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»-f. tu« j£
TÇ5Î V ' r "Î

Sviî- 1
h Belt
»OctoU, 22, 1*36.
32. Number 19.
r t"'
» stock lAisae
H»t of Caaoads
term boy» end girl. will be
next «pria* in raising
Lions Ctoh. it
by the to
dorions Girl," s musical comedy
Proceeds from "The Cameo Girt,**
pr ese n ted by the Lions last
at the recent Boys' and Girls Farm
club fair held here, and alee in main
itaning Camp Ktonikinnie, a summer
place for children at Loggh« creek.
While the mountain camp will be op
erated again next summer, Herbert
M. Peat, president of the Lions say»
the directors believe mors good can
girls by furnishing with pure br ed
stock to raise, than by giving cash
Though the details of the plan of
financing the youthful farmen in
buying poultry and pigs will be left
to a committee composed of Lion By
ron DeForest and County Agent R
E. Cameron, it is contemplated by the
directors that purebred stock will be
- furnished boys and girls on agree
ment that a part of the increase will
be turned back to the Lion directors
at the end of the first year. This,
to turn, will be famished to other
boy* and girls on the same arrange
It is expected that, in this man
ner, the Lions will be able to greatly
, Improve the strain of poultry and
swine in the county and do it
quickly than by offering cash pre
miums at the annual fair. The phut
has worked successfully in
counties, particularly in Hill and
(Great Fall* Tribune)
Frank Rbavley, foi-lpr Belt boy,
has returned to Great Falls and open
ed the Seaviey Drug Store at No.
6th Street North. Formerly he op
t rated the same place hut for the
past seven or eight years has beet
running e drug store in Ryegate,
Montana, where he has bean very sue
Charlie Hendrickson of Little Belt
was in town yesterday.
Cooke City—Glenngarry Company
strikes rich ore, five feet said to run
from $176 to $540 a ton.
Rod Lodge—Ons froid of oats yield
ed 102 6-« bushels per sera.
Roy J- Reynolds of Great Fall* ar
rived Friday ter a visit at the home
«f his uncle and sunt, Mr. and Mrs
Frank Savage has left for the west
In an endeavor to get a location for
the winter.
J. 8. Jones was in Great Falls Tues
Mrs. A. C. Taylor returned home
Wednesday evening from a pleasant
visit with her brother and family in
Great Falls.
Mr. Oknbo returned Wednesday
from a short business trip into the
Burr Lunsford was a passenger to
Great Falls Friday.
Bay R. Porter has had as his guest
his younger brother who intends do
ing a Httie hunting.
Deer season opened Thursday and
it found a number in the hills early
that day. Art Walker and Elton
were among the first successful ones.
Charlie Swanson also bagged a fine
young specimen.. Boy J. Reynolds
of Great Falk arrived Friday for »
visit with uncle and aunt, Mr. and
Mrs. Dan Lenny. Mr Reynolds also
hopes to take bom* a piece of veni
Ed Rbuahar, deputy game warden
of the
Lillian Smith celebrated her fifth
birthday at her home Sunday
had to a tew Httie friends to help
her enjoy a beautiful pink birthday
More snow has fallen thus ter to
October than cab be remembered ter
- pm,™ " s
years. Bob sleds, sleigh belts
^ ilelghiiig parti«« arer
te convince me that wi«.
ter ha« actimflp arrived.
to be
ts corrected Paul Zands was found
not to have been in Montane the re
ed yean. Theee
organised by Sec. J. & Reed of toe
Americanisation bureau.
Ask Land Sale
To Softie Note
Lola Discher Friday filed suit to
district court to
on 840 acres
of land and to wrra st error to
original mortgage,
been given to
executed April 10, 1017 by Joeeph O
Irwin, the defendant to the action.
The complaint sets out that Irwin
... IMW to Ok B U»
»«tend rf the pktatttf .nd Utot
entered into to. «to.rn.nt to,
p.^.« the debt in »1000. BdK» «d
»S.OdO in.tolto.enu rfvi« hi. neta.|
for the respective amounts.
Mr. Pederson died February 27,
1918, the complaint cite* and by vir
tue of hi* will and subsequent assign
merits, Mr*. Discher is entitled to
the amount due from Irwin.
