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At V •
1 «■ '
*. >
taken by the Belt boys and girls
as follows:
Peppers, Second Prize, Tommy
^°*' n
Carrots, First Prize, James Provin.
Carrots, Second Prize, Dorothy
A forge group of 4H Club and
project workers took a trip to the
Great Falla Gen and Livestock Show
last Fridijr.
It is reported that an interesting
and worthwhile trip was enjoyed by
The number of prises which w er
Beets, First Prize, James Provin.
Beets, Second Prize, Stanley Penn.
Onions, First and Second Prize,
Dorothy Randall
Tomatoes, First Prize, Tommy
Hubbard Squash, First Prize, Clar
ence McCafferty.
Hubbard Squash, Second Prize,
Dorothy Randall.
Pumpkin, First Prize,
Kohl Rabi, First Prize, Tommy
Cucumber, First Prize, Clarence
McCafferty. I
Beans, Second Prize, Stanley Penn.
Plymouth Rock, Second Prize, Ed
ward Penn.
Buff Orpington, First Prize, Billy
The girls who won prizes in the
clothing contest are as follow:
Hand Towel, Second Prfoe, Dor
othy Ne l so n .
Stockenett Darn, First Prise, Mar
jorie Sharrard.
4H Chib Apron, First Prise, Mar
jorie Sharrard.
Second Prize, Tommy
Mara Noe tram was something dif
ferent. How closely the plot followed
Ibanez book we do not know but the
tfarlls.the tragedy and the intrigue
are thaw with scenes of octopuses
and submarines sufficient to make
yon creep and shudder. The Plot
wipes out the players leading all
a violent death but the mystic meet
ing of the lovers after death in the
depths .of the sea propagates a pen
sive rim of thought, possibly the
object of the author.
Ladies As Vice
Pres. In G.O.P.
Helena, October—With the ap
pointment by Chairman Frank Hazel
baker of Mrs, May C. Bartos of Hel-|
ena and Miss Elizabeth Ireland
Havre as vice chairman for the First
and Second Congressional Districts,
reepectively, the Republican organ
iration for the state campaign has
been perfected, these appointments
having followed a meeting pf file
executive committee at which W. W.
Gail of Billings was made secretary
of the state committee and T A.
The organization, which is repre
sentetive of every section of the
state and «Aery shade of Republican
opinion within the party ranks, ia
made up of the following executive
commmitteemen : Joseph D. Scanlan,
Miles öty; C. J. Baldwin, Bridfcer,
Dr. O. M. Lanstrum, Helena; Frank
P. Keith, Missoula; C. M. DowCn,,
Forsyth; Dr. R. C. Monahan, Butte;
James Griffin. Chinook, Matt Murray
Glasgow; C. A. Rasmussen, Glendive
and Dr. E. M. Larson, Great Falls.
Headquarters have been opened at
campaign already put ander way hi
N half of the five state candidate»-
-, . '* glna la *" ^
»date for Congress in the First die
trict; Congressman Scott Leavitt of
Great Falla, eaadkfote for re-election
in the Second district; Judge Albert;
J. Galen and Judge William L. Hoi
loway, candidates for re-election
associate jus tines of the supreme
court; and Lee Dennis, former rail
road commissioner, candidate again 1
for that offlea. •
Marlow of Helena treasurer.
the Placer Hotel and
B. V. H. S. Sat. Oct. 9th
Football, Gt. Falls vs
Next week will be wait* week
the Pythian Theatre, when the new
U. F. A. production. "A W.h* Dreau
begnn. ite en^rement. This feature.
of "Merry Widow" proportions,
based on the Oscar Strauss operetta,
^rejand was directed by Dr. Ludwig Ber
ger. Three of Germany's leading
pi a y e rs in the light comedy field por
tray the roles of the lovesick Prin
cess, her homesick-for Vienna hus
band, and the self-sacrificing music
teacher. Mady Christiana is Prin
cess Alix, Willy Fritsch. Count Nich
. __ . , .
olas Prcyn. nicknamed Nux, and
Xeni* Desni is Franx».
