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■f -
Consists of 30
On Saturday evening the basket
ball season of the local high school
opens with a game between the
Centerville H. S- team and that from
the B. V. H. S.
The game opens at 8:15 and will
be preceded by a preliminary be
tween other teams which will be fast
and interesting.
Coach Spogen has not announced
his line up and doubtless will use
the occasion to try out his material
in a real game. Le land, Jewell and
Simonis of last years squad
available with Cody, F. Cossack ,A.
Cossack, J. Cossack, Remington, M
Johnson, Plorek and S. Johnson also
on the squad.
The games preceding the tourna
ment are practice games where dif
ferent formations are tried ano
eventually the most effective is
used in the tournament which
decides who shall represent this
district at the state tournament.
Tucker, Probst, Nohl and M
Cafferty graduated last year and
only tene will teQ whether the nee
tes» will p os se s s the seme fighting
and fast passing qualities as the old
Centerville has been one of the
fastest teams hi the district for
several fears and will doubtless give
a good account of themselves.
The game Saturday night will be
fast snd interesting.
- JfcVv


+ + + *4 + + .|. + + + * + + + **
Conn Forder was in Highwood and
~ Great Falls Saturday attending to
business matters.
Red Johnson snd A. J. Fischer
made a. business trip to Great Falte
and Belt Saturday.
Geo Dar ko was shopping in Hlgh
41 wood recently. ■ ;
Mr. and Mrs. John Lander and
family were doing their Christmas
shopping in Groat Falls Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wskttis have a
new Master Six Bnick.
As a result of the Highwood bank
«wing out of business most of the
termer, have been up to draw out
their BMteey. Those who went up
Monday were Otto Gulden, Mr. and
Mrs. V. L. Fischer and Mr. snd
A. Fischer. Sr.
Mp and Mrs Otto Gulden and chil
£ Grav^tSartK^ldar!
Miss' Mary Gray,' and Mr. and
V. L. Fischer were supper guests of
[r. and Mr». A. Fischer, Sr. Sunday.
George Ellsworth drove to Great
Falte Monday afternoon.
Mrs. John McKenzie spent severs.
d* VS mortong' '*"'**** 1 W
John Loy te making preparation.
forTtrip to Florida whliThT will
attend the national convention of his
_____ . J
Übel Laundry of Great Fsdls cam«. ,
to Belt Saturday where he visited
relatives. His sister. Mrs. Phi.
Leveilte accompanied him back to
Great Falls where she visited and
Marie Forder returned Sunday
morning from Chicago. She says the
club members were royally treated
and entertained. Mrs. Forder an J
Connie went to Highwood Sunday
afternoon to see her.
little Howard Ellsworth has bee..
confined to his bed with a severe
Mrs. L. M. Jurgens and children
shopping in Groat Palis Satur
Steve Burchak is working at th«
Self Service Store in Great Falls.
returned Monday
Basketball BELT Vs. CENTERVILLE Saturday, 8 P. M
■ ,p
The entire board were present si
the school board meeting Tuesday
night. Routine bills were allowed.
A letter was received from the pres
ident of the State Organisation of
school boards asking that the Belt
board make a list of matters upoi.
which they desire legislation and file
same with the secretary. This mat
ter was deferred for consideration.
The local board unanimously voted to
offer Snpt. Bowman bis position for
s period extending to July 1 st, 1928
before which time the matter will be
considered for a further extension.
Music lovers should not
hearing tbs Great Falls Symphony
Orchestra on Friday night. This
organisation is composed of some
80 of the best musicians in the
county seat and white the o rch es t r a
as S whole has been heard by few of
our citisens yet than are many ib.
know of the excellence of individual
musicians from .which they infer
the. quality of the rest The school
piafto will be tuned especially for
this occasion in order that there may
be no instrument out of harmony.
Cascade County Egg Producers will
meet in Great Falls December 14, to
perfect an organization to market
their eggs in Great Falls, through s
co-operative organisation. D. L.
McDonald, Agriculture Intetroctor at
the Belt High School, commenting on
this plan said, the only. way by
which egg producers ran get mon.
money will be by producing eggs 01
the best quality and by marketing
them through agencies that appre
ciate quality and will pay for it This
is a real opportunity for the local
farmer to réalisa some extra money
by grading and marketing their pro
duct though a co-operative organisa
tion. And can be put across it
enough farmers take advantage of
the opportunity and attend this
Under t conditiong a lar _ e
- fK , -♦««.« «n a inr.i
-, «Ateri t y . ° > * j
H f •
^ J^JTTf aLitv Under
BV * _* blivineth<> Lyer nro
J* " b £ , ogSMOn
. A . BH ? fprinr _ The m-oducer
, "J .üTnnHer fete .vs
fe hi wn _ wor th white
n *. '
tne pro ducer wn ose egg are jwo.
*Jlrfe^^ndTr^fete ^vstem of
Zin? feere is i^centiv7 f" fel
Mr.-.'^J ert o use proper method, in
the production and marketing of hi.
I ft places a premium on care
JTness and offer, no reward for
[improvement of quality.
