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Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets, you are not
getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin prescribed by physi
cians and proved safe by millions over 25 years for
Colds Headache Neuritis
Pain Neuralgia j Toothache
Accept only " Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer"
Also bottles of 1
*4 and 100—Druggists.
rtleaeMwur «f SstWxlWxW
A man doesn't mind being abused
because of his great wealth.
Time may be money, but some men
spend a lot of money In trying to have
a good time.
Gy f
5 r*
¥Vj #7 .yj jK / MOTHER:- Plctcher'g
wy Castoria is a pleasant, harm
/ less Substitute for Castor OH,
Paregoric, Teething Drops
and Soothing Syrups, espe
cially prepared for Infants in arms nnd Children all
To avoid imit a tion« , always look for the signature of
Proven directions on each package. Physicians e v er y wh ere recommend ft
Home men put the smallest apples
at the top of the barrel—also the no
tice. "Open the other end."
It doesn't pay to have too many
Irons in the Are, unless you happen to
be in the laundry business.
Srdtm tm.f. A A Ldiu&g, Ukh,
Power, Quality,
Paies« t jf. a k l wig. Met
. . un
lOADSm . .

TOB&mO .
covnm .
court . .
pTi/ 5
a|o We« 57 th Street, New York
Mènerai Sates Dqx.—1S19 Broadway, New York
Beatm ami farrier ftattmu tknegiaet the XJmtted ftmtet
Cassia ami Harem
There are people who actually be
lieve that their troubles Interest
The man whose bluff is not some
times called never existed.
So long as the majority of people
are not envious, there will never be a
social revolution.
Job may have had patience, but be
waa quite talkative about It, wasn't
te Hoard's rutenpsm
POUR fa tkaakfal people, oame
V« Iràe the mq of H arv est . H orae I
' ste m hegte:
lobe mpp&edi
Comm to Qad't
s goers owe Ibid,
praise to field«
Qraut O heirate Laid Ihte
ipagnn hot
For the Lord
Flues his JMdt shell
All that doth ogas
Ohm Us engste dten
la lhe (tes* lha taras to oast,
bat the frakfal
Is His gamer
Qod shell coma,
kw htfMMÉ Immmi
thet deç,
te late
tain ths aooQ of H a r v est H ome!
" Wl ■■ ■ ■ , 1 1
Frso from «across fra* from tea*
m m ia -*
» join**»«? jp«rs|*wG, :
God's gamer to abide;
Say It With
H. Louis
ticularly lonesome day fbr a
man to land In a sträng«
city after several years
overseas. At any rate, Dick
Ormaby thought so aa be
stood on the dock surrounded by Joa
tllng baggage tracks with the words of
a poem he had read somewhere riot
ing In hla ears. "Hla war—hla war
la out of date."
Not that Dick wanted a band to
meet him nor a parade down the Ave
nue. He merely wished that In the
whole of big New York there was a
man, woman, child, or even a dog
who waa glad he bad come home. Hla
only relative, an aunt, had died dur
ing hla absence. His pals In the army
bad long since returned and were
scattered to their homes and occupa
tions. Between him and hla associates
In tbs French hospital the ocean now
Intervened. Yea. he was singularly
alone In the world.
He had said as mnch yesterday to
the assistant purser as they had stood
at the rail. The purser, a friendly
young fellow going back with the
steamer, bad recommended a boarding
place and had secretly pitted so good
looking a chap with no one to welcome
Thanksgiving I Dick drew a lugu
brious sigh and stooped for hla bag.
Aa be did so be felt a light touch
on hla arm and turned quickly. There
stood a very slender slip of a girl
whose eye»—deep blue and remarkably
trusting—were lifted hopefully to hla.
She was no one be recalled seeing
Yee, He Was Singularly Alan# In the
on too boat, but that signified noth
ing, aa be had kept very much to
Paxslod, be watched her open her
pocket book, take out a bit of paper
and hand it to him. Still more pax
sled, h e raw that It bore only an ad
dress—8TS2 Eastern avenue, Wflta
He knew Wlltsboro as a small resi
dential town about thirty minutes' ran
out from the city.
"You don't kaow bow to get there?"
he asked courteously.
Site smiled, then shrugged her
Dick fait relieved.
French, pre
— voua —
routes—" be began rapidly.
But still she smiled tbe same un
Dick wrinkled tea brow. Trauteln,
Ich tea—* Be raw no response to
with an Idea, be pointed to
paper, dira te the girt, then vague
into the «stance. Ah—that brought
results! She nodded quickly and slid
arm through bis There was no
mtetofctag Ik« fact that aba «anted tea
(utesoce te WUiteboc
Tlie trip »er nee te* city, the brief
«ait ta th« station, the half hswr am
the suburban express was wit boat lad
«tent, beyond a brief conflict when the
girt insisted on paying her elevated
and train fate, silently, to be rare, bat
none the Iras successfully. Dick bought
her a magasine, bat she seemed cob
test to sit and watch the flying land
■cape, while he himself pondered the
strangeness of-the situation and stole
surreptitious glances at her sweet pro
file and a carl of chestnut hair which
had escape d her veil. AU too quickly
he felt they would reach her destina
tion and she would vanish completely
from hla ken.