. Running through the picture, which
portrays life in Vienna before the
war. when that was the gayest, mad
„ , . _ '
dest capital of Europe, are the
j •
strains of "The Beautiful Blue Dan
ube," the Johann Strauss waltz pop
ular around the world.
A hearing* on the appeal of res
idents and trustees of school districts
Nos. 9 and 37 from the creation of
school district No, 12, which was
formed of land previously incorpor
ated in the appealing districts, was
taken under advisement by the board
and the decision will be announced
at a latter' date.
W. H. Hoover, Sam Stephenson, A.
C. Norman arid Mr*. Emma Peterson
represented the residents of the new
school district and Ihfbrmed the
board that the new district
necessary in only that children could
be given a suitable oportnnity for
ucation. It was pointed out that
district now has 10 children, who
attending school in a make-shift
schoolhousc on the Stephenson
Hoover ranch.
Henry Boyle and John Marn repre
sented the other two districts at
hearing and contended that the crea
tion of district No. 12 would result
hardships to the older districts from
which it was formed. District No.37
has at the present time but two pu
pils, according to the trustees, as
result of the division.
The controversy, according to
Norskag, who represented property
owners in district 9, results from two
ineffectual attempt« to centralize the
schoolhousc In district No. 87. The
schoofhoose in the older district is lo
<**«<* near the Cbotoau county line,
! where a majority of the votera reside.
The major portion of the school chil
dren, however, it was stated, lived
| some distance from the schoolhouse
| * n d in consequence encountered hard
*hips through the fact that the school
house was not located in the center
**•« district.
^ _
71,6 ne «i » school for those who
are not eligible to the ones we now
have - ha * been noted by the Belt P.
7*. A. and assisted by the the Worn
c,ab . hove decided to open
» aeaaion of District School, Wednes
«"»'n*. October 18th at the
1 aoditorijgn. The teacher has been
hired and instruction wiD be given
in «• trt * R ' 8 The faculty of
th* BeIt Valley High School and of
tbe ' Grade school have been invited
, and no doubt win o! *«in some valu
ab * <> pointers.
All the members of the Belt P. T.
A. and the Woman's Club are
quested to attend, and every one in
the community not now attending
• . ....
" othCT " choo, U in * tod If **
h°y* « n mueter the largest class,
they will receive s prize. Gray
haired pupils are especially desired.
home until school is out and be on
time, 8 P. M. at the auditorium.
„ • „ . . , . „
you did years, ago, as no one can go
Runaway Cars Block Road
On Saturday mom in« w&llili
train crow of tha focal freight a
switching- can in tfo Bolt yards, Mtt
coal can got away on the track le
the yard of the Neihart Lamb«
Company, and finally came to root
at squarely across the road some W *•*
wot sf the viaduct One car eras
empty hat the other was loaded with
eoaL -,
is A wrecking crew was gathered
and shortly after noon the empty
was polled back upon the track.
The loaded car had been stopped
only by the foundation of the Nsi- 1
hart Lumber company's warehouse
which in front and back shows the |
effect of the terrific. impact. The
Fung were compelled to build a track j
to meet and «« ««>7 after
. repeated pulls by a powerful engine
^ able to drag it out of the
way of traffic which had been rou
ted around among the lumber piles
for the better part of Saturday,
According to Tex Graff, who
states that he got his information
(ftrecUy from âiwMon
tendant, file Great Northern
shortly begin work to improve
Stockyards at the mouth of Nall
creek. They will be taken up
yards built where the roundhouse
stands. This will be filled up with
cinders and adequate yards con
Th. nrfe, ««tin* of the I*»«
Aid Society, ... Held et the Bank
taildin*. laet Wed. eftemooo Sept.
the folio*«. Officer. *e» .«rtrf
, , ... ,
IVe.id.ot. Mr.. Her*. Vic.
