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Lone Robber After Shooting Up Car
Leave« Train and Escapes
in Taxicab
GMcago.—Russell Dicky, 23. Elroy.
Wls., an express messenger guarding
shipments of money and Jewelry on the
Viking, fast passenger train on the
Chicago A Northwestern railroad, was
shot and killed the night of Dec. 30
In an attempted holdup as the train
left Highland Park, Uh, a suburb of
Chicago. *
The robber, who is believed to have
been aided by at Teaat two confeder
ates, leaped from the passenger train
aa It pulled Into Wlnnetka, another
i_ suburb, subdued a taxi driver with his
pistol and forced the man to drive him
to Evanston, where he left the taxi and
climbed Into another automobile, ap
parently walling tor Aim, and disap
American Express company officials
at night were checking the contents
of the express cars and two hours after
the holdup they had not yet completed
their Investigation and refused to state
whether the robber, who carried a
black satchel when he fled, bad ob
tained valuables.
Several shots were fired and during
the shooting, Dicky was killed.
Washington.—The Washington gov
ernment was In possession Dec. 81 of
official Information transmitted by
Ambassador Herrick In Paris after his
conversations with Premier Herriot
and M. Clemente!, French financial
minister, which obviously removed
much of the uncertainty that bas char
acterized discussions ef the Franco
Aanerican war debt.
Ambassador Herrick's report eased
tension in quarters where debating pre
Unofficial advices from Paris recit
ing the statement of M. Clementel to
Ambassador Herrick in which the
French minister recognized the obliga
tions of his government to the United
States and declared its intention to
honor the debt, were received by ad
ministration leaders with no little sot
Isfactlon. The statement that Ambass
ador Herrick bad transmitted M. Clem
entel's remarks to Secretary Hughes,
however, produced only a reiteration
of the department's decision "not to
comment." ; ■
Installed A. F. L. President
Washington.—William Green, newly
elected president of the American Fed
eration of Labor, signalized his formal
induction Into office Dec. 80 by Issuing
a statement in which he reaffirmed the
federation's purpose to conduct a
"never-ending fight for full and com
plete recognition of tbe principle of
collective bargaining for Justice, decent
wages, and tolerable and humane con
ditions of employment"
He added that the resolutions of the
federation's general convention at El
Paso last month, touching political ac
tion. the recognition of soviet Russia,
prohibition and the Howell-Barkley
bill, would guide his administration.
Civil War Vat a Suicide
Loa Angeles.—Disappointment over
Ms failure to dispose of an oil portrait
of George Washington, which he valued
at $50,000 and with which he hoped to
re-establish hts family fortune, led Col,
— .jQjay B. Steele. 75-year-old Civil whr
veftftan.'ib abbot and kill himself Dec
80, according to deputy sheriffs wh
Investigated tbe case.
Slayer Sentenced te Hang
Wheaton, Ill.—John Kamroerer, 48,
Dec. 29 was sentenced to hang Feb
ruary 18, for the slaying of Mrs. Otto
Bder of Villa Park. He has admitted
he also killed her husband and their
three small children.
Mexico Ntmti Ambassador
Mexico City.—Manuel C. Telle*,
charge d'affairs at the Mexican em
bassy in Washington, has been ap
pointed ambassador to the United
States. This announcement was made
officially at the foreign office.
State to Be Reimbursed
Washington. —The Senate passed a
bill to reimburse Montana for expens«
Incurred by the state In suppressing
forest firm on government land in
Dead Reduced to 17
Tokio.— Seventeen known dead and
18 missing is the latest estimate of the
casualties restUUag. from a fire which
late Dec 28 destroyed a private insti
tution for the insane here
■ • a— , - — „
A Menace te Health
Washing®«-—Tbe Increasing ose ci
home-made Hquor will greatly increase
kidney ffirr"T Dr. William MacNlder
' vQlftllCnnil bow he had
mm* Honor on a dog and
#«',tiMÏite»g vnréaémn baneful «f
■. .
