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Sale of the Dawaon-Merkle com
in the Kevin
pany*s 80-acre
Sunburst field to the Mid-Northern
OU company was completed Thurs
day morning, after several days
negotiations. *
The lease, which is described as
ne 9185-2 w, adjoins the Irving Baker
lease and has been drilled and de
veloped by the Mid-Northern company
since 1988,
ment with J. E. Dawson and G W.
an operating agree
Thursday's transaction transfers al)
the holdings of the local firm to the
Mid-Northern, which is the operating
brandi of the Midwest Refining com
pany of Gasper.
"We had offers from other sources
for the tease," said Mr. Dawson, one
of the members of the firm. "Inas
modi as the Mid-Northern company
had drilled and developed the field
and wanted the production, we felt
that the sale, with all other conditions
being equal, should be to this concern.
"We do not feel it to be a wise
move to disclose the actual sale
price," Mr. Dawson stated, "but I nev
er knew of an 80-acre tract to sell
for more and I will say that we are
well satisfied with the price we re
ceived. It is approximately the amount
we originally set on the lease."
Mr Dawson and Mr Morkla ha
came interested in the lease they
Thursday in 1922 and in September 22
of that year the first well wa7 brought
in on the property of the Mid North
.m. Si«* that tim, fiv, „th.r «11.
have been completed and at present
there are two rigs up. Drilling In
been produced on the property to date
this fall.
More than 200,000 barrels of oil ha*
been produced on the pdoperty to date
according to Mr. Dawson, and the
daily output is now about 200 barrels.
Dawaon and Merkle were among
the first local operators in the Kevin
S un burst field who obtained substan
tial production. L. C. Stevenson, head
of the Sunburst interests, was the
only local man, Mr. Dawson said, who
found oil west of Kevin before the
first Dawson-Merkle well was brought
in. The lease sold to the Mid-North
ern is the only one which was held
by the Dawaon-Merkle company, but
Mr. Dawson has other interest« in
the field.
Completion of the first Dawson
Merkle well waa one of the early de.
velopsnents which gave the Kevin
Sunburst field an important impetus.
Drilling on a comparatively large
scale on other tracts followed this
completion and the well always has
been regarded as one that figured in
* large way in expanding the develop
ment of the field.

John Vlaocan made a business trip
to Great Falls Monday. Miss Ada
Fish helped during his absence from
the atoxe. :
Mr. ood Mrs. Walter Cooper are
taking charge of Mrs. James Cooper's
The Embroidery club met at Mr*.
Bloom's Saturday. The next meeting
will be at Mrs. Roy Fish's. .
restaurant while Mr*. Cooper visited
at the lower ranch a few days.
Walter Fish and fomily are about
ready to move their household goods
, to Great Falls where they expect to
make their home in the future.
Rev. Snow held services at the
church Sunday.
Mra. John Oriet la visiting her
parents Mr. and Mra. Roy Fish this
Mrs. D -A. Peckham and children
visited Santa Claas in Great Falls
last week. ~
Mr. and Mra. Ole Anderson were
callers to Great Falk Fiday Ms.
Anderson having some dental work '
Nick Michels of Great Falls is here |
trying to install a few radio* in thl*
vicinity. j
W. A. FW» and son Uoyd wen
branding cattle Monday. '
__ Mrs. A. Owens «Xpert* to leave j
soon for Dovetail, Moetana to vialt
Mrs. Sanford for Usa winter.

Chester Smith of Neihart mas
business visitor here Saturday Bee
Stagnsiller, Robert Lova sad P
8party of Eden returned home Fri
day with two boll cahree
from Richardsop's herd of Herefords,
Fairchild, federal land appraiser
was here in interest of his work Fri
day and Saturday.
The lecture given by Rev. Leo Tot
ten Friday evening was well attended
and the Ladies Aid are to be,com
plimented on bringing sock a prom
inent speaker to ns. All enjoyed the
lecture after which a hutch was serv
ed. Rev. and Mrs. Totten
of Mr. and Mra. W JP. Pügeram until
Edgar Hay was a business visitor
in Great Palls over the week end.
