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Seasoned Drivers Fail to
Make' Allowance for
Faults of Novice.
As a result of several recent In
vestigations Into accident causes in
which it was shown that collisions
often result from the Inability of sea
soned drivers to make allowances for
the shortcomings of beginners, the ac
cident prevention department of the
Chicago Motor club ha* outlined for
motorists some suggest I cas as to safe
guarding car users through better un
derstanding between drivers.
Special Recommendations. —
The recommendations of especial Im
portance are as follows;
"Whenever a driver seems to be
usurping the right of Way at an in
tersection when be Is not entitled to
do so It Is safer to assume that he la
Inexperienced and not • willfully dis
many motorists seek to 'teach others
a lesson' at the wrong time, and the
Inevitable result Is an accident
"The proper time to teach the new
driver the rules of the game Is be
fore he has to apply them. The ex
perienced driver who leads the be
ginner into believing that the only
way to learn to drive Is to enter heavy
traffic and *slnk or swim' Is only en
couraging the worst form of reckless
Willfully Reckless Driver.
"The willfully reckless driver may
change his mind at the last moment
and avoid trouble simply because he
drives well enough to know how to
avoid It, but the Inexperienced driver
bas no such advantage.
"There Will be about 1,000,000 new
drivers this year If ear sales con
tinue at the present rate. Although
skill in operation of the car Is an
easier matter to acquire by reason
ef the great Improvement In controls,
traffic conditions are more complicated
than at any time In Hie history of the
automobile and knowledge of rules of
driving and courtesy has never been
more Important. In view of present
conditions the experienced motorist
cannot afford to mistake ordinary In
experience for willful recklessness."
Proper Tire Equipment
for the Vacation Trip
The motorist who starts on a va
cation trip without proper tine equip
ment Is likely to Bud that be has
been penny wise and pound foolish.
Nothing so quickly ruins the pleasure
of a vacation trip as tire trouble. Re
pairing tires out In a broiling sun Is
anything but fun, and, besides this,
it causes delay which many times up
sets schedules and definite plans.
If a motorist has to purchase tires
■t some mountain or canyon resort
he usually finds that freight and ex
tra profit have been tacked on. so
that the price is extremely high.
By carrying two or three spare
tires, depending, of course, upon the
length of the trip, the vacationist Is
prepared in case of punctures or
blowouts to quickly change and pro
ceed on his way. The safest course
of all is to put the new tires on the
wheels and use the old tires as
•pares. There is much less likelihood
of puncture In a fresh new casing
than there Is In a thin, worn tire.
Tuba Vulcanizing
It often happens that in vulcaniz
ing a tube, particularly in the open
air, the rubber is burned. This may
be obviated by making a collar about
four Inches high to fit around the
vulcanlzer, using several thicknesses
of ordinary wire mosquito netting,
fastened together with a couple of
rivets of wire run through. This
should be placed over the vulcaniser
Just before lighting the gasoline.
K ■
■ -i'~V
- mm
Wie t
schoolgirls Make Splendid Use of Busses on Trips into Country.
itry 1 * causing a noticeable Jump
The Increased nee of busses ln Jblß
In »""»«*1 gasoline consumption.
_ One bus In constant operation consumes from ten to twenty times as
mneb gasoline a year as the average passenger car.
In operation la the United. States last year need 2Tly
The 70.000 b
000^000 gallons of gasoline, a supply sufficient for 700.000 pleasure car*
covered a total «stance of 1 , 900 , 000,000 miles and the gasoline
i imsiisipTInn for each vehicle baa been estimated at from 4,000 to 10.000 gal
The rapid expansion ef boa lines Is expected to show a greater Increase
darin* this year
Constant Driving Will
Keep Car in Good Trim
"1 don't believe I can drive that
far In a day." says the typical motor
ist, contemplating a 300-ml le Jump.
"Pm not in trim."
And yet this same motorist will
expect his car to" take him any dis
tance any time regardless of whether
it la In trim.
The ear that la going day and night
always is ready for the long trip. Or
the hard trip, because it has to be In
good condition to stand* gb* daily
grind. The oar that is" sever really
ready is the one that stands In the
garage ail week. It may bare a wa
ter leak, or its carburetor may not be
adjusted for the change in the weath
er. Cars are like their drivers In a
great many respects, and the toatter
of. being In trim is one of them. Ex
ercise is vitally essential to good serv
ice from a car.