Mrs. Jennings; Second Vice Praffoent
Mrs. Hans Johnson; Treasurer, My*
One of the improvements will be
loading chute at each and of
yards as well as a greater number
of pens for the accommodakipn
cattle- shippers.
Bu r n e tt, Secretary, 3ft*. AIT Johnson,
Several new members joined the
Aid Society . nt Ibis. Lima-At the
close of the business session, the
ladies aid entertained the teachers,
and lunch .was served. The address
of welcome was given by Mrs. Bur
nett and responded to by Mrs. Stew
art. Mr. Stong then gave a brief
report of the church work of the con
ference year, after which Mrs. Berg
and Mrs. Samuelson favored with
guitar selections,
The next meeting of the ladies aid
will be held in the bank building Wed.
afternoon, October, 13th. Visiten
always welcomed. The ladies are
preparing for their Bazar, which will
be held the first part of December.
♦ + + + + + 4» + + *4>^4 > + + + -'
+ + + * + + + + + + + + 4 + + + +
_ -
Mrs. Gladys Croff has moved to
town for the winter.

Mr. and Mrs. James Keith, Mrs.
Westfall and Mr. Buges expect to
leave this week for California to
spend the winter,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Harwood are liv
ing in the A. J. Stough house and
John T*«* and fami| y have moved
from the W. A. Fish ranch into Mrs.
Glusicon s home.
Mr. Ralph Phillips is spendng a few
days in town visiting.
{ Michels have several trucks busy
; hauling grain to town from different
threshing outfits.
Joe Sikora and Henry Vaskey were
busy cutting poets Tuesday.
Mr*. Bloom entertained Ladies Aid
Rev. Snow held services at the
church Sunday evening. j
jj m Ltvix was taken to a Great |
palls hospital Monday «offering with
Mrs John Williamson and daugh
j tors Bertha and Mrs. M erkling re- •
__ , , *, „ „ ,
* BeU M ° nd * y
Ambrose and James Vaskey visited t
^^ti ve« faiGreat Falls Monday re
tan, * n * T'usa nay,
j here getting her garden truck
Mr. This tod is quite 111 at his home
in Great Palls.
: Mr « LW* «nd children are visit
ing In Great Falls this week. _;
Mrs. Glusicon spent several days
care of.
World Service (missions).| 411.00
Children's Day Fund .
Three Forks Relief Fund
^port of Bishops .
^ ~. 105 .00
Conference Minutes ,....
. . .
M . „ _ _ .. *
US ^' ' ' *'
... 30.00
_ 1500.00
Janitor service (donated) ...
U. C. Entertainment .
Total raised and expended.$2617.60
The church work for this year will
be carried on by the following organ
I. Ministerial—Bishop H. Lester
Smith, Helena, Mont. Rev. Jesse
Bunch, district superintendent, Hel
ena, Montana. Harry T. Stong, pas
!L Trustees—James Brodie, David
Graham. D. W. Burnett, F. T. Heron,
sad F. E. Joscatyn.
HI. Stewards— G. B. Weat, James
Brodie, Harry Browning, Jack Nash,
Oscar Sampson, Mrs. G. B. Weat and
Mrs. D. W. Burnett.
IV. Sunday School—Mrs. Harry T.
Stong, superintendent
V. Ladies Aid—Mrs. Carl Berg,
president. __
VI. Epworth League—Jack Nash,
president _
VH. Committees—'Church records,
P. D. Joscelyn and F. T. Heron; Aud
""»■ 0 B f*" "l ?"'
f* 1 «'' ' ■"" lc ' M "
**"* t-""* R "" "T "** " d
Milled and Mrs. C. L. Crsne; World
pJfc.f'f'T'V'*- C U C '*" •"* ""
| ' e **' e v ni P" on
14 - 4 >* + « 4 -♦ + + 4 > * 4 > 4 - ++ 4-4

+ .
