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Hie reorganized Pirat National
Bank baa leased the State Bank build
ing: and on Toeeday moved their fix
tores and equipment to the new loce
The lobby of the State Bank had
been renovated for its new occupants.
Ernest Seigling and Lester Brodie,
having been employed for several
days in painting, calsoraining and
varnishing the interior.
The old fixtures were stored away
and the fixtures of the First National
were installed by Matt Lesell and Gus
Johnson on Tuesday afternoon.
The lobby will hereafter be located
in the front of the building and the
cashier's and teller's windows facing
the lobby and the door.
The consultation room will be in the
rear and it and the safety deposit wil!
be reached through a passage on the
north side of the room.
The greater portion of the name
of the former bank has been removed
and for the present the word bank
alone remains.
The new institution - will have at-)
tractive and commodious quarters.
S That this building again houses a
going and progressive business con
[ cem will be a source of gratification
to the community and especially to
I . those who through long association
have a sentiments! interest in it.
Belt Girl Wins
Honors at College
Dillon, Peb. 28— Miss Margaret
Pimperton of Belt, recently chosen
beauty queen of the Montana State
Normal college, will take the lead
ing part in "Pepita," a Mexican op
eretta, to be presented at the Normal
college March 19 and 20. Others in
the cast are Leslie McNeil, Nellie Ce
cil, Dorothy Liaecht, Charles Murray
ry Thompson, while the chorus will
composed of Josephine Funk, Fran
Thompson, lola McCoy, 4>is Swift
Katherine Walsh, Henrietta Keesees
Lois Casper, Genvieve Whealton, Mar
garet Whalen, Frances Myrick, Gale
Peterson, Dorothy Weber, Lome
Lauder, Clyde Babcock, Clyde Cook
Keith Haynes, Earl yfiggons, Jerome
Wahl, Edward McCurdy, Edward En
sign, Arnold Benson, Raymond Walk
er, Sig Moe and John Brown.
I <
years of age and wa* poorly dresaeo
He had the furtive restless gaze
a street gamin but talked very little.
Mr. Skites turned the boy over to
Deputy Sheriff King who had plan
ned to convey him at once to Great
Together they went into King's'but
room in the Roman building where
Mr. Ring procured some necessary art
ides, then the boy preceded King out
the 4>or and as the Deputy turned to
lock it the boy drifted down the stairs
and was not seen again.
Mr. King enjoyed the laugh upon
himself and said only that if it had
been a man he would have watcheo
Tuesday evening Tony Skites
brought in a small boy who gave
his name as Conway and whom Slate,
had picked up near Raynesford as the
boy was looking for work ;
• The young fellow was about lx.
him more closely but that he never
dreamed that the boy bad it uv him
to break away.
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Frs. Night, March
33 - .Characters - 33
. Highsctieei Auditorium
» "
•nuiiffl j
All Local Talent
Cast 15
Chorus 18
M !
The Lass of Limerick Town
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J|£ *,.y
In Climb Defeat Big Sandy , Chateau , Havre and Great Fails,
Tournament Held in the State College Gymnasium at Bozeman March
10 - 13. first Belt Team to Attend Big Tournament Since 1918
Will Go to State
not without misgivings because Sim
I«™. * regular guanj, was ill at horn
When the Belt team entered the
tournament last Wednesd ay it wa«
with a.relapse from mumps. Lelanu
was fighting an attack of tonsilitTs
and Tucker had been sick for several
Ulis accounted for the extreme,
taken of the boys during those
strenuous days of the tournament ana
necessitated the missing the majority
of the tournament games.
quantity and the Belt quintet were
certain that if the Havre beat them
i The locals confidently expected te
meet Har i em in ^ fina i s and looked
fon)Äird ^ a ^ 8t clean wmm with
^ tj, cy tnieht guard those
Terrible Swedes so closely that the
«ore would end in Belt's favor.
The dope was upset when Great
Pills displaced Harlem for the finals
the team was not disheartened
because they considered Great Falb
easier than Harlem. During the tourn
ament Belt's progress was phaned af
ter each game to the Times and given
lout to the city. On .Saturday even
Uag only a scattering of people were
left in Belt, in fact not enough to
stage a celebration after the news had
flashed over the wires that the Bell
The boys were confidently expected
to win easily from Big Samly and
Choteau but Havre was an unknown
the boys from the high-line would
have to travel.
five had the won over Great Fails by
a score of 24 to 22 and had thereby
gained first place in the district.

Great Falls was second, Harlem
third. Geyser fourth, Chinook fifth,
Havre sixth, Conrad seventh, Auguste
eighth. The other eight teams did
not place,
After the last game a trophy ir
the form of a silver basketball on
a stand was presented to the Belt
team as well as individual fob*. Th?
I gymnasium was so packed that few
j »aw the presentation as the crown
The winners of first and second
place will go to Bozeman to osmpete
with Billings, Hardin, Loyola of Mis
surged upon the floor,
soula, Helena, Butte, Missoula, Ana
conda, Livingston, Bozeman, Kleit.
Mile* City, Glasgow and Poison
These teams have all won their wa>
to the tourney and consequently tht
pace is much faster at Bozeman than
in the district meets.
j The faBteBt in the sta te are
usually found in the cities along tho
Northern Pacific railroad with BU
lings and Helena the centers of speed.
For many years Lewi »town had ont
of the fastest teams in the state and
usually won a place in the state meet,
In 1916 Lewistown beat Belt by jnt
point in the district tournament i».