Janet Phalen went to her home in
Warrick for the Christmas vacation.
Jack Martin of Great Falla
Belt a few hours Tuesday. On his re
turn Mrs. Thoa Thorson accompanied
him to visit her daughter Mrs. Martin,
Mrs. Leon McConkey and son ac
companied Leon to Great Falls Tues
day when he drove in after a truck
load of goods for the store.
Daughter ot Mat
Smereker Dies
Funeral services for Mrs. Frances
s^d'Urich. wife of Prank Urich, 2227
Ei * hth avenue north > who died in
Butte early Thursday morning, will be
heid at St- Ann's cathedral at 9 ». m.
S.Ä**. Th. bod, «Tivri 1„ Gr...
! Palls Thursday night and is at the
O'Conner chapel. Burial will be in
Calvary cemetery.
Mrs. Urich was a member of S. N
P. J. lodge, No. 202, of Great Falla
She is survived by Mr. Urich. a daogb
ter, Margaret Helen; a son, Frank.
all of Great Falls; her parents, Mr.
and Mrs Matt Smarker of Belt-three
sistera, Mrs. Louise Pike of Great
Falls and Mra. Mary Schwartz and
Miss Anna Smarker of Belt, and two
brothers, Frank and Antone, both of
(Great Falls Tribune)
♦ —-
♦♦♦ + ♦ + ♦♦♦ + + ♦ + + ♦♦♦

Hugh Seeeley of the Dyke was
business visitor to the Falla Friday.
Hr juid Mrs. C. H. Clemens were
transacting business in Great Falls
Saturday from their home at Jericho.
Mrs. H H. Draper and Mrs. T. A.
Grant were visiting and »hopping In
Great Falls Saturday.
Mrs. MacMillan of Great Falls
spent Wednesday and Thursday here
on business.
Mr. Wynegar of Armington waa
in Neihart Thursday and Friday with
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Petesch ana
children went to Geyser Saturday
night to spend Sunday with home
Mr. Porter took a car full of young
people to Geyser Saturday night to
attend the dance there.
Mra. Lincoln Heath was a passen
ger to Great Falls Friday where she
has gone to do some shopping.
Mra. Wm White has spent the p««t
ten days here with Mr. White who In
jured his knee and ankle while get
ting oat wood in the timber. Beau
ford came up Saturday and aided hu
father until Sunday evening when he
returned to Great Falla where he 1*
a «tudent in the High School. Beat,
| ford was accompanied by Frankie
and Lawrence Sand who now make
their home in Great Falla,
Mrs. Chas. MacGibbon returned
home Thursday following a two-da>
business trip into the Falls,
Mrs. Dickenson waa assisting In
|«be Drug »tote Friday and Saturday
during the absence of Mr. Angert,
Mr. and Mrs. Wta. Hatton were
other Silver Dyke Residents who
spent the latter part of the week
end at the county seat,
Mrs. A. C. Taylor went to Great
PaSs Wednesday where »be is doctor
ing and visiting her brother and fam
jily- _
David Tyfotfuw was to Groat Falk,
Thursday »«ending to bu» mra« af
The Coster school will five
All parents and friends die
cordially invited. The
the program to be given
seventh and eighth grades.
following is
by the sàth
1 Song—Little Town of Betbmp
8 Facts About Christmas—John
8 Is There Any Santa Cfaup
BiUie Browning.
4 Bessie's Christmas Hints—'Vtint
6 Song—Hark the Angels Sing.
6 Christmas Customs—Group**
7 girls.
7 Educating Grandma—Inn Gsa
8. Song—A 'Song the World is
Singing—12 boys and 12 girts. ]
9 Christmas Customs—Group of
•even girls.
10 Play—You Can Be Just |As
Lonesome on Broadway—Leo Znbfo ki
and Witter Hill.
* 11 Play—Spirit of Christina#—
Mr. John Chalmers— Jame« I
Emily, housekeeper.Virginia
Father Christmas_Francis
Spirit of Christmas. Helen
Mrs. James Brown.Elisebeth
Mr. James Brown Robert WilHi
Ragged Girt.