Mr and Mn Harry Smlthi Mr .
aJ)d Mn) Darko Mrs. Burring
ton Mike Dark0t C ,.„. nc< . Fe ltman
Mr and Mrs A j poacher attended
^ ( j ance given at Upper Highwood
Saturday night for the benefij of the
j Red Jurgens and Chartie Urgu
hart drove to gund ay to hear
| realms from the baseball game,
Mary Burchak hiked to Waltham
and spent the day with Mrs. Smith
Mike Gondeiro and son, Steve,
sold their wheat Saturday end drove
to Belt to deposit their check.
G us Peterson made a business trip
to Great Falls and Fort Benton Fri
I day and Saturday of last week,
Harr y Sm,th » nd A. Fischer were
»•*> ln Gre,t Fells Friday. They
attended the livestock show.
Marie Forder received first prize
for her pen of White Wyandotte
chickens in Great Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Gulden spent
Saturday In Great Falls.
E. M. Johnson went to Winifred
pyj^y to ^ y, parents and re
turned Monday.
jj r and Mrg Ry f fa and c hj|dren
^ H i^, wood „p^t Sunday with Mr.
aTld Mn A pi^her. Dora tun of the
stayed over night and re
turned Monday morning on the train
ciarece Feltman and Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Welitis went to Great Falls Mon
R R Evan a ( j,* Spilfor and Mr,
and Georg* Dar ko were shop
jn Hijfhwf>od recently.
A. Fischer shipped two cars of
cattle Tuesday to Chicago. He ac
Mra. Wm. Sutheland and Mr. Fred
Suthenfoml f rom Goodman gulch
;were Rafter» here Wednesdfy,
.rnpanred then* mid wi" pechsp"
visit some of Mrs. Fischer's relativet
who live there before his return.
Mrs. Glusicon was a visitor In Ray
nesford iaat week.
John Cook of Great Palls was «
Belt visitor Tuesday,
Mr and Mrs. Boy Johnson were
in town Tuesday.
I The season for the 1926 Belt Val
! ley High School football eleven opens
^ Saturday, Oct. 9 at Balt with Great
Falls. For sevsml weeks twenty or
more fellows have reported for prac
tice. Coach McDonald reports good
material for this season and much
A number of last year veterans
are back in their old positions.
The team is to be adorned with
first game is with Great,
Falls next Saturday. Two games
are scheduled with Belt and Stan
new outfits and the «quad will make
a good showing.
Although the major portion of the
line-up this year are lower classmen
a number of last years men will be
back in their old positions. Jay Ice
land, Les Jewell, Hareharick, Frank
Goeaack, Bill Remington, | George
Dover, Myron Johnson and Sigrid
One of the largest real estate
transfers reported in Cascade county
for several months was effected Fri
day when all assets of the Belt Valley
Sheep company were told to George
R Smith and Leonard E. Smith for a
consideration of $81,600, according to
announcement of H. Norskag, Greet
Fells attorney, Saturday.
The Belt Valley company was a
Wisconsin corporation headed by
Stauffacher A Kelly of Dane. WIs.
Among the assets .sold to the Smith
brother« were 3£40 acre« of fond In
township If, north of range 7 aast.
Improvement« valued at $8,860, sheep
cattle and other stock. 1
, The new owners of the property
have been residents of Cascade
county for several years and form
erly made their home on the Lower
Sun river ranch of O. H. Campbell à
The property sold by the Wisconsin
corporation is better known in Cas
cade county as the old Milton Peter
son ranch, and the real estate has an
assessed valuation of $38,116. accord
ing to the county assessor's office,
through the office of Attorney Nor
skag, according to the announcement
Harry T. Steng, pastor
This ia to be an eventful evening
et*our church. Members of the Ep
worth League cabinet will have sup
per at the parsonage and discuss im
portant issues with district superin
tendent Bunch. A League business
and booster meeting will be held in
the church from 7 to 8 o'clock. Every
one interested in League work should
be present.
