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The Ford Garage
Where we werk on a flat rate furaiahed by the
Feed Meter CoMpaay. which wakes Uapomribfe
an overcharge which nicht otherwise result.
where a slow mechanic was on the job. Onr
lechanic in the beet o bta ina b l e, and the price
is standard.
Try Us on Battery Charging
Onr machine can dürfe sixteen batteries at
once and when we say chare»—that's **** we
We don't fill them np with add to
raise the voltage and make yon pay extra for
it. We charge them right at $1.00 per battery.
BRING yours in and SEE how it is DUNE
N. H. Browning
Mobiloil A. Mobiloil E. The best there is
For a Sundae that is satis
For Cool, Refreshing Fruit
For the Cigar that is your
For moist well-kept tobac-
co of any kind.

A. N. Prather, Prop.
The country boy idol of the screen
meet« tbe «.nntrv irirl idol of song'
*" Chartes many fans will be
unusually pleased to see the betowd|*hd
hick picturize the sweetest love-story
ever sung, "Sweet Adeline." This is
latest achievement for the
Chadwijbk Pictures Corporation ana,
at the Pythian,
will be featured
Theatre, Friday and Saturday of
this week.
The film version of "Sweet Ade
line" centers on the Wilson family,
whose youngest «on is Ben, a tenor
In the village quartette, and who
flings to his dreams that some day
Low Round-Trip Fares
Summer tourist tickets will be on sale at this station
daily to September 30, inclusive, to
Pacific Northwest Points
Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Vancouver, Victoria and
other Pacific Coast Points, Alaska and California.
Final return limit October 31st. Stopovers allowed.
To Glacier National Park
Final return +imit
' Tickets on sate to September 15.
" vOctober 81
For detailed information call on local
Great Northern Agent "
J. P. Pewters
Asiat sat Cesserai Freight and Passenger Agent
Hele n a. Mont
Great Northern

' doomed to an un noticeable place in
he will startle the world with his
In the meantime he
the household, and not even permit
ted to do outside work, it remains
far Ben to attend to farm chores
kitchen duties.
As Ben Wilson, Charles Ray i»
cast in the tyj>e of role that has
earned him enviable fame, the role
of the awkward misunderstood hick.
He is a country boy who lives in his
visions rather than his environment
until he finally unifies the two. His
comedy and his pathos, injected into
the film, is said to produce one of
the finest human-interest pictures of
his career.
Among Our Neighbors
Brief Items of Personal Interest Gath
ered by The Times Efficient
Corps of Correspondents


