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« >*f4DA
' ■ ■
M^a'w.'vrrwr« v . roanranin
.i S-n-CTr— i

xhi^B _pandMta fass*
ler the office of school
Jade Huhber and Ghaa.
The first two men are the
members at the hoard while Mr. John
before sought office.
The polls will be open at the High
school building from 12 o'clock noon
until ft. P. M.
Sunday night evidently some one
wade his way into the Fire Depart
mentis room through a window in the
«Ay hall.
room and it ia possible that some
• transient made it his lodging place
There Ie a stove in the
because of the unusual cold of the
were coming Home from school, the
attention of Charles Reminwtnn w*.
called to s veritable fbL was
issuing from the front window of the
jDj i^n
Investigation proved that a pipe:
had burst and that the Fire hall ano
its accumulation of paraphernalia wasj
City Water Overseer SommervilU
was phoned, Fire Chief Winston wa
phoned and in the meantime the water
was shut off.
Fred Lord, a member of the de-'
pertinent, came up and finshed dry- j
iqg the furniture but Sommerville»
piperoom in the basement wa« water
Awindow being left open caused
the water pipe to freeze.
"Gambling with Death", g two reel
motion picture recently purchased by
she Great" Northern Railway Com-j
pany, vividly portraying many acte
of careless motorists resulting in a|
serious toll of life and property, wil:
be shown at the Pythian Theatre,
Belt on April 2 and 8.
When it is known that 70 per
af all crossing accident« occur in day
light, 6S per cent at crossings where
there to no obstuction to the driver's
view and a large majority at cross
Inga with which the driver ia familiar
T. ^ r ^ - . - . T -L T "
kras—It ia indeed surnrisuur- but th
fact that one out of aeven ùs due te
ti»e driver running into the side of
moving train* to one that makes th*
— . . .
>h ™ " _ ** . °
•hrough crossing gates sod disregard
- , ,
Our hope tos m tha foet timt
ZlFJZL Î* 18 * m "'^i
mobile driven are careless. While
<*her types of warning devices.
«Gamhlin tU ,
C-smbimg with Death , points out
the*« various features, contrasting
the qualifications of the locomotive*
engineer and the driver of an auto
. mobile, showing the many step« ne
reasary before an engineer is entrust
ed with the care of ah engine.
The picture contains many thrills
but ft doe. not in any manner over
draw occurrences that are taking
'place throughout the country daily
occurrences that resulted to an
. 0 , . .. ... , .
f*** 0t 24 C " UaJ . t ' es V er day dua
r .
»ad. of the Unfted States durmg
ZZLZ 0 *, ir" r
tero^as it°contalns tollT*
followed will nJft inTmatlrial re
due tion of accidents at highway cross
Inga, and thus prevent unnecessary
waste of Kfe and property
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ + 4+4 + + + ..l
+ + +
AkHe Flacher Jr. ha* . new Over
food teach. Harry Smith bought aj
Overtabd (during ear recently
•f M. U-fc,
> — «-» * ». Ar-rir^
* t *-,
a ee.nmun


W. R. J<
at (Ttghwood Thursday
Tto iagfon plan. to erect
My hall to Higlrwood
' ® Claire and Mi»
mmm of Great were wuek-end guérit
<* Mr. amé JÜL Je« Epilier.
To« can buy Charley Haschke's
pet coat cheap this week.

performed a high «Brin« act iaet Mot.
en Charley'» part, and
the top at Charley'* waw Chew w -
mental anguish and many eimoloonk
and hie friends mach nomment.
Charley had just returned from a
trip into the country and parked hi.
ear under the door in the barn toft
and the goat, ascertaining that he was
about, decided that it was high time
to pc down and greet him, but on thi.
occasion changed his usual mode of
descent from the barn loft, deciding
through it. The goat then. am Wee
that jumping down was the easiest
and quickest way and used the top of
the car to land on—that is he landed
tm it and then continued to go
off and proceeded to whet up his ep
, • . __. . _ „ . * „
try ™ g express what he thought or
** gokt—and ladies really we have'ing
not * )een •***• to ^ *ny of the lan
guage that Charley was using in Web j
stetig dictionary, although ft sounded
poetic the way Charley was warbHnj, :
petite on a few tin cans, while Char
(Judith Basin Star)
■ a* •* All ||
l/lQltQ J ||ft fillf||P
w I01IÖ will IlljlllU
_ ~ |
j jj Callahan, who was in 1916 a
teamBter in g e i t ' and ij V ed with Us
family on the upper row was in
Tuesday and Wednesday visit]n« o«Jf
looking after his property.''*^
Since leaving here Mr. Callahan has
had varied experience«.. He has been
; in California, New Mkxlteo and Arl-j
zona iwt^o»,läros
His son Frank is married and is
now employed s» cook in one of
leading Butte restaurants.
