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• : -V*
Y, APRIL 22, 192$
H f a i» t f iii ;if -w .
*W SS fl
w -'*»* 1
<T • l

past «Mk'tM etoktora
m. kmif tti mMi Ä cwottea
- abon. *
of W. M.
Locke was playing on fee riprap wife
i G eo rg e
is also a boot 7
Yoon» Locke wss dipping water
from the crash when his fool »tip
pad and into fee rapid current just
above fee foot bridge be went. Luckily
fee current here bogs fee rip-rap and
fee boy was borne along be caught
hold of some willows and polled Kim
self oat. & tbs meanwhile the Evans
boy had hastened to the Lock* home
to notify them that the boy was in
fee creek. Mrs. Locke harried to fee
of the accident only to omet
her sob coming home.
Sunday fee four-year old daughter
of Lee Munden was playing in fee
Cr oo k near fee Munden home below
town and fell hi. Her ten year old
brother jumped in after her and foi
lowed her some fifty yards down the
stream before he was able to over-1
take his sister. The boy says that
he had to reach clear down into the
water to get her. The first the par.
enta knew of the trouble was when
the boy staggered into the house ca>
rying his small sister in his arms,
both as wet as could be and the little
girl almost unconscious.
The young fellows rescue of his sis
ter was heroic for few grown men
would care to battle the waters of
What might have been a very »er
loos accident happened on the hill
west of Roes Pork on the south road
between Moore and Hobson
** «•« •* *>»' • J—
rtt sedan, in attempting to make
hill, was blinded by fee sun reflecth»*
cm the windshield It will be recalled
h, thoM familiar aritk th. hirimmr
that at about the center of the hill
the road turns steeply to the west.)
and wife fee sun blinding fee driver
fee front wheels left the grade and
fee machine turned over on ita side.
a little shaking up nobody was hurt.
Misses Skardvedt, Huston. Lapp
and Srfford motored to High wood Sun
day. , .(ft .
Mtes Loulaa, Luhigy shopped in
Great Palls Toeaday.
Geyser Men Upset
Mr. Galt and Prod Coffman of Gey
ser, bad driven out to Boas Fork on
business and had Just sufficient time
to mate th* trip and get back to Bob
eon fee th* bangaet. Stanley Thurs
ton and Charles O. Ray of Stanford
It is plausible and
human. The situations are laughable
to extremes, the story moves fast
and each roemberof the excellent
and Edgar J.: Baker of Lwwietown,
were aten to the car, but outside of
fed top of fee ear was some
what damaged
Famous Comedy
"Sevan days", the A1 Christie pre
sentation, will be here April 28 and
29 a« one of fee brightest spots 01 .
the season's excellent program.
Hite hilarious comedy, written by
Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery
Hopwood, and produced by the men
who made "Charley's Aunt", contain»
all the elements of excellent screen
east under the direction of Scott Sid

wife, par^, find, himself and his
household thrown into dmoE by tho
ooo-roor,. „ mnallpox ha,
A rich arntt, whom he lu, Iwp.
to i—tere s of his divorce, arris**
unexpeetedly. and he induce* another
girt to fee party to pore aa hi. wife
Shorty after this divorced wife eomre
fa, and fen fee
as « result of the servant's
of fee Dm ra
There te also a cop and » burglar
The deception te kept up for aavob
said SB parties are wore out playing
their deceptive mica
R-*i- m~ * - *i my* *, . -
[: ^TSfäSTZ . _V
Many j»opte
in tha «riait*.«*.
Kay acp
a raral mall roots «WA delivers wail
This route is oat of Geyser and fee
1 driver who already covers route No.
jOne from Geyser will handle route
No. Two as well,
City Fathers
HoM Session
An adjourned meeting of fee dty
council was held Monday evening in
the council room. The mayor, clerk
and four al der ma n wore present.
There being a tie vote bet w e en M. J.
Seneca 1 and B. J. Kennedy for fee ot
fice of alderman it was up to the
council to fill the vacancy. A letter
was read from M J. Seneca! wife
drawing in favor of Mr. Kennedy and
the latter was then unanimously elect
ed alderman of the second ward,
Bids were opened for doing the asm
tary work for the city. Only one bid
was received, that H. W. Burnett and
Lee Munden,
awarded to them,
Th« « 08t of th« work to property:
owners will be practically the same as
Upon vote of the council the bid was ;
1 year.
TTnKnMincr th* «ffi—istiv« nt *».
ti n "Resolved that fee reai
° r ' abinet -u^ in( , luH , , P
rptf , rv Q f education '• the A urate.
Hi _ h team the
! w- «j«h *—™ M v
fee^ dehnte feampion in fee Great
F ., u dj-tnet. The hate m were Sun
erintendent Youmr ofStockett. a nd
l ^ T
tornev Wuerthner of Great Falls
Au L sU me et fee winner of
^ Kalispell-Whitefish contest to de
cid * fe e inter-district championship.
