Johnson, Manager, Ber
^ Johnson, Protector. May Servosa/
Guard> Mrr Alice Daw««.
There follows the list of newly elect
ed officer* of Coal Valley Lodge, L ft
O. F., who were installed last nig**}'
Past Noble Grand, C C. Simonis, N.
G., Claude Bodkins, V. O., Jack Sog
lish. Secretary. H Barber, Pin, See.,
Wm. Vendsel, Treas., Wm Pilgeram.
Trustee E. W. Coleman.
The Knights of Bflfmia* wiU install
the following offiqjff on Jam litis
C. C., Ralph Oertti, V. C., BaÆtÊmi,
Prelate, Roy Servos*. M, ^Ktt
Ward, M. W.,3 A. J*iido%'lt3K.
W. Nobl.rdfeM-t«.'*. L.
ton, I; G-, W. J. Lowry, O. 0., Hano

Mrs. Anton* Johnson and children
returned to Great Falls Saturday af
ter having spent the holidays at the
Mrs. L. V. Newman returned Sat
urday from Great Palls where she was
a visitor for several days.
Nona Woodall came home Monday
from Belt where she went to attend
the Firemen's Carnival and visit with
friends for a few days.
Mr. and Mr* H. G. Hayden and chtl
daen went to Neihart Friday to make
their home. Mr. Hayden has taken a
position at the Bay B. Porter store.
Ed Thorson was a passenger Mon
day to Great Fall*
M. L. Evafts and C. W. Bra see were
visitors in Hughe* ville Saturday.
Mrs. Ray Janes returned Saturday
from Great F-alb where she spent sev
oral days. (
Mr* p*t Carry and
to Great Falb Saturday having spent
their vacation at the ranch with Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Oriet drove to
children went)
took the train to Great Falb where
Sr., is a business
City this week.
caller in the
Mrs. Bay
home here last week after a visit of
spent In Denton end
Malcolm Hartley want to Gt Fall«
Monday am a few days business mis
R. E. Dickenson and B. J.
were in town Saturday
the Beit Greek Station.
M. D. Si monton was a brief caller
i» Gnat Mb on
the first of
having lived on what b called the
Hoekett Ranch to upper Kibbey for a
this week.
Nebel at the illness of his mother
Seattle, Wash. Mm. Nebel will bv
remembered by the old-timer», they
good many years.
Mrs. Violet Redfern and sons, J. C.
k for Great
Falb where they will stay so that
his studies
end Fr*»««, left fib
Frauds may
W, H. Tyler returned home Tuesday
from Great Falls where be spent sons«
and visit
!a £ hb children who are attending
time attending to
Joint installation of officers of Belt
Lodge No. 137 A, F. ft A. M. and Al
ma Chapter No. 110, Eastern Star,
was held at the M. P. Hall on Tues
1*0 evening. Mr* Alma Johnson, as
»'«Ted by Mrs. Elisabeth Nelson, and
Culver, assisted by N. H. Nelson,
w *te the installing officers and both
installations were very impressive.
Roy Johnson, retiring patron of Alma
Chapter, was presented with a Paat
^IPatron's jewel from the chapter, while
n ' Pe * rl Stewart received a beauti
ul *M»»ket of flowers from the officers
in appreciation of her services as act
n K Worthy Matron since the death of
M rs McConkey. Following the above
ireraonie »
a delicious lunch was
». Stewart,' Worthy Matron,
0#c « r Johnson. Worthy Patron, Clara
Culver, Associate Matron, Minnie
Browning, Secretary, Ines Graybeal,
Treasurer, Persia Johnson, Condac
tress, Anna Remington, Asaociate
Conductress, Alma Johnson, Marshal,
Elisabeth Nelson, Chaplain, Myrtle
Joscelyn, Organist. Haaei Pilgeram,
Adah, Isabel Nelson, Ruth, Seims
Sharrard, Esther, Carrie James, Mar
tha , Martha Leland, Electa, Olga
Vendsel. Warder. James 8. Stewart,
ed at the Black Diamond cafe,
tern Star officers installed are;
Masonic officers are: Roy John
son, W. M . J. S. Stewart, S. W , W. P.
Pilgeram. J. W„ Wm. Vendsel, Treas.,
J S. Pearson, Sec, Frank Joscelyn,
Chap., Oscar Johnson, 8. D„ Jude
ar, J- D, John, Brat ley, 3.
Julius Paulson, J. 8., Roy Nelson,
+ + 4 + + 4 . + + + + + + + + + + +
Evelyn Lander and Annie Forde»
returned Sunday to school at Belt
The badly drifted roads made it nec
essary for them to go by train.
