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5 -
For the Good of All
i^»WW»WW><<»WMW>»«>>>l<W < «<««>»>WyWW¥VW>>WWWWW><W»»WW>A

■ -

'■ -a
■ s
>AY, MAY 6. 1026
The children and the grown-upt
who were aide to attend thoroughly
enjoyed the health day program at
the park on ßaturday lut
The children in holiday garb and
carrying lunch baskets of bright col
on and attractive designs started in
procession from the Custer school at
10 o'clock and wended their way
through the principal streets to Cast
rer Park where the exercises were
'] -,
Several hundred pupils were in the
parade among whom were many from
the Armington schools who were in
vited to join in the festivities.
The program consisted of a song
by the Sixth grade pupils, a May-pole
dance by girls from the Seventh and
Eighth grades, a health song by small
folks from the First, Second and
Third grades; a health exercise by
the Fifth grade, songs by the Seventh
and Third and Fourth grades.
Following this was a first-aid dem
onstration of methods used in resus
citating a person shocked by electri
city. This was given by Boy Scouts
of Great Falls under the supervision
of Scout Commissioner E. G. Mac lay
Pat Egan, first-aid specialist of the
A .C. H. smelter, R. W. Knott, scout
master and Percy Haughton, coach
were also present as wu City and
County Health Nurse Miss Bowen ot
Great Falls.
Following the program a picnic
lunch wu eaten on the Park lawn.
For this lunch, ice cream, lemonade
and coffee were supplied by the!
and was installed in the park for the
first time on Saturday.
The day wag pleasant and the
safety methods learned by the child
... . _ ... .. —
1 « profitable.
The affair was sponsored by ^
Parent Teachers Association assisted
by the Woman's Club who deserve !
much credit for the successful and 1
In the afternoon the smaller child
ren made use of the playground
equipment of the Park while two.
games of baseball furnished plenty
for the initiated
Through the efforts of the ladies ol
the Parent Teachers Association a
play-ground slide had been purchased
of excitement
entertaining features of the day's
Last Friday afternoon as the child
ren of Shelby Goodman were driving
homeward after school and had reach
ed a point near f be last curve before
passing the Graham place, somethin*
went wrong with the steering
mechanism, Mabel Goodman, the driv-|
<er taring control.
Tbe two younger children immsA
lately jumped and were out of the!
car before it went over the bank.
Mabel stayed with the
Unruly Ford
Jumps Road
■ , " r •* **
•wL JamP Rnd em * r ** d
__ wreckage without a scratch.
^f^kTerS^ T ° f Î* T*
by rnrnk Werktag and was found to
windrinehl mm A .
vMftmU .*d a tadly bent front
W»« a- -<"t» M »WM. Bmu;w
«WNtoriw Of the Brit Fire Department
he little injured outside of
% MÎ
Bert Wand retamad
Monday afternoon school was dis
missed early to give the children
Be Prepared
Rattle snakes have become scarce
in French coulee. There has been
nothing there to feed them for many
days and should they come in the
near future and find no refreshments
they are likely to become vicious ana
harm the inhabitants. The mayor of
French Coulee has realised the sit
uation and during the put few days
has been picking dandelion blooms
School Trustees
Tuesday evening the board met in
regular session, H. E. Wood assum
ing the chair. He appointed u aud
iting committee, Rubber, Browning
and Remington; teachers committee.
Remington, Spogen and Browning.
Current bills were allowed and ord
ered paid.
Wood wu made a committe to in
spect the school car and have neces
sary repairs made.
A communication from the insur-j
ance inspetor wu read calling to
the attention of the Board rules of
the Board of Fire Underwriters con-!
ceming the location and insulation of
hot air pipes. This matter was laid
upon the table until such time u sum
mer repairs are considered.
Miss Berg was employed at the
Great Northern station in Armington
Ifor several years and both she and
|the groom have a wide circle of
friends in this vicinity who vfsh
them all happiness.
M ' 88 M« 1 E. Berg of Butte wo.
married to Albert H. McDonald, mer
chant of Armington Mont thifa mon ,
ing at 8 o'clock at the Peo'ple's Com-J
nmnity church by Rev. Lester H
Bent. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson
attended the couple. Mr*. Johnson Is
la sister of Mrs. McDonald. Others
who attended the ceremony were Mrs i
McDonald's mother, Mrs. Berg; hei.
brother and Mrs. Andrew Rhoades, a, !