! • _
Dolt Promût! to
y y II I (J J0III U II lu
-7 G . G* V î ' ît_
i A ill A r r rj n P k H y|
|| I f If nHlj O il if If
.. « -
In order to awaken interest in the
Protection fee Bett Volunteer Pire
Department is planning to ÿnt Ml a
free show at the Pythian Theatre on
May 4 th. State Fire Marshall Brooks
^ expected to be here and to address

Morning worship at 8 o'clock. Ser
mon by fee pastor. Subject, Prac
tical lesson from the Silversmith
Evening worship at 8 o'clock. Ser
mon by the pastor.
work of Fire Prevention and Fire
the audience.
It is also planned to have a mat
inee for the school children in the
The picture is a brand
new one and is a Special Fire pic
ture. It has recently been shown in
Butte anl other tenge cities.
I called "The Still Alarm.
Harry T. Stong. pastor
Prayer service Thursday evening at
Plans for peinting fee church build- ;
inn eft prorrêuinf nkêly. An cf
ton will b. undo tomo, Uw
this work- Lot « r^h« th..
fees* buildings have been dedicated
to God, and that as his stewards we
are responsible for their preservation
and upkeep.
Ways Far Helping fee Charch
Come on time «very time. ,
Speak cottüafly to all you meet, e*
pec tally «rangera
A^^^t of daty and work
at it dependably.
Don't knock unless on yourself.
Say a word of counsel to fee an
9*i ■
Quality Seid Campaign
ES 1 *
ÄM W» feaUte*
tip OM «f
t joat beau
•t fee Oooatg Agaat 1 * «I
•ir Maw. Using mm arad
State Otihfi
lut b% daine« aa 4
! tito* Nw no «xpenimenteJ re
6 ted |« p-ti «feer oar condition* to back tt
fcrjty to simply "wild cattfawT. Um
Iw M Pay«* wifi ba
Mad pm in Montana
Wheat Nursery Test*
--, —,-- Tteafre different earietiae of wheat
secured registered and approved seed Will ba tooted out in SO different
of standard varie two Mine have been eedhtios in Montana this year. Caa j
tested and are recommended bp A dph cosntjr »Hl have one of these
gÉperimentat tests. It will bs located
IE fee £ M. Linn farm 5 miles south
MKR of Great Pads on the Sun River'
of farmers in diffei wst
exper imen t stations and the Exten
sion Department Those who are to
terested in securing "qualty"
secure a list of this seed 1er
The varieties of wheat to bs tested
r yield are;
at (he present time from the county ;
agents office. The field is net create lb
ed In this county, it wiH soon hs I m
Ruby, University 222, Re
feted, Garnet, Kltehner, Dabloda,
Ehptame, Bad Bobs, Koto, Cares and
late to shad, find out about seed
. . , f , 4 ^
fee Montana Experiment''station |
BoMman. They will be run on dry
Montana Quality seed calls for
tar seed. Standard varieties, Higitefe Bsnefrew
yields, Improved Quality am) Mae* These will be run in three different
Profit The use of approved And rag- «hecks. There will be 40 rows of
istered seed feat is Montons gr os » M »hast. 40 fast long and 1 foot apart
fee only way this can be accoSppKah- All of fee taste are being super
ed. Standard varieties are selected
and recommended only after years eff
successful performance under the su
pervision of experts at fee experiment tend summer fallow, under as near
station and in field tests in fee state, identical conditions as possible in fee j
These varieties are chosen on the thirty different counties.
• -
Born and raised a thousand mile«
from salt water, the blood of sea-J
faring and roving ancestors no doubt
ha « had ita influence in the career of
> ^ ^°* ul ^ ®« m ' a - D. S. M- C., «*0
*1 writes occasional interesting letters
*° hom *' folt In hl8 Uwt Utter <*»*•«
Rwfe 27, from Arica Chile, he
- lll ÿ >a:
' BÎne * we °* me do,,m h * r " 1 * >ut ** * n
,awfQl pUlc * to write from * don't
rknow of âny P Uce 1 h * ve Asspised
mam thm. ihla,
" W * * ***** down from
B * ,b ° S "* cr<MwiB * the «9°»
^ ***} th ?îf k î > 'T* 1 "
t * M ' " i|rht . ** ***, JoMh
came aboard and handed us all sum
mons into court for the next morning.
