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mon i ; ;
H *LENa.
#rv*» —
Historic«) Library *
"T *
AY, APRIL 2, 1925.
city «1 action for the chooofag
from the several vante will
held on Monday, April 6 th, botvooa
the boon of 8 ». m, and 8 p. m., ac
cording to lav.
b t)w fine ward D. W. Barnett hes
filed to «aeeeed himself. As yet
the second ward no one has filed and
the present incumbent, Ben Kennedy,
has voiced his intention not to 1 »
candidate fo foe third ward Chastes
. Johnson has filed for the two year
term and C. E. Gustafson for the one
Worthy of spacial mention 1« the
lint of Judges and clerks who have
volunteere d to serve without pay.
This |n itself means a saving of about
sixty dollars for the general fund,
which figures tn another column show
to be much in the red, although the
same report shows that the registered
warranto are being taken np yearly
to a sum slightly Mis than $700.
The volunteers whose names have
been handed ns are:
First Ward— Judges: Mrs. Chas,
Jennings, J. W. Leland, Phil Lereilte;
Clarita: Mrs. N H. Nelson, Miss Villa
Second Ward—Judges: Geo. Mace,
Mrs, Mary Frye, Chas. H. King;
Cterfca: Mrs. T. W- Noble, Mrs. Alf.
Third Ward—Judges; Mike Lynch,
Ernest Sieg ting. C. E. Bramlette;
Clerks: Mrs. H. W. Millard and Mrs.
N. H. Browning.
The following comparative state
ment of the condition of the several
dty funds for the years 1924 and I92S
will give taxpayers an opportunity to
see what is befog done with dty
' " also give a comp*»-]
henarve view ef the dty indebted»«*»
The first column is from the Trees
ureris report on Feb. 29, 1924, and the
second column is from his report of
Oaaenti Fund ....f 2,848.62 f 2,172.78
Feb. 28, 1926:
Eegtatered Warrant« Outstanding
„810,875.41 8 9,271.241
Imp. Dfot. No. 3| 200.00 $ 200.00
Imp. Dut No. 6 8,000.00 3,000.00
Imp. Dfot No. 7 11368.16 11,068.16
Sidewalk ft eurh
_ 191 * _, AOOO.OO 6,000.00
Sidewalk ft cork
_ 1919 21,778.17 19376.17
gfatsr Works
Bonds _ 20,000,00 20,000.00
Con ting. Fund .. 1,67136
Street Fund _
Police Fund_
Imp. Diet No- 9
Coupes», Warranto and
Brads Outstanding
Total _16238432 $6933432
932 f 7238
6.63 36.50
Gen. Fund _I
Cont. Fund ........
Street Fund -
Police Fund_
Fire Fund .......
Firemen's Disa
bility Fund ..
Park Fund _
Sanitary Fund
Water W o r k a
Fund _ 1361.83 2398.57
Water Works
Sinking Fund 2300.00 3300.00
Total Cash BaL | 7,791.80 8 8,96836
We have omitted the small balances
is the Improvement district funds.
Total Indebted- -
_$73309.73 $6830636
From fois indebtedness may be sub
traetad foe cash on hand which would
_ to
$6631738 $6938739
. ♦
Prone ♦

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for ♦
♦ for
eg, «ni if it

♦ tag

Former Belt Girl
Dies in Lewistown
Mrs. Inde Marks Kastner died in
Lewistown last week Thursday of
heart disease. She was 88 yean of
age and is survived by her husband
and several children, among idiom is
a five-weeks-old baby.
Mrs. Kastner and husband are both
well known hare. She was the only
daughter of George Marke, for many
years a machinist at foe Company
Kara live near Dovetail where the
Two brothers, Donga I and
Bob Kastner lived in foe Tiger
Butte country and went from there to
the lower Musselshell at about foe
time that the family of Ed Fox moved
there and the different families have
been engaged in stock raising.
The following new books have been
purchased for foe American Legion 1
library, according to Baptist Pisxini,
J the librarian. Many of these books
are already in circulation. The nom
ber of books has also been augment-1
; ad by some twenty standard novels,
; the gift of Rev. Father McHugh. This
I makes a total of 600 books which are
I at the disposal of borrowers. About
100 booh» am given out aaeh Thora- ,
Täsy night when foe library la opened
to the public,
The list of the latest additions to
this library include:
The Barrier and The Iron Trail by
Beach; North of Fifty-Three, Sin-!
clair; The Trail of '98, Sendee; Slip- j
PT McGee, Oeruler ; Cabbages and
King*, O. Henry; West of the Water
Tower, Croy; Three Musketeers and
Twenty Years After, Dumas; West.