On motion of Spogen twelve an
nuals were ordered for exchange with
other schools and presentation to the
state schools.
McDonald - Berg
Wedding at Butte
t „ .. - ... .
The following notice of the wed
E Berg . is taken from Sunday's Butte
ding of A. H. McDonald and Ellen
I wedding breakfast was served at thvj
I home of the bride's sister nnd the|
j young couple left this morning on tht
I Milwaukee for an extended honey
moon tour to New York City a»d
(Washington D C
I ", »j. J . _ Cen
^ndav to prepare for the
^ . |)1 ^ | «gjji}mj i
j LimJgtrom who returned from Wash
• yesterday
" *
In the county track meet in wkkhl'ing
the Great Falls High classe«, 0 * 1 -
Cascade and Belt enteren *
gl% jnta ^,
point, Centerville \MrdHfh 42* ,
jgopbomares fourth ^ 4 ,
120, Belt P and the Freshmen 2.
Belt entered six boys on the s«J
« T.HI-. m Hu him, Jump Md U
fl«, ptom In tim l»!f mlluSft,
meet would be Of benefit to them j
Boys Test Speed
Neihart News
. Mrs. Chat. MacGibbon and two
children returned Monday from Great
Palls where they went about tan
days ago for a visit. They were join
ed at Monarch by Nelva MacGibbon
who had spent nearly two weeks
there with the Tolliver family.
- Bill Tripp has returned from the
Pella where he had spent a week on
Miss Haul Potee of Great Falls
spent a few days here lut week vis
iting Miu Eleanor Lunaford.
Mrs. Grace Freeman wu a busi
ness visitor here Friday and Sa tar
day from her Great Fails home.
Chas. Maki has returned from
Hughesville where he spent several
days of the past week.
Mrs. M. N. Lease returned Thun»
day from a ten day visit in Great
Mrs. Rose Marshall of Chicago, has
arrived to visit bar daughter, Mrs. O
C. Crutcher.
Get your rake and shovel pad
#pend three hours working for t%a
public good,
_ , . . ,
Tomorrow is annual clean-up day
for Belt and vicinity. Because ot
the continued observance of this day
each year finds less to be done and
a greater care upon the part of our
citizens of their home premises.
, - ... ,
There are only a few dirty spots
fa ^ toWT1 an(J ^ aycrage gmalI
^ m ^ , ocation after
, - f
^5 n Congested*^ conditions
^ sma |j Jot« are in the main
responsible although transient rent
ers oftcn , MVe unaightry yftrd8 .
_ „ „ /
The alley, all over town are gen
er " ,, J kept *J* n 1)16 , year roun ^
JrV" 1 J" akeS 016 annUAl c,pan ' u P *
8 i,r ' !
^ »cb**®! children gre not expect-.a
** 40 clean ,n y a H®jrs. This work
b® 10 "»» the householder The school J
b'* dren r *b e Wp •tfects and vacant
-■■ ---
Raking squads will begin work im
mediately after school call*.
Trucks will begin work immediat
ely under the direction of R. P. Oerth
chairman and will dump loads as dir
ected by Mayor H. W. Millard. W.
H. Lowry will apportion the loader»
among the trucks and wagons.
/t • \ T *
/VTÏYltW^tOfl l'ÇZVS
*— r-r-»
Pupils and teechers of Arn.infcldh
school attended the second annual
(scholarship contest and field day for(
*rural schools of the county, held
* n Cascwde > May the first. .
I" the scholastic events, Marjorie
Hamlow. sixth grade, brought
the blue ribbon in the Current Events
test; Shizu Hirano, fifth grade, won
Second place In Arithmetic; Dorothy ;
Randall, eighth grade, lied for second
place inthe spelling but on the draw
sbe pulled out the low number plaojto
b«r third, Edna Lee, fifth grade i
tied for third place with Cascade but
the place w4# jpiVen to Cascade with
iEw JT*n the sixth grade
arithmetic MarjonV Hamlow tied
tritt Cascade for first ]>Uoe and th-.t
honor want to Ca«ade Without a
draw. ' *
In the athletic events. Ben ferai*
gf*de »I» to a-1
«umlti.» knmd Jump nud'
,.rd d>.h. D«»Ptby R»d.ir,
first tests given put- H^d they d<,ne'»tha

and Mr*. Clemens of Jericho
are the parents of a daughter bom
April 27th.