Kin * Neptune and all his retinue
came abord on the morning of fee
16th of January and I was one of the
first ones to get initiated. Was Uk
«** hefo*« fee court, sentenced to a
haircut and a shave, had my toce
lathered with some sort of paste, my
mouth washed out wife curry water
'and then tipped over backward into
Î?* po01 ' T^LSSlte
.,Got en extra Neptune Certificate
^j, j
. .
no harbor. We lay off from th*
beach about 600 yards in open road
stead. Fortunately it is not osnalb
rough at fete season, but there are
the enormous ground swells common
to the Pacific. Behind fee town art
great sand dunes without a bit of
foliage. It never rains. The only
excuse for fee existence of a tow 1
here is that it is the seaport for Boi
i v ia. A railroad run* up over the j
am sendtog on to yon as you
might find it interesting.
We brought Major-General LassiU,
doom wife ns, and hs reltevod Gen
eral Pershing. As soon os we arrived
General Pershing came on board. He
was given fee honor* and salute due
an ambassador. Several days later
he left for the States on the U. S. S
"Arica is a little town on the coast.
.a.«* ..... .. llR
Hob«>n April l»-.Th. wild lif.
«-» h - d th
d.rh.1 ro^orco. ot . won dort*
state, which fee sportemen are
doing a noble work in proteetbig, was
fee gist of Governor Erickson, ad
drees at 'the 6 th annual banquet c.t
fee Judith River Bod A Gun Club
held here Thursday evening
Governor apologised for not attend
mg tost year, and promised he would
be 0 « hand every year fa fee future
if he were fortunate enough to fa
invited. He stated fee local dub wn
one of the outstanding organisations
of its kind fa th* state and congre*.
s to La Pas and most of fee im
to Bolivia are transported here,
It is about 180 miles to La Pas ana
wHhin 50 miles of Aries fee railroad
! makes an altitude of 18600 feet. Lu
Pa* itself is about 11600 feet op.
,*1« And «* •*» Plainly visible and ot
re-jtepey mjwnings quite a number of
** en cov#p * d wife mm.
A»t. h.r. I. «crfU,. *|.
thoa * h !t ** on, y 18
latitude. It is cool and some of fee
nighte are quite chilly. The Hum
boMt M «nia* up f»m th.
Antartk regions .hits here and th«
water h " « par.tore of about 66
^ **
"Arica te a dirty little town built
of adobe mostly. It - has been de
stroyed many times by earthquakes
Of course, Juet
now it is filled wife any number of
politicians and followers of fee pleb
iscite ednmission, and it looks now
as if the plebiscite will actually be
held . The registration started today,
but it doesn't premise very much and
it might break up at any time. Pol
itics seem very unsettled in fete coun
try, ae fee people do not appear to
have the right temperament to in
sure a jfcst and fair plebiscite, Prop
agenda has been flying thick and fast
and tidal waves.
"| expect my relief when we get
back to Balboa. Orders for me to
report at Qoahtico, Va. t came in to
r jays mail and Lt. Finch who is taking
my place, will arrive at about the 8 tb
,,f April. Can't say that I
, vant to „ to Quentico but I will
*' * * c ' '
1 v « n, f share of the tropics or,

■and timet of it is vsrv crude.
are due to stay here till the 19th of J
April, when we will be relieved by
the Ü. 8 . 8 . Denver, but I wouldn't
be s bit surprized if fee commission
got orders to peck up end leave at
any tins, and to settle fee ownership
of this province by arbitration at
I*t«l th.ra on the .pbndid work th«
Thom- N. Marlowe ot U^oolo.
Chairman of fee State Fish and Game
Commission, in « mo* noteworthy
talk, brought out how the fish «10
game of Montana were being rapidl,
exterminated jret like fee pass'»",
pigeon and the buffalo, when tlie
4 P
Matura firat placed game law* or
fee statute books. These law» wer
bring eontteually strenghened and m.
proved and fet people of th- *U'.
were hacking op fee work of fee com
mission fa s praiseworthy manner
Gao. E. Mnshbmk of Billing», Fed
I « i 3V ;
•***:**ti ii
— - ^ . Mj »1 L _-
wlB b* am
<4r . „
Graut l'ali« —MO a
Bla«k Syria power ptoat to coat
RMyOOO and prodvaa MAM k. p.
■ Havre-—Importation of famous Till
amook, 0 rayon, dairy stock baron
bora. State dairy commiaaionsr hopes
to Import 100 dairy cows Into Mont
ana this year.

To Provide Wiir
For Belt (Mery
1 A P. McConksy,
H. Remis and H. W. Millard are work
ing upon a plan which they hope will
provide ambto water for tfaa beautlfl
cation of the burial tote in Piaasant
View cemetery.
At first fee plan was simply to In
^ping TM* we. a fslibls plan
and presented no difficulties.