Great Falls in the final game. Both
teams went to Bozeman. In 1918
Belt was beaten again in the finals at
Lewistown by the team from tha
plate but the state tumament wan
cancelled because of the epidemic of
influenza and so this team failed to
The Belt team of 1916 is the only
Belt team having the honor of defeat
reach Bozeman,
ing Great Falls three times in tin
same season. This team wa* c >
od of Spogen, Spiller, Bonis, Gomel,
| Kelly and Loy.
On Jan, 81, 1918 another team' tool
Great Falls into camp on the Beit
floor. This was then considered some
I achievement and Sam Wilson, Mike
Dorchak, Wallace Morris, Benny Go*
sack and Harold Werre were the ac
tive perpetrators of the deed. Thu
1 team was invited to Bozeman and met
the champions in the first game which
ended their hopes,
Other Belt teams entered the staU
tournament but none with more prom
ise than Coach Lowry's proteges. This
team, probably the lightest in point
of "'eight in the district nevertheieu*
demonstrated that they had the skill
anc * stamina to block the best efforts
of the heavy teams whom they met ,
Yet strange to say not "one of tfhs (
B elt hoys was mentioned on thé all
st8r firat team while Nf>hI - Tucker
and Probat were given places on the
s«c° n d team. The first all-star dis
tnrt town was composed of two Eke
K Tena t forwards, Lux, Great FaM',
center and Scmingscn, Great Falls
on< * Wilson of Harlem, guards,
The Belt team won with a strong
swift-passing offensive which chang
ed instantly into a strong defensive
team, inland Probst and Tucker were
the back-bone of the offensive and
never struck a defense that they couia
not penetrate. Probst was high-point
man in the tournament and alth >ag.i
ht missed many shots still was the
mainstay of the Belt team.
played a remarkable game consider
Ing the fact that hi* presence in fite
tournament was undecided until the
last minute and only after the Bin
Sandy game did he begin te win over
Oil Man Tnnsilitis.
Tucker göt the tip-off usually, hav
mg more trouble with Lux than any
other center. As the tournament pfo
grossed he «peeded up and waa a tow
or of strength in the Belt passing
game which suffered through the ab
sence of Simonis,
Nohl and Jewell seldom got into
the offensive but were quick and ac
curate in passing the ball to the for
wards, seldom allowing anyone U
break through to get behind them.
it certainly is a paradox when a
team can defeat three of the strong
teams of the district and yet fail to
land u man on the allster team.
"plans are on foot after the state
tournament to hold a celebration in
Belt in honor of the boys' victory.
cd because of the success of hie team
yçt some of the credit of the victory
j g due to the grade teachers who sold
pencils to get the basket-ball equip-,
ment with which Leland, Jewell, Si
monls. Johnson and Nohi learned the
passing game on the xlirt court oL
the grade school, ^
On the night of March 10th Belts
team wiii open the state tournament
find will have as their opponents the
Loyola high school team of Missoula.
Coach Lowry has reason to be-clat
Second game—Billings vs. Poison.
Thfid game—Great Fails vs. Liv
Mrs. John Hunter of Balt died ad
the Deaconess hospital in
on Wednesday February 24th at 2:4*
Her husband John Hunter and ha*
daughter Mrs. Mabel Hargrove wen
with her at the end. She had haaa
ill for some months and had been ami
er the care of physicians. Her family
had held hopes of her recovery bm
■he had often told them that her time
waf short
Mrs. Hunter was 94 years of age
while her husband still lives at the
ripe old age of 88.
The Hunters came to Belt some lb
years ago from the Birch creek coma
try and after an unsucceaful venture
in business have lived for most of the
time on a part of the Castner prop
erty. An only son died some years
ago and the only surviving child fa*
Mabel, wife of Frank Hargrove, a
rancher on the West Gallatin. •
Mrs. Hunter acted as companion
and nurse for the late Mrs. Costner
and was remembered in her will.
Mr. Hunter will stay hereafter with
the Hargrove*.
Mr. Hargrove came to Belt Tuesday
and disponed of the Hunter furniture
on Wednesday then returned to Boat
Legion Will Give
St. Patrick's Bail
The American Legion is upon»**
ing a St, Patrick's day dance at the
K. P. hall on March I7th, This day
the only break in (he period of Leu
ten observance has for many
been celebrated by a dance which
drawn a crowd from far and mar
The Legion may be trusted to uphold
the traditions and to stage an affair
that will be a dignified, pleasurable
and clean.
An invitation has been forwsnM te
the Harlem team by business men In
viting them -to come to Belt and to
play an exhibition game with the lo
cals on the evening of March 17. TMs
will give home fans an opportunity
to see one of the cleanest and fastest
basketball teams of the state worts
out on the Belt floor.
The fine sportmonship of the Has
lemitee was appreciated at the tourna
ment and if they accept it is plan
ned to give the Belt team and the
Harlem team a banquet after the
game which will be in the nature at
an acknowledgement of the success et
Coah Lowry and his players as well
as an appreciation of the support oi
the highline team in the crucial battle
at the tournament.
At this writing no response has
been received from Harlem.
Seventh game—Glasgow vs. Boss
Eighth game'—Butte vs. Hardin.
Loyola is the Catholic high school
at Missoula in the western district
which is composed of second class
districts while the mines d is trict la
which Missoula high plays is made
Fourth—Forsyth vs. Helena. ~ J
Fifth game—Missoula vs. Klein.
Sixth gam*—Miles City vs. Ana
up from the largest places in the
state. Loyola must be quite strong
to beat Hamilton, Stephensviile and
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