Elizebeth Robin*
Children—Elizebeth Robinson, Nd
Williamson, Earl Kennedy and Oo|
thy Coleman.
1*2 Drill—Holly—Eighth Grad*
Christmas Stocking—Walter
" P«ntomin—Silent Night-Ten |
° \
~ Daphne R^ngton.
« By WV«
The ,ollowin * » **• program of
lower grades and will follow the
above program.
Recitation—Greeting—Jessie Ken
nedy ' -
Recitation—A Little Boys Sgeash
ln Locb *
Recitation—Not Too Little to Help
~"* nez McConkey and James Marsh
Recitation—A Happy Child—Kenneth
Recitation—Green as Evergreen—
Frances Mearns.
Play—Christmas Night-Brace Bond
Mildred Kleffner and Bernard Bueh
Let Us get started folks and getf
out and help maintain a good high
school spirit. Come to our next bask
etball game and see what your high
school is doing . Your presence will
mean—well, it may help to win a
game, for they will know that some
one is backing them helping to sup
port the team. Unite with our stu
dent body and cheer the team along
through the game with a few roua
ing yells. You may say "Oh, I do not
understand the game, and it wouldn't
pay for me to go."
Attend a few of these games and
you will soon learn to take interest In
it, and also get your money's worth, •
at the same time you're giving yon» !
money to support the athletic fund,
which will buy equipment for the j
physical development of the students. J
Basket ball ia an important factor
in creating interest, and in stiring up!
a spirit of loyalty among the stu- j
dents for their school . A «uccea ful
basketball season would mean much
for our school. But such a season
can be realised only by a hearty sup
student body and town
port from the
opie. For t
dependent i
the success of the teas«
largely upon the support,
backing it.
claas »erie« wm started In
Thursday , The first game wm be
tween the Senior and Sophomor*
girls. This game was very intercut
ing. In the last thirty seconds of
play (he seniors were leading by oik
point. Than» were about twenty-*«.*
onds to go when the Sophomore girts|
Recitation—Merry Christmas—Mary
Recitation—A Small Stocking
Henry Atkinson.
Recitation—Merry Christmas—Ken
neth Culver. Mary Jane Jordan, Jes
sie Kennedy and Glenn Crocker,
Recltatien—Envy— John WiUlam
Recitation—The Longest D s y —
Catherine Robertson.
Recit ation—A Happy Fair—Ken
neth Culver am) Frances Meams.
Soar-Silent Night.
The Greatest Man—Donald Hammer
A Poor nan—Faye Noble.
Christmas Cookies—Isabel Saul.
Song—Jolty. Jolly Santa Claus.
If I were Sants Claus—Ralph Jaap.
The Usual Way—Rosalie Voytoski
and Bruce Culver.
Song—Merry Christmas.
Play—Unde Groneh—Louise John
son, Ralph Berg, Laura Kleffner ana
Thomas Armstrong.
Song—In a Lowly Manger.
Play—Santa's Volunteers—M ary
Adams, Eleanor Riley, Ruth Reming
ton, Vesta Robbins, James Browning,
Sam Williamson, Louis Karhi sn.l
Charles Simonis.
The Christmas Candies—Emma Vik
Christmas in Porto Rico—Jule
Pantomin^-The Old Dolls-Mac
Jenn ' n **; J""*®*"
r ""d Lenora Lord,
Mrs. Santa Claus-Glady. Krebs,
Dl^r»-»"« Ml. U* Roll-»
Song—Winds Through the Olive
Tree*—Third and Fourth grades.
The Day After Christmas—Lenora
A Stupid Book—Virginia Leland.
Who Can TVlI-Oeorge Evans, Ar
line Kennedy and Shelby Goodman,
Santa and Arithmetic—Robert Per
Song— Up on the House Tops.
Christmas Dolls—Lucille Gulden.
Dialogue—The Message of the
Candles—16 children
Song—Silent Night—First 4 grades
had the ball in their possession and
made the basket that decided the
4«»tor and Freshman boys,
game was fast during the first half
but slowed op some in the second.