Mias Margaret Boetcher of Great
Falls ia the gueet of Mias Elvers
Mr». Tuoma and sons, Elmer and
Arthur, from Sand Coulee were the
gueets of Mr. end Mr». Chas. Maid
last week.
Miss Loretta Anderson was the
hostess at a party given Saturday
afternoon by her aunt, Mrs. Harry
Moore, in honog of her seventh birth
day. Those present
BarkelL, Jane Barker. Margaret
Bridgeman, Lovey Boutileer, Ruth
Faller, Dorothy Gruter, Alico I.uns
J ford, Eleanor Lunsford, Berness Maki
Mary Ann Maid, Nelva McGibbon,
Margaret Murphy, June Porter, Dor
othy Mae Porter, Josephine Ryan,
June Schenck, OUve Mae Smolden.
Naomi Stark. Merle Stark, Fay Sut
ton, Mary Taylor, Gertrude Tripp,
Virginia Tripp and Virginia Weld.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Johnson and
daughter. Aries Eloise, are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Schenck
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vachon and Mr.
and Mrs. Atley Furos of Fargo,
North Dakota were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Leonard Ledbetter over the
week-end. They have just completed
Ä _ !
a tour of Yellowstone National Park
a „ „ . , * ,
A me Maki came Fr*dav of last !
-,—,_ « --—.- * _
week from Sand Coulee and is now
in the employ of Frank Savage.
Mrs. Gailhrath of Chillicotho, Ohio,
Ohio^lv tïwTüu^stTTf
M "
Frank M. Walker at ( amp Pinehurst.
Mrs. Gailbrath is a sister and Miss
Ärgert an aunt, to Mrs. Walker and
L. L. Anpert.
Mrs. Bob Gordon and daughters.
Misses Mary and Jean, and Miss
turned Sunday after a month's visit,
Another claim was added Friday
to the R. R. Paine mining property
Neihart wheVi the Last Hope claim
was purchased from David L. S. Led-j
ker by Frank Wright of Great Falls,
who has been engaged in the mining!
business in the Neihart region for
* pvora * ypars ^° r - be Faine interests.,
0 ,jHSt Hopp claim adjoins the Re
l ''' l,a ' m ' "hich
by the Paine interests, a Boston
was pur.-has-'d
cern last year. Both properties are
adjacent to the Silver Dyke property
on Carpenter creek. The Retaken
property has ben worked to
extent and hasa tunnel 200 feet
length already driven. It is the plan
of the Paine interests to commence
operations as soon as possible on the
cording to Mr. Wright.
Miss Blonde Barker of Great Falls
is visiting here with her brother, D.
L. S. Barker.
Mr. and Mr». Harry Boetcher and
children and Miss Mae Robinson of
Groat Falls spent the week-end here.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Angert returned
last week to Chicago after a two
week's visit here with Mr. and Mrs.!
Walker at Camp Pinehurst.
j Mr. Raymond Lee made a business
trip to Great Falls Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. David Ledbetter
(spent Sunday in Belt at the Eaglesi
! Picnic.
Miss Ruth McCain of Great Falls
i spent the week-end here.
An "Indoor Circus" was featured
at the Lyric Theatre Monday by the
j Kre gar Show people. A large au*
dicnce was present.
Billy Fagenstrom visited in Great
j Falls last week.
A large crowd turned out to the
"Dandy Dixie Minstrels" last Frithsy
July 30, at the Lyric Theatre. The
program was composed ,of comedy
singing and dancing. After the pro
gram music for dancing was fur
nished by a colored orchestra of
Arthur and Tom Todd re turned to
Geyser last week,
Mr«. J, L. Neihart returned Mon
day after a brief visit in Great Falls.
Mrs. Van Teylinger and son, An
drew, spent a few days of last week
tn Great Palls. —7 —
Messrs. Angert, Hayes, and Mit
chell made up a fishing party to
Sheep Creek last week.
Jack and Jimmy O'Flynn attended
the picnic at Belt Stmday.
The special attraction m the tyr\~
Thentre Wednesday was « comedy
and pepology by the "Kathryn and
Co.," followed by » big dance.


Mrs. Breese and children of Great
Falls who spent two weeks with Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Smith have returned
to their home. Mr. Breese came out
for them Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Darko made
a business trip last week to High
wood, Willow Creek and Belt.
Casper Gonser is using his combine
on G us Peterson's wheat this week.
He finished stubble for himself which
averaged over 20 bushels per acre.
her brother, A. Fischer.
to stay until after harvesting,
and Mr8 A j. Fischer, Jr. were in
Great Falls recently for combine
and other business.
Miss Nell Conolly and mother of j
Great Falls were guests Sunday ofj
Mr. and Mr*. George Ellsworth.
Mrs. R. E. Davis is the guest ofj
She plans !
Mrs. Clarence Feltman and sons
At a recent meeting of the Camp
pi re Gir i s> Mrs . A . j. Fisc h er , Jr.
wa8 elected guardian to take the
p i ac e of Miss Ruth Cleaver who i*
ln Dillon fttten ding normal. The girls
meet Thursday at sheph€rd -
crossing for a business and social
Mrs. Gus Peterson has been con
. * . , *
fined to her bed part of the time for
, , » .
several weeks du e to the extrem ?
ter from South Bakou. also Mr. and"
Mrs. Nelson of Fort Benton
s . . ,, i
Sunday of Mr and Mls
larence Feltman.
Joseph Sherrik is working for Cou
Mr. and Mrs. Edd Feltman and
children of Fort Benton and her sis
Mrs. R. E. Evans and Mrs. Con
Forder were business visitors in Gt.
Falls one day this week.
Mr and Mrs. Joe Sp'ller were
callers at the Feltman home Sunday,
; Mike Burchak is the guest of his
j parents for the month of August.
M'ss May Enquist is working at
the Columbus hosptal in Great Falls.
, Sergeant Alvin C. York is acclaim
ed America's greatest world wai
hero. His name is known from one
end of the country to the other and,
| being a white man, no word of praise
has been withheld in his behalf. He
in,well deserves all that he gets.
But the other day, down in Okla
homa, there went to his happy hun
ting grounds an Indian by the name
great war until his equally obscure I
death, told with pride that he was
the first red man to cross the Rhine.
This Indian boy, only 27 years old
' vhen hp served h " «»untry so brave
ly * waa a valuable scout to the Amer
icnns ' and du * his Primitive in
st 'ncts was able to make his way I
through the enemy unoticed.
8 ® rved ' n Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiei
Meusse-Argonne and Vesle sectors
Because of his ability and bravery,
his valor action and stoicism under
f,re ' he received the ^ reatest honor
the nation can bestow, a congression
al medal.
His most notable deed was the cap
tiire of seven of the enemy, entren
ched in * "h* 11 hole w» 1 * 1 machine
( (fu* 1 *- Nine men were assigned this,
jduty, but all were killed or wounded
on the **!• and th» 8 Indian obeyed
his superior officer's orders single ;
! handed. His rifle is in » Washington
gallery, kept as s record of the ps-ISS
triotism and excellent service of one
native 100 per cent American.
This boy belonged to a vanishing
race and hia zeal and courage will !
never obtain the admiration that 1»
accorded to white men. Imbued with
the blood of warriors who spent their ;
lives fighting pff the invading Cats- j
casian, he served nobly the cause of
» race that reduced his people to s
mere fragment of humanity.
The Indian brave goes to his lone
some tomb with a few citizens know-.gg
ing aught of his great deeds,
sleep» now in an old quiet Indian ;
cemetery, hidden deep in the quiet
woods among others of his tribe, and
we who owe him so much will prob-!
ably smile st Hs ab^'-d nr.me, Tom'
Blind Woman, sheer
enemy single handed
<'f seven of the
and brave f*gh
tor for a country no longer his own
Firemen's Meet
(Con. from page 1)
taons driver» along the rout« and re
freshment« wore served at Camp Ki
wan. Some cars continued on into
the mountain« to. the William'»
ranch. All returning to McLeod for
the big bnrbncue and dance last night
The feed at McLeod was one of
the moei enjoyable event» of the
entire convention, more than 400 peo
pie p a rt a kin g of the Boulder trout,
chicken, beef and trimming* that had
eeen prepared under the direction
James Annin and hi« assistants from
Columbus. It was a big banquet,
well prepared and nicely served and
the firemen and their friends are ail
loud in their praise of Chef Annin.

