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Tant and Cooking Kit An
Oampln* out it one of the great
privileges available to all who motor
and at this season thousands of mo
tor car owners are planning their ex
pedition afield.
For those who expect to enjoy
ramp life for the first time, the
Touring Bureau of the National Au
tomobile club, California, Issued a few
suggestions. Here they are:
Travel light. Is the first rule of
camping equipment. Don't attempt
to carry all the household furniture
along If yon really want to enjoy
your outing.
The essentials Include a good tent
a comfortable bed arrangement
within the car; a good stove, beds and
bedding, a cqppnct kit of kitchen
utensils and a fevHtools.
Good Tent Essential.
The choice of a tent Is Important.
The tent should be light, compact and
easily erected. A canvas floor is well
worth while and tent pegs should be
of metal. Cots, folding Into small
form, are better than heavier springs.
Folding mattresses add to the com
fort of the night's rest. Blankets are
easily carried and pack well. Take
plenty of bedding, as nights In the
mountains even in midsummer are
usually cool.
The real .woodsman would probably
acorn an up-to-date stove of the gus
Parents Also Urged to Cau
tion Children Against
Begging for Rides.
With the summer outing season In
full swing, pedestrians on the high
ways are urged to follow the rule of
walking on the left side, in a Minne
sota highway bulletin.
"Walking on the left side of the
road has been advocated for some time
by police and highway officials who
have made a study of automobile ac
cidents, yet a large number of people
continue to use the right side of the
road when walking," says the bulletin.
This makes It Inqmsslble for them fo
see vehicles approaching on their side
of the road. The motorist may see
the pedestrians, but he can never be
sure which way they are going to
Just as he Is about to pahs a hiker,
It may be Impossible for him to turn
out without striking one of them.
Baggirp for Rides.
"The habit of asking for rides should
also be discouraged. Police In a num
ber of cities have often Issued warn
ings against the practice. Most motor
ists would be glad to give pedestrians
an occasional lift, but the habit of
asking for rides has been so much
abased that many drivers as a matter
of self-protection refuse all requests
to give stranger* a ride,
should be urged to-caution their chil
dren against asking for rides.
practice is exceedingly dangerous
when youngsters stand In the traveled
portion of the street or highway and
If he meets another vehicle
signal for a ride."
Pedestrian* Involved.
An analysis of the motor vehicle
accidents made for the recent Hoover
safety conference showed that pedes
trians were Involved In 29.982 out of
47,128 accidenta reported Id the state
of New York In 1925, and that of 1,
891 persons killed. 1,155 were pedes
The report further shows
that 50 per cent of the motor vehicle
accidents and 65 per cent of the fatali
ties occurred on straight, level roads.
Adjusting Motoqieter Is -
Rather Difficult Task
proper way to collect the fluid io the
indicating tube of the mototueter, if
it becomes separated, is to stick the
stem of the instrument in boiling wa
ter. This Is an erroneous opinion, as
it will never gather the fluid. The
fluid is separated due to the fact that
the Instrument was left lying on Us
side anfl air bubble* formed. It re
mains separated unUI It ts restored to
perfect working order, even though
the Instrument la put in an upright
position. 7~
Thla Is correctly accomplished by
holding the ntotometer in an upright
position and quickly tapping the bot
tom of the instrument on the spare
tire of the car until the liquid la gath
Important for Camping Out.
ollne type such as is now turned out
by the camp goods factories, bat wood
Is scarce la many of our forest re
serves, and the path of easiest re
sistance is to provide yourself with a
dependable stove with folding oven
attached. The gasoljne stove Is Ideal,
particularly for short trips, and the
camp fire doesn't have to be disturbed
for meals.
Cooking Kit.
A complete cooking kit of aluminum
utensils nesting Into the largest pan
makes for camp efficiency and occu
pies the least room. Food should be
carried in tin cans and a vacuum bot
tle comes in handy for a hot lunch
along the way between camp grounds
or out on a hike.
Don't carry with you articles of
value. It's far cheaper to Invest In
a complete camp cooking outfit and
use It only for camping expeditions
than to leave some of the family sil
ver out In some remote part.