«f the U«lv«raUy of North Carolina,
toW delegate* te the convention of the
American .As&mià-üo» for the Advance
pare alco
•offered no
Iowa Caaa to Bo Rooponod to Toot
innoconoo of Mon New
Serving for Crime . '
Mobile, Alt.—An unidentified man.
believed to he the man who robbed
a branch of the Marine Trust A Bank
ing company of New Orleans of $18,
000 on Christmas Eve was shot and
killed In a pistol fight at the Louisville
A Nashville depot Dec. 30. but not until
the man bad seriously wounded
Charles Ferrer, special agent of the
Louisville A Nashville, and Patrolman
Walter Pistole of the Mobile police
The sum of $2.033 was taken off the
man'a body, mainly in $20 bills. The
money was strapped to his body be
neath bis shirt. He also had two
pistols. Four dynamite caps were also
found In Ms pockets and a quantity of
A notebook was also found lg his
pockets. It bore the name of W, K.
Wright and had been pierced by one
of the bullets.
The notebook contained an entry
which stated that he had killed a man
by the name of Thomas Griffin In Des
Moines. Iowa, on Nov. 16, 1928, and
that two Innocent men had been con
victed for the crime and now were In
prison. Entries In the notebook added
that "In case I get killed, I want the
truth to come out ; it Isn't right for
two Innocent boys to suffer. But as
long as I am alive I would not confess."
In the next paragraph an entry said :
"I hereby swear that I killed a man
named Thomas Griffin In De» Moines
on Nov. 10, 1923."
Albany, N. Yt—A lfred E. Smith was
Inaugurated Jan. 1 as governor of New
York for fais third term. Faced by a
politically hostile legislature, sur
rounded by six state officials of op
posite political faith, the governor, In
his brief Inaugural address, pledged
himself to conduct a nonpartisan od
mlnistwttion ami he sought the co-op
eration of his colleagues in making
the ensuing two years "a government
for all the people."
Significance given the Inaugura
tion ceremony by the swearing In of
the first third-term governor since
the days of DeWItt Clinton, In 1825,
was heightened by the presence on
the inaugural platform of the first
woman state official elected In the
history of New York state—Mrs. Flor
ence E. Knapp, of Syracuse—who ad
ministered the oath of office to the
Largs Sum for Dry Enforeerhsnt
Washington.—Practically without
amendment the treasury and postofflce
bill, the largest peace-time measure
ever before congress, was passed Dec.
80 by the house.
Among sections already approved is
one providing $11,000.000 for the en
forcement of prohibition, and another
to make available $20,000,000 for the
coast guard service.
Million Dollar Public Markst
Denver.—Plans for a rollllon-doMnr
city market were announced here Wed
nesday by officials of the Denver Re
tail Grocers' association. Money nec
essary for Its construction has been
subscribed, officials said, and the start
ing of work now awaits only the ap
proval of plans by members of the as
sedation and tbe cky council.
Small Told to Ratum Coin
Springfield, III.—Circuit Judge Bur
ton Dec, 81 signed the formal decree
holding Governor Small, Venn Curtis
and the estate of Edward Curtla, for
mer state senator, accountable for all
Interest collected on notes of a Chicago
packer to whom fund* were loaned
durl r T the governor's Incumbency as
state treasurer.
Admits Killing Four
Logansport, Ind.—Mrs. limita Ha
bough, 88-year-old widow, confessed
Dec. 30 that she killed the four mem
ber* of her family, found dead Monday
In the farm home, eight mile* from
here, according to Sheriff Walter Bow
yer. A sanity examination will be
Fight Spread of Plague
Washington.—The public health ser
has Invoked a rigid health In
spection program applicable to Ship*
reaching any American port from New
Orleans. San Pedro or Oakland as a
precaution against the spread of bu
bonic Infection among rats which have
been found in these cities.
Embargo On Spuds Pretested
Boston.—Tbe American embassy at
London has been Instructed to make
representations to the British govern
ment against the recent order prohibit
ing the importation of American pota
to« Into England and Wal« on ac
count of the potato bug.
'he stayer of Armstrong J Schrader,
whose body wma found in the morning
In Kenwood Park, a suburb of this
city, at the entrance of a cemetery
which adjoin* the home of Schrader'*
estranged Rife.
Schrader apparently was «Bot t»
death. M. B. J. Ourtens, bis ftrther-to
law. when qnaxttoisad by the pelle«,
declared fee heard several afeots fired
about midnight, but denied that fcs had
seen Schrader Mn« Monday.
Mysterious Staying
Cedar Rapids, low«.— Poti re Jan. 1
were trying to establish tbe Identity
American Government Racolvao Mow«
With Astonishment Amounting
Almost to Unbelief
Washington.—Hints t b s t Franca
might be moving toward a disavowal
of her war debt to the United States
were repudiated unconditionally by the
French embassy after they had caused
»n unaccustomed stir In Washington.