Mag, who was a high school boy
| here, ran away from home and en
at'listed in 1917. During the Argonne
! drive he was badly wounded and af
the war was given vocational
j training by tiie U .S. government,
Now he is employed in the smelter in
Anaconda as s draughtsman.
+ ♦♦ + ♦ + + ♦♦♦♦ + ♦♦♦♦♦
+ ♦
t ^ . . . . *
+ ' î ' + + 4 ' + + + + + + + + + + + +
Ur ««w m-. vuA
- ta
, ^
B-rtha are visiting Mrs Frank Merit
Adi. „ w!Z «t th*,!
^ Is.nb^T
T *** 1 *"* *** ** Urab "*
Io™,! Mr £dMn n jm oTtof
Martin Groaakopf was a business
c *"* r ,r ^
,.■*' and *" "icneals of onr
lo ? a, ' £ ara ft® are spending a few day,
,n Gr * sat FaIU -
Evan * ha * f,ni8h *d moving his
|household goods to his ranch near
T w ~ .
motored to Gl ^ at ^"ÏLeSST*
^ , Vf , f.
J? ^ orU,e "| ^ pl ^ anthah
iseason. Mr. and Mrs. Gertz left Wed
nesday naming for their former homt
" "*•
* ntfln Joh b 8 „ r «f Never-Sweal '
CouW — a business visitor in the
city Wednesday. !
' Mr 8nd Mn ' Monty McCarty * nd
ch,,dren have returned 'nim their trip ■
40 ^ coast and remo d®iing theit
business in a short-time. A truck
;lo«d of new furniture arrived from
Greet Fall* Tuesday and more ia ex
pected Wednesday. The hotel will be
equipped with new thing* throughout,
Cto" Miches Is i. to charge of the
garage while hi* brother in is Great
Considerable excitement has beer.
created over the school election to to
K*W 3-tori-r April W. Mi
JJ» CotorAir U n»nir, .„hm
A- V _ G ^ W ! b r<) wf, ° u
«»»w<iate for réélection
Th *' i - a dtos Aid are balding their
Easter Bazaar Saturday afternoon at
Mrs. Cooper's. A chicken supper will
be »erred.
Àt e tiaee
M en
hutn« padh
t eaitfttdato
of Dominic Spogen tor
it might ba well to cri
too facts in the caae.
Mr. Spo«en baa bean e tr ustee at
this school district for a «ood many
yean and has been chairman of the
Beard since the death of John Goto
nor. It may be also said that that*
has never been a program of eon
struction or advancement in the Belt
schools since his membership on the
Board that Mr. Spogen has not
found with his shoulder to the wheal
pushing and boosting to the beet ot
his considerable ability.
" He has never favored e teacher bo
cause of her religion and has nevm
opposed a teacher because of her re
In one of the periods qf industrial
f or thi» city, the high school build
was proposed and the bonds, six
thousand dollars, were voted. Fo*
this favorable action Dominic Spogen
was largely responsible because his
interest in and enthusiasm for the
cause inspired the people of Belt with
his optimism.
After the building was completed it
was found that in order to become
•an accredited high school it was ne
cessary that a science room should be
equipped according to standards laid
down by the state department. There
was no money but the Board were
not disheartened. Spogen secured a
glfi of three hundred dollars from
h e A C. M. Co. and with another
^ '^'r of the board obtained a total
'4778.00 from popular subscription.
With this sum the present equipment
was secured.
At this time there was no hall for
H ft w aM meetings ln Um city.
there was no gymnasium. Thererinm
the,«® high school assembly room.
Auditorium was projected and Mr.
Spogen was again one of the chief
1 supporters of ths movement which
! secured for Belt a building which has
repaid the district in value received
a hundred times over. Bonds to the
amount of $6000 were issued, the rest
of the cost of the building being paid
from the general fund.