Seltzer; The Country Beyond and The
Flaming Forest, Curwood; The Cheat.
Holman; Adventures of Jimmy Dale
and Farther Adventures of Jimmy
Dale, Door of the Night and From
Now On, Packard; Fighting Back.
Fighting Blood and There'« No
Like Home, Witwer; The Clean
Heart, Hutchinson; The Snob, Martin;
Soldiers of Fortune, Davis; The Love
Story of Aliete Drunton, Franksw;
The Top of the World, Dell; The Ten
Commandments. Mac Pharaon, Gappy
Ricks Retires, Kyne; Phroso. Hope;
The Man Next Door, Hough; Wages
ed .Virtue, Wren; Red Pepper's Patient
and Mrs. Red Pepper, Richmond; Sea
Hawk and Captain Blood, Sabbatini,
The Blood Ship. Springer; The Hones
of Intrigue. Stringer.
_ . „ ■ ■■ „
l«d la »onarch Wa*taC » tar
way to Hactaaetlle after a .lay of
some duration with another daughter
at Coulee.
Monarch News
Miss Clara C. Chriatfoon, county su
perin tendent of schools, visited our
schools Wednesday and met with the
local board.
Mias Rita Camp returned home on
Fails where she
sprat several days / receiving dental
attention and visiting friends.
T. J. Vaughan Rhys, superintendent
of the Block P Mining company at,
Hng heevilte. waa a business visitor
here Tuesday.
Mrs. W. J. Mason was down
foe ranch Friday
Mrs. DnJker, who fo preparing to'
move into her new home recently pur
W. H. Tyler and which
has bam remodeled and r«fom.ah«l.
Rev. Father McHugh and H. WH
Un» wars dinner gumta at the Emmy
rompra fod (km a« for as Aroüngto«,
J- C.
Prod Danieiron and »00 B-Ü. Art
sad Karl Muller motored to
Grout Falla Friday, returning here on
whare she «kdted rsdatffow. ' M
( Cratim na d en Fhg^Fwnr)
Rod Lodge. March 28»-r-#Tances Kochevar, 8-year
old daughter of Mr. and Mr», frank Kochevar, who left
here about two months ago, lys written a letter to her
teacher here, Miss Loretta
clone which destroyed the
Frankfort, Illinois.
"The kids are crying aUaover, They cant find
their fathers and mothers,* i graphic phrase in child
ish handwriting tells some
the storm's wake. The lett
My dear Teacher:
"Before I write anything r
greeting March 18, 1925, ws had
It blew over 600 of houses «May. I was in school that
time. Our teacher said to gt the children to lay down
so they would not get hurt. f first report come 187 peo
ple dead and ova* 800 in the hospital sick. And they
missed a lot of people. They didn't find all of them.
My father was in. the mine at that time. And my moth
er wait to open the door and the wind opened the cellar
door and blew her in. After a few minutes she wait
up and she saw that there Was no more house.
'It hurt my unde on fek arm and cut his hand.
And my aunt she is in the hospital and my sister law,
she got her back tanked. She's going to die, too. There
came a hundred twenty nine regiment soldiers, lots of
Red Cross people. Salvation Army, lot* of doctors, and
nurses. From our family everybody is all right but
my mother la hurt a little oft her foot. And Mrs, Mle
kush she is very much hurt,
but I missed some words. Î
it. The first day they took us to the Christian church.
And now lives five famiUef in one house. Tell to all
the children about it.
"I have lots of thi
any more. I am sorry
over. They can't find their fathers and mothers.
Jatussi, concerning the cy- '
KflBkevar home at West
ing of the misery left In
follows ;
more I send you nice
1 a big storm—cyclone.
My letter isn't very new
think you can understand
I you yet. I can't write
The kids are crying all
Good-by dear teacher,
%, f
^ trict No. 29 will be bald on Saturday
afternoon between the hoars of 12 m.
{ ^ 6 m The polling place is the
Base, ^ building
! _ _
4nd the Jud * M appointed by the
j board are B. F. McConkey, Will Marsh
and Rev. H. T. Stong. Tw« trustee»
are to be elected for a tom of three
; years and there are four condidates.
Messrs. Chas. H. provin and Fred
Burrows are candidates for re-elec
tion. H. E. Wood and 8 . A. Raming
ton have atoo been placed In nomine
Qn Monday « crew from the Falls
installed a new metal ceiling in the
Black Diamond cafe. The appearance
of the dining room fo greatly im
Mrs. Winston, of the staff of the
Black Diamond cafe, was quite ill last
week but fo now convalescent. ■
Otto Koekela waa in town Monday
H. tank» that ta Willow Craak
rota «. pretty tai ]
—aek end rtatia, la Balt
Mrs. Maude Appleyard visited her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Morrow, over
Saturday and Sunday.