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Lease and Hen
IT and Clarence Lease of Great Falls
spent Sunday here with Mrs. M.
Lease and Miu Isabelle Lean.
A1 Miller hu returned from Great
Fall, where he wu a business vds
Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Hossbein cam<
up Saturday for a visit returning to
Great Falls Sunday.
County Attorney Eichemeyer ami
Mrs. Eichemeyer spent two days here
returning to the county seat Sun-1
D. L. S. Barker spent the put week
in Great Falls on Mining business.
Sheriff Tom Norton, deputies John
Earle, Jas. O'Flynn and Judge Crow
ley were Great Falls visitors hem
Saturday coming up to taka in the
-- : - .
lota, while the men and older boys
load into trucks and wagons the mb
blah which has been raked up in the
various yards and street».
Owners of trucks, wagons, and de
livery trucks have always been gen
erous in donating their services for
the afternoon. The greatest diffi
culty has always been in securing
trucks from the county for caring
for the accumulated Takings of Ken
nedy addition, French Coulee and
Coke Oven Flat which lie outside the
C ^ * ~ ~ \
When a truck is furnished by the
county for this work only a few hours
* 8 accessary to make everything spick
«"'1 »P™ Th « l " ulin »r >• too I**» 4
for teams to accomplish much.
_ ; ,, . . .
For two F««« past if we mtotofc
not there has been no county truck
furnished for this work and each yea»
plte * of rubbi#h lU,d cans laboriously
accumulated have been left to scatter
a ** ln b® 0 *"** capacity of wagons
t °® *" uI1 * n< * to *
traveled too great for the territoy to
^ th orougrhIy covered. i
The "duck pond" is being gradu I
ally filled with ashes and waste
■ ^ ew y®«rs it will be no more 1
menace to health and the breeding
place of millions of frog warblers.
The committees and officials foi
low; .
j6, there would have been other rib
bons brought home.
We are proud of the good record
made in both classes of contest.
G. B. West
Announcement» were received Mon
of the marriage of A. H. Mr
Donald and Miss Ellen Berg.
Saturday May l in Butte. After a
honeymoon to New York they will re
side here,
Mr». F. Hamlow ha« been
her bed the last few days,
Mr. slid Mrs. Roy Servo«« were
visitors in Gréât Falls Monday. . \
Ladies Aid «ras held it the home
of Mrs. G Nordqu.st Friday aflm
noon. A delightful lunch was sefVed
the do« of the meeting. The
next meeting will be held at the home
|af Mrs. G. B. West '
Those from here «riiö attended th- •
D.y .«mi- ~r. Mr .« IMr. .
* W»enm. Mm. D. Clliltetio»
M Mr. T. Y. J.m„ .ml duUYhlm
>»owe ml Geo Orosritopf Sunday,
Fails to Stick
I Joe Demuth wu driving to town Sat
urday and, while jogging along down
hill behind h i a team, rode over a
bump which caused him to lose his
board but this failed to hold him and
he fell spraining his ankle and broie
N.>* his head. He has his buggy at
the blacksmith shop getting it re
paired but It has been suggested that
equilibrium. He reached for the dash
„ , .
h * P ut «F-W* r cushion here
Classy Shows

"The Secretary" shown Sunday and
Monday gave the audience a lot of
wholesome fun as they watched the
transformation of Norma Shearet
from an old-maidish stenographer in
to a beautiful woman. Last night
"Steel Preferred" gave the specta
tors an opportunity to see some ol
the wonderful workings of a steel
For Sunday and Monday Mr. Rob
bine hu provided a particularly pleas
ing combination of play and news
film. Eleanor Boardman will
seen in "The Circle" then «rill be a
Felix contedy ana then a two-reH se
lection of the most wonderful scene«
photographed in the jut 16 years fer
Pathe News. Something of the same
type was shown a few weeks ago
but this film is entirely different
from anything Shertofore shown here.
mill with a story interwoven. To
■tight there is another opportunity
to see the same picture and the pic
ture is worth while.