Eagles Picnic
(Continued from Page One)
welcome and the response was made
by Mayor Mitchell of Great Fails.
Crowd fii Orderly
John Holmes, president of the Ea
gles, said the crowd was one of the
most orderly ever seen at such an
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Murphy of Great
Falls won the contest for the largest
family at the picnic and will be the
guests of the Park Hotel at a dinner
In the near future. Mr. and Mrs. Jot
Murphy have 11 children all of whom
we " Pf 8€nt -
The lar * e bus ot the Y « 1,ow Cab
company made many trips during the
day between this city and Belt and
earned capacity loads each time. The
bus was arranged for by the picnic
committee to serve those who had no
other means of transportation.
s, " H - ' Ii, l v,> " rnt,ii off clean that ;
one ntowr -We,,, now doc-!
tali, replied Sam, "do you think I'd
Foolijh Question 75689.
negîtr-T-ti t— »df-t»t u » of -Hs
chopping wood. He went to a doc
tor's to have the wound dressed and
the doctor looked at it he said.
take a second lick at it?"
—r* " " " ——<•__
Powerized Gasoline 1
53 ;
The only straight-run, steam distilled gasoline in
Montana. ..Made in Montana by Montana people!
from Sunburst, Montana crude oil.
There's Power in Every Drop
Oils and Greases for all kinds of automobiles and
Power driven machines.

The Fixit Shop
m iiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffiiiiiiriH
. .mi. .
The Belt Valley
==: J
Headquarters for
Dance Bills Sale Bills
t Auction Bills
Statements Bill Heads
Envelopes Vouchers
Fancy Stationery
Calling Cards Programs
Business Forms
Bill and Charge Sheets

Charles Ray
Back la his oriciaal bashful
fanner boy role, in
Sweet Adeline
Lota of Laughs and a hu
man interest story
AND—Two Reel comedy
Adm. 10c & 30c
The Road to
Chaney's newest and some
reports say best character
that of "Signa pore Joe,"
owner of a rough road
house on the China coast.
NOTE—This a brand new
picture has not played in
Great Falls.
Felix the Cat— 10 & 30c
Water Hacks, Water b roots and
Furnace Repairs of All Kinds.
Wholesale and Retail
Great Falls Stove Repair Works
700 Central Avenue
Phone 4344

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