This Ik deafly demonstrated when
a car has been In storage for a long
period. Everything Is stiff when the
car starts. Things do not work at
their best Tires are low, springs are
rusty, even the stale gas in the tank
makes the engine loggy. The car
that is in trim never acts this way.
It Is always ready, always capable
of meeting the demands.
Emergency Filler Very
Handy Automobile Tool
When one Is In the country and dis
covers that the radiator has to be
filled with water, but Is handicapped
by not having a pall or similar re
ceptacle, the rubber floor mat will be
Handy Emergency Filler.
found quite serviceable. By folding
it. as shown In the detail, and hold
ing the edges together firmly water
can easily be carried In It and poured
through the radiator opening.—Joseph
A. Moffltt, Phoenix, Arlz., in Popular
Mechanics Magazine.
Accidents Prevented by
Proper Control of Horn
The Inexperienced "Sunday driver"
type of motorist thinks the only thing
the horn Is for Is to play a never-end
ing concert In the ears of pedestrians.
Horn control Is a fine art and its
proper use can prevent accidents.
Excessive use of the horn indicates
à novice driver, bur Its proper use
shows the veteran. The novice relies
upon his horn to keep others out of
danger. The veteran relies upon bis
control of the car. He slows down
for people crossing the streets. He
doesn't toot bis horn and force them
to Jump. The novice has to rely
upon hts noise maker because In nine
cases out of ten he is outdriving his
Watch the novice as he approaches
a corner. He doesn't slow down, fig
uring another car may be coming at
the rate of 25 feet a second. No, no
—nothing like that
"squawking" 25 feet from the cor
ner depending upon hla noise to get
him through. The veteran driver
slows down and uses the born less in
all instances.
A really good driver can do with
out a horn In most instance* The
novice seems to feel he could do bet
ter with a steam calliope.
He starts
■in of — a»m«iiy
for only tt «au u4
»uorclol* rrmuT— VU. t«», 41ft u* filO
UkM INHTAJTTLT, mmt lava yw etono.
Mrnuure, woodwork • yo «Tii, 1 y eUoo **«
hot. ib.tr Mri mtm
. esissrs KsaŒEmS
Clot* ! f you
IU4 to
DobH mim
Best for Baby
Do you wish to get
rid of those attacks?
Then go to your
druggist and get a
bottle of the Town« Epilepsy Treat
ment. This remedy has been In use (or
SI years. Many testimonial« from all
over the U. S., some having had the
attacks for 10 to 10 years. The PROOF
Is what you went. State awe and we
will mall Free a Sample and Treatise.
T.wsa Rem. C. lac. Milwaukee, Wlx.
Affection'» Clear Eye
Hearts may be attracted by as
sumed qualities, but the affections are
not to be fixed but by those that are
real.— De Moy,
Of Courte
Celia—Did the Justice of the peace
otter to.kiss the bride?
Agnes—No; a woman Justice per
formed the ceremony. She kissed the
Ambition of 1870—A gig and a gal.
Ambition of 1020—A flivver and a
Ambition of 1950—A plane and a
Jane.— Boston Transcript.
Thomas Gray and Sir Walter Scott
declined the poet laureateshlp of Eng
changed his mind.
Wordsworth also refused, but
% S X r
\ 61
There is no factor of safety, from double thick
genuine plate glass to the solidarity of the
roof, which escapes the painstaking investi
gation of Fisher inspectors.
Quality above all else, is the creed of Fisher
And Fisher has always regarded the safety
and comfort of those who ride in Fisher
Bodies the surest proof of Fisher quality.
% <S
M . O T O IV. 8
Whale Meat Sent to
Feed African Native *
In his annual report the chief sani
tary inspector of Inverness, Scot
land, after an Investigation at the re
quest of a large number of taxpayers
who had complained of disagreeable
odors, says the curing of whale flesh
for human consumption has been car
ried on by residents of the Island' of
Harris, for some time.
It appears, says the Inspector, that
the Industry was Inaugurated by the
late Lord Leverhulme, of Lever Bros.;
which Arm has fishing and othèr in
terests In many parts of the world.
The inspector's report explains thpt
-the work Is done al the herring cur
ing station at Leverburgh, where thq
meat Is cut into small pieces, washed
and pickled, afterward being himg on
frames and dried by mechanical'
power. • • . • -
When thoroughly dry the whale
meat Is packed under pressure dn kegs
and exported to the Congo for feed
ing natives working for the Lever
company. : ' . - _ .