The school election for School Dls
Montana Industrial-Review
ujggoULA_Chicago, Milwaukee
^ gt ,^-j 40 -mik
branch np Blackfoot valley, to reach
heavy timber belt
j to open at old Klein coal mine; will
drain tile for Yellowstone .rrl
Brick and tile plant
gatten projects
TROY — Groat Northern railway
begfos work en 18-etall roundhouse,
brick power house sad other terminal
FORSYTH — Certemlte irrigation
project to Rosebud county plan» $360,
for fositdteg construe
H EI «EN A — CBbtefor Park to re
erive $416399 federal foods for road*
and $4X300 for other jm*atjvera«nu
000 bond
during 1926 and 1936.
Sunday night thieves broke into the
Jaap oil house and decamped with a
five-gallon can of coal oil They also
got into the Merkle Mine blacksmith
shop, but so far nothing has been
miaaed. In both cases foe pad leeks]
Attorney Earl Wineman of Stan
ford spent Monday night in town. A*
a member of the grand lodge be vis
ited the local lodge of Knights of
Pythias and made a very interesting
and instructive address. The K. P.'s
not present missed something. On
that evening Earl and David Nim
mo ns. Ben McCoy and Carl Berg ro
ceived their third degree,
The month** old babe of Mr. and
Mrs. Mike Voytoaki of French Coulee
died Sunday night of convulsions,
The wife of Walter HÜ1 waa oper
ated on at the hospital last week. She
la nuoarlw rapidly.
Mr«. J. A. Holey » home afta tar
01 «oniana. ,
Ted and Roy Porter were in town
on business Tuesday.
wans cut off
Mra. Clara Zuhoski Moretlo fo bom*
from Wyoming and to the proud
mother of the "cutest baby."
GREAT FALLS — First unit of]
$106300 First Baptist church to be
TROT — Sand point Lumber com
pany's mill starts operation, employ
ing 200 men.
built fois year.
SHELBY — Thirteenth producing
well brought in on Thoms* Anderson
base, with estimated yield of 100 bar
rate of oiL
Und office re
P«fo federal royalty of $10352 for
Jasumry oil learn» in Cat Creek o«
QMBAT FALLS — Mountain Stetes
company contract« for new brick tel
ephrae exchange.
«IS80ULA - Nearly all legging
camps to western Montana running at
mm N1
Carl Martin Skits
Over King's Hill
Marttesdale, Mardi 28.—Carl Mar
tin, a mining engineer employed et
the Silver Dyke at Neihart, had an
unusual and interesting trip on «kite
over King's hill to the Newlan Greek
ranger station last week. R. A. Mar
tin, father of Carl and manager of foe
Barr corporation, went by auto to
Newlan creak and there the Martins
spent the night at foe home of Mr,
and Mrs. Emory Wilson.
Mr. Martin says that although ho
had a nine-foot staff, it waa only oc
casionally that he could touch ground
through the enow. He reports foe
building» at the top of the hill entire
ly buried and that foe highway Is
merely s streak where foe time tape
are not so thick as elsewhere. He re
turned on Friday by way of Ot Felle.
- -
Charles Rice, a rancher near Rice
ville was found not guilty of a cruelty
to animals clmrge following a lengthy
Mm««*, was a.
Shields Tuesday afternoon.
The complaint against Bice accused
him of clubbing to death a two-year
old heifer belonging to Andrew An
tonich, « neighboring rancher, who
appeared S the oomplsfofog witoeaa.
.... g
that he and his brother ley behind
some rocks and watched Rise heat the
animal into a state of helplessness
a large pole.
Rice's testimony, substantiated by
several resident* of that vicinity, waa
directly contradictory to the Stories of
the Antonich brothers.
*""n- ta
T° T ^ T ** , „ ' ,T * t
font» at the time specified by the
: complaining witness. His alibi was
»«pported by other witnesses.
In dismissing Rice, Justice Shields
explained that evidence against Rice
was not strong enough tn foe face °*
defense testimony to warrant a con
viction. — Gt, Falls Tribune,
perintendent of schools, came from
Monareh Thurta, «ad nauinad till
MdM noon rWtia, the local ta Sll
'"aSL Star.' retatad T«»d.y
from a flyln. trip to Or«t Fta.
Burr j xyBO n returned Friday from
{oaT ^ y visit at the corn»
Craddock Ley »on returned to the
«« «a ««V » v- . ..