üp to this time thére was no county
wide high school ,Ux and the school
W of Bolt re aliwd the ta^i.qa. 0 ,
ofthe funds at their disposal for
high school purposes. Their revenue
came only from the four mill county
B*" 6 ™ 1 * cho ° I tev F ,nd fnt>ni B P® cial
I Realising the insufficiency of this
(income for high school and grade
i* wed> > Mr Sp£> ** n 4nd m dty "P"
drafted a bill and with
0 " <* **" board took this
«•«*" *■ Helena
where sfter six week, of .1
tarnst« hope and dispair they se
Cured itg P 4 " 4 « 8 TW* >*w pro
m, " a ,0T h, Fh school purposes alone
and has proved a boon to a hundred,«
other district* tn the State. This is
^ j aw tbat this year and next year
j jiro1 j|g b the funds for your child
fielen t since 191?
No . ma / tt€r what any <>ne may
you the fact remains that the greate,
part of the credit of providing ade
fund* for District No. 29 be
T * " tht :
r r Z "tit ° 1
^ ** ^ ^
^ • Ch00 ' ^
Each one of US has a small ^hen
^ a ax P artkularly ^»'yhrrh
TTirnarhA^t ttoe state among the tide '
8C 00 u»®" Spogen swelI-know^^,n !
" ^ rpm « miwr i d becausl^
to receive their high school train
ing at home because no district lax
jwould ever have provided fonds sut- j
aei 7* c< * U> ' * cho01 'hstrirts
w ''°™ ,t4>d work,ntf *° y
a,,y for Be,t
At the present time when there are
«officient funds to run the school* in
coo ^ t ' can ™ lit * «
eaoitom y neceasary, during those
'"""«I]° r ** ^
*F Mr S P e<H ' n with
^ oth * r m * mb * r * 01 th ® board to
imp™« r»A«to...
Tl», -r-faj h.rt Th.» M
they planned, they built the Belt
_ .y."
Stone-Ordean-Wells are having ..
demonstration at the Raynesford ra»t,
Store Saturday They will sene Em
pire coffee
cenree and Ann iquipped A a
to a Raw aa It grew. Than
second agr*-«;wi, * -i«o*-wnt In
was InatoUad and fnmlehad
• way to ton the approval of the
The i n st allmen t of the domestic
«etenee department was next accom
pllehed and its equipment was and
•till la one of the beet ia the state.
Thars wen tears in the eyoo ol
several members of the school hoard
on Commencement night a tele,
gram was read from State Superin
tendent W. E. Harmon notifying them
that the Belt school had been places
to the accredited list of the state
University Because it meant the real
{nation of a dream, the fulfillment of
4 plan long worked for.
Leter, Mr. Spogen's influence was
ef great assistance in securing the
Casc.de Cqunty Rural Teacher's Nor
mal Training department tor the Belt
, . ,
«dvocated the increase of the county
general school levy from four mills
V* 10 mills. As a member of the
***** legislature he fought for it. At
• v « r 3 r opportunity he advocated it
««»ter b® ad * because they
declared it could never be accomplish
Pjj* He finally saw it become a law
Without this assistance the district
Y^ild b* swamped with taxes to keep
schools in the same condition aa
ncw ar ® 'l'* 1 ' 8 *®vy made tile
financing of tiie Belt schools for the
teat tew years comparitively easy.
were recently asked why the
**»rm<m* (T) bonded debt of school
di8trict No. 29 was not paid many
F® 8 « Tb® answer is this Pan (
of "• bonds were paid and after the
improvement in the district's finances
arrangements were ms de to take up
t*® balance at the rate of $2000 pet
phW- Thqre is no other fifat or M
W cI *" di * tru f in , T*. 16 ^
8 small a bonded indebtedness as
District No. W. Wt believe that it
to leas than $5000.
0n,y within the last eight years
"* v ® Bf Trustees of this district been
ab ' e *° P a F out 006 dollar without
stretching it three ways. Since thsl
tim« 1 "te ™^ enue of the dl, ' trict hR *
been doubled. _ _ ... .
And who is responsibki for this im
provement in the district t finances as
w ® 11 M tb ® finances of every othei
to th. tot, rf Ilk. -Ototlon
Aak the schoolmen about the state
who know. Ask the state superin
tendent and they will tell you that j
n0 m * n in th * ,tat * h *f " arrw,t#f
port to thorn tun Domtalo 8po»».
bold no brief for Mr. Spofe»i
j but there are a tot of facta which
i n<w COmmn ln d ° not know and i
which the older residents may have]
forgotten and which in fairness to
"« hare stated. ——■
Mr Spogen hro ..wsy, been . val
b*hto member of ths school board a*-,the
f>®ctoily when there was wmething to j
m Wd« him te propose
8 of which the majority of the board
iisapprove. Sometimes he needs
brake hut taking th* matter by and
'»rge he has proved himself an
. ( ,
Special revival service this
in g at 7 30.
