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Writefl Ethel May Saidbr Wto
Used Lydia E. PinkhWa
Hartford City, Ind.—Doing houaè
vorkgzuMrttagear* of a sink woman
proved to be too
much tor Ethel
Raider. R R 1
: A
of Hsrtfocd City,
until the started
taking Lydia B.
Pinkham'a Vege
table Compound. «
Overwork had io
undermined her
health that she had
to give up all out
side work,and when
- - she saw this medi
cine advertised in the "Star" and other
papers, she went to druggist and got a
bottle of Lydia B. Plnkham'a Vegetable
Compound. She took it regularly, was
greatly benefited and now feels very
much better.
Ethel May Snider's experience is
similar to that of thousands of other
women in all- walks of life, who have
sent testimonials to the Lydia B.
Pink ham Medicine Company of Lynn,
Among those who praise the Com
pound are young girls who have been
enabled to attend school regularly
—working girls who have gained
strength and endurance so necessary
to them, housewives and mothers who
have found that the tonic-effect of the
Compound has enabled them to per
farm their dally tasks more easily.
The bark of the average dog Is worse
than hla bite ; the bark is usually kept
up all night
M U / 5 t * ■
N Cry for
/ f
MOTHER Fletcher's
Castoria is especially pre
pared to relieve Infants in
arms and Children all ages
.of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhea; allaying Feverishness arising there
from, and, by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aid* the
assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
To avoid imitations, always look for the signature of
Absolutely Harmless - No Opiates. Physicians everywhere recommend it
^ Cuticura
Soap and
Iff man 0m U m lp
CUan and Healthy
Promote Hair Growth
"Willie, wash your mouth and blow
your nose!"
■*"Who's coming, maw?"
"Anything worth while at Skibo
»each. Jack?"- •«? *
"They have lady life guards."
• A
Unless you see the "Bayer Cross*" on tablets, you are not
getting the genuine Bayer Aspirin prescribed by physi
cians and proved safe by millions over 25 years for '
Toothache Rheumatism
Colds Headache ' Neuritb
Pain Neuralgia
Accept only " Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
v "B«y»r"
faottiM of 5
*4 and 100—Dr uggi s ts .
1 tap near
S tbap. lard or
• tbsp. *T«pnr«t»<J
IK C w*Ur
S C- «our
t C. aanuMtl ...
4 levai Up. Csln
m«t Bakin*
1 lavai Up. salt
Mix flour and cornmaal togather
Add baking powder, salt, sugar, Urd
or melted batter, egg mixed With etrep
Mix wall and
If the
orated milk and water,
pour Into a wall-greased pan.
M a Dutch Uven 4# minutes,
camper has no oven, bake In a pan
weered and burled la hot wood aahaa
Beats Okie Pr o f e ss or
"He's the moat absent-minded doc
tor I (Mt Mf" .,
"Why,*what did he dor
"He asked to see my tongue ; and
whén I pm it out he tried to feel ita
palpe." —Cleveland News.
"O Happy Day" sang the laundress
aa she hung the snowy waah on the
line. It was a "happy day" because
she used Bed Cross Ball Blue.—Adver
tisement. r '
Crime Note
"Daddy." aald little Willie, "What
Is a shepherd's crook?"
"It's the only kind of crook yon
don't find in a big city, son." re
plied his dad.—Cincinnati Enquirer.
Call an Alienist
Durham—How did Boyles happen to
lose his mind?
Foster—He tried to beat hla train of
thought, to a crossing. _
If there were no such a word as fall
some unscrupulous man would eoon
Invent one.
Onr country is wherever we are well
He—They say marriage Is a lottery.
She—Well, I've got yoqr number.
Indians of Tlerra del Fnego, accord
ing to Darwin, killed and devoured
their old women In times of famine
and kept their dogs.
A few weeks' vacation from the gas
range makes all the difference In the
world—both wavs.
A fool aftd< his equilibrium are soon

To God. thy country and thy friend
be true.—Vaughan.
•The •
<Cear 1 er This Papaltmant Supplies by
American Legion Niwi Service.)
--- t ! Ai. ■
Delaware department, by Ita sturdy
membership work and an unprecedent
ed Increase, topped the honor roll at
ill Legion departments when the
books were closed at national head
quarters at Indianapolis t> Jane for
determining honor position in the con
vention parade, housing arrangements
and seating arrangements In the con
vention hall at Philadelphia.
First state In the Union to ratify
the Constitution of the United States
on its adoption in 1787, Delaware re
solved to be the first In the great sea
quicentennlul parade of the Legion to
commemorate the one hundred and
fiftieth anniversary of the adoption of
the Declaration of Independence.
To win this honor, Delaware rolled
up a percentage of 208.33 for 1020, as
figured against the average member
ship of the department for the four
preceding years.
Not far behind Delaware came Flor
ida, with 101.21 per cent Idaho, win
ner of the Llndsley trophy, was third
was 150.70 per cent.