MILES CITY —- New bank bung
organised; may take over fixtures and
location of old Commercial National
Uteb-ldaho Su
gar company to build factory here if
enough beet acreage fo aasured.
Neihart News
Tony Faller returned home Satur
day from a abort trip to Great Falls.
Mies Clara C. Chris tison, county so
Big Seven Tuesday after a month'«
absence caused by the injury of his
while on duty at that place.
Mrs. L. Heath went into Ot. Pails
last Monday from where she left foe
following morning for Wisconsin to
visit a son and his family.
Bob ReiDey was a passenger to the
palls Tuesday. i
Mrs. Torgeson of Belt Park was at
the Sid O'Connor homo Monday.
Mr. Angrat was a butine»* visitor
in Great Pall* the early part of fois
Ray R. Porter returned Thursday
, ha , inflMI trip to Bynum. Mrs,
p ort4(r returned Saturday after a
four-day »toy with friend« to Great
Fails. J
Mn» Clären ce Collette was a pas
»enger to Great Falls Friday.
Carl and Annie Votkeshand spent a
Mr and Win. Charles Ettien vttmng
( Continued on Page Four) |
foe Cm.
Diversification fo Montana is
inf more and «tore attention. A turn
yeare ago Montana waa almost
known for any form product except
wheat, while now ehe is gaining at
tention in mid- w e s t ern market# for
the quality of her cattle, la foe
Sioux City Livestock Recorder
March, under the heeding "
Corn Feds," foe following article ap
"Corn fed cattle fro» Montanst A
few years ago a statement of the kind
would have been co nsider e d as a
Joke. It is teas than 15 years ago
that farming la Montana
talked in foe annual stockman'«
there is always some talk of grato
farming and stock
conventions, nek hi' «Ul
next month! in Great Fall*.
"It la not longer age than y este»
day that the Sioux City market had
corn fed Montons sattle on foe
ket And they came from away
in the far northern pert of the
too. Mr. Amos Kelly of Malta,
is in Phillip« county, «a fo* Otoe*
Northern railroad and about 90 atom
east of Havre, was her* with s strtoflr
0 f 42 head of œrs fed cattle
of the string sold at 816.00 per 1»»
dred-welght and the other half et
89.00, the average weight tea
mmrwrn mt
i- ... >-v
'{pounds, but one lot being much he»»
ter in finish than fo« other T had
these cattle on a com feed for «feral
six months,' remarked Mr. CsQp,
(Th# Record man at on*« asked kite
wh * r ?. *** ***
was Mr.. Kelly » reply. . 'Lari year we
»,«P 8 um vi&m m-mr
county. Peril of ft was Irrigated.- Sat
most ef fo v crop last year ws*
on dry land.
»hipp«! foe ftm
fryft d of
Mr. Ksife
fro« Malta,'
For 1924
Phillips county were 198 ear
We are teaming the
MM»« ta*. O— «•
' P-n »' »-<•"*- w. ta» . tar
bat we as*
1 diversified habit, and it
_ _ _
. -V n tmâAm a
I m « r k«t for oar com, wfateh fo a
up there and yes *01 bear of wen»
fo winning.
way from grate markets, and f get
a price for my cattle that 1 «
j double what I could have got teat «aß
^ .hipping them off the gram. Pin
fof |fenlMM| *„d divwift*
farming,' remarked Mr. Kelly, oa be
waa departing for bis bo»«."
Miss Laura Spogen of-foe
schools has been granted a life diplo
ma to teach in the Montana seboote.
based upon a diploma from the ad
vanced course of the Dillon Normal
and foe requisite number of years of
teaching thereafter.
Miss Edna Lindsay and Mr. and
Mrs. Monte McCarthy and young chil
dren of Hayneaford drove down yes
terday on a business errand
Ed Landry and Jo*. Level! le plant
ed box elders In foe parking in fraud
of their residence» Tuesday. The
trees wer e obtained ou Lower Belt.
J, E. Healey. J. P. Healey and
W. C. Blomquist are considera
bly puffed up this week because
of the fact that foe Saturday
Evening Post, to illustrating on
article by James Corbett, has
used a picture of the Dempray
training camp near Groat Falla.
The casual observer of the Il
lustration would not dream that
three of our fellow-townsmen
were fou» hl«My honored, but
such fo the cam, and if fom
don't believe it you can look at
the picture yourself
No prim fo offered for foe
correct rotation of the
hut we are told foot ft fo ne
of foe
crosswords In The Timm. Now
ff J. p. and W C. «fo had «
baby to the bourn, fo Ear: , |
baa. what more could tjiay a»*
of the fatest
more difficult fora

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