Embassy officials not only reiterated
the Intention of their government to
meet Its obligations but declared the
wide-spread apprehension that sudden
ly envelops the American capital hare
been evolved from a set of circum
stances which, In themselves, had no
International significance.
The Incident apparently had Its gene
sis in the publication of a new balance
sheet by the French ministry of fi
nance, In which all réference to the
debt to the United States was omitted.
This was, the embassy declared, due
simply to a provision of French law,
which prevents inclusion of content
plated expenditures In the budget un
less the exact amounts are known and
specific appropriations are Included to
offset them. No settlement having been
reached with the United States, It
added, no such Item could be entered
on a ledger which must balance down
to the last centime.
Secretary Hughes held a long con
ference during the day with Assistant
Secretary Wadsworth of the treasury,
who Is secretary of the American debt
commission, and afterward there were
Indications that the American govern
ment was receiving the news of the
French balance sheet with astonish
ment amounting almost to unbelief.
Los Angeles.—Kid McCoy, former
pugilist, was convicted In superior
court late Dec. 29 of manslaughter In
connection with the shooting here
August 12, last, of Mrs. Theresa Mors.
The penalty for manslaughter Is from
one to 10 years Imprisonment
When the verdict was read, McCoy's
eyes became tear-dlmmed as he sat at
the end of the counsel table.
"I don't believe It was a Just ver
dict" he said. M If I am not guilty
charged, I am not guilty gt all. Mr
was not a Just verdict."
Dcfense attorney* announced at
nlght that notice of appeal would be
filed at that time.
Death of Chicago Beauty
Chicago.—Ageltta Cncclnello, recent
ly picked by Rudolph Valentino, from
among 10,000 contestants ss Chicago's
prettiest girl, was saved from burial
In potter's field Dec. 27 by Mrs. Daniel
J. McOarlty. blind wife of a lake cap
tain. who paid a debt of gratitude by
providing a flue coffin heaped with
Otherwise poor, Angel 1 fa was called
by her friends rich In a sunny voire.
That she lavished on the blind woman
who needed sunny voices.
Three days ago Angellta was killed
by a motor truck. Angellta was re
membered when a Christmas card ahe
had mailed to Mra. McOarlty Jntt be
fore the truck snuffed out her Ufa,
was received. Mrs. McGarlty'a effort
to find Angellta led her to the morgue
where for three day* the body had
laid unclaimed.
Denies She Is Pari Negro
Nyack. N. Y.—Supreme Court Jus
tice Tompkins Dec. 27 awarded $800 a
(month temporary alimony to AHce
Jones Rhinelander, pending trial of the
annnlment suit brought hy her bus
band, Leonard Kip Rhinelander, after
their marriage last October.
Rhinelander, who la wealthy In his
own right and also la the prospective
heir to million*, chargee that hie wife
la part negro andtthat she fraudulent
ly represented beraelf at white when
they were married.
Mr*. Rhinelander «II awarded
$3,000 counsel fees.
New York.—A decline of about $455.
606 In gros* revenu« of the Northern
Pacific during November was offset hy
a gain of nearly $1.V).000 In net Income
compared with November, 1923. Net
fbr the 11 months of 1924 Increased
$17.485.863 from $15,049.268 for the
same period last year, although gross
fell more than $7,060.600.
Sank Bandits Get $2,000
Jennings, Okl*.—Two unmasked men
robbed the Flrat National bank of
Jennings of approximately $2.000 Dec.
96 after locking the
and a customer in a
Etateu talano.
assistant cashier
Elisabeth, N, J.—Daniel K Lester,
88. engineer on the Monitor In Its
Bombs battle with the Merrimac lu the
Civil war, died Dee. » of pneumonia.
For 45 years he wa* chief engineer of
ferries operating from New Jersey
»•tired Oftemr Dire
Waabtegten.—Cotewei WIMIam Ota
way Owe*. *»l «radical corps, re
ttred. brisfher ef Seteator Robert I
Owen of OkköKH»«. die« suddenly of
fctert tefiere MW* Dec. ».
N e«n (HUitiu
tfe» 1
Brief firntm
- > T]
Butto Miner Killed.—Ole Larson,
aged 41. was killed while at work on
the 3,000-toot level In the Belle mine
at Butte. Larson was caught by a fall
[of rock. A widow and four children,
living in Finland, survive him.