The next ten of the forty-nine ^de
partments in order of rank were;
France. —44fj**y v W?b«ffa*. fî».t )t*, r
West Virginia, 132.13 ; Arizona, 129.03 ;
Colorado, 125.05; Canada. 120.83;
Philippine Islands, 120.50; Alabama,
113.22 ; Georgia, 111.52, and Panama,
An unusual feature of this year's
race among the departments was the
fact that 23 of them had at that date
surpassed their average membership
for the preceding four years as
against only four departments to do
so In 1025. Five departments bad a
higher percentage this year than en
abled Florida lost year to win first
— One week after the closing of the
books the Legion, as a national entity,
bad surpassed Its total membership as
of December 31 of the preceding year.
This result, the first time It has ever
been attained since the Legion was
foun<|bd, was accredited to a national
membership campaign launched by
National Commander John R. Me
Qulgg Immediately following hla elec
tion at Omaha in 1925. He then
called upon department commanders
to "go back to your departments and
make 1928 the greatest membership
year the Legion has ever known."
Paris Limits Number of
Legionnaires to 30,000
The National France convention
committee of the American Legion an
nounces that the French government
has limited the number of American
Legionnaires who can be cared for In
Faria during the Legion convention
In September, 1927, to 30.000, that
total being as many as the bousing ac
commodations will permit. There are
no large hotels In Furls, as Americans
know them In the large cities of the
United fitstés. No other conventions
will be permitted In the French capi
tal during the proposed legion con
vention week, September 10-23, 1927.
Because of this llniHatton, an al-,
lot meut of space on the 24 ocean lin
ers that will carry the Legionnaires
to Frapce has been determined, bused
on Legion membership In each state,
the booking of berths, beginning No
vember 15, 1928, will be done In each
state by the department France con
vention officer until March 1, 1927,
when those unfilled will be returned
to John J. Wicker, Jr;, national travel
director of the committee, who will
then fill them direct from his office
from states whose allotments were
not sufficient to care for the demand.
700 Candidates Are
Initiated at One Time
More than 700 candidates were In
ducted into the American Legion at
a recent monster outdoor Initiation
ceremony conducted on the athletic
field of the General Electric company
at Lynn, Mas«., by Lynn Post No. 0.
Fifty thousand watched the
scene while giant searchlights played
upon the field. Amplifier* ftiade ft
possible to hear every word.
Preceding the initiation, 35 Legion
posts and battalions of the National
Guard and the naval reserves held
a parade. A banquet attended by 475
persons was held earlier in the eve
himi iihiwmb lii mn iir l T
tlonal Commander John B. McQulgg,
Department Commander Francis J.
Goode, LienL Gov. Frank O. Allen of
Massachusetts; William J. Young
president of the Lynn Chamber of
(temmerce ; Mayor It. 8. Bauer of
Lynn, and Post Commander Henry O.
SUabee IL
Legionnaires Assisted
When the Eucharistic congress wa*
held at Chicago recently. 300 Amer
ican Legionnaires assisted In mar
shal In* the crowds at the call of
Senior Vice Commander Ferre G. Wat
kins. of the Illinois department. They
helped to conduct 62,000 eblldrep
through down-town Chicago street* on
tme day. They restored several htm
«{red lost children to their parents.
Chicago Medical post acted aa emer
gency units during the congress.
Will Use Reflector t
in Astronomical Work
New methods of research of
troDoraera call for the use of tele
scopes of enormous else, and the ap
paratus of the future. It is believed,
will be the reflector. This type, of
which there are several forma, em
ploys a concave mirror with a silvered
surface, instead of a lens. It Is coaler
to construct lu large sises than. iUie
older form, the refractor. Large disks
of pure optical glass are difficult to
produce. That Is why the biggest ob
ject-glass ever made W only« inches
In diameter. In a mirrbr, internal
faults that would be fatal 'In an ob
ject-glass do not matter. The .light of
Ute star does not pass through the
g\asa, but la reflected fron;. Us copçg.va,
face. Thlp surface la covered uçlth a
highly polished flint of pure silver de
posited by a chemical process. •'' '
Youth and Age
Cortlandt Bleecker was talking at a
New York supper club about a dance
of very much undressed young girl«
that had Just electrified, or at leaat
shocked hla guests.
"An aged captain of Industry," Mr.
Bleecker sold, "was here the other
night, and when this dance begun he
was all excitement.
"'Would you kindly remove your
hat, miss?' he auld a girl who aat
In front of him.
"The girl turned and sized him up
'"Certainly not,' she said; 'and be
sides. you're too old a man to look at
a dance like this.'"
> • F
Aviator *» Life Insurance
Fascist Italy's latest step In the'pro
motion of aviation Is a decree grant
ators and to civil aviators If they are
members of the Itaio Aero club. The
decree states that "men engaged ill
the magnificent defense of the seren
ity of our skies" are naturalfy aTXive
any fear for themselves, and must not
be worried over their safety, but that
their. families deserve every, aid and
protection.There la also a propbsul
on foot tp give free airplane rldea to
children Interested In aviation.—Chi
cago News.