The complaint adds that by "mis
take and inadvertance" the murt
$8,000 to notee.
gage given to secure the notes was
made to describe the lend as the "ett
ncVi, swi4 ne!4 and swK section 8,
township 17, range l, east," instead
of the eft ne)4 nrh ne(4 and ee%.
sad that the toad be sold to satisfy
It asks that the correction be made
the notes with accrued interest
court coats.
Sheep. Arrive (little 6s
Te Eastern Markets
Seventeen can of tet stock left the
stockyards at Armington, Tuesday,
consigned to the Chicago market
Among the shippers were Boy John
son, W|alter Sheldon, Oscar Jonker
roeiter and Wm. McCafterty The
quality of the stock shipped was
good this last shipment being more
mature and more solid to flesh than
earlier shipments. A train load of
sheep belonging to the J. B. Long
Co. was unloaded at the stockyards
and part of these were trailed to the
Sand Coulee ranch of that onnpaay
and part driven to the Box Elder
ranch for wintering. Theee
cars were immediately loaded with
Mrs. O. H. Johnson entertained the
Ladies Aid at the home of Mrs. Mil
lard Wednesday afternoon. The after
noon was spent doing needle work for
their baxsar. At the close of the af-1
lemoon »ppettziing and aatisfying re i
fresh ment* were served. The Ladies
Aid will meet next with Mrs. Jen
nings in November.
C- W. May 1s making a business
trip in this section
Fors From Arctic
Last week Edgar flay of Arming
ton was in town showing his many
friends some of the furs that be
brought out of the ter north. Many
of these he had made into neck-pieces
but man/ were to the rough state
just as they had
tanned. He
had some beautiful pieces of red and
Otter, muskrat, beaver
and mink. One of the most interest
ing things which be bad was an Es
quimaux parka which he left with Cal
teamurd for several days. The parka
was ef the type worn by the natives
when fishing through the ice. He
called it a swallow-tailed parka. The
skto was caribou. The head of the
animal formed the hood. The sewing
m neat, not a bit of thread being
used, sinew being used instead. Tm I
layer* of skto made up the parka,
the outer with the harr
had the'hair tor»
;«dc white the
, .
toward the body,
I-«*«* »«1 probably Join them wbar f -.
to the Axtk circle. ;
H. C Nebel wed sou 1
bright and A J.
a trip to G®»*
Fall* Monday for repaire
Mrs. Lae Hall and infant sen »►
turned Saturday from Grant Fail* to
Leonard King and Marvin Huffman
the weather permits.
their home at Hughes ville
were busy several day» last
hauling grain.
Pete Oriet and brother Frank after
time st the Orta*
ranch returned to Grant Falla Safe
Meino Maa drove the Barker
Thursday while Mead took a day off
to go
F. F. Davis and Orlando McMiSlaft
this tor cu their return to the Pip a »
Fife. Re is just
... . .. _. .
his eattls from the mountain
upper Belt Park where they
, , „ . _, . „
" »"£.•*" T"**?
hei!?", 1 ** S"*"! "f
1 "' " ""t' '"îï **
"tl 1 '
H «*" WiUdM *>*"
summer. Some of this herd is bring
driven to the Van Henderliter ranch.
Mr. and Mr». J. B Johnson
Ties of Famfly sad Domicile K eep
Residents Vitally interested to Gem
Make Good Citizens
Home is where the (mart is." is"»
definition largely tinged with senti«
ment, but it is none the less true.
Many a resident of Belt bean
strung affection for this community
because for him ft hafeftr ail top*
dear to him. He is resolved pat he
will leave nothing undone that tn«y
make Belt a better town, eo that
his home and those who are in ft- may
be surrounded by all the loving care
that he can bestow on them.
On the other hand, the men Who
is a wanderer is without abiding in
terest in any town. Nothing holds
him to this or that place, and it is of
little consequence to him whether he
resides here or at the next place.
The ties of home are stronger than
any material ties,
a name, like "country," bat any
husband and father wfl pour out his
last drop of Mood in fighting for
either. Never was s greater truth
propounded than when the poet wrote
"Be it ever so humble.
There's no place like home."
You cannot translate it into terms
"Heme" is mere
money, for the meanest hut
breathe more the tens spirit of home
than the richest palace.