_ j
'- -
Tonight the Domestic Science
department of the high school under
the direction of Miss Helen Ryan ,
tcacher in charge will entertain fee
school trustees, 'their wives, the
clerk and all the teachers, in the
Home Economics department in the
auditorium. This is in the nature of j
a get acquainted meeting as or
dfnarily the trustees hake few op
portnnities to meet fee faculty of
the local scheel !

Great Falls Symphony Orchestra
Prof. R. A. Kcpat, Director
Friday , December 10 , 1926
Belt, Montana
Start* 8:16 P. M.
. . Program . .
Overture "Lustspiel" .
Selection from "The Viceroy".Victor Herbert
(a) Care Selve .—__,_Handel
(b) I Passed by Tdtip Window,.. . .Brahe
Mrs. Evelyn F. Lyford.
..Keler Bela
Andante Cantabile .
Stringed Orchestra
March from "Tannhäuser".
Overture "Poet end Peesent" ..
. Suppe
Blue Danube Welts..
Marche Mi Hi taire .
... ...Schubert
(a) Andante
(b) 1 Menuetto
(From the Surprise Symphony)
Selection by the Sy mpho ny Tri»
Piano, Mrs. O. F. Wadsworth
Violin, D. E. Cramer
« Cello, W. C. Ulery
I High School
Th * Dramatic Club has set as it»
goal for the year, participation in
** Thc.tr« tournament .t
Mi,aoala Th * tournament is to be
in connection with the annual
track meet. In order to qualify to.
a chance to win. it will be necessary
for **• club to work hard all year .
The production of numerous one .ct
ptoyt, emphasizing interpretation
and general effectiveness will be the
work o£ ^ cJub gtudent wih'«»
a chance to perform ao that no
talent will be unfound.
F nanciafly the trip will be a pro
hlem as well, and support of the club
in its numerous activities will be ap
MUs Rice motored to Great Falls
Saturday. A car hit the rear end 01
** " r * nd • mMhed ,l »P ^
Monday afternoon the 6 th. 7th and
8 th grades put on a program in th«:
eighth grade room.
Tuesday morning the Freshmen
gave their first program which con
suited of musical selections. The pro
gram was as follows; Piano solo
Marjorie ghamrrd. Duet, Dorothy
and Doris Randall, Violin Duet, Eva
LeseUe and Ruth Wilson, Piano solo
Florence Wood.
c ... . . ,
Siguard Johnson, delegate fromtht
B<>it Valley High School to the In
temational Live Stock Show ac
Chi«mgo returned last Thursday. Urn
boys from Montons «boote were,
sponsored by M. J. Abbey of Bose-:
State Supervisor of Agricu.-1
'««1 education. Siguard «ports
1 ^ an Y »«pactions at the stock show.
Exhibit, of stock from all over the
work *, »tock judging and horse
'«howa. Besides the stock proper
enjoyed visits to the Art
; Gallery, Marshall Field Museum,
[Lincoln Park. Western University,
the wheat p,t at ** ,
t!or ' how -
Prof: R. A- Keyes, Director of the
[Great Fall. Symphony Orchestra
visited the high school Tuesday tore
noon - He «ddressed the students at
^"h^tr.^^nteatronl 11 * e'x^d^ing!
{hp repregentin(î ' an orchestra.
He alro gave the personnel of th.
Symphonj , Oreherir. which will make
. -
1 s •PP** ranc * next rn y e e ,
at the H - 8 - Auditorium. He spoke
" f music and its refining influence
and its importance as a part of a
high school education. His addrea
enthusiastically received by the
u u -f
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The Lion's Chib dinner Tuesday
night brought out a maximum atten
dance including a few guests. In tho
absence of Pres. Van Dike and var
ious vice-presidents, Q. H. Kirk acteo
as chairman and for the committee
on constitution and bylaws presente«,
the report of that committee which
was adopted. Committees reported
progress on preparation for Ladies
night and the Frontiers Day celebra
tion. Three members of the Hawai
ian troupe playing at the Pythian
entertained the party with several
musical numbers.
$13000 ESTATE
A petition for probate of the wih
of the 1st» John Robertson, who died
at Belt November 27, was Monday
filed In district court by 8. K.
Peterson. The estate has an ap
fmiaed value of approximately
$ 11 , 000 .
The assets of the astete, recites
the petition of Attorney Peterson,
are $224 in cash, time certificates of
deposit in banka of Gnat Falls and
Belt, $8.7<*r lot 16» block $, Beit
$1,270; personal property 4160, and
claims of $ 2,012 and $ 1,012 against
the American Bank A Trust com
bank of Belt.