Christ's seven tost words from the
crota will be the abject for Frid.j
ventog. 7:àô. '
Choir rehearsal each evening afte.'
and alao on Saturday evening I
Easter program Sunday morning af
0 o'clock. Thi* will be followed wit!,
. .. ... . . .. .
^btad friend of the Belt schools and
th *lr standing of todsy is in s consid
ftable part the result of his energy
and optimism.
Harry T. Stong, pastor
a baptismal service and the re. eiv
j nfr of members into the church.
The offering for the day wilt to fo.
World Service.
Epworth League at 6:30. Leader
Jack Nash.
j Yo ° wiH not want to mis* our Sun
day evening service beginning at 7:30.
^ different, and in my
î«dg»ent will be one of the most in
tractive, devotional and impreseiv
^ °t~ !
, , w Bo. n) '"'n,«ürp ^Thur., ,«]
April 8th
Your osefalneM in the community
can be increased by becoming a mem
Remember Interraountaln Players
April 10th,
"Um strangest c o wWimH c h I ever
tried" 1 ^—'.
Thie ie how Loa Chaney dee c rib e e
hie aew role to "The Bleck Bird."
tin Linahowee mystery story, wUdi
ia to play at the Pythia» Theatre. U
la a od Browning production tor Metre
Chaney plays both roles in manner
vary opposite to kia usual custom.
fee hie makeup, todatly at l east, it
into elaborate, and still ie a perfect
dégoûté. In one role he ia a Lime
crook leader, and this is done
by ■ few subtle facial lines, and then,
fore almost entirely by mannerism,
and expressions.
The other role is that of a cripple
worker in a Limehouee rescue mission
This role is one in which the actor's
body is twisted into a grotesque pos
tare, but because no grotesque facial
makeup goes with it the part is not
As the cripple he depicts en «1
most saintlike character-as the crook
the lowest form of Limehouee cVimin
al; two roles as far removed from
each other as they could possibly ba
In the missionary role, as in the
.other the actor hardly applied make
up to his face, diametrically opposite
to his work in such roles as "The
Hunchback of Notre Dame," But it
would be difficult to recognise one
character in the other,
initiate Gasoline
Tax for Roads
Helena, April 1.—The initiated
gasoline measure sponsored by the
meeting of 40 men at Helens last
December 12 has been completed
petitions are now ready for Signatare.
The proposed measure increased the
tux on gasoline one cant and pro
vide» that the entire revenue derived
from the Ja* shall gw to th* State
Hl^wmy Commission to be used ir,
matching Federal Aid In the construe
tion, completion, and ms in ten mice of
the Fédérai Aid Highway System and
auch other State Highways as may
be designated.
jb# present tow levies s tax of two
centB but divides the revenue thrae
ways, 16 per cent to the State High
way Commission, 80 per cent to fhp
state General Fund and 56 per cent
back to the counties, divided squally,
^ result that Montana lost
„„.„oo.M of F^tol Aid toot jtou*
w ju continue to loes the major
portion D f Federal Aid offered her.
The initiated measure further autb
joriaes ths State Highway Commission
to ^ u*mr,
connecting any county seats off the
m ^ ths system itself. Only
three county seat, are so situated.
^ m « on „ Ihnita engineering amt
^.administrativ« costa to 8 par cent of
lttt total of State, Federal Aid, and
^ BVallabU ^ êxptniêà ^
direction of the State Hirhwsv
Commission. It also provide* that as
carrie d on in the vâHou* tactions ot
the system In proportion to the
The initiated measure makes i
c b an g® in the present motor registre
law which provide, that ah' moto. '
** -hall to retqrned to ttoj
cwnty Irom whic *» th «F « am «* I
Th* Montana AutonlÄ AiiêftU
tion which is managing this initiated I
campaign has created an organization ♦
amount of mileage still to be con
•tructed ln eich section.