So the young ladies of the teto
phone office and some right others
"»a* 4 * 4 *be telephone exchange
some evening so late that night rates
art , in cffcct and by special grange
ment Nellie will be at the phone in
s^Sesttle. There are only two head
pieces and a booth in the local office
hut listening
if the ïlr | a can u j k
a Hpec ial
headquarters and install ten more
transmitters so that e«ch tfirt will
L Her friends have not forgotten
Nellie Klimas. Just as a small proof
of this fact her girl frieiMs have ar
ranged to talk with her some even
ing soon. Nellie is in Seattle and the
only possible way to talk with her
is over the telephone.
To this end
iim ve * n opportunity to express her
Night rates to Seattle are ninety
five cents for three minutes it may
easily be figured that it will cost
each young lady eight and a fraction
'rents for each three tpinuies.
There is only one possible danger
to the operation which is that when
the telephone attempts to carry
twelve earnest voices all at once-II
Ot.'plus Nellie are twelve—the wire may
blow up and cause awful devastation,
Tuesday ifUrnooH and evening the
city fire engine Wal Otl the street
advertising the "Still Atom" Which
the volunteer firemen showed at Mat
idée and evening performances. The
hoo« ¥*i foil to over-flowing the
TSST* WOIM, * r#ü,
Pb^-Pj^ J 0 ***
t«" •"
min* .ub.UU.«.. hr 8 t.a F ir.
f*'** I
Alarm Pleases
Mr. and Mrs. Chat. H. Provin
the recipients of a letter from their
daughter Eugenia, which eons eyed
considerable news.
One of thus bits of news wu to
the effect that Eugenia, who is a
sophomore in the Home Economies
department of the State College at
Bo semen, had been sleeted by the toe
ulty into membership fat the Phi Upri
Ion Omfcron sorority. This is an
orary society and to be selected
membership la the highest honor
lean be, won by • girt In bar *oph»>
more year, she wu one of two to ha
chosen out of a class af twenty-five.
Many a girl has aspired to this honor
and has failed to secure it for it la
based not only upon high scholastic
for the honor,
The sorority is a national one
is represented by chapters in the toad
ing colleges of the land. The initia-
tion will take place on May 15th and
Alumnae members of the society sHR
come from long distances to portiri-
pate in it. Miu Helen Ryan, a friend
of Eugenia's and an alumna membar
bojOf the society will attend from Toa
ton where she is teaching.
i Earlier In. jhe year Sagen!»
»too elected to the "Spore" society am
honorary girls organisation.
Harry T. Stong, pastor
Special Mother's Day Service a«
11 o'clock. Addrm by the p Mtor .
Baptismal service and reception at
members .
Evening worship at 8 o'clock. Ser
mon by the pastor, subject Paring
Local Church Problems.
Sunday School at 10 o'clock
Epworth .League at 7 o'clock.
Prayer service Thursday evening at
All members of the choir are urgaa
to be present for rehearsal on Sat
urday evening.
Plans and promises relative to the
painting of the church buildings are
progressing very nicely.
On Saturday May 8th, the Ladtoe
Aid Society will hold a bazaar at
"Vans", in the room recently vacated
by the First National bank. A gooo
place to get your summer supply of
aprons, or beautiful fancy work for
commencement p r e sent s. Home baft»
products will be on sale, and refresh
ments will be served. Adv.
6t. Fails Turn
to Entertain
After having passed up a Fourth
of July celebration for several yean
Great Falls will put on a three-day
celebration that is guaranteed to
furnish all the amusement that can
be desired.
July 4th, 6th and 6th are the dates
and the attractions will be Rodeo ex
hibitions, water carnival, athletic con
tests, baseball games, speaking by
prominent men of the state, band
ic, street dancing and many other
entertaining affairs.
The Great Falls commercial club Iw
sponsoring the celebration and baa
extended an Invitation to neighboring
towns to join with them to commem
orating the greatest national hoHday
Many Great Falls people have swel
led the crowds at oelebrêtion« in Bell
In former years and thia year they
should show their appreciation of thia
liberal patronage and join with the
crowd to patronising the G feet Falls
fete., * .'..ît • -
Mr. nnd Mrs M inegar wefij vlslt
tnp Mr. and M s. Prod Hmnéer-noie*

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