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Belt, Montana, November 26, 1925.
Volume 32- Number 24.

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(From the Montana State College)
Ruth the black and white oow own
ed by Jude Rubber of Belt, member
of the Cascade County Cow Testing
association, is the champion milk and
butter fat producer among the the
cow testing associations of Montana.
For several months this ttoltein h*.
. led the Cascade association and dur.
ing the month of September she ad
vanesd to a place at the top of the
entire state. During this month she
produced 2400 pounds of milk and
91.2 pounds of batter fat. The month
previ o us the grade Holstien "Lizzie
owned by Jans Jansma of the Yellow
stone association was first with a
production of 1788 pounds of milk and
88.8 pounds of batter fat.
Second {dace place for September
•went to "Sadie" another grade Hoi
stein owned by Mr. Jan*ms, with a
pounds of miikprodaction of 1748.4
pound* of milk and 78.9 pounds of
' butter fat.
The Yellowstone County associa
tion ha* the highest average milk
production to r September with 716
pounds of milk per cow. The Lake
County association was second with
average production of 876 pounds
per cow. First place in butter fat
Äl l S
pounds per cow.
In tlie large herd class. Mr. Jans
ma was the winner with an average
production per cow of 911.9 pound»
of milk and 38.67 pounds of butter
fat. Walter Peck of the Cascade as
variation was second with 750 pounds
of milk and 29.3 pounds of hotter fat
In the small herd class consisting of
herds of less than 15 cow* Mr. Rub
ber was first with * average prodoc
tion of 1182 pound* of milk and 50.2
pound* of butter fat per cow.
Senty of the Yellowstone association
was second with a record of 1091
pounds of milk and 36.8 pounds of
AH of the leading cows and herds
in the September monthly report are
purebred or grade Holstein* Miller,
a Jersey cow owned by V. H. Obling
er of Lake County association placed
third in induvidual butterfat prodoc
ïbe printer was responsible hr the
error in the price of Morraü» Sk mm* I
a* 22 A4 cent* per pound
butter fat.
than for the month
Hants in D. Colgan's advertiament last
week which
when H should have read 38 cent* per
J ^eishbuyssnelton
ranch known as the Dave Kemaghan
ranch on Arrow creek, which was
owned by Mrs. Wm. Skelton, to Frank
McLcish. The consideration, accord
Stanford, Nov. 21—Papers went
'record recently revealing an import
ant deal in ranch property near Gey.
ser. The transaction transferred the
> n 8 t0 **** WB * ' ..
The McLe.sh ranch is ^ons.dered
one of the best stock ranches in the
western part of the country, with
large amount of Irrigated hay land,
The addition of the Kemaghan prop
property adjoins the forest reserve
in the High wood mountains and with
irrigated hay Isind makes of it one ol
the largest stock ranches of Judith
erty lucre*«* the acreage held by Mi.
McLeish to nearly 4,000 acre*. The
Basin county.
Fred Anderson
- '
Fr«d Anderson, brother of Mrs. J.
8. Pearson and J. W Anderson Jr.
died recently at Roundup of bean
ed by all who had the pieaure of his
son, 13 year* a resident of this city;
a marine during the World's war and
a former pharmicist, was found dead
in his room at the Sayre house expir
ing, as it afterwards developed from
fatty degeneration of the heart.
Mr. Anderson had returned late
Roundup, Nov. 22—Fred K. Ander
Thursday night and did not rise Pri
day morning. Late in the afternoon
appeared to be peacefully sleeping
she did not disturb him. Saturday
morning she again looked in the room
finding Mr. Anderson still apparent
ly asleep. Saturday evening when ht
had not awakened she became alarm
ed and asked Mr. Mayer to speak to
An examination of the room by the
coroner showed that Mr. Anderson
had prepared for bed in hi* ostial mai
n er, placing trees in hi* shoes, cara
fully folding his clothe* and other
arranging his belonging, for thc
night. He ara* lying lightly on hi*
side, his muscles completely relaxe«
ard (WK . arni extended in a natural
Mrs. Sayre looked in the room but be
nositfcm It was apparent that death
had come painlessly while he slept
Tocfc# ^than&eêlvîng And%fimugi»out this bran# bnwl thnrfc
th° day of feasting and thankfuhn^s,
Ä-any arc prone to overlook the true significance of the occasion,
Ijoys and girls look forward to its joys and pleasures while older
heads though often ashamed to acknowledge their gratitude stih
re f urn their Maker their meed of thanks for health, happiness
and their share of prosperity.
To many, whose worldly affairs are none too prosperous, the
disappointment in financial matters beclouds the reasons for
thankfulness vet few there are to whom have not been vouchsafed
blessings sufficient to call for reverent acknowledgement.
The peace which in most parts of the world broods over the
earth making mothers safe in the possession of their sons. Reviv
ing industrial conditions which promise s period of great financial
prosperity. Fair crops at excellent market prices make for satis
faction and renewed hope
Of all these things we are mindful. The Belt Valley Times is
grateful for the generous support of its subscribers, for the pat
ronage of its advertisers, for the ability to assist in bringing about
improved conditions in the Belt Valley and for a moderately suc
cessful year, it is thankful for the fact that the best interest, as
the editor sees it, of the people who dwell in the valley of Bek
creek is its directing policy. May the new year bring added bless
ings to all of us.
Mr. and Mr*. Wlllison of Scobey
visited their granddaughter and her
husband, Mr. and Mr*. Herbert Mag
nu#on l*»t week and made the *c
^ )ni ntjn ^ p of j r newest great
^ daughter
— « -SM Hi. -W..
the Graybeal hospital last Tuesday.