The Comforts of H
When you talk to a hard-headed
business man about such tangible
things as "love" and "patriotism" you
have to "show him." Mere words do
matter of separating him from his
who maintains s
home and does not negiert those to it
need hesitate about approaching such
credit in eases of necessity- Surpris
go very ter when it eo
to a
money, yet no
busbies* man for an extension ol
Football Game
Belt vs. Gt. Falls Seconds
Saturday , Oct. 24
it the èv
! jfc* Itw
; liœrwtoy i
tihnr« à« rleited
® iu,r > vm*»
rhea «»4 »port* him to be looking
al Fort
fa* He was acaompaniad from Grant
.f*® 1 ^*** ^ *** Tboree*
***" We wife and ra
|ér at Grant Falla.
John Senden, Jim Edwards and
TSio* Leibetrau composed a party up
4» the saw mill fuiefa country on a
dear hunting trip.
Mrs. Ellen Thomas and grandson
lehr. Thomas returned to their home
on the Boulais ranch in Beh
Riss Catherine Tenu y went to
'Rut Falls last week where she will
vhm friends and relative*
telfc ""«
Kalispel!—Dairy farmers organise
(hr Testing Asso ci a ti on.
IsHa—Bee culture has paid so
I that many farmer* wilt toy it
In next year. *
Bozomaa—State board opens bid*
Oktober 88, for $140,000 State college
targe sums are advanced on
amount of tangible security
g man building a home because such
ê man is a good "moral hasard."
The men who own their homes sre
the backbone of such s community
They must own them,
because the business of renting habl
•» Balti
» [tâtions to others, which has bee»
largely developed in big cities, has
not spread to communities Uu
sen is the bulwark of the nation. The
nattons of Europe to which Bolshe
vism is tumble to make any headway
are those in which the people own
their own homes, while the ones
which its ravages are greatest are
thoaa where throughout the paar
has been impossible ter them to sc
quire even ao tittle property as this.
The scourge, therefore, has had little
menace for the United States because
so many people can own their own
homes, or if they do not own them,
they know they can any time they
wan* to, and nothing is to bs gained
through violence on others to the poe
Home Cernas natty Rest
No man without coercion establishes
s home in any land except the one be
»tool. Those who are transients
our land, live and rant, and return to
amassed what to them represents «
fortuna. They are a negligible ale
considers the best on God's groan foot
their native land when they have
ment when it comes to good eitisen
shtp. And he who to turn selects
Beit of all the communities to
this country, mm his home, and he does
so because be believes it is the best
among all those communities, or he
would not stay here.
(Continued on Page Four)
Whiteftoh—Western Fruit Expw
SteHqr-14 mup i rt i to s ta an*
week bring number of oil
| Bowdoln—Grant Non
jbuUd Muck pen» here.
Shalhf^-d A John*
armr will
A Oo . aak
state lease tor land, to bsdid oil m
Helena—Cat crank district produc
ed 105,301 barrais of oil in A
Chinook—Turkey g r o we rs will pdol
salas on several carloads of holiday
K of P's Enjoy
Social Session
The social evening given by the
Knights of Pythias for members of
out s good crowd. The early part
of the evening was spent playing
"500." 8am Wilson wo« head prise
for the man while Will Brodle was
alone to his class and received the
basement badge. Genevieve Reming
ton carried home the ladies hsad prise
and Miss Rice the booby prise
Lunch was served eafeteri« style
immediately playing
and occupied the attention of the
hungry for half on hour. Than danc
ing began and lasted for two home
during which time a circle two-etep
brought the crowd together to a halt
hour of fun and frolic.
The music was famished by Miss
Beaudry and Mr. Waldo, the latter
being prevailed upon to take the place
of the pianist who found the roods
too bad.
The committee consisting of Ernest
Siegling, A. L. Winston and B- 8.
Heron are to be oomplemented upon
the success of their party which
brought out nearly a hundred people.
I. C. V. P. A. Committee
Have Meeting n Fills
All the members of the executive
of the Belt Creek Valley Protective
Association, Tuesday evening at 6
o'clock when they met in the office
of the president, W. R. Strain, in
Great Falls. This was the first meet
ing of the committee since the receipt
of Attorney General Foote's agne
ment to take op the ease of the asoo
elation to the name of tee state.