Later the plan was evolvsd and has,
been accepted to install a tank and
power pump at the w.U, feus nuking
it possible for parties to irrigate fee
lawns within the burial plots and to
keep the cemetery green and beau
It is proposed to place a 50 barrel
tank on a scaffold directly above the
well and to place in the inclosure be
neath a gasoline pump of sufficient
power, f
penditure of $260.00 besides consider
able labor. The marine and tank fha>
be bought, we are told, at practically
opst to fee merchant. The money
mgpt be ratend by subscription araonjr
three hOfcmstete.
n, ot m.
project wifi
^r^nce of fee cemetery and to fee
»ttefactlon of those whose dear ones
taU ^ to
Of coarse this will mean an ex
The cause is a worthy one and
should have the hearty support of fee
citiren. of this c^uLîT *
Trustees Plan
An organisation of the school tiros
tees of the first and second ela« dte
tricts «1 being projected in Montana.
Tho initiative in fee formation of
this organisation is being token b>
Robert EHfng. clerk of the Board of
Education of Billings, presumably at
instance of feat board. 1
Already most of th* first class dis
tricts in the state have signified
their approval of fee step and doubt
les* the matter will now be put
before the second class districts.
The object of the organisation will
be to establish contact between the
boards on matters of legislation. The
teachers are organized for the pur
of influencing legislative action.
Many school board members believe
thj|t ^ey should present a united
f ront i n asking for help in their
n '
Billings, Apr« 19.—George Kirk, a
former bank ^ r ®®" ch ,a " d "
TTJ -■
receiver of the Bemhland State bank
J of £3 5? "JSSan! fet
w.r. p«ri, loc.1. W. •»
th. ~ww.ltp ... .rid.»c«l h, hu
ot th . bank,
y «tart Mother hank and
*"« h r " ^ir si^rt and c
pledging him their support and «
operetion in such an enterpnre.
plained that tto Elks were shippeo
.■from fe<to
chusett because fee range was ever
stocked and it was a <l"*»tk>n ol
»Isughtering the elk or »hipping them
(Co*tinned on Pag* Four)
oral Game Wanten for Montana, ax
of Tt ua te u
arrday until Monday night.
of tkt
adjourned from
fl,.}**., Erowotog, Wood,
Slogan mAi ! «Ir «»-»wto*! Mr
for Omiemm
ballot and after counting fee
Wood and
The vote was by
were nominated
Wood was declared sleeted by a vale
of three to two.
The vote for clerk was also fay
ballot and Paulina Yurko was ra
elscted by a vote of four to one.
A report from Supt Culver «howad
that the deficits in the boys' snA
to practically $80.00 which could bn
^ M af ^ app|ytet ^
. .. , Lt
1 ****^ by ** Ij *" oi ' ,m * rK * -*
ro ™" to th * t Purpose. It
^ Bo * rd th * n «^«med to meet
^ TuMd ^ in M * y wKkk
t,nw standing committees will ha
for filing feat he had
girl's basketball activities
Trustee Spogen was not a candidate
served in this capacity for several
terms and that others of fee Bonte
should have ■ chance to carry fee
sponslbUity and suffer fee grief ate
tathed to the position,
The Belt P. T. A. is planning »
picnic on May Day for ail School
Children, parante and teachers «te
aày one interested,
* U and mooy novol
tiv * childr *°' *" Anuries tel
May Day Picnic
May 1st ,b National Health Dug»
march carrying banners fealtengfe»
their steten to make
. „
for th " n - M " y &"*"***
P^timed fete day . teUday, The
.Parent Teachers Association has ret
a slogan, "Every father and mofear
a blue ribbon parent.
,T f'r-i - ~i
Paul Ghtlden local agent of fee Maw -
York Life, was one of the
eight salesmen hi the state test moafe
ftnd ^ <*^„4 « fre, trip te fee
^„, 0 ™ at Butte a* a prise. TWa
conventlon w»s to come to a clore
^th a banquet at Dlnty Moon's
OÜMrr ,.i wra#n ^ ^
bonori , n . low claw were are.
fnrlfa)d « n d one of the leading Now
York executives was advertised to b*
p^nt, of business wool«
not ,n ow M r, Gulden to attend,
Martha Atkinson of Belt was the
wee k-end guest of Marie Forder.
Watharo News
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Vick
ers will regret to learn that they plan
leave the community. Mr. Victor*
suffered a slight paralytic stroke
last week and will require treat
ments at regular periods so they wiH
live with their son in G rest Falte.
Miss Cleaver and mother, Miss Gray
and mother and Mrs. Keith spent the
week-end in Great Falls.
Miss Kan to la spent Sunday at the
— -
Bain and Jerol Feltinan chore players
m a n : »_ * i ».w.har« And vin
EvaîTrfGregt Faite te spentf
ing a few day* with his family,
The young men of Shepherd Butte
™ m _ ht Oondsrio
A happv
furnished uw musu. a
home of Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Fischer.
Pupils and teachers from the Sbep
h mr. fc
Great Palls Saturday.
ness wip
0 n k <j terc , ltfc hi* fittT
the last week-end «»re wtte m* iaoa
crowd enjoyed themselves until a lute

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