Arrived at the station, she all bnt
ran down the platfbnta. seeming anx
ious to avoid a meeting with anybody.
Brushing aside a taxi did tot she-swung
down the main street, then, at an inter
section of road% tamed up for ^ block
two, and stopped before g flöge old
fashioned hoose bant In the day* when
large families were popular and fuel
was cheaper.
Bren as she shook the doorknob
Dick heard voices and laughter and
even fancied that be could detect a
delectable aroma like a turkey— cran
berry—mince pie.
Then the door was flung wide, and
for a moment Dick was overwhelmed
with an excited babble of voices raised
In Joyous greeting, and all but caught
In many embracing arma Then be
awoke to a strange miracle.
"Yes, mother. This la Richard Orroa
by—tba Richard Ormaby I wrote you
about from Neullly before I left to visit
the Lanea Tv# brought him home ter
Thanksgiving !*♦ The speaker was
Dick's silent companion of the last
few hours.
That she could likewise hear as well
as talk he discovered later—when the
Jolly dinner was a thing of memory
only and the low settle before the fire
held only himself and Bala.
"Why didn't you let me know you
were a friend of the Lanes while yon
were at the hogplul?'' he was asking
"Let you know I Why, at the hoc
pliai you never noticed a nurse un
less she actually worked with you,
which I never did. Then I left ter a
trip with the Lanes, and didn't see you
until the day before we landed, when
happened to overhear you tell the
purser your lonely condition. I knew
you wouldn't accept an invitation
given apparently on the spur of the
moment, when even my own family
Arriving, Sha All bite Ran Down th#
weren't expecting me, so I cooked up
a»y little schema—and It worked P
She looked over at him so appealing
ly that Dick suddenly rose, thrust hta
hands in hla pockets and stood look
ing solemnly down at her.
Tve got to start In practicing some
where, haven't It Weil, I'm going to
start here In Wlltsboro. And 1'r* got
»» marry some day, haven't IT Wall.
I'm going to marry—*' be paused,
aware of hla extreme daring.
"Yes?" «id Kola demurely. *T be
lieve there are several girls In Wilt»
boro—and none of them deaf or
dumb 1"
lg Mil, MsClar« ttawspeper araaieei«.)
Brother Higbee's View
of De Projeclcm' Son
Now te da very time ter de Pto
Jeckln' Son to con»# on home, ter dey
has don» traded de fatted calf for de
thankaglvln' turkey, tblnkln* that
taebbe veal don't set right with him
ao mo', an' be mug' be good an' tired
o' da «If business ever' time be com«
heme to fill up. De las' time de Pro
jeckte' Son come back, he sold to de
of man: "Dad, I baa come home to
die." But bis daddy said: "Son, don't
spring that tale on me. no mo'. IPa
too oi' an' Preble. You bos come home
to eat, an' well you knows It!" An*
ho never would 'a' drawed off from
dat table ef de oT man hadn't give
him a ae-gar on' toT him it wax time
to smoke t Lord help de turkey ef dat
Pro Jock In' Sod bits de borna road in
thaa ter Thankaglvla'r
Duck — Ora
clous but yev're
_ i
rvft bftftn taking
anti-fat for the
last six months.
»né th« f»rm»r
Seen even na
1 hankagiving
We oxght to make the momenta nota*
Of happy, glad thanhasivtag;
The hours and days a silent praise
Of Mosie we are Itvtag.
—KUa Wheeler Wiieox.
Page Sews»
it pepitel tf Asm
ill <*V Myterien.
"And to think t was poisoning
my own Babyt*
**T couldn't aw why he didn't
gain. 1 never dreamed that
my constipation waa re
sponsible until the doctor
told me.
"He explained that faulty or
•low elimination of waste
matter allowed poisons to
form and be absorbed by
the blood—and thia meant
tainted milk for baby.
"He prescribed the Najol
treatment and it made a
world of difference to both
of os. Now that I know
how dangerous constipation
is and how easily it can be
prevented, I am never going
to allow myself to get into
that bad condition again.*
Mothers srs tbs bast
(modi of Najol.
When promos osw
they sssk th* remedy
thst medics! author

Waa approve bee* ass it it so mH,
yes tie sad naturel Hi its action.
Ooostlpstioa la dangerous ter
* Il y body. Nujol is sate ter ewy
body. It doss sot affect the
Najol simply makes op ter s do
ôciency —temporary or durais—
te the supply of natural lubrieaat
tion, without overtaxias the
MtaflÉteu 'jMHBlMs
Nujol «sa be taken lor say
length of Urns without U1 «fleets.
To Insure internal claanlinaaa, IS
should be taken regularly la
eordanee with the direction«
each bottle. Unlike laxatives. It
bo discontinued at any time.