A water bag should be a part of
the camp equipment, and extra gas
oline and oil carried on the running
board Is a safeguard against trouble
and delay.
.The lighter you travel, provided
you hare the essentials along, the
easier It will be on car and passen
gers and the more enjoyment you
will gat from your expedition.
Schoolboys Make Novel
Safety Street Device
To Insure motorists observing the
sign, "School Street" "Slow Down,"
In front of their schoolhouse. boys of
Protection Agalnat Motoriste,
a carpentering class of San Diego
(Calif.) school have built this unique
dummy and firmly Implanted it In the
middle of the street. At first glance
it appears to be a policeman holding
aloft the warning sign.
Coat of Running a Car
Not Fixed by Cylinders
Engineers have debated the relative
cost of operation of an eight-cylinder
motor as against the six . He re is the
comment of one expert: "The ex
pense of running a motor doesn't de
pend so much on the number of cyl
inders as It does on the number of
cubic inches of piston displacement.
"Take a given piston displacement
and divide it up any way you want
to. Into two cylinders, four cylinders,
six or eight cylinders and you will
use Just about the same amount of
"Of course, the greater the number
of cylinders, the more overlapping of
power impulses occurs and the smooth
er the operation of the motor. But
don't make the mistake of thinking
that additional cylinders mean addi
tional expense, unless the piston dis
placement is Increased."
The mythical "man In the street"
la no myth to, the driver who is try
ing to keep bis record clean.
At night a parked car should have i
It* lights turned on to show a whit« I
light ahead and a red one behind.
• •
Seventy-six per, cent of all motor
cars sold In the United State* are
bought on the deferred-payment plan.
Thlrty-alx world records are said
to have been broken daring a non
stop ran by an automobile over tbe
Monza track in Italy. Tbe car cov
ered 14,916 kilometer* (Ö.26835 miles)
in 144 hours.
Paj^ Seven
O E N E R. A. L
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The new car announcements of General Motors have swept Fisher into
the greatest eminence in motor car history.
Everywhere you see the emblem — Body by Fisher. In all price rlinner, it
is the inescapable badge of quality. The leaders, such as Cadillac, Buick,
Chevrolet, Oakland, Oldsmobile and Pontiac, all display as one of their
proudest assets the symbol—Body by Fisher.
It is their assurance of public satisfaction—in safety, in charm of Un», in
beauty of color and appointment, in comfort and convenience
Fisher—the peatest body builder in the world—stands head and shoul
ders above all others in quality. The new General Motors cars all help to
prove Fisher leadership.
jjJI CAb#
F I S H E &
Ultimate in ClatM Spirit
The one surviving member of Am
herst college's class of 18C1 held a
union all by himself, elected himself
president am] secretary, at Ida dinner
and adjourned himself. He Is Kev.
Edwin A. Adams of Walpole, Mass.,
and no alitnmus Is more loyal to alma
mater.—Brooklyn Eagle.
You must try Champion
Spark Plugs to prove h
the hotter, more intei
•park they produce in
creases the rapidity of
your get-away. Why be
left behind when the traf
fic signal flashes when a
set of Champions will
put you out in front?
exclusively for
Forde — packed
in the Red Box
60 c
ftlfgM fa t 1
car* ofber than fj ff*
—packed / Sff
Btuc Box I WV
Dependable far Every Engine
Toledo, Ohio
Of Hek »«d Skm
Prwamd By
Freight Train Phone â
Latest in Railroading
By means of a telephone connecting
(he caboose and the tub of a freight
train with 73 cars, the engineer and
conductor of an Eastern line held con
versation recently, saving the need
for hand signals and speeding the
progress of the train.
As they were pulling out of the
yards, the conductor notified the en
glue men that a car repair man was
riding In the caboose and would get
off at the east end of the yard and
close the switch when the train was
In the main track.
This saved slowing up. and Interfile
engineer notified the-conductor that.
If conditions were satisfactory with
regard to the train, he would not stop
for water at the next station. Per
mission to proceed was given, spar
ing another delay. The wires were
strung over the tops of the cars.—Pop
j ular Mechanics Magazine.