Sue on Bank Bon de. T he county at
torney has started action for the re
covery of $90.611.44, claimed due on
bond* for Cascade county deposits,
against the Commercial National bank.
Its receiver, and L. H. Hamilton, one
of the directors.
Branded Other Stock.—Accused of
branding cattle In an attempt to *p
pnmrinte the stock to his own ose. P.
T. Mnxey, Jr., pleaded not guilty In dis
trict court at Ryegate when arraigned
before Judge George Horkan. He Is
being held In the county Jail pending
the arrangement of $1,900 ball.
Alcohol Confiscated.—One hundred
gallon» of alcohol which was seized
by Sheriff Bob Gordon at the Great
Northern station at Great Falls when
the consignee failed te call for the
shipment was ordered confiscated by
District Judge J. B. Leslie. The court
held the alcohol was contraband.
Homesteader Takas Poison.—John
Storm, a homesteader residing near the
Gordon ranch, 90 miles from Miaeonla
hi the wilderness of the Swan river
country, died there after swallowing a
dose of poison. Storm was about 40
years of age and Is survived by bis
wife and four children.
Death Was Accidental.—A fall of
rock was responsible for the death of
John J. Gibbon a, foreman of the Lock
ray mine at Tracey, according to a
verdict of the coronet's Jnry at Great
Falls. Three working companions told
of Gibbons attempting to repair some
timbering when the fail of rock came
that crushed him to death.
New Community House.—A suitable
site having been secured, Grantsdale
will have a new community club house.
The building will be 30 by 72 feet,
bungalow style, and a wing will be
added for the kitchen. A stage and
dressing rooms will be built In one end
if the main hall. Concrete work Is de
layed by the recent cold weather.
Chicken Coop Hides Still,—A chick
*n coop was used to conceal the loca
tion of a 300-gallon capacity at "1 which
federal and police officers seized In a
raid on a place northeast of Butte.
Twenty-two gallons of mash and a
inantlty of moonshine Hqnor were also
found. Two men were held as oper
itors of the still and released on ball
»f $000 each.
Abatement Suits Filed.—Abatement
! iults have been filed In district court
P Hardin seeking to have several es
tahllshments closed for alleged prohl
kltlon violations. Judge O. F. Ood
d»«> granted temporary Injunctions
restraining the defendants from fur
ther traffic In alleged liquor. The
tounty attorney asks that the place«
Wagon Driver Injured.— O r v 111 e
Tohnson of Sidney was seriously In
lured when struck by a passing auto
ir truck while walking on the highway
oealde the ore wagon he was driving.
In attempting to pass, the car knocked
Johnson down. Johnson was taken to
the Deaconess hospital. Every effort
Is being made to apprehend the driver
of the motor vehicle.
FrMMi Both Legs.—The recent cold
wave nearly claimed a victim In Al
bert Kober, a young farmer In the
Fowler section near Conrad, who froze
both legs In an effort to walk home
after his car had stalled. After leaving
the car he and his companions walked
in a circle, losing their bearings, but
after a long tramp finally reached the
Great Northern tracks, which they fol
lowed to Fowler.
Face* Forgery Charge.—Letter Un
derbill, accused of obtaining funds by
check forgeries. Is in Jail at Columbus
awaiting trial. He was return«! there
In the custody of Sheriff Tom Bolton
from Pontiac, Wls. Underhill is said
to bave confessed. Through finger
prints. be was Identified as a former
Wyoming convict, having served a
prison term for automobile theft He
wm released last May.
WHS Resume Business.—The Dins
ntore-Graves Drug company Is making
plan for the reanmptfon of business
at the earliest possible date. The
company, with the Condon company,
suffered from the fire of a week ago
that destroyed the Shearer block and
the tyro stocks of goods with a total
loq» of more than $90,000, A* soon
the tolerance adjusters complete their
''work thé Roundup companies will an
nounce their plana j ,....
OWWreo Salvage Old Records.—Gr
Igtaal records of Fort Owen, when
functioning In the Bitter Root valley
m years ago, containing official trans
actions of the Flathead agency, and
containing the Signatare« of such men
ts Major John Owen and Father Raval
li, were salvaged by children from a
ptje of rubbish thrown out of the tort.
The children carried the records home
tu «Wir «Bother, Mr*. Ben Brown of
Wtevenevfile who, recognising their
value will
that they are preserved.