The first game Friday was between
the Freshman and Sophomore girts
for first place. With the exception
of VeleWr and Brutofski the seeonc
Sophomore team played the Fresh
man. They showed their ability b>
beating the Froah. This entitled the
Sophomore girl« to finit place.
The second game waa between the
The second game was between th«.
Senior and Sophomore boys. Johnson
captain of the Sophomores, while foL
lowing up his shot, fell and spraineu
his wrist. This took the spirit out
of the Sophomores but they managed
to pile up a few points against th*.
Senior's 66.
The last night there were three
games, the Senior and Freshmen girl*
playing the ! eadcr. The Senior»
emerged victors by about 18 points
This gave the Seniors second place.
The Second game Saturday night
waa the between the Frosh and Soph
The Frosh won by a
The result# of Mm Athletic fund
campaign were- aVimunced last Mon
day Of the competing team«. Orange
w»n by selling fffty-seven sob scrip
snots boys.
»core of 19 to 6.
The last game eras between the
Senior and Junior*. The former win
ing by a score of 23 to 12.
liions, red second with forty-two sub
scription* and th« green last with


Christmas sermon Sunday moraine
at II o'clock by the pastor. Subject
"Tlie Bethlehem Star and Star oi
The evening service at 7:80 will
consist of sa evening with Chartas
Wesley in story and song.
Regular prayer service (his Thurs
day evening at 7:$0 o'clock.
General rehearsal, for Christmas
program, Saturday at 8 o'clock.
Choir rehears*! Friday and Satur
day evening».
Sunday school at 10 o'clock.
Epworth League devotional meet
ing at 6:80..
There will be no meeting of Ladlea
Aid until after the holidays.
Word has just bean received fron*
Sants Claus that ha will be on hand
with a generous treat for the boy*
and girts of the Sunday School on
Christmas eve.
The Bible says, "It is more
to give than to receive." An oppor
tunity will be given to each one to
give something on Christmas sve
The offering will go to ''World Set
vice" which Includes all of the home
and foreign missionary and benevo
lent work of our church.
Contract Let For
Riceville Road
Helena— W. H. Gray of Great Falls
was the tow bidder for the contract
when bids for that work were opened
for road construction near Riceville
by the state highway commission at
its meeting Thursday afternoon.
Mr. Gray's bid was $13,984, whik
those of the other bidders were: Lew
istown Construction Company, $14,
754.86; Pitsgerald A Staunton, Great
Falls, $16,209. 82; Fagenstrom Broth
ers, Great Fall* $16,527.
The new work coaelets of the con
struction of a new grade for the Great
Northern railway for a distance ot
about a half mile around the point
of a rock slide on the Armlngton
Riccville highway, the transferring of
the old railroad grade into a grad»
for the highway around the slide, and
the surfacing of about 4ft miles of
that federal aid
highway. a
project and must be completed by
June 1, 1926.
twanty-fiva subscriptions, this mak
ing one hundred and twanty-fom.
fifty canto out of every dollar and
this money will be turned over to
the Athletic fond. The total comes to
about sixty-two dollars.
Mabel Goodman went to Great
Falls Saturday .
Francis Dannet went to her home
in Raynesford Saturday.
Beets" Johnson sprained his writft
while playing basketball.
Anna and Marie Forder spant tho
weekend at their home in Hlghwood
Members of the Algebra I claaa
stayed in school until six o'clock Mon
day night to oblige Mr. Culver.
Miss Krueger spent Saturday hi
Great Falls.
George McCsfferty has dropped out
of school.
Ebbs Kraftenburg and Isabelle
Ashworth were absent from school
' ■■
Joseph Gossack spent Saturday and
Sunday hunting coyotes,
Ethel and Clara Berg motored to
Great Falls Saturday to visit the den
j«nd High wood respectively ,
Isabelle Ashworth attended her
Sister-in-law's funeral at Great Fall*
= Mr. Waldo spent Saturday In Great
Rosfel Fish spent his 'ejeure Rote]
during the week end ge« ting a Christ
mas tree.
Mildred Tuura was shopping in
Great Falls Saturday.
The Misses Marie and Anne Forder
and Dorothy Dammrose spent the
week end at their homes at Waltham
awarded to Mike Mtskan typing
forty-three words per minute and
Susan Poblod typing forty-one.