■ litsu
Germany*s Came Bag
Despite an area leas than one-sev
enteenth as great as that of the United
States and n density of population 10
times greater, Germany's fields and
forests yield each year an amount of
game that probably exceeds the total
bag here. The total number of deer of
all kinds shot yearly is estimated nf
about 250,000, equivalent to more than
8,000 head for each of th® 48 states
of the Union. Nearly 3,000.000 hares
and rabbits are shot each year In Prus-,
•la alone. ' Germany places the food
value of Its annual game bag at |13,
000,000.. ■■■
Taka Tablets Without Faar If You
8ss the Safety "Bayer Croaa."
Warning ! Unless you see the nome
"Bayer" on package or on tablets you
are not getting the genuine Buyer
Aspirin proved safe by millions and
prescribed by physicians for 28 years.
Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Imitations may prove dangerous.—Adv.
Lead for Cancer
Ont of 227 "jioimless" dises, 80
have hod no recurrence of cancer aft
er treatment with lead, according to
an Edinburgh hospital authority. Lead
salt injections are poisonous,, however , t
and an effort Is being made to find a
lead colloid that will not have poison
ods results. The 80 coses reported
cured showed no effects of lead poi
soning. ; . . '
No One Was Interested
Bufe Johnson's pet hound disap
peared. Kufe put the following ad hi
the paper;
Lost or Run Away—One liver-col
ored bird dog called Jim. Will show
signs of hydrofobby in about three
The dog came home the following
day.—Everybody's Magazine.
Hubby—Look, here's a hair In the
Wlfey—Looks like one of yoguRÉ,-j
dear. Must have come off the rolling'
What l
of Calumet Baking Powder does the work of
two spoonfuls of many other brands—it goes
further—lasts longer. A Big Time fit Money Saver.
■ >j
( '
.«Ag* Vf« rm*
V cowmrwrs*** *
Sale« X 1 /. Time« Those of Any Other Brand
r- -
• r

' I
the GMÀC Plan


4 1
> »
i i'
• i
Those who buy General Motors *
products out of income enjoy
the further advantage of the
GMAC purchase plan.
This plan is operated by a
member of the General Motors
family in order to assure cus
tomers of General Motors a
sound credit service at low cost.
The GMAC Plan may be
adapted to the individual
assured income who prefer to
buy General Motors cars on
And the credit price is stand
ard—the cash delivered price,
plus only the low GMAC charge.
i .
operating dig OMAC PI«« for dig purchase of
To the Point
"Censorship, or rsfher too much
censorship," declared Tod Browning.,
famous director of crook and Oriental
pictures, "Is sapping the films of their
vividness and vitality. Too many pic
tures today, owing to unintelligent
censorship, are about ns effective ns
the fop sergeant from college who said
to his men who were moving about In
rank :
, '"Gentlemen! Yon are supposed to
■ be at atteritlon.*." j ' . .
When adding to- y<$ur t öltet
An exquisite färb; kftln; bût»
Oqn't Forget Cuticura Talcum
y and dust
ing powder and perfume, rendering
other perfumes superfluous. You may
reljr ob It because one of the Cuticura
Trio <8oap»i Ofnfment and Talcum).
25c ekeh everywhere —Advertisement.
" - '* - *- '»ip
I One Exceptio*
"Do yon believe -In spanking chil
dren?" we asked.
"Most of the time," retailed Gap
Johnson of llurapus Ridge, "but In the
case nf my least boy, Bearcat, not
rtflpt now. He swallefed • a - ca'trldge
yesterday."—Kansas City Klar *■
Wild Animal Yard
A yard where lions, tigers and other
animals and serpents are bought and i
sold la a feature of the Bast end of
1 _■_--
A hypocrite always has poise.
i/vrsroc* commission
i. , KTAO «■KTHQ.t)H1k'>6t.
riVé months old ff 6m (ton Stork. Tnirumrm*
Ilnmimmd, Nrhraoka.
— re*î - Urn i - --- , r - —
Bl.t;x FOXK* 68 pup« from « PAIRS P«n
Brrd b«re. I*ow prlr*—photo«,
booklit«. WrlU AUBUhN fOX AND TUB
KAUM. Aubu*n, W*«*lagtoy. f
JOIN KX< IIAN<<K Ci.l'fi
Unfqu* now. W« bKlp you «fcrhonx« prop
•rty artlclm, str., 91 monthly; $3 »«ml-, )l
s(wnnn)]y. r P. Of. H«»i 2 Ö 12 , Los An*fits. Csllt.
S/tfftudrntisa co.
iws»«iai qaats a«
toeth, old plat«*, diamonds, discarded
W. N. U„ BILLINGS, NO. 40.192&.

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