Ask your druggist for
Nujol today and begin
to enjoy the
health thst is poss ib le
only when élimina tton
t* normal and regular.
For Comtipmtio*
How to Quickly Limber Up
Sore, Stiff, Swollen Joints
It was a high-class pharmacist who
saw prescription after prescription
fall to help hundreds of hla customers
to get rid of rheumatic swellings and
stiff, inflamed, pain-tortured Joints.
And It was this same man who as
serted that a remedy could and would
be compounded that would make
creaky, swollen, tormented Joints work
with Just a* much smoothness as they
ever did.
Now, this prescription, rlghtlynamed
Joint-Ease, after being tested success
fully on many obstinate cases. Is of
fered through progressive pharmacists
to millions of people who suffer from
ailing Joints that need Umbering up.
Swollen, twlngy, inflamed, stiff, pain
tortured Joints are usually caused by
rheumatism, but whatever the cause,
Joint-Ease soaks straight in through
A Bad Thing
L. F. Lore«, the railroad magnate,
•aid at a dinner In New York :
"It's a bad thing for a business when
It ia taken over by some Wall street
financier who doesn't understand It
For Instance ;
"A bank In Wall street had to take
over a ranch not long ago because toe
rancher bad failed, and the other day
the ranch manager wired to hla Wan
it reel boaaes;
** 'Lambing begins next week. If
drought continues will result te total
"Wail street wired back :
"'Postpone lambing till further or
dens.' "
The prices of cotton sad Qnaa have
bran doubled by to» war. Lengthen
their rarvica by using Bed Crow Ball
Blue te the laundry. All g roce r » A d
Czmctm at School
The school year In Cracboslovkia
comprises 280 days, according to the
schedule recently fixed by the ministry
of education. Sunday te tbe only day
of the week on which tbe schools are
"Are you willing to learn our busi
ness?" "I know It now. It's selling
ihdbck forât Ym Out?
Everr der flad yon aiiasrabie with
beckaeaa? Buffer sharp, subbing pates?
Peal lame *nd »tiff—always tired, asrv
Then look to your
Tour kidney« at« th* Wood
Perhaps they have failed to
properly rid the Mood of body poi
sons. Naturally, than, you suffer the
inionoo» effect* of this stow powonm*
Don't rite neglect I If your kidneys
need beh). useDoon'l FiO$. No other
kidney diuretic is so weil recommend«
nor so su e« « s tea l. Ask sow neighbor!
A Montana Casa
. . Mrs. 3. Bernrn
■aaflfjjB.- de». «II Second
• WCSf *t K Roundup,
r wiStW Moot., soys: Hr
«sdueye acted tr
rasnlarty and my
■ maF.mmam/St hack was «. s*m
a'" 5 »or« I could
>o«m» r r»f«ay ïbliï
on* and
B*ff °J
sever* head
I heard
: deal of
Ooan'e Pills and decufed
[- 1
CtieWM fi.ia.iteteteilUe
I skin and flesh right down to the te»
dons and ligaments of the joint»—right
i where all the trouble starts—and th«
blessed relief comas quickly,
, Remember, Joim-Eara is for all
menti of the Joints, whether In ante*
knee, hip, elbow, spine or finger, and
when you rub It on you may expect
speedy and gratifying résulta
It ia now on tale at druggists every,
where for flO cents a teflm- -
Always remember, when Joint Base
gets In Joint agony gets oat—quick.
Biggest Selling Joint
Remedy in the World
"I never bear any more wild stories
about Malate. "
"No, she married her press agent"
—Texas Ranger.
Good Bloo d ? Go od Looks?
Alexander, N. Dak. —"1 can highly
co mman d Dr. Pierce'» Golden Medical
Discovery as a
took *nd
* P i«)did
blood m
SOB hod a breaking
Ml tm Mi Imm Isi
summer, I gave
him the 'Golden
Medical Discovery'
and the so«« hais
also known of
taken the 'Dteoov
_great benefit si a blood ta
rühm and tonic and I do not hedtata
to recommend H a* a reliable medicine
to anyone who ha« impoverished blood
or b in I rundown »Ute of health. —
Mrs. C E. Donovan, R. F. D. 4.
AM dealers. Send 10c for trial pkg.
tablet« in TV Pierce Buffalo. N. Y.
§ quickly r*k*v«d sind dmmraê
away by a few ap pfc c éti ons et
miirrwi unfnrt
i Sms
Dealer la asiienltarel. alfalts and delrylna
farme la all else tracts, la tba Muscle aboals
district. Write (or prices
___ -W« msaataotare #*
claelT* iiaaerl« made of tbs « rara
1er Heron material. W« are
tc^loc « repräsentative te m
iILK LINOtHIS In yyw ett
we bave a very -
c£'*i^TÎk?b u* l sL
VO,, Iff WOftJB 7UI Key
«h» jo«.
Tal*» iknnfei »n<! other far-heerere from
without traps, »mo»«, water ar dtssia*. ia
t*c David Aaialata, Haneam. Kan.
- »
tm* 8»WgtSX%aTiTa

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