«a ne w« Mall Crauhw Firel
Ubtoy,—Tb* westbound second sec
tion the Great Northern railway's
taut «ell train crashed into tbe first
auction «ear'Libby Dee, 27. demolishing
the rear ear of tbe flrat section and
dereMte* the front trucks of the second
«netten NMurnttra. No one was te
lured, although the eugtoe craw of the
'mmrné ««ris» were foreed te Nap
tee« tee res» after a faute attempt te
«*» ttedr ***Hl Faalty Mock signals
§ m no tee recent Mlaasnt wa* give»
«« tee probable tmnm of the
Officers Find the Fi
Boy After a Long
Body of
After a search of more than a day,
the sheriffs deputies found the frown
and mutilated body of Walter Kola,
aged 19, of Red Lodge, who disap
peered Dec. 28 when he left home on a
hunting trip.
Apparently the lad, while crawling
through a barbwire fence, caught the
trigger of his gun In the wire, the die
charge catching him In the head and
canning instant death.
Friday morning be started out and
„hen he failed to return that night
after a blizzard suddenly came op, bis
folks became alarmed end a search was
started. The body was discovered two
miles north of Red Lodge on the east
bench. One leg was still suspended on
the fence through which he had at
tempted to dlmb when the accident
WILL TOTAL $29,000,000
Helena—Montana has. In process of
construction or In contemplation, pro
ject* the estimated cost of which will
be $29,488,198. according to a report
made by Lewis A. Campbell, director
of labor and publicity of the depart
ment of agriculture, to the federal em
ployment service.
The figures based on newspaper re
ports, sre believed by Mr. Campbell to
os quite Accurate and fairly Inclusive
of definitely established projects.
Segregated, the projects include : In
dustrial buildings, $4,571,095; hlgh
and bridge construction, $2,653,
public buildings, $ 1 . 001 , 000 ;
churches, lodges etc., $965,000; Irriga
tion, $1,514,000; railroad improvements
12 289,000; new railroads contemplated.
Including the $11.000,000 line from
Miles City to the Wyoming oil fields.
Takes Blams for Murder
Butte.—According to County Attor
ney Howard Johnson and Sheriff John
MountJoy of Jefferson county. Arthur
Hughes, Dec. 29 made a statement at
the state penitentiary In which be took
the blame for the murder, last year,
sf Albert Johnson. Renova storekeep
er, for which Roy Walsh was
demned to the gallows by a Jury.
Hughes, who pleaded guilty to compli
city, Is serving a term of from 18 to
SS years.
The supreme court overruled an ap
peal by Walsh and he Is to be re
sentenced by Judge Lyman Bennett
at Boulder.
The Jefferson county officers also
took a statement from Walsh. They
said here that the statements of the
are Inconsistent In many
two men
points, but declined to give out details
of what they said until the statement*
at the disposal of the trial
Bride Haa Gloomy Holiday
Butte.—Christmas was not the merry
Holiday It should have been for Mrs.
Oscar Koskl. 21. bride of a week, who
was arrested at a local store and
placed in Jail because ahe could not
pay a $10 fine. Imposed in police
court when she pleaded glullty to
Mrs. Koskl. attracted by gowns on
display In the women's department, hid
valued at $20 under her coat while
employe* were engaged with other cus
tomers. Her actions aroused suspicion
and a search revealed the stolen gown.
Patrons Endangered By Fire
Butte.—Lives of several guest* were
threatened when fire of mysterious
origin broke out In three separate
places In vacant storerooms of tbe
Acoma hotel building, partially de
stroying the basement and lower floor.
Scantllly clad patron* were rushed
from tbe apper floor* to safety as the
hotel filled with wnoke, and Arthur
Berry, proprietor ci the hotel, was
while going through tbe
place to eee that all guests were arous
ed. The flame* were soon placed un
der control. ;*
Butte Man a Suicide
Butte.—Michael Serlch died at tbe
Murray hcapital after lingering for
several days from a self-inflicted
wound In tbe abdo.,.en. Neighbor*
found him Dec. 28 lying at the en
trance to the Franklin school house.
Daring the time following the shoot
ing that he lay 111 at the hospital. Ser
lch steadfastly refused to divulge the
reason or to give any explanation of
the affair.
Farmer Victim ef Cold
Dillon.—The frozen body of Robert
Ellis, a rancher In the Big Hole Bashi
country, w«s found In hla cabin shout
15 mil« north of Wisdom by neigh
apparently he had fallen 1H and
succumbed to the cold before he could
summon assistance. Be bad been dead
for several days.