1 Miss Frye, teacher at the Bishop
school, has returned to Dillon to con
tinue normal training. Min Bernice
Rice of High wood will finish her term.
Charlie and Frank Fischer enter
tained the young folks on New Year's
day, Michael Darko assisted then as
chief chef. /
Irene Von spent a few of the holi
days with her mother, Mrs. Charles
Mr. and Mr* John Zander were in
Great Falb recently. Mr. Lander had
part of the flesh cut from his fingers
which were froxen some time ago.
Ml*. Joseph 8pi lier returned Satur
day from Great Falb whet* she has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. St
Clair, and taking treatments for her
the past month.
C. J. Hauer. Dick Smith and John
Kalanick visitors in Great Falb
Monday. Mr. Kalanick reports Mr*
Kaisnick's condition as being much
improved. She has been removed from
to the home of her sister.
Mrs. Joe Basant has moved to Gt.
Falb to put the children to school.
some time with V. L, Fischer, has
to Power, Montana, on business.
Mm. Georg« Darko left recently lot
an extended visit with relative* to
(Too Ute for last week)
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Davidson and
V. L. Fbeher spent several of the hol
friend* and relatives in
Great Falb and Spring Creek.
Mrs, John MeKenrie spent Christ
with her daughter*. Mrs. Riley
and Mbs Florence in Great Fall*.
Um Community Tree and school
rnmifm was attended by a large and
appreciative audience. The school*
will reopen Janoary&ih.
Mb* May Enquist it the guest of
her mother. Mr* John Larson.
Mr. mad Mrs. Abide Fischer. 8r„
had «• their dinner guests Christmas,
Mr and Mr*. Otto Gulden and chil
dren, Mr. and Mr*. Clarence Peltman
and fatrnly. and Mr. and Mr*. A leid?

detidoue foods, there were dainty and
aeeèti gift* for each guest.
Fbeher, Jr. Besides a tabb bden with
The annual carnival of the Bqjt Vol
unteer Firemen proved the social event
of the season. The whole country was
represented. Visitors were noticed
from Neihart, Geyser, Monarch, Stan
ford, Raynesford, High wood and QL
Falls „while we were told that Cascade
was represented.
The dance was patron
in the morning and if
were stepped on it was noNm account
of the awkwardness of his partner,
but simply because two feet could not
possibly stand on the same bit of
The hot-dog counter was kept busy
all night and judging from the amount
sold, ti is estimated that few dogs are
until late
loft in the town. The faro table drew
the attention of a large number while
the roulette had ita quota of fins. The
wheel fortune wa* constantly pa
tronised until 1 a. m„ when ita man
ager announced that his wares were
exhausted and he closed shop.
Mis« tempi Rants won the prise for
the most popular young lady, while
the prise of prises at the wheel of for
tune was won by Mrs. Remington.
The receipts of the evening were in
excess of $606, but profits can not he
announced until next week.
Our young people who are attend
ing school in Great Falb and who had
spent their Christmas vacation with
** on ) e folks, returned Saturday to Ot.
F * 1U ' *f cU ** Çameron, Irene Zelen
Annl * Bo8d1 «- * nti Clifford and
WiIliRm Boadb wore among the ones
f" 1 » ln Saturday. All enjoyed their
MÎÏSLS bu 5. war * * lmd to
'■**"*** * * cho ° •***'
Chrbtmss was spent hcr» in the
usual way. The school gave a very
enjoyable entertainment and a large
crowd attended. Many from other
points were also present.
The government hunter and trap
per Mr, Robertson, is having very
good success. At present he has
killed 67 coyotes.
D. A. Cameron was a business vis
Itor in Great Foils the past week,
J Habet has purchased the Sam
Martin homestead am! wiH move on
the place the coming spring.
Mrs. James Johnson and son, Rob
art are spending this weak in Orest
Fall« visiting relative*
Mrs. Nellie Britten was appointed
guardian of her grandchild, Winnifred
Thrasher, and also administratrix of
her estate.
James Johnson was a business call
er in Stockett Saturday.
The Thrasher Brother* delivered a
load of dressed pork to Stockett last
Claude Broadhurst was a visitor in
Stockett Monday
School opened Jan, 5th with the
lull attendance of 22 pupils
Mr and Mrs Westerland spent the
holiday* with home folks here, at
tending a family reunion at the Back
The new derrick at the Bette No, 8
oil well is completed and they ore now
waiting for more settled weather be
fore they start to drill.
Fred Bartelt spent several days the
past week in Great Falb.
L. W. Neville was a business visitor
in Great Falls Monday.