Mrs. W. P. Pilgeram and daughter
of pi,^ Mont, are visiting Mrs.
Loui* Mitchell who is a sister of Mrs.
Pilgeram They will remain until af
ter the holidays,
~ — • Î*
ine*s trip to Belt Monday.
John Bumgarner of Great Falls and
Tîle Jo »<*iyn-McAlli.ter road «r
faciny outfit pompât«! their contract
on the Riceville-Monarch road on Sat
The bad weather of aarly fall de
layed them somewhat but considering
urday and on Monday pulled out
their next Job near Pendelton, Ore.
A large number of heavy trucks load
ed with other equipment passed
through Belt Monday morning.
This is one of the finest road outfits
seen in these parts. They were equip
ed with modem machinery and when
ever the weather was at all propitious
they made the gravel fly.
thi* they made excellent time.
They were steady customer* at
cal stores whose proprietor*
them a* A l trade. They were prompt
In meeting bills and their manager,
Mr. Webster made many friend»
local people while the truck
driver* were welcome and frequent
visitor* in Bek.
Bossy Is Shy
of Horns
A bunch of us from the Methodist
preacher to the Mayor of French
Coulee dehorned a cow for George w,
Ptuffel Monday morning.^_
A suspicious gang carrying * halt
er and some kind of a weapon hidden
in a gunny sack was the signal for
the curious to follow to the Red Me
Annelly bam.
; They heard a continued harangue
from the proprietor upon how gentk
the cow was and how shy as they
followed along.
Arrived at the barn the next thin*.
to get the beautifhl animal with
grey-bound into the
lines like a
While the inquisitive peeked around
the corner of the barn the cow edged
farther and farther away. George
explained to m that the cow wan shy,
very shy, and would not come while
we were around and picking up a
tour-yaar-old club he went down into
the pasture to drive hossie in. The
next we saw ' of George he had at
tamed to the top of the pasture fence
and was shaking hi* club in Bossie'«
face. Evidently she was not »hy st
that instant.
Not long after our popular dray
mcr appeared with another club and
r.t sight of him the Jersey turned and
fled straight to her stall.
Tho executioner in the person ot
Rumor» to the «Mad that the
ty had offered to build idle road
necting Orr Coulee to the intersectiau
of Lewis and Bridge streets for the
insignificant sum of $100 have boast
current about Beit for some
and the council have been btamed tm
their failure to accept this e x ceed
ingly generous offer.
The survey of the beet route haw
been cross-sectioned and the resuMs
lhaVB been received by Mayer
. Millard.
cloaely to
tlsr mmf _ __
lo-jfing bluff above Belt creek follow«**
the winding* of the creek ind riatag
^ a practically five per eM*
to Join the Orr Coulee road. It wffl
croa<l three coulees near their mouth*
and do little damage to any
of ^ fold. C ro»MKi. In fact the h»
cation of the road wifi he «dvauta*
eous to the owners of the land because
: it will cross only undesirable land aud
leaves pastures in one block.
. County Surveyor Lockhart sent oui
maps and estimates on all the work.
In order that the public might Jams
the facts the letter and estimate i*
-Lll .l-1
Great Falls, Mont. Nov. 7, 19X*.
To ^ Honorable Mayor and C»»
Belt Montana.
Gentlemen ;
The location and cross-section tm
th# prop0>ed road connecting LewW
Street with the Orr Coulee Road have
been completed You will see by the
encJo<ied OW nerehip plat and profile
^ ther< . are no „ harp curveR on this
road and the maximum grade Ss six
per cent (6 percent). If you deddk
to construct this road I will set the
and if you wish to let
# contnct for thc work I will be
glad to write thc specifications and
as» ist in any way I con.
gam Kreb , .ppoared, Bossie was tnas
carted home to make powder horn*»
it was raid, but what anyone HNÜf 1 :
Truly yours,
County Su: -eyor.
< Con. on last page)
and up and her boms fell with s "J
thump. They were picked of and
a powder horr when you ca«
trl:d g *ld rore pact lor a della? it?sir ■ ^
After the opération Bxwy
looked ut George a« if to say. à i
had got you fi*st. M

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