Robbed Freight Cur
Great Falla.—Accused ef opening a
seel on e freight «r. Frank Johnson
fend Charles Wright will fare trial on
AMM of bürgte ry. Deputy County
Attorney Art Jardine ammanred Dec,
wiser, police raided the basement of
the Lincoln betel where Wright la esa
ployed «• night fireman, they tmwS
five cords Urea, two boat«» of Christ
mas candy, radio betteries and teectrte
light bute* Special agent* my »fete
State Capital
By unanimous vote the state boar«
of pardons refused to approve the ac
tion of Governor Dixon In coaimutlac
the sentence of Nick Pavkb, one of
the slayers of Tommy Gough.
Helena. Pavicb was convicted of sec
ond degree murder and was sentenced
to serve from 48 to 90 years In the
state prison. His brother and one
other, convicted with him, are serving
life sentences. Governor Dixon com
muted Nick Pavich's sentence to a
sentence of from 15 to 20 year*. Pavtcl»
has served seven end a half yean In
the prison and would have been sub
ject to parole bad the pardon board
approved the action of the governor.
Tommy Gough was stabbed to death
by the three men several years ago la
East Helena. Gough was returning
home when he was attacked without
John and James Gongh, brothers of
the slain man, appeared before the
pardon board Jto protest against the
action of Governor Dixon.
A new trial of the salt of T. EL
Downey and H. J. Freeburn. attorneys
against the Northern Pacific railroad
is ordered by the Montana supreme
court In an opinion reversing the judg
ment of the district court for Silver
Bow county, where the trial resulted
in a Judgment of $1.000 against the
railroad. The decision is written by
Justice Stark.
Downey and Freeburn bad brought
salt against the railroad on behalf of
Leslie L. Vatertans. The claim was
compromised for $230 and the suit In
Sliver Bow county was dismissed. The
attorneys then brought suit against the
railroad, alleging frand In settling the
suit without their consent The su
preme court after reviewing the testi
mony says the attorneys may recover
not more than half the amount of the
settlement and remands the case a
new trial.
★ A ★
Compromising on a basis of about 54
per cent disability and paying $1,876
In addition to what had been already
paid, the Anaconda Copper Mining
company has agreed to a settlement of
the claim of Matt OJaha. who suffered
a fractured pelvis December 80, 1922,
It Is announced by Jerome O. Locke,
chairman of the state Industrial acci
dent board.
The company discontinued payments
January 26, 1924. claiming that OJaha
aras cured, but he contended that he
was a total disability. Testimony of
fered was conflicting, company doctors
stating the disability at about 10 per
rent and doctors In OJaha's behalf be
lieving It per
Attorney General L. A. Foot has re
ceived a latter from tbe county attor
ney of Silver Bow county stating that
tbe settlement of the Montana Power
company taxes for 1922 and 1983, aa
proposed by the state board of equali
sation, had been disapproved by that
county. The county attorney returned
to the attorney general a stipulation
for dismissal which was to have been
Mgued If the county approved the
A dispatch from Butte says that the
commissioners In Silver Bow have bad
opportunity to pas* on the matter
and quotes them a* In favor of the
proposed settlement.
Anna Mlbellch, widow of Steve Ml
hellch who died July 18, 1924. receive«
$1,814.30 under the state Industrial
compensation law as tbe result of a
settlement following a hearing con
ducted this week In Butte by Jerome
G. Locke, chairman of the Industrial
accident board. This is In addition to
what the Bast Butte Oopper Mining
paid from October S, 1921,
when the man's back was broken, un
til his death.
la a decision written hy Chief Jus
tice Callaway, the district court for
Stillwater county Is upheld In It» de
cision in favor at the defendant la the
eult ef Alonso Hotilogsworth against
Ernest P. Rackmsn Hollingsworth
sued to recover es f oot* which Bock
man alleged ra part of a eeotract
which had been rescinded hy mutual
consent A Jury found for Rnckmao.
Finding no reason Itor Invalid«ting
the conviction of L R Lockhart, of
making a false report of tbe condition
ofa/hf Miners' State bank of Sand Ooo
HC Caeca de county. Uns Montana sa
preme reart declined to late» a writ
«f habeas corpus Ar lAMi Lock*««
bad made application The deekdo»
by justice HoHeway
With Jam« draft»» Roger*
R«*««- B. Wreratt, *e«b of Denver.
as filed
was wrlti
tbe Midland Sogar rompeay
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