For true blue, use Red Cross Ball
Blue. Snowy-white clothes will be
sure to result. Try It and you Will «!-'
ways use it All good grocers have It
So That All May Hear
A Lutheran pastor in Kindeu. Gar
ni any, tired of preaching In a church
whose acoustic qualities were so bad
that not more than a third of his
flock could hear his Inspired words,
has had amplifiers Installed,
result churchgoing has again become
popular in the town and the attend
ance is two or three .times greater
than ever before.—Chicago News.
As a
Plane* May Replace Ship*
The present type of ship will even
tually be replaced by giant hydro
planes that will skim along the sur
face of tlie water at a tremendous
speed, according to the prediction of
a British scientist.
A Perennial One
"Pa, what's a valedictorian?"
"A valedictorian, my aon. Is the
one who speaks last."
"Then ma la a valedictorian. Isn't
«he, pa?''
The more noise a theory makes
when It explodes the less dangerous
it Is.
Rabbit* and Frog* "Gam*"
For the first time in history cotton
tail rabbits and frogs are to receive
protection In Washington, the com
mission having fixed an open and
closed season for each.
.Rabbits are now considered as game
In most states, and some eastern
states annually purchase thousands of
them for stocking purposes. Frogs
are of great commercial value os a
food product, for bait aud are useful
as insect consumers.
,j Claeses in Churchyard*
In London the vogtie of open-air
classrooms has become so prominent
that secluded corners In parks, aban
■ doned churchyards and nil manner qf
available open spaces are helug used
for the 187 open-air classes that the
London county council plans to op-r
ate during the 'summer. The coupeti
provided about 925,000 for this work
this season, _ ' * '.
Moon Lopsided
■" Prof. E. W, Bcpwn, qf Yale univer
sity has, after many calculations,
come to the conclusion that the moon
is lopsided with quite n pronounced
bulge at the top. lie explains the
Irregularity by saylng'tnat the heavier
materials of its substances are what
appear to the eye at tha bottom and
that a bulging of the upper surface
la required if the moon la to balance
Itself In space.
Rettoring Old Fort
Restoration of old Fort McHenry at
Baltimore, where Francis Scott Key
wrote "The, Star Spangled Banner,"
has been started and work la progress
ing. The old fort will be restored to
Its condition and appearance during
the War of J812, when Its bombard
ment by the British ships Inspired the
national anthem.
Unfortunate Affability
"What did you say to the Judge?"
"1 said 'Good morning.' "
"He couldn't take offense at that."
"He did. It sounded so genial and
familiar that he took It for granted I
was an old offender."
Tangible Retails
"What did Blanks get out of col
lege?" "Three sweater* and a movie
It Is an easy matter to take a cheer
ful view of the trouble»- of other
Store fixtures, Built in Cab- —
inets for the home and
Mill work. Get our prices.
Show cases, Kitchen Cab
inets, French Doors and
many other item* in etdck.
Kor Six OIomv Picture.
■an.iir * -
IPM comfort to tbs
fat. BtkN
. IHDy Btiiortt uni(
oft», Hole bug*.. N. T.
Twenty-Five Y«*rs a
Prescription Druggist
Rh.umstlatn autfarara writ#
Box im, wic^ita,
(tale or Tradv^-IIt.tO« radio merchaodlao.
rtixchtnary. too la.' dl.a, c.ffona, '10. «M maU
Itii Hat. Oparata but anywher.. 100 to 100%
profit. Owner, Hit Rt.vaaa Bids,. Chicago.
aoma capital to hath
a four coo™ (old pi*
Kru.aa. FV.n'ch OUlchi
ace r
W. N. U., BILllIRQk, NOi 81-1926.
Rettoring Old Writing
When writing on old manuscript«
has become faded add Illegible It can
frequently be restored by the follow
ing method : The : effect , .qn ■ parch
ment. Is usually, of a lasting nature
but fresh applications 'aré' neceséary
on ordinary writing paper.' Lay tha ,
paper as flat ns possible and dampen
It evenly with clean, cold water. Brush
over the writing with a flat camel
hair brush dipped In a solution of sul
phide of nm wla. when the writing
will Immediately appear plain and
Toy» Beat Big Balloon*
In a balloon race between toy and
real gaa bags, held at Paria the toy
balloons greatly outdistanced th«
larger craft.
Professors of physical culture lack
the nerve to recommend the wash
board and the woodsaw.

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