At 8 o'clock Rev. Jesse Bunch will
bring us inspirational address. The
public is cordially invited. A short
business session will conclude the
Choir rehearel Saturday everpng ,
Morning worship at 11 o'clock, Ser
Subject, The j
Evening worship at 7:80. Follow
ing a song service and special music)
the pastor will deliver another ser-1
mon on Teste of Character.
Sunday School at 10 o'clock. Our
Sunday School is progressing very
nively. But flüere fs an urgent de
mand for efficient and faithful
program for the evening.
at 8 o'cloick.
mon by the pastor.
Supremacy of God.
Epworth League at 6:30 Sunday
everting. . A fine group out last Sun
day evening. Let us endeavor to in- !
crease the attendance and the in- j
tore» t. i
The regular meeting of the Ladies
Aid society will be held in the lobby
of Hotel Waldo on Wednesday after
«mn. Oct. 13th. The presence of
all the member and friends urgently
requested. j
' The Republicans opened their cam
paign in Balt with a lohg-to-be-ro
membered rally on the evening of
October second.
Several hundred people were in at
tendance. the most of them of voting
d|re and, until the cloae of the pro
gram not a chair was vacated nor
did those standing grow weary and
leave the hall.

Before the opening of the meeting
Art Dowse 's orchestra played a few
Then W. H. Hoover,
chairman of the meeting was intro
duced and in turn presented Messrs
Briggs. Beig, Brandt and Julian to
the audience as the Republican qoar
who responded to an encore.
their first number being so well rec
Mr. Hoover made a brief talk cal
ling to the attention of his
tile merits of the state ticket, Scott
Leavitt for congressman Galen and
Hal laws y for Judges of the supreme
court, and Lee Dennis for railroad
commission. •
The quartette then brought deem
the house with their rendition mt
"How Do You Do."
W. H.' Meigs, JJ. Wuerthnar,
Harry Hammen t, Roy Johnson, Hugh
Jonas, Floyd Straitln responded to
their names with short pithy spa
The absence of Mr. Harm
and Mr Cooney eras remarked by the
chairman who paid «ach a glowing
tribute. Following this was a solo
by Mr. Briggs which was encored.
Lou Kommers, Fred Ewald, Art
Jardin«, Harold Mady and John Cook
each made a brief statement to tha
audience after which Captain Moran
wu *ulogi*ed by the chairman.
Bob Gordin, William Jeffrie«, Etes
Brown, Woody Woodward responding
with a word or » story and the
chairman then pat the cam Hf Matt
Jacobeon before his audfonea.
The quartette outdid themaefoua
in the last selection and Ju fi n a
Wuarthnar their manager may weR
be proud of his protegee.
The floor was cleared and Dow««'»
Orchestra furnished music for torn»
hours of dancing. . Tha Pythian
Sisters furnished a neat lunch for
them at midnight It was a fine«
rally and left a delightful Impression
upon the minds of those who wen
Someone Wins
Choice Radiola
and no strings attached—for the
person holding the lucky number at
Pythian Theatre Saturday Oct. 16th
when Jack Poland of the Balt Efotric
Service Station will give away to the
above mentioned lucky person a new
$86.00 Radiola No. 8A
The only rules of the drawing are
that, at every performance at fee
TOupon tickets will
be sold at regular admission prices.
and e coupon bearing same number
of the admission ticket, is returned
I to the patron. All theatre tickets
gold frtm Monday August 4 to Sat.
August 16th, both dates inclusiv«.
will be sold and put in a bo»
tween shows Saturday Oct. 16th thia
box will be opened on the stage and
first ticket drawn will win tha
Radiola. In case the corresponding
j, no t j n the house at the
the owner.
The Badiola. to be given-away, i*
time of the drawing, the ticket will
be saved, the number adveitisod, for
now on display in window of the Belt
Electric Service Station, the local
a 6 ent * * or tbls popular,
Last week Sakri Jarvi of Little
Belt ran off the road the other aide
of the Clay Mine on Armington Cou
lee and found his Ford In the ditch
about twelve feet below terra Crm»,
Sakri is reported to have been read
ing his mail as he drove homeward.

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