It i* estimated that the initiated
measure will raise about 22 million
dollars in a period of 11 years, en
abJa the state to match Federal Aid
Jof nearly 16 million dollars, assuming
tthst ft will to svaijsble until 193ft anq
(the state will be «bis to complete the,,p
4700 mile, of Federal Aid Highway.
bv 1Ö37 t
n " i
Practically every county to th«
sta te to conduct a signature campaign
an<1 al »o carry on a campaign of edu
«»tion from now until election. Peti
tion8 for signatures are now being
circulated. Under the law 18,926 rig
f nature » ^ jred 14 ' 8 Panned
to empiète the signature campaign
™t later than April 80.
- - - --
ber of some church. If you are «o
!SÄLZt!". jt * *T*- ^
»irr. -.J to Jrfn with p. In . pro«.
of Christian service.
Kalispeit—-Somers Lumber re
sûmes operations. "Hot pond" added
which will permit year round optrat
ion in the future
Only one ticket hae been
tor the dty election winch It to he
held In the thrae wnrde of the dty at
Bolt on Monday April Mt
H. W Millard baa been
ted tor Mayor. Ghaa. B. Prorin toe
City Treasurer, F. T. Heron tor PeEaa
In the first ward Herbert
ie a candidate to su c ce e d himself
In the second ward there is no
didate tor a place on the city
In the third ward C. E. Gustafson
is up for reelection as alderman.
The election promises to be s tarn*
affair but according to law it
be held..
The Judges who have served grat
uitously several yearn been
reappointed for which service the dty
council has agreed to pay this
the enormous sum of $2.50 for seek
judge end dark.
' The judges and darks appointai
for the first ward are John Haws,
Mrs. N. H. Nelson, Mrs. Chas. J<
nings, Miss Villa Browning.
Second Ward; Mrs. Mary Pry*
Mrs. T. W. Noble, Mrs. A If Johnson
and George Mace.
Third Ward; Mrs. N. H. Browning,
Mrs. George Larkin, Mrs. H. W. Mil
lard, Mrs. C. E. Gustafson and John
Reginald Denny becomes the M IMft
pioneer" of the open road in "Cah
fomia Straight Ahead," his Is toot
starring Univer**l-Jewsi feature,
which will play at the Pythian Theut
er the 8th and 9th.
In this picture, which aadtoueea
hailed as otic of the atoti« best, DOS
tny vets torth tor a motor trip across
the continent in an elaborately am
[«tructed tralkr The traitor Sad boro
built for his honeymoon, trat .the hero
eymoon didn't come off because ha
showed up tote for his wadding «at
his bride wouldn't marry him because
She thought he'd been drinking.
' That starts Denny dff on a pto>
tute packed toll of strong« situation*
mishaps, adventures, thrill*
laughs, which makes "California
Straight Ahead" of the fun test
dies of the season.
istis jourtwy, at toast mere people
would be tempted to set forth In
..to If tho, —, „„ of dote, d
*b* things Denny did.
As in hia other recent pictures.
toald Denny proves th* fee is a verea
tUf, iKCPmÿiitited tofoedian, and Ha
performance rivals Us characterise-'
tion of th. hypochrendlac to «Ç*
n* u , . * •
trude Olmstead taTeading Jornaa.
Through the motor trip and tho
adventure« may he a HI
more stirring than the usual tour
because he will not tot her do
thing else,
... . „ . ,
All«« Ôlaëy. Mordqutot
WW G «*' Fa "? -itor. Saturday
MrR R,y Servo * 8 Waited a few
***** * aat witb b ®r sister Mre
Ci,a «®
Mr. and Mrs. Harry ffamüietrt vis

Edith and Marion Servos, are
andjllg , t h«ir Eaater holidays with
their grandmother Mrs Servo««,
Stewart Childerfaose visited
home folks between trains Sunday.

♦ ftftftftftftftftftftftfttftftt
at the Richardson home Sunday
Hiss Blanche Servos* was taken ta
the Deacones* hospital Friday event
ing where she submitted to « minor -
operation as a result of a fall. Lam
'reports are that she is doing-nieely.
( A liwly ^ hoo) ele ction i. expected
Mxt SatunJay Three are rumnna
for tw0 pj^ snd another petition«,
an h „ ur too late to post the pe
G B, W«,, »«..ml t, M ™«A
•* ^ "'"'Jî
mother-inlaw Mrs J Harmam uni
d£rr in-law B 'hic. Th-y wHt
reside there A, t tto summer *i fat
returned Saturday. ; #
T W. P. Piigeram mad*/ a trip to OAs
Otero«'» ranch Thursday,

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