Certificates of proficiency wer*,
awarded ti Raymond Gray typin*
th : rty-s«i words per minute and An
ticnette Kl'mas typing thirty-six.
Thovoxth, seventh and eighth giade
The bronze medal for typing was
will'pot on a Christmas imgvom
(Con, on last page)
In hurt week's paper Mm
ed the purchase of a Tudor Sedan ftp
0. M. Olson.
On Sunday Meaan. Olson and Lev»
ry with Lowry at the wheel took
car out for a spin.
They were driving up Bridge »tr ea t
on the proper side of the rood at •
moderate pace, when approaching 18«
corner of the Lewis Barn they notiead
a truck swinging around the cornea*
Suddenly a big Buiek eat to b e tw as u
the truck and the bam and the aaxt
a fran
tic attempt to dodge that Buiek. la
this they were unsuccessful and
two cars came together with a crash.
The new Tudor Sedan suffered feao
tarea of the fenders, doors and gtoaa
thing they were aware of
In fact at the pres ent time It is au*
well enough to be out. The Buie*
has minor injuries.
The owner and driver of the Buiek
it said to be Dr. Igel of Groat Falto
^ at the äm# of ^ aident ha
r%taa9d to giy , bls nam#( reside»»
or tny other information.
Mr. Oleon left shortly afterwards
for Great Palls where he placed the
matter of obtaining reparation for
damages in the hands of Attorney L»
C. Oraybill.
There were several eye-witnesses s*
the accident and their testimony •*
oners tee the occupante of the For*
from blame.
It is sla» said that in cutting
between the truck and stone bar*
the Buiek was compelled to drive
across the sidewalk.
Another echo of the same
is a report that the daughter of Wal
ter Goodman was almost crowded off
the Armington grade by the same
This much is conclusively estab
lished by the evidoaea that the drive*
of the Buiek was not exercising tba
necessary amount of precaution when
he cut between a heavy track and *
stone barn to turn a corner on the
wrong side of the road.
+ + + + ♦♦ + 4-4- + 4-4«*


Mr. and Mra. John Bandars wars
visitors to Balt Sunday .
W. B. Willey, Foraat
was out from Great Falls tost weak
on Thursday.
Mrs. Gao. Rubber and small daugh
ter Mary Louise returned to their
home hare Saturday.
Dave Ledbetter waa a bus into# vis
itor in town Monday from Neihart.
R .E. Dickenson came down from
the Belt Creek Ranger station te
transact business here last Friday.
Chas. Keith and son Ray who are
now engaged in forming
Benton were business visitors hart
one day hurt week.
Messrs. Dave Ledbetter and Chas. ^
Gutman of Neihart and H -8. Haney
of Monarch were business visitors to
Hughesville last Thursday.
R. A. Mack who has completed hla
engineering on the Riceville uud Nei
hart roads left Monday for Missoula
to confer with the Bureau of Publie
roads there.
Mrs. W .A. Mason left last week
for Great Falls and Milligan when»
she is visiting relatives.
Clyde Kinney was a business visitor
in Monarch Monday from Warland.
Mrs. Chas. Holzbeimer is s visitor
in Great Falls on business and pleas
ure trip . She accompanied Mr. and
Mrs. Bra zee and Mrs. C. D. Harlock
in Wednesday, remaining while they
returned the same day.
Threshing is in progress in upper
Belt Park. Kelleher brothers having
moved their machine in.
Mrs. Clara Gerhart and daughter
Genevieve were in Monarch Monday *|
near Fort
Mrs Wm. Thorson and children
arc spending some time at the home
of her sister Mrs. John Donnigau ot J
Fort Shaw.
Mrs Chas. D .Harlock waa caBod ||
to Lcwistown Monday by the death Jg
shot by a boy comp»*#»
hunting rabbits.
The at b i 1 is m^kini praparatten*.
for a program and Chv'rtm#» tpao w
be had at the «chool house
December 18th Santa Clou* expeirtsf
be there with a treat for all
her nephew who was see ideally
n while out

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