Mrs. George Sparte, our teacher,
b now boarding with Mrs. Cameron.
Mrs. Soiitii and Mrs. Boies have
rented the Martin home and wiU send
their children to school here.
Mi*. Fred Johnson is visiting st the
ranch home during the holiday*.
Mr. and Mr* Fred Johnson enter
tained the relatives of the family on
Christinas day.
Mrs. Jennie Jones, teacher at thi
Gereke school, gave a very enjoyable
entertainment ou Christmas night at
the school house.
Mrs. H. Thrasher spent the past
week in Great Falb.
Mrs. E. R. Britten and son Bussell
spent the post week st the Thrasher
Mrs. Martin, who ha* been so seri
ously ill in Stockett, b reported as
little better.
Mr« Bessie Nevills spent Monday
Joseph Habe) was a business visitor
Irene spent i
at the Dailey home.
n Croat Fall* fast week.
Mrs. Anthony and
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Broad
Arrangements Being Made to
odate 2,000 Birds. Annual ;
Will Be Held on Night of Jan. 88.
- Encouraged by an unusually large
number of requests for entry blanks
from all section» of Montana and
from many neighboring states, offi
cials In charge* of the Seventeenth
Annuo! Montana State Poultry Show
to be held at Great Falla, January 17
to 24, predict the greatest display of
quality poultry in the history of the
Montana exhibition. Arrangement*
are being made to accomodate 2,000
birds and President A. J. Hedrix at
the State association believes the ex
hibits will total close to that figure.
The Montana Slate Poultry show
poultry show at tile Northwest, and
annually attract* entries from sever
al outside states and from Canada.
Exhibition birds have been shipped
from the Atlantic coast and from m
fir south as California to pr évins»
state shows.
Among the special departments at
the exhibition that will be featured
this year more than ever ere the tor
key division and the boys' and girls'
club division.
Through the assistance of the
department of agriculture, tine
ty commissioners of Cascade «oooty,
the Great Falla Commercial dab
tiie business man of Great Falla,
attractive list of premiums will ha
swarded to winning exhibitor* tn
divisions of the show. Entries
close on January i?th and all birds
must be in the show room on January
the executive board's of the aaftmto
^ win am« at 8:00 p. ». on A»
>ry 3 lst and the annual meetiw at
ModUm State PWtryfcwW
,, socl «tion will be held at 2:60 p. ».
January SSnd. The gjÆÿÆSSmÊmmÊf
alw . y 7one of the real foatamrf*.
, how we , k will take place Friday
evening January Z3rd.
Officers of th" Montan* State
Poultry ^ ^«ion A.
j Hedrix. Great Fails, president; J.
R gott, Helena, vice-president; Mar
«nd Mrs. J, P Sundqabt, Chinook,
.lection commissioner. Official* of
th( . Great Fall, show are A. J. Hedrix,
show manager; J. K. Thompson.
p*Hn tendent, * n d Martha L
Hardin, superintendent of the hoys'
*|,d gj r b' division,
Judges will be E. C- Brandt of Mis
»„uri, E, D. Monilaw of low«,
Charier A. Greenfield of Montana.
H. E. Cushman will judge the egg de
partment. Attractive premium liste
I, Butte secretary-treaawar.
have been issued and may he had
Falb, Montana.
to A. J. Hedrix. Gnat
Harry T. Stetig, pastor.
Morning worship at 11 o'clock. Ser
mon by the pastor. Subject, "Putting
First Things First.''
Evening servi«* st 7:80, Our meet
ings are informal and evangelistic
Sunday school at 10 o'clock. Prompt
ness on the part of officers,
and pupils will help make our
bettor. We are not satisfied with
anything less than the beet
Epworth League devotional meet
ing at 6:80. Subject, "Whet New
China Thinks and Does."
Prayer service Thursday evening
at 7:80.
Next week at Great Falls, Monday.
T uesday and Wednesday, a great dis
trict conference will be held. Mlnto
tei* and delegate* from every
in the district will be
era and leaders, aside from pastors
and district superintendents will in
clude Bishop H. Lester Smith, Be*.
Thomas A. OTarrelî of Africa. Dr ft
D. Bis bee of India, Dr. Exra M. Cox.
and Dr. E. J- Klemme. It b hoporf
that many Belt folks will find H pos
sible to attend some or all of
In keeping with the policy of "Put
a,ting First Things First," the pastor
will deliver a series of
ing the next five weeks, one «ach Bib
day morning, on the
mentals — God, Christ the Rby
Spirit. Sin «nd Bedemj
We aim to make ma
" ^
tjonal and helpful Year .■ prays*-.

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