patty and tho
The heirs are William Robertson
and Golf Robertson, sons of the de
cedent, both of whom live in Klep
stad, Norway, and Tom Holland of
(Gnat Palls Tribune)
Realizing that any efforts which
tend to inersass the health of the
eommnnity as s whole, tend to de
crease the number of esses of tu
bercqlosis, the Montana Tuberculosis
Association maintains in Cascade
county a full time nurse who in sd
dition to giving personal Instruction
1" tb « ir care to 96 Tubercular per
sons in fee " co unt y, teaching them
how kee P ■provins the
)•**•* to others, enters into all setiv I
[ ities of the local Health Department
j She played a vital part in rodndnB|
the death rate from Tuberculosis ln
Cascade County from »0 per 100.000
in 1919 to 10 in 1926, also in roduc-i
ing the death rate from Summer com
plaint in infants from S3 in 1919 to 10
to 1926; as well as In eliminating 1
Diptheria as a cause of death In Cas
cade County. j
Each year the funds derived from
the sale of Christmas seals becomes
larger and less effort is required to
sell the seal*. This is partly due to
the fact that the public at large re
a,iM * the Nati " na '
ntte"manleed"oreIni^ti^rin P fee
clent y m ** d * rani * at ' n " . ^
»■' P« r c 1 m y ra sed In o
m rent in ex P cnde<1 in th * county
*» ^ ich raised, not in props
**" da - but in actual health work.
As County Health Officer, I sin
cerely hope that the people of Belt
w j)| gb ow the same active interest
jn Tuberculosis Christmas seal all
this year that they Me always
shown in matters pertaining to the
health at the community, and I feel
sore * arh wi " ** ° n]y 400 ,flad
to do his part when the seal sate
opens under the direction of Miss C.
Molitor and the Girl Scouts.
On Wednesday night Decemhea
16th the Lion's Club will hold what
is known as Charter night on which
occasion the charter will be presen
ted to the club by Senator James
Griffen of Chinook, who is Deputy
District Governor of Lion's clubs.
Leo. C. Grsybesl will give the
address of welcome to the visitors
who will comprise many members of
the club from Greet Fella and other
places besides the wives and ladies
of all members.
President John Van Dika will ac
cept the charter for the local chtt,
Louise Lochrsy will sing, Mts. D. 1*
McDonald will give s reading; Mar
Joris Sharrard will whistle a solo,
Cal Sharrard as Tail Twister will de
a stunt with the bell and the crowd
will indulge in some of the Linas*
songs. Probably before the pro gr es s
the crowd will do Justice to a dinner
which is expected to be mors elab
orate than the usual menu.
Later it was learned that shoot
talks would be made by Dr. Irwte
and H. M. Peet of Groat Falb
Among the other attractions wiH ha
the Groat Falb Boys Band of 16
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦ wm
N B 1 ■ A B T
Mary Taylor returned to her home
Tuesday by oas after spending a
week with her relatives in Oram

♦ ♦♦♦ + + * •> *
Dave Ledbetter was a Monday aaa
Tuesday visitor in Groat Falls.
Charlie Swanson went Into Groat
Falls Monday where he expects te
have some dental work done.
Mrs. Salo and three children «I
Dover arrived Monday for a visit at
the Chas Maki home.
Chas. Gutman was a Tuesday visit
or in Great Falls.
W. H. Yarnall, special agent tat
the Central Life Assurance Society,
ipan t Tuesday and Wednesday In our
community .
»ff atra have taka«
placa Utely among them being ths
card p.rties gi^n by Mrs. Broderie*
Tuesday nltht( and that by Mr*
u on Fri day night.
Mra Broderick's guests were, Mr«.
j R RaWchand, Mrs. B. Sturmaa,
' Amm p^tesch, MrV CKjll fe ".
dl-toilbbon, Mrs. R. C Tripp, Mrs. H
Bo«hl, Mrs. Bassett •Leytoii, Mrs. K
'j Gruter, Mrs M. N. Lease, Mrs.
i n nn | e flaxton, Mrs. W. E Whit*.
Mlai L eaa * ( Miss Broderick snd Mrs.
M „ guests included, Mn.' .
Tony FaI1 ^, M rs. r, C . Tripp. Mrs.
MrGibbon, Mrs. Hans Roehl,
Mrs. W. E. White, Mrs. B. Sturman,
M „ L Heath Mn j W eld. Mrs. T.
F , H ogg. Mrs. Annie Ha*ton, Mrs.
M. N. Lease, Mrs. Frank Savage,
Mrs. A. C. Taylor, Mrs. G«o. Broder
| c k, Mrs. J. Rabichaud, Mrs. Sid O*
Connor Mrs. E. J. Groter. Mrs. L. A. g '
Grant. Mrs. D- C. Crutcher. Mrs K.
T. Barkeil. Mis. Lease. MissFlorence
B '^ tT ft " d MiM ^T*
There were a number of pupils who
ü ^
m ° nth
mediate room scored 100 per cent for
PriÜ^îy— Marjorie Hogg. Tommy
H ogg. Conil Shill. Dulin Shill. V,r
g ini a Tripp. Will MacGibbon. Gene
Savage, Merritt fbnith.
_Intorm*^iate— Fntz and Rtf 10 An
dersch, HwiiiWf 4M Ally" Luasiaslr-"^
Berness and Fny Sutton.
and Gertrude Tripp. Merle and Verte
White. Lucille Barkell. R a *h F»
Dorothy Gruter Edg* r Roe . an
Sava<re - Ma 7 T ? y]cr ' U ° y
Joyce Warmbrod.
Grammar K. on n er,
Smith Opal Stork.
Ho wart.

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