It was the decision of the commit
tee that no time should be kwt in pra
paring the complaint and starting
Ways and means of raising money
ter the purpose of defraying expenses
tojof a protracted trial wen discussed,
Oscar English was selected by tea
committee to have charge of the fr
nsncisl campaign in Great Falla
Other methods of securing money in
the affected district were decided up
After dinner the committee met
again to thresh over matters not yet
Ffaial arrangements and plans are
contingent upon several things. When
these matters shall have been invasti
gated, publication will be mad* of the
program as outlined by the executive
Grade Surveyed
Surveyors have been at work on
the hill east of town for severs) day*
! thls week staking out • grade which
will eliminate much of the hard pull
in getting out of the city. The grade
taken leaves the present road pan
way up the first pitch and keeps low
down on the edge of the MIL A
five per cent grade will lead angling
across the Cakme field to an inter
section with the present road. Thor»
is no question about the improvement
of the new survey over the old. The
Calone interest* are reasonable ii.
their requirements for the privilege t
of crowing their field. The problem.
confronting the city is how to finance
the project. The city council will
doubtless offer a reward for a faaa
ibie plan of doing this.
. ' _ ... —
Chinook—Parmer» ""report
■ i
profit in raising »mall flocks of sheep
■Butte— Important new copper vein»
found to many jSppgrtte» in Butte
■ "*•&&&£ *"
ms oowa
to break the wfl «C toe

ts t ini. Mm
vanatx, administrator of «te
in a formal answer to probate
Saturday charges toe termer
panting from Mr. Gibbons, and «ate
oat that if her daim to a dower to»
of adultery.
Gibbons, a mine foreman, was MB
led by a toll of rock at Sand
Margaret Phillips, a daughter,
Joseph C Gibbons, a mm, and
Gibbons, a
tog close to I4.9M, to the
In the will.
Later, h owe v er , the appeared
vs. Miles Rferanets. a d mini strator et
the estate of
garst Phillips, Joseph Q, Gibbons
John Gibbons a minor.
In the complaint she set out
she was the lawful wedded wife ft
her dower Interest to
The reply, filed to probate
Saturday, sets out that Gibbons
tiie plaintiff lived together as
and wife to Colorado, but when ha
came to Montan« she refused to |ate
him, and that 7 „ ,
induce her to come to $e Traamwe
state were unavailing.
November 17, IMS, the
charges, die married J. W. Makkhi te
Colorado, and that they lived
t efforts te
until March 8, 1*07, when she ifetafes
ed a divorce from Makin. During
time three children weft bom to
couple, the answer alleges.
Later she is «Begad to have
the »nearer she is
Fort Benton—Door tenet will rates
100 acres sugar beete for 1*8«.
Marti nsdal*—Stockmen have mM
(at steers up to «11 A0 per hundred
Victor—OW Curlew saine, idle ter
80 yean because its ores eoetahtad
rich sine, to be reopened with «6,00*
tons ora on dump and mock ora te
State forestew department has sold
$190,88« in timber, to past two
Butte--Copper glance and
ore found below 8200 level of
sylvan is mins
Raymsfortf News
Mr. and Mrs. Chesbro arr i ved
Monday after a week's outing to the
Libby country hunting deer. But a»
the story runs no snow but iota ef
Mr and Mrs. Wm. Tiemeyer and
Russel and Bill Brooks left for Bart
land Tuesday.
Word has been received by rela
tives of Blanch la voie that she
married July 81 to Dave Williams of
Denver, Colorado. Blanche has bean
making her home there for the hurt
two years. Joe and Esther La rote
also live there.
Mrs. Wm. Watkins and daughter
Violet spent a few days in Grant
Falls last week haring dental work
Mrs. J. W. Ooff Jr. is at present
st Geyser keeping house ter her sis
ter* and brothers while they go to
Great Falls
The Raynesford Orchestra famisb
*** mujric for the dance at Stanford
program and basket soeial at ebe
Blythe school Friday the 23rd.
Lewis Rorkey of the Kibhey vient.
U r wm » 1« town Tuesday getting a
• u PPl> f of groceries,
H3n ** n and Stow Colarctoo
business visitor* to Belt Mom
d*y- 'JSmS
Mae Bloom has left her position at
the Kennedy Mercantile and gone t*
Miss E. Antonsen is planning on a
Ambrose Va »key returned Sateur-'
day from Great Falls having Ufern»
in a few more household goods for
his mother,
Charles Fish, Henry Vaskov, Jra
and Emil Çotorchie toft T«p#d*y for
» »ever»! day* feunttog trip to

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