Cemeteries in Turkey
Made Social Centers
Onfe of the gayest and most colorful
spot* of Constantinople Is the ceme
tery, , Not only Is It a garden where
shady cypress trees form an Ideal cool
retreat for hot summer days, but It Is '
filled with flower beds, little pagodas,
winding paths, green lawns and re*
freaty^nent peddlers, says the Atlanta
! Conrnitatlon.
It Is a sort of social center. Maids
take their charges there for an nfter
noon's outing. It Is a rendezvous .'or
the Officers of the garrison with the
jjttle cocottes from the city. A Mos
lem religious teacher will often go I
there with-his whole Hass to continue
(ids instructions In the Koran. And
toward twilight, with the crescent
rnoori throwing a silvery sheen over
Hie Ijriee branches. It becomes a gar
den df Aphrodite for a thousand
a \
Giant Engliah Ox
England has always been famous
for lier pure-bred cattle and sheep.
Nearly 300 years ago huge oxen were
proddqwl there. In his diary, Evelyn
speak* of an ox that waa nineteen
hand* high and four yards long, and
that was In 1649. At that date Ia»I
cestehshire sheep had already ob
tained a great reputation and fetched
a. The marvelous sheep of
New Booth Wales, one of which re
cently yielded forty-live and one-half
pound* of wool at a clip, are of pure
ly Brtttab descent.—Capper's Weekly.
New Diahtvaaher-Sink
A dishwasher-sink has been Invent
ed. In the middle of the bottom
the sink Is u large opening which
closed by a caver-plate when the dish
washer Is not In use. Beneath the
opening Is a wire-net basket held
a cylindrical metal container.
Skyacraper» Safe
Prof. Bailey Willi*, noted seis
mologist of I/Cland Stanford univer
sity, asserts that good engineering
and good construction make Amer
ican sky scroi»ers safe In case of
There is nothing more satisfactory
after a day of hard work than a line
full of snowy-white clothes. For such
results use Red Cross Ball Blue.—Ad
__ Differenten in Love
"Man Is the h unter; woman the
quarry. Once a woman has given all,
she longs to go on giving. Once a
man has taken all, the quest loses
savor. Woman pours out her love
from a never-emptying chalice. Man
dashes the cup fo the ground once he
has drained it," writes Jane Cowl,
eminent American actress,- In an ar
ticle In Liberty.
gain daring the past 12 years of al
most 10,000, while during the fiscal
year ending June .30. 1025, the In
crease was 2.008. These figures apply
strictly fo the United States. Alaska,
with a large Indian population, is
Indiana Increaae
The Department of the Interior says
that the Indian population Is approxi
mately .350,000, This represents a
do to n friend for sympathy—to n
pawnbroker for a loan.
W into your
And Sprinkle _
in the Foot-Bath
The Antiseptic, Healing Powder for
tired, swollen, smarting, sweating
lent. It takes the friction from the
•boa, prevents blisters and sore spots
snd takes tbe sting out of corns and
bunions. Always use AB—'» F a a»-C«aa
for Dancing
Shoes. Bold
and to Break In New
The Oil
that resWs
tj it
I Want Farms for
Cash Buyers
Will deal with owners only.
Describe, Rive lowest price.
A. Brink, 200 Exchange Bldg.,
3rd end Franklin, Waco, Taxa«.
••to Arm and Plenty." Kres book tell« troth
about Florida land; monthly payment* 11.50
a.; no lnt«ro«t. no laxe«. «Ick benefit features.
By)venter K. Wiiaon, Dept.A-800.Orlando.Fla.
to gild greeting card«.
addreiHied envelope«. YUHKVILLIB
Depf. 55. 884 Lexington Ave.. Now
Free particular« for
Kill All Flies I "S£ST
jitaJ, coo Yemen t
ettmrnp. Ijut* ali
•on. Mahd« of
anythin?. OoanatMd.
HAROLD loans
__ss" w 1 wsSÿïrtt
W. H. U., «II
1. 32-19».

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